Whiskey Quickie: Daviess County Straight Bourbon Finished in French Oak Casks


Each batch of barrel bourbon is its own unique expression of their blending process finding those unique characteristics that shine through learn more at barrel. Bourbon dot com. Welcome everybody to this whiskey quirky and today. we're looking at davis county and davies davies. Okay you you would actually know that you you. You're probably waiting to say that. I was like go. Get this davis county over there. And he's like. I'm gonna soon as we can't name all hundred twenty. I've got nelson right. I got i got that part so davies county. There's a product comes from los co and so this is a blend and mash bills so it is a blend of traditional rye and weeded bourbons. That are both also finished in a french oak. Cask bottled at ninety six and has srp around forty seven dollars. Go ahead blend and mash It's kind of hard to get a nose on it. Yes very basic kind of vanilla. Little tiny hint of oak. A little bit of honey. Yeah it's it's it runs middle of the road you're not gonna you're not gonna be like i don't want this or it's just it's so all right on the taste. Got some brown sugar honey. He's very pronounced nice little spice at the end It's nothing too complex but it's you know a great just average not ever all around it. It runs middle the road. I think on the taste the knows. It's it's exactly what you would expect from a kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. This one's a little bit. Different pena blended nashville is finishing staves. So he gives a little bit of that honey four. We're kind of note to it. Yep all right so on the news how you going to write this sideways like we try. There's nothing pronounced it's good but average And the taste sideways. Like i said it's good but average like go like thumbs up only because you don't get anything. That's like a stringent or bad or no way for i think it it kind of showing pretty well but let's go ahead and finish anything there sideways. It's overall it's very good. It's just it's just kind of average mill the road from me all right. Well thank you for tuning in cheers. Elsie next time.

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