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Morning Brief for Wednesday, November 20th


Wall Street Journal listeners. Come from all walks of life and business and no matter what type of business urine eighty P is here to help you achieve what you're working king for with. HR talent time benefits and payroll informed by data and designed for people learn more at design DON ADP DOT COM I'm Jr whalen and the newsroom of the Wall Street Journal in New York in Washington impeachment hearings continue on Wednesday Gordon Sunlen the US ambassador to the European Union testifies in the morning and is expected to face questions about July twenty sixth call in which President Trump asked him about investigations into. It's a former vice president. Joe Biden by the Ukrainians later Wednesday. Laura Cooper a deputy assistant secretary of Defense and David Hale. The Under Secretary of State for four political affairs are scheduled to testify. Cooper's testimony is likely to focus on the circumstances surrounding the hold on Ukraine aid while Halabi asked about the ouster Mr of Maria Vich from her post as ambassador Ukraine this spring a former trump administration official tells the Wall Street Journal that trade talks between the US and China. Lina are in danger of hitting an impasse threatening to derail the administration's plan to reach phase. One of a deal this year nearly six weeks after the White House announced an agreement in principle principal both sides remained divided over core issues. Beijing is demanding that Washington remove tariffs in the US insists that China by US farm products. Fifteen fifteen percent tariffs on smartphones. Toys and other products from China are scheduled to go into effect in December fifteenth and on the earnings front retail giant target and home improvement chain. Lowe's report before the opening bell later Wednesday minutes from the Fed's October policy meeting will be released. Economists expect will learn details of the deliberations nations among Fed officials that resulted in the third consecutive rate. Cut this year. We've more details on these stories and other news of the day at and the W._S._J. APP.

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