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Welcome to the kindle chronicles. The Friday podcast about your kindle books and all things Amazon. I'm Linda drily today is March twenty ninth twenty nineteen. Greetings, t from downtown Denver, which is six hours behind the time in London where I connected for this week's interview with coal Needham, founder and CEO of IM DB, that's the gigantic movies and TV database that Amazon acquired twenty one years ago next month, Coles hobby of tracking movie and TV shows ended up becoming one of the very first acquisitions made by Amazon, and that is giving him a unique view of the pace of change and technological innovation that team Basil's has maintained ever since all with looking for new way Sobrino IMDB experience to Costa most wherever they Sabet also this week. I'll take a look at the brand new basic kindle, the state of the book publishing market as seen by open road, integrated media and some good buys on tablets fire. Each t- ten tau. Tablet voyage. And also some tech tips. For seven news. I wanna talk about the new kindle it was announced last weekend. There's still twelve days that we have to wait for the first shipments. This is an all new basic kindle, it's ten dollars more expensive than the basic kindle used to be ninety dollars instead of eighty but it's got some notable improvements. The biggest one is that there's now a front light on the device. And so you can read it in bed. The previous low end kindle you had have a light shining on it. And if there was no light no chance to read it just like a regular book. I think that adding a light post some design challenges because this new basic kindle is actually a little bit heavier than the old one hundred seventy four grams versus one sixty grams that's fourteen grams or nine percent heavier. It's always whenever you come out with a new device, you you want it to be thinner. You want wanted to be lighter? But when there's a goal like adding a light. Then obviously, there's some trade-offs that have to be made. This has the newest version of the eating screen, and this is a little tough to tell the difference. The previous one was called Pearl screen. And now the Carta screen is the one that the basic has which is the same screen as the other two the paper white and the aces in the lineup. They say that the contrast is better on the Carter screen, and I think I've done videos in the past to try to compare them. And it's a very subjective matter, but kind of nice though, that the basic kennels got the same eating screen as the other two in the lineup. If you look at the previous kindle, which is called the kindle eight eighth generation, this is now the ninth generation the eighth generation, which is the one that has been in at the bottom of the line or the basic entry level kindle was introduced in June of twenty sixteen. So it's been around almost three years. Years now, and it as I said it weighs a little bit less than the the new kindle dimensions are almost identical six point three inches by four point five inches by zero point three six inches for the previous generation and then six three times four point five. And then the thinness of the new one is point three four inches. So it is two one hundreds of an inch thinner than the previous kindle. I've sure not none of us would be able to detect that with the naked hand, but thinner thinner, and at least on the specs. They did manage to not have it be any wider, even as they are adding the capability for the the screen. I haven't had a chance to see one of these yet I've asked for review copying. I think there's a pretty good chance. I'll get one before the devices shipped on April tenth and this. This is a good up. Nate I admit to being disappointed that there wasn't a way to have an entry level kindle that was quite a bit less expensive. You know, fifty dollar kindle thirty nine dollars, kindle, something that if you you were introducing a child or even if you just wanted to kindle that you wouldn't worry about if you lost it on a plane, you're carrying something around to read, and it's sort of bare bones. That I think is still an opportunity to bring something in at the entry level to the kindle lineup that would be less expensive. Now, the cheapest one is is ninety dollars one other difference when you look at the overall lineup, and I think that when the review copy comes I'm going to try to review to compare the three kindles eve now get the kindle nine the paperweight and the aces one difference is that the LED lights that actually do make the front light possible there four of them on the new kindle nine. The basic kindle their five on the paperweight, and the aces has twelve so that a waste seventy screen. It's got a lot of light shining across it the pixels parade want sixty seven for the basic kindle as they said three hundred for the other two price ninety dollars for the basic kindle hundred thirty for the paper white two hundred and fifty for the aces. That's if you have with wifi only and the special offers and then the storage forgive. Gigabytes for the basic, kindle and eight gigabytes for the paper white in the oasis you can pay more to get more storage on those other ones. They all have bluetooth audio. I think that was the case of the previous kindle as well. So that you can listen to audio books on all three of these kindles. The basic is not waterproof, the paper, white and the oasis are. I do hope to get up a video comparison of the three kindles in the current lineup. Once I get that review copy. We do have some guests coming next week. However from Cambridge my daughter Roo and her husband, Mike and two grandsons Jake in Ryan are going to be here for five days starting week from yesterday. So are quiet little -partment here in downtown Denver is going to be really hopping with a five year old and three year old energy and Mike, and we're going gonna go out and see Rockies game. They're big Bill. Mike big baseball fan. And I think the dodgers are going to be playing the Rockies here. So we'll be taking the kids. Through their evening routine at least once solo while they're here Denver. We're really looking forward to what else have we got news. I I love it. When I get tips from you on on deals, and I got a couple of this week. Max bassin told me about a deal that's a discount online site that Amazon owns you can get a voyage. That's a previous version of the kindle good solid candid with a touchscreen. It's now selling for one hundred thirty dollars at boot and the regular price was two hundred twenty dollars. So that's a ninety dollars reduction, and then the fire HD ten that's the big tablet is fifty dollars off selling for one hundred dollars compared to one hundred fifty and I get that tip from listener big John. Less than news. I wanna talk about I received an interesting released from open road integrated media, which was highlighting their results for January of this year and setting them in the context of overall industry transit reported by the association of American publishers A, P A P was reporting that e book trade sales. That's kind of the the books. You see in bookstores are down five percent for January compared with January of a year ago at the same time open road is reporting a forty two percent increase in e-book revenue for January and even more impressive. The books that they are really having a good success marketing its their ignorant programs where they take back titles from publishers that are just kind of languishing not nothing's happening to them. The put him in a book format and have quite turn around. Those books are seeing twenty to forty percent declines in e book sales. Before they get promoted with open roads, very sophisticated marketing that it applies to these backlist. And I think this is a good thing. Because a lot of these books are controlled by states now authors who just aren't selling books, and and this open road ignition program just comes in completely revitalizes sector of books. That has valiant and this is in keeping with Jane Friedman's original vision for open road when she started the company. Tip. I wanna talk about a new device which I've been trying out the last couple of days. This is the remarkable tablet, and I've been almost buying this for almost six months, maybe a year was pretty pricey. But the price went down one hundred dollars. So I got it for five hundred dollars. And I have to say I really like it. It's got an e ink screen and it uses a stylus which you don't have to. There's no battery or anything that writes quite smoothly on this big full sized kind of eight and a half by ten inch screen, and you tap along the side. So that you can have the pen be various thicknesses you can race really easily. You can circle some text and move it around on the page, and then you can send it up to. Let's see there's a remarkable app. You can put on your computer and your phone and move things around that way, and you can also send something to an Email. So as able to put things. Up in my dropbox. The the way I'm using. This is similar to the way. I was using the rocket book ever last notebook that I've talked to you about in the past that only costs thirty dollars to get the executive size six by zero point five inches by eight point eight inches, and you can use color with these e ink tablets, like the Mobis cry which I've also talked about strictly black and white you can get sort of a highlighted gray on the remarkable. But one of the things that I really enjoy about the rocket book is the fact that it's color the way, I'm using these tablets, and I'm experimenting for different ways to really be creative. When I'm putting the show together. And I'm just sort of shaping all the things I might talk about I've got some big bold headings on the remarkable tablet for news tech tip interview and same thing when I do the rocket book, and I found that I seem to be thinking more fluid way. And it's. It's more fun. It's more playful if in that difficult period where I'm trying to figure out what exactly am I going to talk about in the remaining ten minutes, I've gotten the show because of how long the interview is to do it other than just typing it up in a Google, doc, which is the way I've done up till now to using my hand, and and kind of the artistic side of my brain is really fun. Now, the one that I haven't tried yet that I might turn the remarkable in is could get an ipad, mini, which would be smaller. And I'm sure that there would be a way to draw on an ipad mini because it also has a pencil. It's ninety nine dollar item. And that plus the mini would be somewhere in the ballpark of how much the remarkable tablet goes. And but I like the bigness of the tablet, and this thing is also very thin zero point two six inches thin, and it only weighs twelve point three ounces, the Moby scribe tablet weighed eight ounces and the other. One clear drawback to the rocket books of very clever design. It's got these kind of plastic type pages, and you simply wipe them clear when you're done with them after you sent the information up into the cloud, but that can be kinda messy to get the cloth. A little bit damp, and you're getting the ink sort of all over you to to keep the pages. Clear the the tablets you can just keep adding pages. And you're not having to clean them up. Of course, the pulling house three dollars in these things up clothing pushing five hundred dollars one thing to tip that I have learned the hard way is on all of these devices where you're you're writing. But you're not using a real pan. If you have a real pen on your desk, there's a danger that you'll harm your your input device. That's not using pen. I've done that with the rocket book ever last. And I made some marks couldn't wipe off with the damp cloth. As very frustrating to just cut those pages out the. Is that the you have to use a fritzy on pen for the rocket book? It it looks and feels like a regular Penn. But the ink is soluble in water. So that you can wash it off. But if you're using Appenzeller pilot or some other kind of a pen on those rocket book pages, it's not coming off. And then tonight, I made a little bit of a Mark with mice my pen on the remarkable and gas, but I was able to just cleared off. So I have to remember to keep the ink pens out of reach when I'm creating on these tablets IB interested in other technology. If you're, you know, doing creative work, and you're sketching with words or images and not using paper. But using some of this new technology, send me an Email at pod chronicles gmaiLcom and love to compare notes with you Austin clan last week, really sort of ramped up my interest in this because he does such a creative job with his journals. And he's about to start out on a really ambitious book tour. Or in a few days, April second to talk about his new book. Keep going also have links to I notice that the latest kindle for MAC app, which I use on my MAC has some kind of study notes capability so that if you're reading kindle on your computer, and you're in school or you're doing serve note study type things there's some new capability didn't have a chance to try it out. But I did notice it and then coming I haven't been able to try we're going to be able to sort are kindle books by whether they've been read or unread, and I thought that was going to be available in the paper way five eleven one. But I downloaded that software update. And I still couldn't see any place where I was being able to divide my books between the ones that I've read in the ones that I didn't. I think that's coming in the next few weeks. A some kind of a software update. It's been a long time coming to have a chance to talk to cold Needham of I m db I heard about him from a fellow that we interviewed to become the new director of the western states arts federation Christian gains who worked for call at Amazon as one of the things I thought made him a very interesting candidate for this arts position. And he didn't introduction for me to the woman that helps Casey who schedules Kohl's time. Anyway, after about six months, we found herself talking with each other by Skype between here and Denver and London Cole was one of the first forty employees at Amazon because his database project was acquired so early by Jeff Bezos, and Amazon, and that means that his badge when he's walking around the the building pro the same as Seattle, he has a silver badge, and the people in the know would know that well that means he's one of the very. I of the employees at Amazon, which is now hundreds of thousands. I began by asking Cole just to talk about how I am db got started. So I'm I'm a lifelong film fund. All my earliest memories, all go into movie fits undisputed fall in love with with with cinema on. So so I was I was like, I think my focus much stereo fail. Moving was Snow White and the seven draw. I remember being saying to see Joel on being scared of going evening swimming pool. I was the ri- age for the owls movie. So so all of those kind of lie early early fall massive. Yes. All around all around all around movies. I just I I think I'm very full channel into of when I was bold because I hit this kind of like the home keep Seref election having go go to compete as a Christmas present when I was twelve years old round about the same time that the home video revelation was going on in the UK. So these two things kind of like on a collision Kohl's so the creation of IM debate. Because I found myself. Being able to Walsh molar MoMA. 'this. For the first time ever, I could like old classics that would not necessarily be broadcast on one of the three TV channels that we have. Just kind of like literally kid in county stole. So I think it's me in a video store without I've always wanted to say I've heard about this. I under the sun a dots. The same person made this movie until I was singing so many movies. I could no longer keep track of which one site c on which I hadn't seen. So so the the classic film gate thing is to buy paper diary and stop to ri- in this movie this movie this movie for about two weeks because I feel why am I both ring with a diary. Did you save? That paper diary does do. I do those. Of the police is I actually of so so I switched to to account of Lanka a database action thing is the the dates about Swansea. Couldn't in a date spice. I was like I talk in the director to grind to Bank crew and the cast to that would involve rewinding VHS, unlike actually reading the credits at the end of the HFS. I don't know if you'll remember this like you used to like the polls Nissan, physically down vase CR right to get it suppose. So the course you could've posed the too long because it would stop so over he little bit. Yeah. So I. About about became on. Like film, diary became electoral great on then. I would I pay to diaries because it would be things. I saw the cinema or refined didn't happen to be recalled in. I will need to go back and fill in the information alight today on the thing. So I still got a stack of paper diaries from the eighties. We never though about no one's ever about befall. So I think they should be the glass case. Yes. So so I was with with dates by the movie slide seen, and I happened to again, a full full should not what's the most. Yeah. I guess fall to the song. Is the right way to describe it. I go online and nine seen AT falling. So when you get your first Email address. Yes. Yes. See for years ago? Oh, yes. Says introduce me to this world on movie funds around the world. And I was on mailing lists. And dial bulletin bold on the list kind of thing so all of soda. I was no longer this kind of with kids with an unhealthy obsession with movies because the people like may spread throughout the spread throughout the world on soap. So this is all going along, very very very very nicely. And then the late nineteen eighties in a pre web VO tion of the incident. That was film where lights discussion group on the inland grew. People would often us the question. Oh helps the thought posts die wreck. So what else the best person appear in? What else did they writes on? So the my own dates bay. Ice became a great great source of information. So that I could go. Yes. Well, of course, I say dire at this. I sold them appear at least movies, let's kind of thing. And so so so that's the kind of frequently asked question within liberate on so low behold one thing led to Nova in Tober of ninety ninety myself. I wrote the very first version of the software usage, some of the frequently asked questions less slit will be imposed. It's the group a list of axios. The I was real name list of actresses that someone else's rolling on the list on Iraq. Does someone else was rolling? It was just the three of those volunteering free time to show up passion for film on television with with all the founds within lis- within the scrimp. And and we were amazed. He's the reaction once it was a slow Chewable nights bags of November. This is before the web exist. Right. So so all the people kind of like while the state space is right? I'm a big fan of writers. Have you thought of adding run to section? I was able to say, well, I have the writers for all of those Oxy. Let me give you some dates you let me give you some software to manage. The impulse of information published devotion out an I will add suppo- to write for rises to the to the dates by software that everybody has somebody took in Switzerland. I love composes somebody in another part of the world for every kind of life different crew out to Graham uncertainly exhausted things that were already in might suffice. On. So we would we would loan. You know, a let me take a section though on whoever was involved at the time. What's think five movie quotes that we'd go? So the his we now have a quote section on people would installation kind of peyot to fill that void on. So we were getting more and more film CV founds. Sit phoned on it grew and grew and grew. Ninety three nineteen Ninety-three. We launched the very first I n db website, which was only university of college of it wasn't a commercial operation or acting like that we were propose wall hundred websites to launch. On all of people could interact real time. And we could on the stand out people were using debate. We could also important like launch an easy away for people to send in the missing information. Because before they've been emailing people kind of going. Hey, call you forgot this sucks. We could do a wet Foale. And so so that kind of kickstarted the growth of the content as well. So we were we reveal lable and more and more places and people are able to come to do information more easily, and so that leads to bigger gross. And so by ninety on remember, this still all hope it would just doing enough rates on it was so big the we we kind of not well, we can't do this Hopi anymore. And so we didn't it wasn't some kind of lying won't some plan to create a business because back in those days. These people didn't real- of businesses online. So we was so it's one of the things being so early Nobody'd ever done anything like this before. And so is very it's it's very exciting. Also, very exciting time. The wind thing is it's exciting today. It was in those early days. So so we we in call for essentially launched I MTV dot com in time for the Oscars and nineteen Ninety-six. We we did some classics took commpany things we all I web server on credit. We we sold left us these tunnels thing a couple of weeks lights. So that we were able to pay off the credit cards in the full week period. While you don't buy. So we will be the world's most profitable incident. Is that right? Well, you know, it's kind of its size. Eliza bound says that were some all the property companies for they certainly felt that way of the time. And then the summer of ninety six we sold off a speaks of appetizing movie studio on that was kind of cute to give up my day job, become full-time, employees uninformed that time woods as we as the method you expanded we would hire more and more revolve allowances shell those to become full time employees, always go in will the flea. Well, and in December of nineteen ninety seven I on Email Prome guy told alum Kaplan, whose the time was general counsel amazoNcom, an Alan's Email goes something like this high call Jeff as on I would disgusting movie websites. The other day unnaturally IMDB table the conversation. Jacqueline. I going to be in the UK Januario. Would look some beats the skull. So business. Had you heard of Jeff Bezos at that time, the footling is we had heard of Amazon we had to Jeff because Amazon were won't if I try. So we we just assumes that this was I a family stunned business mating with an appetizer client. They wanna talk about how we could work better together. So it's kind of like, right? We'll go to one about Tom. The myself on one of the over on DVD went to mate Jeff Allen in a in a hotel in London. Jeff the different day. It was just there to buy head. So it's a Jeff explained how Amazon was going from selling books to music would be opening of video spill this is nine. So this is now January nineteen on. The. On Jeff said well. To salon them, somebody of stole looking for a partner and life, but we would be an ideal palm for this. Then we're cope ways of this phone ship. Could work won't could be a straightforward licensing deal where I'm somewhat take the I'm Debbie sound license that help video stole. But looks more interested suggests would be an outright acquisition. So this is kind of a surprise in the basic you come along so eight cents it's all its existing ties in client by instead site. We'd like to buy it. Even thought about selling. No. I mean, no, not all all Walsum. It really we we didn't need to sow. It was it was kind of. It was kind of surprised it was very to surprise chat to clean invasion of how I m db could fit within the Amazon tramway how Amazon could build a great customer experience for people wanted to buy VHS tapes DVD's and yet at the same time. I am db could come sinew to exist. The Brown the separate entity. Whether the information would be some is for grousing Kosova for discovery on the two the two different views could co exist. So so nicely on unsold. By the end of the afternoon. We were in kind of like, yeah. This could this could completely work. I'm on the scene. It's time to interest them because I have to go back to our over shareholders of volunteer. Ios on comedy site. Hey, so we just have this rarely read six. Really interesting meeting with sky coal. Check buys all sues like, running amazoNcom and people get on the site on and the. Yeah. So one thing led to another opposite trip to see. So to kind of like meet the muscle team and have a toll of wellness Amazon fulfillment centers in those early days and just saying to be too perfect much between the two companies because like even even then and always Amazon vision is to be the Wiltz most customer Centric company. Unhappy was I am debate a service and toiling built by its customers. So it's kind of like. Difficult is because with both so passionate about what we do about severe smells on. So we we we went for it. And on the twenty fourth of pro IMDB became zones for aquisition. We we will want to three that were announced say die. So I'm on also bowl book pages coda UK, which which was a UK based on line book still telly don't day, which was a German bookstore on book. So and I m d. And I'm so funny thing was the reaction time in the media and kind of general salt chatter on mine, if you if you think was come out k so we we see how book pages and telly book fits in with Amazon's vision. Why why is that a a movie and seavy dates base wise of Saleh interested tested in lists? So was kind of like a think people were lying would is going all hail on then the video stole the video store launched in November nine eight on people when. We. Now, we kind of stop the this kind of make sense. The funny thing is that Walsum the end of it because the Colston video stole in the UK and in Germany people. Oh, okay. It makes sense. And I'm on 'em initially this phone IQ to recount from kind of historical context. But in those early two thousands to eviction kind of king to unsettle sex. The incident wasn't fast enough. A long I've streaming in real time of movies and TV shows so Amazon launched a downloadable of white could download the movie all receive e show, and it would maybe take a TV show. Maybe a couple of hours. Download the two minute episodes that you could watch lights, but that was the service called on box. So Amazon olden box until that was against supported with all of iron vs content. So people alike. Now, we see how this sit even even a man Amazon. It's the video streaming launch crying skull the kind of two times kind of timeframe of people live oh out sow I'm Devi and Assam can come together. Then I'm studios loan under. Oh, but do you think the Jeff? He had this vision. Well, first of all of movie guy, he was a book guy pretty famously. Did you you like you were talking to different planets or what things may feel comfortable with each other? Even though your interests were so different. And I think so so I think it was it was so so so it was not Costa obsession, which really. He would you have health. This a lot in the media. I'm muscles obsession with customers and somebody who's been only inside of this nearly twenty years. It's it's she knew in like aids. Everything that we do everything that we think about its relentless focus on action all unfold the coastal so so those were that's where kind of lie interface rice, I well, but not just shit stump section. Then the the the front the we with so passionate about film on TV. That's that's the great quotes in law land, which Emma stone's character says and she says she says people love wafts over people are passionate about. That's a great quote. It's kind of wet wet. She sends movie. It's kind of like, yeah. You know, is truly is actually true. So so it was kind of line even though they were, you know, kind of like different media. But the action was with will. And so, yeah, I'm so so it's it's been like the full full twenty plus years now, and the the beauty offer is always something new and exciting that we can don't even to that. We can will with new Amazon team on something. So for example, when the when the kindle fire Tableau for launch than twenty twelve I remember, I went down to the lawn should sump to moniker enough in converted. Exciting. He held it up. And here's this new thing called the fire. Well, I was sitting incognito in. For all for all. We know we have. I am one of the things. So when when they when the when the kindle was kind of like foaming, and they come what can we do for customers to create a really great movie and seavy experience on this brand new Tampa? And we have this simple years before. Which is essentially what is now known those extra right movies and save on this the system. This is a service postal on. I love. I've got so much valued from it. I'm then Acura Psomas love as because what happens is let me explain it. Even even if you have until use that, but you'll you'll watching a movie on TV show on any crime video device that fire TV can defy Tabah. Any of the the the field of incisive revival on somebody walks. The on your like, why do I know that post and you can just click on Oprah pump the head shots of everybody in the scene. Oh, thank you might go. Oh is something simple. Where do I? Right. Learn gun, the I'm DV biography fall filmography in all of this rich information, but we've been castle getting nearly thirty us can kind of pulp a new ally. Oh my goodness. Yeah. I love them in that all of even back. So for me, it's kind of like, wow. That in that. I should watch this. I should what starting next on. It's so wonderful this gopher who phone for for customers. And so so remember sitting there at the kindle fire law and Jack walk through various Kimball via features and then he got to. And of course, you can watch Amazon it's the video hair that thing. And then he did he pressed the button and pop shots rang would gas maze all around and I'm kind of like sitting mug. Oh. I know. My wife, and I we've been married thirty four years. There are a lot of things we don't agree on. But one is we'll be watching a show or a movie, and I wanna do the IMDB x Ray thing. I I know I know that person he says don't you dare stop this. I wanna watch it until the end. What do you hear from customers on that? There's some people that they find it obtrusive and others that want to do it. And how can they live together? I just posted the light. I a law about this on behalf violence. The most bull his thing. This this this this is what complete completely sold on the idea. Okay. So his thing. So imagine a world without extra without extra somebody walks. See we all on this. You'll height. I know I know undressed those great dialogue going on in your missing. I know that with this. And you can actually find yourself in take. Of the movie all the show for like, ten minutes. Exact but the some of the same now, and you go oh my were in. Over in. Let's so let's the way I viewed on this box that we well. Could kinda go play. Oh, of course, it's not host click on be back here. And you get your full attention to the rest of the movie back him. Liz. Yeah. Oh, who are they? Okay. I'm going to use that argument with my wife, the next time it happens. They look to watch this, otherwise, it'd be distracted this way. We'll both be watching it intently get the distraction over with the kind of thing. Of the one of the one of the things now is of course, slow. You cannot Wondu like a second screen experience where the movie all the show continues to play on your main. So you you can be looking up who the person is on the Tableau. So I could be quietly looking at the IMDB stuff on my tablet, and she watching and then we happy. Yes. That's correct. Yeah. Yeah. Saved my marriage. Well, listen, I know you've probably got a busy schedule in case. He said that we had a half hour. I have some questions. But if we can we can stop now, or we can go if you've got a few more minutes, which I can go for people. Okay. Cool. All right. Well, let's just talk about some of the current things that you're doing for example, you can pay more and get pro what what what's going on there? So so I am debate pro Israeli something saying people who work within the answer tight and the string. So this is a this is a subscription service is fifty dollars failure. On this list of variety of tools poll in the stupefaction, which can basically essentially help them do the job better help them. Find jobs help them. Stay informed that Colleen of that kind of thing. So that's industry news agents and contents information for production companies on for individuals that you might want to hire casting service. So that you can catch still movie through pro all equally if you are on screen talent, you can find a job within ninety be pro advanced tools around boxoffice information. We do we do something quite interesting, which is. Something called movie meet certain stall meter, so I am EBay house over to looking fifty million people visiting our various practices. Each month on the weekly basis. We time the popularity of every tight soul every personal. And so it gives you an idea of how popular a particular film of TV show post, spitting overtime, not can provide a useful tool if you'll put in a project together, you might be looking to hire somebody who's superstar blush as global popularity but equally you might be look into somebody on the kind of rising. You know on the rise of that that they hope you'll see on the on that kind of thing. So so crow has pro all of these kinds of tools for people within the film TV. And the span it's it's a great honor of somebody who you know this. This is Molly professional Correa. Will I remain a huge fan of movies and TV? So it's it's it's particularly fulfilling for me when I meet some industry halio undergo a while. I of course, I have the app for I n DV pro do they ask you how come there's their star rain. Level and not higher. Is the Cullman question. No. You you do some aditorial coverage. How important is that? Yeah. So so it's kind of it's kind of interesting. So so the one of the beautiful things these days is a cost as first of all as the internet gets frustrated faster as devices get more portable, and you can kind of like Radi. The I'm Debbie experience with you wherever you go. It makes it so much easier for us to actually make videos and show us around the company, but we Cova amend LIPA that content to people wherever they are on the go kind of thing in kind of like snuck size kind of kind of bites less. Oh, so so vani very finally we produce things like the I am DV show on a weekly basis, which you can watch on IMDB. But then of course, the show itself has its own page within I am debate. Right. It's like looking at the word dictionary in. So so that that's not hassles. Kind of like that house on the ground Beja events and festivals. And it has people come into all studios to recalled into muse. And it's a great way for all's to share our love of movies and TV with art with the most on on the world on base that so very very exciting to be an actual producer of visual content. Ray cataloging yet at the same time. Now, I just got back from south by south west interactive in Austin. So you're in the jury last year were you at the film festival there this year. I the timing didn't work. I the timing did were out for me. The I love south by southwest being many times. It was a great honor to be on the jury last year. But the the way varies in the speed things were were rolling on live for. Schedule. Yeah. Well, let's end with the future. When you look go to south by southwest or other places where you're kind of watching how movies are going to change in the future. And you staying up with it. What are some of the most exciting things that are kind of on your later? Well, the thing is this is not the canal is also the president, and we recently launched and service called I m d be free dive tried that. Basically hundreds of movies and TV shows on now of vailable to walk directly on. I am V Craig it's an absolute model and you want on the I'm website on. You can also there's a free dive channel within the within the fire TV. So for example, you can you can equally watch the movies on the big screen. So. So so that's been that's been great in terms of we want to help our customers. Find undiscovered great things they will want to walk on then help them connect to where they can watch them until recently that was kind of handing them over. So that our local TV channel handing them over to the prime video service. Whereas now, you can actually just go allow funds. Thanks recommended list. Move AOL the show unconv- watch it right now on I am David. That's. Well, it's been a long journey from that first time, you started writing reading things in your paper diary, and man, but it's mind boggling when you see that. And when you look forward are you as excited about what might be ahead as you then? Yeah starts thing that was going to it's not the level of silently in some ways. We we have eight lose. It's almost like an abundance of moment. -tunities to create new experiences the customers because the just the technology is advancing such a great. But the things the things that we would have thought were. The stock of science fiction novel when we come in ninety nine six now everyday occurrences. So another good example of the phone of being within the within the Amazon finally is the Alexa. All of the echo devices, all of the places, you can now interact with Alexa. When you ask Alexa, an entertainment related question. There's a pretty high chance, but she is going to become salting. The Clinton BB information of Korean all the to feed that back to you with thing. So so it's kind of funny. If I if I'm like, we have a one of the Alexa show in our kitchen, if my wife, and I kind of talking, and then I'll go how what what was that fell more? What else lax show who that person, and you can just go Alexa? The question then the funny thing is, of course, she's getting information from MD an redingote back to. Now kid she buy a ticket for you at your local theater if you excited about the information, not quite not quite in the UK. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 'cause I can get a Snneirmed ordered off her. It's that's. Yeah. But back in nineteen ninety if you said to me, oh, you, you know, the the service that you've just lawn you'll be able to interact with by voice with a device. That's this big can your chin. I'll be like rarely. Now, it's now it's kind of like an everyday occurrence so that pace of technological change only seems to be increasing. And so we're always looking for new ways to bring the IMDB experience to our customers wherever they happen to be on whatever device, they happened to have Hyundai. So it's always. I have been speaking with col Needham, founder and CEO of MD be the number one movies website in the world has a combined web and mobile audience of more than two hundred and fifty million unique monthly visitors. Thanks very much call. Next week's guest will be the fantasy writer Michael j Sullivan who does a lot of publishing on his own. He's also published with the big five has quite a varied polishing spirits, and I reading the first of his right Urus series. And that's titled theft of swords. This is a Jarrah that I'm not very familiar with. But I have to say, I'm I it's it's grabbed me, and it's a book that as darlings had the flu we get a trip that was canceled at the last minute. We were gonna go to MOAB. I'm finding that when things are dipping down a bit. And I can turn to the story this adventure story of of two friends, Royce and Hadron lots of mixed currency in them light and dark in a lot of fun as well. And all kinds of adventures they have in an uncertain time in the past. It's just a nice place to go, and he creates a world with such a thorny and believability that when you invest the time to learn about it, the you can't go there, and it's quite pleasurable. So looking forward to talking to him next week. We had to reschedule a couple of times because we had our our schedules. Confused. This is Leonard early for the kindle chronicles in downtown Denver. I really appreciate your listening to my show have great day. Bye.

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