3 Minute Extra: What Is a Brand?


Marketer. Three minute extra. I'm Mark adverts today. What is a brand I had that chat with someone the other day. And I came to the conclusion I had long ago, but it got me thinking of it more deeply about it. So what is a brand? Is it the logo the tagline is at the website the app? Yes, all of those. But it's also the sales contract the entry way to your office the way people answer the phone the tone, people using emails. Yes. It's all those and more a brand is everything every experienced that a customer prospect employee shareholder partner member of the press members of the public walking by your office. It's everything and it all adds up to your brand. So when you think about your brand don't isolate it to the messaging for your products, the look of your website, the color of your logo or the trade show booth. You're designing those things are important, but they're not the only. Only way you represent your brand. So think about it more holistically there's a cliche to cling onto what are all the points at which your company encounters people. It's a long list. I'm sure but attempting to catalog every one of those interactions will give you an idea of what you're dealing with. Once you figure that out you should make sure that the visual identity and tone of voice Rafter is well represented in each of those places. I know I'm simplifying things. And this is not a simple undertaking. But it's worth thinking about in these terms because if you go into anticipating complex nightmare, you'll never get off the starting line. In fact, he may not want to get off the starting line, right? Just acknowledging that a brand is something that is everywhere. Like oxygen is a good start maybe start small, but you keep forging ahead. Yes. So that's a brand. It's just everything.

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