WKPWP - Thursday Flagship - Keller & Martin talk XFL launch, preview NXT Takeover, review NXT & Raw + Triple H Q&A Media Call (2-13-20)


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We haven't talked a lot about it here on the show yet your thoughts on the ratings the presentation the Onfield play. Man's second incarnation. Xfl mostly from what? I've seen getting better than people saying. They enjoyed it more. They anticipated and more people anecdotally watching it than thought they would. What's your take. Yeah I mean it's similar. I wanted to this whole thing thinking that this was vince folly and I still do think that I think this is gonNA lose money and it's largely an ego play but I will say this you know I remember watching that. Xfl opener back in two thousand and one in college. We had a big gathering at our compete communities. Television Roman everyone was there watching This this game and they spend a lot of time on that. I fell on the marketing of products. but I don't think they spent nearly so much time thinking about football quality and I remember watching that game and thinking you know this is just not very fun to watch. It's just like a not very good minor league football experience and I don't think I watched another game After that this time they didn't spend a lot on marketing gimmicks. And you know sort of trying to grab people's attention But they clearly made lots of they put a lot of thought into the viewer experience of the game and they made all sorts of little changes both in terms of the television viewing experience in terms of the rules of the game and I thought pretty much across the board. They made the game more enjoyable to watch. You know I thought I thought. The involvement with the players and coaches may increase involvement with them was was a positive. I liked a lot of the rule. Changes thought the kickoffs were were the way they were done where we're better the NFL kickoffs. I don't think I'd want the NFL to adopt their conversion rules. Because it felt a little. But I enjoyed it in the context of the XFL. But one two or three points with different yardage. I enjoyed the game. I mean I still. I still think they're doomed. But I mean I thought this was a much better product in the first DOXA foul. And I. I haven't set my Dvr to record the second DC defenders game. But I I may I. It's still it's an open possibility and I I was thinking I probably wouldn't before the first game so as far as the ratings. Go what there's such a big drop off after game. One in the first incarnation but the ratings were so high in the product was so poor to me. This feels like the story next weekend is going to be the. Xfl holds most of its audience. Not all of it of course and I don't think grow. I think this was their ceiling on week. One but I don't think we're GONNA have a Calama. I mean the the AF started around the same range they they collapsed so i. I'm not sure I for the reasons we just talked about. I think it's entirely possible that they don't have nearly as big of a drop off as the The F. had But I think I think it is. I think it's also possible that they do because I mean ultimately the problem that all of these leagues have Have had over the years. Is that the. Nfl is a Goliath and for that matter the NCW. Football's Goliath and people are so used to this. You know the product they get and the you know the star players in the elite players and the extended season they put a lot of investment chill and at the end of it it it becomes harder to get them invested in a minor league version of of the same thing and you know people have been fighting this for a very long period of time and the Elevator. Pitch make sense because you know. This country loves football Doll EVERY COUNTRY FOOTBALL. They just have different ideas of what that means And you know the No should I think while they every every country I don't know about How how big you know audience and Papua New Guinea or whatnot But what was I gonNA say Yeah so I mean. There's there's the pitch I mean the football so popular why you know why can't you piggyback off of that and create another another football league but many have tried many have failed? So yeah are. Let's set the table and introduce ourselves. This is the Wade Keller. Pro Wrestling podcast. The Thursday flagship addition for February thirteenth. Two Thousand Twenty. Thanks for joining us today. Thank you for subscribing or streaming the show if you haven't subscribed yet on your podcast. App Of choice just search Wade Keller and subscribe not only to this the BLU brand the podcast feed featuring our wildcard Tuesday editions which feature interviews mailbags live caller sessions flashbacks and more but also Thursday flagship plus our weekend flashbacks. And then you can also subscribe to our red brand the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling. 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In fact this week in the Melbourne we talk about Wrestlemainia to and get into that we also talk about the Robert Stone brand should awb going after indie darlings during the two thousands where their wrestlers who could have been a top star. That Vince bypassed other than John Cena because he just didn't want to deal with headaches of having stars with leverage and we also stray off topic a little bit from pro wrestling this week. He gave some movie recommendations. We talked about the shield as an all time. Great TV series. I taught it hasn't launched yet. I have a reader recommended. I mean all real real library. It's an absolute. I just think the fix mailbag alone would be worth VIP membership if wrestling fan looking for entertaining but also super informative wide ranging topics and todd. I just have a blast with that every week so if you're not a VIP member you can hear both episodes of the fix from this week. Normally we record on Thursdays and Do almost always more than two hours. Sometimes more than three hours of content this week they were spread out over two days. We did Tuesday recording and a Thursday recording the Tuesday recording one hundred minutes and same thing with the Thursday episode this week. So if you're not remember you missing out on a lot including todd review of the latest new Japan show and his take on smack down and his take on the UFC fighting covers a May for a living also He covered the John Jones fight and gave his take on the controversial scoring of that But we have a lot more to get to today's show and we're gonNA continue with some talk on the xfl then. We're going to do an in depth review of raw from Monday night and then we're going to do an annex t takeover preview. But I cover last night's episode of Annex on USA and then after that we've got bonus content which is triple h media conference. Call those recorded a couple of days ago Kellie wells from Tortue host Peter. Ut talks and exte- was on that call and AAA talks about this. Sunday night's event Sunday not Saturday night with his. Take on that. Show going to Portland. Of course you know as he says enthusiastic fan base excited to visit there with a first takeover special in that market. Any talks about Keith Lee whether he's going to Edward how he deals with the possibility that he'll be brought over to raw or smackdown soon. And how we books around that so much more so that is about forty five minutes of triple h at the and in his media conference call in its entirety so a lot getting ready for an xt takeover but also eighty w raw and some were a review of Some some more on xfl. I should say so anyway. We'll get to that in a moment. You can follow todd on twitter at Todd. Martin M. a. You can follow me on twitter at the Wade. Keller it's pro wrestling. It's animal pictures. 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Glitch doesn't continue after the raw discussion But you'll you'll notice there's times we're todd starts talking while I'm finishing my question and it just weird glitch in how our skype connection recorded us this week so It's not a big deal but you'll you'll notice it in and I felt I should warn you all right so here. We go with our conversation on on rock coming up here searching for more great pro wrestling talk. Then join me Jason Powell hosting the free weekly pro wrestling boom podcast each week. You'll hear the latest news and analysis for me and my team at pro wrestling dot net along with other wrestling media members plus the pro wrestling boom podcast features long-form interviews with notable names in the pro wrestling industry. Subscribe an Itin stitcher downcast all your favorite secondary APPS or visit us directly at POW BOOM DOT com once again that's pw boom dot com. All right so let's. Let's move over to Monday night raw. We've got an opening segment with seth. Rollins I started having flashbacks to when they leaned on that a little too much but I thought Kevin came out before it testing my patience too much and they just kind of set up the. That's what happened I thought that was fine. I do I do feel like rollins is becoming more of a cartoon character by the week which I don't like I mean. I had vince. Instincts are to do that. I mean he's doing that for very long. Period of time you know but To me is is the similarly to the base thing later like. They're on their back when they did like more cartoonish characters and it was more effective like their top shows are on Saturday morning and Sunday morning. You know those those are oriented towards kids audience and here. They're running at eight PM to eleven PM at night. You know there if you look at the demos. It's clearly a an adult audience that they've got and I think you do better with larger than life. Three dimensional characters where you can sort of your teeth into their motivations than kings and Queens and Messiahs dog food and vampires like I just. I think that's sort of very sort of childish cartoony approach. Just don't think is very effective with a with an older audience and I think it also hinders the ability to To attract a more sophisticated audience. Yeah I'm with you. On on on seth becoming more cartoonish. I mean. It's not a huge crash in my feeling it's up baked in that. I don't like what they're doing with him and his his group. But I'm starting to just feel like this might be losing some some of the edge and part of it is and we got some questions on this on the post show is just Ko. And Joe with teams added to the mix. And Seth and Murphy. I don't know where it's going and it felt like this was sort of well. We've got to produce three hours of TV. There has to be so we're GONNA do this eight man tag match and there's nothing's things happening now that aren't solving anything that feels like stalling and I'm not even sure what's at stake. Or what comes next? That is all that intriguing. Like I don't really know I don't I think at this stage she'd be like well if this happens. That's a big deal but if this happens that's a big deal and I don't get that created two things on that. One is definitely think that the rollins character that they're presenting is the sort of character that benefits from being champion. Because then you got a bunch of people that are protecting the title you know. He has this sort of thing that he holds up and use that as sort of what's driving things for people coming after the title. That's the program they're doing is is one. That's very natural for eight title program and not and not having that involved I think. Does you know to some degree. Take away from the sense of purpose of the whole thing. I think what they're trying to set up by. Having the baby faces fall short so many times is the big thing you want to see is for Seth Rollins to get be and I think that they've generally done pretty good job with that You know just saying last recall Salt Lake once they get that. It's going to feel like a big deal would have said they've been doing this for quite some time now and I feel like it's about time for the faces to get one up on the rollins group that doesn't mean like the ultimate culmination thing but a a chapter in the story that involves sort of them getting them dumb showing that they can they can take these guys whether it means winning a big tag match when they you know when they beat one of AARP Or or whether it means you know somebody pending seth rollins and Seth rollins becoming even more out of control from that. And then you know you know ratcheting up heat again and then building towards a you know a multi person or something like that I feel like this is by the way. I don't think they're going to do it. But this is a very natural program for a war camps if you're GONNA do a main roster Wargames match but But Yeah I think I think that That it has you know cool to some degree and I still think it's been it's been a good program But I thought you know a few weeks back. I mean the the rollins stuff to me was one of the real keys to raw feeling like a an improved show and you know as other other programs on the show taken more of the spotlight this one is. I think you know. His his Has faded a little bit. Yeah Yeah I'm not sure how to spice up. What they're doing with Seth Buddy. It's entered that zone if he's coming out there to talk for the sake of talking and nothing's advancing with his character. We're learning a lot more and part of it is just the baggage of having flashbacks to when they just leaned on him too much in that way I do. You have like you mentioned more games. It's not something like that. Do you see where they're going with? Ko and Joe or seth in particular in terms of wrestlemainia scenario. Are they still married together? In a program in some form or fashion or do you think yeah. I think I think I think Owens Ron probably the ultimate match. I mean I think I think for a lot of us. Joe feels sort of an equal to smell it. Kevin owns but I'm I'm kind of thinking. They perceive owns at a slightly higher level. Aloha torch faithful. This is Kelly wells host. Pwg talks and xt every Thursday. You can hear me and my gang of idiots Tom Style. Shares thoughts from the live tapings and torch recap limbered as well as a rotating cast of guests cover the matches and events in annex t live on USA network. Search torturing and Apple podcasts or your podcast APP to subscribe or listen on demand and see the entire. Pw Torch Daily cast schedule at PW Torch daily CAST DOT COM cheers. Then we had becky Lynch versus Oscar a good match in the clear glass L. Who WHO says? I don't think it was a good match. Well I mean you're free to disagree. I don't know if we had covered photos were good. Yeah so I. I liked him. I thought while and afterwards when Shayna attacked her afterwards sort of out of the blue I was watching this thing and I was thinking this is kind of a bland nondescript way to introduce such a big match as I would've figured you would have done it in sort of a more. You know more striking way in one way or another well you know. Be careful what you wish for because You know I think they will probably thinking the same thing and so you got the you know the vampire angle and I mean basically is about us. I just think there's so much more interesting and I think the biting would have been fine if it was subtler because the the part that was When she went down to bite her. I didn't think all this is awful. I was just like Oh interesting like the you know. This is different. Would she came up with all the blood all over face like okay? This is cheesy and phony like you know. I think number one just sort of like a goofy thing that we're supposed to buy that like you know the the that happened and then just like yeah. I mean the just the whole thing was was just really hard to to to to buy into that. You know that somehow like she's taken this chunk out for there's blood Oliver face in like Becky in spite of this doesn't bleed out and in fact it's just you know mildly bleeding. After this point from their assisted the whole thing just felt it wasn't it was hard to To sink your teeth into as a possible storyline in the context of a A wrestling show. And I don't think I I I was. I was not a debt. I really didn't have you know I mean it's yeah not my attention there and then and then I thought the becky hijacking the ambulance sell so I thought the whole thing was in. This reminded me of of sort of an away of Hogan versus Iraq where they did like a face to face handshaking handshake angle and I was super effective. I think in building the match but then rather than just sticking without they then needed to follow with the with the NWEA like ended up your way that would mean different Like hijacking like a truck and driving a limousine was just like what is this? You know this isn't the nobody buys that doesn't you know. I think I think it's it's sticking into the basics as much more effective in wrestling because I think You know if you can something over the top that you can get people to buy into in their heads then that can be very effective but if you do something over the top and people don't buy into it as feeling like you don't you don't buy that's what these characters are doing And it just feels like this wrestling angle Then there isn't the same emotional investment in it and I think if you just have an wide wrestling. I think has worked. You know so many times over the years is if you just if you just have to people and they act like they dislike each other and you don't present anything to make you think anything other than they dislike each other and they both win a bunch of matches enter presented as threats that you can't imagine either of them losing and then you match them them up in a match that will crown the victor and it's hard to predict who's GonNa win because they both went all of their matches and they're bad asses and they don't seem to like each other and you don't really imagine either of them wanting to lose to the other you want you know tune in to see how this resolves itself and you know that sort of build a think a so much more effective than the idea of well. Shayna bazars coming in. We gotta do something different with her. So let's have her you know. Bite a chunk out of Becky's neck and we'll have her come up with blood cover all over her face. It was just like I don't think you know that that stands out more. Perhaps to somebody that that isn't doesn't know anything about the show but I think for people that are watching the show it doesn't it doesn't get you emotionally invested in the way that you know. Shane base coming in there. And just getting in the face of back in saying I'm better than you and I wanna take your title and back you saying. Oh Yeah we'll she think you can do that? Come and get me. I mean I think that's just so much more effective than in emotionally drawing you in and I thought back in shape a base. There is such a you know such an easy program to do and like so many times would be over the last. You know the last twenty years the you know the overthinking and overbooking and over scripting. Everything's makes it. You know harder to connect and care about what they're doing. Some of pro wrestling's best podcasts are. 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So maybe he's thinking well you know. This is something to really garner some attention because I think this this woman can really be something and the full side would be you know he might be thinking. Well you know. They're they're telling me. I need to something with a swollen but look at her she's Blan- and she's you know not particularly hot and you know like how am I gonNA market this. You can't be on the day show. So what do I do? WanNa make her vampire and that will at least you know sprucer up a little bit and you know the sort of the the the goofiness of the idea. You know suggests that that he's you know he's searching for something that he can attach to her rather than just having confidence in who she is. Yeah that's that's precisely. My conundrum tried to evaluate. You might be high on her potential but not understand. She doesn't need all that and that's I mean they turned almost anybody else on the roster any other call up into some sort of flesh eating vampire. Zombie whatever I would have been like. It wasn't a Zombie. I feel pretty calm and bad. Based on the way that she acted yes but I would have evaluated it differently than I did with baiser because bass or just doesn't need it and I don't know already have our enemy fighter with Rhonda so we can't have Shannon to that so we need something extra activity something extra with her and just so I mean I'm I'm down on it mostly for that. 'cause I'm with you this is? This is a match. I think people who who watch T. N. W. W. and Ron smackdown all three brands. Who Know Shane Baseler? This is a match. They that they see without Vince. Mcmahon adding this extra frosting to it and then I think people who knows. Shayna have a belief she can get herself over by being who Shane. A Basal expanded annex t without anything extra so be besides kind of the rolling cheesiness of how it was executed. Just very concept of deciding to do it to me. It makes me Morse more sad than encouraged about how Vince feels about China but as long as they end up with a match in the end. I mean part of it. Just let's see what the is again. I think the ambience stuff was terribly promising. Either by the way you're referencing calling somebody else up in that position. I was thinking about other people on the roster being made into and I don't know that she's a vampire but like if you're radically that is the idea If you if you call somebody else. Who would be the most likely that Vince would give a vampire? Gimmick too and I was going through names in my hand and killed with one that I think is like the clear answer. Y- wondering if you think similarly the one person that if you're calling them up an xt this is the person you'd expect to become a vampire. I don't think there was a serious serious serious attempt to get you to react Damian what I was thinking. Yeah Yup Yup all right. Let's see a no no. I'm sorry you know what I in fact is not who I was thinking of The reason the reason I hesitated there was when you said Martinez. I was thinking. You thought Oh yeah. Hit me right after you right after. I reacted what you said computer tonight. Actually in fact thinking Damian priests the four other sh I was thinking exclusively punish. So That's when you said Marseilles threw me off yourself. That's what I was thinking about on the female side. Then I'll task okay the fair enough all right then. We had streep profits against Motorola MC roster profits from the the commentary balcony and segments. Dusk people are. We got this question also on Montas. Fort singles potential and. I'm curious what you think about. Just street profits upside and and and the chance of either of them actually in eventually becoming breakouts breaking apart becoming singles relevancy. Guys I would in my view thinking that they both sort of have a similar chance is is over thinking it. I think Ford clearly is the is the one that has more breakout potential as a single both in terms of personality. Workability look I think he's the I think he's a clear star of the of the duo and I think there's a big upside dot CA. I think he could be a A real big star down the line assuming that they sort of they don't undermine them too much in the booking overtime. Yup All right then we had the MVP lounge with dramatic segment. It warned by heart. Here's some boos when when drew did the stupid pointing at the sign that I was like. Yes my people. I could hear you the crowd. You haven't taken over but you're you're heard no. I took that as drew did on the concept though. Well yes but he did it in a way like Oh. I guess we're supposed to do this. So it. Almost charitable way. I mean I like I like really. I think he did it in a way that said like I know this is kind of cheesy and funnel an cheesy and easy to do and I'm self aware about it but it's kind of thing to do too so I'll do it. Yeah Okay Yeah Yeah I know you might be right. He's he's going to guide on what else pointed at the sign on. That point decided stupid. And I got I got more a more You know belief in myself and and and Self confidence to do your stupid. Make it out of the writer's room but that would be on page lions. I like in terms of developing. They moved out. 'cause I always I always think that and to you know to the point where you assume punk came out there one week and he said you know. I'm not using that stupid Debbie Universe because you're not a university of fans and crowd cheered you know fairly substantially for this thing and of course like Adam scripted into say w universe like two weeks later Just to emphasize that like don't take that to forget that part of what he said there we don't you don't mean that but the crowd reaction. I think a signal that in fact there is an underlying sentiment for that even if they spend lots and lots and lots of time trying to educate you otherwise anyway. Glad you're talking about yes. So yes as they take on this journey towards defining who he is now in the role of the rumble winner facing brock. Who is baby face having him having? Mvp offer to manage him and having drew reject that I think is a good chapter in terms of you know. It's all about the seth thing we stand in the ring and it just sort of the same thing a slightly different words in different order. But it's not really advancing things in this case. Drew had old an old friend so to speak offer to help them out as he becomes a bigger stars. Like that's not who I am. I need a business partner kissing my ass. I liked that that forward his character and gives fans a reason to say art. I like this guy. He's not going to be like Branca's the advocate. I get what you're saying I just I just don't think they're a lot of fans thinking about on that level like I don't think I don't think people there's heat on MVP. I don't think a lot of people really think about brock ladder and in terms of like. Oh I don't like him because he has Paul Heyman doing his dirty work. I don't think people like there's so much better stuff in pro wrestling. I think In my view often overestimate the amount of people that are thinking about pro wrestling in sort of a in the sense that they're trying to tell the story of like you know like you are supposed to like this person because they do a thing and you're supposed to dislike this person because they do a heinous thing. I think most people are just watching the show sort of observing the characters and thinking about in terms of like what the promotion is trying to do. Which is you know. It'd be nice to get away from that like but I think that's GonNa take a long process And so I don't think that like I don't think that angles that are built in that direction. Often have that strong in fact I just don't think a lot of people are thinking on that left one wrestling now whether you know whether you like them to or not. I'll come down on the AWA compare next comparison as far as the he'll face dynamic and then just the traditional Patricia Right. We're B- What you just described in terms of getting people to think about characters in in that way and how they're approaching things Similarly indifferently as kind of the two Wednesday upstarts on national cable. That's a complicated question. WanNa give it a want to give it more thought Yeah I don't think spent a ton of effort trying to convince you particularly hard to invest in the the P the people you're supposed to cheer because they are you know are have noble characteristics. Dislike the people that they disliked because they have night of characteristics I think there's a wicked nod with a lot of the stuff like for example on. Aws started the thing a few weeks ago where people were on the cruise. Were singing along with Jericho's theme song if they were invested in trying to get people to dislike Chris Jericho as a heel. The idea that they immediately started zooming in on individual fan singing his theme when it comes out is very very counterproductive to getting people to to dislike him. And so I think there's just an acceptance that fans are going to think whatever they want and we will even actively encouraged people to respond in positive ways to Um to to heels if it shows that they're invested in the heels in some way and I think that's probably unbalanced bad calculation on their part but I understand where they're coming from on that one and then on the on the next show I mean. I think it's a similar deal. I mean you know Adam Cole. And the and the undisputed era in or you know in a lot of ways. One of the most popular acts on the entire show. And you know they they do things to you know to act like heels here there but they don't make you know sort of a real concerted. You know tough effort trying to get people to dislike these people at sort of you know. It's fine if you if you cheer them so I think on both cases there's just sort of an acceptance of Of the way fans are two thousand. Twenty not worrying too much about that dynamic So yeah I think it's I think it's pretty pretty similar in that regard. I think if one if one of them is a little bit more in terms of of not trying to enforce that as much it's probably. Aws is not as invested in that as as UNAC- ST S. And I think on balance you're better off when you get people more invested in rooting for one person over another but I think the biggest key and that is just trying to make sure at all times that the the wave of what people want to see more is with the people that are booked as baby faces in the way of the people. WanNA SEE PEOPLE LOSE. Moore's with the heels More so than the nature of the storytelling and planted with Roman reigns for you know for for a while and I'm less preoccupied with booking decisions that if you think about them you think. Oh this person is acting in a less virtuous way and I'm more concerned with what is the crowd. Think about it if the crowd is liking. What the person who's being booked as a heel is doing more than what the baby faces doing. That's working against the you know the basic structure. They're trying to set up. But I think over time if you get people more firmly in one camp against another camp. I think that does benefit you. I'm rich band hosted the deep dive with rich Man. A weekly part of the torch daily cast lineup of shirts search. Pw Torch an apple podcasts. Or your podcast. Subscribe every Saturday at six. Pm Eastern. I dive in with guests for an hour. Anything in the world wrestling or wrestling related. WanNa hear about the influence of historical figures. Big Kettering we got you. WanNa hear about how crazy marine movies got? We are on it. No topic is too big too small. So if you WANNA dive in with US Colin. Live or listen on demand and see the entire. Pw TOWARDS DAILY CAST SCHEDULE AT POW TOWARDS DAILY CAST DOT COM. All right So back to raw. We had the continuation of Angel Guards. Selena Vega He Beats Cedric Alexander. And we get more with also with Umberto and Promo from him shop with with Korea Garcia and In this whole thing I think it's a good angle. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I think is coming across like he's deserving quickly the time that he's getting keep investing in. Yeah Okay then we had Ripley Sarah Logan any any thoughts on that and just kind of continuation the Charlotte storyline to I guess. Part of that was so weak that it does less for the person who's winning And the same process hurts the ability of the loser to help others later. I I just don't I don't. I don't think that's sort of booking is is is having the goal that they're having. I think the booking of this and the the Charlotte segment with Sarah Logan I think frame Serra Logan as a loser that you should care about in a way. I don't think fans we're thinking about her before that and I think that's done a strong damage to her ability to help get others over in the coming weeks and months if you perceive her to be somebody that should be in that position. So you know even at the point that you've made decision Sarah Logan's enhancement talent. I think they're savvier ways to use her to enhance the talented. That's the goal to enhance. We had Bobby Lashley in that. Run THAT LITTLE. Runt ricochet opponent ricochet overcoming these massive odds to Show if he can be Bobby. Lashley could beat brock listener to thought which I thought it was good. I mean you know. Give give ricochet a win. They're like killed poor lashio with at six thirty at the end there off but Yeah I thought I thought it was. I thought it was good the You know the the the constant stuff about about little people And I know people meaning whoever Vince perceives to be little not even necessarily little on in a general sense. I think is counterproductive but I mean that's you know that's offense lawler going look at this guy like we're just preposterous that he could compete with Bobby Lashley when that size difference isn't pronounced enough to be all that different than half the stories they've told for the past twenty years ricochet is not that much smaller when you look at him in the Ring Against. Lashley were like Marco stunt against Liu Cardiac Law because I mean that was. Yeah that was what people say about lawler back in the day that he was you know the small and unimpressive looking compared to the other champions and even brought that up. You know he said is to fighters Brody bigalow and Hogan it's like right and your money and your cell phone. I was brought up. Was he saying he was fighting? Though he said I used to hate fighting guys bigger than me and it's not the bigger they are the harder they fall. It's the bigger. They are the hardest to serve like a general principle thing. But the idea was lawler's like I relate to being a guy who fought guys who were bigger than me which I mean there's a way to frame. Hey this guy's big and I can see Jerry lawler's face right now talking Lance Russell about how. Oh this guy's baguettes intimidating but at the not react like look at this guy you know like nobody never here. Daybreak gets in the ring. Look at this guy. He can't be bigalow. So it's Vince. Vince philosophy just overriding the sentiment. I think that the average viewer which is oh. This is an intriguing match-up and ricochets fast. He's pretty strong. He's average size and he's against a guy who's bigger. Got The background and that goes back to. I don't think people are even thinking on the along. Those lines were just thinking you know Ricochet Ricochet School. He's got good moves. He looks impressive. Like you know. Why wouldn't I you know he's match here and let's see what's going to happen in this match. I think the only the only time I think people really think about most wrestling fans today think about size is when something like looks overtly preposterous. And that's that's why Marcos crosses the threshold with me But I mean I think otherwise. You know there's people just don't care it's the same thing I you know the point I've been and in In a mate what I think you know people don't care about you. Know smaller classes versus bigger way classes. Until you get into the really really smallest way classes and you're watching these people on the cage and you're thinking. Wow these are like unusually small people at that. Point is where I think it becomes a problem. Yeah it's true like when you're near the you know when you're the you know the bottom bottom one percent of of of men in this country in terms of size that's you know. I think that at that point it does sort of go a little bit. You know at that point it gets a little bit so I lost when you say so. Yes so we had Randy Orton. Come up next. And he started to give his answer and then Matt Hardy interrupted and and talked about his dynamic with edge for a quite a while He saw the Arco coming but then still eight in our K. O. Few seconds later on your thoughts on what they did here to kind of added chapter to the Randy Orton story as mark. I thought it was really good. I thought orange a really good job. I thought Matt did a great job. I was surprised that they gave at that spot since to me like reminded me like. Oh this has real value right before he leaves But I I thought it helped or in the feud over for sure in the process So you know credit. In that regard I I was. I was surprised that the crowd reacted strongly as they did to the reference to the edge. Matt Hardy feuds. That was a long time ago at this point You know it speaks to the lack of creating the fans you know new fans with the bad product even myself. It's Matt came out there in reference edge and their history together and I thought Oh yeah. Tlc And then people chaining leader. Ho Yeah that too Even I- it didn't come to at first so Neither here nor there And you mentioned it but I liked. I liked the fact that when Orne went. Hit the ARC. Al Matt avoided the first archaeological like it showed. He showed some resourcefulness. I wish to me you know Giving the face some resourcefulness makes it. You know mean more when or and finally got some I that's similar to I was talking about Sarah Logan before if you if you do something even just a little thing that they that was not like a big thing as you mentioned were killed them like five seconds later but just that little thing of match showing no you know. He is savvy enough to see this thing coming and shake it off. Says The sky's got some fighting him and or gets them? It means more I think. That's a psychology that they should use more often. Yeah and I could see that being something bad negotiated for and respect in just agree to and and it made the segment better. It wasn't just about protecting Matt and making them look less hapless but it just made the effectiveness of overcoming him mean more he said so. I mean it sits down with us to give you a little bit and then when I draw the ARC People are like Oh yeah. He really got one over. That was that was impressive. Then we have Alastair Black beating. Curator's I what about two minutes and then another promo about how people think they're in the cage with him but he's in a cage with them and they think there is a metaphor cage but it's a real cage and there's A. I just know creeped out by ransacked. Students says pretty. Sure that If if I am it's a pretty darn big cage. It's not affecting me very much. I get it. They're going for something different with Ostra Black but God lesson. These promos are not working You know they need. They need to rethink theft. Either either. Change their approach or try to do to try to do what they're doing or just try to do something else altogether because this is this is not good. I think I think black in general is doing pretty well but I think it's on the base of his physicality and getting involved with people that feel Feel like stronger players on the card and I don't think that this I don't even know what the character is but whatever it is I don't think is is is helping thanks. I think him coming out in in helping out Samoa. Joe and and and Kevin Owens and helping them overcome the that that entire group in a moment of need I think would be much more effective than whatever this is. I someday I want like a writer to explain in a podcast. Like what what they were going for here. They're proud of it or I'm curious if there's subtext or what inspired it. I I mean open up the line. Everyone here tries to escape their given idea of paradise one way or another. I just don't think that of that is a related to I don't want I mean maybe there is like more sophisticated idea here but it comes across as You know is it as somebody who's WHO's Who thinks they're a lot smarter than they are Sort of spouting off with stuff that You know if you apply much in the way of thought to. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Yup then made event Amen. Any thoughts on how that played out. It was big. You know pretty substantial part of the third hour twenty in addition to what we said about that you know. Basically they expire. Yeah when you download and listen to the weight. Keller pro wrestling. Po Shows we get right into the analysis of what happened. If you WANNA get a foundation of what happened if you didn't watch the show or a sneak peek at what I thought of the show checkout PW TORCH DOT com. Where I cover raw eighty w organic tea and smackdown on Monday Wednesday and Friday nights. I'm updating my reports every few minutes during the program so whether you're watching or not checkout. Pw TORCH DOT COM and hit refresh during the shows or catch up after the shows are completed. Same thing by the way for wwe pay per views. That's P W TORCH DOT COM. Read the results full details of what happened and my analysis of the segments on the show. That's P W TORCH DOT com. Yeah so Let's look at last night's INEX- just roll through the show. A little bit. I mean it was just a show with some matches and some hyper takeover nope angles. I think that's very fair. Assessment a very straightforward. Show a good show. But a you know an uneventful on. Yeah but I mean some good in ring wrestling. I like well. We'll get to that So anyway yeah usual introduced the show. Roderick strong came out complained about velveteen drain putting his wife's talking about his wife and his kids on his on his tights with the airbrushing recruit type style taunting I guess and then Brunson read interrupted. And I got a problem with you attacking me last week. Let's settle that so. They had a match Roger. Strong one at about fourteen minutes and then velveteen dream appeared on the screen and continued to get rather personal with Roderick. Strong call me up marina written on his butt on its tights. And then on his leg a full airbrushed portrait of Dream. With his wife and his son and he said hello to John and also indicated that if anything were to happen to roderick strong he will make his wife's dreams. Come true in in many ways. So odd. Very personal from Albuquerque. Dream what you think of that whole opening on the going on a limb here and I'm GonNa Samba. I'm with Roderick strong in this in this particular angle. Yes so You Know I. I don't I don't think bringing wives and kids into it is is terribly sympathetic norris. Trying to set up a distraction finishes. That's that's a big. You know a big. He'll tactic tomato cell he. He loses points for that as well are they. Like I watched this. I'm like did I miss something. That would justify dream acting this way. Because this doesn't seem like something the average person would be motivated to cheer for Dream against strong over. It seems like this really. This has crossed a line in a way that wasn't justified in it makes dream seem like he'll but I don't think they're going for that. Well I mean I think it depends on the way you're thinking about it right. If you're thinking about it emotionally I think what what Strong did was was much less than what dream comes across much bigger jerk. I will say and I'm I'm siding with with as I said with strong on this thing if you look at it rationally You know what what strong did was attack dream backstage. You know Thrown through something or other seriously injure on potentially threatening career and keep him out of action for months and what dreams did. Was You know spray? Paint some stuff on some tights and and mock strong so I think there's a strong argument from just sort of like you know like a measuring it from that standpoint. You know like a harms inflicted point of view that the dream was Was was less than the wrong and strong but You know I stole The the thing is you know joking aside and I think fans didn't see that attack better back that they did. It showed velveteen dream lying on the ground. There wasn't some memorable things. I think people more just associated velveteen dream. Being gone with his legiter is opposed to like having a lot of animus towards roderick strong. And it's sort of similar deal to Gargano Ballard program where fans were kind of siding with With dollar when Gargano came Adam really after Ballard had injured Gargano because I think people don't you know take the injury angles seriously and and you know they don't tend to remember that stuff in a way the The creates a lot of heat. And I mean frank if they wanted to emphasize that more they they should err share stuff in between you know showing somebody going through recovery and you know talking about how they want to get revenge on this person for for taking them out or you know how the other person out there mocking them. While they're gone that sort of thing I think if I think the latter is probably the well no. I think they're both pretty effective and in doing that. So Yeah Yeah I guess I think like fans look at this and go okay. Men Get into the business to fight men and bad things happen. And that's part of the part you sign up for and yes things heels crossed the line and you solve it by fighting them and beating them up women get in the business and they know the same rules but there's this family off to the side who didn't sign up to be pulled into the business and the to be pulled into this and that. I think I'm defending your emotion. What your initial reaction to this instead of what you frame this kind of the more rational like well. It's just it's just a painting it just airbrushing. I think the idea is and this is what I would argue is. It's it's a questionable booking call from annex t as if Elvis Dreams going to be portrayed as a baby faced in this feud and going forward for him to bring family into it. Because it's not calling strong names. It's insinuating he's going to take over his family and bringing his wife and underage son into it and I know I am. I know that's why your initials what it was but I don't think there's a really good defense for it going. Well look what they did. Physically to dream versus. This is just a painting okay. So then we'll just talk about the three or four part series of the browser weights trying to the trophy to Portland. Met Real is in love with trophy and wants it everywhere and does not trust the luggage. Tassir says that. What do you call them? The luggage cheever's something like that to take care of their trophy so they can't just fly commercial and and put the trophy and and baggage in in the check in check in the trophy so to speak so they were going to drive but then done did have driver's license. Apparently being riddle doesn't have a driver's license and done was driving down the wrong side of the road which might real is because he's from London but Don corrected him so kinds of folly between them led to them stowing in the bottom baggage compartment of triple h his private jet in order to get to Portland which riddled tricked don into into doing all what did you. What did I do a decent job? Recapping it for those who did not watch last night It depends on what your goals are in the recap. Well what do you think my goal was to outline everything that happened? Sure I think I think he did a good job of kind of going for you know. It's kind of fun to restate. What happened in the lead into the to your take on it. That's a judgment call So I I I think I mean I thought it was. I thought it was pretty goofy. I wasn't a big fan of the series of Seguin's but I thought it was fine. Didn't bother me there. I mean could those being played for comedy. There's some stuff that was. You know mildly amusing. Some stuff was not as amusing But I think I think one thing that I think makes it more If I say I think anymore makes it more. Just fine. While understandable is that the show does have a sameness to it. You Know Match. You know largely just match match match with occasional promos breaking it up so having something that's outside of the outside of the outside of the The for sale facility something. That's different in tone. I think there's an argument for stuff like that being positive for the show to sort of mix things up and I don't know if this is the direction necessarily go with that but I totally understand the big picture desire to do that sort of thing and I know last week. Here's some concerns with the way that real came across and does this. Is this a continuation of that? Does this add to your concerns or exists in a different context. Actually good use of Matt Riddles personality. Well last week we talked about in Tucson so one was the idea early. I framed it way. One was the idea that you're perhaps to finding him down. With the comparison you may being Cardi Angle where shore. Where's this may be amusing? But in fact you know if you see more in the sky having him in in certain segments that are this frivolous makes it harder. Take him seriously as say like an opponent. That's GonNa Russel Brock last year in the next year which I think would be a good idea but certainly doesn't seem to be in the cards right now so if if that if that is your basic concern Then yes I think that remains a concern because again it was doing the same sort of thing the second concern. I had which is that. I just thought riddle killer crosses an annoying clown last week. I didn't think so this week I thought he was. I thought it was amusing. I I didn't. I didn't watch a segment and think anything that riddle. You know just sort of seem like you know a guy having good time. It wasn't it didn't in any way. Make me think he was being annoying. So I don't think it did the second thing which is like regardless of the potential of how you wanted to find him. Is You know the potential danger we were just talking about with velveteen. Dream is a segment counterproductive. And making you like the baby face this. I did not think I was concerned this week. I did last week. So and that's better. Yeah that's good good distinction. We're about to go to another commercial break. Why are you listening to commercial breaks? Why deal with these interruptions when you can become a VIP member support the weight? Keller pro wrestling podcasts. Progressing Po shows the Peterloo Torch daily casts and the entire team and everything that we do and get a ton of return for your membership becoming a VIP member go to W. Torch Vip Info Dot Com for full details. Thirty plus years of archives of podcasts Retro Radio Shows Over Sixteen hundred back issues of the progressing towards weekly newsletter fascinating march through our coverage of wrestling history and so much more including Ad Free version of the Week. Podcast weekend both shows. Ncw Torch daily cast and several exclusive VIP podcast just about every day dozens of VIP exclusive. Podcast you're not hearing because you're not not members so go. Vip POW TORCH VIP INFO DOT COM. Subscribe to our VIP podcast feed and listen in a streamlined way with no interruptions to all of our podcast again. That's BWI torch VIP INFO DOT COM. Alright then we had category into Koci in a ten minute match Dakota win it. Yeah a good match. You know like like most of the show and straightforward straightforward goal. Here say is they both towards the Dakota Chi- grudge match with with two Knox then Johnny Gargano Camera. Grimes Gargano back in singles. Action at full. Sail Cameron grants back in. The mix showed a little clip of them arguing at a Sunday. How show as a little setup for real making this match and Gargano went to about fourteen minutes. This very good You know I thought this. Probably the best match on the show. you know they. You'd expect them to be smooth and work together. stylistically and and that was the case. Yeah I think for people who bought a lot of Gargano and grimes if you tell them. Six months ago they're going to work. You know you know fifteen minutes give or take on on TV show. I think they'd be like yeah. Circle that on the calendar. Let's see this. It's kind of gripes. Such good work on the scene and elsewhere and Gargano Gargano so it was kind of cool as a first time singles match up. You told Brisa might have driven to Florida varying degrees of of Excitement yes absolutely. Then let's see. Was there anything in between okay? So Leo rationed Angel Garza. Which is I mean these two. It Athletic Chemistry together. Just thought really cool displays of spots. Just that opening sequence where there's Kinda counter- countering each other but not really making contact and Leo's Kinda doing fake outs. And then leading to the first Lozo to draw creek or something by Garza was really cool and they were off the races and win eleven minutes. Leo Rush got the upset win to become number one contender and then had a staredown with Jordan Devlin afterwards if the match was good I didn't like the finish I just think that the on Al is really developing some momentum right now and I think you should be the priority right now. Not Leo rush so I mean I think the mentality is likely. Garza has this program on the main roster. We want to give Russia win here annex T to set him up for this. You know this cruiserweight transition program but to me You know just use somebody else in that position because I- Garza would be something that I would be interested in protecting right now to make him feel a specialist possible given that he hasn't really been presented that way in annex t thus far so I think if you WANNA release sort of capitalize on the enemy has this is the time period where it's important to frame him stronger and losing a cruiserweight title contender match. I don't think falls into that category. Yeah Yup art then. Video Patch with Mark Henry narrating his thoughts on Keithly and Dominic comparing them to big men of the past but touting their athleticism and rivalry did. Did you like this? I'm just fast forward through it. I actually like did you like it. Also yes okay good. That was good. It was nice enough to. I think you gave the right answer. I think he did like alright. Denna Santana Garrett and Bianca Beller Beller wins this one in thirty seconds little known they actually had enough time in my delayed reaction there to go. Watch the thing and in full twice in order to to give my answer was going on there Down to the PODCAST folks. So that's true but in effect I did shorten it for for the listeners. Convenience occasionally my brain just shuts down. What can I say I mean I thought you know Bianca Santana's clearly just you know trying to get Bianca over and to try to build up as much as possible for the for the rematch and try to create. Some doubt is the result. Because I don't think there's a lot of both in terms of you know the the quick win and then a Promo afterwards and then the confrontation with Ria worship. Got The better of RIA. I mean it was you know just straightforward building her up as a challenger for For Ripley and you know. I think that's a good idea. It's it it feels like a significant match even if the conclusion feels like more of a foregone conclusion than the vast vast majority of of annex t takeover matches then we had to Moscow champion in the conference room. I assume full sail and he talked about how almost a year ago to the day. He ANNOUNCE TO HIS PEERS. That he wasn't gonNA be able to compete at wrestlemania weekend. Take over and had to give up his title and talked about Call earlier in the night had said you know. Tomatoes always talks about important. The belt is to him and that it's his life he says. Hey it's my life too and chop kind of response just goes what if somebody wanted more than you and really built up the idea of winning the title has higher stakes than ever just because it sort of does mean like winning the world wherever you may have Samania. Whoever walks out with that belt this Sunday is very likely going to be then. Defending the title Wrestlemania weekend with all eyes upon them so kind of elevating it even more so that was with Tampa your thoughts on on this setting the delivery of the message. It's interesting you thought that because I kind of took a different message from it and that it felt to me I watched. This is the final poem before the match and it felt like what I found interesting about the phone. What was it felt to me like? Ciampa did not cut the Promo in a way that was as strong about winning as he had it previous points. In other words it did not feel the promotes me that he would caught a few winning the match on Sunday if the matches it in fact on Sunday as we as we think it is You know I you know what I hear from okay. Excellent I appreciate you doing the follow up on that so yeah absolutely absolutely to me like it. That's that's what I thought. It felt like it felt to me like this was a promo that was softening was a softening blow for people who want shop at a win to tell them you know like it won't be that bad of a thing if he loses here Which to me cells. Tell tells me that. He's winning the title at a later. Date If I'm right I mean again. That was my reading based on this. Promo particularly the talk about the The idea that He has nothing to lose was something they said here and then they repeat at the end of the show and I just. I don't understand that as a talking point. Given how much chompers emphasized. This title is everything to him. the idea that you know. He has nothing to lose. When this title is his life was to me again. Sort of like strange point. If you know if he's going to be winning this title to me. That was suggested to me. That's not the direction they're going at this point in time interesting. Yep All right then. Main Event Kushida Adam. Cole Co winning this one at thirteen minutes. Spoiler alert spoiler alert. Wait guess a good a good match so have it ruined for you and Yeah I mean those little thing the end To build up the main event for the other takeover show on whenever it comes Yup. Need an extra dose of positivity in your wrestling. Podcasts will come join me out for Al Over the Progress Paradise Appear Torch. Vip AS WE BOSC on the bright side of wrestling and focus on some of the great matches and chose from around the world be at the US Japan Europe or Mexico. There's always a place. Arrested passed in the paradise to. We've done fun. Historical shows such as the we love. Blogger series celebrating glorious career of Jewish Thunder. Like on our. I was there when shows where guests will join me to talk about. A classic bent that they were in attendance for we love variety and you can expect lots of it at the Pro Rest Paradise Detailed Peter Roof torch. Vip subscription information on a list of all the VIP benefits is available at Pugh Torch Vip Info Dot Com and yes all the Ip podcasts are compatible with popular podcast. Apps ON IPHONE and android devices or you can stream them directly from our AD FREE VIP mobile site. See you in paradise all right So let's let's take a look at the lineup and kind of formalized the the match lineup in your thoughts on each of them will begin with what we ripley and Bianca Bell. Kind of tipped your hand on that when you are not putting your money out of title Changer. No well I mean everything depends on odds right like if someone wants to bet me you know like let's say like if I know that they're good for it and they want to bet me a million to one. I will put a dollar on on Bianca. Belair I'll put like a hundred bucks on that you're greedier than I can calls a million dollars. That's not that that will be. I need a hundred million dollars. Well I think I need one hundred million to then pay off someone at x t in order to change the finish so we can split the the winnings way they're more conniving than I thought that far but that is a brilliant plan so yes I would probably be enough to get me to convince someone to change the pitch on Sunday until next TV taping. Yes if in fact you gave them that large of a soccer well. That's what it took. You know. I mean I'm not in control of this. They demand ninety percent of night but still end up with ten million. Well you don't let them know what the bet was to come to them with a fifty thousand dollar offer and I think you're already already in in the door. I learned a lot from Angel Martin. Growing up watching the ROCKFORD files but I'm learning even more from Utah. Well you're the one that came up with a plan. Originally we're we're we're partners in our criminal we are but you like angel aren't is helping me refine the plan to just the precise effectiveness where. I end up with the most by giving away the least needless needless to giving await minimizing the needless information giveaway. Gotcha there you go. Yes we're we're we're a good team in our criminal enterprises exactly. Okay so I it's. It's I think it's absolutely reminds me after the show Let's add a great money laundering scheme. I wanted to present with you so low present to you. So let's let's discuss later. Go go for it yes so just match. Quality is this. I don't know I mean. Is it a portent in terms of how they frame Ripley? Mp Bel Air in terms of do you think they're going to try to give make their looked really competitive or do you think it's more. Just have Ripley. Look kind of more dominant. Because she's moving on more things than Bellere's probably not in their plans to be a top wrestler. That certainly would be the message if it's a decisive. One for Ripley worship priorities. I guess in terms of problematic presented in book I mean I think the PRYATTA should definitely be real ripley might momentary hesitation. Is it sometimes? And you've talked about this last few weeks in terms of Ron of the segments done there I think sometimes the idea of lettuce protect the winner ends up actually not being because of the way current wrestling fans are actually not helping the winner. As much as you'd think given that's the goal so I think if you presented this match in a way that may Bianca Bel Air feel like an afterthought which I don't expect but If for some reason they you know they tried to. You know push really hard to go into Charlotte thing and it felt like. Oh we're you know we're dumping on on Bianca Bel Air to get her out of the way for Charlotte. I think it. It might take down the make the program field diminish in general and make people not feels hi Andrea Ripley so I think the priority should be rea- Ripley but you know how you would go about that. isn't necessarily just putting her over strongest possible. Yeah yeah good point all right then undisputed or Bobby Fisher Colora- against veteran Olympique. Don tells you I'm kind of expecting riddle and done to win the titles I mean the going into this thing. It felt entirely possible that they teamed up riddle and Don with the idea being that they would team up briefly and then turn on each other and I'll lead to a single sphere between the chill and the singles singles match between riddle and Don Four Wrestlemainia Wrestlemania. Weekend would seem like an entirely plausible scenario. And I don't I still don't rule that out but given the amount of fun they seem to be having with those who is the oddball tag team. It feels like they want to get more mileage out of this. So I'm I'm kind of thinking that they They went here. Yup I now would continue. That could be part of a story of speeded. Air Losing all their titles if they go that direction too after having okay then speaking of which We'll just go to Adam Cole into Moscow. Champa presumably the main event for the next championship. Like I said I based on the way. They framed that on the show last night. I I'm thinking that call retains title here with a good amount of shenanigans and You know the the. I don't know what that would make the the the match wrestlemainia props of rematch with called defending for second time with some sort of stipulation But I'm not. I'm not expecting trump at a win on When the title on on Sunday if that is in fact the date kind of broader question but if there was somebody who held holds the annex t title at between now and starting between now wrestlemainia and is sort of the year is defined by them with a belt. If they go that direction. Do you have do you have someone in mind. You think they should go with and kind of an alternate to that who you think they're leaning towards going with and they might be the same person citizen x. Ray Understand who who would be the best choice for an xt champion from like this year's wrestlemania taxes US mania? Yeah if the if the story of the next twelve months or fourteen months is in annex t for the. Men's title is about a single wrestler. Who Do you go with? That person on top doesn't mean they have to hold it that long but if the dominant champion for most of that time who do you think you would choose? Who Do you think they're leaning towards? Because they have a lot of even choices. I don't think they have an obvious choice a so I'm GonNa give you an answer. That may not be satisfying given the way friend. The question I am looking at the land I think sometimes the idea of having like a champion all year is a good idea but I look at the landscape right now and I think the way. They've framed it. I think you want to see the satisfaction of CIAMPA holding the title. But I don't think chop is the sort of character on the sort of wrestler that needs to be holding the title all year as a baby. Face I don't think that that's the direction but I also don't I very much don't like the idea of somebody like that. Winning a title and dropping the title quickly so looking at the way to the stars are aligned. It seems to me that the optimal situation would be CIAMPA. Wins the title from call around Wrestlemainia. Ciampa holds the title for a good while maybe until around Somerset takeover CIAMPA. That point loses the title to another. He'll that he'll holds title for the rest of the year. And you build towards that guy you losing the title to Keithly next year's Wrestlemainia and maybe at that point you do if you are going to keep all these players around and obviously there's a lot of You know moving parts for you know a lot of ways because of you know the situation where they w Potential additions to the roster. What they wanted to on the main roster Assuming that things are basically going to stay the same that they are. Then you know my my thought process would be Gargano half year unidentified he'll that I need to think about for a half year and then Wade that's you know I hadn't thought it out that carefully. But he was definitely my top race or thinking along similar lines. Yes I was thinking. Wesley Blake Governor. And perhaps Murphy but Murphy actually wouldn't make a lot of sense at this point in time but it would it. Would it would at least bring back. The glory days of Of GonNa Murphy Article. Then Dakota Kyw streetfight. What do you think of that by the way? We're who who who? Who Do you think? If you're I mean you you could just answer your question rather than giving always Lee answer like if you're building for the next year what are you? What are you thinking? Well I I'm curious if they're committed to Champa winning the title in if they feel there's a good story to tell if he wins or if they're more intrigued by what happens to him if he doesn't and keithly North American champion and I don't know him. Winning that title throws me off a little bit but I get called up to the main roster soon it seems like you want to tell the story of him being annexed champion for a good stretch of time. Because that it's not a prerequisite to being framed as a big deal when you get to the main roster but the fan base has been kind of conditioned to think that you know the biggest stars annex t hold their biggest title for a period of time or has defenses. And that's a big talking point so if we graduate so to speak sorry to replace from an xt before getting to our smackdown without holding the number one belt and having it be somewhat memorable. Then I think that takes something away from him it's not disqualifying but it's sort of a negative and so that's I don't think Champa winning and then leading him makes sense so that's kind of question that framework of they have a number of people that with Gargano and coal and Champa hack velveteen dream and yet there's I guess of course but keithly it seems like I just look at everything they do through that Lens. Right now because I think that's their thinking right now but I couldn't piece it all together unless what you said about Champs Promo and your read of that is more indicative of maybe him not even succeeding period getting the ball back in that being something that frames is that defines his character until Keith Lee has gone to be clear. I'm thinking more that they're just delaying it. Then they're not gonna pay it off that yes no I know that. But if they if we take the third route which is not only. Are They not not doing it this weekend? But they just don't do it but he could win the title and then lose it and then. Keithly Beats Co. there's multiple ways they can get there but my short answer is. I think Keith Lee should probably be the guy who has a long run without unless they ideas they want you know that they wanNA bring them up sooner which triple h kind of addressed in a read between the lines way. Which is anybody who gets kind of hot as Keith? Lease perceived in his volved in for better for worse depending on your perspective the way he was he was portrayed with a spotlight on them at survivor series and the Rumble. Triple h kind of as indicating. Yeah I mean that's we've got a negotiate in our mind when EZE might be called over terrar- smackdown so yeah. I just think there's a lot of moving parts and I don't think it's crystal clear I don't think there's just clearly the next guy in line without the complication of him holding a north title. And maybe he goes to the main roster sooner boy with with with all that it feels like kind of a kind of a militias question you through my way then. Why well you've established there's no good answer. No I didn't have a good answer when I don't have an answer. I come to you and hope for a good answer to help. Clarify my thought way. Those an excellent spin response to my my my query. It's true all right. So speaking of keithly defenses North American title of against Die Jakovic. Solving ONE OF MY ISSUES. Cova could win and I don't know that they would do that. Or how they would tell that story but that would put in a position then to to having lost North American idol. Have some way to transition him going after the main title after that either sooner after Wrestlemainia but anyway your thoughts on on this match. This doesn't want him about to say doesn't really fit with the fact that keithly just won the tight on. I don't think they're gonNA take off the title of this quickly But theoretically I mean the way I'd outlined my scenario I had a spot for a he'll there you could have who's GonNa be the transition between CIAMPA and and lease so I mean that's a very traditional wrestling wrestling sat up as you know you have died. Jacovic beat keithly in a key match right now you establish the DIJUROVIC has that when right now. Di Genova wins the title later and then Lee chases him with the idea. Being that digest has the one previously that you know sort of you know it that he can hold over him plus title. That would be a scenario that you could potentially deal If it's if it's sort of a classic mold would that said As I mentioned keithly just won the title so I think this is going to be an excellent match. But I think it's going to be retaining. And if he did lose a title this quickly. They're building this as a battle between two friends who respect each other. Which in pro wrestling is is. You should be prepared to learn a lesson for trusting survey at least at least people that respect to about France Fair enough. Yeah Yeah who. They're being a friendly enough rivalry in the way that they're going about They're hyping match or Leading into the match so died Jakovic could act like a good sport And that it's going to be a fair fight and we want to win the right way. Whoever wins best man wins all that stuff? And then there's he'll move at the end to get the win and it's an official. He'll turn for him to they. Don't have a lot of heels x t like just straight up singles. He'll so they're certainly spot for him. Yeah I I feel like kind of a pseudo. He'll anyway right now. Like he's sort of like rotates depending on the On the program. But I think he's as you you sort of match. I feel like he's more. He's more helix than the majority of the singles roster So I don't think Oh. Ghetto you've left off two matches. Wait we'll get to it. Jeter say you'll be able to not get there I I mean they could go either way on this one given that Ballard just sort of return to Annex T. I feel like probably best to put him over in this match But a lot of it depends on where they're going here. I mean if they have plans in bigger plans I think it probably depends on who the bigger plans for in the short term between Baylor and And Gargano so I see it going either way and you know obviously I'm expecting it to be a An excellent matches. Well this this show in general I mean obviously takeovers look Look strong but this looks. This looks like an excellent card in also Baylor. If CHAMPA win Sunday they do valor. He'll Champa face at mania to and move others inhabit the guy who who is the dominant champion for leading into and coming out of Wrestlemainia for a long stretch to valor. He'll CIAMPA okay. So trump wins the title and defends against Ballard. Yeah I mean you could do. That doesn't feel to me like a like a main of show. Did they just haven't done enough to me to set it up at this point them. Yeah Yeah so what what did I Miss Roads Jake Hager Dakota kyw and teagan knocks in a in a street fight and I swear I pitch that to you did I just imagine that or did I pitch it. And then we changed up. Oh I think I said it and then I think did I ask you a question. Did you ask me a question at that point? I think you said anything that much but people. If there's only some way to find out the people can inform us on twitter case. I I mean like I don't know like I mean unless they had a blackout. I think you fight it out. Maybe we that doesn't make any sense cal. I mean we. We mentioned briefly talked about it in the context of the NFC TV or a few but Anyway it doesn't matter a I'm kind of wondering what the idea is here in the sunset like they had that match a few weeks ago. Where Teagan just beat Dakota quickly and at the time I was sort of confused by why they did it and then they just announced the street find cap building it and I I mean I i. They don't seem like they're booked week to week so I assume what they're doing here likely plays into the fact that that that they did that match before but I. I don't know exactly how it does. So I'm I'm not sure what the other here. Yeah I don't either if you're a wrestling fan you're a fan of a good story and if you're looking for a good story look no further than stories of your and yours. I'm Sean. Ns and on every episode of stories of your and yours. I narrate a classic or listener submitted. Short story adding music and sound effects to bring the story new flavor. I featured authors such as Edgar Allan Poe Kurt Vonnegut Ray Bradbury Mark Twain and many more. So don't wait any longer. Download stories of your. That'S WHY O. R. E. AND YOURS THAT'S WHY O. U. R. S. Today and if you WanNa hear clips and get more information you can find the show on facebook twitter and Instagram at S. Y. Y podcast that stories of your and yours available wherever you get your podcasts. All right in there and transition and the conversation with todd that is there and transition now to the conference call with triple h pullback wrestling media earlier this week Kelly walls from people you torch and the POW talks and X T. Podcast was part of this was invited to the call and listened in and recorded it. And we bring to you here on the weight. Keller person polls show to get you further ready for Sundays takeover event and just give you places perspective on some key annex t topics. So here we go. Hey everybody Thank you very much for joining. Today's call Once again very exciting time in this This week takeover in Portland one of the first of a few takeovers year that are you know separated from the main roster or the the Ron smackdown pay per views. So a bit of a unique in the timing of it. We're coming from Portland which has always been a great Wrestling down so to speak with rich. History there So excited to go there very loud and passionate fan base in Portland. So it's exciting to be back there Edition died episode of USA Excited about Leo russia-nato guards a number one contender's match for the cruiserweight championship. You know last week. We saw the return of velveteen dream after a long absence. So Great Dad in back. It's an exciting time This takeover and to me. This is one of those cards when we talk about this. A lot of being You know the college always seem stellar is a bit of a bigger card and it's It just laid out that way. There was so much great stuff to put on a car. It's almost like a mania type guard of for our brand. At least you know Adam Goal D'Amato Jumba for the NFC championship just to Moscow. Never having lost that title and and trying to get back to the place that he was in before he was injured. Adam Cole being the you know probably one of the most dominant and champions and it's argue that he didn't have the best Last half of two thousand nineteen of anybody in the industry one of the greatest performers for the entire year ballard and Johnny Gargano Gargano having been out a little bit. Put out by Thin Ballard. This should be epic You know from from in rings Dan when I can't wait to these guys to go. Rea- Ripley Bianca. Bel Air to the NFC championship. This is an interesting one with reas. Recent appearances on Ron Calling Out Charlotte flare To See Charlotte will challenge her at Wrestlemania the championship. You know beyond got a point a little bit of a real looking past Bianca. Maybe we'll rea- Ripley even be champion On the other side of this or is there something special happening in in in Portland that will lead to a different chapter Bianca Belair has really sorta come into her own in the last You know the last half of the year into now you know where just one of those dominant women's rumble performances. Ever she has. Just you know I think as you saw it in in promos segments with Charlotte and realize what a kind of stealing the show. She just has come into her own in a way wants talent You know when you're an athlete like her and and you have that ability and once they had confidence comes and you can relax and be yourself and just let go It's it's something special when you're at at a an athletic level she is and you're seeing that now it's just the tip of the iceberg but beyond Belair especial performer Undisputed era versus be done that the NFC tag team championships peak. Mad coming off a big dusty cup win That should be epic. Keithly indicted Kobe. If it's anything like what they've done on. Nfl Weekly Show on USA. That is going to be another classic of two big men. But you don't see in this industry. Very much can do the things that they do. Antique Auction Dakota Guy in a very personal war and a street fights of the cards. Stacked it's loaded and I can't I can't wait to get there and Just sit back and watch it so I will open it up to you guys and thank you again for being here. I as usual question and one follow. Please thank you thank you as a reminder if you would like to ask a question please signal by pressing star one on your telephone keypad. We will take our first question from Jason Powell with pro wrestling dot net. Hey Good morning how are you? I'm doing great so you're not doing as well as your Wednesday night. Competition in those key demographics. Why do you feel that is and just going beyond? You know it's it's a miracle I'm not sprint. What do you feel? You can do better improve in those areas those numbers but you can't steal my dad freezes and then Just continue to move on. You took my promo and then I got nothing to say. Eight mile movie Look I I think it's all about Y- look I'll change the wording around. It's about the long game and what we have to do is Get to the people in the younger demos when when you're promoted in younger demos and you are You'd in those younger demos promotional early. Then that those are the people that you attract when you were promoted in different demos. It's when you when you look at. Nfc ON USA and you break down the numbers it's very similar to Iran number. It's very similar to a USA number because that's where we're promoted a match where we're seeing and that's where everything else goes but the the the the long game is building the brand that you build You know I think exact and and people can make this argument but I think what we have done is coming and proven the in ring products from a hard core and not a hard core in the old sense but in a in a passionate fan base of bell to bell action standpoint. Right arguable that it's that it is Bell to bell equivalent or better than anybody Now you start to do different things you start to add in a bit more entertainment you start that in a bit more variety you start adding some other things you have to establish it. I. I've you know different than establishing a character within within an individual show so again what what I say is for the long game. That's what it's for now as you establish that brand now you begin to Promo promoted outside now. You begin to move outside. Those things will get those numbers And and the demos where where they need to be. I'm happy with where the show is. I'm happy with its Trajectory right now and And you know the plans are in place to continue to move in the direction that we wanted to go and can you also talk about the decision to remove the name women's from Xp Women's Championship. And you just didn't add men's to the NFC men's championship. So that was believe it or not the internet giant Going into tap into business on something. That was a moment in time. There were conversations that were had there were it was basically about not having to beat it into the ground when you say it but it just got run with and then once you know when you have that many people working on a product and something gets taken the wrong way. Everybody in trying to do their job. Just SPREADS IT. There was never an edict. There was never anything he was it. Was it really was what it was just trying not to? If you're showing graphic you don't have to say the title Belt Says Women's. The graphic says women's the announcers say women's. Everybody like you get it. There's pictures of women there like you get what it is. You don't have to beat it into the ground. It was more than just got run with and speculated on it you know it is what it is all right thank you for. The time will take our next question from Vincent Dias with Markelle local. Doing hello from Spain Well let me tell you. First of all finally got is pretty styling in. Wwe He's on Expedia K. And he's named these keeps we W W come into reading. May for the European tour. I like to know if there's any chance we get to see eighteen rings and these life show. I mean one one much a possibility. You know that's a that's a a little bit of time away spill but we'll see that as those guards are being laid out. He's absolutely a possibility of being. And you know when it's brand anymore Especially the survivor series. Is he thinking the possibility of an an extreme championship match resume? Well I you know I think I think you know right now. The takeover the night before is going to be a pretty epic card it. It becomes a difficult task when you say an X. T. at Wrestlemainia when you already have you know an event that goes maybe five hours last year It's it's hard to put all of that into play. In one event it's wrestlemainia itself really is sort of a week long Event now for fans I it really. If you're coming into camp if the WRESTLEMAINIA this year it starts on Wednesday in Orlando which is only a you know a little bit over an hour away from Tampa so Wednesday we're live from Orlando Thursday were at hall of fame. Access Starch as well. There's events all over the area Write a your induced smackdown live from Tampa Saturday you get. Nhtsa takeover in. What will be an epic card? You then go to Sunday in a stadium and have what will probably be a two hour lead in show with epic matches and a you know a four or five hour maybe pay per view event From the stadium. You know if you start adding more into that event it just becomes longer and it's diminishing returns you also get the Monday. You've got Monday night raw and then you know again this year. We'll be doing a special thing with the NFC that week as well. So Coming out of wrestlemanias. So you know it's a week long series of events you gotta you gotta put things in different places otherwise you wrestlemainia will start at six. Am and go till the next morning. Thank you so much for the time. Thank you. And you're right. They get as a spectacular talent He's GonNa do big things and so if it's not on this door will be Sooner or later your GonNa see him a lot of places you got a bright future. We'll take our next question for Mike. Johnson with P W INSIDER DOT COM third. It might have. Yeah I I got to work harder. Sorry so this weekend is unique in that. Takeover is untethered from a wwe pay per view. Weekend did that once before in Connecticut Given how many matches have been announced. How different should we expect? The length of the show the production of the show the feel of the show to be from saint takeover before Wrestlemainia was before survivor series. Because this feels like a much more packed the lineup and a larger line of unusual. So how much more we looking at in terms of Time Investment and in terms of production got. I'll I'll say it's a much more packed lineup. But you know I don't know I feel like every time we have these calls. We say the same thing like wow. There's Carter stacked you know And then you get to the next one and this guards more stack than the last one and and that's a good thing. I'll be honest this. This card was debated on heavily There were so many things that I wanted to put in there and and I'll be honest. I could discard go to bed bit bigger. But I don't WanNa again I don't want to overload the time on this to me. Once you get past a certain time diminishing returns as I said a few minutes ago and I think that's been a strength of the brand is these things are coming in gun. Guns blazing and he goes right through and and people seem to enjoy it so This card is really one match bigger than Than the takeovers. We've been doing in the past so you know you'll you'll see when when it when it lays out you'll see what it is but I don't expect it to be this dramatic difference where you're like. Wow that was totally different from anything else. We've seen. I think the quality is there. It's been there every single time we talk about it every time how. How do you surpassed that on the next one? That's always the challenge. I think just one will surpass what we've done before and then metric will be in Tampa at The night before Wrestlemainia. I'll do it again and I'm confident that we will and I'm confident in that because of the talent because they won't have it any other way now. I know you talked a little bit about about wrestlemainia already. But how much of their is. I want to fear but a concern about cannibalizing and exte- with the idea of NFC towns cascading over to the main roster leading into Wrestlemainia. Should we expect the more something beyond potentially Ripley and Bianca Bel Air or is that pretty much sentenced on? Hey we're going with this story. But the remainder of next is going to remain quarantined with an X T. I don't things change on a dime within the company but I think it's kind of fascinating to see. Hey with the to our show and you were saying that work now. There's potential of more annex t towns appearing on the be the flagship per view of the year. What's that conversation been liking? They're concerned about. Hey we too much of this were hurting. Takeover wording weekly series things of that nature. But I think you know obviously those are conversations that are had all the time on probably day to day basis but I. I don't think it's as much if you get the roster's loaded Top to bottom. We probably the strongest women's division of anyone any roster The even the men's deep and there's people sitting in the pocket waiting to get the shot right. That's what makes us so good There's also the opportunity that people will float back down. You know like and and or I shouldn't even say down flow over right like like Finn You know you. You have those opportunities to Chris cost because you had this deep talent restaurant I think sometimes people get so caught in the moments of well this is what it is right now and it should be and should be nothing else like it if If you could pull in a pitcher for a moment because you need one and you you you use that and then you move them back over. I think that's a great thing to be able to do on occasion without cannibalizing the brands if we lost some some top people in x t. Gerard smackdown I have no. I have no issues with with that because I have a deep bench underneath. That is the whole point of the performance center and everything that we're doing Is whether they're homegrown or whether they're they're Somebody that came through the independent scene or whatever that is is to have that bench to have that constantly evolving pipeline. So things can move and stay. Fresh I don't think that's a strength You know people have been saying that about since the very beginning that that's the weakness to it. I don't see that as the weakness is heated. The strength That that movement can happen at any time and it keeps things fresh all right. Thanks for the time. I'm going to go get them all to the next call thanks. Yeah we'll take our next question from Jim. Bur- salone with Miami Herald Eight Charlotte Layer Headline Wrestlemainia last year. Now you maybe in a program here Ria Ripley or wherever the NFC champ will be under puree is are we looking at this could be a possible takeover Tampa main event between Charlotte and possibly or wherever the champion and what the Charlotte bringing that whole dynamic wherever it is but you know there's a there's a certain point in time where when you become a certain level of player like whatever you do wherever you go? Whoever you challenge that special thing I think Charlotte flares there right. She's one of those those Special talents that's been involved in so much one of the first women to headline Wrestlemainia ever history-making. I think she's at that level to wear no matter what she does now where that goes wherever that goes. It's a huge deal. If that's you know her and her back down her on. Nfc If that's Wrestlemainia that is a huge deal. And I think that that's the beauty of having people in the spotlight that is you can be just about anything. And it's a huge deal. As far as that goes you have to watch and see and then some older see Johnson officially signed with. Wwe What advice do you give someone like her with the lineage? The background also at her young age. you know. I don't think that there's any advice. I could give her that. She doesn't have already coming at her from her dad and her mom You know th they will know the challenges that she will face of being the Raj daughter. Look I wouldn't I don't envy that position Because you know when we made the announcement And you see the media coverage of that. It's I mean everywhere in every conceivable format and every conceivable level. People are talking about it when she tries to do this. The spotlight is so incredibly. Bright that you have to be a very strong person You know 'cause he was talked about last night. Somebody told me on on on F s one on on backstage that the maybe one of the only people that can relate to that situation is Charlotte right and she still deals with to this day. She still feels with that well. She gets what she gets because of her dad's she's pushed because of her dad. She is because of her dad. Like in my honest opinion is my opinion. None of that is true. A Chart Litter and everything every single thing. That's that's put in front of her earned But yet she's still questioned on it and that's tough you have to be very thick skinned and have a very strong resolve. But if there's one thing I know about Simone having known her for a few years now here She has that she the reason she's in the BBC is not because she's the rocks daughter. She had a passion to do this. We brought him around the system. Her Passion was so evident. You know I mean what I say. Does everything May. She's putting up the ring. She's picking dollars. She did everything you know. Every time she's ever been here to prove herself in in what this is and it's not a thing while I'll do this for a little bit to show them that I care and then just who she is You saw that in their DADS. She's she's one of the hardest workers here She continues to be. She's earned the spot And she's treated like everybody else here. She's earned the spot. It's yours to lose or to keep it's hers to succeed at. It's hers to grab and work harder than everybody else She's like your dad. She stays humble. She's you know in that manner. Even I feel bad right now. I'm just saying well. She's like her dad. Your Dad this like it's not about him. It's about her and her passion to do this. She loves us. It's your family business. It's your family lineage. That's a lot of pressure on a young girl and and hopefully if I know everything else you'll put into it. I know it I see it in her. I believe it. She will go to any length to succeed at this because of the passion that she has for. If there's anything that I feel like hopefully that I can offer to her here on. This team can offer in this performance. Everything we do offer is the ability to stay strong and and be able to get through all the stuff that's GonNa come way because of her last name and because of Hoover family is And that's that that's going. Take a strong version. But she can do it. She has that resolve. Thank you Paul. Thanks Jim our next question from Conner Casey with comic book. Dotcom McCall appreciate If blacks you months we've seen a keithly walk orange with guys like Roman like Steph and S- Police Brock Backdate has has there been a bit of a fight to keep him on. T like no we got. We got more stuff for him to do before we move them up. Karrar smackdown any been discussions about that. There's anybody that gets any kind of a A momentum moment in anything there's always clamoring for somebody about them. Oh Hey I'd like to have that you know. And and all those things those are strategic discussions that are had with payment with Bruce with that those teams with my team and and it comes down to people's development. You know it's it's a funny thing that and I don't mean me Mr necessarily say just specifically about teeth but but a lot of talent they should. They begin to have a moment. And then there's there's these thinking like Oh my God. They're so they're so ready for this. They're so good to go man. What took so long all this stuff because they believed it was is these little nuances of success. Within this business that we're trying to teach at that level it's one thing to have a moment of success. It's a long. It's a different conversation. Data Long Run of success in his business. And how do you handle all that? And how do you handle the those moments in time? And what do you do with them? And how do you capitalize on those? They're all big components of this. And you want somebody succeed. It's hard to say to somebody. Look I'm not GonNa give you that now because I want you to succeed long-term if I give it to you now it's GonNa be short term so those are all things that we have to wade through On on all these talent. But yeah if you don't think that Look you don't have to look much fat guys just looking at Keithly to go like Oh you know you see what he looks like and who he is you she's personality and then you see what he does in the ring in your life and I had him please you know I think same thing when you watch bianca the layer in the rumble or You know the things that she does in the ring or her personality now in. Promos you see you know Valentin Dream. You see job. You can go down that list right but you want to make sure that they're ready for success on all levels and also where's the best place for them to succeed because the brands are slightly different right like in that the the entertainment components the way the way that the the story lines are crafted in handled? Some talent are you. You've seen over the years I believe even just before. That was before this was a deal that certain talent resonated better on smackdown shirt town resonated better on raw wasn't wasn't the right fit from you. Saw that back any eighty certain talent resonated better in WCW talent resonated better in in in The wwe because because they're slightly different and Those are all bits and pieces that way into that. So yeah the. There's there's always anybody that is getting over or getting a look and is beginning to create. Buzz everybody's calling and looking at him and and that's that's a cool thing about it and then you just gotta run with it for as long as you can and this long as you have right. The final decision comes down events and always has and. That's that's the beauty of all of this. Is You know there is? There is a final answer there and he can can help guide where everything goes and held to be successful on every level. I'm a follow up We we didn't get a chance to see a a halftime heat special for this year. Super Bowl that purely a production thing. We was sync up on people. Like what would the decision to not do it again? This oh we gotta do. This Uber. Bowl is coming. Yeah kind of tough to tell Fox. Hey when they're your partner that you know what we're GONNA do is we're gonNA try to swerve sway people over from halftime show and and get him to walk halftime. He chose a little different when the year before they weren't our partner was also moment in time where you know. People were clamoring about the halftime. Show being what? They wanted to see Last year so the timing was right this year. Would I love to do that? Absolutely what I was the timing right for this year. No and and and I'm also glad we didn't because they had a crazy spectacular halftime. Show that You know I was there. I was there inversion and watching watching them. Be Able to convert watching Fox and that team and Everybody that worked on it. I don't know all the production details of it but then to be able to convert a A football field inside of thirty minutes into a concert stadium and then back into a football field without damaging anything without it And put on that. Level of production is mind boggling. And we'll take our next question from Ryan Satin with pro wrestling sheet. Hey Paul had to go to what's going on Not much just waking up to here on the West Coast so You talking about parents loading over. And now he's being. Shane obeyed ler on Rod this week and she officially shifted to that brand fail. I'm scared to see your here. I don't get bit. She gets your deep very scary everything You know I'm wearing big collar today. They're just in case. I look I think I think that will play out. You know. There's there's a fascinating thing for me that there was a you know. A ton of buzz I think going into the survivor series and and Building up people for Becky Lynch and You know her her rise to where she is bed insane and you know. I'm so happy for but you know you have to have that that that base of opponents and all those things so Hopefully that journey something massive for both of them and And we'll see where that goes. Okay at this point. I'm not a hundred percent sure as far as As far as right now goes I. You know I sort of get this like Like sports teams in a way of where things that out. And you gotTa make deals to get people to go different places as far as I'm concerned right now. Shane obeys still an annex. T talent until we make a deal for her to go someplace else so Does that mean There's a moment where a becky lynch comes hunting. Shane Obey Hulu or vice versa. I don't know yet. We'll see cool. And lastly here you guys got a big signing with killer cross and dancer as well. Can you talk us through the process of signing there and just kind of Y YOU WANNA Bennett. On on on the be well. If anybody's seen either one of them perform and and what they do in ring in and out of it I guess in some way from from a promo part everything else who wouldn't want them So yeah I was thrilled to have them shocked that it it. It didn't get out prior to when it started to Testament to both those guys of of You know usually. There's a small group of people that know but but then them Kind of keeping into themselves and and letting that be surprise and you know at the end of the day. Even the surprise is nothing to be. Oh Endo but it's nice when you can can keep things and get a reaction from people on them. And this was one of those instances and I'm excited to get Both those talent in the mix because they're they're both phenomenal performers. And you know. I believe that with the team that we have here with you. The Coaching Staff Year. With everything that we do on all levels and TV production teaching them that that side of it That's what that's what makes performer. Long-term in this is that TV side and the and the television creation and production side But once we can really as we're beginning to now with them once we really can fine tune in on what they do the skill levels there. It's fine tuning it owning that both those both of those talent have incredible upside Do Amazing things in and you know when you mentioned cross. You mentioned scarlet as well. So THAT'S A. She's a very talented performers. Well so I'm excited to get rolling with all of that. Great thank you so much more call. Okay we'll take our next question from Miguel with one the deport people Miguel. I'm good yourself. Fine thank you. Do you mentioned earlier that this team color. Sos bigger hard. Because for the first time since annexed Ripley to. He's sixteen. There are lots five but six matches I know sporty main event of the of the guards story of the event that the length of the of the matches could be reduced so it does not affect running. I mean that's always It's always a concern on the part of the planning process of takeovers. Or or anybody that you do of the length of time in how long things go but it for me more than that comes down to the what what do talent need right Some sometimes talent need thirty minutes to tell the story they wanted us. Sometimes you need more than that. Sometimes you need a lot less than it depends on the stories so when we go through these cards. There's a lot that's poured into all of this. It's not it's not just like you know. Hey Go go do this right. But we're we're working with the talent And and having conversations around. How do we think this should go? What's the story we're trying to tell? And how long do we think we want to tell that story you know I? Don't you know when you when you start to make a movie in Hollywood? I don't think you start out with the premise of this needs to be three hours and it needs to be exactly this and that's how we're going to tell that story and then you're shifting the camera you kind of go through it and you see what works and what feels right. That's what we do in this and that's what will happen This weekend we believe that we have the right mix and the right everything you give the right length of show overall the right lane Dimaggio's You know we feel like we're in the right spot otherwise we wouldn't be doing it that way and we'll and we'll see if we're right on on Sunday I would like to ask you now about a the very first Spanish wrestler to be signed by the WWE. You said earlier that he has future but hold you personally about. He's pro wrestling the company. And what is next for him in the UK? A I feel great about his his progress. So far. You know it's it's It's an amazing opportunity to take somebody like. I said earlier when you have a talent that has all that All that athletic ability and potential. And then what do you do with it? How do you cultivate it? It's it's not just about like. Hey here's where you are on. Tv and then let them go right in any sport in any athletic endeavor in any Form of entertainment coaching and producing and getting people to that. Next level is what makes them grow as performers. And and take that next step so if if you really just saying Hey Go out there and do what you do. And that's the end of it. Then that's tough to get to the next level and grow. We're cultivating talent. We're taking a base of a talent like somebody like a kid who has all the potential in the world and we're going to help them maximize and realize all that potential locally And he's going to grow a lot and and growing governors painful. And it's you know we're GonNa make him get outside his comfort zone and try to do things never done before and we're going to see if he can succeed at him and the long German candidates to make him the biggest star that he can be so that you know A few years down the road you know or whatever that is or for soon. He's he's on an headlining takeovers. Uk He's on her headlining takeovers for an xt. He's on or headlining pay per views. And you know Wrestlemainia and so on it to try to get them to be his biggest stars as possible hormone spare time. I think you I think yeah. I think everybody's going so that's why every about him. It's awesome he's a he's a great talent and a great human being and everybody's enjoying working with them and You know when when you have somebody like Shawn Michaels. That's over there singing your praises in and helping you get along the way. It doesn't get much better than that pressure from Justin Labar with trip live dot com. They just didn't ask you about your agreement with wholesale if you guys are contractually obligated to do TV there every week or if you have the ability in want and maybe every week but the take an extra TV on the road Obviously under that comes with expense also opened up the revenue officers as well as to discuss it all. Yeah look I we. We have We'll say is one of our Most valued partners. I think that we have in. Wwe They've It's it's a funny thing. It's almost more like at this point almost more like a family relationship than it is just strictly a business relationship To be honest I you know at this point. I can't even tell you if we have a contractual obligation to it at this point because we're just at the point where we just have conversations and hey here's what we're GonNa do when when this opportunity came up. Hey here's what we WANNA do. We feel like being here strength. We feel like being here Long term is an opportunity in a moment. It's a learning experience for everybody because people forget what happens here benefits all of WWe. We're not just su through our partnership with full sail. We're not I just training. You know talent in ring talent We have producers that are that are producers and directors that are doing wrestlemainia now and that level of stadium shows that cut their teeth on that job here and wouldn't have had that opportunity otherwise We have camera guys same thing their their weekly now raw smackdown doing pay per views. They'll do wrestlemainia that that cut their teeth doing that here. the amount of of talent in ring outside of the ring production wise You know writing teams Every aspect of what we do stuff that you see and don't see you know Wwe IS A. It's funny because people just see what they see on TV and they and they think that's the end of it and the machine that is behind it as massive and thus creating the bull that are the inside gears of that machine or what happened here at full sail. So I can't partnership goes so far beyond all of that From just hey we we were renting out your your live facility. Everyone you know. It's so much more than that. And and We value that partnership at the highest of levels and I really mean that across the board of the company It's full sail is like It's like family because and and Or that partnership but to that point we will always do what is best for business and and If we felt like there was a different opportunity with the brand. We absolutely would look into it. You know there's there's a there'll be a show coming up. We'll have an announcement soon. We're we're we're going to be out of full sail For Week because there's a A prior commitment here and again a commitment that they can't change in and we're okay with that like there's We've known about it since very beginning that you know they they also are. They're running a very successful college year. and a very successful business of their own. So it's not just about what we need. It's about what we need. And how do we make that work? So they're supportive of us. Were supportive of them and we do what needs to work. Best reach other so we can. We can do that however we want to do that however they want us to do that. Great question is Not Rental Super Entertain the rings and Printer Training on social media and all this comments You know he continues to to call out brock listener opportunity. Maybe to see that out of the room but we didn't get in the Internet says that that that is common doesn't necessarily make everybody happy What can you say about metal and Brooklyn Potential? Ever I don't know it to be honest with you Not asked anybody about it. I've not No one has expressed there have certainly been express is is disapproval of anything. That was sad and I'm sure if they would have been an issue he would've called me directly. He's if you've ever met him he's not shy about that So you know I. I didn't see that I I've heard what you heard. I was a conversation between the two or whatever and Match Bad Bronx Brock conversation. That's between them. They're men I get with assume Disparaging anybody but they're grown. They're grown adults. Let's say that right so they had a conversation if they did Whatever they decided amongst themselves You know the honest. Sometimes I read something. I don't know that's a work that's jude. I don't know but to me I it doesn't I don't care either way For men standpoint. I'm entertained by it and You know if somebody has a problem with it they come to me then. I'll deal with the problem but right now it is what it is. You're right. Matt is in credibly talented performer He's very vocal is He has his own personality and his own viewpoint. Something and that's a great thing Matt also is a guy that you know. I think I think brock is of the opinion. My guess would be that. If you'RE GONNA if you're gonNA write checks you've got to be willing to cash them and I think Matt writes that he can cash in his mind so who knows. We'll see where it goes. I it but man this. This guy's limit for Matt Riddle as a performer And we'll see where it goes. Thank you very much. Thank you. Let her out of. Today's call. Thank you everybody. Thank you every Very much for the call again. This This weekend should be spectacular and once again We have a very interesting Mix again for an xt this weekend with poppy being in Portland and playing. Got A new album out and Opening the show for instance should be a spectacular. She's been a great My great partner would wwe and a great asset and very successful and and continuing on our end do break. New Music can new acts and add more entertainment and so very exciting for me and I look forward to doing more with her and many other music acts down the line to help keep this brand rolling music sets divide in the tempo for everything. We do so thrilled Babar. There and I know it's going to be some special so thank you. I used to be called my appreciate it as always. She's Sunday. Talk the after the show. Thank you again if you'd like to hear this show without ads and plugs interrupting. There's one thing you can do right now to make that happen. That has become a POW torch. 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