How to Make a Heady Cocktail of Drink, Travel, and Adventure


There was a time. And i am so glad that it's over when all you heard was print is dead. It's all about online now as much as i love my blog. There is nothing like holding a book or magazine in your hands and cuddling into the sofa to read it. Thank goodness my guess. Felt the same way on susan schwartz. You're drinking companion and this is lush life podcast. every week. We're inspired to live life on cocktail at a time. Three weeks ago the nita. Fernando and rob. Ellison launched the tonic magazine. The world's newest drinks magazine. Or should i say a headache cocktail of drink travel and adventure. They've collected stories. All about booze that reach from north korea to iceland to haiti san francisco and back again so warm up that mold wine nestle into your couch and settled in to find out how benita and rob mix up all those ingredients and created the tonic magazine. Before that i wanted to tell you about an initiative that my low walker a pass lush lifer has put together to help out of work bartenders. The cocktail factory dot. Uk is a monthly cocktail subscription club. And every month they partner with a bartender made redundant by covid nineteen to create a range to delicious ready to drink bespoke cocktails to directly support the bartenders they work with fifty percent of all prophets goes to them so check it out the next time you want cocktail delivery now onto benita an rob. I was so excited to get my copy of tonic. Which i'm holding in my hands right now. And i am lucky enough to have the one with my cocaine on the cover because you know i love. My cocaine is a heady cocktail. Drink travel adventure which we all need right now. So i want to know everything about how you got to this day and how i am holding in my hands. Maybe we'll start with benita. Why don't you start with a little bit about where you grew up show so i grew up in suburban melbourne in australia. The daughter of italian immigrants mish to australia after the war when his ten an-and ustralian mum. So i had the best of both worlds great fade and good barbecue at the same time. I studied to be a teacher when tini sunny to teach and came bahia fifteen either going to get a bit more experienced than that had managed classrooms. Because that's what I was dating when i came Match announcer about twelve months. I started to teach online and the great thing about about bang starting and coming to the. Uk's that you know you can travel. Every time. i wanted to go anywhere abroad. It was always like an epic. It had been epic adventure. Couldn't just be a joint so it was really. It was really quite cool to be in london and to be able to travel to europe. Whenever i felt like it or even new york understand passer states really quickly as did a lot of traveling. Obviously my roots are in italy. Got to spend a lotta time with family. That i didn't know initially before so that was pretty cool and then i was here for about just after the twelve month period. I met this one in a pup naturally not true nine the meeting the meeting. Did you always know that you wanted to be a teacher. It was one of those really stupid things when i was growing up. My brother always is really like definite about what he wanted to be. He wanted to get loya. He watched ally lord he was gonna be. The state and i was a couple years younger than he meant. Felt really immature. Because i didn't know what. I wanted to be so. He sits marijuana Decide united just think of the things that you can decide My decision hilariously was based on the fact that i wanted to a nice close to wick. It adds end. I wanted to have holidays off and have to. I wanted to have a family and you know like a. I was gonna made the decision pro family so i wanted a job that was conducive to family us going talion environment. That was very potent. And that's kind of the basis of why my decision to be a teacher. And i and i did really do still dabble invitation and i do really enjoy like sharing knowledge in helping people. That's the main thing that i that i enjoy about doing doing that but for me. It's it's the transitioning to add. Things has been basically because you know varieties responsible And i found that just teaching was just too much. it's too draining it with too emotionally exhausting so using my modestly as make made it much more fun to teach and much more fun to do other things have been talliin more than once a going to italy. How do you remember the table. The eating the drinking. What were some of your favorite things that you may be brought with you here. The first thing you weren't to try in their in real life. Well it's a funny one because like you know the. The family extended family in australia. Always kind of get together and you know there was one uncle who made wine on might salami so those sorts of gatherings where people are making stuff together a Billions and it's like one of the things that i love doing is when a guy i love to go see my auntie tool wanna fade me. Which is great. So i have to be careful and the the one hundred wine god love them. It's not great has to be done to. We them with lemonade in order to make it palatable but but it's nice united sharing kind of thing it's also really strong on. I'm not a big strong drinker of alcohol. So the other people might actually types really good but for me is too potent when it comes to the things that i the one thing that i really wanted to do. When i came over here was to visit the extended family intimate deb's aunts and cousins and uncles and stuff and and that for me that was that was priceless. That just be able to connect with people anticipate people who look like my dad and oma aunties and stuff inside end to end to realize that there's just this time and space separates people they still so much similarity there and it was funny actually going to visit family in 'cause they're from the south in calabria in That flew into the and going to end the nice thing. What's your data the table and it would be the same experience Dishes like manina was really good at teaching. My mom had a kook the right way according to my dad. And so you'd sit down at the table and it would be possible the way that the way that might not make pasta And it was the glass of wine in the little. Kitty you know the the small Not be cut of fancy glass you know just as kinds of things just suck At the time it was just really. That's the stuff i think is really cool at. How would you rob whereabout may. Well i was wound in west midland's small town code will also. My parents came ova with my grandparents in the late fifties from jamaica when the big dry from the commonwealth came to come over and help out and building stuff and it was a factory town. Those factors there at the time which mostly manufacturing an pottsville 'cause engines and things like that. So they came over to do that. And y'all was born that so my experience of growing up was it was community kind of knew everybody if you went related to them in some way you knew them. You went to school with their brother. Oh that steroid So there was no getting away. And it's tom. That's very much. But i was growing up known by its pubs so every of the straits that used to be. You know that. And that's where the community walls and those days it was very smokey now filled me fest cigarette smoke. And that's how you always said that you gave directions. I grew up given directions. Do not have to get to this place. Yeah will you go down the road to the great dragon. You take a left to the bottom of the road you get to the wave you go over the roundabout if you get to the duke of york onto what a comeback that smile you gave you directions because that's how and Exam back a while now before the days of mobile phones and stuff he wants to make your friend then it would be like Wait ceva clock. In being that he'd be it'd be way to nevada is gonna turn up as been stopped. Does you have to go and do an errand. But that's how d- way we operated. We still do operate by by a by the pumps. That's that's all that's satnav on relation. Well since you brought up jamaica was your family. Were they romped drinkers. Your you know family cook. In a certain way they brought over us adopt english cuisine. Right away unknown roy to weigh this strange one because now of english cuisine. Nothing maybe because she's old kids have gone now when she's around so maybe full full easy don't quickness she. She has a lot of english cuisine but growing up. There was a lot of west indian cuisine. Rice pays jason lamb goats these sorts of things at funerals or weddings or things. Like that White come out the Nephew staple the staple drink red. If you come out in the guineas punch as i always remember my. You know when you're young. You have that smell of manon. Making the The in nash. The you know the the milk Nutmeg and it smells so nice. I don't even know what guinness punches roberta of this. Yes so fun sorry. I'm trying to re record was on the the hunch whenever inches. Yes she's not really going to give away with nothing but the seat was is that it gives me a little bit to drink because young have a little bit to drink tasted up not who we had a kind of nice. But i'll always remember. Sometimes i'd go. Ooh but that guineas thing looks kind of nice as well and then earlier continental us helpless. Give me some tastes. It'd be like all that is the worst thing in the world. Why would any adult wants to drink something that is so hideous and then of course couple decades later. It's you know these fine. It's great but yeah i remember. That was that so cuisine and then the english cuisine there was anything that was battered. So anything that you could anything in a fryer that that that took a couple of minutes. Then that that was that was edible. Then moving to london nap became a bit of a shock that you could have things that one tried british cuisine that wasn't from fright yet. So you both matt a lot of years past We've been together for a while. Tell me about the inception of the magazine and what the idea even came from because you could have done a magazine about anything. Really why drake's in particular initiative came to london in ninety nine for music afa few of my friends one of the only ones left because we we came for glory Became to take the music will still and with you know. We love to tell the story with investors to tell the stories while and we were always in pubs. If not that drinking wibble playing that we would always gay in pubs invading the heritage of pubs and it was that thing of of happy night gig at a central place. You go to. That never really looked like anything to to speak up. It did look great but then when you look at the walls and new sold the types of musicians that playing that you alike all yet. They played that. We're that of one day we're going to be you know whether it was just that sort of aspirations. Even under flows sticky and it was really sort of a touchdown it just had such history so when the time came What kind of magazine is it gonna be. You know we sitting down thinking about it. You know we've mentioned that. Why don't we do one about this to the history. The background of alcohol. There's a of articles that are that are out about you. Know the education the business side of things like that but nothing that goes back into d. d. Why this drink is light. Did you know that in this part of the world. They drink this drink. That so fits in with my background. Basically where. I kind of came from in that sort of environment of being in a pub and ten in the story in having that sort of background that that appeal to make i guess even before that the question is why did you even want to start a magazine. We didn't to sue now. What in this world where they keep telling us that you know magazines. It's all about online. Let me upper holding something reading that. So i was thrilled to have it in between my mets. But now i think you've answered a little bit of it of your storytellers storytellers. What was the little seed. That started this so i think for us. It's it's it's that thing where we're kind of in that in between age where we grew up without technology and there was much more time to save a things you know when we were growing up we actually lived experiences unanalogous by nieces and they instant and quicken know that's happened. Okay now. let's move onto the next thing Attention spans not not bear For us we want something that last something that people can save up and something. That will be timeless. And that's we don't think that's unlimited. We don't engage on with very present online and we were building a a strong followership online. We think that's really important but we also think it's important to have something that's not that lost that that i can pick up in in a year and got on that story. Let me let me remind myself of it and enjoy it and also like there is nothing better than peaking out something that's freshly printed and having a good And feeling the texture. If if you pick up like the magazine you've got their season it if you pick it up field as a texture to the outside of it we've made we've tried to make it a real visceral experience. If that's like you can feel it. You can smell the book you can. In fact book. it's more than magazine. The other thing is we really like a challenge. People are saying you know printed printed did. We didn't think it is. We were talking about long records the other day and people being talking about long playing records thing. Lp's being dead for a long time but now you know the market out records is really strong. People like to collect things. People like to have faced Special items and nine now like you say the vinyl is doing really well. Cassette tape apparently is making is making a comeback as well the us vhs. But i think that with magazine exotic was i think it was something which was more than just the stories i think it was the the challenge was could we make something an actual product that just beyond the stories. The images the playlist that Maybe he wanted to talk about later. But something that was data you could hold and when you look at it. It's a hundred percent recycled paper. That ink is vegetable based so vegetable based dye so creating this kind of bespoke products that will go to You know select group of people and really attract their retention and grab their attention not just as their flicking unauthorized myself will not be great to wherever somewhere in the world and it's great to see the people around the world s that starting to get it to that you've got their attention for a while not just not just a fleet or over. Click as well. So you have this idea to do the history of cocktails. Did you know immediately that you wanna tristan to be the editor. While the patrician. He was somebody that know for awhile. And he's somebody that's always been print based it never really done anything digital so also enough. I'm gonna go into this. I'm going to need somebody who understands it. You know an israeli in it. So i approached him about the project and yet he was really excited about it and he went yet offic on. Oh some people that would the lights get involved in it. And also there's another connection so jason. It's from the same part of the country has rugged from that i had. I had a little bit of a abound. Dan that bites from the west midlands site jason. He's from Which is a big pasha. Still unite like by united in the vicinity of birmingham. He'd come to you with ideas of different topics or did you throw it out there to the writers new instead. Come back to us with some ideas that way. Yeah he's the person that really wait. We deal with all of this whole of design and production the images on all of that to tristan so job is to get the articles and so he went out to the to the people that he knew and Articles your really impressed with what he's got a my gosh. I learned so much and saying that you know especially about the negroni all these years. We've all been saying. Oh it's count camillo negroni when there may not be an account county. Might you story for years. It's funny how like a lot of as kind of myths Crop about different deeper drinks and stuff. And it's funny. How they just kind of amplified amplified at the time in the novitiate. Somebody goes actually really that will happen. kindergarten you know. North korea north and iceland. You know it's it's really a as you say it's you know it's it's it's much of a travel magazine and history maxine as it is no drink magazine which tastic and you brought it up. Rob the music end. You have a playlist to go along with each article. You i thought was fabulous. I was like why. I wish i had known that at the beginning now i make the greatest that i now want to go back read. Those articles The music playing behind it was that was i. I am assuming and of course you probably. Hopefully you're saying yes that was in your hands. Use words music. yeah yes. Ima was invite domain. The thing is as far as the articles will come in quite so you know. Visual personnel was here. Soundtracks was going in my mind anyway so i was reading them. Does that song might go with that one will. I was listening to that song that might grow enough with a. Why don't put a playlist together. You know something and again. This is something that. I wanted to take outside of the outside of the magazine. So yeah as originate. You've got things that may in the plane lists. That may be obvious. Light in the negroni track for example so you think okay that but they would you know other tracks scenarios while in that. Is that the the person that rotate baby from the area that we talk about data things like that so so it's also Venture basically to wanna missing to the planet or why is that one. That's because that's related to that you know because he was born narrowed it or it was recorded narrow something so yes new bit of easter egg. Now i got my magazine with cocaine on the car. Okay but i hear that there are two covers you while we decided to give people a little bit of a choice. So we've got to cover of one of the things that about tonic. They send the designer who did a really good job in designing the whole thing. Was that on. The front decided to have a tonic moment. So on on the front hair. We've got to diana ross. A michael caine annette both tonic moments and the reason that we've got With do they have We've got michael. Cain is that michael caine represents that sort of six days coming out of the wall. It will stay now. The depression everything in a lot of money was it was. it was really tough goalie. came from the east end of london very working class than you know. Market traders and all that sort of thing and here is here coming out of that. The swinging sixties in the james bond was just about. You have the mini skirts. You know the mini in theory was wasted. They isn't the italian job. But the italian job was all sorts of glamour. The beatles the storms and everything. And so michael caine on the front of that with the co titled in his hand. So of represents that a not was for us. The tonic moment. That england was coming out of that. So will will to depression. Was you know best to collapse. And was best into life with michael cain with the cocktail in his hand whereas diana. Ross that tonic. Moment was different because the queen of motown debate hive Day glamour they everything the fingernails Backstage at a gig in germany in the seventies drinking beta. So it's just that dynamic between the guy from the east end of london with Tile and you know the queen diva via so we'd liked that sort of that sort the Play so but it's been interesting as you know the cops thought you know starting to fly out few picks which one and sometimes you have a little bit of the guests and sometimes you can't get it right because you think. Oh this person's definitely gonna go Gopher you know may go. Full ross They go for michael. Cain yes so so. It's been in enough thing correct. May diana ross. Maybe a little bit too front. Just slightly jazzercise klis slightly in front. I think this is controversial now. But i'll put it out that. I think that michael caine has a little bit of brexit tear baggage to him. So i think that some people have sort of put the brakes on him at the bates because of that and decided to via towards the the. You know the diner but Insane that he is in his pump there and everything and i still do think that the new covers the one thing that does keep you awake at night is how the why. Why is my next moment from. What an obvious question that. I didn't ask you is why the name tonic. It just like we played around with a with a lot of different names and tonic. Really really set well. Just because it's it's a bit of apply so obviously the gina tony golden unite as the mixer. Which is really the core of what we want to do. Like create opportunities for people to to come together until stories and share share experience. And that's very much tonic. The life and it's become more. Poignant i think given the circumstances so it really Tony to be able to read and go on journeys across the globe at a time when we just can't side it's kind of independece actually the name because it does really fit into what we what we do. And the idea of the tonic. Moment is something that we really went on in the branding phase of what we were doing and and it really es about sharing those moments. There's a pace the For the website about growing up pretty ill educated about alcohol and asking. My great uncle was a wine salesmen. What what makes a good wine and the end. He called bidding Teach you teach you in. So he sent me the bound. It was one of those you know all seventies kind of Humble things with stolz and everything is really and he sent me down the line pulled it out the asked me to taste and smell in. You know the things that you do when he when you are teaching somebody what makes good wine any basically just said do you lock it. Does it smell nice. Does it taste nice. yes within. It's a good one of you know it's sort of taking that that elitism. I think a way that from from drinking that we really wanted to. Do you know luckily enjoy drinking. We probably don't know enough about drinking drink Where still learning west ilana janney. but we just. It's just about acceptable to everybody. You know showing people where comes from and while you might not be able to identify the fruity flavour annual wine or that particular ingredient of cops help you will be able to tell somebody The local pas boy Anywhere in pock bigs days united. Something special about nagorny will chech- wind that will bring into that conversation. Do review the nine. That will bring you into that conversation. Make you feel part of it. And that's that's bicycler corp what we wanted to achieve three three magazine and unfortunately We've even exist show. We haven't been able to do one of the big shots of what we wanted to do which was to create opportunities for people to come together. That don't know each other Nomally socialize with each other. Just social gatherings wine tastings cocktail. Mixes you know just just being able to bring people together to share leave. Experience the Hopefully in the coming twelve months twenty twenty one gonna be beginning we can. We can start doing that and putting things up with everybody and supporting some amazing like buzz and that really need us to keep going. Let's go back to you know although it's about history and you're both musician storyteller storytelling in your own way are you. Are you drinkers. I mean do you like to go out for cocktails. Are there places your locals that you've been going to for wile that you can bring this to a look of doing this questions at once. I know. yeah it's funny. Actually because because my my mom found out from my coven like i told her that we were doing this but she didn't understand. She found from my cousin that the magazine with about drink and she said but he's not a big drinker. I went yeah not a big drinker. This preconception about australians. I guess in england especially that Kind of crazy drinkers. I'm not a big drinker. I like to drink when. I like to drink what i like to drink so i like to go out for kuchma girlfriends like to you know i love. Should i say love to have a champagne. Even when there's no proper occasions champagne. And i like to go down the problem make people and and to just catch up to me. The drinking is about the social. It's not about. It's not about getting drunk or anything like that. I'm not. I'm not a drunk person i. I'm a drink person if that makes sense. That's my mama. I'm going to be confused. Stike we've taken to having nightcap sexually during lockdown where we would normally go out for drink we've taken to try to make which is being a nice way to unwind ended along dying to make up nearly have been anything specific. They've been making I've started to delays gin cocktails lacombe. Just experimenting with different I'm joined this kind of thing and defend me ingredients Try whatever they send me mrs waco and it just means that you just extend yourself a little bit Try chinese things and you get bottles of gene. How about you rob so drinking guinness. Yes yeah i mean the thing is with may is strange because actually drink less now. They drink betta. Just say you know it because you learn different things than people you know. Tally will these different stories and stuff. So now i find myself going into when they open ball. Now they're open. Please stay opening travel. Get but now. You know if i must have gone into places asking the bartender questions whereas before it just used debate points to something and that's what i know so i will just point to that whereas now find myself Feel like this today. Do you have anything like this. Especially you know with mixologist. And things that i was finding fascinating because they're almost like forty something into their chefs chef sunday. They're making something in front of you. That wasn't there before now all of a sudden boom. It's you know that creation. So i find myself doing more of that. You know drinking less book but drinking in a better trust in the bartender mu and experimenting this sometimes you might go. That was a bit but it's not but it's not bad that happens. Do not make before they would they. All that was a waste of time. That was terrible but now was A note that now that i need to go in this direction instead so. I think that you think that's come from the magazine. Yeah i definitely i feel. There's a correlation between the the chef world. And the you'd what's all the food world. That's why i ask about people's relationships and their histories with food is really more times than last. There's someone has been involved or had a big family like you benita or an rob that spend a lot of time around food. And then they're drawn to certain aspects of drink a little bit more than maybe someone who hasn't that ad that and i love that connection. It's it's definitely direct line to the drinks. World is definitely the food world so been something. That has surprised you about creating tonic. Well what we did get a lot. We will fortunate in renew a few people that have magazines as well site was good to avoid the mistakes. Make our own so that was so we were able to talk street west that go into around and then a think lockdown has been something which obviously well nobody expected it you know and so that that has been something suspend challenging hasn't Much side and you well. That's why stopping that now. So muslims or come this far. Let's just get the magazine cannot to sky and we've had a lot of people sin fenland people come to buy copies with with international stockists now within just to wake. Which is i think. Pretty cool the fact that they were aware do tau new york sweden milan and definitely in in a small village in italy with being stops there. I didn't know anybody never came to us. And said hey munich. I m unique island at white guy weeks ago. You didn't have that. Have two bath and london as well report. Sorry and there's a few others in the pipeline that haven't haven't come to pass because it's eight but that's pretty cool. It's pretty cool tonight that that people like we've created something that people want the will but we didn't expect i Expect the magazine guy than actual when lockdown happened. You know one of the one of the things we wanted to do. And if there's anybody out there who fancies it was we wanted to have a magazines in nba's for people to read while they were drinking in hotels and things like that because we think unites the quality that should be in places like that equality publications assuming places like that but obviously lockdown with all of the restrictions about a paper in which which apparently. Apparently you can't transmit at octopus until econ transmitted pike about everybody's paying super cautious so that was where we thought we were going to distribute a lot of magazines. But then we just kinda went. Hold what we do now. And then all of a sudden these as international stock And a lot of them have actually come to us before we've approached him effect that the win is kind of gotten out there and people are like. Oh we've had about you. So yeah so we thinking about volume to yet. I think we were thinking about two before. We finish annual right. Yeah yeah. Thank god own now. I was to say. Would you make sooner than depends liked. The idea of starting it biannually was the if it was really popular that we to guard at into quarterly. But i'd i think we would grow much bigger than a quarterly Imagine economy Being feasible to be honest to do more than four. Yeah just with time. it's very designed led. The editorial is really important to so we do spend a lot of time going ivory and making sure that we hear voices from different parts of the world and even more One of the things that we were talking about with the inner city sway actually was was the idea that we wanted more local contributors so want people in their destinations telling us their stories. I think almost almost all of the contributors in this edition of british based we had one zimbabwe boone but us-based and we had one british-born anyways based as well but the To the k. So i think the next funding this is definitely going to have voices from asia. Voices from africa voices from europe. Just people telling their stories. Because it's like thermostats the thing you know one of the coolest things that i experienced. When i started traveling was it wasn't going to the eiffel. Tau will believe the coliseum on whatever. It wasn't the experiences that i remembered. It was hooking up with a bunch of random paper who a local in a small cabinet by in prague and drinking becker Like it it does. Experiences dies mating the locals feeling. I'm feeling that. I think i think one of the things that lockdown has taught us is that you know everybody says travel farm lied and you know. Show of a big advocate of that. Obviously 'cause i've come to the other side of the world but the thing vanities that this amounts to experience on your doorstep that you wouldn't normally experience because you'd be spending your time going abroad instead and you know while we still want to go abroad. We will sites devouring some of the opportunities to Do and check out the little craft places and stuff like that. I have to say that one experience reading your magazine that i know into it is coming towards christmas time in holiday time. That was just an eye opener for may was hearing from a priest. Garcin holy wine. Yeah and i think that is the first time i have ever read anything about holy wine and the fact that it is illegal to have non alcoholic holy wine england. So you know it's funny just like you were saying no matter how far away you go. Some of the best stories are right around your hometown. Which wherever he was writing from but in the uk was in litchfield. He's is tristan sprays priced and so that was a heavenly story in many ways right at word heavenly right so i think we need a drink to toast your new magazine So what are you gonna make. What's your favorite new cocktail out. I've just. I've got this new gene from south africa. It said pena Orient janice really lovely side. That with a bit of maybe mediterranean Tonic and some common robbery. Yes will be drinking that as well all right so i will toast to you and hopefully a brand new year full of possibilities the last year and thank you so much for joining me here today. Massachusetts thrill really appreciated. Thank you you know. I couldn't leave. Benita and rob without asking for their top tips for the home bartender and where they would have a drink right now if they could choose anywhere in the world. I i've got to one. Is you know. I joined the club. During donna craft gene club. Which finger right they. Send me your books every month with a different biology and and a recipe mac magazine with recipes and different things to do. And that's really spice things up and the other thing would be to you know the the thing is not nothing based a cocktail made by button end so honestly when we opened up the last time in in the summer i took the opportunity to guide a couple balls end to get the real mccoy from from the real professionals. Nothing really bates. That and i'm really looking forward to doing that again. This time having you Really during the club a think that is being good to kind of get you started kind of get the fundamentals down the basics you know with you know this is a group of you then told just just fun. There's nothing you know you're not doing anything wrong or anything than you could. Just share your tips so yeah aside that and if you could be anywhere in the world drinking anything where would that be at this time. All right okay. Well you know what it's like. A caesar v from london. We can travel anywhere in the world note problem but to go to the other side of london as a big big deal for us. You know so food for me to go from here not Two westbound than to slice ball tried to happiness to taste some of his cocktails. I don't mind doing that for him. On his bob so yet to be there for man to be just a little bit. I am in For a couple years. I had planned on heading back in may and one of the things that i love to do when heim is going to my cousins but thaw which is called joining in thumb. Brain mobin davis. Thing that i love it. It's called a penalty will sunday and basically it's and mites and it's nice to just guy an even nine and you probably appreciate these bang from abroad as well now matter at the distance no matter the time you kind of get an everything just sorta slotting place in the rhythm of heats in feels like. No time has passed united chatting. I've a good drinks with good friends and in a place. That's where i would like to be. I so wanna thank benita and rob for being on the show since they mentioned trailer happiness. I thought it would be apropos. D- have one of sligh's creations tale of the week since we are all dreaming of warmer. Climes i know i am and with that are rum cocktails. I thought we revisit a passed cocktail of the week. The trailer happiness dachary. It's so easy all you need to do is add fifty miles of dawn q. Crystal rum twenty. Five mils of lime juice and twenty mils of one to one sugar syrup to a shaker at ice and then shake shake shake then strain it into a chilled coop. Glass and sip. You'll find this recipe plus war room recipes and all the cocktails of the week at a lush life. Manual dot com. Where you'll find all the ingredients in our shop. I've known dunedin rob for at least five years. We are all involved with the british guild of travel writers another industry that has been massively hit by corona virus. Not only will you have fun reading the tonic magazine but you are also supporting. Some of the best writers in the biz. Live for lush life. Make sure you're giving back to the bars or restaurants or writers you love by donating or eating out or taking part in cocktail or food delivery or buying magazines where you live. Theme music for lush life is by stephen. Shapiro and user permission and lush life is always and will be forever produced by yvo tara and simpler media productions which leaves me say the wise words of oscar while all things in moderation including moderation and always drink responsibly. And wash your hands and wear a mask next week. My guest will end the year by answering questions about herself to put an end to all those rumors until that time bottoms up.

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