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Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen both bills bills bills and she says Blue Blue Blue. It's lost whatever with maybe leagues. Kelly Rowland now. How talk to guys who are proudly independent women? One of them from Cynthia. My first cost is in Atlanta. Oh Gee on a spiritual journey already. You always wise. I thus welcome back in a hood real outside of Atlanta Anita Lee. They won four grammys member of destiny's child before selling over thirty million albums as a solo artist. So how's that for some motivation. Her New the movie Mary Little Christmas premiers on Lifetime November thirtieth. Say Hi to Kelly Rowland so you know each other we definitely yes turning it up is it it. Can I borrow that jumpsuit. She joined us for Halloween show and it feels like destiny fulfilled with Kelly. It's beyond say impersonator. Riley knocked Serbia Super Bowl. So it's good right looks stunning yes. Kelly Kandi burruss wrote several songs. Jesse's child has she ever complained to you about her Atlanta Co Stars. No okay very good. Okay Kelly keeping it in the Bravo. University were also on million dollar listing. La last season. James helped you you find a house. You still in that house okay. So we ended up finding another have really house but because I mean with the offer specifically on this the house like somebody like completely like one at that house and even more than I did Yeah exactly they got it from me. TASTIC bigshots James Okay Needy Evil referred to Marlow as your lapdog tonight that inspires our first than I had to w whol. TV tell us you. Oh you think marlow is Nina's lapdog. I left out onto these lean. Wh How do you react to that comment. Just like I idea just now. I just think it's ridiculous. You know anybody that's cool with me instantly. Going to be said they're lapdogs. 'cause people say that about Cynthia and Yeah Lilly appreciate the lapdog gabbing watching all right so fifty five percent of you say yes so. That's almost half and half maybe marlow showed up to lunch with you wearing this sequin. Look for an outdoor lunch. I was very surprised by this. Look outside in the summer is that is that an appropriate outdoor were summer look mice but is very marlow. Yes it is all right your questions for Nina and Kelly coming in but before we into those. Here's what three things. I'm obsessed szeswith tonight. First Kelly's had an incredible career in music. I as a member of the one of the biggest borough girl groups of all time and then with an amazing Solo career that keeps going and going doing so. I'd be remiss to not get the lowdown Kelly speed round the questions that I need to know the answer to. I am obsessed with when love takes over. When are we going to get got you and David Guetta back together really okay? Did anything ever go on between you and Nellie went during during the dilemma era was your chemistry was so good I know but no no all right and why were you attached on your phone using Microsoft thought to be the person to ask me different. A quiet okay this when you've probably been asked millions on favorite and least favorite Essy's child song. My favorite my favorite would have to be anything from the last destiny fulfilled album okay and my least favorite. We'll probably have to be. Oh Gosh Bugaboo Bugaboo Louis is like this one on the like the bridge. I'm like Candy Right Bugaboo. L. Candy is a brilliant writer with Shell fell during the one. Oh Six and part performance in two zero four two thousand four. What was going through your head and I have to get my girl up but you have to keep going you to go go? Does she kept more of your matching seized child. Looks did you like the most. and which did you like the least if you can recall because you had a lot of matching gifts okay. My least favorite was this one yellow number where we look like little chicken okay. We had like this little yellow outfit on what we look like. Just little chicks like okay. We're going to see if we can find out recently. Yeah I love that Coachella. Yes I did too which was great. Thank you very much county Roy as we saw tonight. Bb Liam. Cynthia aren't looking to mend their broken friendship right now. But marlowe is watch more then. We'll what you just did some dance blog talking about the real pressure many. Don't saint under Bobby Marlow. I'm GonNa tell you this is personal okay so you we need to stay out of it. She'd do deserve the policy for that though right so I'm the one I need to give the apologies not GonNa do is act like all of this is my appeal. You play apart in any of it. You understand her being upset. Are we really doing this. We really doing this. Are you really leaving me at. Lord Really Bagger even a penny just walked out expensive each garrison Garissa. Here's what go to W. W. H.. He'd answer. Whose side are you on? Needy or Cynthia now weed. Seem like Marlowe was really working on both of you to get you back which I lied. She was working on Cynthia and working on. You know agrium all right Looks like they're on Cynthia cider surprise. I'm not surprised you homer turn-up clean lean. Heavier is loving her new role as a mother. But here's what tonight. We saw that her relationship with Marcus taken a turn for the worst. Take a look like battle all the time time and I'm like dude. You can't tell me not to change the baby's diaper Markelle in that relationship. She's very submissive. It's like I'm just kind of like left on the sideline a lot to tell you. Feel sometimes escalates into an argument. This line Don't name Is How do we get over this hump and get back to where you know. We're are any reaction reaction to this exhausted. Surprising rising to see so soon in her marriage now Had you seen that. Because can you said recently in an interview that she fast forwards through your parts parts. Do you fast forward through her now. I watched the whole show and she watches everything I do. I notice allowed Kelly. Ra chose SUPLEX city. Said ask Kelly Ripa asked Kelly Ripa as Kelly Rowland dropped her skin care. She has gorgeous glowing skin. What's your skin on? Yeah no I mean I I drink a Lotta water. Don't go to make a phone. Yeah No to do. My Grandma geigo biggest scams. Thank you Kelly. Seventy five said on twitter. You said you and Kim's OC Aker cool if you to hung out lately we've not hung up. We did text lately. She told me that we were texting just recently. I liked that Kelly getting a lot of questions from people wanting we know if you are the butterfly on mass singer the what the butterfly net share recently and she lied to my ads on TV and said she wasn't on it and now we found out that she was. I promise. I'm not doing amassing by the way I have asked people as well because I've I okay. Yes and I've been like you too. We stand in the same position. I okay all right Okay let's go to the phones Maryland for Maryland Rowland. Oh I love it. Hey Maryland from Maryland which question. Hi Andy Hi Mini Hi Kelly. I'm so nervous. I love have destinies. Tom I question for cary Kelly is there any roamers. I mean if any truth to the rumors that you guys maybe doing doing. ABC Union because we really miss you. And it's so songwriter. I WANNA canal. How can knit my explosive song In each two to three we'll get back together next year. We haven't talked. We talk about everything else right. I love that your sisters and you come together at the right time. That is what I love. It's like the surprise of it right to know everything. Gosh uh-huh okay. We found the yellow outfits that you didn't care for. We think a look or these. Those are them. Yes okay good by the way who makes both of your outfits because I love them. I'm wearing Tom Ford. ooh I I love. I love okay. On next week. Atlanta's Cynthia hosts aware read or get Red Party. But the one who's getting ready is Cynthia. Here's a sneak meek submarine where we were on the floor like an interview before which was called. That's very weak. Go think she just feels it was sneaky that you show more loyalty to Kenyan. She wants sneaky about what I did not tried to explain it. And she didn't WanNa hear she didn't WanNa believe yeah she's over there not hearing it and I believe when I sit down for dinner and he was talking about when talking about Nina and I was telling you how I felt and if you wanted to take it back to ninety I had no problem with it because when I told you was true. Don't make same like Araca. Oh actually I think. Cynthia was doing a little reading herself well. Well let's go to Elizabeth North Carolina. Hey Elizabeth what's your question. Lord Honey Andy Cohen on you look like a gangster tonight. Thank you Kelly. What's tomorrow what's to have my God? I didn't need you then greedy okay. What's the question? He of questions for knee and Do you regret your behavior last geared towards Greg when he was going through Chemo and you call him grumpy and mean and Your those things any regrets last not you. We talked about that at the reunion last season. Until you're able to walk in these shoes as a caregiver you will have no idea what that means means. So I don't regret anything at all. No problem with. He's so proud of me. It doesn't make any sense Kelly. K B three. Los Angel wants to know since you're producing now. Why don't you commission Donna? Summer Bio pic for yourself. It is time. I think it is time to and thank you for reminding me for the hundredth the Times really really do appreciate it because the truth is it is time in is time. Rini Jack Carter one wants to Caen. Say Three nights things about Kenya. Sure I'm not the real even one here okay I think she has nice contacts. I think she has a nice gray hair and Let me think come on a real those are so real and lying around. Her Lip is nice all right. Let's go to Danny from North Carolina for Kelly Rowland. Danny what's your question. Hey Kelly how you doing. I'm good honey. I just had to swallow seat. I say I love you I love you. Love you our questions so on When are we gonNA spend a new? I mean a tour next year Non I'm dead serious next year. I'm tired of saying this time and that time but it's definitely early next year because I mean now my whiskey's talking so I'm yes all right. Let's try me. I've been waiting just as long as Oh yes. It's gametime everybody tonight. At the American some stars were winners or losers and unfortunately the same could be said of their red carpet. Looks six Kelly at the Bam squad. I'm going to show you some of the outfits worn and tell me if it makes you say Bam okay cash show wearing verse Sachi. What do we think it's overwhelming? It's a lot okay. What about Lizardo Wearing Valentino? Now now how about Selena Gomez in Verse Ouchi Looks Great. Tonight's Wayne Wearing Marc Bouwer. Love out about that hair. I Love Twenty Asu deal diploam. MCM Life that. Yeah we always love a sexist cowboy. Oh swearing well. What about CR wearing balmain the Touch on this classic and so awesome. I girl never does yeah about Halsey wearing Marc Jacobs. Okay I mean you know. Here's the thing I love it. The new generation is going for this whole like colorful creative seeing and I liked the The makeup talkie billy wearing Tom. Brown Kabila's swearing burglary is a lot. Alright what about Camille Kobe Oh wearing Oscar de la Renta. Yeah Yeah Yeah Bam would duleep. Oh wearing Mu Mu Banff. I love necklace last tyrod Where he custom Don Murphy Right? Todd texted needy. When was was last time you spoke to Cherie? I haven't seen Shirai at all so I wouldn't have a problem with speaking tissue right but I haven't seen her Montana. E Kelly of you ever played you too casual game of tennis with your BF Serena Williams. Yes how'd that go terribly wrong. Your top didn't fly off in the ball. Went Way to somewhere else. That would be intent. It's time for my Mazal Day. It goes to a woman who has collaborated with both of my guests. Candy burruss whose daughter Blazed Tucker was born Friday. Now there are enough baby girls among the Atlanta women to form a baby version of excape called excape the womb. Aw Alright tonight's Jacko goes to a moment from tonight's Atlanta. We're both EVA and marlow got through feathers a little ruffled watch high divas. Can we pack vis. I want a piece of that doubt. Lee Heison Duck on that plane and buy some flour. Okay that's the biggest doc related incident among the Atlanta. Ladies since this like your live Kelly and Riley Ah we're back with me and Kelly Rowland. Kelly's moving I all channel November third. I'm sorry November thirtieth lifetime I'm so sorry and Riley is the world's best beyond say city. Winery coming up. Let's let's go to Monte from Florida. Hey monty which question already love you. Both Mark Cuddly Andrea. Hey Kelly the call me by my Papa. There several rush shows award show concert Coachella Super Bowl wet show or performance has been the one that has the most nerves I love. That question is really. Yeah Super Bowl. I'm going to stay over ball but I don't remember what happened. I just remember looking at my feet and then I don't remember what happened is you popped up. It was like it was after you stage at the Super Bowl. You knew what you had. You knew it was you had aced it right no. I don't know what happened. I don't know what happened like that. Out of body awesome awesome. Yeah it's awesome. Have you watched it back. Yeah right girl I mean that was is that was amazing. Let's go to Elijah from New York. Hey Elisha what's your question. My question is for the Oji. The H. B. I feed the head bitch in charge. Myth neely okay. Though is the state of your relationship with Eva after I saw. Oh you posting at her baby shower but she's being shading you all over TV. I'm as surprised as you guys are. Because last year I was a big sister. I don't know what happened. I mean this year. We didn't have any we have. It bumped heads or anything that you know. I love but you know all right. Let's go to Rei Korea from South Carolina area which Question Hey ni I love you. Kelly busting eight days of Christmas Richmond. What's your favorite song? Ways favorite song favorite song from album. Ill would have to be Dang the whiskey. Sorry this Christmas this Christmas. Alright all right to Myra from Chicago. Hi Andy Hi Kelly Hi Ni. Hi Okay maybe I let me just tell you that I am seems Horo. I love Kenya but I do have a question for you seeing that you guys aren't in in a good space right now after watching tonight's episode watching can you break down emotionally about her marriage if you were in a good space with her. What would be your advice to her? Seeing that you were in that position with grank You should continue to watch the show because I actually do. Give her some advice that I do not want to give giveaway so all right. Yeah and it's very it's wild. What happened I mean? This is a wild season coming up. I have to say it's it it is. I mean Mario's wig launch again. -TUNI- and honey. We'll say this as you know I I've I've been married long as in the group I love love and I hate to see a family breakup so I definitely offer advice all right eight all right I wanna take needy and Kelly and Donald Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four P._M.. Eastern time make sure you're subscribed to have a great rusty or night.

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