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Creating Castro Country


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It's free and the only audio APP you need radio dot com download it now and find your favorites and welcome to the point for September ninth. I'm learned Ski Co author of the Point. I'm here to cut through the political spin to bring you the news you need to know. How does one establish a hometown advantage last time we checked twenty. People are running for president. Only ten of them will be on the debate stage later this week in to happen to be from Texas. That's Beta work and Julia on Castro. Thursday's debate hosted by ABC and UNIVISION is taking place in Houston. Julia on Castro may have have been mayor of San Antonio but he and his campaign are working hard to define Houston as Castro country. That's his campaign's phrasing not mine on Monday. The campaign pain is hosting a welcome to Castro country rally in Houston featuring live music and an appearance by a comedian following Thursday's debate. Castro's also hosting a rally at midnight. There is a specific onus on Castro to carve out a hometown advantage for himself in Houston. He's previously ran and served as mayor of San Antonio before he served in President Barack Doc Obama's cabinet but unlike a work he has never appeared on a statewide ballot so does incumbent upon Castro's campaign to frame Castro as the Texas axes candidate not a work. This is an important time for Castro to build his bona fetus with Texas voters polling among Texas Democratic primary voters has shown Castro trailing with Joe Biden holding the lead and a work usually coming in second. Castro usually pops up around seventh place. It's a similar pole position. Castro has held throughout the early voting states as we inch further into the fall it is more and more important for these lower tier candidates. Castro comal Harris a work and cory booker to show that they can be competitive in somehow break into the top tier with Biden Sanders and warn carving out and proving a hometown advantage. Image is a major way to do that which brings us to the point. The Houston debate is a big chance for Hulan Castro to define himself as the Texas SYS- candidate but will the message stick and that is the point for September Ninth Twenty nineteen. Thank you for listening for more updates throughout the week including our Sunday night campaign edition subscribe to the point newsletter at CNN dot com slash point. If you like this audio briefing you can get on Google home or Amazon Echo or subscribe on stitcher or Apple podcasts <music>. Ore your favorite podcast APP so you never miss an episode <music>. 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