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Karamo Brown & Gina Kirschenheiter


Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch. What happens live with me Andy Cohen and he can help you get your life back and Vicky see parties? She looked like a mad hatter on crack is what happens with Gina cushion. Either in Kerama. Oh now the the host Andy Cohen live in the clubhouse with a man who's a qualified life coach woman could probably use one Morris County Gina Gershon Queer is Fab five out with a Fab. New Children's book. Look this is so cute. It's called imperfectly designed. Please welcome back. Bravo Superfan Kerama. Oh great the bar. It's the person who shares credit for Rama's new book he also happens to share his DNA. WHO ALMOST SON and CO author Jason Brown? It's great to see how Jason I'll be twenty three years later this month. Okay very good happy birthday back so you have two kids. I met your others tair. I started when I was five. Right yes awesome. Let's get started I tonight. We learned that Kelly's geriatric dog. Aw reminds her of someone special take a look at the Shady boot moment of the night and taking care of geriatric dog especially all by myself. I have to walk the dogs like four or five times a day to give a pill. I know Steve must feel like taking care of all right. Emily and Shane went out on a romantic date. But it turns out. There was nothing romantic about it. Take a look excited to be on date. Night gives us the opportunity to. I'm not eating any any brads Brad so I was thinking maybe we should go to like couples therapy though yeah we can save them therapy money and just be nice. Show your commitment really interested in the morning on things. And then I'll tell you. Why is it all reside like one hundred percent? It's hard because for ten years. I've always had a problem with the way he talks to me. Go to do what we're supposed to do. Karamoko motel this woman. What to do? Remember you perfectly designed and lead that man immediately. I mean like that was bad from the beginning to end. He was telling her what she should eat. He was not listening to her. She was trying to express it. I need help and he was like no. How about you be nice? Putting all the fault on her not taking on of it on on his own lead time ago you have the closest port. Pov of this situation. What are your thoughts about it? It's hard for me Obviously my situation as well. I Never WanNa see anybody being treated like. I don't even think she really respects me or any of her friends. Let alone her. So that's very difficult but I do think that there are very deep seated problems there that involve both of them. Do I think he's handling them. Well no do. I think that's coming out while now but I do think there is. It's a two way street. I do think there are things on both sides of it all right and Karama O- or taking your questions but before are we get to those. Here's what three things I'm gonNA szeswith tonight. I on tonight so see well. Tamra was away on a trip with Eddie the rest of the ladies acted like a courtroom jury who found the judge guilty. The of causing trouble watch this Bronwyn Bron was talking smack. She told us about that. You had a fight on Sunday night with Ryan and an implant house. You're out of line when I called. Ron Hey why would you bring up the Bryant. They may not July two yesterday. Dave camera says you said that I got into a fight in front of clients. I thought I was trying to make the situation better. Feed at your sticking thinking up. Lamb is the one who said the train faster and she's a she's trying to come between us. She's manipulating all of us. Were fighting I I. I don't want negativity in my life. Insurance seen as negative put on weight again one way of saying I'm gaining wage. Gesture chest is a snake. Vicky who's a pig and Tammy was a snake. Okay here's what go to. WWW DOT TV. Because I want to hear from you. Do you agree with Kelly as uh a snake. Yes or no. No no no. The person who's a snake the person who dropping all that gossip right there the table unnecessarily which is who Ali Kelly. Why are we doing that? Okay your thoughts. I completely agree. I know Tamra Yup and I think timber get such a bad rap consistently a bad rap. I I and I don't think it's fair. Ninety two percent of the audience thinks that she is so Very interested in Second Karavas. You Children's book celebrates all kinds of families so I thought he'd be perfect to give some advice to the at times highly dysfunctional family known as Bravo liberties years wet crumbling I'm GonNa give you some Bravo family issues. I WanNa hear what you have to say. Oh See Kelly dot hasn't spoken to our MOM in a couple of years. How should she take steps to repair that relationship? Well I think he needs to to figure out if from other action is going to be willing to listen to her and Andre accept what she's saying because right now she shouldn't put herself back into a space her mom not gonNa hear her Tamra Son. Ryan is having a hard hard time coping with his childhood. He didn't get the same building. Blocks that had siblings are getting now. How should Tamra navigate this respect? What he's saying? Listen to what he's saying and ask him what he needs now. SAVEBIG can grow and heal together. Gina and mount were hooking up while going through a divorce is a healthy for a couple trying to split up or does it send mixed signals I have to just be honest with you. You never do anything for children you have to do. What's healthy for you but also you can't protect what's in your house if you leave the door open so going back and hooking up is unnecessary especially when you have? Oh really great guy right now that you win CA moving to Atlanta Porsche. Just had a baby with Dennis who she found out had an affair affair while she was pregnant. What is forced to do now? I interest Dennis from day. One really really. Yes so I really think that Dennis is not into space just yet where. He's ready to change his bachelor behaviors and so she has to make a choice that the behavior she wants to mock model for her child of staying with someone who's done okay. Kenya more mark daily living in a different city than her Kenya set on Sunday. She hasn't filed for divorce yet but they are separated. Can this be repaired. I think it can be repaired because she can you got into. When they first started dating he was another place and she liked that about him? So now you can't switch the boundaries without having real communication about it so I think they just talk about it. They can work author. Cynthia Super Thirsty Mary Mike Hill. How thirsty is too thirsty ever to thirsty? Cabal like a marriage. I'm trying to it. Starts on the strain between Deandra in her mother Mamadee because Mamadee handed off the family versus while it was failing. If that's a really hard one because she he's doing what she thought was best for her to be able to respect what someone needs to do with best for them on Jersey. Are you up to date with Joe and Teresa situation getting deported. Yeah it's hard for the kids because now dad is not in the pitcher. And it's really. It's going to be difficult for them to figure out how to navigate the situation but I think if they really have real open communication at the get your workout. Thank you Kerama with the side. You earned that sip of beer. Shows Twenty eight th and while I wonder how many more seasons there can be before we literally run out of famous and kind of famous people. Here's what I want to see if my gas can spot the few remaining celebrities who haven't had the balls to show off their ballroom moves with. Did that start to answer not a chance. Was macy Gray ever on dancing with the stars now now yes she was the night. What about George? I don't even know who that is. The Hague was not tatum. O'Neal was tatum. O'Neal align sounds about right now. Yes she was. What about? Billy Ray Cyrus yes Yes I'm Orosa. I hope you so. She hasn't been parole Yes he was on. There wasn't a reliable nope Spencer. I don't know what her own good. Yes he look like for flying off by the way I every answer you ever give me is a good one. Thank you always give me reasonable answers. I thought maybe you were a little nuts that you're now going by one name no lost your last night. We did lose my last night. I well because you have a unique enough name Kerama. Mentors told me what the things that I'm working off of my career said you should go by one name. Yeah came as a nickname. Karamojong of Stanislav. Could you imagine it like on a marquis of my own show one day. Maybe but I could see Brown Gina. Jilin see what's what was your reaction. Kelly's Kelly's comments about your platinum hair. Honestly I have lowered expectations for Kelly Don and I just pretty much anything that comes out of her mouth. I'm like yeah okay. It sounds like the sewage. That generally comes out next week. See things which we two of the Trace Amigos are. No Oh boy now. Here's this week. I felt a little bit blindsided blindsided by what she said that she thinks she faked being hurt in Arizona. Kelly said Timmer told Gina. Hey when we go on our trip. Let's just you me Kelly Room together. What else did she say that? You said that I was getting thinks that you stick up for me. I at the beginning Tamra beginning and she showed me a screen shot. If you making fun of you just walked in there. And just figured she's GonNa Start Start trashing meet eluding that. I brought something out. I feel like you're being us just just aggressive and that's why it comes off this naked behavior but it's I don't think she snakes. Let's go to doors for this again doors. What's your question? Hi Andy Like Watch for Gina. Okay Gina in previous episodes. We have seen that. You were driving because of Your D. Y. Tonight's episode. You're driving with your kids. I'm just wondering if that. How did that happen? Okay okay so at the beginning I don't I don't understand any of it so so. I thought that I didn't have a license so I was. I was also terrified to drive. So he wasn't driving at all then retain lawyer. I realized that I have a full licence until the time time that I actually go to court. Oh Yeah and then you have to you know and then you read so right now yes I do not have a license. I've lost my life for a a year is a consequence of what I have done. It's a huge ramifications from a very bad decision on and I would implore everybody everybody to not make the same bad decision that I made me to Allie from Florida. Hey Alleyway question hi Andy Love You. I love you My question is for Kerama. I wanted to know this reaction to Sean Spicer's still being on dancing with the stars. Considering during how bad of a dancer is why can tell you that I had an amazing talent show that I was robbed. I should have still been there but you know what I have a lot going on. Queer eye just premiered last. Friday with Sean Sean. Spicer can't dance and he still can't dance dance. That's literally what is but it's also fan. Votes America watches the show and they vote for him right also. Our president who should be doing other stuff has been tweeting. Vote for the man right. So do you think you're going to reinstate your twitter account. You deactivated it because people were mad that you were friends with Sean Spicer. Yeah because they were getting my son's death threats and so yeah because you we're friends with Sean. Nice Sean Spicer. There was no friendship. I was just saying that if we're going to be on the same show. I'm GONNA have respectful conversation with someone who's different and de it. Had A lot of people were like how dare you. Oh my gosh and I was like. Hey if you've never seen me on television. I'm always going to be the person to build a bridge. Let's go to Jessica from Connecticut. Hey Jessica go. What's the question? Hi I'm questions for Gina Gina. His Michelle Obama has a history of formulating friendships convenient and then once that person has served their need she tosses them aside. Do you think you'll be her next victim. ooh That's an interesting question I don't and I think probably people will think I'm naive thinking that maybe I have a very good friendship with Tan. I always have and I think my friendship whatever actually goes deeper than a lot of the BS on the show and a lot of Oliver friendships have gone that way. Either an honestly she said good. She's a good person she's a good girl and I do think she does what she does. Sometimes in the Group of friends because she's Raunchy she's fiery but she's not bad all right guys it's game time on tonight's Multiple lies but I wonder if my guests can succeed being human lie detectors tonight. Let's see what truth or wives. You'll take turns spinning the box. which sound sound sturdy and Yell Stop Devitt Land on real housewives you'll listener deliver a statement about herself and agree or disagree? If you've got the point you don't your opponents go does I. I got five points wins. Let's go spin it and just stop them. Okay Terendak say your piece to render. John just doesn't dry clean. Clean my thongs. I haven't do Sonia's to okay. Is that true or false. I I think it's true. All warriors the substance. Okay cry. Michael Jackson taught me how to do the robot that is is true. Paul writes Dorri. ooh I brush my teeth four times a day and I always carry a toothbrush in my purse. I mean I would say yes. You also can't even drink out of like a glass. It's true Okay I saw when I was a kid I got to swim in a pool with gene. ackman false oh it was so specific talks in California. There's an official whoop update my honor every march. Oh it was just fun Kelly you one time Marilyn Manson asked me on a date the the fun game with my mom Bret Michaels took me me to my senior prom now back in the day. I competed on star. Search with ED McMahon to be a spokes model old enough possibly yes. Let's go for. How's it going with the new boyfriend? He's a he's a kind really really good person. We've gone through a lot of this seem things and we both have three kids like. We have a lot of similarities in the same outlook on life. And I'm really happy right now. He's divorced divorced. He has three kids he lived with no see job. Yeah he's the odd. Yeah all those things ultimately hoping we'll win dancing with the stars this season Either James Vanderbeek or Allie from fifth harmony. Okay yeah okay. Hey very good So Fi L. wants to know. Do you think Tamra knew what she was doing when she told me. About Kelly's funeral comments on one hundred percent Okay it is time for my Mazal of the day and it goes to the news that abby from below deck actually got married to the man who proposed are overtaxed. It last night's episode which is really sweet that last night below duct about wild lyles sweet. Although there these said on the phone like well if we ever get divorced this period of time have been really great anyway. Don't forget to keep it fresh US guys. Maybe when you're both comfortable you'll even want to experiment with but dialing. Today's cogos to one of the worst Thir- straps I have ever seen a button naked. David Madore and his new girlfriend with their tongues at each other's mouths. This was posted her instagram today. Did there's no ironically. Nobody looking at this forest photo shoot is getting any. Would David Madore. But I don't think that that's an asset. The people saying I want to do is eat a in Iraq with GINA and Colorado I'm perfectly designed. Jason is such a m bone Jason. You Know Your Dad doesn't have to be here for you to come back and bar to yeah absolutely so. Did you go to college or you graduated graduate. I kinda just stop going Hey how did that go over with your father. I didn't mind it. I don't think it's everyone. If you know your path and you have drive. You got it so you know what I mean. Then why we forced too many kids into college and then they drop out or they don't find their path and they're in debt. I all right. Let's go to Sarah from Kelley. Hey Sarah which question eight or I wonder how somebody how we are Indian point before the wedding planning is going great. It's sexier guys. We finally got the dates for shooting. Queer there is so that I can now no problems and it's going good. I mean my fiance has some anxiety attacks because I was going really big really extravagant so now I just don't include him in the planning to the third question. Hi Hi. I'm I have my questions for Gina How how is your friendship with Emily? Now and do you regret being there for her. You seem kind of like mean girl torture. I understand that I think I understand why it comes off that way. I have a hard time feel like a lot of the time in my friendship with emily. I've been thinking you bet it a lot and I feel like honestly. I have been almost protecting emily in a way that I use to protect my ex husband and it's it's very difficult for me because I care about her and I love her but there's a lot of things that anything she does. That is not can not how I have friendships. Okay and there's like you know examples of them that we're not going to actually go into an watch. What happens live there and I do feel? Yeah and we'll get into exactly so I will tell us was example boy okay. It's hard you've been looking at it. I have the hard thing for me because I do love her but but she's confusing. I'm glad you said that I was thinking. She has to remind you of somebody in your life or in your past pass a while. You're treating her this way so I'm so glad you opened up and said it's you're talking about it. I had to really look yeah. Okay let's go to Anthony Syracuse. Hey Anthony which question. First of all Gina you look fabulous. Okay I was wondering if you communicate with anyone from the challenge or your season of the real world. How Koran fabulous did you know look fabulous actually from my season the real world which was in two thousand and four? I actually keep up with all of them except for one. What City Philadelphia Elsia? We're just went back. Yeah Yeah let's go to make from the Bronx same egg which one don't you keep this guy. Jay Okay Induce. Hey Meg. MJ He's out Gina. Okay and I'm wondering if you regret yelling Bronwyn or he's so find her noakes eight. Oh I definitely Bronwyn but I do think that I don't think problems a bad person. I don't think she's militias. She's I think she's really good for the cast and US as a group of friends. She keeps me on my toes for sure with all this stupid stuff she says okay. Good good a kyle from Washington Heights. Say Kyle what's your question. Hi I just wanted to know for Kerama. What hello yeah you know what was the funniest moment where something got lost in translation while you guys were doing clear I Japan? It wasn't anything that lost in translation. We all were so tall and Jonathan. Wears he'll so he would hit his head constantly. That's funny because their their homes were a lot smaller and we would laugh so hard he would get very mad at us. Also one thing lost transition in the Japanese language they would say honey and so we. You should think that everyone was like Antony Antony and we were like. Why is everybody saying Anthony's name so much haunting is like like sort of a phase in like well or kind of like the transition to the next part? Okay Oh the funny okay last Melissa for New Jersey. Hey Melissa what's your question hi guys. Hey just I want to say I love you

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