United Nations And Ethiopia Reach Agreement On Aid Pact For War-Hit Tigray


You're listening to the news office hour on africa. Business radio and the united nations agreed on wednesday to channel desperately needed humanitarian aid to north in the region of tigre. A month of war is believed to have killed thousands of combatants and civilians. Federal troops have been battling the tongres people's relation font. And i've kept shut. The regional competition account and the pact announced by officials. Well i relieve on government controlled areas of tigra. un humanitarian coordination agency all c. h. As said the deal would ensure that humanitarian will have unimpeded sustained anti kill access to areas under the control of the federal government. In this i agree region and that was the news at this time. Africa business radio. You can continue to listen life online at. Www africa business radio. That's come or via our mobile app. I am rachel. Chie-jen do thank you for listening.

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