AP One Minute Headlines Oct 30 2018 15:00 (EDT)


Going to Pittsburgh. I'm Ed Donahue with AP news minute. President Trump will be in Pittsburgh later today to meet with families and friends of the victims of the deadly synagogue shooting over the weekend. Rabbi Walter Jacob was at a funeral for one of the eleven victims of the shooting. It's very kind of him to come. Her her for little be in the midst of vists. K R morning. I don't know in Wisconsin today. Former vice president Joe Biden says after the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. It's time to restore civilities is not who we are. We need to recognize that words matter words matter. Biden says it time to restore some dignity to our national debate. State police say a nine year old girl and her twin six-year-old brothers were killed this morning. When a pickup truck struck them in northern Indiana as they were crossing a road to board a school bus and other student was injured, I may Donahue.

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