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podcast listeners we are amazing avenue, the espy nation New York mets site. I'm Chris McShane, and every week Brian Salvator and I discussed the current state of the mets automated. Avenue Audio. The show we try to look at the mets from a somewhat logical point of view and not get too deep into panic city. We also answer your emails, give weekly music recommendations and try not to get too frustrated with the team. You can find the show on Apple podcasts on stitcher on spotify wherever you get your podcasts and let's go mets. Hello giants, fans, and welcome to a new edition of the Valentine's views podcast here on big Louie radio part of your SP nation family of podcast. I'm your host Ed Valentine of big, Blue View, and today we are less than a week away from the New York giants. Twenty twenty NFL season on Monday night against the Pittsburgh steelers after all that we've been through this year with covid nineteen and in all of that, pretty amazing that we're actually here with football actually here on time ready to start the twenty twenty NFL season. Obviously there won't be fans in the stands at metlife on Monday night when the giants open. But still we have football, we have a season. We get to. We get to watch the New York giants play and we get to see how the twenty twenty NFL season unfold couple of things that we're GonNa do today on the show giants fans we're going to preview the twenty twenty season from giants perspective. And we are also going to talk to Rob Stats Carreira who is a producer for the niners nation podcast rob will be co hosting a show called the look ahead with yours truly that will debut on SB Nation Radio on Thursday. It's one of five episodes of the newly launched SB NATION NFL show. Rob will come onto to talk a little bit about that too to preview what we're GonNa do and and just to sort of introduce himself to to to the audience a little bit. I hope that you guys will will listen to that show. As well, as as the offerings that we have here on on big Louie radio are giants fans. Let's get into Talking about your twenty twenty giants what are the expectations for this team? Obviously, this is a new beginning new start with head coach Joe Judge. Obviously, you know giants went through Ben mcadoo in two, thousand, sixteen and Seventeen went through Pat Shurmur for two years. So obviously, they're starting over with their third head coach in the last five seasons obviously, not a place where any franchise wants to be where you're continuously changing the coaching staff continuously starting over but that's where the giants are, this is a new beginning for the New York giants, and so what should we expect from the giants in twenty twenty? We've seen through training camp all of the the hysterics about judge making guys run laps when they made mistakes in practice you know so much about how physical giants practices were for a while that the fact that he actually did some live tackling, which is something we don't see a whole lot of in NFL practices anymore. will all of that stuff work can judges philosophy which was homed obviously as he worked for both Nick Sabin and Bill Belichick cannot work. Can that help the giants turn things around after What's been a really rough stretch for the giants over the last few years after winning the two thousand eleven super bowl remains to be seen listen as far as expectations for twenty twenty I don't think anyone should expect giants to go. Win Eleven or twelve football games look at could be a very slow start. For the giants this season you look at their first five games, steelers bears forty niners, rams, cowboys that is a very difficult start against five teams that all have playoff expectations and the expectation of maybe going farther and doing more than just making the playoffs this season. Very. Difficult. Way. For Joe Judge and the giants to begin the twenty twenty season and to begin a new era of giants football when I think about about that schedule. I'm reminded of a couple of years ago. Remember that Pat Shurmur first year two, thousand, eighteen, the giants started one in seven finished the second half of the season four and four to win five games for the season. Remember last year the Miami Dolphins coached by first year coach Brian Flores another bill belichick disciple expected to tank expected to be terrible expected to probably not win. Any Games at all during the twenty nine, thousand season, the dolphins started Owen seven finished the season five and eleven. So they won they won five of their last nine games. Dolphins are now looked at as an up and coming franchise. One of the exciting young teams in the NFL and truth be told that is really where the giants would like to be a year from now. They would like to be looked at as an up and coming team a franchise on the rise. You know I'm also reminded I'm old enough to remember nineteen eighty one believe it or not when Joe Gibbs took over as head coach of the Washington redskins gibbs went win five in his first five games with Washington. The team then known as the redskins finished the season eight, an eight gibbs went onto win three super bowls over a twelve year run in Washington. Obviously had another run with with the team later on. But in that first twelve year run won three super bowls didn't start out well in those first five games and the reason that I mentioned all of those giants fans is let's not flip out if things don't start well, it's entirely possible that they don't start well but judge has reminded a few times during training camp recently that Really, it's not where you are. It's where you're going. He has he has said that a few times in relation to to players in relation to being able to project not what players are. But what he thinks that they will be by midseason by the end of the season in the future and really that's where we are with the New York giants. Were pointed toward the future what happens Monday night against the steelers is a huge huge focus right now of course but in the big picture in the grand scheme, Monday night is part of the ongoing development process that the giants are undergoing right now and it's where the giants go where they end up with Joe Judge. That is important. John Mara said the other day that that he feels like what he wants he feels like the giants are beginning to lay a foundation. That could eventually compete in first super bowl titles MEHRA. said that what he wants at the end of the season is to feel like the giants are moving forward to feel like that foundation is in place to feel like they're building something that can eventually get to the point where it will compete for Super Bowl titles. So that really is the prism I think that you have to judge this giant season through it's not the overall record. It's not do they make the playoffs or don't they make the playoffs. It's not any of those things it's. When you look at this season, are they better at the end than they were at the beginning? And does it feel like they are finally finally after so many years of of struggling and getting getting it wrong with the head coach and trying to Trying to to make something out of the last couple of years of Eli, Manning's career instead of fully embracing the future on are they finally pointed in the right direction pointed toward what Dave Gettleman said. The other day would be better days ahead and really that is I. Think what we have to look at what the giants are they when the season is over, does it feel like they are pointed in the right direction you want WanNa talk a little bit about the the roster don't want to Belabor. It too much I know that folks were upset about the The cuts of Linebacker Ryan Conley in wide receiver Corey Coleman I mean, these are guys that fans have seen over the last. couple. Of years you know Coleman, two years ago had a little bit of success especially. kickoffs. Connolly showed some promise last year on as a linebacker before getting hurt early in the season, listen the success or failure of the twenty twenty season. The successor failure long-term of the giants is not going to come down to Ryan Connolly Inquiry Corey Coleman. It never was going to come down to those two guys. These are the kinds of things that happen when you get a new coaching staff, you bring in new coordinators, you get changes in scheme you get changes in philosophy, you get changes in the type of athletes that that coaches want. It or that coaches need to implement the things that they want to do, and in the end, the judgments of of Joe Judge and his staff Ryan Conley and inquiry Coleman were not the type of players that they wandered on this team. Will this be you know we'll we'll they look back on on particularly the the cut of Ryan Conley and regret that maybe we'll see maybe not a remember You know a couple of years ago that the giants made the the decision to start John Jalapeno at center and they moved on from Brett Jones, which was a little bit of a surprise. Caught us in the media by surprise caught a lot of the fan base by surprise because. Two thousand and seventeen. I believe it was. Jones had played well as a fill in. For Western Rich Burke. What we've Seen No. Over the last few years you know John Jalapeno was not a great player. We know that much and I'm not defending HAL appeal at all. But what I'm saying is look at Brett Jones Career Brett. Jones, since moving on from the giants has never been able to become more than a backup more than a bit player I believe that right now Jones is is looking for work in the NFL so. You get attached to a player, but I always try to remind fans please remember that you know these coaching staffs that what they want. They see these players every day they studied the tape every day they're in meetings with these guys, they know their personalities. In a lot more goes into these decisions than the little bit of practice highlights that we see in the photos that we see. Then in ordinary circumstances the little bit that we see in preseason games, which obviously, we didn't see those this year. But. There's a lot more that goes into these decisions than what we see on the surface. So I'm I'm just not going to obsess about about connolly and Coleman, I'm going to trust at this point that the giants have a plan that they know what they WANNA do. They know the kind of players that they want and the players who they kept are more in line with the philosophies that they have. The only other thing that that I wanted to talk about before I get to the interview I did with Rob Guerrero. Is the idea of how you in the end. Judge, a successful season or a failed season for the giants and I've I've been asked that question several times and the way that that I. Look at it at this point is it twofold answer and part of that is what we discussed earlier is are the giants better at the end then they then they were at the beginning does it feel like they're building something that has a chance for success here and the other piece of that is. Something I've talked about several times the two biggest pieces of success for an NFL franchise are do they have the right head coach and do they have the right quarterback I think that a large part of the twenty twenty season revolves around getting information about Joe Judges, head coach and Daniel Jones at quarterback are those the right pieces are those two guys the coach and the right quarterback to lead the giants to success? For the foreseeable future. I think that this season we will know a whole lot more or we will learn a whole lot more about the answers to those two questions and it would be for me. It would be a successful season if we get to the end of the year and we look at those two guys and we think, okay, the coach in the quarterback are in place it's kind of failed season. If you look back at it and think you know we might not have the right head coach and Daniel Jones still. So many questions were still not sure. What Jones is going to be an, and if we're still wondering about those things that then we have a problem but I think really. That's how I look at it. Are they better at the end are they pointed in the right direction? Do they have the right coach? Do they have the right quarterback? Those are the things we want to know about the twenty twenty season. Alright giants fans. Let's take a quick break here for a word from our sponsors. When we come back, I will be talking with Rob Guerrero about the new espy nation NFL show that he and I will be doing on Thursdays called the look. Ahead. All right giants fans were back here on the Valentine's views podcasts little bit something special for you. Something a little bit different here. You. May Have seen if you listen to some of the podcast around the network, you may have seen the promos for the newly launched SB nation NFL show, which is really five. which have come to you Monday through Friday one of those shows is going to be co hosted by yours truly. Thursday show that we're calling the look ahead I'll be co hosting that show with rob. Stats. Carreira who joins us now to discuss the show to discuss all five shows and give you a little sneak peek of of what we're going to be talking about on Thursdays on the look ahead rob how you doing. Good. How are you? I'm good I'm good. So So Thursday's show the look ahead is exactly what it sounds like. It's a look ahead to to the best the NFL Games of the weekend. You know as chosen we hope as chosen by our listeners. Yeah it's really going to be kind of setting the table for your week in the NFL and obviously GonNa talk about the Thursday night game for sure that'll be a heavy emphasis on every show, and like you said, we want to reach out to you want to reach out to the community and talk about the Games you want to hear about. So that's our plan. That's what we WANNA do going forward basically to serve you and give you what you want before each week of the NFL. season. You know there's there's not much to talk about each week in the NFL. So I don't know how we're. GonNa. Fill the time I. Really I don't know what what what are we going to manage the manage like five or ten minutes talking to each other if if we're lucky yeah. Yeah I know but you know so it should be it should be really interesting especially as the season rolls along we get into We get you know farther and farther into season we get playoff races. We get interesting things to talk about. So I'm looking forward to this should be an awful lot of fun going to be incredible and it's it's part of the whole lineup that you mentioned and that's the thing that's exciting is as be nation now has of daily Nfl Show for you every day you're going to get something different. There's different hosts and you know we figured with US having the Thursday show that's really the first time where you start Topeka. Lineup sets you really looking ahead to Thursday and the Sunday beyond. So that's why we were lucky I. Feel like our show is we got the easy part here. The the food is all there for you. We serve it up. There you go. Hey I I like to get Fed Rob. I always liked to get fed. So I make everything about food for some reason. I. Don't know. Hey that works. You know it's funny because I I went to A. metlife stadium the other day the giants hosted one of their Intra Squad scrimmages. And I said to one of the one of the other reporters who is there I said you know I said, this is the first time I've ever been in this press box and not gotten fed. How is the food? There the food is not bad food isn't it's it's not bad. You know what you know what I never complain about free. There are that is one thing that I feel like. Reporters are known for is talking about the food at the Games in the press box. Well, you know it's funny because I go to practices once in a while in the. In the giants will feed US lunch. In the guys, the the media room will complain about what they fed us and I'm like guys did you pay for this stuff? I'll. Be Quiet, you didn't pay for this. But. Go ahead I was GONNA say I. In my old job would go to the NFL combine to the Super Bowl and at the super bowl, there's radio row and there's a million shows. There's a huge room. The one thing that's not there is food. So everybody's on their own for food and anytime every once in a while like a sponsor will come by Papa, John's and they'll bring pizza and and those poor people from Papa. John's they get absolutely swarmed and mauled by a room full of reporters and radio show host TV host who are starving because they're they're all saying there's no food I don't know how those people make it out alive. All, I don't know you. You gotTa feed people especially media you gotTa, you gotTa feed us you know but but anyway, Hey, I wanted to let's get back to the the NFL show. In case, you guys didn't know that is launching this week the the debut episode, the Monday show as already aired on and. Why don't rob, why don't you? If you have it in front of you wanted to give folks the lineup. So they know what's coming each day. In case they haven't heard the promos or seen the story. That that we have posted a big move you that it gives folks the lineup yes. So Monday is Monday football Monday and that's with J. O. Pete Sweeney and Michael Kissed, they're going to obviously breakdown all the gains on Sunday and maybe get into a little Monday night preview as well. Then Tuesday is myself and Brandon League out and we call it the day debrief We're GONNA touch on some of the storylines that maybe didn't get enough love coming out of Sunday and obviously react to the Monday night game. Then, Wednesday is the palpably unfair podcast with Kyle Posey from niners, nation and Michael. Kiss. From bleeding green nation, they're GONNA look at game film analysis and kind of break things down from a more technical perspective. Thursdays two guys I never heard of who probably won't be very good. Oh, wait. That's you and me. On a look ahead. And then on Friday it's Gina Kelly and David. Chiloe and it's called the Friday Chichi and it's basically going to be getting your fantasy football advice and maybe a little gambling preview as well. 'CAUSE WE WANNA make a little money to so we'll have you set up on Friday for the week that's coming. There you go. So five new shows for Your Your podcast listening pleasure rob by you and I haven't haven't done a show together yet. But I'm sure that this is this is GonNa be fun. This should go well. You know we should have every week we'll have. We'll definitely have plenty to talk about I. Know This Week. Obviously, we've got the the season opening, Thursday night game. We'd probably wind up talking some about Tom Brady you know I haven't I haven't looked at at at all of the Games yet but but. Like I said I'm sure we'll talk about Brady, and ensure there's going to be there. There are plenty of of quality game this weekend for for us to to chat about the big thing is hey, in this messed up year. We actually have NFL football. Starting when NFL football was supposed to start even though we don't have fans in the stands. It's so different because we didn't have that like elongated countdown with the preseason games where nobody plays week one, you guys play a little more in week to we didn't have any of that. So now it's even though we've been you know waiting and counting the minutes down football starts it feels so different all of a sudden it's like, Hey, there's games this week and I can't wait to break them all down. Me Neither I don't know about you but. I didn't miss covering preseason football. Did Not Miss Covering preseason games because you wind up. up. Covering Games. And you wind up writing a lot of stories about a lot of people who wind up not making the team. And I I didn't miss it at all I. wished the. The run up by wish these teams that had more practice time but I did not miss preseason football even a little bit. I think we're going to see some changes going forward, maybe an abbreviated preseason schedule or maybe they. They just do these joint practices more I think things are going to change next year coming out of this because all these teams have had to radically alter their preseason plans that they're not just going to go back to the way things were next year in the years to come. No, they're not things are going to change. I. Think Roger Goodell made a statement. You know something to that effect over the last couple of days. Might have been in in a piece by either Albert breer at SL or by Peter King in his football morning in America column that that he understands that they've learned things, things are going to change some and. You know from from the media perspective I don't WanNa. Lose the ability to talk to players and coaches face to face I hope that doesn't happen. But if they change the off season some if they changed the structure, if they limit some preseason games, they let teams practice together more often. I'm I'm good with that. and. That's one thing I. Hope we get into as our shows go along you have the perspective of. Covering the team like that. You know what that grind is like. I've been producing shows for years but I've never covered one specific team so I feel like. We have two different perspectives that I feel like are going to give people a lot that they may not have heard before. Means, we might be able to get into a couple of arguments every once in a while nothing wrong with that. No. Absolutely not bring it on. There you go. There you go. Well, before we get into an argument tonight rob I think I think that's that's a good place for us to stop. Just you know. Thank you very very much for spending a couple of minutes and look forward to to get started with you on Thursday. I can't wait as someone famously said. All right giants fans thank you very much for listening and we'll talk to you soon. Bye Bye. Hi. 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