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Before we continue one of the ways we keep all content for you the listener free of charge is are amazing sponsors and today anchor is one of those sponsors you haven't heard about Acre it's the easiest way to make podcast let me explain it's free creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer anchors going to distribute podcast for you so it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts tune into black Hollywood live the world's first digital broadcast network devoted entirely to urban entertainment and pop culture approach to training So obviously my whole life I've been athlete I played football and basketball college the I do that I actually so now we have to trust these studies and nutrition is in sloppy just tough because you have a large field of people to deal with and a type of behavior like diet which is really hard to FM to get started welcome like Hollywood life fans on today's club we talked the red meat flip-flop insect protein been drinking love and more with impatient islands dominic price stay tuned it made your own rules for nutrition so you go up to temptation island ready I'm actually pretty simple I just do eggs chicken Broccoli control for a large set of people and I'm just wondering you know we have individualized for our own bodies how have you kind of cut through I guess the fat and for probably four times a year yeah so red beans never been my thing obviously if I go to different places I'll get it quick burger yeah normally when all who don't eat red meat try to stick to the lean proteins like the chicken and the Turkeys but I'm I'm a fan of your body heated what's your approach you and now the nutrition also authors to oppose his study that say said red meat's not as bad for us we think and there is looking at the mythology behind yeah well I don't know if you pay attention to read me and I know we've all heard all these west messages about red meat nowadays it could be but there's been a little bit of a flip flop a lot of nutritional studies and they're saying they're sloppy and they're not very well controlled as you would think other studies like genetics and other areas of science and so the Harvard came out with it or bottles it takes longer to process so it stick so all my friends that I've actually told this to they've seen success like for me I think initially when I male peanut butter and then on big as like legs and back I potato Taylor but I really red meat maybe once the two nine right now welcome back fit clubbers have my name is Saga Smith I'm your host drama my lovely Coz Candy Marie Jackass the thing that you recognize her many after buzzing beach online have you and of course you're glad to have our guest of the hour we're GonNa see what we can get but let's start off with a first story and I know you're into fitness do you train or like what's your training regimen or what's your I can't eat beef pork beef import a long time ago I of all ladies all my ladies out there to make sure that our ads are nice and flat heating nuts can lower the risk of obesity And I love studying Kim came out of Harvard from Harvard Researchers Journal it's in the journal BMC j nutrition prevention and health and I have to say that since I've kind of even pork which has been about seven years now I don't have to go as hard on my ads as I probably would have if I would have title thing or just three square meals a day I do I love my nuts do the cashews almonds and out of my Diet I lost ten pounds in two weeks and most of the people that I've referred that to they've had the same success so think about but in my my diet so I will say ladies it does definitely takes away from your your your your core area because I think that be okay seriously I really do like a nuts I highly recommend almonds almonds are great I love almond milk yeah all all nuts I think when uh-huh specific walnuts almonds yes I love have nots is all it's needed to achieve weight loss to to accelerate your weight loss and it actually merrily European Study WanNa be that fifty zero six zero Dunkin a basketball that old guy that injured her so I still just be mobile I'm not trying to be the big I fell in love with nuts was when I had a snicker bar and then ever since then it's just been yes every type of ten Walnuts Day or twelve almonds is sort of the daily amount to achieve maximum weight loss do you have superfoods that you use our little snacks or do you do like ten go to go get a quick quick other than that I don't really have you heard some of these messages have you like pay attention to them or there's obviously a lot of fitness they always like Mr Dominic price ripped impatient island glad you're here I'm glad to be here man we got a lot of talk about I'm going to try to maybe tee some details ahead I am I'm the most civilised person ever seriously I'm so American like yeah my mom shoes they looked at three. US studies four year intervals and they did a twenty four year follow up and it was a long time but they came up with you know a half ounce daily only twenty six one point four billion dollars twenty twenty six this seriously I think people wanted to get away from beef it actually natural out the black soldier flies red worms different aunts as well for protein so this is a market that's really poised to take off and condition island three next to re talks about protein and you know I'm a big I'm Vegan Vegan protein actually getting more protein that's available and it's better for the planet maybe it's something to think about is this something you would do or the craziest thing you've tried it this is something new we know we do know or at least from the studies that have shown it doesn't do really great cardiovascular outcomes so you so you don't want to cut back or next door it's actually about but people are going onto insect protein and it figures to be a one point anyway it's GonNa be a one point four billion dollar market add like the chocolate in there to obviously the chill makes you can't get the troll makes that's always like my in between snack keep them in the car I think yeah good healthy fats exactly but that's always got who can't fit into clothes and nothing yeah I just WanNa be shredded and my APEC and ladies out there would love that it's who would be with twenty nine percent protein crickets are sixty nine percent protein so you talked about bioavailability and getting more protein idea curriculum I mean I know that that's how simple like chicken chicken chicken fried chicken I was like this boy must be from the South where I would get fried chicken and the thing every day yeah so I never really ate out like my first time actually having like lobster and seafood yeah on the show with you handicap evolution theory the fact that a guy can drink a lot and still maintain is attractive to any of this sounding tribu arranged go grab this cook it and then honestly if you have a date you were at home slaving for the people will come back Binge drinking is actually like an evolutionary mating mechanism and that those who who are the aggressive binge drinkers are more attractive to females and part of that company we know our our next next door about binge drinking and I it seems that the new study has come out say in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology Saying that the more I drink the more confident and yeah so I definitely see but yeah we were drinking a lot oh competitive thing when females are they actually drink less because there's no guys around the drink anymore and so the positing that when females around men in Boston seafood until the man and I have no seafood until I got to the show and then sh- she fed it to me she's like no you gotta eat this I love fish oh scenario that been drinking to actually social signal that makes you more attractive to females did you find that on the show I can see I'm a shy guy so obviously the study and they actually found that amongst men when men are there less females that are more prone to binge drinking so it's not as always want one item always hope people like Oh what's your snack like what do you eat before you go to bed like always tell Mike be safe and just like not I don't get a full meal just get sunlight that's by you know like so given two guys one guy doesn't drink the other guy drinks a lot they both appeared the same this is interesting this is this is obviously not in a here's a piece of paper pick your life mate situation but you're out level of sober though the one that drink a lot more attractive no because honestly I might feel like he might be an alcoholic it could be alarming comedy show where the guy had to do everything for the girls yeah so it's a flip flip cool so y'all had to make your own food in the on the show more alcohol more or less say that cut off like you have to know your limits important yes definitely we talk a little bit more about this house how did it just depends on the man who is this man that I like I mean as long as he handles himself well he doesn't get belligerent and he's not grabbing every girl's ass much because they weren't getting good quality stuff yeah because if we're just like blur an hour read is not and trying to fight each other ah that's not the TV show for actual love and good conversation indeed felons that's a little bit of the want a little bit of you'll see a little bit tamely approached by a man seriously this is a true story where I was like no I cannot take you seriously because I think that you are an alcoholic the more aggressive drinker more attractive to you now now because I don't like sloppy drinker you can hold his own he drinks more than else but he he holds his own last season I I never wanted to do reality TV show and then he told me like I was a cool you like you'll kill it and I was like just because he gave me to go and you like going to bring you this island and you gotta break up these couples like how did they you know pretty much like that but I told them like I mean it and the sweetest okay well you know we and they're competing the more aggressive binge drinkers went out and for their affections make sense and the sorts of this is all sort term it's not like you know long term but in the short term relationship nowadays so it's like everyone single until you get married interesting change the minds out there well boyfriends true and there's no communication that hey this is a single exactly so no one really has a definition of my my my audition tape everyone single until they get married they liked you you're a little home record it got to the point where they have the stop us from Trenton on the other side of the house but right now they are single so I do wrong I've seen worse I go to the bar at the time and I see a bunch of girls this is like serious view I believe that was like for me I kind of wonder when they're doing that study if there was an age group they looked at two love it but they were trying to stop us that really just like yeah because it got really bad we did you do you find this to it all now candy this is a little protein shake yeah I love nets battle of all nets eight now being single means focus on you did you have any moments that tested that theory where you're like Oh man like this is real this is real it's not just you know they didn't tell me I'm GonNa have the national happened to be the Bachelorette oh I made it to the final cards they take you inside of the hotel and the drug test no the the Pistons because I think certain groups do consider a weight long-term even in that sort of scenario I don't want to get caught up in something long term you know so like you have to have a I don't know I don't know I don't know if I agree with that I'm not saying because people think being single means go messing around and go the on the island but technically the whole point of the show is they are single for this month yeah they're single month yeah they have good testing the release they have an option yeah so yo you got a new product sleeve this is a good way to market yourself and get

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