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We're in business to save the planet and will use making close to do that for over forty five years. Patagonia has committed to taking responsibility for their impact on the environment environment by pioneering sustainable practices and inspiring other businesses to do the same the cure for depression action. Every one of us has to step up and do what you can. According to what your resources are Patagonian in business to save our home planet. Join US You're listening to the factories production of duct tape and beard with additional additional support from Kuwait racks. Because you love your bike and kicking horse copy wake up and kick ass Scribe to me our surroundings. We've got out Ross a trader Joe's an La Fitness. What looks to be a very large parking garage actually producer for the diaries and are standing ending outside of small old brick building with an incredible column stretching from the center? It's got large letters. Illuminated all down the sides. His Mike's Mike's Chili Parlor and bright lights in a less kind way of looking at it might be like it. Actually kind of looks like a giant Middle Finger flicking off the big square boxes the American retail that surrounded. This is my old neighborhood Ballard and it has changed a lot in last ten years. We left before. Most of those changes happen everything around. Mike's feels very very new. Walking into Mike's though it's like walking into a scene from stranger things were hopper gets a drink at the local watering hole. Whole journey is playing on the radio and is not ironic? Look I'm not one for bemoaning. Change Change happens and Ballard has changed now because of some horrible corporate and see or distant evil politician. It's changed because well. He's a me and a lot of other people like tens of thousands of other people who thought little neighborhood on the north side of Seattle was pretty damn cool with its whole on the walls like Mike's tiny breweries and small music venues corporations and developers. They followed us here and while we've been mode the death of the authentic when the sunset lanes bowling alley got plowed over to build apartment buildings and retail hill space that stood mostly empty because no small business can actually afford it as a population. Even though we've complained about it we were doing something else with the money in our wallets. It's we were going to the corporate hamburger joint the could afford the real estate. The reality is there's what we think and feel and then there's what we do and a lot of times those two things there an opposition. Mike's is a perfect example. Every time I dry I think it should go before it goes away and yet I never have after all these years. Ashley pointed out that I should probably change that and so we did. I don't even like chill that much. But there's something inviting about the place on the outside and when you step inside if feels completely comfortable and what it is on Friday night the people there they clearly seem to know each other and that's pretty darn cool. It feels authentic cool. It doesn't feel like it's trying to trying too hard fired or very hard. I love the idea of Mike Chilly but I don't support it and I bet you paused and he thought about it. He probably have your own version of Mike Chilly. Maybe it's a business or an offer prophet or community group Yuna quiet natural space that you love but you haven't gone to in years for the outdoor community. There's a place or kind of place I'd say the falls into this category money. Give you some hints saving. Yes okay when you were starting out on your outdoor journey you wanted the aisles and looked at the gear you imagine where you would take that gear and where that year it would take you. You peppered the person behind the counter with questions about the leader's skis or good ideas for weakened adventures. They patiently answered your questions. You gathered third with friends to watch slide shows stories about faraway adventures. And the place. Inspired you maybe your friends even work there reveling and low pay pro deals and working alongside those shared your passion. You relied on it because you realize that if you needed a last second item for that big trip you could just run down there and grab it right away way. It was always there. Welcome to your local gear store. As the outdoor industry. A number of people interested in climbing backcountry. Skiing trail running grows. It would stand reason. The for mom-and-pop gear stores business should be booming and yet it's never been in harder today. Producer actually laying holds. Brings you story about a classic. Your shop in Heart Ballard in the community that grew around it. What happened when it went away? Sometimes there is a second chance. I'm fiscal hall. And you're listening to the dirt back. Diaries Greece yeah That sound on that door has been the same for as long as I've been working with them and so when I hear that it's almost like immediate effect of like oh the doors opening and you know when I hear it's instantaneous. But I have all the years that I've been there of hearing that door or opening an opening and opening closing opening closing and every time you hear it actually it's always followed by. Hey how's it going. This is true Allen. He's worked with the scent outdoors often on for almost a decade on the floor. Talking gear with customers organizing events handing out cupcakes building partnerships between the shop in the low climbing gyms and marketing through that door he first timers and local legends in that Ballard Shop Adventures were born each starting with that creaky wooden door coming to these stores. Everything's just jam packed in there. There's so much gear and I love just walking in there and I always related into a candy store because it really is something that I walk in there. And he's like Oh my God what I want you know and it's like there's so much stuff in here I need this. I need that I want that. I want this to the ski wall and I'll see something I I don't know anything about and just ask any of the staff and they know all about it like I'm always learning something new every time I go there. Even though I worked there it was just basically earliest special shop. There was no other shot. Like Seattle has a big outdoor community unity and a number of really awesome shops in town. A cent outdoors was one of them. It was a staple it had been in business for over twenty years and created longtime customers the events in clinics a reliable selection of new and used gear for the backcountry user a prime location and an awesome staff. Maybe you've got a local ski shop or bike shop. It's like this so when the shop suddenly closed in April of Twenty nineteen the community was shocked. No going out of business sale. No Farewell Party. No it's not you. It's me taxed just a note taped to the door reading dear Ballard community. We will miss you. A cent outdoors is no longer open for business. Thank you for your support over the years. I was on a ski trip up at Rogers Pass with a bunch of friends and somebody almost casually mentioned. Did you hear that outdoors closing their doors. It was like the record scratching off the record player. Like what. Excuse me this is Jason Zabriskie a self described gearhead who lives walking distance from the shop. He and his dog. Pablo were regulars the same shock. Jason felt echoed through the community as the news spread. No one saw it coming not even true a ton of people. Send me text messages. Asking me what happened to US outdoors and it was news to me literally happened overnight And kind of an unfortunate situation and so I was pretty bummed kind of felt like somebody somebody had died in the family owned in nineteen ninety-three the shop began as a general use sporting goods. It store named second bounce in Nineteen ninety-six. Greg shop bought second bounce and slowly traded out the bouncy inventory with gear for backpacking camping climbing backcountry skiing and biking. He changed the name to second ascent in two thousand one and moved the shop to a highly trafficked area Ballard in twenty fourteen. Greg kept the Ballard property but sold the business which was renamed to ascend outdoors. Twenty seventeen a lot of people still use second ascent Anderson outdoors interchangeably. Like the way you might still call a high school friend Tony. Even though he decided to be Anthony in college chefs like this are familiar. Like childhood friend who was always up for adventure. It's little you wonder why true referred to it as family. I love it I love how down to Earth it is and how an assuming it is when you walk in there. You don't feel the people are judging you you know like I walk into the other shops around town and I just don't feel like I'm cool enough to be in there and I walk into a set say. Hey the peeps and then I walk around the corner to the little note that they have with a couple couches and make myself a cup of coffee and do some work is just a really we. Down-home Kinda neighborhood shop feel without feeling pretentious. sent out doors kind of stands out like a pro choose in a nice restaurant. toront- The shop sits on a street with gold lights in the trees that reflect off windows filled with leather boots and pine Senate candles and house cocktails. The neighborhood didn't always he's have this Polish Ballard. I developed around the timber and fishing industries. It sits on a ship canal that connects the cities inland lakes to the salt water and shipping lanes of puget sound around although thousands of boats. Still Pass through the locks each year the neighborhood. Today's less timber and fishing and more farmers markets and date nights ascent outdoors ours is one of the few businesses that seem to hold Ballard grittier history in place with Seattle's growth and change and the aesthetic of the shop as second. The center of Saint outdoors is becoming uncommon. You know that. Feeling of dirtbag Innis like I remember the first time walking in that that store and be like Oh all right. This is pretty modest is one of those things when you walk into the store and you look around and your eyes are totally going to the apparel or like the gear or like the antique equipment on the walls. You know it's like your eyes. Don't go to the floor but when you go to the floor it's like. Wow Wow. When was the last time this carpet was replaced? You know on the used side. There's like a crawlspace goes underground. I have seen it open before her. And I've talked to Greg about it when I was working there. And he's like you don't WanNa go under there and finding some toxic chemicals. The shop was like a clubhouse with little treasures quirks and remnants of the past the people who work. There were like gear wizards who had years and years of collective knowledge and happily shared it people who work in shops they have this certain personality about and because they're so involved in gear and they're so involved in the lifestyle and so they have these personalities that are so fun to hang out with. I'm almost nervous to bring up some conversations because I know you know it's like a saying that I always use uses like you. Ask somebody what time it is. And they'll tell you how clockworks you know and I think that these people have this unlimited knowledge on so many anything about where we live and the things that we can do outside and your that they self Outdoors wasn't just a place to shop. It was a place to get together and Santa Learn and I remember the first big event we had you know the store kind of had clinics here and there but it never had what we would call an event where presenter with with a big screen the first one that I can remember was Carl Miller pretty prolific split border here in the northwest and Super Wiley cool guy kind of a nomad as well but his story was just so cool because he he was living dream that we all kind of secretly hope we can do or want to do someday is like summer so sweltering in there but we had people lined up all the way from the shoe on the back of the store all the way out to the door for it was a huge event and even kyle was pretty blown away when the shop suddenly closed that clubhouse closed true started thinking about how to get it back I was talking with my buddy met and we wanted to get some gear for our trip and it occurred to us that we couldn't just go down to the store and buy Cana- fuel we'd have to make this whole day trip across town and battle traffic and battlelines it's actually it inspired us to start thinking about. Hey why don't we start a small shop just for these things because it was apparent that we were feeling this whole that to shop left when he was gone to wasn't the only one thinking that Jason was thinking the same the second I heard the store closed. I was like who Out there is going to save this place. There's gotta be somebody in this town who wants to save the shop. We all can't just let this go. I even was like you know. Probably probably not very seriously but in my head going what can I do like their way. I can pull together enough funds to make something like this happen or bringing people together. We can bring this back on. I never pursued it seriously but it was certainly something that like bounced around in my head. I was constantly hoping that somebody would bring the shot back to life It after the break. We'll hear about the shops. Unlikely second chance. The support for the dairies comes from the good people. A- Patagonia on black Friday Patagonia friends and customers to donate to grassroots fast routes environmental groups through action works the goal. Ten million dollars donated ten million dollars matched by Patagonia they reached that goal in mid December. Emmer which is incredible twenty million will go a long way to help these groups protect communities animals and wild places so thank you the matching period may be over but there's always time to give step up an answer with action up additional support for the. Diaries comes from kicking horse. Coffee Dreams Teams. Don't come true. Unless the dreamers wake up wake up and kicked us with kicking horse coffee. It's good coffee for good people available available at Amazon or kicking horse. COFFEE DOT COM dream. Then do you go. Make 'em true kicking horse. Coffee and support comes from Kuwait racks. It's time to switch it up or down the new Swiss ski snowboard Rack. Lets you switch it up for loading and getting geared the mountain than switching it down when you're commuting around town to win win coup because you love your gear check it out online to see what it's all about for almost two months. People like true and Jason hoped in wondered whether the shop would open again but it was a local guide in gear shop owner Sandeep man who set the plan in motion Cindy moved to Seattle in two thousand fourteen from India. Remote came here I I just fell in love. Washington was amazing to me. I logged in real of water all of those things where there started going hiking every weekend so last year was just. I didn't know anything about mounting turning now like hitchhike the coworker at Amazon. 'cause I never caught hike through you know. Some liking in the Olympics gold picked up from the other side. After four days Cindy started hiking and backpacking more and took a few courses with the mountaineers which lead climbing mountaineering and twenty fourteen. He started did the guiding company me our adventures named after the valley in the Indian Himalayas where he did several first ascents in the valley. He realized he wanted to create opportunities for others to get outside and challenge themselves and Build Camaraderie in twenty sixteen. He started a small gear shop to support the guide company. He was looking for a bigger space space so when he heard that a outdoors had closed he saw the opportunity he bought the shop. It reopened in July twenty nineteen so many people coming every day and thank you for re opening the store and wanting to shake my hand just so many people just coming in and showing allowing alone support so that was using the community had their gear. Shot back there was as the Seattle met magazine. Put a citywide fist pump. Their headline was doors back from the dead. And I kinda thought it was a Morbid Morbid kind of headline but it's true. I like sandy a lot. He's a great guy. I wouldn't call him savior but he is the right man. Uh for the job really open minded about what needs to get done to bring the community back to bring this shop back In the shop closing was a gut check for the community. The previous owner filed for bankruptcy and hung a note note on the door. Reminding us all that these places aren't guaranteed and they don't just live on high fives but also on sales. The Internet makes it easy to find the best deal and that puts a a lot of pressure on smaller community based businesses with so many options. The reopening of outdoors is a chance to see if there's still room for the local shop when the news was announced the store was going to reopen. Had such a flood of friends coming to me. texting me calling me. Is it true. Is it really happening. And they tell us and they'd all reply similarly like Oh all my money's GonNa go to the shop. Oh Man I'm so stoked to have it back in a neighborhood. That's where I'm going thing. It's been a few months now and I kind of hope that people maintain that promise boils down to it. It's not just about getting the best price. It's really really trying to keep the special place and shop around and it makes me feel even better because I don't even have to think about where my money's going because it's it's obvious where or it's going. You know getting new carpet someday. Woman actually still stuff on the floor ended up actually helps clean the floor that section it was for now. The carpets days. The shot feels largely the same as it did before it closed Cindy -pired a lot of the same staff back the store stocked with New News. News gear the crash pad benches next to the books written by local guides and authors. They've packed the place for events. The ski shop is up and running tuning and waxing skis fitting boots. The same wooden door still squeaks. To begin each visit. Recently I went to the shop looking for boots for an upcoming mountaineering trip to South America for the climb. I needed warm double or plastic boots for the most part. They're not necessary in the cascades so most local shops don't carry many options if any but one of the staff Sarah Armstrong said they might just have some old rentals hiding somewhere and no kidding. She said they might be in the hole under ground NARNIA. I thought thought maybe the upside down. Just watch your step lion in that end quite ricky. It was always in the back of the small space. There was a pile of mannequins Kim's plastic life-size bodies lying on the floor empty mannequin. It is sort of terrifying to see. Just we came back up and close the door and laughed. I didn't find any boots of my size down there but I found a little of the shops magic. I hope it sticks around the northwest. Swear take bits brats. Here is the shock of feeling you must call raise my way of thinking specifically. I'm living on an island in the sound. You gotTA decouples protect him out audible from the city. So where are we at Crystal Chris. What are we doing ski the key to say everyone who listens to the Derby areas have held they everyone for listening music today from Cancun published request tracks courtesy of free music archive or the artists? Themselves Jacobina Koto composed our theme song. You can find links to the artists at our website. DIRTBAG DERRY'S DOT COM. Thank you true Jason and Sandeep for sharing your story we really appreciate it. This episode was produced by laying holds. CORDELIA CZARS BECCA call and me fits call you. have been listening to the dirtbag dairies. Thanks for tuning in everyone together. The stay away because that's a home a

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