Keith Wright 9-1-19


Good morning new york. This is the catch roundtable truncates matiz here sunday morning and lots of things happening in the democratic party in new york others morning we have teeth right who is the chairman of the democratic party in manhattan and been a member of the state state assembly for twenty three years the morning mister chairman right. How are you good morning sir. How're you get. Thank you for having having me on your show this morning. Thank you for coming on and there's so much confusion to new yorkers of what's going on. <hes> you have have very good candidates in new york city. You have a carolyn maloney who's been around forever. I and cheese being challenged by the so-called progressive democrats the so called the the ones that support look alexsandr quartets and i just want to know the pulse of the democratic party in new york city which swayze going in european well certainly when you have when you when when you have a intraparty party <hes> squabbles if you will and you have <hes> those interest party squabbles <hes> get to challenging a person send like carolyn maloney. I wanna say i've known congress from unloaded for upwards of thirty years. No one works harder. No no one is more committed no-one no-one no-one tries to balance <hes> all of the different constituencies <hes> that they have more so than carolyn maloney <hes> but that that's what i'm seeing. I'm seeing that that that <hes> as i guess a faction action of the democratic party taking on some real tried and true and committed legislators just for the sake sake of trying to take them on which doesn't make much sense to me and it's tremendously misguided. You know i can sit in and so what we have here. We have a <hes> <hes> you know. We have some democratic party. That's somewhat influx. Yes we have have different constituencies. We are not a homogeneous party by any stretch of the imagination. We've always been party with a big tent however her when you start challenging <hes> folks that have a great track record eliot engel another one angle and when you start challenging people that that are a key key positions <hes> not only in terms of protecting our nation but in in terms of key positions of seniority and the state of new york and and and certainly in in the city of new york it just becomes totally totally miss guided headed if you will and i think you know these things have seen these things before they go in cycles <hes> democratic party itself you as a leader leader of the democratic claudy in manhattan and your other leadership people in the other boroughs. Would you take a position. A special greg meeks to <hes> that that you urged democrats to vote for the current <hes> people or are you feel that you have to not be able to take position. No no no no i will i will i will <hes> i will get a megaphone from the highest highest mountain and and and yell at message that people like carolyn maloney people like greg megyn people like some of the others. Maybe jerry nadler that these folks we we work to law into hard to get these folks in these keep of it. You know the key to get what oh absolutely will support. The common common sense <hes> moderate democrats versus the so-called others putting label folk label them folk. You know john you l. Carolyn maloney people like greg meek <hes> and myself included. I mean we were the progressive in since we still are you're in many many respects but you know occasionally you have to become very pragmatic in terms of how you get things done and it takes a it takes blood sweat and tears in order to get into these positions you know when you look at carolina loaning i think he's been in congress at least upwards of twenty five almost thirty years now and and <hes> it it doesn't happen overnight <hes> and and and you can i mean these folks can count on my support not only because they know them but they do right by their constituents and doing mr iraqi doing right by that yeah okay well listen. They're great. They're great public officials and i. I agree with you a hundred ten percent all of our support. I agree with you. One hundred ten percent common sense has to prevail and thank you for calling being in the sunday morning and let's talk more as soon. I would look forward to it. Thank you so much and you have a great great. Show have a great weekend. Thank you all right. Thank you bye-bye this. Is the cash roundtable be right back.

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