Episode 14: Making Money Doing What You Love


Welcome to another episode of the Spiritual Business School podcast. This is Mooney and I'm so excited about today's episode because it talks about something that we're all a little bit afraid to talk about a spiritual entrepreneurs, and that is money, so sit back. Relax enjoy this episode trying to get over some of your internal limiting beliefs around money in around deserving. Worth around value and around charging for your services and see what comes up for you. Be Curious about what comes up for you. As you listen to this episode, you hear everything that we're talking about all right so without further ado, here's the episode. Let's kick it off. I truly believe that. We are spiritual beings having a human experience here on this earth. What you learn here could change the direction of your entire life. This could be the beginning of a whole new career for you. My name is Mooney and I'm a spiritual entrepeneurship. Now more than ever. The world needs spiritual leaders teachers guides. Are you ready to become one of them? If you're ready. All Right? Welcome to a new episode of the spiritual. Business School podcast in this one is all about. Money so I want you to take a big deep breath in and exhale and get to talk about something that may be mere little uncomfortable around, or maybe you are not. Great at talking about. Are you feel like there's a disconnect between what you're worth in what you can charge for your services, or if charging for your services is something that you feel comfortable doing at all and I. Want to let you know that first and foremost. You're not alone in all this. The these are struggles at all entrepreneurs, all spiritual entrepreneurs go through of when they're trying to merge the monk in this marketer to find out what can I charge for my services that I feel good about what can I charge for my services that I know is what I'm worth. What can I charge for my services and be successful doing it so? These are all things that I've gone through. These are all things that I've struggled with in that I've tried to figure out and I'm still figuring out, but having the conversation. I think is the most important part understanding what's out in the world. WHO's charging? What what the pricing is what the structures are what the options are, so these are all things that you're going to be opening your mind. Your heart ear spirit, your higher self, all of those things so you can start exploring question about. How do you start making money doing what you love? So, I've been launching spiritual visit, I've been working in this industry now for over ten years and one of the things that comes up for me a lot you know. Is that this idea that while you're just in it for the money and I thought that I dealt with it done a lot of self work I started to balance out my giving. Giving in my getting, I'd done all sorts of things to make sure that I was not feeling that way, so then it took me by surprise completely when a really good friend of mine wanted to say something that would shake me up and she said well. You're only in it for the money and I have to say like I was shocked i. Thought that I had dealt with all of these feelings I thought that I had moved beyond them, but it took somebody who I value their opinion. I value who they are to kind of. Shake me out of that and it. I don't know if I it was something that was necessarily positive, but it certainly got my attention, so these little questions wheel of question started churning within. Within me and I I. You know that that monk part of me started to ask those questions to say you know. Have I sold my soul. Have I given up something by launching business being excited about success, excited about making money and excited about making a lot of money doing what I love, and then I thought about. How do I respond to this like? How do I? Process what this is. Part of me had to understand that this had a larger part to do with something that wasn't even didn't involve me so. One of the things I want to describe to you. Is that in these circumstances when you start stepping forward is a spiritual entrepreneur. They're are going to be a lot of people who are turned off by it. and this is something. I discover the hard way. It's better if you know this now that you're going to be surprised by a couple of people's reactions to what you're doing. There's always the people who doubted who think. Think that it's not real and I think by now. You're probably used to that, but they're gonNA be spiritual people that you work with that are gonNA. Be offended or confronted or frustrated or turned off by the fact that you're charging for your services, and not only that you're charging for your services. You're to make money doing it. You're making a lot of money doing it, and that is going to be a natural part of milestone. Milestone on your journey of becoming a spiritual entrepreneurs getting that first taste of success, and then having balanced with someone who knows you or maybe even someone. That's a total stranger. That's critical. The fact that you're charging for your services so I don't know what the total answer is, but I do know that the world is a better place with me in it and me. Sharing who I am with people who want to do this kind. Kind of work, and so if you keep coming back to that is that this is your mission. It's your mission to knock down every door. It's your mission to get this information out everywhere that you can. It's your mission to make sure that anyone who suffering from a particular set of of issues or frustrations or pain or or loss or anything that could be healed by working with. You has an opportunity to do just that. Now, YOU'RE GONNA. Hear me talk a lot about your inner monk in your inner marketer, and these are the two identities that I've defined that make up your spiritual entrepreneur mindful marketer that allows you to keep moving forward and keep exploring and keep discovering and keep earning money and making money doing what you love, so we spiritual entrepreneurs are often like two minds about sharing our gifts and I I think it's like our inner monk, inner inner marketer, or whatever words you use to describe it. It could be your inner tax advisor, and your Inner Unicorn or whatever you come up with, say like these are. Are the two things I struggle with. Should I do it should I not so the monkey, the marketer need to come together that you come into balance and be that mindful marketer so that you can thrive in your spiritual business and your life making money doing what you love. So when this person said this to me I was confronted with this, my inner monk came rushing in to counteract this accusation of all. You're just a marketer. You're just in it for the money and my inner marketer was like. Maybe she's right, and maybe that's not so bad and so there was a little bit of friction. An internal process of figuring out how do I feel about this kind of confrontation? Now I've dealt with it before I've struggled with it on my own. I've thought some of the worst feelings about myself as a result, and now all of a sudden here it is playing out in real life in front of me and it created this. This opportunity and this is something I've learned from a lot of the personal development training. Is that when you good criticism like this and you are GonNa get Krizan. There are GONNA be Internet, trolls and commenters in this and that, and that's a sign of you really making it big, but you have to also remember that first of all you're touching upon something that is, they're not ready to deal with yet. So that's like rule number one so when you get this kind of negative feedback. It's because something that you've done or something that you've said. Something in that person to to be frustrated or angry about something they haven't dealt with yet. Whether it's physically emotionally mentally spiritually or otherwise, so this accusation was coming from a deep irt around money from this other person, and so in a compassionate view, I understand it, and then in the actual telling of it. There's this little trick that I learned that whenever somebody saying something to you and it's upsetting something that's confronting you that you can also look at it as they're just in front of you, saying words that the emotions. Emotions and the meaning that you're applying to. It are from your own perspective. So all she did was say Blah Blah, blah she said in a couple of words in some sounds, and I turned that into this accusation I turned that into this reexamination of my balance between monk and marketer. It triggered something within me that I wasn't dealt ready to deal with, or I hadn't dealt with all the way, so it works both ways. It's a two way street so this this opportunity, not this challenge, but this opportunity to re address. My my beliefs around making money doing what I love couldn't have comment more of a perfect time, so things are shifting. Things are moving in a direction that I've. I'm experiencing some of the the largest successes I've ever experienced in my career and I'm super grateful, but I'm also really excited, and I'm also really proud of it, so all of these things in these feelings. He's positive feelings around. It took me a long time to get here and so I'm not quite ready to backslide into feeling disconnected for making money doing what I love I'm not ready to backslide into thinking that it's wrong that. That making money doing something that I love and that I'm really good at and so I wanNA. Talk to you about it because it's not like you just ring a bell in one day. You're over it. This is something that is a journey that continues to unfold day after day week after week month after month year after year launch after launch, so you can start to grow into this new mindset of success as you keep going. So through the opportunity that was created here through this kind of. Expression in this conversation that was having with this person who's a really good friend of mine who I respect and admire deeply. I recognize that something I was doing was triggered a response in her and something she said was now triggering a responsive me, and this is something that you should look forward to these are opportunities for so much growth, and so from that place of peace in that place of compassion, and rather than going into emotions or getting defensive. I told her that what she was trying to say to me. It just wasn't landing in the way that I think she meant for to land. And that's when this became a really juicy conversation and this connection. That was I think hewing to both. Both of us I know it was healing to me, and it helped us kind of figure out a way forward for our friendship, and for our professional working relationship, and I hope it's one that's going to continue to grow and continue to to interact and he'll, but this is what happens. This is how this unfolds. Sometimes people are going to be upset that you are charging money for doing what you love, and it's okay for them to be upset, and it's really an opportunity for you to examine and help heal something in them, and for you to reaffirm something within you. So let's talk about some of your money triggers. So yes, we know becoming a spiritual entrepreneurs probably gonNA trigger some of your money stuff and it's possibly going to. Be trigger the money stuff. Other people just like I was saying so it's it's allowing you this whole conversation. This part of it is asking you to grow in a whole new way of being and doing in relation to money and finances, and what your idea of successes and it might challenge other people's limitations when you're moving into a state. That's absolutely limitless. Get really excited about this, so hear these words when I say them to you and filter them with your experience you are. Are Not, selling out by being a spiritual printer, because being spiritual does not mean that you have to live on a mountain, spiritual growth comes from saying yes, to the challenges of this plane, saying Yes to the challenge of practicality and showing up to serve others who need you right here and right now look at the world. Look where we are. Look at what could be possible if people were coming from a place of compassion, love and spirituality, instead of fear and bigot in hate. Hate, so think about your role in all of that and how you can start to create change. Spirit is where you are so I want you to think about how you can influence a world that's in front of you and think about the fact that if a world was full of spiritual entrepreneurs, offering their gifts joyfully and from the heart. What does that world sound like what does that world? Look like to you when you think about it, and so perhaps you have some limiting. Limiting beliefs when it comes to making money doing what you love, we've all been there. We all know we have it I know I. Do I know you do? It's all out there and it's all forest to learn from. It's happening for us. It's not happening to us so number one again. You're not alone in this. This is something that all entrepreneurs and all people who struggled to kind of find their way in the world have have come up against and one of my. Most favorite mentors had suggested that I. Read this book a long time ago and I think it's called Nice girls. Don't get rich. I'm going to put this in. The show notes. Nice girls don't get rich, and it was funny because I was like. Why are you offering me this book? That's nice. Girls don't get rich, but the opportunity was removed the word girls and put anything nice people. Nice spiritual entrepreneurs Nice Gurus Nice whatever Nice shocker healers, nice meditation teachers, so it's it's an. An opportunity for you start to examine some of the lessons that you've picked up and learned about money about success about wealth about finances, and so I wanted to make sure I mentioned that that this is a book that's going to unlock a lot of that the questions that you have and maybe answer or sued some of the things that are a little bit nervous about I wanted to make sure. I mentioned that book because it had a really big impact on how I viewed. Viewed my own success and money so when you think about this larger picture of what's going on with finances and how you fit into it, I want you to start thinking about what is what is money to you? This is something what is money. If You keep answering his question if journaling questioning meditating on this question, money's GonNa. Come up to you and there's GonNa be some natural answers. It's GonNa, be all money is success. Money is freedom. Money is power. Money is options money. Money has choices, and so there's a lot of answers that are kind of cerebral conscious answers, but the more you do it in the more you answering, the more you commit to answering and coming up with a different answer every time you start to dip into the emotions, you start to dip into the subconscious, the higher self answers in those are the ones where you might get a little emotional, and that could be positive emotions that could be negative emotions. It could be all. All over the place, but what you're doing is excavating all of the the coverings in the protections and the ironclad. This is true beliefs around money and starting to create space and open up a little bit of possibility around. Could I start relating to money in a different way? Could this be different conversation? So let's think about it this way. How many times have you come up against one of these limiting beliefs and realize that it was limiting your opportunity, so maybe that means you're. You're chronically an intern, or maybe you're offering your services for free over and over and over again, and it never feels like it's going anywhere, and you don't feel empowered, or maybe you're continuing you put yourself at the bottom of the Totem Pole, the bottom of the barrel. You're in last place for time and resources and commitment, because you're just giving it all away your leaking energy everywhere, or maybe you feel bad or uncomfortable sharing your gifts in your expertise, or maybe it's hard. Hard for you to get your voice. Heard or express yourself. And maybe you've gotten stuck in this thought of like I, don't want to bother. Anybody skews me I'm sorry. Do you want to be spiritual? Pardon me, excuse me, is this something you'd be interested in learning about so if you're a sensitive and if you're an intuitive, you might limit yourself, not even see your full value or your full potential, and if you're starting to awaken to this, or maybe you've been aware of it. It for quite some time. You understand the insidiousness of it of that it only builds on itself. It's very hard to shake. Got This so if you've ever thought to yourself, my art isn't good enough for somebody to buy. Or why would somebody pay pay me for a rocky session I want to spell this out for you. And I want to be very very clear about it, and you're gonNA. Hear this over and over again for me because this is what I'm here for. Listen to these words. You have permission to make money doing what you love. You have permission to enjoy your work and your life. You have permission to be paid for your gifts. You have permission to receive. You are worthy, and as you show up and genuine service to others you will be held and supported, think about way back in ancient times when the medicine man or the healer, or the the the the spirit mother of community was upheld and lifted and supported by that community that he or she served, so if you think about how that happened, it used to be if we had a large crop or large harvest, because of the blessings that you stone upon us then we're going to give A. A little piece of that to you. Thank you, so here's a Bushel of corn. Here's some fish. Here's a goat. Here's this. Here's that and we don't really trade in those types of things anymore. We don't trade in in beads or anything like that, and so we need to make sure that we're honoring people in the currency of today, which is money, which is which is pay pal, which is all of these opportunities for you to make money so i. want you to just breathe into that and remember that you're part of a long legacy of spiritual awakened magical wonderful people. Who are honored and supported and paid for their work? This is not a new thing. This is not a new way of being. This is just a new arena new opportunity, a new platform for sharing your gifts with the world for bringing peace and healing and abundance to the world and being rewarded for it. So, now I want you to reframe making money doing what you love I. Want You to think about this magic wand for the world. So here's a question. Why do you WanNa? Have Money? Or who do you want to have the money in this world? So wouldn't it be awesome if the people with the money wanted to make the world a better place if they wanted others to have wealth, if they want to see, people, Prosper and grow, and he'll and create positive change, so you can use money as a tool and lot. Not let money us you. You I want to say that again, so you can use money as a tool and not let money you you. You can own money and not let money own you so start to think about the reforming of that think about the monk in the marketer, the two parts of you how they feel about this idea that you can use money as a tool to. To reach more people to create more change to create a larger platform for yourself to find more answers to do more research, all sorts of stuff and you can own money. You can have money it can be around. You can be in your bank accounts. It could be in your pay. Pal Accounts. You can have it in a in a box under your mattress it. It doesn't matter, but it doesn't have to own you. You can have this money, but it doesn't own who you are. So how do we do this so I want you to start trying to find some peace in the pursuit of making money doing what you love when you come to the point of becoming that mindful marketer that blending of these two identities so? You can do all the things that you need to do to get your business out there and promoted, but you're doing it from a place where it's not too forceful or doesn't feel icky or scary, or any of the things that you associate with marketing and making money that you think are bad or that you have a negative or limiting belief around, and so from this place you. You know that you're creating opportunities. You're creating possibilities and think of it this way, so if you had this magic wand, which was the solution to a particular set of problems, it would be your responsibility to knock on every door until that problem no longer existed in the world and I've said this before, and I'll say it again. This is how I say it all the time. If you look at your spiritual gift. Has that ability if it's your magic wand and you can literally transformed the experience of the world, you owe it to every single person on this planet to be doing that and sharing it with as many people, as you possibly can so take the responsibility of that on the face of your beliefs about making money doing what you love and see what starts to become true for you and what you start to see a little bit more clearly so. Take some time to chew on this. This is not a flip as a light switch and all of a sudden fixed. Like I, said because of the story and everything that's happened in the last little bit here with this friend of mine it comes up when when you least expect, and it comes up when you're most expecting, it comes up all the time, and so I want you to have all of these tools in place I want you to have all these teachings in place and the systems in place so that you know what to do with it when it happens. So. Let's look at some of these limiting beliefs right in the face and see how it feels so sometimes as I've been sharing my story sometimes on your Pat. Somebody or something is GonNa show up for you and it's going to tell you exactly the thing that you've been afraid of hearing. So maybe you've been afraid of abandoning your monk or going too far into marketing were moving too far away from the idea of giving everything away. Away for free and then someone's GonNa Walk Right up and say you know what I think. You're ending your monk I think you are. You are selling out and the beauty in this challenging and scary and frustrating moment can be this opportunity for expansion into this realization that Oh this situation, this opportunity right in front of me was designed by spirit to shed light on a little mini insecurity or limiting belief that still holding onto and. And you know what it's not true. I'm staying true to myself in this. I know exactly what I'm doing. I know exactly where I'm going. And all spirit is doing is just checking in. It's just challenging you to say hey. How's it going that last? Little Monster that's hiding under the rock that last little fuzzy, limiting belief that needs to go and find its new reality. It's just an opportunity for you to just flip that rock over. Over or your little fuzzy, limiting belief and say oh, Hey, you! Here's the line. Here's who I am. Here's the truth and funnily enough something like this might happen five times in a row until you finally can say okay. I'm going to look this in the face. Now I'm ready to finally look in the face I've been working my way up to looking this in the face and being able to just embrace it and release it. So, this nightmare situation happened for me. It confronted something that I'd been afraid about for a long time, but now let's solve it. Let's let it go. Let create this opportunity for healing and this opportunity to become a stronger spiritual entrepreneur. What this challenge by ultimately taught me is that you can be a model for others in rewriting these money values by flipping that script around and keeping light workers from being able to make money doing what we love and support our livelihoods, so we don't need to defend yourself when you choose to be yourself. You don't need to do anything other than continuously. Show up and be who you are. Now becoming spirit entrepreneurs, going to have you investigate and most likely change your relationship to money so being spiritual entrepreneurs, going to bring up these tough questions around value and worth and the meaning of money, because when you make your vocation a central part of your spiritual practice, knowstone in your in your subconscious or consciousness is going to be left unturned so rather than say that it's unspiritual to have a career or be a marketer. This whole process could be a profoundly spiritual experience in terms of inner growth, an outward impact, and we can all be in the world and not controlled by. So if this is exciting to you, if is something that you're attracted to go ahead and read the blog that I have posted the goes along with this read. The show notes explore some of the information. Go Get that book. Nice girls don't get rich and just put a little piece of tape over inputs, spiritual entrepreneurs on the top so that you can use that book as a resource for you. You to start to address some of these money issues. We're going. Be Talking about this a whole lot more as it comes up, so this is just part one. There's so much more to discover and explore here and I'm so excited for you to figure it all out. Well I'll see you next time. Thanks for listening in and have an amazing experience of being a spiritual entrepreneur out in the world. Hates, Mooney I hope you loved this podcast episode as much as I loved creating it all of the things here. Everything that's happening is happening for you. It's happening for you to discover things and explore things, and if you're ready to take that leap of Spirit into becoming the spiritual entrepreneur, I know you're destined to be, and you've always dreamed of becoming. Come on over to my website at the moon. MOON AVERSE DOT COM and sign up for my free twenty one day spiritual business challenge. You're going to get everything you need to get started of all sorts of coaching and tips for me, and you're gonNA, get to be plugged into a community spirit of entrepreneurs that are there to help support you, so come on over to the moon, averse dot, com get signed up, and I'll see you very soon.

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