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Radio I xe from pure XS radio topiary. This radio diaries. I'm Joe Richmond in New York City up in the Bronx a few blocks from the park. Chester subway station. There's a sprawling apartment complex inside one of these big anonymous buildings on the eleventh floor. There's a one bedroom apartment now. The woman in this department has lived a pretty anonymous life but sixty years ago. She did something quite remarkable. It was actually a very simple thing. All she did was refused to move her name. Is Claudette Coleman back then? She was living in Montgomery Alabama. She's a fifteen year old African American girl in a segregated school and she just learned from one of her teachers about Harriet. Tubman and SOJOURNER TRUTH. Those lessons stuck in your mind a few weeks later on. March second nineteen fifty five. Claudette refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a public bus. This is nine months before Rosa Parks. Do the exact same thing but claudette. Colvin has largely been left out of the history books today on the Radio Diaries. Podcast history had me glued to the seat. My name is Claudette. Colvin and I was fifteen years old when I was arrested for violating the Montgomery Segregation Law. Well that was a kind of teenagers that will not hair embrace everybody. S With balanceofnature straightening comb in. Pommie me. I didn't mind being different. Gumri this nice little southern town but everything was segregated. This is what color folks. This full white folks couldn't try on clothes in store couldn't go to the movie theater with a good movie coming. You know thing that teenagers like to do so. I knew that this was a double standard. This was unfair. My name is Philip. Hose I wrote a book titled Claudette. Colvin twice stored justice March second. Nineteen fifty five was a Wednesday caught. It got onto the bus with three other students and they all settled themselves into a row in the middle of the bus. The rule back in Montgomery at that time was ten seats in the front of the bus. Were for whites only and the whites always had to be in front Ed Uday ruled by Heart Alison near the window. The lies seat that was allowed for a couple of people as low as procedural downtown more white people got on the bus. Eventually the bus full capacity young white lady will stay near the full of us. She was expecting me to get up. The bus driver looked in the mirror and saw the situation said I need those seats and three of the girls got up and walked to the back of the bus and call. That didn't edges could move. History had me glued to the seat and people started yelling in the bus. Come on let's go. Let's move. He does way people complaining to each other. Talking Kentucky Pekka at the House moving target each other at know what was going to have. The bus driver called for a police officer and police officer boarded the bus and confronted Claudette. Gal Why are you sitting here? You didn't notice law. And I said I pay my favorite is my constitutional right. I remember they dragged me off the bus because I refused to walk ahead of me and they took me to an air dog jail. I had three charges. Asada battery disorderly conduct and going against segregation law. My Mom and dad got me out of jail in my dad's Colorado you know you put a lot of danger and a lot of danger he was worried about so repercussion from the KKK. As so that night he does he sit in the car. Shotgun fully loaded all night when she got to school. The following Monday after the arrest was very divisive thing on one hand. Some students were impressed by her courage. On the other hand there were many students who thought Claudette had made things tougher for them now and they didn't appreciate it one bit. Everything changed allows most of my friends. They'll Peres had told them to stay away from me because they said that I was crazy. I was extremists. There was precedent for African Americans refusing to surrender their seats to white passengers. What was without precedent? Though is she wanted to get lawyer and she wanted to fight. My name is Fred Gray. Bloated Cobb in walls mom I civil rights case. I received a phone call from her parents telling me about the incident. I was prepared to file a federal lawsuit to desegregate the buses but because she had not had the age experienced the maturity now the training and civil rights activities when we discussed it with others in the community. They felt that we should not do it at that time. My parents wasn't connected to the elite right. People later I had a child born out of wedlock. I became pregnant when I was sixteen. Natty fit in with either of you know someone that they would want to show off the other day one of the time citizens of immunity. Mrs Rosa Parks was arrested because she refused to give up a seat for why passenger nine months after to occur. Bus Stand Rosa Parks did the same thing. Forty two years old. She was a professional an officer in the ACP and it. Last African American Montgomery had its symbol. Better the all that I was being treated as a human being. I refused to give up this seat. I said no I wouldn't give it up. I do why the toes Rosa they our into military for them they want. Is someone mileage into your leg Rosa. They want to use a teenager. I represented Claude Cobb in the nineteen fifty five and also rose a prog. Dr Martin Luther King and what you have to realize is because there are literally hundreds and probably thousands of individuals like Claudia. Kaban and many others. You never see the name genetically that faces but they laid the foundation so that we could on off the Dr King's in the Rosa Parks today. I've ever find us old is it's good to see some of the fruit of my lay to me. Does about not being named long as we have someone thou Leo so weak Intel Album story in nineteen fifty-six about a year after Claudette refused to give up her seat. Her lawyer Fred. Gray filed the landmark federal lawsuit router versus Gael. This case ended segregation on public transportation in Alabama. The Star Witness Claudette Colvin. The story was produced by Sarah. Kate Kramer of Radio Diaries and edited by Deborah. George Ben Shapiro. I myself. We had help from Nelly. Gillis and Allie Post special thanks to the National Endowment for the humanities for supporting our audio history project radio. Diaries is a proud member of radio. Topa podcast collective from Pix to hear all the radio. Tokyo shows good radio TOVIA DOT FM. If you like what we do here please give us a review on itunes. That'll help other people find our podcast. I'm Jeff Richman of Radio Diaries. Thanks for listening Before we go we are excited to welcome a new show to the radio. Toby family over. 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