The Mullens Revolution


Bill flash ski what he paid Sarah Spain and Kevin Blackstone for the last time in this reality today. Little matter of how far LSU dick Nolan's fescue being forty Niners history or best QB ever ever. Speaking of goat's Brady, verse Rogers, and really speaking of goat's Simone, biles doing the single greatest athletic achievement in the history of sport. One last time without be mentioned a reality. Let's go around the horn. Are you guys ready money today? This show better. Here's Tony really we start with the Nick Mullins revolution. It was televised to sixty three passer rating over one fifty so good. Last night is Twitter account was Berith mid gate Kyle Shanahan, and you'll never know until you see someone that is incredible advice. That is incredible life advice fake that people and have a good weekend. The six most exciting version sports going forward CD better. Nick Mones QB controversy. Also, the raiders, Sarah. Let me ask you. This was moans that good over the raiders. I don't wanna take anything away from him because you could put up a bunch of guys and have their first NFL start not result in at one fifty one point nine passer rating the game he put together that being said he was only pressured on four of twenty two dropbacks any only through zero passes and debate windows, meaning that raiders defense stinks. He still stepped up its. It's still an amazing story. But he was certainly not facing the most terrifying of opponents last night. Devon, black stone out of your view moans. Not only was it. Not the most terrifying. It was actually the most terrible passed in the NFL. They lead the league in allowed yards per attempt, which means nobody's ever around anybody that they're supposed to be covering their twenty ninth and touchdown surrendered through the air. So what you saw last night was par for the course with the raiders pass defense. So give credit to Mullins for hitting his open targets. But unfortunately, have to give them an Asterix because of who was playing against Bill Plachy. Yeah. I really so much want to give credit to this guy. What is so such a great story? You see him crying after the game? Do the stories about him credit working out piping? He was calling. Yeah. You know? But it's the raiders. And they didn't even you're saying. Satistics the easiest a life or quarterback in any game this season in differ for the entire league. So I just don't see how anything statistically Friday is the easiest show to score points at around the horn. And you don't see me raining on your parade. Nobody page you have more Friday wins than anybody in around the history. Should we put an asterisk on? All those no not at all. And I don't want take you away from him. And then you took stuff away. We got to Bill punishment going no fit spot that made you about defense. Oh, by let me talk about Molin does the only only panelists here who's ever been to Hattiesburg, Mississippi and covered games for Mississippi. Southern I'll tell you that his. I'm talking here. All Brett farve records of sippy southern. He said all the conference there to God does more preparation two years. He sits at home in the middle of crowd age and calls out Barcella plays. I think that if you're in canton, Ohio just all for show. He. That argument is getting to canton, Ohio in any way. If you're gonna say the names back to score you back. Let's go back. Let's go down a little bit. Thank you page. Woody. Let me ask you a question about this Jon Gruden he'd double down after the game on saying players are dying to play for the raiders that he's getting calls. How does that come off to you Sarah Spain? Well, I believe that's collusion. Right. If active players are calling and saying they will come to his team. But beyond that to me. I think I don't know that it's as much a shot as current players as just the reality that he's trying to create if everyone's talking about how terrible things are no cleaned. If everyone's talking about what a terrible job. He's doing. He needs to create another reality by putting out there. Many people are saying how great this team has many people are saying how much they wanna play for me. And he's gonna keep saying hoping that he can make it through. Okay. Let's not speak down on another reality right now when we're launching another reality Monday, that's prop that up a little bit Bill Plachy Nosair. Direct shot at his players. Instead of saying we have the answer here. We can figure it out here. He's saying other players from other teams are gonna come in and save us that really demeans everyone that locker room that's already dead already another tank tanking. Anyway, they all went out of there. I thought it was shameful that he said that and I thought of the fixes team. And again, this goes in the whole thing that Gruden clearly this is not working. He's like he was a great coach at one point. Maybe now he's just a TV star act like a coach, it's not working page. Woody. Thanks a lot. Check back Bill in into ninth year of his contract. Maybe he'll have this team turned around. I think we'll be around. I think people are calling him like me I could play there and people that are forty eight years old or calling him. And I think there are some players like Dez Bri the reach out 'cause they wanna play in Vegas in a couple of years. But why would he make something like that? Rain very hard on the players. He has there. This is a team that's in total disarray. But it's typical of what he was doing when he left the NFL is a coke love when you guys say total, disarray, like there's any other kind of disarray. Yes, disarray is total. They maybe the quote players are dying to play for. Maybe it's just dead players wanna play. We'll move on. Let's talk catty the question have you ever seen the number three team in the country? A two touchdown underdog at home. True story. Nixon was asked to be would kick a receive. And he said he hopes to kick ass. Woody what would LSU tomorrow to pull off the upset on Alabama? And if they do if they do what would it mean for college football? It'd be great because football they'd also jumped Clemson would be number one in the next poll and in in the national championship situation. But I think that in order to win you gotta take advantage of a Saturday night in Baton Rouge, anybody that's ever been with. No that that crowd with tiger cage. You don't wanna get anything close to either one of those? And Secondly, here's the got it survive the first half because they're going to miss their best defensive player white who was suspended for targeted. That's yet. Another stacked up again, they've got two first round draft picks in the secondary a, greedy and grant. And it's those guys can get interception our turnover, and and keep it close because I know this is not gonna make sense. But in the fourth quarter, Alabama being outscored this year. I know it's against four three players. In the fourth quarter as to even played in the fourth quarter. So when you're up sixty points, that's some place. You're never in this show. What he page. Maybe take you off the pedal. We'll bit sarahspain how about you. Yeah. Anybody says saying that is ignoring the fact that they're so far ahead in the fourth that they don't need to put their best players. And that's why they're being outscored more importantly what they need to do on offense is be patient with their run. Let the clock run down to keep their defense fresh and keep the ball out of his hands as much as possible. The one defensive issue of bama's been having been with past place to running back. So they need to push that and keep keep the clock running defensively. They're secondary is so good. They don't put a lot of pressure on teams. But they need to put pressure on to us. So they need to take some chances defensively actually press on that front frontline Kaby Alabama. Nick Sabin has played their games in death valley of all been pretty close. So to me that means what you need to do. In order to win is to create some turnovers. You gotta hope that that death valley crowd rattles tool a little bit. Maybe get a pick. Maybe you can. Flip the field. Maybe you can get a fumble recovery or something like that you need some sort of momentum. But the reason that is such a big discrepancy in this point differential from the odds makers because that's how good this Alabama team is unbelievable talent and the town. But it sounds like you're saying the games at LSU have always been close in this robbery. And maybe if you were putting something on this game would be leaning towards LSU pick. That not that brave. So how about you? How about you heaven you wouldn't take LSU in two touchdowns? I'll take LSU to win outright in this game. The waiting for somebody who won the race go round. They eighty four the last night seven games down there. They play tremendously at home to Alabama's only faced one defense in the top forty this year LSU is ranked seventh offensively I love, greedy Williams against two. And I love Joe borough in this situation and all the Alabama is has a little bit of we against the run. You can run against them. LSU run the ball control the clock off the field. Coach wins game. Go tigers. Okay. Clash she convince anybody hear what he paid sarahspain. No, no. I would just tell you savings been there five times. He's won four those games. But none of the hill have been over the over ten points. So. Kevin Kevin's hip to that. But it's okay. All right. Sarah. You're an absolute no, no else you in this game for you. They're not winning. All right. We'll move on NFL games in the week or two of them. Are just incredible Packers patriots. We'll talk about that one by herself. But we've got Rams and we've got seats. This is the one versus the two right now in the NFC undefeated team, and it's six one team, although everybody seeing Nick Mullins rear view mirror and getting a little panic leak may be catching up to the Rams or at least ask you. If you think that's the case three of the last four wins for LA been within a field goal Bill. We'll start with you who has advantage Sunday. And what is Rams have the advantage in the there already was stellar? They added Dante Fowler. They got a edge rusher. They needed their offense can be unstoppable. They've won big games on the road in places in Denver in Seattle. They can play in these conditions. There's better overall team in New Orleans. They have more weapons were ways to beat you. They got a coach that's all that's on the cutting edge. I'm taking a Rams filers plug in and play. And he's going to be good to go for. Yes. From the edge. Absolutely. What do you pay? I just don't understand Bill picking an LA team to win. You remember Bill? Good times. We've had a New Orleans, and you know, how long those to window every none of us. I want to hear more about that. What we're getting that going to commercial break. All right. Go ahead. The saints. The saints at home are invincible as far as I'm concerned, they rarely lose. They're they are number one. We know about girly. But the saints are number one. It gets run in the NFL this year. I got the best leading passer in the league this year. Drew brees. They've got a running game. They've got wide receivers. I think this is a bigger game to the saints because the Rams can lose. And you know, they've had three games to two and three they've won by. They're ready to lose on the road. Sarahspain? They are in fact, Vincent because they're ten and eleven and their last eleven at home. So that's not invincible. But that being said the reason part of the reason they've been so good is because drew Brees is getting unbelievable protection. He's only been sacked nine times this season, which is only more than last night in one game. But it's also one fewer than Aaron Donald sacks on the season. Which means that we might see some real pressure for. Drew brees. And I think until the Rams lose a game and actually full on lose a game. They will always be my favourite even in New Orleans. Give it absolutely. I mean, there's no evidence to suggest that the Rams would not win. This won't win this game. Bill pointed out, they have a better offense Bill went out. They have a better defense. And what no one point out is guess what they also have bettle better special teams top five in the league in that category right now, and they're playing what they world of confidence. And even if girly is taken out of the game somehow by by the same. They still have weapon. Okay. Speaking of a world of confidence. It sounds like the trip in Baton Rouge or New Orleans wherever you guys that pledge skied and paid shared in some confident moments. I wanna hear about this. We'll go to break here by yourself. Play for fifteen just get to the good stuff. Please go ahead and go what I hear about it. No. I can't I can't even begin to go. There. Don't remember. Neither. All right. We'll take a break your cellular side. So Bill I said put on a pair of my name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be the smoking mom my first experience with jewel. I do remember being like distance good. It's it's it's like a cigarette. But not I don't miss smoking. At all. Like, I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Make the switch and J U L dot com slash sports. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine isn't addictive chemical. Packers patriots Sunday night Rogers Brady put. Electric. Show said unicorn talk leading this. Here's Tom Brady. Get you really this isn't the Super Bowl. This isn't a playoff. What he told Jim gray of Westwood One. Did say he was excited for this one. What do you buy or sell Brady downplaying the importance? Thanks for coming to be reality. Tony I am selling what he said. This is a critical game for the patriots for both teams. Obviously the Packers need to stay in touch in that division. And the patriots are chasing the chiefs. They might have to go to that playoff game in Kansas City. They may not get to the Super Bowl if they lose this game at home. This is an important regular season game. Because as what he mentioned the Packers are third in the NFC north right now it matters. Whether they win the game. But what doesn't matter. What happens between these two guys whether or not will affect how we see them. We're not going to change how we feel about Brady if he loses it doesn't take waive his brings and we're not going to change how we feel about Rogers. Could we're always gonna blame the team and coach around him for what he doesn't win. It's just a fun game to watch. This is truthful arrogance coming from Tom Brady, look he plays to go to Super Bowls Aaron Rodgers trying to get the Packers back into the playoffs for the first time in a couple of season. So he's absolutely right. That this is neither a Super Bowl nor a playoff. Yeah. Just Brady being smart. He doesn't want the attention on him or the team. He wants to call me, the low-key, and yours is going to be crazy enough as it is. This is why he gets the super bowl's 'cause he doesn't treat every game. Yoed out make a pick for the game. Will you got backers? Patriots. That's inanimate for four. All right. We'll move on by herself. Two. Got a motor the Bob. Firecracker? Magic Johnson was calling Luke Walton into his office following the Lakers win this two game road trip. Magic reportedly admonished Walton in an aggressive tone over the team sluggish start painting a picture of rising pressure on Walton latchkey. This is your cat by herself pressure mouthing on Luke Walton, I'm buying it. It feels like the end is coming near it. Just feels like Luke never really had a chance. He wasn't magic guy. He wasn't LeBron's guy. Jeanie Buss supports in. But she pretty much get your franchise LeBron now LeBron's working in conjunction with this. And I think he deserves the chance he has. They were sixteen sixteen at the end of last year. He was bringing young players along it's hard to adjust with LeBron James team is hard to figure out where who knows where? But I don't think he's got shot. What do you think the time line is here? What are we looking at your how much time I have? If this pressure is the Lakers fired both Mike Brown and Del Harris really early in the season. They're not afraid to do. It could come at any time. Come anytime who come this weekend? Yeah. I don't think this weekend. But he could come. It could come before thanksgiving. What he paid makes no sense. I'm celebrate the guy has great roots. As in his basketball career is family and coaching with the warriors. And you're gonna give him a full chance because you didn't hive what are they gonna do out there? Bill. Bring back the high chair, Phil Johnston grand. Who you gonna get this better than him with young players? I lou. I don't know what he's arguing with since Bill said, he doesn't agree. I. He's dealing with suspensions. Injuries a player who has traditionally when joining a new team taken a long time for that team to adjust to his presence. He's shuffling lineups. Because he's trying to figure out the older veterans or the younger guys who fits the best. He's doing what he needs to do to try to figure out this team, the problem as Bill said, it's even if we don't agree with an even if it doesn't make sense it. Sure seems like he's nobody's guy and most notably LeBron. So they're gonna go find the Bronx guy caving the long jetty for Luke Walton was shortened as soon as LeBron James changed addresses in welled up Laker Ville, and we all know that. So the fact that Magic Johnson with call him in and dress down or pro or suggest to him what you should be doing with the team is just really. Lou is a possibility or any other names anyone wanna say magic city come out and try to coach Steve and you wanna see that. So I just want to keep it's Laker land. Not Laker Bill. How are you? Move on by herself three. And this is a story that strikes credibly closed home to me Simone biles the goats we knew this ready, but her fourth world championship in the all around by margin that she'd never won by before. That's how big it was. And she did it after two goals, but while dealing with eight kidney stone Kaby you put this in the annals of history with Jordan, flew game Willis re coming back. It's one thing to have be sick in the stomach and have to do something or limp out onto a court for a couple of minutes and make one bucket. It's another thing to perform at a at a international high level with kidney stones, and you can't make this is unbelievable lashing. The most horrific words to use in a sense with kidney stones are vault balance beam. Yes. How does she do it? Which is worse hanging out with Blackstone having kidney stone at the world jokes. Fouled is got vault named for her. She didn't pull it all. But she has to do a half pipe physician somersault thing it'll be a mute sarahspain. Please save what he wanted to see where he was going with that. She hasn't lost a competition. She entered since twenty thirteen she's the most decorated gymnasts in history. She's only ever to win for worlds, and she did it this time despite falling and having kidney stones because she's that much better than anybody else. There's nothing to say about. Radio's instead of photos I had the right to the postage with row the word around for fun about LeBron or about Jordan or about Brady Rogers or Woody, and it's Simone byles head. It's Katy Decky at Serena Williams, and it's a whole lot of nobody you same bold navy and felt those people never lost any of their competitions. What he page. You wanna see where you're going with this? You're going to show well built flashing sarahspain showed up next. Tuck -nology truth brought to you by cold. Truth teenagers, can communicate entirely emojis. How my birthday party pizza slice kitten soccer ball pineapple truth. It's so easy to switch him. Save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Why are you talking about paper clips shoulder shrug high five wizard hat, what Goco fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more? Basque's sarahspain good look in huge second mental kings, one forty six last night Darren box with a thirty three minute triple double and they're six three. So young so fun so full of potential you remember when you were described like that Bill. Yeah. Yesterday. Tremendous. I think we ought to celebrate the kings while we can their fifteenth and defense fourteenth offense, go kings. Yeah. I think while we can't is the operative word because fourteenth and fifteen you know, the right around the middle. They're not a fantastic team. And they're probably going to sink in a great west. Let's enjoy Molly. Can I just like plaschke's embracing team the king while he thought he was going to be doing with the Lakers with the Sacramento Kings point for that Bill? Let's move on showed out number two. Montreal Canadian score two goals in two seconds left in the capital. This is N H L record. The second one was an empty netter. Helen, Preston, you, Sarah, I'm incredibly impressed. This is a record. That will never be beaten. You can't score two goals in fewer than two seconds. So this is a forever record. It's an empty net. Nobody was guarding the net. It's an empty net. They descended down the ice. I'm not that impressed. Empty records says plush, you know, what that's going to be the point that gives them the FaceTime. There you go Bill. I'm the big Louisville. Gotta hate to do this. But I gotta get profit Kentucky football big game this weekend. Posting Georgia elected in of chance to if they win the game. They will play at the championship. They have one SEC championship in forty two years. They got any snow junior running back a great defensive leads the nation type four points per game. I think he's got chance to win this game. I hate to say, but. Top tech team and know best get involved. All right here, we go. This is this is the last goodbye in this reality. This is the last time ever sitting in a chair hosting this show. Come monday. We're gonna take a new reality. Misted reality means to becoming through your television short scored at home. Monday.

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