Rush Limbaugh Aug 25, 2020


CBD getting a lot of attention these days level select CBD is a brand to watch from cayden with the trusted leader in cbd their sports creams and Rowlands are great for pro athletes amateurs anybody trying to keep active no matter what activity you engage in you could use the relief level select CBD provides retired athletes like Steve Garvey and Carson Palmer, use it every day and now PGA tour champion Ricky Fowler has made levels Alexi his brand of choice to they use it because it works folks independently tested zero percent THC made in the USA. Level select CBD Dot Com use the Promo Code CBD Twenty-five for Twenty Five percents off any of their full line of CBD products. That's level selects CD, DOT COM Promo Code Cbd twenty-five or dial pound two, fifty on your cell phone say level select and this offer will be sent right to your phone. You'll have the option to receive a one time autodial text message from Iheartmedia. For years, public health officials and other know it alls told Americans to stop eating so much meat. They said eating a lot of process and red meat was going to kill you heart disease cancer a slew of other health problems including celibacy in some last Monday a group of international researchers released a new scientific analysis of meat eating and according to the New York. Times what they found represents a remarkable turnabout. The idea that people should eat less beef less pork less processed meat is not backed up by any credible science in other words bowl. The scientists said that if there are any health benefits from less red meat, they're so small that they're barely measurable a tiny blip that does not merit telling people to stop eating beef. Now, folks how often have we been through this? We were told coffee was bad force of BACON IS GONNA kill us stay away from coconut oil Oat bran. Hammered, the public on the latest scientific research turned out to be totally bogus. This turnabout on meat is not the first time. It won't be the last one day. I fully expect scientists that tell us that cows and cal farts have nothing to do with climate change eat what live your life and and ignore these busybodies who can't even live there. The right way just do what you want and enjoy it. You only have one life folks.

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