The Impeachment Episode (Part One?)


An elite group has godlike control over our world and the majority of the decisions be made. I'm talking on a carrier now my podcast behind the influence. I'm having revealing personal and and even weird conversations with those who have unparalleled influence in our lives your superheroes some villains and those behind the scenes making it all possible influencers served of this new and Digital Universe unmasked join me for behind the influence on Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcast welcome to worst year ever a production of Iheartradio. You Don Hey guys welcome back to worst year. Ever my name's Katie stole and join me today as always our Cudi Evans Robert J Johnston Lovely Disease You Cody Evans Robert J Johnston Johnston. Thank you gaulan terrible. I know I mean I'll say this one the thing that's nice about the last couple of weeks that I feel like we finally as as a culture in America have gotten over calling it. The Ukraine sharing turned a corner. They're really lovely. Silver lining positive and I appreciate you bring to the table. Everything else is fucked. Look for those little gems. GotTa find something to hold onto in times is like these yeah when I heard Fox News host getting it right I was like we really turned a corner on this could did they get it right or did they correct somebody. The second time I feel like that there was a meeting where we got. We got to start doing this correctly yeah and they decided to start calling the Ukraine dates back to Soviet profit sure and I really don't know off the top of my head so we were GonNa talk about Andrew Yang this week but we pushed it instead to talk about all this whistle. Blower stuff is it's. It's a a lot and it's a little bit confusing. We were not expecting the president to be impeach surprise. Yes lopping sure talking talking about it but in our it's kind of impossible to guess which impeachable offense actually will get you impeach these days exactly the Gamble Day posts first inauguration video about how he could be impeached for because the emoluments clause Sir the second. He got an office. They chose. They chose was to not do that. You had to give him a chance. You gotta give a chance yeah. Maybe one day he'll be presidential material. Kinda neat that he actually got in trouble for the smallest bribe. He's tried tried to make a million dollars. fucking nothing come on. Man Yeah Tower full of gold montage. I boy good times so we thought we'd start off by talking a little bit about the whistleblower process and the history of it and how it's changed your there's his also complicated. It's also complicated and I think I have about sixty percent of the story in my head with as much as I have raiders because things keep breaking and like all sorts of stuff that like it's kind of like some some people are lying and so some of the information that's out is not true rain. It's really hard to get to the bottom of wet accurate and it feels irresponsible to discuss discuss too much about the movement until we have more information but speaking of irresponsible. Let's discuss more about this mission. We're GONNA talk about some stuff that we do know and yeah for example yeah. Let's let's give I decided to try to give a little bit historical context and just a little bit because this is all very complicated and I'm very dumb but I have put together a little bitty to page essay on whistleblowing thrilled if we want to understand US whistle blowing aloft as it relates to the intelligence industry we have to travel back in time could be can you do a good time machine noise. That's that's disgusting. Filthy Hannibal Lecter and I need to I got another one another one time machine campus of driving liberal. I opened my mouth and sounds. Come out well clearly. That's worth of you so bad note. Oh stop it. Stop It. One time machine noise in its deadly deadly deleted deleted fine in trainwreck episode is what do understand the telling whistleblowing law. We have to travel back in time to two thousand two totally dude I can just I can hear our listener numbers plummeting wedding cars with the stereos all the way up your started vomiting in the side of the road cheese oh what a terrible idea and say why was gonna be the worst year ever we do that in two thousand and two thousand two is in an essay employee with a super cool name became aware of a tool called trailblazer. The agency was using to collect huge amounts of data on all of us without warrants call. Some people might recognize this as probably a crime drake thought that this was not a good thing and was worth blowing the whistle on but he didn't want to break the law so he went at the Pentagon inspector general to blow the whistle in the appropriate legally a consistent way now whistle blowers are protected under federal law the whistle whistle were protection act existed for a while and then nineteen ninety eight there were modifications made to it to allow contractors of specific federal agencies to report complaints and that's kind of where we get the inspector general's office that stuff so that's where we established like the way that intelligence community whistleblowers could could could come forward but whistle blowers in the Intel community are not protected from legal action or retaliation yeah it's crazy to me. They're kind of hanging in the wind so in two two when Thomas Drake notices this like trailblazer things happening he takes a real risk by going inspector general's office and trying to deal with this in the the legal way and John Crane the assistant inspector general wound up in charge of the case and he did with the loss he was supposed to do cranes team collected thousands of pages of documentation documetation and in December of two thousand fourteen delivered a secret report on the program that led to trailblazer being shut down so so far seems like the system working guys so something wrong went to the people supposed to go to they did their due diligence program got shut down for being unconstitutional say so far because it's me feeling in my stomach word of the program leaked out to the media. We don't really know from WHO The New York Times ran a story on it and suddenly all is within the intelligence establishment turns towards Thomas Drake. He was suspected of hoarding documentation which he had been doing because it's literally what the Inspector General's office had had told him to do and what he was supposed to legally with the Pentagon through him under the bus and once the investigation into him started the illegally destroyed documents pertinent to his case that made it clear that he'd been following the law the entire time and not trying to like did leak classified information the presser whatever they good reason to be holding those documents Kamenz all that stuff so drake spent years by the government in court his crew was destroyed and he was left penniless even though in two thousand eleven he was eventually found innocent so that's good right yeah yeah. Venturi I guess is good mean. Bad good can yep that's days so crane crew was also destroyed he was forced out of the NSA in two thousand thirteen this whole cluster fuck of an incident was heavy in the air at the NSA when a little fella named Eddy snowed and realize that the NSA was carrying out another sweeping warrantless wire survey of the American homeless. It snowed dammit. Oh God cody. That's so good. Cranes Snowden yeah pretty good all right. Let's let's call it today. That's R. Hembo. I everybody really myself cash our checks now and we'll be off theme song. Maybe what's that place out uh Sir Yeah so Edward Snowden realizes the NSA's is carrying out a sweeping warrantless surveillance of the American public but he also is paying attention to everything that's happening in the NSA around crane and drake in his like seems like it's a bad idea to follow the law here like a terrible idea in two thousand sixteen he said this to the Guardian when I was at the NSA everybody we knew that for anything more serious than workplace harassment going through the official process was a career ender at best. It's part of the culture. If your boss in the mail room lies on his timesheets the G. might look into it but if you're Thomas Drake and you find out the president of the United States order the warrantless wiretapping of everyone in the country. What's the I G GOING TO DO. They're going to flush it and you with it now. The good news is that in two thousand twelve right before east knowing went public with his whistle blowing President Obama issued presidential policy directive number nineteen which required the intelligence community agencies agencies to protect employees from retaliation if they disclosed classified information that met the criteria for being a protected disclosure but as the Brennan Center for Justice Notes The directive leaves several gaps it does not apply in cases where the head of an agency determines that an employee should be fired for national security reasons it does not apply to persons in a position of in a position position of Con- confidential policy determining policy making or policy advocate and character or members of the armed forces. If disclosures through government channels prove unsuccessful. There is no provision for disclosure outside the agency or intelligence communities. Is that why it was. The improvement broke Obama. UC espionage act against more people than any other administration that why I I don't know I think this might have been because like this is before snowden goes out so it might have been trying to reform things and then he realized is there when he's president. He actually hates it when people do stuff like that so he started being a Dick I think he was it. This is like two thousand twelve those were still oh good old days halcyon days back when we were only mostly disillusioned what in time now this brings brings us to Edward Snowden. critics of Snowden will note that he did not exactly follow the established procedure for trying to blow the whistle in legal fashion. They will say that that's why he should face punishment. snowden defenders will point out that he'd just watch. Thomas Drake fucked over by the NSA and had no reason to believe he would be handled any differently. We've Alad point very very valid points like he had realistic mix to be concerned about now. There are also a branch of student critics acknowledged that he did the right thing in revealing the truth the government spying program but he did the wrong thing and fleeing the country. The School of thought says that whistleblowing is fundamentally inactive civil disobedience which requires the disobedient individual be willing to who accept the legal consequences for their actions. I found really interesting article talking about this sort of school of thought. On the Law Fair blob classic punishments of Civil Disobedience suggests that it it must be undertaken with a willingness to submit to punishment Dr King's letter from Birmingham jail focuses on this feature one who breaks an unjust law according to King must do it openly lovingly with a willingness cleaness to accept the Penalty Jessica Bowman Posen and I have written the civil disobedience willingness to accept legal consequences events her commitment to the police in humility before fellow citizens now with standing her momentary. Turn away from the law. It is thus for many theorists a critical way of negotiating the paradox of lawbreaking that is nonetheless law respecting a paradox that hairs in the pairing airing of civil disobedience and that any satisfying account of civil disobedience must resolve in line with these arguments critics snowden have repeatedly insisted that his flight from the United States from and criminal prosecution disqualifies him from civil disobedience status then Secretary of State John Kerry for example told a television interviewer in two thousand fourteen that if snowden has a complaint Clinton about what's wrong with the American with American surveillance and seeks to cast himself as a civil disobedience he should man up come back here standing our system of justice and make his case interesting argument interesting arguments. I don't think I agree with them. I'm not a big law respecting yeah my problem problem this law. I don't see why you know if I'm going out of my way to disobey this because I don't no. I don't think I should be jailed for this thing. I don't think he should shave and there's also there's like okay so in theory. Maybe like I understand and these quotes. I understand like you're like okay. That's otherwise it negates your civil disobedience. But How am I supposed to trust this system. How am I supposed is to trust that. I will get a fair shake or that. This standing up in front of the Court of law will actually allow me to truthfully. Tell my story if it won't skewed in some capacity. How do we trust the system distance where the system where it seems like one hundred percent of the people who have worked in it say that. Oh Yeah if you blow the whistle on blatant crimes. It's the end of your career and maybe life yeah yeah actions. Tallest Drake works at an apple store now really yeah as of twenty seventeen. You work in an apple store. It's wild. He ran into Eric holder while he's working there. Air because Eric holder was buying an iphone sure and he was he didn't ask them why the government is going after him and so air colder left. The store didn't get an answer. I can apple store. We should record an episode Yeah Thomas. If we can talk to you about half this macbook pro and half your court case for the next hour and a half it does well that can't against your time a lot of questions about these APPs that are available available. We we screen screen stuff's screen stuff but also tell you about the inspector general's office. That's pretty it's heartbreaking to me because it seems like with an agency's problematic because the NSA is probably the intelligence community a guy like drake and a guy like Craner trainer kind of like your best case scenario people who like okay they believe whatever they believe about there being value in the the the security apparatus we live under but at least they also believe in that apparatus being being accountable democracy which is not super common as far as I can tell a lot of those corners and those people just get fucked out of town on like a river of raise your yeah no they don't they don't they don't belong in a river of Razor Blade penises yeah. I think Thomas Drake would agree with that. I want to leave town. I'll tell you down the river for another whistleblower. Apparently lives in yellowstone fly fishes with most of the time. That actually seems like a great. I mean that's the way it goes my life that yeah that before the apple store yes fly fishing in yellowstone overselling people iphone. He might be able to get access to people's secret. I found store though not as many as he can through fly fishing but most people don't know that if you put fish up to your ear it'll whisper secrets about public policy yet. Most people don't know that they know it now. They know that now they know that the sea bass have been bugging Mitch McConnell for years remember people we only share facts on this podcast we go outside and then dunk your head in a river and hold it there until vicious person. That's actually word for word the next t-shirt we're going to start go outside and dunk your head in a river and listen to low fish whisper secrets ear comma one cream. Oh okay so before before I broke from my little essay. I noted that there's a lot of people who think that Edward Snowden if he if he wants to be civilly disobedient and show respect to the law will also holding it accountable holding the system accountable should should stand in judgment and we just stated what we're not one hundred percent sure we agree with that. and there are some reasons to be very concerned if you're Edward Snowden about that because a lot of his critics have been less than warm fuzzy than say John Kerry who did not call for his murder for fifteen donald trump told CNN the end of Snowden. If I were President Putin would give him over. He would never keep somebody like snowden. In Russia. I guarantee you this now. In a little bit of fairness to at the president he's been very consistent about this this single thing in two thousand thirteen he called snowden traitor and directly asked for his execution so as soon as the story broke his line. The entire time has been. We should kill this president yeah. He's been very consistent. Go physically but in general like yeah you can generalize from that right yeah yeah. Meanwhile Mike Pompeo is on record as saying the trader Edward Snowden should be brought back from Russia and given due process and I think the proper outcome would be that he would be given a death sentence. Meanwhile sorry like talking about due process and you skip to buy but by the way like we should kill them. That's a process and it's true. There's a process to kill people. Eric holder former attorney general and apple store acknowledged that snowden performed a public service service by revealing the extent of our government's legal surveillance of us but added that he still thinks snowden broke the law and harmed American interest. I'm glad you didn't say but added. I still think he should die. He didn't say he should die just that he should return and face trial but if snowden does go to trial or if this most recent CIA leaker winds up in court or whoever leaked the CIA A to the newspapers winds up in court it is possible that those men or women will be prosecuted under the espionage act this act was originally created to punish spies during World War One and because laws are a perfect flawless system it is still in effect and it explicitly prohibits disclosures of national defense information if the person doing so has reason to believe it could harm national defense according to the Brennan Center as recently as two thousand six a federal judge interpreted this language to require the government prove bad faith on the part of the defendant the judges cases of John Kerry Akao and Bradley manning however disagreed declaring that the defendant subjective intent is irrelevant and other judge recently through the case law into even deeper confusion she held at the government does not even need to demonstrate that the disclosure would potentially damaging to the United States or useful to an enemy of the United States. It's from the Guardian sorry at the way that is from the Brennan Center by that so it's very possible because like judges don't all all agree on the subject you say that like you can't prosecute a whistle blower like this under the espionage act but some say you do in one of penalties if prosecuted under that act can speaking hung. That's why yeah my favorite thing about specifically this time but in general like laws and our system where a thing will happen and then fifty percent of people will say it's a certain way and then the other fifty percent will say actually it can be the other way yeah and so every law is interpreted into way kind of dependent on who's doing it and blowers always know then whether or not it's safe to the public of things that are in the public interest yes are flawless. Est.. It's helpful yeah yeah really productive efficient system that AH promotes lorraine promotes accountability. I think this whistle blower has been a very emphatic about how safe and secure he feels yeah where she it's a he. Do we know I've heard on the daily. Actually somebody said like no we do. Have it confirmed it might not be but like. I believe it is affirmed for a Dick. That's not good. I'm interested in what that process was like. confirming confirming do not know what that is is. He's only one way to find out gender bill but I like that fish yeah now yeah this this whistle blower and we'll talk a little bit about what's going on here with the story. Yes let's tougher wet for the rest of the episodes well so this was a lawyer is with the CIA. Apparently he used to work in the White House. It does not anymore and he was not there or you know he didn't hear this phone. Call himself of course the phone call. I'm referring to is the phone call from July twenty twenty-fifth where the president was on pressuring the Ukrainian President Alinsky to give Durham Biden pertaining to this whole story with Joe Biden concern. Maybe we'll get to that later anyway. He wasn't in the room. You didn't hear this but he heard from several other people who were very nervous and scared and didn't know what to do about it. It's not true I means means. It's not true so he didn't even go he went to the top lawyer in the CIA but he didn't go he brought it to somebody else who then brought it to the top layer and the CIA he took it to the White House us and then instead of and like they were supposed to be fishing around looking for information on the phone call but instead it became kind of like a witch hunt in the White House looking for who's who's talking who's sharing information eventually it gets to William Bar who looks at it as like nothing to see here folks it's fine and I did not send this to Congress and then but that didn't happen aren't famously from the general but luckily the the inspector general had already notified Congress that there was a whistleblower complaint yeah yeah so I I got something around a little the the the whistleblower whistleblower protection act as pertains to the intelligence community was passed in Nineteen Ninety Eight in the office of the intelligence of the Inspector General wasn't created until until I think two thousand and ten but the way the process is supposed to work now is that the employees submits complaint the Inspector General who's kind of a watchdog of the intelligence community in the Inspector Inspector General has fourteen days to review it determine whether or not the complaint is of urgent concern which is defined as conduct relating to the administration or operation of an intelligence activity within the authority of the Director of National Intelligence involving classified information and if the inspector general says it's credible they have to forward it to deny the director director of national intelligence within a week to send the complaint to a Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committee on August twelfth. The complaint was made handed it to the he gave it to the inspector actor General Michael Atkinson who was like Oh yeah this is urgent and credible and absolutely should be talked about and he sent it to deny Mr McGuire who was like yeah. I don't need to send this shit to the intelligence communities after seven days because he didn't think it was that big of a deal yeah so. That's that's cool. that's really cool. It sounds like it's not a big deal so we don't have to worry about. There's a fun quote from the Washington Post article on this. That's really telling me the law did did not require the director of National Intelligence Afford it to Congress because involved conduct by someone outside the intelligence community and did not relate in any intelligence activity within the responsibility and authority of the DNA the president because it's the president and that's what's crazy about. This is just how easy it was for the president to get away with this it it just so how easy it is. This easily could have not ended. There's another quote I'll read. That exactly gets into that like they. Never nobody anticipated this. The Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act has no provision for what should happen if the inspector general determined something as if urgent concern but deny refuses to forward it to Congress the scenario Joe has never come up before so we just nobody thought that this should be part of the thing and in the course of the last couple of weeks. It's like there's this news A damn has broken up open. You're getting all sorts of reports about you know the president calling other like the Australian Prime Minister Pressuring them to help you know discredit is credit our intelligence agencies in the Russia investigation and it makes you wonder what other what are the things like this have been ignored in order like determined like well. That's not actually and these calls that were with an MBA s and Putin. There's different calls that are on the same same highly secure server as this call. The transcript was like there's just lots of stuff that people haven't had access to speaking of a lot of stuff that people haven't had access to dino what stuff people do have access to thanks to listening to this podcast products and services. That's got damn right. Thank you jumped in there with a smooth transition condition easily the best transition I've ever done that was like butter. That was the best at transitions talk about it done. Yes the good unpack how it works. It's sort of like the might I add. Transition was the report to the inspector general and now it's caught up in the D. and I and I'm still talking. We haven't analyze the wire yeah worth doing a transition. Is it a credit version yeah yeah nobody has never come up sure right involved with the actual person. That can't be held account and you know it's. There's a there's so much to there is an it all makes for quality podcast esten speaking of polity podcasts after now. I'm Arianna Huffington and I'm so excited for the new season of the thrive global podcast. We'll be sitting down with everyone from the broad. CD Create Doors Ilana Glazer and Abby Jacobson demisch an fan and Sophia Bush as we explore how they goes from surviving to thriving and how you can do. I find this to be like screaming typical dudes where we I didn't really like. Hash it out. We never got into big fights. I think we met in the middle so much creatively like and found that that was where the Preto Boyce was. We made the show because we couldn't perform it. You see so it's like a different yeah we made it because of failure listen to thrive global on apple podcasts the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts back so back we just walked in to find us here with these sad looks upon our faces. We should have read more about whistle blowing law. I don't know quite a lot about what's yeah. Yeah Yeah pretty good job silver to me syllables for the melody. It was you're right. Keep working on. It and it's not the most important thing right now. Get Your Mando out will figure this out. Yes yes start. Bring every recording because my goal this year is to call a Mandolin Amanda. It's definitely makes it sound purview. Thank you yeah. Hey look that look at that. Look at that Mando guy covered landlords. They'll say mandolin. Yep The all lander speaking of lanyard. This people we organizations often wear them. They do and some organizations before they tried uh-huh yeah. Do we think this is going to get executed so that's a good question. According to the president that's what he wants. Yeah it is according to him I know because I don't think he'll think you can get away. Get Away with well. Well I mean we'll see what he can get away with. Trust our country's reputation protecting whistleblowers. Y- but like the execution that seems that seems seems a little much I wonder there's a lot of stuff that America's capable of and when Donald Donald Trump does them people react negatively to it even if it's something that like we've done before so. I wonder if people people will be like Oh my God. I can't believe they were you know late in the same way that there is a there are a lot of people now protecting this whistleblower calling him a Patriot mhm win just a few short years ago they might have been calling Edward Snowden a traitor share. We talked about the hypocrisy. Maybe a little the hallway. There's a double standard. They're quick to jump to this person's defense the Patriot. You got to protect them when yeah this is a really important conversation if we're not because it's also like but where is the where's the outrage for Thomas Drake it because nobody in and that's part of what we have. We have all these people have been paying more attention but over the years people cared about Chelsea manning but it's not the same nine. It's not the same thing I would say the fundamental difference that you have not that this means that like I think that Chelsea manning or Edward Snowden should be executed good you have this difference between there's the people who try to do it within the system and there's people who who did not who just decided that the system was not going to provide them a realistic way to deal with it and you can feel about that the way you do but it is if someone is saying if someone is saying. I think that Edward Snowden or Chelsea manning should be tried because they broke the law and then go through the system. This person should not be tried before because they stayed in the I would say that's not an inconsistent position. I disagree with but insistent but I would say one of the issues in terms of like my fearing this whistle blowers life is one of the things we saw with drake was that he did everything by the book and then as soon as somebody else leaked it to the media. Eh everyone just assumed it was him through under the bus because he'd been waiting for an opportunity to fuck this guy and that's my word for the whistle blower. Is that like trump skin it like you. You can't punish him for going to the I g but you can claim he's a leaker is that's. What trumpster talking about is is trying. The leakers for treason speakers is yeah yeah so yeah. I think this person has some cost to be concerned absolutely well especially since the president's up there tweeting about it making it you know talking about civil war. He's talking about you know yet. How traders deserve to die and and that isn't something that we've experienced France from an American president? That's something that you see in Nasha Richard Nixon would sail that stuff but he'd say it drunk into his desk microphone. Okay no one ever. We're here at the best thing about recordings. No one will ever hear well. You can't replay recordings. That's what's good about mornings. it's also like amidst all of this and this concern the New York Times just start slake writing about the whistlers identity. Hey Yeah Yeah speak truth to power. It's just it's so I mean it's not weird if you know the New York Times but like just a consistent every free like big institution like that just really just not helping one of the things that was really entertaining to me. Was I think it was a member of Castro's Astros team who like they they put out a bunch of information those like publicly available information on trump donors that people who'd like maxed out trump and the New York Times there was someone in an op Ed on the Times criticized that as endangering those people's lives and like potentially draining harassment towards all we did was published publicly available information and then the Times was published a a defense of why it was newsworthy to reveal personal information about the whistle blower and it's like interesting. You guys think that might be inconsistent the navy maybe credible use that word again yeah yeah. I bet it was Brad Stevens or David Brooks. Maybe it's probably one of those him. Maybe some amalgam of them both like that monster monster in the thing bubbling with Brett Stevens or Brooks truly horrifying probably some Charles Krauthammer in there yeah cool great yeah. I don't love when the president talks about the treason in in this way not really really not good a person that's called for the death penalty for for a lot of different reasons but over out of reasons a lot of reasons for his is in tire life. Yeah not a flip flop or not a flip flop consistent about flip flopping on his that one tweet about can you impeach president for gross incompetence but he's some flops on them yeah guys but like he knows he knows what he's doing to you with like the O. They're all witch hunting me and they're all coming after me and actually I'm the one that's under attack and you need to protect me from the trees and in the spies who were going to kill. Maybe I have a civil war. Maybe we'll have live from like slowly tweet about how there's GonNa. Maybe we do a Civil Ardi said several times. That chef has also committing treason. Yes very tool our exciting new segment of the show Who Does the President President dead this week number one on that entry is Adam Shadow chef. Can I read yellow quote from the daily beast lease president. Donald Trump showed no sign of ending his weekend. We can twitter rampage starting his Monday off with the tweet calling for the arrest of Adam Schiff for treason mocking China on its birthday the president. I attack the Democratic House Intel chairman for fictionalized his call to Ukraine's president during a congressional investigation hearing into the whistleblower complaint last week during his opening statement shift hypothesize what trump might have said to make him sound like a mob boss. Rep Adam Schiff legally made up a fake and terrible statement and pretended it to be mine as the most important part of my call to the Ukrainian president and read aloud to Congress and the American people trump wrote Monday Monday morning it bore no resemblance to what I said on the call arrest for treason go on the question though it's a question a recipe for some reason trees. This one's are out there this conversation about it for treason portrays. I think that's what I'm going to ask like when I'm out with friends and like we've been during a little while and like we're considering that to get a bite to eat. Go onto the next bar arrest for treason respiratory respiratory arrest for treason risk for treason yeah yeah yeah kill me want stay president and we WANNA stay president dead shift consolidating power yeah great pattern of him just sort of a he'll talk about like he's the treason president he did this a traitor and stuff and like yes people but he's he's the president yeah. Maybe he shouldn't be saying. We're we're going to kill these traitors and maybe maybe talking about like the Second Second Amendment and like they're trying to take take it away saying like. Oh yeah maybe the Second Amendment people can take care of it. Maybe a slow pattern of like literally the president promoting violence real quick. Did you guys see that story Wayne Lapierre. I believe an IRA noto president would quote no he he met with Donald Trump is saying that the NRA would back his defense impeachment defense. If you like but fake newscast this guy it'd be let the stuff slide. I wonder how they'll back his. We'll see what happens here. I will say one of the things about that. Trump tweet on shift that I I think he's been under reported on. Everyone's talking about the arrest for treason in that in Saint placating. He wants shift dead which is a problem. That's a problem and the thing that concerns me. Also also is a Rep. Adam Schiff illegally made up a fake and terrible statement. You legally how do you do that. You do that pretty sure. The First Amendment covers rhetorically what Adam Schiff was doing argue. It was a good idea bad idea for optics pretty sure the First Amendment covers that Oh yeah if you listen to the actual context of statements it's pretty sure into confederation doesn't understand so like when the president is constantly calls anybody disagrees them scum and the enemy of the people that now is saying that like just saying words as illegal yeah. That's a concern to you that might not be the like I would consider it. A better trend line. If the president were saying. Maybe we should increase the ice cream stockpile that would be less worrying decreasing the amount of speech that is legal so a guy like a guy who suit somebody over a joke yes and who's been constantly talking about repealing and like revisiting libel laws You're concerned about this. Someone who like historically stoically is like praising other leaders who jail and murder jail journalists who criticize them yeah. I don't know me reaching their the heritage center is holding an event. Oh good called preserved constitution. Should the press be restrained. Reexamining reserved gossipy preserving the constitution. That sounds preservation doesn't it doesn't it sound like you're preserving the constitution. By restraining the press uh-huh the constitution loves the press not being allowed. That's my favorite thing about the constitution yeah. They thought about the press after they wrote it. We won't add anything thing we won't. We won't make we won't address this in fact the first thing that happened after they signed the Constitution was Thomas Jefferson walked outside saw newspaper and said what what is the off boy who else is the president threatening to have killed this week the whistle blowing the whistle blower. That's like the leakers to the time yeah half of America America one could argue those people that are illegal immigrants insinuating civil war. I think that could fall into the category of saying that half the country is going to be and what are you pro or anti civil war cody. I laid out here. I am generally anti civil war but I'm pro some people's those anti civil war tweets because some of them have been fun this week. There's some fun fun. I mean it's you know it's interesting. I'd rather not be talk about civil war trending ending on twitter for days. We'll the civil war thing is It's really insidious in weird. Being has the the idea that people are like gunning for civil war. I didn't mean to say gunning but they but they are not only. Is it a desire of a lot of people in the far right but it also the claim name that people want it also comes from right wing media and it's been this way for a long time in waiting for this been building the claim that you'll see it a lot like all the liberals they want. They want a civil war. That's actually not true. It's usually said in reaction to like liberals liberals like Democrats following the law to a t. yet to hold any blending only the cops to have usually civil war wonders. Don't want only the cops to have guns yeah yeah. It's interesting. It's it's especially interesting to me. These like far-right like even like the Fox News folks being so scared about a civil war but they always talk a civil war but they're also really anti-government yeah so it's just interesting that they choose the term civil war win in their ideology would indicate a revolution. I mean is there some time in the past where like a small extremist chunk of this country tried to fight right for their ability to do the shitty things they wanted to do without any oversight from anyone else and then maybe that cause was lost that happened. I will come so no okay good. Good good glad there's no press. Did you guys see this. tweet from the oath keepers meeting the president's thread in him he was talking about quoting somebody talking about a civil war. That's Donald Trump and the clippers quote tweeted re tweeted that this threat is important to read the term civil war is increasingly on on people's tongues tongues people's tongue and not just cold civil war full blown hot civil war fact is patriots consider the left to be domestic enemies of the Constitution Futian bent on the destruction of the republic so I'm trying to figure out now. There's this like eight hundred dollar night vision scope that I could get from that is the about the cheapest I can get thermal optics. Sherry for but the really good ones are like twenty seven hundred buffs end like it. Kinda depends for me on like how soon the civil war is going to be rainy. Money's not going to matter as much as thermal optics if it starts well but and if it's happening during the winter when the days are shorter you need that. I'm from the nighttime. Do I want to make sure it's rubberized rainy. It's going to be when the civil wars time to save up for the civil war because I need you to figure out now played carriers slate carriers and maybe like a run the jewels Hoodie if I talk about this near my phone maybe I'll I'll start getting targeted ads on civil war gear mega hats and pussy hats. No God oh yeah that's. How do I need to put like some metal in my I know I know you're right. You do need to you need to get some plates in there to protect nit nit around Minnesota run the jewels hoodies run that you think in killer Martin would be on board that seems like a pretty good time to ask break speaking of executing cuting large numbers of political dissidence. You know who doesn't do that. tyrod tell me tell me close rations who support this park. Oh Okay I love corporations no dissidents we've bet all of our corporations and to make sure they do not execute dissidence accidents. It's good. It's good where we're not running. Coca Cola stockpiling weapons. CEO We run and Coca Cola ads fantastic. That's the only problematic company yeah one thing. That's your ad break terrible Are you going to start doing your let me swallow. I hate that so much 'cause my fault. I wasn't going to make any sound effects today but I was asked you were asked in the new made the Gong. He's like a cockroach eating. Some sounded like cockroach eating pussy. It sounded like Tom Green Slang with a DILDO. Although there we go yeah cockroach inputs land a true crime podcast musicians getting away with murder and behaving leaving very badly is available with new episodes from the underbelly of the music industry. NWF Madonna iggy Pop eminem would Houston the rolling Stones Asep Rocky Eric Eric Clapton motown records led Zeppelin in the beach. Boys are coming at you. WanNa mostly biweekly basis hosted by Jake Brennan Murder Suicide. I trump addiction. The cult have all happened alongside the making of some of the greatest music ever recorded and resulted in some of the greatest stories never told in a podcast anyway because rockstars aren't like you. They're more like feral narcissistic animals and they are functioning members of society in this is precisely what makes them so so damn entertaining. His graceland contains adult content and explicit language can listen to disgrace and on apple podcast iheartradio APP. Wherever you get your podcasts Jess Rock Arolla on what's Oh gosh those all of I've bought all the ads you did yeah but I also paid for the products in the ads. You are now the proud inder Coke Industries Tar Sands Mining Plant congratulations thank you this is everything I've ever wanted. I think you're going to be bummed when he learned what tar sands are but I'm not GonNa ruin that for you. I'M NOT GONNA look into uh-huh. Lets about about Joe. Biden crane a little bit about a back story. What's happening here. Can I give the backstory of Hunter Biden in two headlines lines all right the first is the headline of a Washington examiner article cocaine laced cigarettes crack and vodka binges Hunter Biden and details as a drug and alcohol abuse and the second is a vanity fair title. Hunter Biden has reportedly broken up with his late brother's wife. Oh My god Eh stop going hunter. He is a character is a character on wild. He reminds me of what you imagine Agean. The son of a politician would be like all these just the case example of what happens when you name someone hunter to smoke crack and fuck widows may may widows Brown well. I don't know about that Washington. Examiner headlines Bad newspaper but what a fun headlined by not untrue and not untrue because first of all Hunter Biden joined breeze MMA Iranian Gas Company yes while Biden was still vice president and I want to circle back that in a second but I want to point out that okay the investigation into Brima in this whole scandal started in two thousand fourteen just a month after hunter joined the company so it is on its surface hard hard to believe that any of the crimes are the things that would be investigated have anything to do with hunter but or that he would know that now had to commit time because is right before he joined breeze. MMA hunter was discharged from the Navy reserve after yes testing positive for cocaine but what was interesting thing is that he had only been in the navy reserve for about a year and he was in his forties when he joined so he had to go get a waiver which presumably also came through because he's the vice president's son to joined the navy reserve any waiver because of past cocaine drug use air force fine with that schist wild to me a little bit Blake. I mean sure he's got some stuff going on. It seems like somebody that's like not finding his way in the world world which further vice president sons presence on but see. I think that's important when talking about the issue of the Vice President President Sons sitting on a foreign company and we talked about earlier. About how people don't you know look at past whistle blowers with the same scrutiny as like how we're reacting now to donald trump will yet actually that is a little shady and it is worth bringing up. I mean I'm not saying that. It's worth. Donald trump going through all of this dig up dirt on political opponents and all that and you know he's looking for information as to like why Victor Shogun got fired and that has nothing to do with what I'm talking about right here which which I think is important to note. This isn't like this isn't a perfectly legal influence. Yeah it's yeah it's something you can look at and go. We shouldn't allow that kind of thing. That's that great but it's not like shattering scandal that like it's not this deep insidious corruption. It's like yeah that sucks that we operate that way. With this was influence peddling on behalf of the Ukrainian government they suck at it because the Obama administration barely gave them shit and they could've used some shit like one thing you can actually say in trump's favors that at least he was willing to sell them stuff like the javelin which have been like really useful in stopping rush armor and the Obama Administration was much more reticent. The handout weaponry in this may be a war where we should have more but it certainly you have a hard time making the case that the Obama administration ministration embraced some like Super Pro Ukraine narrative when they were just kinda barely like I guess will kinda help you not get invaded as much as you otherwise might have but still a lot invaded yeah still gonna I mean it's just a rat rat trapped in the corner and he's pointing this thing. That's happened and because he does a lot to where he'll point. Something be like this is. This is the real thing this is the thing we're like like the dangerous bad thing that we ought to worry about because he is feeling attacked and trapped. You mean the firing of Victor Shogun less whole thing just like he'll overblown these things yeah to distract from thing that he was also projection so much. There's so much wrapped into it. that if you look into it slightly oh that's so. I'm sure everybody is aware of it but this story is just like so back in Twenty Sixteen Sixteen Biden threatened Joseph Covenant Biden robinet Biden Junior withholding this aid need if they didn't fire Victor Shogun who was tasked with rooting out all of this corruption in the Ukraine the Ukraine pusher. We're getting back getting there and Robert. You've spoken about this. The Ukraine is full of corruption. This is something they do a lot of times and and and and the problem is is that they aren't actually a lot of people aren't actually interested in getting rid of the corruption and Victor Shogun by by all seems to be somebody. That was not doing a good you. You wouldn't call him a Thomas Drake type figure shirttail aspirations to work at the apple store. You would call him an everyone else. In the entire intelligence community type figure comparing the two apparently he was going out of his way not to investigate the owner her of Burris. Ma was an oligarchy Mikulas look head ski. I can't do the accent you're half way he he was like straight up refusing help and not investigating leads and so that was the incentive for Biden to push so that his firing would actually possibly negatively negatively affect actually suggesting that because after that they hired or different investigator who did investigate the company interest in from all we we know everything was in the clear especially Hunter Biden. I know one thing about Ukrainian. Yeah sure corporations. It's that they don't commit corrupt acts. That's says about Ukraine that Ukraine corporations and my second thing about just corporations in general but this this is it's interesting because coding. I talked about this a little bit yesterday like you know you can't compare that with what trump is doing withholding aides tried yeah to get personal information on his political opponents. You know what I mean very different set of circumstances that there is no comparing them now you have a goal of that and sort of embraced by the international community of we should do something about the corruption in this country. We're GONNA hold. This aid which other organizations also did a lot of international organizations. We're like no. We're not gonNA money until you corruption that is slightly different than withholding aid that everyone agrees should be given yeah so that get your personal. Grievances and political opponents can be swapped Roger Take care and also my favorite thing about just the shade thrown is him win win in the call in the Nada transcript transcript of the it's really frustrating. Stop calling it a transcript. Stop in the summary of the phony collection of people's memories written as a script for some reason probably that rhymes with piss modest flea uh-huh nailed it that the in that like trump goes from complaining that the EU isn't spending enough hasn't spent enough money to to help with Ukraine's defense to then sort of subtly threatening to not provide four hundred million dollars aid when the EU has added some sixteen eighteen billion dollars it's hoping like which there's certainly an argument to be made that no actually you should should have spent a lot more in this. European war and it's not being taken seriously by the at the member states very fair criticism to make but trump dangling a four hundred million dollar aid package complaining to sixteen billion. They've spent is not enough is pretty rich. like him like him. He is pretty rich not as rich as although like the four hundred million dollars that yeah yes you quicker. got there quicker. I I. I just had a thought on hundred Biden heartache which is Joe Biden is kind of renowned Encana bafflingly so among liberals in the left pretty much all of whom are are agreed that at least the drug war shouldn't continue in its current form even if everyone's SORTA disagrees on how many substances should be legalized forgets people's roles does in th there's still a widespread understanding for both liberals and the left that like what we should stop most of the more thing except for Joe Biden who's very much on board with the drug. Were still maybe he just thinks that drug users are like his son. LaPorte low party boys just fucked up and I'll constantly make in trouble late like I I will go to bat for all crack users who aren't Hunter Biden very responsible cocaine smokable and otherwise not hunter enter Biden not agree and drugs being illegal for Hunter Biden. You're looking at the. You're looking at the situation with the fathers. That's a different stance. I I'm and we need a new narrower. War On drugs just focused on Joe by on Senator Biden. Yes actually campaign. Let's get that specific conversation and see how it goes. Da All we'll have something yeah yeah that makes sense to me. He probably yeah distanced himself from it. Somehow somehow he's a he's a crusader. He's a crusader. Actually this he's got my vote now no yeah because because I want to take care of eight hundred Biden to I want to take and you know Shit Yeah Yeah Yeah and if Joe is GonNa do that then I support and that's your person I'm disappointed cody. We'll because everyone else all the other everyone all these are. The candidates are being like. Oh Yeah war on drugs ain't great. Maybe we should take this and like get all these nonviolent offenders out of prison and so on and Joe Biden is saying that but he's also saying but also fuck my son so as he showed you so one issue burner and that issue is hating hunter solid one yeah. It's hard to know like how much of this to get into just because is it so wide ranging one thing that I think that's really interesting. Is that there's a couple of things that have happened that are still kind of like a controversial one of them. Is that a somebody leaked to sixty minutes that the whistle blower was under federal protection yeah in part as a result of the president's tweets and part as a result of Jacob all fifty thousand dollars bounty on the leakers identity wall was not mentioned in the leaked Jake to fifty who one hundred press conference today. No this is like talking about this is like going through one of those wikipedia pedia summaries for like a star wars movie every page clicking of link like who a fucking who's that guy were making fun of in the episode that hasn't dropped yet with the weird headingley things kissed you gotta read about tackling the Kit fist o of this particular. Everything is that earlier today Jack Berkman Jacobs partner who during the the press conference to try and slander Robert Muller had his fly open. I uh-huh they're just they're living art. So Berkman tweeted that there was going to be a press conference at noon around the identity of the whistle blower our and Jacob. WHOA at around the same time released through his social media that they weren't going to go public with the whistle blowers I because they needed extra extra time or something yeah Well oiled across sure. They just need more time. Yes Oh it's it's just it is chaos. There's just there. There are all these things that just keep breaking not sure exactly how it all connects or like what's going to pan out from all of it stuff that we do seem to be seeing seeing happened. I already mentioned reports. That trump has pushed the Australian prime minister to help William Bar gather information after all the discredit. The Lord knows how many conversations you could you. Could you do me a crime yeah but I'll do well to you. I do crime like all of the world leaders who talked to him on the phone. Now have a lawyer sitting in like. I don't want to accidentally break so complicated because he also talks such a weird way. Where like you don't know if you're necessarily agreeing to do? Do the crime ran. I mean we we've also learned that bars approach Italian and British intelligence agencies the same Europe with Sebastian Gorka was that Pompeo that flew with Gorky got Rudy Guiliani flying all over the world going to Ukraine and Russia. There's a smart lawyer subpoenaed and he's GonNa and Mike pompeo apparently was on this took twenty years forgotten just forgot about it and he's been subpoenaed to appear before three congressional committees uh-huh but he's being a real low bitch about it trying to avoid a civil war trying to avoid civil war is inevitable. If the president is why he's working with famous not civil the war wanders in carries two guns of different calibers on a daily right. Yeah Detroit is full name. Yes trumpism has no interest in a civil war. Yeah real quick sorry. This is it's unimportant. donald trump obviously alluding to like if you impeach me with their we're going to a civil war. He's previously talked about the war in many many different ways. He has a plaque for the what the river of blood does not exist. That didn't happen ever happened. It's A plaque that they got made plan is installed. They're still there but so at one point he's talking about civil work and he said and I'm going to this is a direct quote from the president of United States eight. People don't realize you know the civil war. If you think about it why people don't ask that question but why was there the civil war why could that one not dot have been worked out. Wow I've changed my mind on this president. Trump guy yeah yeah yeah. That sounds really could Straw. We're starting to walk into the worked out. We could work that out. We can't work out this impeach a president thing yeah but we can work out. I you run into stuff like that. All the time like people like talking about trump as a younger man watching a history channel documentary about World War Two that referred to it as like five years the world lost their mind and I was like no wait a second There was released a couple of people who went crazy and then everybody else had a lot of trouble cleaning it up yeah. It's one of those like who's to say how it happened earlier. There's a role Tenenbaum's quote. We all know custer died at little bighorn but what I question is is what if what if what if he didn't like well I guess if you were there you would have fixed it. Is this whole like like all this movement of like forgiving the civil war for happening and like justifying it in the wrong way and then being like we we're GonNa do it again like even like Sousa Fascist propaganda made a film called death of a nation which is fascist propaganda. Talking Democrats are infringes on some copyrights Arthur Miller had but little bit little bit like clearly a reference the birth of a nation and it's so it's like all this imagery of like trump is the new lincoln. He's GonNa do another civil war. It's just this constant like wanting getting to do it this whole time you you can hear it when they in how they talk about it like there's this love and desire and need to like murder liberals and like you see these tweets in these people like oh you fucking what one they want it so bad so bad and they want to blame the other side for wanting it just like you. WanNa kill people say they were getting there. It's been really interesting. You're to watch I've been on the not popular side of of saying Okay Guys Gun control debates aside. Maybe now's not the time to disarm charm. people on the left may maybe now is the time to consider some some training and some of these things because it seems like we're heading in a bad direction and I saw Dave Anthony of the dollop who has been very very much pro gun control and whatnot recently put out a tweet along the lines of Maybe it's time for leftist to start arming themselves. I saw exactly and if you're someone who's considered that and you want some reading on the matter that's not at all propagandistic and not at all sort of like filled with jingoism and laying the traditional additionally sort of like a Hollywood bullshit. There's a great book by Scott Crow. WHO's an activist in Texas. I think currently called setting sites just a bunch of essays on the history of laboratory community thirty self defense really good book. Maybe maybe look into it again setting sites thanks. I G H T s solid book yeah. There's a there's two things I wanted to still get through on the fucking whistle blowing one of them is that we before we got on this digression because again this is like one giant with Beijing aged sixty minutes was like the the whistleblowers under federal protection because of all of the threats and then the whistle blowers attorney was like no he's Ni- they they must read this in USA. Today is still standing by the reporting we'd. I don't really know what confusing another confusing thing well another interesting thing. Thanks so the inspector general is sort of like the government watchdog. That's like kind of overseeing a large chunk of this because that's jobs doing with a whistle blower complaints. They not a very a political position. They do not make statements to the nation. That's really not their job. As a matter of fact their job is to kind of determine whether or not the whistle blowing complaint is like credible in the new that up the a chain and like but they are not not famous for their addressing of the World Press the president in several of his allies started to claim that the whistleblower whistle blower complaint was not credible because it was entirely based on hearsay and based on just things he'd heard from other people rather than than anything he had witnessed in the Inspector General's office made made a public statement saying that is not true at the whistle blower at least significance of what some of the whistle blower was saying was based on things the whistleblower witness so includes hearsay but it's not like he also talked to people but some of this he witnessed which means default. It's based on more than just the conversation that the Nada transcript transcript was released on because it means that because he definitely was not the whistle blower was not present for that other shit. There's just there's more more stuff coming and it's GONNA be coming out. The pipe really fast when it starts to gum. There's just going to be so much. It's more like sleep when it comes. Adam Shifts GonNa get hung when it showed me a headline of Pompeii accuses Democrats of impeachment bullying and I roll my eyes. Hey be best be the best. I never thought about it like that. God this is a good advice from my beautiful wife Melania who who couldn't make it here. We're sitting right next to you. Oh beautiful lives right here. Just a little memory lane was that are we sure that at that moment wasn't was the president fucking up and not the president actually just being a huge talking heads. Fan 'cause you may say to yourself yeah. This is not my wears suits or and he does let the days go by down house. He's home. You guys boy. you know what's better than following politics listening to the talking heads occur rate Musa. Oh my God you guys want to end by saying that the talking shit about how Guiliani says he's going to have the best podcast ever yeah. Let's do that is your did he. I think there's a couple of things we got a breakdown on the rudy jewel One of them is him shouting at a reporter who was interviewing him. Yeah the whistle blowers not going to be the hero. I'm hero which is a thing honestly. I have to think that when Donald Trump read did that even the president would have been like Dude Rudy on you. Don't you don't think he he thought like how dare you. I'm going to be the hero. He is also. We are the biggest buffoon in look. What's happened to his life America's. What's happened to him. It's it's pathetic. It's beautiful. It's really beautifully pathetic. He's my beautiful man. It's a real case for enforce term limits. It's the same Joe Biden if Joe Biden the obviously a lot of bad stuff before he was vp but if he just ended his political career there nobody would be making fun of him for anything we would every now and then there'd be a picture of him and Barack Obama holding hands at a ballgame it'd be like nice and then we continue being worried about the things that matter exchanging long protein strings holding yeah hand holding if Rudy Giuliani after nine eleven had just been like well. I'm just going to be America's mayor forever and live in a house in the ADIRONDACKS Ronda. I wouldn't have any issue. I wouldn't say anything about Rudy Giuliani. Nobody would care anymore. We'd have moved on whatever problematic things he had done in his past and as mayor would have been forgotten forgotten and we could we could just focus on the other problems but instead it's Rudy Giuliani Club podcast him as someone so many people surrounding the president now who are in that category like how did you come back you yeah yeah it's because powers addictive and being those positions as addictive and even you know. It's like even if you look into getting like undeservedly. Giuliani's case a great reputation because you you don't like Shit your pants when nine eleven happened anyone asking you when a couple is later yes yeah yeah yeah even win like if you're that guy you would rather rather go back and work with a historically corrupt and unpopular regime than not be how right and not have that attention tastes. It's a drug MHM. Get your bowl full. Jake tapper would say yeah so how God. Let's not get into that. We're well over an hour here and he talked about the West the other day in the yeah. It's all frustrating but I I think we should in this episode by acknowledging that our friend Rudy Giuliani was overheard at a Cigar Club in New York recently talking about the new. How many the minutes do you think he'll get into the first episode before he'll be Gli reveals confidential. Now it's GonNa be the breeding redacted parts of the malaria on a tune it so throw musical capable of doing this without stepping and all sorts of breaks anyway. I just wanted to hear my my crimes by Rudy Giuliani. I do want to congratulate our producer Sophie Lichtman. I'm in forgetting the Rudy Giuliani job. You'RE GONNA do Great Sophie. We're very appropriate for you sounded much like onions as I assume he does and it's like onions and like menthol cough drops say before oddly enough. He doesn't smell like cigars which would really be yeah yeah all right covered like cody's it smells like the sound cody makes when he's tried to make it sound the famous tug not seeing any time travel movie apparently not primer. Can I before cody stuck doing that. Students just rewind the episode started again from the beginning and that will oh my favorite quote from primer is key. You can check us out on the Internet twitter worst worst year pod at instagram worst your pod sooner or later. We'll have a website not yet also merch stores Rudy if you WanNa if you WANNA be guests on the show hit us up at worst year pod. We have a seat for you and I. We took a cigar with you. Yes I love baby so it'll work do do. He's my he's my beautiful man. That's really weird. Cody didn't blink returns. It's deep deep love including never blinks when he's talking about lust and neither should you. That's the podcast. The worst year ever is production of iheartradio for more podcasts from iheartradio radio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. My Name is Danny Shapiro and I'm the host family secrets. A podcast about the secrets is kept from US secrets. We keep from others and the secrets we keep from ourselves. Family secrets is show where you can hear powerful stories of heartbreak healing in and hope listen to season two family secrets on apple podcasts the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts.

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