The Drawing Board Episode 73


You're listening to the podcast visit. Www DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com before information. You've now tuned in to the drawing board PODCAST. A power thought provoking discussion where we talk about family ships ministry community and Kareem. Let's see what exciting guests we have on our show. We must have had some technical difficulties with the introduction. But I'd like to welcome everybody to the drawing board podcast. I'm Andrea Hebron the founder and the host the author of the Drawing Board the book which is a powerful thought provoking testimonial that challenges the reader to examine their life and to re imagine the possibilities. The Drawing Board podcasts where we talk about family relationships ministry community and career. This is what we have tonight. Listen I always promise you I always promise you and tonight is extra special night tonight. We have my brother shown heart from Flint. Michigan owned The podcast tonight the world. I'm introducing To some but I am presenting to most my brother's shine heart. How are you doing my brother? I'm GONNA wear man was cracking. How you man man listen. I'm excellent managed being as productive as possible. Doing you know family Making sure that we keep all of our scholars engaged over this virtual learning platform. So man. I'm doing great. And of course you know. The bumps bruises that we are experiencing man. What about yourself? Y'All I'm good man. You know just like everybody Else Bra. Yemane navigating you know navigate missile whole pandemic right in just pivoting just finding new ways to You know not only just navigate man but to dominate man. You know so. That's why I met Bra. Oh that's good stuff man. Let me let the people know a little bit about you sean. So some call you speaker others call you trainer some. Everybody knows you as an author and a coach. John Hart is a Premier Keynote Speaker trainer and leading authority on Fatherhood impersonal improve. He energizes motivates empowers diverse audiences to take action and take control. When he's done with his audiences they are ready to meet the challenges of the world around them and unearth. I liked that the treasures that lay beneath. Sean is a dynamic personality and a highly sought after inspirational resource was schools businesses nonprofit organizations and professional circles. Now here's something that I know all of my squads out there let's go y'all sparring dogs out there. All right scraggly Yes Sir yes sir. Go a graduate and former football player of Michigan State University. I'm not listen I am not I am not a spartan but I'm doing just so you can shout it out. Go Green go white Bra. Yes Sir yes Sir. Sound learn how to compete in a sale at a very high level. He has a king way of turning what he touches into. Gold is that the MIDAS TOUCH. Rub a come on. Man. Let's get with that. All right is straight from the heart. Passion in high energy motivates audience to step BEA Arthur step beyond their limitations and to step into their greatness wash this and dominate their lanes. Let's get at work. Well listen man that holistic approach that you have brother now we want to get into some of the motivation behind your message so shy having take me to that moment where you knew that you had to get what was in you you had to get that out to the match is take me to that moment that he would oprah would call that. Aha Take me to that. Yeah Yeah you know that. That moment was took place inside of a prison. Bright it took it took place inside of a prison man where I served as a prison chaplain for about ten years about seven eight years matter of fact in In that moment was when I begin to to serve these inmates man I realized that most of them grew up without a father positive male role model in. I just started shifting. My mind like Y'all even though I'm not from this area right because I was living in Flint at the time and that's not where I was born and raised so I didn't know how people moved in this area right so I just knew that I wanted to be part of a solution so in the prison I had full access enfold Tommy to create what I wanted to create an help those right but then I was thinking like Oh. There's a lot of brothers out there in the community that do not want to go to prison right in. How can I help them navigate or give them some options in solution so they don't have to go to prison in the s? What that's what took place man is that I just said you know. I WANNA be a part of the solution. Not Part of the problem in. I'll just say I'm GonNa do something man told my wife. Bra and I just started getting the work. That was back. Two Thousand Fifteen in as back in two thousand fifteen right so I love it. Man I I think what Especially our listeners. In this moment of people can feel when things are crumbling around him. There can be a like a a mad dash towards success right. I can't tell you how many people have seen Launching Coke Coaching Platforms Setting different things. A here's here's what I always look at and this is how I look at a ministerial leaders to when I when I hear you speak. I want to know where you train on when when I when I see a boxer or an elite athlete when I see them form I love watching the performance is exciting but what I love is a person. I want to know where you train. Who Don't need under and so like I have the utmost respect for those who are in a mad dash to success but I really love those people who are in the right now just working it out you know or Indian when they have prepared or fully with tour to develop saying okay now. I'm ready To provide this guidance what I love about your message man and I'm excited to have you on Is that I connect so much to you being a family man like when I I can look at a man and this is something my mentor telling me they said when you meet a man a said he could be great on his own shoe shine or fresh but if you really want to see the character of that man look at his fam- Yes sir. In the way. He takes care of his family so Melissa her big ups to you man. I love to see you as a family man. Tell me I know being a dad is of the utmost importance to you so talk to me about that journey of how you got into like empowering yet man you know a again man like y'all like real talk man that's like That's that's my lifeline. Right so I love the motivate people love the inspire loved empower power people. But you know my lane. Bra is men in faultless. That's my lane hands down. I love speaking of companies alone. Speaking schools in students I love inspired by Bra. Yameen is is that lane of working. What fathers right because this is the thing? Is that a Lotta Times. We put a lot of resources. We put a lot of money in in the community to help build up children. And I'm I'm for that I'm with that right. I'm like the biggest cheerleader. When it comes to that but this is the problem. Is that when they leave that place when they leave my presence when they leave your presence they going back home to a father or mom or somebody who doesn't support them so my thing is like Yo who's working with the parent. Who's working with that father right in in? That was my thing. I'm Baio I WANNA work with the cats that nobody else wanted to work with. They want they want to work with the MAS. We're working with the kids. I'm like you I need to work with these fathers. Why because I was broken for a very very very long time right and my dad didn't do it on purpose right. He was doing the best that he knew how to do with what he had right. But but in term there would some scars. There was some things that took place with there was missing pieces. Broken pieces so I- fathered out of that. I I loved my wife out of that I interacted with other people out of that right so it was like Yo Sean. I need you to start dealing with in. Stop Blaming Your Dad for what he did or didn't do so when I took that mantle to start working on me trying to grow me from the inside out. I'm like Yo if I can feel this much freedom if I can get this type of deliverance and be adult dad and be you know this. You know this good husband that my wife need me to be. I'm like y'all I gotta help these other brothers because there's not a lot of organizations or agencies working with men. They lied y'all they they CA- thin for themselves. They can do it you. They'll be all right because they look exterior but they don't really know what goes on the inside so I'm just like Oh Siamese I want that you want it but I want that. I'm Yup yes sir man. I can identify with that in such a strong strong way From the note of you know how you when you actually start doing that. Work that inner the inner work and allow God to bring that inner healing because he can't heal what you won't confront the man listen. I didn't realize that I was expecting my relationship with my wife to heal portions of that right and a good I was realizing I went to my mentor was my pastor and when I was becoming a dad man one of the most exciting moments one of the one of my most fearful moments right because I I knew that my experience or my interaction with Fatherhood was hurt pain in absence right and so I did not want to parent out of that pain. And so this is what a by my pastor told me says son embraced the love of the fall am because you know how to love the and he will direct you on how to. Love your children. I knew God is the provider I knew. God is a healer and guide is a deliverer but I hadn't fully grown my relationship with him From adopt man to father. And let me tell you the hot tears that rolled the healing takes place. Because you really you really trust God can father you in a way that he is concerned about you the same way. You're concerned about your choice. Absolutely man that's that's that's real broad that's real he's a he's very very concerned and very aware you know not to get to the plates man is like. I really had to come to the place to where I had to start forgiving my father but I I had to start dealing with mine right. I had to start with my even though it may have been attached to him or to other people right but I still had to deal with me. Brought it was like I. I wish I could say was like fifty years ago but I tell people that my most powerful moment was about. It was at the end of two thousand eighteen in when I was about to go do some work with a Father Hurley. Holy Spirit clear as day told me not to leave right now. We have some unfinished and it was stuff that I knew I was leading up to you but I didn't want to deal with it right. I didn't want to deal with it. Brought because it was too painful. You're in what it was man was it was. I was required to watch the last football game. I've ever participated in when I was at Michigan State. I refuse to watch that last game. I refuse to watch the film. Why because it reminded me of what I never became right it reminded me of me not reach a plateau because that last game was my last game. That last game prevented me from going pro. I never played up at embroiled. My identity was in that boy in this a lot of times. People do the same thing they avoid watching film right. They avoid watching. You know the very thing that God can be using to catapult you right but it was too painful man. I didn't WanNa Watch it but br I robbed my children and my wife of opportunity because they up to that point brought eight. They knew I'll play but they never seen me play because it was painting to me but they wanted to see it and when when I watched it right because the last time I played it was in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven nine hundred eighty nine thousand nine hundred seven in during that time. Youtube wasn't in existence so I combine the field so the Lord like Yo. I need you to go watch that feeling like Bra. No film exists right. Yes it does go to YouTube. Why did I find the film on you too so I watch it man? I had to watch the whole game bra flaws in awe ahead to watch it and when I came home and I pulled it up on. Tv let my kids watch it. Do they were static? They didn't see my mess ups. They didn't say none of that. I was robbing them of an opportunity to embark upon this moment. What they father but because I was I was. I was struggling in pain Bra. I didn't want them to. I DIDN'T WANNA deal with it. Had to come to that moment. And that's good mander. There is always a that road less traveled right. Generally is that road toward healing people. Avoi- could it causes you to take the bandages off you For lack of better of example you you have to take those cleats off and relax and rest and you gotta you gotTa think about that man. Listen I was looking at how like how we are. So aligned in the way is that that's how it was with track for me Yeah so I ended up man ran and you know enjoyed. It loved it. I was the type of something about stepping on that track. It just did something to my heart and an reason that it did something to my heart is because I found this sport amidst mother was battling. Ms My sister. Raising my sister. And I and I founded track. Gave me that outlet You got on the track. Nothing else mattered. I knew that my coach supported me one hundred percent and even though that might have been connected to performance the relationship went deeper than that in. The coaches were encouraging. I could see myself developing so when that had to stop and unfortunately for me it was injury I man. Listen I remember running. I was running the two hundred and this is how I described The feeling it's the only description I could get people to say I was. I was turning the corner when I was lifting my hips and I feel like somebody threw Hot Rama noodles on the back of my leg and just slid the pain right while. And I when I got ready to get off to the straightaway tears running down my face because I knew that this was the last one now. Doctor said you know you should have come off the track but the athlete needs it. Whatever you start Yup gotta finish you gotTa Finish yes ammon. Listen how how much and I talked to my kids about that. I said I've done some damage to myself from the mindset of starting finishing when I should stop when the pain start user in that honest moment like pain is a signal to the body. That type of pain. That whatever you're doing you need to stop. So how how? How does that reflect in life that we know that there are some relationships we know there are some actions some activities? You know that when the pain starts that is the portion where we should stop super. Talk to me Bro Listening. Absolutely how do we get in this position of dominating first of all how do we get in the position of discovering our lane and then how do we begun begin to dominate our? Gay Man. No this that's good man. Good question you know when you talk about discovery we we can super deep we just super deep bra. We get super super deep and what we start doing. We start looking at what other people do. Right WE START LOOKING. At what other people do it gets you know is attractive. And guess what it's supposed to be attractive. Why because they are in the sweet spot because they are dominating their lane when you dominate your lane it becomes slow attractive because you are where you supposed to be right. So when I'm talking about the the way that you discover that boy it's like Yo- what what what burns on the inside of you right it may. It may be something that we're others but to you like Yo. This is the greatest thing ever like. Eat Sleep I do a lot of stuff but when you start talking about men in father good Bra. It's a different switch that thing that gets me going. It's it's that thing that gives field to me. It's that thing that I love. I'm where I'm like. Yeah I really get paid to work with men right so the thing about it man is being honest with yourself. The beginning part of it is self discovery right the beginning part self discover because we can try to build but a lot of times when we start building building on the sand castle building on quicksand. Bra So we need to start their self discovery of growing from the inside out of talking about really getting your lane. It needs to be something that you were built for. Yeah you had to be built Ford or you will be developed into it right so so so the thing about it man is like what is that thing that Burns on inside of you. I need you to start like really working with I'm talking. What am I talking about like I talked about how I go and watch my film? He had to go watch my field to see. What is the things as tender me right so br I battle with not about most self-esteem but how it came out. Br I was hating on other brothers. Right I walk high five him. You know the whole night chest bump the whole nine like Yo you murdering it on the inside Bra. I was jealous. Yay y'all why do they deserve that? Like y'all why not me right so so Dominate my lane. Because I was still jacked up on the inside. So the beginning of discovery is working out within ourselves of self assessing beginning to grow from the inside out deal with the because a lot of people try to bill these huge programs and this and that trying to take advantage of a moment barbara. You don't have the longevity you said I'm looking at a lot of people you know coming up with these programs coming up with this coming up with that. I tell the people that I'm coaching Working with I'm like y'all just sit back. Don't watch them. Just keep working. They according to Peter out they don't have the longevity. They weren't built for this. That's right in my coach. Always say he said most people they want would it looks like but they don't want they don't want would it feels like right. They don't want to pay the price that it costs to to to be in that place right so the beginning part of dominating the lane is self discovery if me sending spending time discovering with my with my sweet spot with my Kryptonite on so once I free myself it. You don't have to be perfect. It's the process right starting that process because as I'm starting to get rid of those layers now I have the freedom to dream. Now have the freedom to not even feel bad about going after some. Because I don't have that Hayden Spirit on inside of me right so now once we start that process if that makes sense dominate in my lane brock. Is Mutiny. Embodying the assignment that I'm cau- to walk in we can have a thousand speakers? We have a thousand men who work with men. I don't care my thing is I need to be able to support you knowing that I have a tribe of my own. There's a people that only once they hear my voice as right. That's my tribe so I'm not trying to speak to the millions. I'm trying to speak to my try. So that's how I could dominate my lane. You Talk About Track Standard Lane Bra. Stay else's all running the race but staying you get outside of your lane. Barack Infraction Jumpstart. It's an action saying your name. What is my time? My assignment is demand just because other people are winning. You know you talk about equity in you know work with schools. I work with schools. But I'm not trying to go into school muhtar talking about equity because that's the buzzword that's not my Wayne. So why would I do that? My the smart thing to do is like l. e. how can we collaborate? My Lane is this you bring yours we bring it together like yeah we dominate. That's my sweet spot. I can't do equity. I know about it I studied. I could probably rock out with it and probably well but I won't do as well as you because that's your assignment Bra amid. Listen you know what's interesting about that. Dig This. I was a an share with people. I initially was going to be a corporate lawyer. That is what I set my sights on right and I was speaking to in. It's it's interesting how we'll get a message to you through people will you don't even have. I don't even know how this This lady and I started talking and she just engaged me in conversation. She was a clerk asked. Honestly a seven eleven and I was checking out and she was saying you know. We don't even know how the conversation started and so I told her you know she actually like what I initially dreamed in share with her and she said well and this is at first. I was kind of upset she. I'm glad that didn't work out. And I looked at her and she said because all of the children that have been impacted by you being imposition would have never received what they need it. Has THAT WORKED OUT NOW? Like while this all right so what? I look detriment for years as like a a shortcoming downfall. You know that APP that competitor me it. I needed to you know and use the guy will how people pivot you and or let me say that he will give you a choice to give it you know and absolutely news to May listen you can dominate that lane. I tell people what I do is not worth to me like work. It takes effort. Of course it takes diligence. It takes commitment but I can wake my sleep and go work with young people an work with children and families and what it will do is it won't bring Like I will be fueled by that like it will ignite something in me and I'm up. I'm ready to go. We can. We can stay awake for days talking about how we're GONNA improve lives of children and family something I love about a. Of course I've been watching you man. Just listen listen to your messages. I love the The clips that. The voice clips That you that you post and what motivational the morning motivational pieces. Yes Sir man. Listen when I listened when I look at speakers from the from the voice? I can tell if they're more concerned with the stage or more concerned with the seats because this is only exist because of the seat. That's powerful man. So I just wanted to let you know man on this end man you. You provide that that motivation necessary. That are leading leader's brother man. Man I appreciate that Bra. I appreciate that you know the thing about it man it goes to write to dominate in your lane right foot for years. I knew I had a gift but I didn't know how to use it right. So that's what linked up with. E where E T in like. I had to invest in myself to master the craft or become better at my craft. Right you know I was. I had to get to a place to where I had to invest in myself. Because I'm like. Why do I have to pay this money and you know but then I realized? Oh if you want to become a if you want to master your craft and if you other people to listen to you like bro. You can't help people invest in themselves. And you won't Invest In. Yourself. You mean so so. That was something I was willing to do. So even at a time when Bra when I didn't have the money coming in and I'm like Yo I'm investing myself. Br and it was one of the best investments I've ever made because I invested that piece of it to wear coming out on the other side. You know being able to not only become a better speaker but become more authentic and no business of it so when you talk about those more motivational I would have never done that but going through. The program helped me to find out shop. Wish your sweet spot and during the time when I first started doing those a lot of people wasn't doing it this way what God told me to be like. Yo just do you know put up images and just do voice so was for a minute and I'm like okay. I'll do whatever you want me to do. You May in. That's that's how I try to live. My Life Bro is that I know that there's an art to certain things but I'm just like oh I just love people like the Ohio. Can we move the needle? How can we work together? How can I bring heaven to Earth Right? You know as a believer. How can I make the Earth? Reflect Heaven right how how can I dominate my lane? What's the best way to do it in the best way for me to do? It is work on me on me if I can work on me. Broadening go out there in the world and bring my guest right because who I am in public is who I am at the crib if me and my wife is beefed out but we dealing with TAT. I'm dealing with that because there's a time I was shut down. I'll walk around the house for two three four five six. Maybe seven days like I gotTa talk to her like whatever she was wrong. How the grown man Pountney? But I'll get to a place like Bro. You can't help no man or anybody else and you're not doing the work at the crip you need. You need to show patience. You need to say you apologize. You need to go get some therapy. You need to go get some counseling. You need to be accountable. You need to hang around other people. You need to get around people. There's doing way better than you and stop hanging around who's not accelerate as much you just to make yourself feel better so. I challenge myself in every area. Bra and it was painful. Yes Sir Listen Man. I was just telling my son he will be thirteen in July. So I'm starting to have some of those good manhood talk to you know. He's reaching that age of accountability and I was telling him we were talking about marriage in choosing of make choosing the white and I said Son. Let me tell you so your relationship with your wife it impacts your relationship with got so he looked at. I still got a guy question about this. Even though understanding his you know when I get heaven I'm GonNa ask him about this. One scripture it says dwelt with her according to knowledge your prayers and I said Lord. I don't see anywhere in the Bible where it says she mad with me. Yes yes but it talks about. Reconciliation is our responsibility right and it talks about So all of those things but literally like showing how Like that that is not for the faint at heart like that role of husband. A is not land. Let me tell you man. Listen Bro Sean Listen. Marriage has taught me not just so much about my wife but it has taught me so much about me. Yes listen and when you when you use the word. Unearth THOSE TREASURES. Iggy you can either be digging a hole because you feel sorry or you can using that same shovel to unnerve the treasurer that is existed within you. Come on that because that pressure is coming yes he's come in either way. Yes Bra Guess. Guess is is one thing that I say a lot man. You know to to those that I work with them when they get into tight spots. I understand I'll tell them. You know my own passed told me he was like yeah. You just gotTa take a knee right and I'm with it by. Just take a knee. I'm cool with that but what I tell a man I go further. I'm like Yo Bro. You got the fight and build at Saint time good you gotTA fight 'em Bill. Yeah you mean a lot of times we just we WANNA build. But we'll on fight just because you wanNA fight Bro. You gotTa keep building right right now. This pandemic is happening so we fight and keeping our sanity right but you got build in the miss it. Is You have to find that light. You have to find that beacon hope of like you know how can I get into my sweet spot in dominate my lane? Like like how can I do that right? So then you can't build so much and forget the fight you mean like y'all why. Why is this like because you still on the fight Bra like it wasn't supposed to be easy? There was then we know that everybody will be rocking out. Everybody would be doing what we're doing right. You can but we have to put it in the right perspective. We had to put in the right perspective when we are pursuing you know greatness when we are pursuing our God given assignment to the Earth. Yeah absolutely man. Listen you know we have. We talked about in ministry you know Fivefold Ministry. Gifting is right and we talk about that from the point of you know. The Apostle Prophet teacher evangelist preach it right and we talked about that for the perfecting of the saints to grow into mature discipleship. We understand that night I went back. I was talking to a having this conversation with my family. You know because I believe every family should have a mission state. Does the gift comes to the House right? And if you look at your children or we look at our families If the prophetic is on the man is also owned the wise. You're not up because we talk about. That is the great mystery of how to become one right trouble Bra. Listen listen listen a and this. If the prophetic is on the husband and the wife is on the children so this is my prayer man and I I prayed it. I said lower. Don't allow anything to trust. Pass my children's gift before time. You know when when people think about like this you remember when it was funny this how. I look at it when Jesus became where his messianic calling may he went to the temple was like Yo. I'm here the other news. Yes yes and and you know it goes on to say you know Through his serving he learned obedience right and this was moments right and I like to think that moment of redirection is what gave him the commitment to be able to see through the garden of Right Sir yes so I think about him as a child and I think about the progression because it doesn't talk a lot about that but I see that moment of awareness does not always trigger advancement at that moment where this makes it known that this is the time you should begin as you say fighting and built. Yes yes you you meet him a cup you meet him a little later in life and Mary's like a Yo. We had the party they wind son. Do what you do with. Lets US know wash? It was less has no that. This wasn't the first time that he had used his gifts. Absolutely crushes or even for our children had the opportunity to show is. Mother is father is siblings. What was in him? Yeah Man Yeah Yeah Man. Yeah I think that has a lot to do with us. Teaching our young people teaching. Whether Frederick Douglass say you know it's easier to to to build up to raise? Yes strong boys than to raise up a broken broken men. Yep Yep so. It's easier to raise strong boys than he'll broke in men and men listen. I I love that quote lover. Too Man you know any when you talk about a being a elite break down for me. Bro. What you mean when you're talking about being elite elite Everything that I save man goes back to awareness was self man because for so many years. I was competing with the world around me right. Everything was a below watching everybody else. Watching the clock watching with e doing watching Yoho I became elite. The moment I am bodied my assignment in begin to put everything in it so now guess what. I am elite at my level. I may not have as much as you but was happening. I am operating at the highest level of my ability. There is no more so now I come to a place where I am elite on the outside. You may say now bro. You Ain't you gotTA have a Bill. You GotTa have that. It is what it is. I want all of that but you know what I want. What belongs to me because I guarantee you I can do more with what I have been using what you have you can ask my man. David yet release it. You're used where he gave me. I'M NOT GONNA put on your uniform. I'm not gonNA use your weapons. I may use what was given to me. I have a gift to talk right. I paid the price I went through a whole lot of h e. Double hockey sticks. And I'm like Lord. If you brought me through that I need I need. I need to be able to show what I went through on the other side like. I didn't go through that. Just go through it. So that's my thing. So being elite man is embodying my assignment embracing and loving who? I am ban who I need to be for those that. I'm called to not to your tribe e but my try. Yes sir my tried my. I don't have that so now that way. We can have a relationship. I could come on your podcast. I can give you all that I have because Bra was for you is for you was for me is for me and I can sleep well at night. I can sleep well at night because I know my assignment. I know warm called too and I'm good where everybody else can be out there fighting for scraps note. I don't need that I just need. Who got caught me too and I need to be who got caught me too big. So that's being elite embodying who I am for those who I'm called to to empower into aspire anti quit and to transform that that is that's powerful and I think he gives a whole new lands of those it. Listen I mean because what you think about elite you immediately the just the regular is. How do you compare to others? Yes you when you break down like that and say it is when you become aware and you embody which means there's some actions associated with your assignment. Yes Sir you know I I love You know I'm I'm actually. I grew in grace right. I grew in grace amid or my pastor. Said let me know. Say Son if it's too much too much true you'll dryer too much grace. You'll blow up but the balance of grace and truth will cause you to grow and so listen. I had no great I was. I had a black and white tight lands and It had a little bit to do with my My mom being a marine Militaristic upbringing I would say. I said and let the chips fall where they may yet get this work. Yeah you'RE GONNA get his work and it just is what it is and so. I always go back to like ministerial ministerial. Assignments to. The body is really an indication of responsibility to live right. Ministerial assignments in the body is also Your indication of the responsibility. You have two people. So when people are advancing corporately on the job and they're in a high level of authority. It really just says that you have a greater responsibility to P. Yes Sir you are in Church or in the the you know in that that realm of that system any the higher you go. It just really indicates the guys. Holding you more accountable. How you handle people absently you know and I think that I'm the I'm the voice. It always tries out for the people and and I and I and I generally have like they know when when they see Iran coming. If it's not right by the people yes sir yes sir. No Sir I think meant for me. Missed this entire You know pandemic that we're facing. I think it has draw- drawing US. More Front and center back to the responsibility that we have to one another. The people are the things that we do whether it's innovating product or is speaking like you and I do. It is designed to to make life a little more easy and bright revelation for people. And so Ben. We're getting back to van smoke ban. Moody has that. Book of the People Factor Right and so. That's a good book limit. Listen I need. I need to check that out. Yeah Oh broke listen listen. He starts breaking down relationships in a way super dote. But I'm telling you man what I love about in. I keep talking about it. The average to leak just got his Saturday. Turning your losses into lessons you know that that for me resonates with My urban proclivities you know. Let's let's go disco and You know they always used adapt up and say never lost all always lesson. It's only a loss if you refuse to learn the lesson right among them and so man when you were writing this Tell me what what prompted you? Or what was the coal the mandate because this is something that will remain in the earth. You know of Kingdom work of your personal assignment. So what was the what was the mandate that you got from the Lord when you initials to write this the biggest thing that he was showing me during that time man is the Sean all things work together for your good in reason why that was huge? Turn losses into lessons and while being gone from average elite is because that's scripture gave me freedom because I was living in bondage right there. I was always thought leader but there was still a level of hesitation for me to take action right in. There was always that me looking back to what I went through what I went through. When you know all of those things right. Yeah so where it comes to that title of losses into lessons is like Sean. No matter what you do is GonNa work out for you. Good Sean so take the plunge even in your era even in your era. I'm a make it work out for your good so when I got that revelation Bra yeah unblock everything and I'm telling people listen turn those losses which appear to be a lost. Turn it into a lesson because you have an assignment you can go from what you think is averaging being average is living beneath all below or not living aware of who you are. That's being average not being aware of your superpowers. Not being of where of your grace gifts. Not Not being aware of the damage you can do to the world around you and the mandate that's on your lives like broad was bought with a purpose in for a purpose. And when you don't when you don't learn that thing that's why we struggle because not aware of who you are and what you possess so when he started unlocking that I'm like I got a free to people because like a Sam for years. I thought I was a football player. I thought that's that's all I was like brought no wasn't that was just a time in the season. That was something you did. That wasn't who you are. That's not who you are. That's what you do and when you as most people who are you the very first thing they do say how what. What are you talking about? Why because they're trying to buy time to figure out who they are. They will associate what they do. They socially who they are by what they do. I'm a doctor. I'm a lawyer. I'm not okay. That's that's not who you are right. That's what you do that's what you do. You know what most people don't Don't have a straight answer. No A lot of people won't take the courage to say you know what I don't know I don't know is in the liberty or the freedom that truth brings like the power of the revelation of scripture Less you know may God got you no matter what no matter. What Bra a once. Not some things all things all things and what? I was realizing his time. Robe is that even when things you know. People get silent when things don't work out like they plan. Oh Yeah Oh. But here's the thing though is that it's going like you said is going to work out for your good. It is so you cannot allow the enemy or life or your own Is Securities to silence what you believe. Yes yeah and are entitled to would you? Don't listen to you. Don't go down. That road broke. At least we are heirs of the promise of salvation. Join as. Hey Paul Rosen. We our generation a royal. You talk the praise of him in the yard. Oh let's go. Demand that that five men day right To be fruitful multiply to replenish to subdue what and to have dominion. Yes Sir yes sir. Yeah yes answer made to. What as you say to build into fight and not literally duke it out but has remained to build into fight fight. What that good fight of faith I talk to people man would love to get your take on this. I talk to people about Especially in this time people are talking about a lot of spiritual warfare right And a revelation of that that exists that the warfare exists against the plan of God and I said when you are warring you pray for a battle. There's already been one already. And the only thing you have a responsibility to do is to declare what book that's IT S. It assist you. If you're going to war it is a war to see the advancement of the Kingdom of God washes. How does it advance? How does it manifest by speaking decreeing declaring washes deny Jane said not just to hear only the also be a door that's your religion dominate list? Us Out called the do man you know why why why why have a podcast show and you not dominate. Why why why why? Why NOT BRING HEAVEN IRV? Why not impact your listeners? You want numbers you want the masses to see but the biggest thing is like with the impact that we want impact impact brought. Yeah money will follow. Listen we are. Atm Machines I am ATM. If I need Brad Bra I have enough with 'em me to create money. Yeah because that's the gift I have. That's a gift you have. We CHASE THEM MONEY. When money's supposed to chase US. Bra that's the problem chasing the wrong thing. That's it end your lane get in your assignment in money will chase you down. There's a pandemic Bra and I'm still being blessed. Listen I can testify right. Still being blessed. Yeah why not because I'm faithful. But because he is. I'm in my lane. I don't have to go out there and try to create the. Would you need me to do within your house us? What you have us what you have. I'm not watching what everybody else do. Because that's not my assignment. Yeah now my Simon. I'm not interested. I give people all the time man like let's not interested at one point when I didn't know why was. I was jumping trying to jump on that one. You know that one you know hot coup thing. Now I'm like I'm good. I'm good I'm right here in my lane and it's GonNa happen in mind lane. S right and then He. He said he sends collaborators. Who can help facilitate and build a team? That got a question for you. Man You your athlete. You are elite Speaker Premier Speaker There are some people who are at the genesis of their assignment and When it comes to building a team how you know because it is an assignment from the lower. How do you know in identify who should be on the team? Like the directing and GonNa be a collaborator. How do you how do you? How do you figure that out yet? Me Ma'am my my navigation system. Honestly I bring Holy Spirit and everything that I do right like real top man not trying to sound super deep and the whole nine like everybody has a different way of doing things. Everybody has a different way of building a team building a business the whole night but mine mine start with vision right my start with vision. This is what I need when I get awareness like I tell people may face begins where when revelation is revealed right so so so my thing is I put the vision out there once. I get a revelation of what I need your. I'm like okay. This is what I need. And then I star seeking and what happens. Automatically people will start coming. People will start coming and what I do. I judge not the fruit of how much body of work. They've done like if they dealt with the masses. I worried about that because I can train. I can develop. I can grow into but I'm looking at the spirit of the person the intent of the person so if I can have you in my community in we can not about no big is little. Use that type of thing. Because I am going to be even though I'm the mouthpiece I am going to be the most humble in the biggest servant of us all. Yes right so I think it's is there. I put it out there that Lord. This is what I need. This is what I put out there. Boom I got revelation boom to help me get to this level. This is what I need. They begin to come. I begin to putting clients so I just I giant I did I the judge Judd fruit of the room a little bit. Yeah Yeah you look what I what I what I love about. It is the word allows you to do that right. So it says that the word is quick and powerful sharper than any to a sewer cutting asunder. What the Soul in the spirit. The bone in the mirror. Here it is. It is a designer of the hearts of men and so with the Holy Spirit within you. The word within you all you have to do and there are somebody listening will be like Yo especially of you from Any type of urban area like deserve. -Ment is something that you you know you can tell when some an environment is not right. You can tell when you meet someone in those bail. Start to go up and your spirit. Like uh not is person something. I can't see it with my natural I but I can tell something. Seems a little off like trust that. Go with that whether they call it instinct whether they call it desert like those are the healthy building blocks when looking at your team. I want to extract with for someone. Is You said that you have the ability to build capacity as long as the person's spirits right you can teach and train you can develop. It helped him go into and I think that that's huge especially when people are starting all you want people to come ready may win the team that God is sending you you may have to disciple absolutely sob metro That's huge from the standpoint that you need to be able to like as a leader right you need to be able to discern and be aware of who you have in your circle right up. I'm also willing to collaborate from the barter right. You mean you mean I can give you this and you can get that right so I don't. I don't everybody that having my circle. Everybody doesn't get paid. But what may happen? Is that in turn? I GIVE THEM CONNECTIONS. So now they get business over here right right they can use me as a mouthpiece but now it brings you more dollars resources. Because you're helping me blow up right so so is that collaboration. Everybody is different on how you build it. So what mine man. I know what I needed my circle out new people who have a high level of miltie who has a mind for teamwork somebody who I don't have to micromanage because I'm not going to micromanage you. You need to be self motivated right right. You don't have to be perfect. You just have to be willing. That's good you don't have to be perfect. You just need to be willing willing to learn willing to grow because I'm going to be I'm open for you know for change. I'm open to pivot. You know someone you building a team man. You got to create an environment that is conducive to that growth environment. Right and then one of the things that I had to get. That was hard. I wasn't very structured. Wasn't very organized right this whole so. I had to bring in somebody who was organized to take care of the things that I was dropping right. So my thing is you know. Even from my speaking I had to hire a booking agent. Why not because I need her to get me some more gigs? Which she does but the biggest thing is I kept telling myself short why because I was making decisions based off how I feel in me just having the super super soft heart but it wasn't paying bills right with sales right so I had to bring somebody in who was gifted in skilled in that area for them to do it and we did it on a barter system. For when you get this and get this you'll get this percentage you'll get that percentage you were wail for us so is important to know what you need surrounding you in any business. You need to know what you're blind spots are what is your. Blah's what are you not sweet at? What do you not gifted at? What are you not good at? And what happens is mainly is that we have to earn a right to hire somebody. You earn a right. That's right to hire somebody right so the things in the beginning. You may have to do it. You may have to do all your work if you don't want to do it. You earn the right to hire somebody to do it so that we have to worry about it. Listen man you know the time flies by especially when we drop bombs like this. Yes I everybody to go out of my brother. John's book from average two elite. He signed for me. I got the personal signed copy. I hit him on on facebook. Was like Bro. Listen I need to sign? Copy he send it to me and said look. Don't be averaged be elite. Let's go so listen it and people know. Where can they get in touch with you? Dropped his social yeah. Where were you at Rome yet? A more every single platform man is under my name Sean. Hartman S. H. O. N. A. R. T. I'm on twitter. I'm not hold on one of their westbound. Most of my time in on facebook is some instagram but all of it is Shaun Harper S. H. A. Win Har- H. E. R. T. S. SMOKE WEBSITE TO S. H. O. N. H. A. RT DOT COM. Shenhar Youtube all of them. I just kept it simple. Oh absolutely man will listen. I thank God that you came on Bro. Much continuous incessant prosperity we're GONNA continue to dominate our lane average two elite. We're going to be aware of our SAIMA. And then we're GONNA take actions on our goals and dreams when building our team. We're going to consider the heart earth and then we'll build the skill so as we transition from this. I always tell my listeners. Your future is not behind you. It is not before you it is within you. And I'm Andrea Ibra with my brother Shaun Hart learning to dominate. Our Lane. Thinks he's God bless.

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