Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a new palace, plus women are trying to lure B-Coops and Miley tells all


This week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a brand new palace. Bradley, Cooper is being bribed with baked goods and Miley Cyrus and cody. Simpson are done zo coming up next on we hear quick-fix. Hi You're listening to Weei quick-fix. I'm Maggie Coggan in Armenian more and here's the rundown of the hottest six. including, the joy of six are most satisfied piece of gossip. I up royal. Renounces Harry and Meghan bought a fourteen million dollar mansion in Montecito California. That's actually fourteen point six, five, million if you're counting and now get you eighteen thousand square feet, nine bedrooms and sixteen bathrooms not bad considering it's their first ever home purchase. It sounds like quite the upgrade for frog more cottage their first marital home. Yeah and you'll remember that Megan and Harry fled the UK to go to La, but they couldn't keep. Their privacy they're. So they've headed up to Montecito in Santa Barbara County. We're their neighbors include Oprah Winfrey, it sounds like they'll fit right in because this new home has rose gardens century old olive trees a tennis court at t house a children's cottage, a pool and a two bedroom guesthouse. Perfect for Meghan. MARKLE's mom I. Remember my children's cottage growing up. Now when it comes to WHO's footing the bill for the Pricey Pad, a source told page six that Prince Charles didn't lend them a penny. They said Megan and Harry finally feel like they're on their own and it feels great. They bought this house without help from his family. They aren't using it on loan from a friend as they had before it's truly there's and they can't wait to make it a home it's dated. So it's got one thing in common with Buckingham Palace, but it's a lot closer to the beach I wish they all could be California home. Next the women of Connecticut are trying to lure Bradley Cooper with cookies. That's ray loopholes in one swanky Connecticut town are so convinced they know where Bradley Cooper, is spending his summer they're dropping off baked goods just to get a glimpse of the star. Now, these suburban sweeties have been showing up to an almost twenty million dollar mansion on the Pasha Sascha Hill road with high hopes of meaning Bradley. But a real estate agent tells page six Bradley is not actually staying there they're hoping. They can drop off cookies or aphids and Tupperware, and maybe he'll return it. They're even leaving invitations to their parties. I should mention that multiple paid reporters over the summer kept getting tips that Bradley Cooper Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio were all staying together at this house but it turned out that it's just a local rumor either way the buzz at the Rotary Club was that the trio had been seen at the local beach dining at a Mexican restaurant and even shopping for groceries together. Now though there's been buzz that the Hollywood stars in Southport Connecticut if you just paid six, you know that Brad Pitt's doing out his divorce with Angelina Jolie Leo DiCaprio been on vacation with his girlfriend. Camilla Maroney and Bradley Cooper has been hanging out on the beach with Jennifer Garner in Malibu sparking dating rumors judging from this of on the Beach Jennifer Garner Robyn Cooper probably hasn't had a cookie in a very long time, Hash Ted Cookie Shaving. And now it's time for the joy of six the most satisfying page six story of the week from her latest break-up to losing her virginity. Miley Cyrus is telling all paid six reported this week that Miley Cyrus and Boyfriend Cody Simpson are done. So apologies to my social media accounts because those two are really entertaining. Yeah. They'll be no more bikini-clad tick tock dances by the pool for these two Miley had hinted. On social media that the relationship was over at an after our report, she confirmed on Instagram live that they had split but she's also revealing some details about her past relationship with ex husband Liam Hemsworth during an interview on the latest episode of Barstool Sports is call her daddy podcast. Miley revealed that she lost her virginity to Liam when she was just sixteen now you might remember they co starred in the film. Adaptation of Nicholas sparks novel the last song. Back in two, thousand and eight the pair then got engaged in two thousand twelve broke things off reconcile in twenty fifteen and eventually married in twenty eighteen only for year in August twenty nineteen they split up. So it sounds like she and Liam have left a lifetime between them. Well, as far as any future relationships, a source exclusively told paid six that after her split. From Cody Miley feels free as a bird and thrilled, and if you've listened to her new song midnight night sky, it sounds like she's doing great Solo. A whole track is about how she doesn't belong to anyone and she dixon. Yeah. She even directed the video for the song herself who needs cody, and that's it for your quick fix for juicy stories like these checkout page six, Dot com, and see you next week.

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