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MW: Valentino Rossi's Future, MotoGP Schedule News


from Moto Dot net. It's the motor week. Podcast with your host Wilson. Why Hello and welcome to Mota Week. My name is Wilson. Thank you so much for listening to the only mode. Gp Show on the Internet with its very own virtual racing league. That's right we're starting this week. I'll post the thread for guitar right after the show is done. Why hello and welcome to Moto Week. My name is Wilson. Thank you so much for listening to the only Moto. Gp Show on the Internet with its own virtual racing league. That's right we're doing it. We're starting this week. I'll post the threat for guitar right after the show is done. All the details are coming up in a minute. So we'll at least have some racing to look forward to because there's GonNa be even less on track now. We'll about the latest in the schedule news but the negative and the positive because while a few rounds have been cancelled. Dorna is also still forging ahead with proposals to try to get the bikes on track for racing at least in front of TV cameras and you wanted to discuss some of the challenges. They face in doing that. So we'll talk about that on the show We'll also talk not so much about silly season. Although there are few celebrities and comments that will dive into but more about what Valentino? Rossi might do for next year. Because I'd like to get your views on that and we do have comments. We've got pictures and we have people trying to drain my bank account entirely by tempting me with iconic bikes for sale. But that's a little bit later before we get to the foreign now for the show. I do want to invite over to the website at Mojo Week Dot net. All of the latest episodes. Are there if you want to check out if you missed one? You can follow along on twitter and instagram. At Moto Week. I've been very bad about. Instagram is good there for a while. But I'm going to get back on it. I promise I'm and most importantly if you wanna leave a comment and I think you should Head to the facebook page facebook dot com slash motor week dot net. Do me a favor. Click the like button when you get there as well or over. Read it at our slash mode a week and not only do we have pictures and videos and comments there but that's also going to keep all of the scores for the motor. Gp Nineteen Challenge. If you are on facebook though you'll be able to post them there. It's just the fullest is going to be over. Read it so if you haven't subscribed on read it will do that when you get a chance and then you can join in on the fun over there all right so here. We go with the rundown just about everything. We're going to talk about on the episode today. We're going to start with the details of the moto week mode EP. Nineteen challenge which will officially get underway right after the show then we'll dive into some motor. Gp News the latest scheduling drama because multiple rounds have officially been canceled. Now we'll talk about which ones but that does not mean that we won't have a season. Carmelo escalator was talking about his latest plan. Which could have racing start as soon as July. So we'll discuss what he's proposing at this point at Formula. One by the way is looking to get their season underway as well. We'll talk about that. A little bit and how it could affect what happens ultimately a motor. Gp and then we'll discuss one of your comments when it comes to the season. Will the tracks actually want to have racist? Does it economically makes sense for attract? It doesn't have fans to have a race. We'll dive into that a little bit And then I wanNA talk about balancing a Rossi. Could he return for twenty twenty one will? It is looking like that's going to happen whether it's a good idea or not A different story and we'll talk about that a little bit. And then there's another rider that want to propose to get your thoughts on that other writer to then we will dive headlong into the comments. You guys wanted to talk about silly season about video. Pass about some motor G. P. Tech and then there are a lot of great picks and photos and some really killer bikes for sale. That you wanted to talk about as well and then the post of the week returns I kinda play putting on hiatus for a little while because knowing that the majority of the show was going to be comments anyway but there was one in particular that stuck out to me this week that we definitely have to mention and I think it merits some imaginary invisible points. But you'll have to wait until the end of the show to find out exactly which one that is all right so let's get started with the Moto Week. Modo. Gp Nineteen Challenge. Because we're starting it today now over them read it. We had a discussion. The past couple of days and more than one person was interested in doing. Pro Level assessed and trajectory off. And I'm totally cool with that but I do realize that there are also some players that are either newer to the game or just not as much into into. They haven't played it as much and on Promo Code I will admit it is super easy to lose the front end especially with no trajectory to give you those breaking points. You know exactly when you should break him what line you should be aiming for as well. So here's my idea since I do like the idea of proano assist. Why don't we do a throwback to a few years ago and have two classes have factory class and an open class so with the factory class straight up pro assests no trajectory as close to a real track day as possible and then for open class. I say we do standard assist trajectory. Your choice either on or off whichever you prefer although if you're doing standard assist you probably want the trajectory on and I can't remember it's been a long time so you have to forgive me. It's been a long time since I played standard assist. I don't know if it has auto braking or not and if it does I will definitely allow you to turn off auto braking if you want to mostly because I find that generally annoying especially when you're trying to push a corner for a little bit better lap time so let's do both and if you WANNA compete in both classes. Go for it. I'm going to. I think it would be interesting for people who normally play on pro to go back into a standard lap either right after right beforehand so we can compare because I don't know I don't know if standard mode with all of the assists on and everything would make you actually faster or slower overall because while it definitely helps you from wrecking much. It does hold you back in places I think and so I'll be very curious to find out if the lap times are better on pro worse or the same they might end up being the same so So we'll start this week with Qatar wimpy seventy-nine already posted a time. He couldn't wait to get going up. And that's fine but Wendy. You are allowed to Redo that lap if you'd like to especially since we really don't know what settings used or anything like that and then we'll keep track of everyone's times on the reddit thread and if anybody posts on facebook because they aren't on. Reddit well allowed their time to list as well although I would recommend that you come over to read it because well we're having fun over there And then I think and this is up for discussion. Maybe we won't do it this way but I kind of think that maybe what we should do is do it like motor. Gp qualifying in the sense that it shootout style. So if somebody posts a better time and you WanNa try and beat them. Well then you can take a second run before the deadline because that's the fun of Qualifying everybody goes out. They lay down their lap. They come and change the tires and go back out there and they have another go at it and them right at the last second you get you know people posting better and better times. I think it will be fun to do it that way. So anytime up until the deadline. If you WANNA another laptop because you you better well. I think that would make it more fun as the deadline. I don't know how `bout the end of I wanted to make at the end of the week but right now. It's already like Friday in Australia. And so I don't want them to only have a couple of days to work at it. So how about the end of Tuesday which has made V at midnight? Ps which is ut GMT minus seven? That'll give everybody at least three or four days to practice. Maybe put up good laptop and it'll give you the entire weekend as well and then on Wednesday posted new threat and then we'll move on to Thailand and then we'll keep going one track per week and You know get as as Finland dwell since motor. Gp Nineteen doesn't have the Kimmy ring. We'll just consider that round to be cancelled which fits because as we're about to talk about here in the motor. Gp News the actual Finland GP was canceled. This week. So get them. Read it if you have more. Gp Nineteen break it out. Start practicing and start posting your time if you only have motor GP twenty. I know there was at least one person. Read at that only has MotoGP twenty. I say you should play along. I mean we won't include your score on the list but I'll included on the page because I would like to know how much of a difference we're trying to figure out how much of a difference there is. Between Nineteen Emoji P twenty in terms of laptops at the same track Modern GP bikes. Only please unless you really want to do a five hundred C. C in which case I guess go forward I mean Good Luck GonNa need it. Then when you post up your time make sure you let me know whether it's your factory. Time pro settings no trajectory or your open class time which is assists and then trajectory on and I have no clue how it's GonNa work out but hey let's try and have some fun and as of now there are no prizes but who knows maybe. I can come up with something and we can do something at the end wants. Real racing actually starts again Speaking of real racing let's dive in this motor. Gp News Right now because we've got an update on the schedule situation Just yesterday Carmelo escalating announcement. Initially the Kimmy ring was postponed the Finland GP was going to be postponed. Of course following in the footsteps of Germany Mugello as The Finland GP organizers say in accordance with the instructions of the Finnish government. The race was supposed to be the second weekend of July. And as we're GONNA talk about here in a minute that's kind of the target date for. Carmelo split enduring to try to get something going on track but even if they do even if they are able to come up with something then all of the tracks are still going to have to make this type of announcement because there's no government right. Now that's going to allow all of those spectators to come to attract sell. The government has to tell the track no dice. You can't do this or the promoters rather no. You can't do this. The promoter turns around and says sorry. Everybody you can't come here even though as we'll talk about here in a couple of minutes. We may still have racing at some of these tracks where the racists have officially been postponed in terms of the public coming out. But the Kimmy ring won't be on that list because right after the postponement announcement then Carmelo escalated. Just yesterday confirmed that Finland along with Germany and Assen have all officially been canceled. No rescheduled eight for the season. He said for all three that they would come back and try it again next year. It'll be the first time the first time since nineteen forty five that the Dutch tea has not been run back then of course it was put off because of World War Two this time. It's a situation that's not the same but just as unprecedented. That's just how big this thing is you think about something like the. Dutch T T. That's been around forever and only had that lay off between I think it was nineteen forty and nineteen forty-five for war. That's the only thing that could stop it but this was able to stop it. So that's how big this situation is But it's disappointing as it was to hear. Carmelo say that three rounds have officially been canceled. And there's no chance we're going to run this season then. He turned around and said something a bit more positive. And it's at this point that I'm convinced that Carmelo escalator listens to this show. And if you do welcome we love to have you on the program and we'd love to have you check in over. I'm read it. Maybe do Acuna but the reason I say that is because right after we were talking a week ago about a Spain Italy season or even a Spain only season that could conceivably start at the end of July and then run through November. And Give us you know. Enough racing with double header weekends to have a proper championship. That would still leave us with at least a little bit of variation in terms of tracks. Well Carmelo turns around and says he's focused on having a plan together in time to execute a European only Mo- GPC's and that would run those exact dates late July through. And I'm going to say that is a brilliant plan and not just because I outlined it all last week after Canada. Doing the math in my head. Okay mostly because of that Maybe maybe Carmelo isn't listening. And hopefully he or somebody. Dorna is and if they are. They're more than welcome to use any any of the ideas that you and I come up with on the show when it comes to making a season happened as long as we get to see them racing. We just want to see some racing. Them may be. Could you know? Throw us a bone with this whole video pass situation and just extended us all out until the end of two thousand twenty. I think that'd be a nice move but I'm not trying to go go overboard here but those two things would be racing and some help with the video pass but Carmelo also said that they already have a backup. Plan that a backup schedule. I guess you could say that would have them running from September until the end of the year now. In either scenario he definitely was not optimistic about the prospect of having vans at the races and Realistically. I think that is completely off the table. I mean while multiple leagues are seriously discussing plans to get their season back underway. Not a single. One of them is considering having fans in attendance for the foreseeable future but sitting down and actually coming up with a realistic plan kind of defining dates. That is a big step in the right direction. And for what? It's worth over on the four wheel side of the room and Formula One. They're taking a very very ambitious approach to their twenty twenty one. That if I'm being honest I'm being a bit optimistic and you guys know that. I've been optimistic about this entire time about getting racing in but even by my standards. I think that they're aiming a little high. The folks that liberty are moving ahead with the idea that they're going to be able to run fifteen to eighteen races but not just in Europe like motor. Gop is talking about the formula. One thinks that they can run those fifteen eighteen races on four different continents between July and December starting off the first week of July in Austria. Them running two and a half months in Europe followed by two and a half more months across Asia and the Americas before wrapping up the season in Dubai in December. I know that that's pretty far up there and is if that isn't assuming the absolute best as it is. They even went so far as to say they hope that fans could be a part of the festivities for the second half of the season. And you know I like their positive attitude but that ain't happening. I mean this is not going to happen. I don't see how it could happen unless something. Miraculous occurs in the next four to eight weeks or so and we all know that's not happening now. The fact that they're being so ambitious I think is a good thing for motor. Gp because they're pushing the boundaries and whatever they end up with. They're not going to get everything they're asking for for sure but whatever they end up with could help guy. Mo- GP into what's realistic to try to achieve and you let Formula One Formula. One got all kinds of money so let them waste their money in their time and their effort trying to come up with a plan that will work. Ideally and then that's a little less work that motor. Gp has to do. I like Carmelo's more conservative. Approach better stay in Europe. Focus on the round that everyone can drive to and get a solid plan to shoot for. You know the minimum number of rounds knowing that you can double upham races or tracks to get in that extra banner those extra couple of events if if things are going well on the Formula One shooting for such a high target like you said still a good thing for motor. Gp In the end because one way or the other Dorna is going to be able to learn from F one's successes and failures and I don't think there's a way that Dorner Braley lose by being more conservative than Formula. One because with any luck this is going to be the only time wherever in this type of situation so in the end there's not gonna be any winners or losers so to speak you know if the Formula One strategy works and they're able to go to four continents and run fifteen eighteen races so be it. You know nobody's going to be lamenting the fact afterwards that you know motor. Gp could have potentially run one or two more races or gone to one or two more countries because it's a one time thing and it's over with and they did the best with the situation that they were given But like I said last week while I prefer a variety of tracks. I mean if they're going to be fans there anyway. How much does it matter to say that? The bikes and the writers were physically in Country X. OR COUNTRY Y. While we watched on TV. And I would say the same thing really applies to Formula One. Mean if there's not going to be anybody there anyway. Then what difference does it make if they run you know in Argentina or the United States or if they're running that we can Spain for the third time I mean outside of the intricacies of each particular track which I admit are a big deal and do make the racing more interesting but I'm willing to give some of that up to a have racing at all as opposed to not having it and be. Have everyone involved to be as safe as possible? Instead of maximizing their travel and also in the process maximizing their risk. So we're already giving up a normal season. This is what I'm saying. So it's all water under the bridge at that point. I mean what we know as a regular motor. Gpc's and it's done it's gone. It's never gonNA come back this year. We're going to have to wait until at least next year to get a regular season back. So am I going to be upset that there's no racing in Asan no? I can't be as long as there's some racing. I'm going to be happy in a regular season. Like think back to silverstone not getting a race in its silverstone. That was a bummer. That was a travesty because it was a regular season an avoidable situation. Right this is. This is a totally unavoidable situation. Now so you take what you can get and while I want to race at ask them what while I want to raise taxes ring while I would love to have the Kimmy ring be beyond the schedule if that can happen and we gotTa Watch Tim Races? Valencia I'll watch tim races at Valencia. I'm not going to be picky anymore. About him Since we're on the topic of tracks though let's talk about Michael's comment on facebook about the tracks and the relationship. Dornan HOW EVERYBODY INVOLVED MAKES MONEY? And where the motivation is. GonNa come from four these particular tracks to host the TV only events. That Carmelo was talking about having starting at the end of July. And I think my goal to kind of address what you would ask me. No I was definitely not looking past. How DORNA and the promoters and the tracks all make their money on a weekend The focus of the conversation last week from my standpoint was more along the lines of you know Formula One or NASCAR or any of the stick and ball sports for that matter. Being a potential model for Mo- GP in terms of the best way to execute a weekend when it comes to procedures and keeping the competitors safe and organized. If any of those other series get going I which had actually looks like those other series some of those other series may be underway. I but Michael wanted to bring up the financial aspects of and. Let's talk about that because I think he brings up some very interesting points to consider for those not on facebook. Michael Accurately pointed out. When we're talking about the financials of a motor GP weekend motor GP season. That Dornan's money is coming from broadcast rights from series sponsors from the fees paid by each one of the promoters to run those races and I would toss licensing in there as well. I'm sure that's a decent amount of money. And of course all of the money they get from us from things like Oh. I don't know video pass. Not that I'm bitter right now or anything Now the tracks they get rented out. Typically by promoter or management company and that promoter or management company they have to pay for the round they pay the licensing fee that during the to have the round they pay all of the people who come out more and then they make their money from local race sponsors along with ticket sales and concessions and all the stuff that we do on race weekend to go and have fun. Of course Michael's thinking okay. I'm in the shoes of a promoter. Right now I was in line to have a motive. Gp round. I mean was GONNA pay my couple of million euros to get the race to begin with. I was going to cover all of the costs. And then of course I'm going to get all of the money Locally at the track. Where's my motivation to? R- hold my reschedule round to hold my postponed round. When I know nobody's going to be allowed to come out here and help me recoup my money and make some money off of what I have to outlay to be able to get this race in the first place. Now from Dornan's perspective. They've got different priorities because they make their money different ways because running a race at an empty venue still has plenty of financial benefited unlocks that TV money and it unlocks at least some of the sponsorship money as Dorna super-motivated right a race promoter or maybe even attract itself could be left in the hall even if they or the promoter didn't have to pay their Grand Prix fees things like insurance local staff. You know all the stuff that happens to make the necessary not including the fans. All of that cost is typically absorbed by the race promoter so putting myself back in the shoes of Seb promoter why on Earth would I went to host around? I know I'm only going to lose money right. But the key here is what holding the rounds. Unlock FOR DOOR NOW. Because of all of the money swirling around these events you know the TV contract and those big series sponsors. That's the lion's share and the goal of running any of these races the TV money and to a lesser extent. You know the sponsorship money on the series level now that those amounts are. I'm sure much smaller than the broadcast rights and the series sponsors for something like Formula One or even the NFL or the MLB. But we're still even though it's not at that level we're still talking like triple digit. Millions like one hundred million dollars or more. That's a lot of money and when there's that kind of money there are always going to be options. Now what? I don't know what I definitely don't know in. This are the particulars of the contracts that Dornan has with any of the individual race promoters or management companies that contract to put on the racist. But I'm pretty sure that every one of those promoters is going to run into problems with their events rescheduled or not the ones that are still on the calendar. They're not gonNA have crowds. I mean just because Catalonia hasn't been rescheduled yet doesn't mean that you know it's going to be opening fans are going to be able to come in you know. They may have the race that date. But there aren't going to be any fans there. I mean let Grayson was saying on facebook. You know a vaccine or another large-scale. Halt of the virus is going to be the lynchpin here and that is very far from an overnight thing so even if a race somewhere like Catalonia or San Marino even if that round goes off on the weekend that it scheduled it's not going to be the same event. It's not going to be the contracted event. I wouldn't expect It'll be race and it'll be on TV. But the promoter braces that the season is typically made of and what door are proposing are two different things and like you guys have mentioned before. There's very likely a force majeure clause in everyone's contract for these events. That relinquish is a lot of the financial responsibility locally including those sizable fees that go to door now to get the race in the first place so pre existing deals for all of the races from here on out are likely going to be erased by local governments. Barring someone from suddenly agreeing to you know throw open the gates and let eighty thousand. People have a big old get together. You know. It's just not going to happen. But that does not leave. Dorner without options and it doesn't leave the tracks unmotivated to host an event to have an event that's on TV because what they're proposing isn't a traditional race with the overhead that goes with it with the marketing that goes with it. What they're proposing is pretty much the same thing as open test just with TV cameras. Milk Unlike Valencia. That's not a promoted event. Dorna RENTS THE TRACK. The teams all come out and play. I would assume in those instances during also pays the track of the to provide the corner workers and associated personnel. Or maybe they'd pay the promoter at that point to provide a couple of extra days of workers and Associated Personnel And all of that all of those costs and renting the track bringing the people out a lot less money than they're gonNA make in terms of TV rights and sponsorships now again like I said. I don't know the contract details between the individual race promoters and Dorna but. I'm sure that if during a really wanted to. They could circumvent the organized. Promoters each of these events entirely I mean they cancel the event and then just turn right around and rent the facility out the same weekend and have added and the middleman is gone now. Because you don't need the middleman because you're not trying to host an event with eighty thousand people. You're just trying to run a basically attract day that happens to be televised or they might be nicer and they might partner with those local promoters to give them a hand either way. There is money to be made maybe less than a regular race but far more than sitting around and waiting and so maybe Dorna cuts the promoter in on some of the TV money. Instead of asking that promoter for money I like I said I don't know but it is certainly possible. That Dorner wanted to cut out the middleman. Just do these events themselves. They could but you're right that it is different Michael. You're right that it is different talking about motor. Gp Then sports here in the US in the conversation we were having last week. I was only thinking about those sports as potential guide to motor. Gp In terms of procedures in terms of execution since everybody is going to have to learn from everyone else. What's effective in terms of required personnel in testing procedures and isolating the competitor's team members? But when you start talking about the financials and absolutely it's a different world because there are different amounts of money involved in our larger amounts of money involved for a lot of those sports in their motor. Gp But it certainly is feasible and the tracks. Obviously if you if you you know San Marino and the events cancelled and promoter goes away and all of your contracts with that promoter of now being cancelled because of the force measure clause then. Dorna comes along and says. Hey We'll pay you X. amount of dollars to rent your track out for the day will provide all of the personnel. We got it approved by the government. Well they're not going to say no. There's certainly going to take it. And then torn is still stands to gain quite a bit of money. Maybe not as much as if they had gone through the promoter and gotten that fee that couple million euro fee. But they're still going to make more money and be able to give that money out to the teams and then everybody is more valuable at that point but a very good question and it's certainly something that we can look at further as we go along as we learn more information because a lot of those financial details just aren't released so if you happen to know some of them by all means Chairman facebook on it and we can have. We can keep going with the discussion all right so let's shift our focus a little bit silly season because there were a couple of comments on silly season but before we get to them. I WanNa talk about Valentine Rossi potentially racing in two thousand twenty one because it looks like that is exactly what's going to happen Valet said in an interview with crash dot net this week that he wanted to assess his performance this season before making any kind of decision that we already knew that really But with the current state of things. He's not going to be afforded that luxury because he pretty much has to decide by June. What he's GonNa do for twenty twenty one and that's definitely going to be before they take to the track but then they go on to say that he quote hopes to continue in twenty twenty one. Especially if there's no season or just a very short one this year and for me. That settles it. I mean because we're not talking about a question of whether or not there's going to be a bike for him. I mean there will be Yamaha has already said as much and frankly they would be stupid not to provide him a bike. I mean he's marketing gold for them and for Dorna an promoter. Jp in general so when he makes a statement like I hope to continue in twenty twenty one. Well he's going to because nobody is going to stop him literally. Nobody is going to say no and with the bike available one way or the other. There's no need to speculate. Further Valentino. Rossi will race in twenty twenty one. It's really just a matter of who he's going to be racing for whether he'll race a second bike for Petronas or whether it's going to be some sort of temporary. Vr forty-six team that's essentially run and funded by Yamaha. But of course question then becomes. Is that a good idea or is it a bad idea You know considering the fact that he's not taking up one of those factory on Maha seats anymore. I don't see how it could be a bad idea. I mean I know there are people who are fans. Valentino and not Fans Valentino. But the fact of the matter is that he is one of the top three riders. Ever in the sport it's debatable. Where on that list? We're in the top three. He lives but he is always going to be one of top three. And there's very little debate that he is the most popular writer in the sport. And right now things are kind of you know a bit of scattered mess. You want that. Most popular person to help lead the charge back you want balancing Rossi to be on track. And because he's not taking up a factory Yamaha seat that could go to an incredibly talented young writer. Like Fabio Quad Chara. He's not blocking him anymore. I don't see the harm you know. We've seen riders. We haven't really seen writers that are older but we've seen writers. Many many riders on the backside of their career continue on past their prime in the vast majority of those riders didn't have seasons even close to what they had last year. Two Thousand Nineteen and admittedly. The doctor had a terrible season in two thousand nineteen minutes worst finish in the standings ever emotive GP tied with two thousand eleven when he was back on the body. But he's still score more points. I mean yeah. There was one extra event but he's still score more points and I mean just a year before that in two thousand eighteen he was thirty was third in the standings. So it's not like yeah I mean yes he's not the Valentino Rossi that we once knew. But it's not like he still not better than the majority of the other riders out there because he is you combine that with the fact that he is the most popular. And you need that kind of stabilizing force going forward to make sure the fans don't forget about the sport and be come back to the sport when they're able to again because let's face it in twenty twenty one if fans are allowed into the venues and I'm hoping that they will be you're in one of those areas where you know you can get to race and you know that this is very likely going to be the last time you ever get to see Valentine Rossi on a motor GP BIKE. You're going to be much more inclined. Well love them hate him or otherwise? You're going to be much more inclined to go see that race because there is a legend. The you're never gonNA see on the track again and the same is going to be true down the road when it's time for Martin Marquez to retire and so I think it's very important that he stays on the bike for twenty twenty and I think he will like. I said the only real question here and I think the reason that's taking songs are trying to iron out all the details of where he's going to ride whether it's going to be. Petronas or it's going to be for another organization that Startup Organization and I think that really ultimately that decision hinges on what the other rider a one to talk to you about what Lorenzo does because if whore he does not want to race well then I think that Valet simply goes in runs for Petroleos because within. Yao's quattro both locked up for two years. It's not like Yamaha's can have an urgent need to have a young developing writer on that second Petronas Spike. They can afford to give it up for a year and if Franken Morbidelli does not comeback patrol as well which I think he will by the way Then I suppose yes you could have valley and Lorenzo each take a seat without team and you could have the TRONA super team right But if Franco stays them what happens if both valet and Lorenzo wants to race which is a possibility and I think that's a possibility because in that same interview Rossi clearly said that there is a chance that Yamaha may have to feel five bikes in two thousand twenty one which is a strong hint that were. Lorenzo may be interested in coming back now. He said that he feels that. He is capable of racing again for Yamaha. He's just not sure what. Lorenzo's motivation level is to run an entire season. Now I'm GonNa ask you in a minute. What you think about the possibility of Lorenzo coming back but I want to stick with Rossi here for a minute because in that scenario it both of those guys WanNa race then I almost and now I'm going. The dependance speculating here. I could almost see those guys going. All Do Khadi on. Us am running six bikes not five but six in two thousand twenty one your regular patrols lineup with Franken whatever young Roger They WanNa bring up and then a Vr forty-six super team for one year with Rossi and Lorenzo on those bikes. And then they can reassess Lorenzo once the year is over. I mean the merch sales alone would likely pay for an entire team. And I'm not joking about that. I think I think that's probably part of what they're considering is. Hey if we go with a Vr forty-six team there's Vr forty-six gear. We could we could literally sell enough merge to run this entire team maybe with two bikes for the entire year. Now I think the hard part there would be convincing. Lorenzo to ride on a bike that is you know racing under the Vr forty-six banner under the Valentino Rossi. Banner but I could totally see Rossi doing that because we all know that all of the top motor GP riders but especially balancing. Rossi thinks very highly of themselves. Their Egos are huge in so in his mind. It would be not going to a satellite bike. You'll be going to a special Valentino bike. I've transcended even factories and I've got to my own Valentino Rossi level bike that separate from everybody else so I can totally see a situation where Lorenzo races the patrol. Honest and Valet zone of your forty-six by himself which I think the the appearance is there would look a little too egotistical. And that's why. I think there is a possibility that they could just let Petronas run their own thing the way that they want to and then just for a single season have. Vr Forty six super team where they plop Lorenzo they put Rossi there and they can try and figure out what they're gonNA do with Lorenzo after the twenty twenty one season. I don't know what do you think? And more importantly than what do you think about? You know how they should shuffle up the writers? What do you think about the idea of whore? Hey Lorenzo coming back to motor. Gp full-time given the way that he left. Honda not performing well being injured and saying that those constant injuries were one of the main reasons that he didn't want to race again and all the sudden he's like. Oh maybe I could bracing may be. Those injuries don't scare me as much anymore. And then if he were to come back. How angry are you? If you're Honda because I I didn't read the entire article but I did see a little bit a couple of comments from Livio SUPPO. Who said hey if I were still in charge of Honda. Lorenzo would not have been allowed to go over to Yama hymie especially wouldn't have been allowed to ride against me and wildcard brace and you know in that instance. We wouldn't even be having that conversation about Lorenzo. There will be no chance of him coming back in twenty twenty one unless he sat out a year and then after his contract expired made new contract with Yamaha at that point so the two questions should Lorenzo come back with three questions really should Lorenzo comeback. If he does come back how does that look the way he left Honda? And if you were Honda. Nana scale of say one to ten. How would you be Lorenzo for basically ditching you And sitting out for a couple of races to seek a flip back around and carry on with the arch-rival right across the street so facebook dot com slash photo dot net and then over read it and our slash motor week arts and we're already on the topic of silly season. Let's dive in the comments with a couple of comments of yours about silly season. Ian Who says hey silly season really isn't it's been incredibly uneventful. Ain't that the truth. It's really strange because last year you remember nothing was supposed to happen and it got really really crazy and I'm pretty sure I remember us back. Then speculating that. Maybe the needle will go the other way in what we had expected and hoped for in two thousand twenty wasn't going to materialize. It looks like current situation. The side that you know. That's the way it's going that we expected all hell to break loose behind the scenes with the contracts but now it's just about everybody holding serve and keeping the guys they got because while all hell broke loose on the other side of this situation entirely on that topic by the way. I thought it was hilarious that Martin Marquez. This Week said in interview that he thought maybe the uncertain status of the season meant that all of the twenty twenty one contract should just revert back to twenty twenty and they could do it all again after next season. Oh Yeah No. That's not self-serving at all. No no I'M. I'm sure that mark would have been devastated if Bobbio Coiro had to wait an extra season on the satellite bike before getting on that monster factory bike and I'm sure the Yamaha would be just fine with that plan. No that's not gonNA happen. I like we were talking about last week. Maybe the week before that one of those Past shows the contracts are definitely going to be unaffected when it comes to their length The only possible complication. Right now is going to be. Those contracts don't provide for particular riders to get paid for racist run because that means some guys either aren't getting paid right now or there aren't going to get paid as much this year as they expected to. But the idea that. Dorner or FM. I mean who would even say that who even have jurisdiction over that the idea that anybody would have the authority to say. Oh those contracts that you guys all signed yet. They're null and void. Now when you're gonNA we're just going to cross out twenty twenty and right twenty twenty one at the end of all of them now. Now that's that's not going to happen at all for for all of the reasons that we talked about on the previous show Mr T. was on video. Pass watching the two thousand six season. He said he had heard on another show. That's probably the best season of all time I would say that's right up there with one of the best seasons of all time in motor. Jp I mean especially as an American race fan as well it's going to be a great season And on that same topic Jamie wandered if there was any word for those of us that have video pass not to bring it up again but hey he brought it up. So let's talk about it Nothing that I know of so far at this point. They've got our money and they're not giving it back easily or willingly There was somebody on read it a couple of weeks ago that I remember a post saying that they were able to get their money back from Dorna but they did have to fight with them a little bit to get it all sorted out now. I do appreciate the situation that they're in because with things so fluid right now if they just started handing back everybody's money and then they go racing. Well now they could have gotten part of a season out of us and they aren't going to while I understand their situation. I don't know if I'm terribly sympathetic over it because let's face it. Dorna has way more money than we do. Said anybody wants to be the responsible one in the relationship. I think they kind of need to be and I would hope especially if we get a short season if we only get a few races in I would hope that they would be big about it in the end and extend our twenty two thousand subscriptions through the end of next year mostly to reward us for being loyal and not saying. Hey what the hell man. GimMe my money back. I'm not satisfied so Dornier if you're listening and I know you are. That's what you should do. Just tell us all I would tell us all before we go racing. Because boy that's GONNA give everybody a big boost. Hey we're GONNA go racing and be if you paid for video past. You're going to get it through the end of two thousand twenty one. No questions asked. I like that idea. Lot Moving on shadow speaking money. Chaz factor man that. This is a mean thing to do dude. Do not tempt me with a well priced nicely modified RC fifty one in my own state data. Things like that or how I get to sleep on the couch at night. Coming home with awesome artsy fifty one. Because I'm going to have no place to put it. The garages full right now. So we would have to be in the dining room which I think is a perfect place for a bike of that stature But I think I would be sleeping in the dining room on the floor next to it if I did that. That's a very good price for a really nice bike. Now would love to come look at. It is a very good thing right. Now that I'm not within driving distance of you moving onto corey the eighty-six he wanted to talk a little bit more. Gp Tack he said Hey I know that motor. Gp Bikes Have Willie Control and beyond that. Of course they've got all those various controversial wing things hanging off the front of the bike to but Corrie wondered what about the rear wheel. I mean you watch replays and they play these every single race you see mark and other writers going into big corners with the rear end up off the ground sometimes like five six eight ten inches. How do they keep the back from coming around on them or going over on the more importantly now you're putting all the weight of the bike on that front tire and you're asking the frontier to stop the bike from in insane speed down to whatever the first corner is or whatever corner? You're going into. How do you keep the front from locking up in those situations? Why didn't have to answer that question? Because both freak mobile and chip they did a good job of explaining it themselves. the IMU is definitely tracing that Rerun Movement and how close the front wheel is to locking up by the way and the issue can control it. Bought like many parameters. It's adjustable. You can dial in how much the computer interferes to combat both wheel lift and front lock just like you can dial in varying amounts of Willie control or varying amounts of engine braking and that means that riders like mark 'em Rossi and especially mark They like to have as little interference as possible. They're electing to not have the. Ecu Control that movement so much so they can push the bike all the way up to limit situations that would definitely be like Corey said. Opiates situations for the rest of us. But that's the fastest way. If it wasn't they wouldn't risk doing that. So really you can think of it as as Marquez. Right wrist is his ABS. He can feel exactly where that tire can go up to without locking up and tossing off the bike. And that's just another sign of how crazy those guys are and I. It represents the best separates those best riders from the rest. Because the rest have to rely on those electric's to keep them from flying off the bike. Where the best don't need to as much. I mean. They still rely on them. Definitely but just not as much and by the way somebody needs to remember that it just said that because of eventually we will get back around to the conversation of. Who's better Rossi or Marc or aggo? And we'll start talking about the era before there were electronics. And how you can't ride I mean a motor. Gp writer could not ride a motor G. P. By the way that they do with the electronics turned off because in a large variety of situations. What they're asking the to do is beyond what you should be asking the bike to do? And so the issue is basically bailing their butts out. But you learn to ride the bike that way because if you're not bumping up against that ceiling then that means you're not riding the bike hard enough so if they took that off would be a mess and you could say. Oh well that means that you know somebody from the five hundred. Sierra was always going to be a better rider than the riders from today. But that's not necessarily the case because what you brought up corey with that rear tire coming up off the ground that is a prime example of yes the electronics exist but the best writers are still backing off as much as they possibly can and letting their right hand be issue for the front wheel dictate what happens with the Front Wheel. Which means that yes. They are talented enough to be able to ride a no electronic spike if they're put in that situation they're able to adapt to it because they're already trying to adapt to it because they know that fastest way round in certain scenarios and that's one of them All right so let's move onto pictures because there were a lot of pictures on it at this week which was fantastic and some videos too which I love a chip are fifty one posted another awesome gopro Max video from Borrego. I was a little nervous here for a second. That Josh may have a pitch that fantastic affiliate the scenery or more likely got stuck behind some sort of delivery truck been on those roads so many times before and come up behind a big old furniture truck going up the mountain like where are they even going. And then you've got to wait. I mean normally if it was a car you just go right around it right but you can't see around this thing you don't know what's coming the other way and see got away for a nice big stretch of road But Fortunately Josh was all right he was fine just turns out. He rides in the mountains a lot. Like I do lagging about a minute behind. Everybody else Chip also posted a picture of his friends. Takada nine eight and boy. I hope that is not a glimpse into my future. Had Its ferrings off which been there before pan underneath the catch all the stuff that stripping been there before but it's motor was sitting on the other side of the room begging for attention like I said. I hope that is not where I'm headed with the motor week bike. If it is I know who I'm going to chip I'm coming to your place man And by the way somebody had kick ass w 126 across the street in those garage shots. Not sure if that's your guys or if it's the neighbor but man I dig those old Mercedes the ones you can just drive through a brick wall and keep right ongoing mean when they do go. Wrong then yeah. They're super expensive to fix. But it's hard to break one of those things at least permanently. Break One of those things Tidy forty-six has a sweet. Do Khadi Hyper Motored Nine Thirty Nine. Indy quintessential do Cardi read. I believe due to the right form as well. So welcome by the way But what I want to know. How the heck do you keep that thing so clean? I mean it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor and it's like what three four years old now. I'm now I'm assuming that part of that is because the wife lets you. Keep it in the dining room for winter and that was likely part of the deal but still as a crazy clean bike. You've got their Coulter Nineteen eighty-three Dupe. The Budget Harley riders with his Honda that they saw some big fenders and some chrome and they never figured out that it wasn't one of them And Anne also posted a picture of a gang of kids on their bikes. And you know I really wish I was allowed to have a dirt bike when I was a kid. Actually think about that for the maybe. Maybe I should take that back. It's probably best. I didn't have access to a dirt bike when I was a kid because I probably wouldn't be here to do the show right now But best of all. I know you've been working hard on those pipes for the Graham dim realize it were Dole pipes like Dogo to help on the ground those things. How bad ass man? I what I don't know is because you said it was ten horsepower to those pipes. Give you an additional ten horsepower. Or does it take you up to ten horse power because an additional ten that that's a pretty crazy increase on a bike that I think only makes tend to begin with so but I know you have the power commander if that and the exhaust up to twenty and I've heard about grams kind of power. That would be a lot of fun. But I'll tell you those pipes look really cool and they sound bad s. I mean they sound like a much bigger single than you know the one twenty five or whatever it is and here I am worrying about whether three hundred or four hundred. Cc Bike has no power. I need the trial to Graham at some point just for fun. Did they have Graham racing leagues because that sounds like it would be a lot of fun? I know that they have racing leagues for like you know fifty and one hundred one hundred twenty five jeep e bikes center on like go. Kart tracks do that for grams for grams. I'd like to try that Pistol Pete sixty-three found both age. I normally six foot tall cowboy boot in an appropriate four and considering that he's in Texas I would say that the approach is definitely the rarity of those two things You know it's weird. I actually saw the exact same bike. I mean obviously. It wasn't that bike but it was. Tony was about a week and a half ago. We went to pick up some food and me. They do look killer. Person Pistol Pete. I don't know if that are not but if you are. I'm very jealous because I could not take my eyes off that bike when I saw it. It was just like what went. Oser said my head snapped and I was like Whoa. You just see that. Brilliant and my other half she just looked up at me like I was crazy and then went. Went Back to her phone. She basically only paid attention to make sure I wasn't talking about some girl. Walking down the road and then went back to our thing. Just like Bono servicing and speaking of Buenos Sir. We finally got to look at that. Ninja six fifty that he found power commander on. I like the black and white livery on that one and the pipe is nice too and the fender eliminator looks good as well. It sucks. You can't register right now. Just make sure that you only ride it up and down the driveway. That's it just up and down the driveway or maybe can the Ferris bueller thing and you know just run it reverse to get the miles back off before you take it to the DMV weight that the mortgage for them at all. Did IT So that brings us to the post of the week. That's right the post of the week is back like I said at the beginning of the show I had kind of intended on putting it on hiatus for a little bit until we went back racing again but this one was too good. I had to give out some imaginary points because the other thing that Buenos Er posted was super cool so kidding their community big fan motorcycles. I'm assuming maybe he's got a brother or dad or mom or something. That is in the motorcycle so he's in the bikes to his birthday was last week. And of course with all of the restrictions. He couldn't have a birthday party. You can have friends over so a bunch of riders in the town. He said there were forty. Total bunch routers in the town got together and had a parade just for this little kid so he could have something special on his birthday He went out to the end of the driveway and he waved. Everybody's going by doing wheelies and reverend their engines and having fun and I just thought it was amazing moment and it's just another example of how motorcycle enthusiasts think about going above and beyond more so than your regular car drivers typically do So fantastic stuff you and everybody else involved deserves some sort of recognition for that. So what Oh serve four thousand imaginary points for being part of something great in your community. Remember that those points really. Don't get you anything They're worth nothing. And but who knows maybe at some point out in the distant future the points will be able to be exchanged for something really cool so keep them remember that you've got those four thousand points and then later on a Sunday what's going to happen is I'm going to have. I'm going to announce that we've got prizes for the point system and then I'm going to find out for real. How many imaginary points of handed out during the lifetime of this show and I'm probably going to go broke trying to give out all the prizes of but one way or the other awesome postman. Thank you all right so that will do it for this episode of the show next up obviously will continue to talk about the latest motor jp scheduling news and twenty twenty season news. Hopefully more good stuff than bad stuff. And we talked a little bit about Valentino Rossi on this episode. I want to hear your opinions on that. And also love to hear your comments about the idea of Lorenzo potentially coming back in twenty twenty one whether you think he should or he shouldn't especially considering his reasons for retiring when he was on the Honda. And what you would do if you're a Honda. I mean not that they can do anything about it but how upset would you be if you were Honda and you found out that Lorenzo is going to come back and compete against you in twenty twenty one. After the way that he left. Of course we'll have all of your comments so make sure you leave comments and the results from week one of the motorway challenge in Qatar. So if you've got motor. Gp Nineteen go play. Go get a good laptop if you have motor. Gp Twenty to me a favor give it a go and still lay down a laptop to let us know it is so we can kind of compare how twenty works up against nineteen as best we can and remember. There are two divisions and you can enter. Both we've got the factory division. Where assist us at the pro and trajectories turned off and then the open class where assistance at the standard and trajectory can be on or off. Let's just say we're GONNA leave it on because you're probably wanted to in any way if you're playing standard and if if auto breaking his turned on you're allowed to turn it off although I don't think in standard assist I don't think it has brake assist because brain is super annoying So we'll do that through the end of Tuesday Pacific Time. Utd minus seven. So make sure you post your times before that preferably with a screen shot doing the honor system here anyway but if you can get a screen shot her photograph than definitely do that and then starting. Wednesday. We're moving on to Thailand. So we're going to follow the two thousand twenty schedule and see how far we get before we get some actual racing in an. I'm pretty sure you're going to be my time. I don't know I'm not too bad motor. Gp Nineteen but. I haven't been playing on a regular basis recently so I don't know I don't know how good I'm going to be. You have to get back into the swing of things here So one way or the other. If you haven't done it yet I would highly recommend you subscribe to the show. You can do that on. Spreaker STITCHER PLAYER DOT FM. Itunes iheartradio spotify. Google play music and it should be up to in in very soon. I submitted it. I got word back that it should be up. There might be up there right now. For All I know optic check it out Of course you can always just head to the website anytime you want to motor week. Dot Net to find all of the latest episodes follow along on twitter and instagram at motor weak and most importantly like the show and comment on facebook at facebook dot com slash photo dot net and on the red at sub at our slash motor week Subscribe to the red sub and then dive into the conversation photos are good. Videos are good. Of course all of your comments are welcomed because while frankly I I need something to talk about on the show so make sure your voice your opinion and tell me what you WanNa talk about all right so until we chat again just a couple of days from now go get those lap times in when thank you so much for listening. Make sure you cover your face preferably with a motorcycle helmet Make sure you wash your hands to ride safe. I'll talk to you soon.

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