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Gab and Juls: England remain untested


Yeah Good morning everyone. Welcome to govern jude show. Although today is not the governor George the chew and juice on his weekly because God was taking some time out to NFL in the US company. And I'm very pleased to judicial juice Emma friend or whatever you want to call me back. We've looked song today. qualifiers for the Euro's England England Finland one of the great stories. A bit of a look at the draw as well and how things will panel For the draw and the port and who would play against two and that kind of stuff and then the quickest says what are you looking for. Let's go to start with with England's I August for us here big story. Let's Luca with twenty nine thousand nine hundred had in store for Gareth Southgate and the boys They've called thirty. Eight goals in orders competitions for the qualifiers Again The Nation Leagues Thirty Goals in ten games would she's Almost a record because the the most England scored in one one kind of the year was in one thousand nine hundred eight thirty nine at the time sewing. dumbs of those numbers and in terms of of the wins and especially in the qualifiers seven wins one defeats thirty seven goals scored on his sis- considering in those eight matches in the group. It looks positive right. I really think England's attacking players being very good against some weak opposition who of let England play England of Bonanza platfrom back because haven't been pressurized in higher the field so then allows you to have rotation tation in in midfield last rotation up from you can pick your runs a and England down that very well their goal scores. They've got people now. That can run with the ball. We we we won't produce implies that could run with the ball now. Pleasant can do that in sterling and Sancho so there are some really good positives hurricane hang keep score and against the week asides keep scoring lots of goals against the week sides but you can only play what's put in front of unit moment. England haven't played anybody in European qualifies. That have been particularly good. They lost the Czech Republic away. which is disappointing? This still one or two issues when the ball changes hands are they set up to defend and well which was a problem against the When they lost and has been in one or two games even against Montenegro? There's a couple of one V one thing is that where wearing Linden defend van particularly well. So that's something that Gareth Southgate's gotTa look at. But I know that we can take anything from these European qualifies because if you look at the lost you talked about the law. She lost two years. The World Cup we got to own England got to the semifinals but against in three games where they were against these opposition to against Belgium. They lost both and then in the semi fun game. They're expected to win. Croatia found a tactical way of defeating the the setup the England had and beat them in the semifinals. They were out out thought. Tactically Inaugura Sascha was though tactically then in the Nation League finals. They lose so the Dutch and then lose to Switzerland in third and fourth playoff. So this still question marks Roy Hodgson when he went to the loss the challenges. I think they'd want every game thinking that they were going to go and do really well. Then leading up to the tone of the two friends that imply quarter and then they go and lose to Iceland and their performances up to that point hadn't been very good and selling land get to these euro for the European Championship finals. We will not know how good side they are. Yeah no I think you're GONNA be interesting to see who they picked to to face in the friendlies before going to the euro's because usually you play teams similar level to you maybe or that similar to the opposition that they said the competition so maybe we'll have a better idea. I think you know I agree with you. I think this not merged we can judge them on when they play against teams James even if he's good for the confidence for the momentum they have and you know I it has been very positive in terms of resorts even if like you said against the big teams. There's been issues if you look at the team in itself who for example some places for grabs up for grabs you think for southgate for example. Who would play with Harry Maguire? The back in in a pair of central banks who would you would you have stones with you have Taryn. Manning's would you even go thinking outside the box. What what would you do do? It doesn't fill me with great optimism. I'm not Johnstone's fan you know people say that he's very composed on the bull so I don't think he actually knows how to Plat from the back make. Su Many mistakes runs up blind alleys at times. He doesn't make the most of the spice in front of him when he does come out from the bank or tries to come out from the back I think he takes risks at the wrong time. It's all very well being composed and taking his arm on the bowl but you at that level or any level. You can't keep making mistakes and John Stone just might too many mistakes over Sumani is You know if it was a well you have to make those mistakes and keep improving him but after a while. You can't keep making mistakes. Bobby Moore who was probably the best of England's off in a band composed on the ball may not mistakes and he's whole career. Yeah and got punished so so stones has to learn that means is of ladder Oversee at it had a poor injuries. Come back in. And he's he's playing club level. He's played quite well for England but neither of them really. When I say you're going to be dominant Alongside Harry Maguire. WHO's the the best back by by somewhere? The moment I'd still say you have to go with the experience of Johnstone's did well the World Cup But it's not township that I would say is going to be the best part of England's play the buck three. It's interesting because tried it. And he looked like he was You know again positive. Leave and that's something in there and just give it up very quickly. Though not given a second chance would you would with these England sides or the lack of talent as you said us into bikes just so losing always believe and if you go back he might be too young. I in in. I think it was nine hundred. Ninety six. Winning played eight and got to the semifinals hosted their own country. They play with the back three. And what Terry Venables did with the BAT. Threes the played with two full backs as the wide centre-half's And that's that's how I would suggest is the best way to play with a back three because it to Watson half needs to be good going out into wide white and defending one V one. That's why there's Walker as the right sided. Send to help it was. He's not experienced enough but he's experienced player going into white areas and he's got the attributes abuse to be a decent centre-half yes. He got beaten on across but in terms of ease pace covering a wingback. I thought he had everything going from. So that's why he was. He's a good player in that position as as the right side. Send the half with. If you've played Harry Maguire the center Hav then you can actually play means as the left side is because he's apply that used to going out and playing at left-back or planet sendoff so that would change my opinion if they went with back three. Who We'd play alongside Harry Maguire stroke? I mean if you look at the rest of the buck full blown by phone wherever he looks nice on the hour nor did really well again on the right hand sides Chigwell and left side wing backs. which if he wanted to play outside of the job and I guess maybe stones as sweeper in about three maybe less exposed? I guess it does mean that McGuire has to go out onto the leslie inside so then all based on the left on the right and maybe what. He doesn't look like that. So let's let's say back for Because that's what south is the more recently who drive in midfield and stuff again. That's two questions you plan. Every single game wa by wings oxygen in this Gumbo strongly. Do you have your medicine in their Barkley. What would you got? So if you're going to play with a four three three which is sort of I look aligned with You gotTa have a whole midfield player. I think the holding me super has to be good defensively and Harry Winks is nice football a very good football but I don't think he's he's got the passing range of a say a pillow. Yeah and I don't think he's got the defensive qualities may be of You know one of the vessel midfield players in the world when like Fernandina. When he was buying for Man City? Hasn't got the athleticism so I I would be slightly wary of him playing in the holding role so Henderson could do that. Joe Dies completely out the outlive pitcher moment. He was the plight. Everybody thought could do that job. But they also need better penetration in that mission. Sure and that's been the problem with England in previous tournaments that the midfield as being very one dimensional Oxley Chamberlain gives England. Something thinks slightly different. He's applied that can always quite good passing right now. He's not in Liverpool's team week in week out but he can be dynamic you know and I think that's a that's an area area. Where and if you played Madison on the other side of the passer of the ball and if they could work on the defensive side of the game you got everything you want from a midfield Henderson is the whole employers got the energy and the understand the experience you oxalate chamberlain can run with the ball and go past people but also good athleticism together? Too wide go great engine And then you got Madison is the Creator. He's compete passes. And then it means you can play with a lot of freedom in your front three. I like the son of. That's pretty good. And then from three Cain and starting obviously and then who will be the third one Rochford Sancho. Do you think. Do you think rush foods as these shows against Kosovo when he came on and scored a lovely one time finish as an impact sub interesting. And then you stop Sancho someone on around because I never feel rash vard's at the moment I still don't know what Russia is very very good football but is he a central when he first came into meant united one thousand nine hundred and he came in as a centre forward but FERENCI not in most of the time when he played at centre foreign. This season been isolated. And he's play with these back to go hasn't been quite quite good enough. And he's made lots around without actually getting on the end of things And he's autumn think. He's a left-wing because he's always wanted to coming filled and join in. So I would say exactly as you said. An impact plywood be good essential could play out in one side and sterling could play on the other but they wouldn't play out out AH white blaze. No they'd be those bit light Cellarman a play for Liverpool inside right inside left go wide when they need to come inside when they when when it's required might runs in behind Hurricane Gareth if you're if you're listening I'm sure there's a lot shoot just said that you know you could be useful to you just just to finish. I'm Just to talk about how we can quickly one incredible company and again you know. We need to stress that it was against teams that you would expect him to school against still twelve goals in eight games. in those qualifiers which is one in? At least one in each of them and wishes quite remarkable really He has twelve now for the calendar year which is as many wishes record for England Dixie Dean in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and enjoy his done early in nineteen eighty three research? Because I think he's impressive. I you know regardless of the opposition. You still like you said need to score those. He clearly didn't happen dot merged so it must be quite hard to score an initial the greatest players greatest goal. Oh scores can score goes out and nothing can console. goes out of nothing. And he hasn't done it. Quite so much for Tottenham in this season and then the last season but he's scored some outstanding ending goes. He's made him so when the ball arrives it. You don't think there's a scoring opportunity. He'll twist insert sunny getting shoulder right. It's in the back. That's the that's the sign of a graduate so shoot one of the big stories one of the great stories of of this Qualifying campaign so far has been feeling for the first time ever in the history of qualify. Five Four for a major tournament and we'd be at the euros and to discuss this with us. We are delighted really to and to welcome on the show. Matt Yarkon one of the The Finnish Broadcasting Company jointly to commentate on the game from the Finnish national team. Who's been following them for years and years? Muttiah thank you. I thank you so much for being in with us. Good Morning Nice to be with you. I have been A crazy weekend hangover. I've just woken up from today's Today's upon seeing how few happens. Oh well not that not anymore about this. Plays into European champion. Champion means a lot and I think this is the brightest moment in principle by far so some parting. Yeah maybe so obviously obviously still have a game tonight On Monday nights we recall this among the mall. So the a few things to play by the fact that they've already quantify let's. Let's remind people that they were in a group with Greece Bosnia Armenia in Italy and they finished second of the group so qualify directly six wins and three losses. How how did that happen well in southwest? Hey it's a miracle because I think like three years ago finish national team it really hit rock bottom. It was a game against Croatia on before the game. Finland is lost to allies land wary. Very or epic gone gone away and one of the best players. What am I gonNA main goal? He gave a positive doping tests and the game against inched clay. Shaw was was really really awful. Glacial ended up only one. Zero was really the poor and there was nothing like we see. That might be brighter in the future. The colts and it was then game with weaning. and well there were there. Were no sight of anything better than a now. Three years later in the year does for the first time in history. It's all it's a miracle and as many things that I could say. Data wants US happened Some way things to stop spots getting better on to head to go multiple gone off professor was like like a stunned does Monaco. Basic Mark Twain is ready to humble under here really nice guy and he has made the team fully committed to their share tree. He knows the players ready rail. He has to be an assistant coach for many years us. He's a guy who played in Champions League with. Ha or co Helsinki Finland on the twenty one European Championship now Now now that you really these really like tallies month for Phoenix football. I'm and feel you don't want to make a number of himself because you also it was it was under twenty one manager was in the end. You qualify them for the twenty one euros as well so there was already something there with with the younger generation. Then continue with the first team. Yeah that's true. That's quite a player from that team played in two thousand nine hundred twenty one in Sweden Clutch Steel. I think the team in some way team restricts Finish Society Day our players from all the scene Gene London players with immigrant background on the team includes players from Sweden speech Swedish speaking areas. These teams like greeny hard working. It's also really humble stick sound Polish people pizza stop. He has no style star player. Jesters sisters are against us all very friendly and I think he considered fathers I bring up Iceland. uh-huh did Finland gain inspiration from Iceland. Pinch chips lost town for. Maybe yeah I think thinks oh because well. The tactics likes to lend had fought to tweet. Read and how to and that's that's the basic setup for Finnish national team and well I think like when we when we think about Iceland a lot of players that Go to the other countries when they were young and undisciplined team. There are also playoffs that way waiver young when they moved to move up role so yeah I think it's something that has grown the competing. We could win. If is men can do that. We also have to do I. I think I mean watching watching the game in the the the the teddy game for example I home way you lost in a game. They should have never lost What was struck me was how confident some of your players were on the board flies and Brucie something? That kind of really has changed because before I read. It's somewhere that you you've got to actually words Is it put Capello which means like basically kicking the ball long right is a bit kick your kickin reg version which which was a lot more to do maybe before benign completely different style of play. The team is well organized. You said. He's a four four two pook. Obviously he's by far the most talented in Tim. You've got Glenn Kamara from Rangers. You've got him spot. WHO's good players wedding the captain and the leader? You've got Lucas key goal. Who plays in the Bundesliga so there is talent and but you clearly feel like the team collective as a unit is very strong and now the the more confident to play with the ball and to create things because Buki? He's never going to do well if you the long. And then you know he's going to make you or something like that so the style of play and the mentality I guess generally to be now since has taken over. That's true because for me. Yes domestic football getting seen has been regarded by expensive area. There's there's there's even worked in the world people play football but we played that translates same. Could be like like kick ball or something like picking the ball without curve and being away for some people who are nothing to show that. CNN has never been into euro so in the World Cup for rabbis for them it has been like to downplay thing is football I now now. The cats or the Eagle has cats Tong and yeah. The team is really confident because actually I think they know that they. They are pretty good Well he probably it was too good depending on the and still Finland has a lot to do with if they want to achieve some you always but Syria like you can see damnable gave us awesome. When he was young he was Some some well he was sentenced. The Guy I who didn't want to get into too many tackles on stuff like that but he has changed a lot in early. It's twenty or something like that. He's he's like tough guy also who was something to say Often on Sunday maybe maybe to referee and stuff like that. He's well he's the guy who has changed a lot like us to finish national team. Look Point in the in the campaign did you really think we've got a chance of qualifying here but the team because I eighteen guests. No there's not a one game that I've showed that they saw it actually in the previous the other fires. We're the World Cup in Russia Michael Konovalov was a head coach. He got the place when Hunts basketball supplier That was four games but lost they want is London. They've played on the Games. Great and I think it. What's the moment when the players and even some football people started to talk? Talk that Maybe maybe this okay team but people thinking about the Games. I think the home game game against Boston. Neal was a showdown. Oh down off the Finnish. National Team I'm that's what's maybe the moment when people really thought he could think we we might have a chance because sunny summer day in on but a lot of the stadium and and case scored ah the first goal and and after that theft the rain started persuading really really really heavy and there was something symbolic about like well democracy gone. We have is saying that the Monaco. He's nickname set of Ebay. We become some the Brazilian player. Rivelino Malina so that we have a revolution all not not the revolution we have here a revival and he pushed the moment when now the revolution has to come to the revolution is only starting. What can we? What can we wish fulfilling the euros? I guess as you go the half you're going to bring allow fans wherever you play. That would be a lot of people watching at home. You expect probably similar things to like Chew said before twice like ninety percent of the population of the country is in front of the television and the other supercenter is actually at the game. You know why you know is that there's no pressure I guess because it's such an incredible achievement already to be that but you also want to do your country proud and do as well as you can so what you know what what can we wishful Finland into Ndiaye rose about Because we don't know the up on Yet but it depends depending on won't wings one game that might mean that Finland's in the knockout rounds so of course of course sports A lot of things possible but It's not going to be easy by. Ching it's going to be In many games Not The one who has a really good chance to win and well I hope for the best thing. I think it's going to be huge those going to be a lot of supporters And it's I think it might change a lot in Finnish football or at least I hope so when you thank you so so much for for coming in. Today went down again to Finland. The players the coaching staff the fines and everyone involved with the national in Fort. While you know he's a great achievement and good elect for the euro's we'll We'll be following the drawer to see who you face and where you play and hopefully we speak to you Do before the competition or during the competition as well thank you go to Finland For for next year's competition for sure we'll have a better idea on November. The thirtieth when to draw will be made in Budapest who they will play in the against groups as an already to look for the litterbox to to into what's going to happen In the draw will call up a friend from ESPN Johnson. Who is the master of you? Know all the existing like friends at a colleague colleagues and friends. they'll Johnson to help us understanding where we are in terms of WHO's qualified who can still qualified and how how or those things would work. Then thank you so much man to be with us good so if you can just you know we have. I think seventeen eighteen countries when we record this on Monday morning already qualified You need another seven three will do this week. And then we'll have another four in March when they will to go through the nation's league playoffs to qualify for For the US next. Can you just send me up for us. What's going to happen in the next few weeks? Yeah so we've got three places to go this week. So Monday will get to as ten miles from Switzerland. Tuesday one of Hungry Slovakia and Wales but that leaves us with the fall places to fill on. They'll be done via the nation's Lee playoffs to each of the four nations league league playoffs through How I play off each of those would triple provide one scene for the finals? So those are starting to come together now I think three three places. Let's be filled for members of my head but basically The League playoffs will feature Scotland Norway in Serbia like they will be Georgia Belarus North Macedonia and Kosovo Not League. I hadn't they he's going to depend solely hopefully Who doesn't qualify automatically and a lot of it will be lucky because if she's a kiss now do not qualify Also magically not going to make it a bit of a mess really for the playoffs because he's GonNa be five teams in leak. They who needed playoff so one of them will have offbeat drawn to join Iceland which obviously makes it very confusing and try to make people understand exactly how that works. He is definitely a challenge books. yeah yeah he's GonNa be he's GonNa be interested in Both yeah. We'll find out in the next few days. Exactly we'll make up with so when the door would be made in the van Sunday that it would be made without the whole you know countries qualifies which is a bit of a dro when you don't have your full all the field. Well well actually the the the the the playoffs drop the playoff finals is on Friday. Because we're the playoffs will work is their teeth. semi-finalists the colleagues ranked team is a hub so for instance if we take and leaked as an example here. We already know that the semi finals and not pop Georgieva. She's Belarus enough now on Friday. One of the things they will do. We draw home. Saving the final will also decide died the playoff popular in the finals. Draw so we will fargo. We get the final role. In the fifties November quite the law is already predetermined because he says these paths how the host with so. Let's say leaks sandwiches. Got Scotland Scotland are host nation between Scotland. Playoffs will have to go. It's the grinch Scotland. I'm going to be the case probably for three things so so we will find out by this Friday probably because because the situations when we get to the finals droll web. I probably of a half of the things things we know he's going into what's the thing that interests me with. The draw is who goes into what pots because that's going to be key to some of the tournament who's GonNa get through. Once the tournament starts. Yes so we know. A few things already The wet weather this time is the seedings based on qualify my performance which is different to usual. There's no on a three year performance in Europe but I think because there's so many host nations it GonNa make sense because there's certain rules whereby communist in part because he got in the same group but what we do know as the Chevy City nations They would be actually Belgium England on practice. Some people Ukraine on Jimmy and spin will join them if they win remaining game. This week Whoa he's going to be interested at the moment? Is the best weapon. Beloved Portugal's Fe really is dependent on Denmark because then commercial count in the Saint Paul. We're going to be in the web. I stem when the group policy with the three to have a real good for them. Commit a long way day. Let's say for instance England Portugal France Scotland which would have been exciting you didn't mention processes that loss little bit so France might not be in the top part. Is that what you're saying from front soon to be taught to unless realistically the only chance fronts evolving CD. Now Oh it's been dropped points against me because If Jimmy Windows group The Netherlands will win the group with more plumbing to the friends so so the only hope that the highest ranked team impulse do. They have only God slim with things. So that's GonNa make a really really interesting group in UH when it gets the drill because the way works with Ukraine being unable to draw Russia. uh-huh definitely in a group with Italy England or You know it'd be even better to win with. We're not being seated and having that kind of that kind of campaign to be fat. I'm Dave thank you so much unless you think there's anything that people need to know about the about the draw and the rest of the qualifiers but I think that was really helpful to understand a bit better. What's going to happen? Yeah I think I think you could go into much more detail. Komo consumer confusion you know. Obviously I think he's I know all right down sapone degrade tries to explain it because obviously when you go onto Robin I hope they missed qualifying work and when you can get get trough I thank you so much and we speak to you greg thanks ah so Drove as we send of third year. Then the next thing you you need to know especially if you're looking for tickets for the competition is that some tickets have already been saw some people some of you may have already tickets. But if you're looking for tickets a few things that you need to know they will be An opportunity to buy tickets on the UFO website between the fourth and the eighteenth of December. But you can get tickets for the groups that she's and also for the knockout phase. After in case you get nothing dad which is very very possible as well. each federation will have A number of tickets that they were on sale through a website. Then you need a code and then with the code you connect to the to the telling website as well and you might be able to get some like that. So if you've missed out between the fourth and the eighteenth of December don't worry go on your own federation website. You might have another chance debt. And if that doesn't work either and you've been very unlucky there will also be a ballot a some point where you could register and and with a bit of leg gang drawn and and get some some tickets like that so keep the faith keep checking as well another mother thirstiest. You'll have to draw in people will be you better who your team of facing where etc.. So you can plan your travels because let's not forget now. These euros will happen in twelve different cities all around Europe. You know from Scotland to Baku for example so they they might be love traveling to do. But Hey you know for your national team if you're a big fan that's it's what you do right as God would say enough of all this and there's going to crickets to Portugal Bay Luxembourg to book their place for the euro's Cristiano Renaldo scored again. He's nine thousand. Nine th international goal. They had a lot to say after the game after what was quite a week of controversy because when he was taken off in the Games in Syria. Sorry said that I had to be careful because he's carrying wanted to injury so I wanted to protect him then. I was doing the game when we got it from the Portuguese. He's a press officer with absolutely nothing wrong with Cristiano Renaldo. He was fully fit. You know fully motivated as possibly be and of course he goes and scores a hat trick so who he then comes back out after the press of caused all the problems invention. That's that's the word they use events and everything that we were causing a problem and there was no problem with Sarry Very. He's injured and that's why he was taken just like being taken off but the clothing has been in Syria in the last five weeks and I would say it was clear in the game against Luxembourg is not planning is best at the moment whether that's due to injury whether that's due to just a lack of for lack of confidence the moment is not planning these best. Cosey scored a three goals in the hatrick against Lithuania scored one goal in the game against Luxembourg so everything looks Honky Dory. ninety-nine go but if you actually look at these performances. He's not playing anywhere near as well as he was at the start of the season. He's thirty four. I think he's thirty. Five in February is ninety nine as you said ten short of allied the Iranian legend who who holds the records to think he can he can be well. I think what Portugal will probably do is arrange friendlies with Lithuania more often because because they allowed him to play they're allowed to play. I think he will do it. Because he's still up until this last five or six weeks. I said that renowned Oh oh I think plan better now even as the needed in these last two years around Madrid is doing more stuff with. He's running past but he's making more forward runs in his last. Two He is it remedied. He became just a ghost score. If he's not careful with this slight injury whatever happened to him he looks like he's that's what he wants to be. At the moment for the start of the season in his first year he looks. It's more athletic player. He was doing the things that might such great player in the first place. Joe's now trump's celebrated his one hundredth game in charge of France again. Sound by now. How did it go and why are we talking so much about all La Great Nice? Their nice appreciation sue took French Olivo scores. I don't don't don't want me too much and that that was not too long ago. Either so you know like they are levels anymore the change the letter so they want to nealer when Albania It was a good performance collectively also because they saw for the first time in the one thousand nine games before played with the back. Three which You know we spied training and it looked like he was going to do without we went. Oh convinced the tour. We thought he was messing up with the journalists whispering draining but actually he played with back with greedy reason. Why Greece has a number ten? Yep He wanted to see that he said he's another option for us to have going. Forwards Richmond was really good enough of number ten free Rhody when everywhere scored one assisted another one So that would be very good and dish has incredible records in those one hundred game sixty five wins Eighteen draws and seven defeats. You can discuss the style of play. And if he's too defensive unsafe to pragmatic and all of that but the number quite impressive Noah look because again on the table have the debate. With carrying Ben Zimmer Dancing on saying Benzene Mash deserves to be national team again. He hasn't been picked up since twenty fifteen because of the sixty story with much of Albanian. Everything that came off it And there's no way is going to court by Ben Zimmer. new-look lights said. Well Ben Zimmer his international career is over so then carrying replied and saying I will decide when when my international career is over so without a bit of a bit of a debate. A bit of controversy about. Would you call Ben Zimmer. Would you not what your opinion is. Obviously Gio ingredient of I work for the national team together. You also have Mbappe can play centrally. You've got there you've got plenty of other options. BENEF- contacted him in recent so he's been excellent and with Monaco. Yeah Yeah So. Yesterday he started with your front a bit disappointing but he has a lot to offer so other where you stand on the benzene story just for people people. There's no way they would call him back so the only way you can come back. One day is when dish not anymore. But I can see why you you could make a case for Benza deserving serving two squads so we have a final on on Tuesday against Hungary at home in Cardiff to. Do you think they can do it. And only a win will qualify them for the US nine hundred performances. I think they can do it. But they need. Gareth Bale to be but he's very best and as a young player that we've seen he's playing with now. Harry Wilson use served. A very talented played played in the number. Ten role is excellent. Excellent left for east takes brilliant free-kick. He's GonNa have to nudge. Bail out the way for the free-kicks so they need to good performances from from key players. They also need to wait. Make sure they defend. WHOA Hungary can be a threat on the counter-attack but the one player that is? He's on the fringes of things that could have an impact at some point is an Ramsey I know the manager hasn't been particularly pleased with our Ramsey and the fact that he keeps coming into the whales training kemps injured and then trying by himself and then goes back to events. Listen events aside. There's nothing wrong with him. So there's a slight problem willoughby thrown on in begin. We'll even start and ram such beginning if he can and Ramsey still very good footballer when he's going forward to answer your question whilst win the game by we'll go through amazing jaw back from suspension. His way then. You're James did very well in the In that game against Azerbaijan. So let's hope for the The dragons the West Dragonstar they can do it. Belgium had an incredible qualifying campaign with nine. Wins out of nine. Could this finally be the year they gonNA win something. I mean every two years we said that before the euros before the war cab. Dot Golden Generation The House on generation and the burner of that. You're right right nine. Nine pretty impressive group. With with Russia Scotland Cyprus extended in some arena. So not the toughest of group again but nine nine thirty thirty four Considered only two in those nine games So the goal difference of precipitator is pretty impressive. Judo I I do. Think that the disappointment of the workup curb and not defeat against France. In the semi-final way you know yes. There may be played better but in the end Franz with so clinical and so solid. And that's what was missing to this badge inside. Made made them more mature. I still think that they have an incredible squad. If you think about it in terms of depth in terms of talent you know even in terms of versatility in many any respect with guys who can play different position you can play different setup different formation you could never love ideas and creativity with team and variety is what I'm not sure. Rebecca Martinez is the right coach. I think that might be the problem. Or One of these off-shoot they won't be playing any games home. No no no. The other big nations will be playing home games. What would you consider home guy? I think. Line on the in in England planet. Wembley that won't happen for about is is that disadvantage. I think you're right and actually Brussels wear in the running there was supposed to be a host city. Couldn't agree something with your effort by the new stadium that it would built. That's why they they. They are not Ho city anymore. which would have helped them a lot? I still think that they can. They can go find the competition. But you're I just took him briefly about those Ho cities obviously twelve different host cities. If you you have qualified and your harvesting your country that is a host like Bilbao Spain. You're guaranteed to play. Your group says there which is a huge advantage compared to the other than for England's case as you said the two semi finals and final would be a Wembley as well so we England can play a five games. Yeah five got five of their seven games at home. Incredible which is a massive advantage would be Argentina. Brazil won two thanks to low macy on a after a penalty and the rebound of the penalty governor. Jesus had another shocker Attic Independent. I if you haven't seen it please go and check it out. Because the one mists against Atalanta the championship was pretty bad. I mean this one is even worse is absolute embarrassing moment for shoot just give up on penalties and let someone else take. We're in an environment or a culture of stats now foods. Don't worry about how many they miss nine. No they can be the leading goalscorer only if they usually take penalty gives them a massively out if they take penalties so even if Jesus keeps missing is going to score maybe fifty six what he's ratio is is fifty six hundred four or five eighth with city fifty percent so it's still got four goals that he added penalties for. That's what forwards take penalties for Lyn. It's up to the manager. That's the person who's going to have to make the decision inches. You keep missing. You can't take them anymore but as a forward account any Ford that once that wants to the leading goal scorer who won't stand up and say I'm GonNa take the Emmys to one like a few days ago. We city he takes this one against Argentina. Neil Neil you think okay. Let's do something. Yeah quite efficient clinical struck your heart other instead you run up to the ball and hit. She can the back of the ball somewhere on SALGA. Talk you're going to school right to percents. Eighty five percents if you tron role booze into the corner and be precise things are going to go wrong. Every so as it tries something of offense he like in his run-up and stuff like that and another embarrassing moment yard. Just hit through the back of the ball. You try something fancy I can tell you. I am for top corner every Eric Eric Abigail Barcelona sporting director's going very public matt. Still trying to recruit name. Au jus I used a surprised by this. I'm not surprised because we you know said we as in like pitchy fines and you know people around PhD and the club expected to come back anywhere. We saw how they miserably failed last summer to bring back to the to the company. We knew that they were going to try again this summer where I was a bit surprised. He's out early. First of all I'll be said about bringing by name are that that he was sitting option for them that they're going to try again and to how how public it was because you know he did an interview with With the Spanish newspaper where you talked about love other things like the team this. She is better than last year Blah Blah Blah and then talking at length about name up. I mean good on him if he wants to ball rolling starting to running now I see there's still a long way to go and the the negotiation with won't be easy again because they will have a price for him and and unless boss. I pay that money is not. It's not we're going to be hard to happen. But we used to see him go if he goes if you keep 'em pay and they ma doesn't want to be there and wants to be in Boston awesome and then I will. I will let him go. And then with the money that you get one hundred and seventy million euros properly something around that then you can. You can buy two. You can buy a car going by ecology audie go and buy another creative midfielder. Whoever that could be I would love for example I think he's an outstanding talent to who can can make froze even more? You know someone one like that to replace the creativity that you lose by letting margot so it's just my my worry about all of these very selfish ways as soon as I saw it coming. I'm thinking Oh my God God here we go again the next eight months. I'm going to be asked all the time about so Neymar. PSG Barcelona like like he was less. We had a great. We can of women's superleague shoe in in England Everton winning the Darby after winning the north London. Darby against Spurs in the Spurs new stadium as well and the League revealed the tendency so far for this she's like around four thousand In average for for game which is incredible. I think he's he's plus three hundred percent more than he was seen so number. So is this really happening. You fill data You know the whole country is getting behind women's football from somebody doesn't watch that much women's football not only because I watch oh and many other sports I would say yes. It is on the major on the UP. This standardize much better in terms of the players that are playing the game. The coaching is much is better the physicality of the plas- getting better The attendance is as you just mentioned. are on the increase. More and more young girls at school was a plan football and interested in football. They have advertised it brilliantly. Sometimes down when they advertise and they don't mention it's the women's yeah Also versus Tottenham and it makes you look quickly anything also and it's the women's League but they're doing very good job of marketing moment and the fact that England blended well at the the last tournament and there was coverage was was great on the BBC. At the moment I think is going to go sky high for the next two or three years. They just make sure they maintain an England have to do well at the tournaments that will keep it on the upward curve. Your I I'm accumulators. Could a lovely go for awesome again spurs in the new stadium which drawer Big crowd which was fantastic and again. The Champions League draw was made last week for the quarterfinals who will happen in in Martin also face. PG which should be a video cracking two-leg encounter nazi-era honorees back in management year after after being sacked by Monaco. After just three months in charge he's been appointed by Montreal. Impact is a good idea. Jews thus the that's the thing she we we'll have to see. I mean he's his time in. Monaco was was dreadful. I don't think he was the only responsible for a for high body. was you only want to games in the league. In three months one hundred and four days exactly was his tenure at the club. He was a fairytale for him to go back to Monaco. Where your started and was very enthusiastic? Just didn't happen for him Why didn't it happen do you think he's he's? He's like a coaching experience. I think there was a bit of value ride land lack of you know I did some of the Games it looked at all so there was a lack of empathy with the players. We go out onto into the side of the field before the game in didn't and it didn't get a rapid with the players. Know your I think he hasn't made he hadn't at the time. Ima have now had made the transition between being a player and a manager. I think he was still feeling like one of the boys which I don't think he's a good thing. You told our training showing them how to do things you know. He was asking them to try. Tried to the border families. Auto be strange He had a lot of injuries to to be fair to him. Key players got injured key players. Who is still very In favor of your manager. Leonardo Jardim summer traces back. Yeah exactly the tactically just to go back on lifespan. It was a bit of a disaster. It was easy. Luke lost eatright literally every single for mission. You can think of you know we backfire with a buck three with a dominant midfielder with a frat midfield with with a number ten somewhere to upfront. Three from one of four it was crazy. There was no consistency. There was just nothing. He was changing and tinkering all the time. Which I don't think helps Bert maybe? MLS is good for him to just go back a bit too basic learn a bit more and then go maybe to a bigger league instead of going straight from nothing or just almost any as we. Yeah it's almost an impossible job. Go from because you agree with you mentioned about the tactics and so you've played with tactics we can we. You don't know the strengths of them. All the weaknesses often so you don't know how to adapt this system. We keep plying which is great. We're going to get the positive out of it. But they keep switching the plan that schools from then you know had to adapt to that. But unless you've been manager at some level on a consistent basis you can't take a job like Monaco. He saw nothing they were part of your ideas with. MLS then coming back home into in Ryozo did man city within months and I watched they use said that's how he got them going and that's how he learnt where to to to coach. That's very true and I think that's that's that's a better path. Maybe like you said jumping a few stages to go. I was trying to a team like Monaco and took him charities back Hollins Abacha's well-staffed missing the euro twenty six and the world. Cup Tony Eighteen. They've qualify not for for the. US Twenty twenty. Do you think they're young generation. Have a chance to impress. You think they can do something there with with Kumon and yes the players. It's been a complete change in the philosophy of Dutch football. I commented on the Dutch side in there to failure. Okay they had in nearly every game and R-maine every game seventy three seventy five percent possession and there was some games. They didn't get a shot in until midway through the second of any ruin of so possession possession. Football was what they would end. The coaches were obviously. That's the way they wanted their things of life without any penetration. Now that hasn't worked. Somebody's going in the dock. Jeff I plus. That's the way I have played in the Champions League. The the coach is going to say we have to change. F loss of. We've got to be more tentative. We gotta play Ford More Often Guy Fullwood runners. And that's what these young plus they've always been good. Technically voice being good tactically in terms of what they're trying to achieve they carry out the game plan. The game plan wasn't right four four years maybe six years. Now it's right and I think these young players like Donovan. The bike is a good player in the number ten row memphis. Dubai's now landon the center. Photo go out on the left end so they can make the right sort around within deletes now reaches potential event. And he's going to be a top class flat. Young Long Is the holy midfield ply someone that can dictate the play. The Dutch won't win. I don't think they're gonNA be in the business aside than they were maybe two years ago. Yeah but maybe maybe the story of the weekend was that San Marino scored a goal for the first time in six years at home against the mighty Kazakhstan. Why is this so important? Joel's Shoe Philip. Obama did take a Burma friends. You know I got home in six years. The the celebrated like if they want the whole World Cup or the whole euros coming up they were already three down by the way so they they lost three one bay sounded like it looked like they'd want it because there was so happy of course it was the first time in two years for example is called if you count the aware much is as well and and I think he means so much because you know it gives you a bit of hope. I guess he gives you something into cheer about to be happy with the goal. It took you well really going round the keep keep come on a wrong long way from his good but still you know then. It's a bit of a tight end goal and Barati cloudy scores. It and I love this kind of stories. You know small countries I think the two hundred and ninth in the world some arena. They're clearly going to be the next Iceland in the next few. Well you know they they still a long way to go but that Barati Goldman could be the start of something very special. Let's hope so. That's all we have time for today's to thank you so much for sure. That was really good. We hope you enjoyed as well. We'll be back next week with gob coming by this time after his little try to the. US TO SEIZE BELOVED EGOS being visa. He's in the show. I mean it's just going in. I'll ask him. I'll ask him before we let you. You go I give you my pundits factor of the week. Jordi Alba doesn't have a driving licence. His Dad Hustle driving to football every day. I mean you can as a kid you dial takes you two Games of training feminine or the NBA. Crazy steph right avid. Good Week all next week. We'll be talking about Muncie Chelsea. Obviously obviously there's a few good games around Europe as well million police and other one Remedied associated as well. He's another one for the for the hipsters in Spain and plenty more to come like I said with God being by have a great week. Enjoy the show and speech you next week.

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