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This is an MP. Think Radio podcast here previous shows visit MVP online, or or download the MVP public radio APP. Listen on your iphone or android. From PB think radio. This is fixed one, the home improvement show to help you do it yourself. I'm Jason Climate. Pan Pipes achy certified inspector at inspect it like a girl and licensed contractor. Jeff Simmons from house works is out this week. It is an open topic show. So we're looking for your questions to get your projects completed around the house. We talked about quick fixes or big projects even major renovations we want to hear whatever it is. You're doing this more. Also with Jeff Simmons being out this week we welcome back of our favorites Timmy mcclendon from AC remedies and you can join the conversation with us this morning by calling eight seven seven in pb ring that's eight, seven, seven, six, seven, two, seven, four, six, four, or send email to fix it one at P. Online dot org how you folks doing this morning. I think I think. That's beautiful. Cool morning I'm not doing a pain. You, I was wondering about what AC guys do on that first crisp nor morning of the. Of the year. We hibernate you hibernate. Okay. Okay I got lots of questions about that because we we kind of joked last week about that first time you turn on your heater and get that burke smell that burt dust smell that you get. So we'll be getting to that a little bit later on Pam. How's your week gone? Well. I'm GonNa Tempe is just awesome. This weather is great and Timmy say you know I always tell my parents if If they want any work done in their attic on Mir ductwork or their system, their HVAC system now's the time to get her done 'cause y'all. hibernating fright. Try To. Deep Sleep Fam-. Right well, it's funny if those who don't know if. Ten Timmy's been coming around the show here for a few years, and if you don't know there are a couple of different timmy's there's the timmy that comes in June and you know he just he he looks fantastic. He looks like the guy that you come into your home and doing the air conditioners well around November he looks like he's been in Alaska for three months and hadn't shaved. Out in the world. Yeah. So you're probably in the inbetween times right now got kind of like a five o'clock shadow going on right to me. Career a jury never been doing. Your services, cleanup eaters and stuff like that. But. I'm not a not pricing it right now you know deer season it's not. Starting? Yes. There's where the priorities are alright. So Going this morning. What Pam have you been working on this week? Well actually I'm getting shop Organiz just purchased a new. Saw It's a mitre into walt compound, Lider? And I wanted to a God a battery operated one I. I really wanted one that plugged in the size that they had told the guys at the stores like you guys really need to start thinking about having tools for the ladies right the don't way so much that can be moved around. So I purchased this one because it's small and then I've purchased a stand a movable stand and I'm so excited I've got projects lined up for the weekend. I'M GONNA get out there and get that Saul set up. I think that's cool. Pan Because it's funny. You know. To make this real for kind of everybody and understand what that means is this. You know when you go through and you find just the greatest tool in the world, and then all of a sudden you've got all these projects for that tool to participate in. You know it's The equivalent would be buying a pair of shoes and things have address to there you go. There's She almost reminded me of home improvement little ten, the toolman tailor. Oh. Yes That's paying. All right. Well this I've got something for you here. Timmy just to start us off remember if you've got a caller question is eight, seven, seven Empty Ring Timmy. This was from last week so that you'll know to me we talked about the fact that many washers out there like washer and dryer a clothes washer has a internal filter. Many times can be changed, and so we got an email after that. Show that I think you might be able to help with listen to your show this morning washing machine filter. Learned that the washing machine has filtered that could be accessed by removing a couple of screws on the front panel. My machine has no screws on the front or side panels only several on the back panel further a wobble the drum I hear water in the machine sooner or removed the back panel to access the filter, and why is there water in the machine? Well okay. So Timmy thank goodness you're on today so you can just take all of that and go. Be, fun. The FILTER THEM That they're probably talking about, this is a a pump filter. So you know you're washing plays the lint and stuff you notice on the closure self and it goes down through to pump has got a little screen inside of the front. So that point. Sometimes, it depends on what kind of. Washer you get. But disliked old style pump. You know you have to transition on top of it. There are usually about three or four degrees of sitting on the front side of the pump to staggering at the washing machine like you're gonNA put clues. that sometimes you have to pull the whole. Actually got you gotta pull the whole case off the whole thing, which isn't usually two screws and two clips and enough. For your. Silver. Switch. but that's usually not to her take. The newer ones are completely different. Every one of them are built different that would be Kinda hard for me to try to guide somebody on exactly where that will be. Go ahead. I'm sorry Oh. The water inside the drum she was worried about a when she walked. Wobbles the drum. She hears the water in the machine and she's worried about that. But but there's some water in washing machines. Correct. GotTa be Basically, you know when you take your watch sheen off the wall, you know you're pulling it back for. That bigelow tea that comes up from the bottom gaze into the drain, your water faucets usually offer. So that thing holds water heater that that one who's there and you laid it on the floor, it was completely out the rest of the water the since I was. Really the pulse actually taken the water from the washing machine in pushing it up. So some of them run on time Sasha other got a little switch and there's nothing sees dry. You know where it's like, okay. My waters dome it quits and they're usually leave a little bit of water in the bottom of you won't be able to see it because of A. Screen the whole and all that stuff it is but they always ordering the bottom that. Interesting and let me ask is that is that pump filter always in a washer? Not, always. So it's got a little in pillar in there and then pillar sometimes, we'll just take it all in and I think it's a good idea. The United States is not second order I like you. You, know you need to clean the filter sometimes just at least too much water in there. They'll do that too. But I personally. I guess I really don't mind either way goes that not all of them had the new, the new style ones you know the front in style. Those are the ones you don't sit on the base usually the the older style had little screens on them. They don't make it sound like a screened in Porch Kinda screen. This is something like you would want to say. Like, a miniature wall, whole look and touch. The one on my washer that I've cleaned out is more of like a almost a small basket. All right. Well, let's move on. Patrick is on the line and Is, it is that Dolphin Dolphin Island Alabama. Okay cool. So what's going on Patrick? Well a couple years ago I built masonry firepit You know just a fire circle. And put it together with The Masonry version of like liquid nails and after a year or two All the the bonds failed brick started getting loose when you put your feet up on it, they all came off crime. I don't know what kind of cement or mortar or something I need to use it. If you will hold up outside will also hold up being a theft. So you didn't you when you first put the fire pit together, you did not want to go to say a a a mortar you wanted to go with more of a a glue kind of structure then the more. Yeah. I don't know anything about masonry no I just you know. I just. I felt liquid nails. Forever it has been everything else. I ever use it. Right? Right Button on this one. Okay. Okay. So All right. Let me go. Pay. Them what is your thought? You know. Something that I would probably do. If I were and I I've worked on fire pits before I ended up just going over to. My folks they're garden works in. Bonn. A metal one that I can throw. Stuff in, but it's limited on it's I think it's like herding. Right if you wanted a bigger one, the problem we run into when we're building anything, masonry? Bets going to have extreme temperature changes. So you're going to go from having something. That's really really hot. And then let's throw some weather on top of it is well, and if you're in Daphne, you're close to the coast. So let's just out a little salt to the. Exchequer here So you're gonNA run into some weather issues especially with the liquid nail you might WanNa check that I'm not sure an exterior application on some of those products is good some of them and I was amazed I new siding on my house couple years ago. And I. It's like buying light bulbs at the hardware on. You and I was. There really thirty different thanks for and I had to read the label. It was annoying. But I realized if I got the wrong thing citing was gonNA come off. Sto- I would go over to like a A Lowe's or home depot or Sutherland someplace and big box store and go over into like in Milos. It's to the far right in contractor section. And I would get a hold of one of the folks over there and say this is what I'm doing what is the application and what product do I need because if you get the wrong thing you end up with what you've got with the deterioration also, if you're going to come in with Rick in mortar specifically on a horizontal surface, that's GonNa get water on it. It's very similar and we need our chimney sweep in here but the top of the chimney if it is not sealed off, it will literally bus that break up because the rain will get down into that mortar because brick and mortar believe it or not is porous, and if we don't allow some type of a drainage for that specific application, the weather's just going to tear A. So, you might WanNa look at. Building, your fire pit wall, and they come across the top with like a piece of stone or something that is above that that keeps the water from going down into it. So it's a great idea. Review. Of Class. I was. Say I painted bowl starters in the bottom of the fireplaces. Yes. So. A Ton of things out now, I'm doing fire like gasifier laundry in the wintertime. And May I come across some? Literally go in there with a problem you know and just pop the brick out to get to the but the gas or cooked to the bolster. And there's some other ones that I can literally sit there for two hours. The motoring the breakout always thought that that was maybe a different type of motor used for that for the fire brick that goes into the brick fireplace. He he got the firebird you know that goes in many got the decorative briefest knowing what goes on outside around outside of the team before. So. They use the same mortar for all of that. Now they shouldn't that actually a great observation because you don't, and that's the one thing that we don't do. Well in the south, we don't build fireplaces well. Because, we're using them for pretty. We're not using them to eat how she brought up north and you've got a totally different animal up there because they're using a specific product because they know that that unit is going to be used a lot here we turn on our air conditioner in the winter so we can have a fire. Right. Well. Okay. That's that pretty much. Yeah. You're right and Patrick does that help at all did that get to your problem? Some of it. Just sounds like I got to do more research on what's the right kind of mortar or? I, would I would I would do that Patrick if if it were me and were you, I would first of all, go find. A video. Yes go find video of someone laying brick like that for circular like. Believe it or not. Mixing up the more that sort of thing you're not gonna find this this project. Too difficult but you will find it very rewarding because there's a permanence to it. Once you used that mortar. All right let's keep on moving. We've got a gutsy and Jackson with a wireless doorbell question what's going on Gussie? Good. Morning and thanks for taking my call ma'am. I had a standard go bill about ten years and then I decided to get around it. So bill, but it's not really working too. Well, I've replaced the battery inside the door bill itself as well as the taste, the batteries that on the wall. Where other pain And I did this twice in the bill bill seems to work maybe a week or two, and then it stopped working. So I was trying to figure out. which is a better deal Dell wireless or just the standard one. Well, who may who makes your doorbell I? Is it like. It's It was Allen. Purchased the call. I'm not sure who the manufacturer. This light rain or something of that nature. No nothing like that it's just A. A lower cost. Wireless the. Generic. Okay. Okay. if it's wireless that means. It's using something called Rif radiofrequency in the biggest issue with that is going to be distant. So. So how far are two things apart, the doorbell and the receiver end, which would be where the sound comes out inside. Is that front door and that receiver apart. I. I. I'm just GonNa just going to throw this out there. If, you can move that the the the sound portion of this doorbell thing that actually rings in receives the signal if you can move it closer. especially if it was. Kinda, not a higher end product. The are F is not going to be a strong that meaning. The signals not going to be a strong. So the closer you get to that the better you're going to be is now did the let me ask you this did the doorbell is not a wireless doorbell meaning a WIFI doorbell? Is it? No I don't think so I never thought about I'd like that. Right if it's Wi fi, that's a whole different situation, but if it's just a little remote control thing. Where you push the button and the sound comes out in a different place that is really this probably going to be a reception problem in you just need to bring the bell closer to the door. I think we can do that one. I think that may help. Okay well, thank you so much and you'll have a very nice program. I enjoy listening to eat. I. Have a great. Thanks. Straight to Timothy and Louisiana Timothy what's going on man? Delta came through you know name but I'm fine. Well. Good. I got two to two. Answers here for you the Patrick with his his his fireplace. Yes, Vajpayee. US refractory cement go do not go to a big box store do not go to big box store nobody knows nothing there. Go for it. Go to a masonry supply and get refractory cement refractory. Yes. Okay I built fireplaces tonight can guarantee that this is the stuff us. Fantastic. Thank you take. Desi and who doorbell situation it's probably she getting cheap batteries. Okay. You're. The minute they go below like fifteen, hundred millions bright. You know they just don't do so go find some good batteries. You don't like loops yourself like, okay. Hang on just second timothy you said something and now you're gonNA have to back it up good batteries. What is it good battery? In. Luke is might they N. E. L. O. P.. That's a brand. That's a brand. Yeah. So you who makes that sucker? Let me look at my I got one right here. Can you pick it up at the random store or you have to go to some special battery place? All you got to go to Amazon. Okay. Go. Anywhere. Crap. That's okay okay. Or Energy. That's another good brand cinergy tenor. Yeah. It's just energy with t all the beginning of it okay. There re-chargeable and they last a long long time I been using the same in loop batteries. I thirteen years. Oh come on Timothy Thirteen years. Double as thirteen teen years. Okay. All right. All right. Well, thanks Timothy. We appreciate the the heads up on those things we're gonNA take a break real quick, and we want to hear from you what is happening at your home. Give us a call at eight seven, seven in pb ring that's eight, seven, seven, six, seven, two, seven, four, six, four, or send an email to fix it one, zero, one and N. P. Online dot org we'll be right back. Hi. I'm Dr Jimmy Stewart, professor of internal medicine and pediatrics at the University of Mississippi Medical. Center on the original southern remedy. We answer questions about all aspects of your health and shears some of the latest medical information in the news. You can listen to the show on Wednesdays at eleven on 'em pb think radio or you can subscribe to the podcast by searching for seven remedy on your preferred podcasting. APP. Thank radioed this is fixed at one zero, one I'm Jason Client Who Pam as she certified inspector and inspect it like a girl and Timmy mcclendon from AC remedies it is fixed one one on MTV think radio. You can join the conversation this morning by calling eight seven seven M pb ring that's Eight, seven, seven, six, seven, two, seven, four, six, four, or send an email to fix at one at M. P. B. Online dot org. Okay. A couple of emails here the need to get to. Go with this it was so much fun to hear and please Pam or Timmy. Gives your opinions here stuck chuck that is the name of the email. Hi there I'm listening this morning on how ladies ought to learn how to use tools and it made me think Jason. Pam could perhaps answer my question, which is this I have to walk cordless grill with a stuck chuck. What can I do to get unstuck this? This is going to be fun if you do this a rhyme thing, right? Okay. If I can't get unstuck, do you think I can take it to my local hardware store and they can fix it hey, for it to be junk or just useful with that one bit that fits it. So. Basically, she's got a bit in this doll drill in the chuck, and for those of you don't know the chuck is the little thing on the very front end on the business end of a drill that you literally insert a drill bit or a screwdriver bit of some sort. It's the part that spins on the front. But it also, its job really is to properly latch onto either the the screw thing that you're using or to the drill bit. Its job is to kind of get its teeth into it and hold it so that the drill bit will continue turning when going into wood or something of that nature. So that's what the chuck is in a lot of times if you use it to do something kind of difficult that that chuck. Can Get pretty tightly wound on there and getting that chuck off is I will say it. Is That's when I'm like. Playing, Hulk, you have to take Bohannon dry as hard as you can with different tools and stuff to get that thing unstuck sometime. So do you guys have any any ideas for for tiffany? Okay. We're GONNA talk about how to unstuck a chuck unstuck, with Pam. We're GONNA unst joke and this was actually one of the lessons that I gave when we were doing the deck. Cordless drill. Well, let me say this lady's anytime. You're doing something you don't. WanNa think about how strong do I have to be you WanNa think about leverage. How do I work this of it? I don't have to have an inordinate amount of strength I just WANNA. Have Leverage. So. When that has happened to me on my default cordless. I will take it over and put it in vice. Grip in my shop. And I will put the chuck in the vice and tighten it up as tight as I can, and then I will put the drill in reverse. And then when I hit the Power it will reverse itself and unstuck. The joke. But you gotTa have a good firm hand on that grill. On the drill. Sorry, oh. Yeah. You gotTa have a real good and what you can do is you could brace that somehow up against the table if he wanted to do that. Generously, event idea because I'm actually with my cordless drill, I had an unfortunate. Incident where I was trying to drill a hole in my fence so my dog could see out. The square all. Your. Yeah. Everybody does this or he can see it out. So I had a six inch bit that you would normally use put vent thence in your sofit and I went over there and try you'd literally spun me around I. Almost thought I broke my wrist. So you just gotTa think about. Grace that drill. But if you've got a good vice grip and you put it in there, you tighten that up and then you can pull the drill over to bracelet against the. Whatever the table or whatever it reverts it'll it'll on stuck unstick but this is as as as she mentioned, this is kind of a thing in. It's either a brute strength thing or it's a smarter thing you have to out think it. It really is just something that's too tight and it's going to be. It's not unfixable is not certainly not broken. People wait for people tools away like that And don't make the mistake of when I first got it started doing all this stuff I thought I had to put my hand on that shark and yet reverse right And I just wasn't long enough I had to find something else to hold that, and if all else fails take it down to the hardware store especially one of these small mom and pop tanks and they'll loves fixing it for you oh yeah. Oh. Yeah. Timmy he ever get duct. Landing. This. Law. On the the. You know. And the ringing or whatever. The inside that thing get a little risky. Yup. I've had that happen before they just take some three in one old and just drop it down and look the. Sift for the while when I get there and I just got a big channel locks. That's GONNA. Put it in between League through. And just kinda crank on your channel. Awesome work at least sometimes, it came a booker. Yeah. So Tim is gone for the brute force idea. Safe. Right all right let's go to the phone. Kathleen on the line and psycho. Kathleen was up. Well this one was directed to Timmy. Couples show sack with Kimmy. It's been a couple of months they were talking about Michael waged. There's a solution I came up with that. He can have the idea and give it to everyone. On The microwave. A. Four. I guess someone who's manufacturing them but a flap bear. So you don't have to have the clock operated my electricity, make it to where you can take in out batteries easily and shut the flap because out here in the country every time you turn around with the wind blows rains if it gets too hot. The lights go out quicker and you gotta reset everything. So if you have one most of them have their little timers panel, this would be solution to prevent it quick, easy, simple, and cheap. Nobody will do it well, and you know what? That's a good idea Kathleen. What were you gonNA say Timmy Had the whole. Butter slot like eating put betters. Yeah. So that you can keep your clock going but I'll tell you kathleen we use the blinky clock to tell us the power went out. That's what the Blakey. Clock you. Get to the door. I. Thanks a lot Kathleen. We're going to go to Sidney in Jasper County and he's got a gutter question what's going on any? Good. I want it. Yeah. What do go? On. The light just boggles me great go. He put up a brand new girl. And put that. Were over top of them to keep me leave him getting in now guards. Yeah. Can they keep this R., The rock. The the. Saying the other than that right from the. From the shingles. Yeah Sing. The. First Time he put him up rain leaking the the cold and told them unique. He come back. When you come back I didn't live. I thought he'd know doing I would back doing what I had to do when I got back here started in the middle and they nigga in the milit- leaking that end where you begin it. So make a long story short. He didn't. Even been back five ten. And is still leaking from the inside to only between the House on the good. I got that that served as put on in the make you go to stick out. Way. Man. So anybody got an idea for Sydney. Have you tried data put up a metal drip edge near we did it. And it still leaking between the gutter in the House and the station I'm I'm up to. The nine. Hundred and forty. Two thousand dollars to keep doing knowing not well, and if you're having water, you're saying you've got a leak on one side of the gutter. You know. Outside The. Spouse I you know between the the girder then how? Right. I got a loom inside and all around. But. It still leaking. But I told my kids they're morning lease between the girl and the how. What kind of gap do you have between there? How Big It was about a quarter of less than a quarterback. Ceiling that didn't do they need get. that. Decide decided Tenneco he told my mom. Of were sticking out of Ford Right. So he's. Work. Yeah and he sent me back. I ain't GonNa well I down for. This company him what he taught a workout call them so Yeah. Big, box. Here, that's winter and they hide the contract and he only been putting up eight-year. Lit night he'd been putting them up provide eight days. going. Well, number of years doing something doesn't mean you were doing it right the whole time so. But Sydney, the fact that you're getting a leak on one end is pretty telling for Gutter Timmy, you WanNa, get in that at all. Kind, of opinion you're. When Talking about the The singles or? Not, we ask your shingles or too short or if if they installed it and Mrs jets listening now he's out fishing this morning. I do not like a gutter and stalled on the furring strip. Because then you're your shingles will be too short and you've only got two is of that to play with. Now that they're already put up. Probably what I would do that point is if I were going to do this myself. I would go and get a role. A ROLE OF ROLE OF FLASH And counted. Put that under the shingle so that it extends past the shingle. So when the water is coming off of that, it drips down into the gutter and doesn't backwash back between your guttering your patient. You did that. I gotTA got. It and The only thing I see that that trying on top of each lease. Yeah. He thinks that it Kinda sneaks up. So he can't. Push that that team. Standing. Over were either make admit that I tell you what we talked last week about Gutter guards and their relative effectiveness or not. And so that if that's holding you back and keeping the water out of your gutters than that might be something to think about Timmy you're saying. Both you're probably know Zach with them all three. Point shooter and they push it up to four. Yeah, you make make a trip. Down the single painting probably knows I'm talking about is like trying to install your your station board up to talk to the scene, and you make a little machine wars like get like a bowl in it so. Now when it rains the water is going to run single just a little bit and facial and run down by. Interesting. Wash. If it. If it doesn't have a correct fall if there's not enough of a slant on it, water is ponding in there and back washing over underneath I will. You Know Sidney let me say this. To kind of wrap this up but. I'll say this if someone has been to your house to fix a thing, five times, you've got the wrong someone. Yes it it's time to move on to another contractor in please check to see if they're licensed and all that other stuff because they're going to be on your roof however I'm just not giving somebody six times to fix something. They did that one too. Our relationship has done at that point. I knew what I wanna hear somebody beside me. Okay. Well. One of the things you want to keep in mind too is that you do have some recourse. If this came through a big box store, they're supposed to guarantee them the product. The group thing I gotTA. Say. Back and do not let that expire because they will. Some. I got level. Good for you. Thank you sir appreciate it. We're going to take a break real quick time for another brain. We're still looking here from you about your home improvement projects. If you WANNA join today show call us at eight seven seven empty ring that's eight, seven, seven, six, seven, two, seven, four, six, four, or send an email to fix it one at N. P. Online dot org we come back. We're going to be looking at some other projects and probably didn't know require a permit we'll check on that. We'll be right back. Pi I'm writer, Taff, portfolio manager, and new perspectives, a fee only financial advisory and Co host of money talks. Each week we take your personal finance questions and tell you about a money topic. We hope you find helpful money talked can be heard Tuesdays at nine am on MPP think radio podcast can be found on our website money dot empty online dot org, or on your smart devices podcasting platform. This podcast is a local production of Mississippi public broadcasting and depends on the support of listeners like you. If you can please donate today at MP be online dot org and thanks. You're listening to fix it went to one on NBC. Think Radio I'm Jason Client here with Pam Pipes achy certified inspector at inspect girl and Timmy mcclendon from. AC. Remedies is our guest today Jeff. Simmons from house works out you can join the conversation this morning by calling eight seven seven M bb ren- that's eight, seven, seven, six, seven, two, seven, four, six, four, or an email to fix it one one, m PB, online, dot org gonNA email here. This is one of my favorite things we were just talking about gutters and roofing in those drip edges and everything else and I have another email that I do want to talk about regarding that that. However the first sentence did make me laugh I have to say, okay. How do I find a reputable person to repair my roof? That's about ten years old my first thought was a ten year old roof repair person but anyway. All right I live in. MMA county a few weeks ago. I noticed a water stain on the living room ceiling the man who installed the roof removed a large limb and said that the roof was fixed. Today nose to the water stain has grown. How do I find a reputable person to repair the problem before it gets worse? Thank you. First let's start in because this one includes our last caller. I do want to say this and we mentioned this a lot but it's almost good enough for every show. If you're looking for a contractor in the state of Mississippi, it's write this down right down this email. This webpage. M. S. B. O. C. Dot U. S. that's Mississippi State Board of contractors and those that that put that there so that you can look up licensed insured bonded. Everything you need contractors that you can rely on and and if they're going to be on that site or if they're going to be own a home builder site, you can look at your local homebuilders organizations you can hear him Mississippi you can look at 'em H. I. I think that's Mississippi. Housing Institute not sure. information I forget which one it was but either way if you look at those sites, you can find reputable contractors that are licensed, and if they are that if a job is improperly done. Most likely those people will come and make the job right for you. So find yourself a licensed contractor One of the other things person asked Jackie asks who's also once the roof is repaired. What's the process of painting a water stain on the ceiling something? I've not done before because of replaced. Timmy Pam, if you guys ever painted over a water stain. This Man Yes. Okay Go. On the weirdness. You know. I've had some more last for two, but luckily, it wasn't so bad and actually made the buckle a little bit. The. First thing you want to school base kilts. Spread on there and it a spray can even make. You gotTA turn it sideways. It's called Oak okay. So he's talking about is K.. I L Z kills. Heels. and. Did a little false on the a little ivory sprayed. Someplace or whatever but it's Definitely. Awesome. Stuff He definitely want to paint it after that. The hardest thing in my opinion is probably trying to match painting. whether you're doing a wall or sealants, but I've learned if you by. by some just whatever I mean, I will I'll say a paint store. Wherever, that is and your. But he gets you some regular soon white. And If it's just a lie. To the one in one and. They want it makes it just a shade darker almost like like older paint job like. Them saying that they want L. One on shot of black shot whatever aliens ankle laser always tell them and Anyway you can roll it on a little. England. That's fantastic. Thank you. The I forgot about the upshot kills can so. If you've ever done hardcore painting you'll know kills is that primer stuff and you can get it in every strength and size. You could ever want between oil and latex and the whole nine yards however. There there is a can for spring your ceiling and the spray goes straight up and it's a primer white. So you'll probably have to paint over it, but it probably kills typically covers every stain on a wall. There's one store every. Jets. Sales I save on watch breaking. Really. I. Don't know if it already has to be one. Or not, but it's like a little touch up playing the straight soon white my say white on white man nothing there. Right but they also shut up. Okay. Great idea. All right. Thank. You don't want. Right. So hurdle causing is the one that's over here in the Jackson. So. that. That is a that is like paint store. That's all team, right right okay. It's just lost the skin a little rattled fan. Let's single. Okay all right. Number Eight, seven, seven empty ring that's eight, seven, seven, six, seven, two, seven, four, six, four or you can email fix it what I wanNA NPR online dot. Org. So I've got another question here, and this one is going to be this one's going to be interesting. Pam. A really feel like there's going to be right up your alley here we have drainage issue at our north facing front steps. The area of that has mildewed. It is pressure washed about every three months. He sent a picture with this Pam. What you're looking at is about three steps up to a front door. Okay and those steps are most likely around four to five feet wide and one side of those steps. Is. The brick is molding. On there and it looks as though this particular piece of. Right, here on this front steps always stays wet. Now, she says, we're not aware of any water leaks. The bill is remained consistent. We've cut back a lot of the trees and shrubs in the area to provide more light we had a general contractor out to the House who suggested we've raised the dirt under the window three to four bricks higher seal the outside of the steps of the Sherman Williams sealant, and this may solve our issue. My wife who listens to your show regularly has has concerned about the slope of drainage away from the House. If we add more dirt and thinks she recalls one view saying not to seal the bricks, do you have any suggestions? What do you guys think? So she's got this. Half. Verse steps has just kind of moldy in you know it's always wet there. What what are we looking at here? This this actually goes back to our fire pit. Because break is people need to understand brick and mortar is torres. It always will hold water even on the side of your house, it's holding water. Because that services vertical behind supposedly you're supposed to have I think it's a quarter of an inch to an inch gap between the brick and the cladding or your be right. If you don't have that in the Brits, will sweat on the back side because of our temperature differentials and getting into steps sounds to me like that contract with retry. Anytime you put brick on a horizontal surface it is going to gather water and if it's not sealed correctly, then it will hold the water. So I'm not a fan of building exterior steps out of brick for this very reason because when water gets down in there and we don't have freezing temperatures here we're Kinda do freeze it is twenty twenty. For Christmas or something but. You don't feel that the water's going to get in there and You know without seeing an exact phone of it I think cleaning it off. Real good weight. You know we got a real dry temperatures right now there's low humidity. You could clean those things up let them dry out completely and then come in with very good exterior grade sealant brick and the mortar. All right I. Also see the point where they've mentioned putting in a little dirt. That picture I did see was just straight from the house. Straight out there was no fall it seemed from the front of the House. So there there might nothing. Jeff says you know got to have so much all in. See I. Think it's two to three inches of fall or whatever. Yeah. Adding that in there, and then if you're getting draining shrug off your roof coming right there, it's probably digging a hole. Point. Problems so You could add that I. I would could some dirt but I'd also come with some type of landscaping stone. Make sure that the water's coming off that I had to do it on my front porch I have a metal roof over my dislike deck in front of the House and I was having water sitting in there. So I dug that out and put in a French drain and then brought into my French drain stung on both sides of the water was directed right at the drain. Filter filters out dirt that might get into the drain so. All right. Let's go onto Cathy, who is on the road on the phone? What's going on Kathy? Hi I just wanted to say this wasn awesome. I'll our 'cause I've learnt so much in my dreamworld on a contractor building houses yielding bit building privacy fences putting up real doing mason masonry with pizza ovens. So have learned about if you were doing. You know outside fireplace kid or whatever what you don't use and what you do. For it to stay together I've learnt they. They'RE GONNA be water in the bottom of the washing machine no matter what I've learned about. I've learned about adding z one in L. One q the sailor I believe to make the paint the old I've learned about the gutters that even if they put up certain systems, you still might have that gap overlapping if you're what if your roof if they're not coming down are now so I appreciate the lower. So if someone's talking about something and I'm just sitting there I up and say, Oh, I know what to do so I think out for that I'm GONNA hang up. Oh A. Catholic. Thank you. Diploma she. I didn't even know we talked about all that stuff so far. PRETTY GOOD Thank you very much. Okay. Should we? Go. Let's go to bill and olive branch. What's going on am bill? Well. Ladies and Gentlemen WE ARE MISSISSIPPI? Yes. Sir and humidity rate here is about nine hundred and three percent right? And so when they have that ceiling at a lake in it. They might want to check for mold before they put any kills or paint on it. And rectify the mole because if it's up to the ceiling and there's installation of there that they can get out. they get guess dry insulation there and dry that. I'll see rock out from the bath great point. That's a great point bill because once the stuff get started if you just hide it, it'll keep growing. So that's a great idea. Make sure that stuff especially, the installation doesn't get wet, it'll hold water. Thank you for your comment bill. We appreciate it and it has been a show. Hadn't it folks? There we go. Thanks. Timmy fix it went to one. Of Mississippi Public, broadcasting think radio on his funded by the generous contributions. From Lizard, like you our show is produced by. John Chapman or call screener today was Liz Gill in for Pam Pipes and today's goes. Today's ghost today's guest host. Tim mcclendon. Jason Climbs. Stay tuned for a Wednesday Ten am program Everyday Tekla Jay White and join US next Wednesday at nine for fixing one only on. MTV radio.

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