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Oh. My Gosh I am not suffering whatever the heck I had last week but welcome back on theater, and now we're having a round two with Dell's video and I've just explained the reason why we're doing it because. I was too sick to kind of go on and talk about multiple Dow's video US movies. So last time we talked about it's a wonderful blade for play and then just inside for madmen only. All these were independent documentaries all from Dow's video festas, Docu, vest. It's a bunch of different types of stories going on different type of film making all under the of documentaries and I thought you had let's add one more shot at at this this weekend, and then you know the falling weekends, there's so many other movies coming out. I didn't originally say that actually main a next week being about on the rocks and. That one net flix film about the Black Panthers. Shoot I forgot the name of it it'll come back to. CHICAGO, the Chicago seven, the Shuck, the Chicago I didn't know that about the Black Panthers. Didn't even know what it was about. All I think it was like it's a it's a store like it's a store drama going about protesting get I don't know the full ply. I just know it had something to do with the Black Panthers or at least in that time because it's very reflective of now i. mean that's the re they made this movie before him I mean they were unaware of all this stuff go out black lives matter but it is a movie very much an advocate for that will be talking about both those movies are supposed to be Oscar twenty twenty. One contends that Netflix and apple to be plus or putting out. So we talk. is on the rocks coming out streaming. Yeah. on the rocks is to be on Apple TV plus next week. Okay cool gag bulldoze being on Friday. We'll talk about those. I'll talk about and dogs three because I I. I going to see that. Then next the week after I'M GONNA change. because. I. I did I there is there's to Disney plus original movies releasing this month while. and. Then the Glenn King Animated Film over the Moon I or Glenn King. He's the son of a very known animator forgot what he worked on, but they made a big deal out of this film that's coming out on a couple of weeks. It looks Kinda Nice. They'll be talking about that movie, but I'm going to replace over the snowman. I'M GONNA percent back for the third or fourth week What are the? We comes next after that and replace Bora to a completely forgot the breath to come out on the twenty third. I will watch that and which is on the last week of October Gazelle thing which is will gain as much attraction as borat teargas. Bora, twos like Borad's like a cult pop culture character. So I mean I think that might get more views I think which is as well. Actually it very cold. Bora, it's been such like Barata's been such a leg cutter character because he basically the whole thing about him is he was he point out the stupid in America. So in the sequel, they're they're definitely writing I'm a twenty twenty, and that's why they quickly worked on it and released a I think even in those sequel, they talk about the pandemic and everything. So I think Brad to I'm GonNa, I could be wrong. Maybe witches will get more views but I have a feeling brought to you is going to be the bigger talk when. That comes out. So we'll see we'll see both those movies, but we'll see the other one the week after long with the once upon a snowman anyway at the end and then the first week of November we won't have a show because the twenty four hour marathon. That will be all my energy towards the end the week anyway a whole on. Cody. What's up man? How much you know just Being busy. What about you actually made it back to New York again back here right now doing another short. Oh, that's great around from the last one. Yeah. So I I was here yesterday and working all morning on it so. Thank you guys in the back half hour but Yeah, how's school and work on? Okay thanks for asking. For. Amway No. It's A. Guy Can you? Were going. Great. That's a really awesome. Though today, we'll be talking about the the other documents docu fest films. I saw our Kabul goes I. think that's the same movie. Cody saw 'cause. Gertie. was saying he wanted to see this Assad to Yup that's the one I watched. Yeah, and then I saw. For Madmen only because just said it was awesome Lisa she came out and said Yeah I, loved that film for Madmen only so have discovered quicker review on it Siri talked about then I watch Ya I and we love Lucy Okay Anti. Yeah and then. This, film was controversial. Big Got banned for a few years and family. Spontaneously. Released in that is red shoes and the seven dwarfs. Regular. Indoor Yeah. And we'll talk we'll actually talk about what the controversy was that got this movie Dan whether or not the movie is worthy now that it's out on Amazon prime. And then I'm GonNa have a bonus I saw huby. Halloween the latest. The Happy Madison film that. Brings Back Adam Sandler in the starring role. So I will give my thoughts on that I saw that as well. Error back together again. I'm settlers and Kevin James boy those two. Like Kevin James even doing dramas to those susie saw Adam Sandler go back into happy mass I gotta get on that train to. And I thought. So that will be we'll talk about. I watch as well. Yeah I figured Okay. Well. Let's just go ahead and talk about the other Docu fest films. Last week, we talked about Docu fests and only just one film mostly, which was a it was a great film with some wonderful plate. That was a wonderful even though I guess it's somewhat of a documentary somewhat of a comedy docking our. Black history. Musical numbers and? Ended it in a very A. Not Out of nowhere, but just a choice that I dislike holy cried. It was a really well put together film. And that was unfortunately all I saw but I'm going to start with the first there the next. Donkey vests film. I saw which is one that cody saw as well. Now, it's sub name is actually called Carnival goes, but you know what the first name of it is. Because I actually have that up here. It is. Texas trip a carnival goes. This is a little festival. I guess the happens here in Texas somewhere. It's Abou. All these guys putting together a horror goth horror. Music. Concert. putting on costumes and. Adding in some advertisement. Filming like some horror scenes young girl tied up a guys, with Goulash, mass or cardboard. Mass. The thing about it actually starts out with. And come back to this guy because. Yeah he He is the most memorable thing about this movie whether for good reason or not. And you just film starts off after you see like this montage of old school horror see this guy cutting into his face. I I'm not kidding you. That was the first thing I saw when you get to meeting the people that you're falling isn't this dude gun Walking into skin. And picking off. I just looked at that I'm like. Holy Crud. As it went on to. Explain things going on however he. Brings these bands together what they view themselves in society. So. It's not just about the love of Halloween and horror. It's about actual things they're feeling a which. Kick attributed some things a little disturbing. N. Yeah whenever turns that I'm like? Holy Crap I know there are people. That I know love horror. But. Even them they would. Jonah. Turn their backs on this because this is not a horrid party to just a casually have fun and enjoy everything around just because of the levels attained care. Cody, what do you think? well, I had no idea what this movie was about. I was just like Oh. Okay. Maybe something spooky related and I'm like it's it's spooky season. I'll give this one a watch. Yeah. At first I'm like, okay. Is this like a movie about celebrating the drive ins because you know they have all these montages of be level horror films? Well, there's not of the living dead in there too but. And you see even shots like one of the drive ins the shutdown drive ins they show is the one that's like right here in my town nacogdoches on your way to Lufkin on. Highway. So. That was Kinda cool and you even get a local author who's famous WHO's they use some of his quotes Joe R Lansdale throughout the documentary and they even have a quote from him. At the beginning of the film. But yeah. This was deeply disturbing and I'm not even one hundred percent sure like what the through line of this documentary was other than about these. Obscure artists that go to this place in Texas, because like the guy you're talking about Eli record sounds and has a ban but he also like TORTURES HIMSELF ON AGE yes. I I'll get to that but the the I'm going to say this I've seen so many horror movies and movies about trying to make you jump. What is the last few minutes of this film is scarier than any horror film throw at you really yes. I cannot stop thinking about this scene in the movie and I'll be honest I don't even think this documentary that great. No it isn't no. As I'm not sure what the through line is it's just a mission shape of scenes of these. People just living their lives which I mean they get to do their art and live their life more power to them but it's just deeply disturbed me and I was uneasy the whole time watching this like what is this about what's going on? While I think the whole thing with this is that It's also showing a festival over there like some of the things they do how they celebrate. The horror with Halloween going on. Any I mean. In these types of documentaries are just about an overview Behind the scenes. And some of these hoard festivals people go to. I think it's cool to see some that now you don't really get enough character. You don't get to know the people behind. These creations that they do it's more just about them putting these things together and seeing some of it in action. I mean it's all about the visuals more than as about the storytelling because when it comes through the storytelling just. It's I am of. Taken. A back seat. And their people don't mind that because there are people are like man I just WanNa see horror. I just wanted to see freaky stuff and you'll get that. and. There's one particular guy who will definitely be. If that's what you crave for them. Okay. But I'm just here to warn you that. I. Saw was frigging disturbing and yeah it took way over anything pennywise could do or any of those other scary monster characters because you see a real person ripping their face apart now, I don't want to go into details of how but they linger on something at the very this. That it will make you uncomfortable I helped my neck and there is nothing going on with my neck but it was because of what he was doing with his neck and it is it is nightmarish and I can't even praised as a good thing because no, I don't like welcome and I think this guy needs help seriously and I hope he loves through that because at the end the also see. Dripping from his face. So I don't even know what is condition as after whatever he is trying to accomplish doing what he did to his face and you know sticking so many sharp things through it. Yeah, I mean. I would say for the kind of the atmosphere of horror it I'm talking about the things network bowling around what the Actual Person Dead to himself I think it's decent because again, there are those people who are like you I'm just curious to know. How these make these spooky vest that I attend to every year I think there's something. About that link people can learn from Bahia by the end of a you will be scarred. I'm still looking at those images. It's it is terrifying I get scarier the midsummer I'll say that I think the differences because those are all movies. This is a real person in real life and you you there's no nothing taken away from that. Yeah. This is an actual person doing this to their body it's not special effects. It's not props. This isn't a fictional written story. This is this is an individual who does this to himself for other people's entertainment or for his personal entertainment I'm not sure. But it was very yet like you said, it's disturbing and it is a well made documentary and I, probably would've enjoyed more if they focused on the other guy and I'm kind of wondering if the guy were talking about was also the director because there is a scene of him interviewing the this other individual who made all the different masks and plays these different characters on stage with his band but I would have probably even though his stuff was a little disturbing to I. probably would have been more comfortable watching more about his journey than watching some of these images that we're talking about. Yeah. I mean I would like to get to know the people bring the festival together. And also this whole thing about why these people are so into this guy. Pretty much killing himself. I mean I. When you look at the the the the the last shot that you see of what this guy does to his face you have a feeling he's just not love wine because it I mean I I don't. Even get even graphically indep into it. He puts things through places that would probably end your life. So yeah, it was definitely hard to sit there were regarding that and yet is kind of slow because it is focusing a lot on the imagery. A or just gone through one spots in the next and I didn't really get much of these people. It sucks I would like to see another one of these a festival or people aren't. frigging crazy over. Over. Horror and they're just well I mean crazy and as the. Described but people who are just into regular spooks in our town is filled with Halloween decorations and everything. I think something like that would be cool. There is a documentary I forget the name of it and it was made of quite a few years ago but there is a documentary about these people. Who just deck out their houses every year for Halloween, and that was an interesting watch. Yeah so I think more like that. But. This is out of all the documentaries I saw duckie festivals probably the worst but isn't like a terrible documentary I mean it's a lot to swallow for what is not even much. D operating I'm going to give it a high decent just because of. The technical skill it was well made is just not an easy watch and something that I would recommend anyone. Watching its not an. Watch at all, it's deeply disturbing, but it was well made. So I'll give it a high diese Erker. while. Just quickly gone talk or. Say my thought sign. Of Madmen or madman only the Justin talked about before which is interesting because the bad the guy who invented or at least gave birther or made some type of revelation with the whole idea of Improv Improv comedy. At, influence three generations of ones and you see so many recognizable people coming in giving their thoughts and everything and the documentary is pretty interesting because you do see everything going I on and those guys life the gun and also the bad. I mean. It's a documentary they'll tell you success does not come without a cost and those. Dune eventually, start losing his mind over things and guide to some. Hit. A balance. And there's a mother goose stuck on with his Blair but then later on a, he would try to find some. Cleansing to. All the issues as God turn over a new leaf edits uninteresting thing to see a guy go from. The brainchild of Improv comedy to being a mess and then coming back around towards the end of his life and to being back the person that people love and Adore. And there's something sweet about that. 'cause this do really lights. He really liked teaching people comedy he really likes. Yellow influencing others in just talking to other comedians ensuring jokes you would benchley. Gain relationships. With Bill Murray, Jan Ramos Kazaa they they became friends with them the point where they helped throw. Basically a end of his life party, which is were he was told by the doctors he'll has a couple of days delone. So they he Bill Murray put on Party together just to celebrate those guy it's it's a mix of things that happen but also say it's a mix of things you've seen in a documentary before what do you think about a successful person who's invented something you're thinking about the times they grew up when they were a little kid and all the Stu- beauce and stuff that happen. With their family in this case His dad's suicide and. Whatever happened regarding that But also. You Know Hill become Hue hugely successful guy that everybody loves until he screws up in life and it goes downhill for him and then later in his life he. Tries to get forgiveness and things get better. It goes through the traditions of these type of documentaries on a guy who successfully create something. So it's doing absolutely nothing new, but I still find it entertaining film for the stuff that he's been able to the people that he's influencing how comedy has been reflecting over the years over one man in that one man for madmen only Denko del close. Sorry. Rebel. Dot Close, which are scenes throughout the documentary where they do reenactments too like they have actors, play people even gap some playing Dunkel's it. there. Some interesting things they do regarding the documentary. There was a bit of reenactment. There's a bit of, stop, Motion Artsy animation gone through arrived different things and of course, traditional interviews. It just that it cut. It goes exactly how you think You're like, okay I can predict what's going to happen those guys life before I even see this movie nights yeah. It's things that celebrities have gone through people who've been pioneers of of certain things regarding Improv. Improv is a type of comedy I normally enjoy when done. Really well, I mean that's the same comedy commies subjective in that depends on how you go through with the exact talked about a companies that don't have scripts. So they use Improv to try to crack jokes and I'm I'm a fan of that but like it shows examples of great improv throughout the years through film and Television and it could. Bids definitely an example of like how to do great Improv that will kind of bring in a mass love and there's just some interesting things gone here. Even if it's predictable as heck I, give it a regular gun anyway. Free what he was teaching. Like I said last week about him teaching the Herald and how that's GonNa work as a way to teach comedy 'cause fully agree it's harder to do improbably over like stand up and be funny at it because you know Improv off the top of your head and I mean you have to be really would he really quick and? It's definitely a lot harder to make people out than regular stand up. Yeah. That's why I think comedians often are really good dramatic actors because not very many dramatic actors can also be comedic but these guys and gals that can come up with stuff on the fly and be funny. Usually. are very gifted to being good actors to besides just being funny well it it's also the whole thing about comedy as equals tragic while. That deb explores a lot with guys passed out with his dad of eat. gave us an interesting thing because if you look into a lot of comedians lives, a lot of them are not like these happy go lucky people in our life. Site they channel all that energy further performances. I mean this guy was same you. He really lives up to that standard as well. Yeah I mean influencing three generations of comedians impressive e- like even after you. Death it's very impressive. But yeah, that's what I had to say about the film Justin, you WanNa, go ahead and talk about the to decky. Fest Films. Isar. Yeah we'll talk about some thing that lives on even after death and Let's talk about we documentary You Know I. Love Lucy definitely is still living on in our lives even to this day through you know what is it called when you when you're on TV still? On. What is it Sitcom Yeah Yeah but you know when when you're when it comes still plays after it's over and it's Raleigh run reruns. In syndication. Indication that's what it is is in Syndication Yeah Love Lucy still out there we have Lucille Ball You know the Star of Lose I love Lucy and this is a story. About her in the Arnez her husband they met. Doing you know under a contract that studio and fell in love and then they started I love Lucy. She is a pioneer though because she is the first ever female star of a network. TV Show and even though as your as as a part of it, she still is shining and still the lead and they did this show together You know he is a ladies man and had an alcohol problem but You know even through that. You know back then I guess you just live through the marriages even when they kind of aren't as great as you want him to. Be and so she's stuck it out even though she knew he was the player and then you know this show came around. So she thought was really going to help their marriage and You know he's more of the writer producer in cheese more of Star on the Act and back then you didn't really think that a mixed relationship like that was going to work back in the fifties and sixties where she you know is married to somebody who was Puerto Rican you know. Cuban. So it was really tough for them back then but because of how great I love Lucy wasn't how much everybody in America just grew onto her and as soon as. They were able to become pretty famous and you know she was a one of the highest paid actresses especially for Network television and you know they're show was number one for years This documentary talked a lot about mostly about the relationship between her and does he says and I love Lucy Show You know it does cost about You know their little bit and the other spin off shows that I love. Lucy created after that because eventually does your nest did after you know put up in divorce but they were partners still and loved each other very much This documentary is fantastic I really enjoyed it I was a kid watching I love Lucy. And it's really good to get to see her and feel her presence again and I mean yeah this one this movie it'll make you laugh and cry you know all for the right reasons. and what you definitely learn from. This is how much love that Lucy and Desi had each other even till the day that each died so. I really thought that I was touching even through all the ups and downs of actually did have with each other, but we love Lucy it's a really good documentary. That's cool. Did it talk about how the show was one of the first shows to stop a filming the show twice 'cause I heard like back in the early days of TV when they started filming for Los? Angeles audiences. They would film again for the New York audiences or vice versa. They live. Yeah. They were like the first one that quit filming twice. They would just film it once and then broadcast it. Yeah I mean, this is one of the first shows ever to have a live audience actually she fed so much off of being what the crowd was giving her when she was doing her antics that. They actually don't. studio to have you know an audience inside and watch her. She. There's so much more like I don't want to give away too much because I think each reveal is so much fun. But I mean you can look it up and read about it but she she pioneered through so much that she was the first you know woman president of the company of a production company. What we know about to be used to be the the Disease Luna. Like, it used to be that was paramount. Yes. She's one of the producers of the First Star Trek series as right? Yeah. Because she said that she backed her crew and her team she wanted. To become the series and it did. And initially possible was another one as well I mean you learn so much you had no idea what she what she was capable of and to be one of the first woman to ever do it. It's just. Attack Tackler plus you. So frigging lovable and likable and and funny that is hard. Yeah. So, what about the other one that you saw? Oh. The first film. Yeah. The first film is a documentary that is about the making of the first film We know it to be you know. Kinda like Benjamin Franklin Era you know Thomas Edison and stuff like that. But this is actually a documentary about Louis Prints from leads, and he was one of the first people to mess around with. You know multiple lenses and and multiple frames per second and created a sixteen frame per second. Video camera about not a camera back then but you know and was had one of the first ever films and it was like three seconds of four people just walking around and it. It was before you know what we know as like the train or what was known for like I. Said What Benjamin Franklin Thomas Edison we're coming around with. Nothing around with but this is about a guy named David Wilkinson who is just consumed in this thought that this was the first ever. You know movie. So he went to leave and he tossed all the historians, traces it all the way back to AC and eighty eight and finds out that Prince you know had experiments that beat both. Edison Lumiere Brothers by month actually he's traces it. You know from the history books and with all these historians out there in the and it turns out that in fact where he asked them at the end of the movie goes, do you think that I have in fact one hundred percent you know giving you all the information to prove that this is you know the right movie the first movie ever not GonNa Spoil it but you know. I love this movie to learn more about the first movie ever made or if it was or not but just the history behind it, and also the passion that David Nicholas Wilkinson had to find out if this really was true or not I mean you have to really love something to go this far and dive deep into something especially on your own and he worked on it for years, and there's also like scares of other people finding proof that there was a film before the Lumiere Brothers and really scared him and and all that he was dealing with his it was like. Ended up, being month after. His date of October eighteen, eighty, eight, but no, this is really interesting. I'm glad that I got to watch this because I am a huge fan in love movies and whatever i. Can Learn about them like learn about them and you get to learn. A lot about you know what they were doing in eighteen eighty eight to create moving pictures. So I'll good watches for you at the documentary is right. Yeah, actually everything that I've seen from. As has been killer, but I also got to choose you know so I think just. Chose right like if somebody was like go on Steve Three then I'm sure but I chose the typically because I'm sure you know I knew like. Okay that's that's really great. I mean. I. This is probably the first time. Kelly is going to hear from you too. So the fact that you guys saw along in our mind, cody. But Justin, you're just. Join Docu fest so there is that. While the three that movie and. It. Does sound really creepy and. Is it part musical? The movie you? Know. No. No. It's just about these new stuff of the people in the documentary or musicians. Yeah you're only get like one scene where they start saying that that's very much but music doesn't play any riddick factor. There was musical numbers. Would you watch him? Yeah maybe but I was just reading on here. It says that Texas trip a carnival goes is a musical for documentary O-. Dry. I was like man. Yeah. Well, that would it would. It would be the most messed up musical documentary that and we'll love to that At of the. Five. Four I. Guess the most impressive was the plight the OH. Yeah 'cause he. Is Entertaining and but out of documentaries. You know again, it's so hard not to love Lucy. Unless. Public- Curry. I enjoy Lucille Ball in the show I mean I wouldn't put it as my favorite. You Know Sitcom of all time, but you have to respect what a groundbreaking show that was and what she was for the industry. So you know. It sounds interesting. I. Would probably enjoy that. Influenced what what's the the new marvel show coming out in December one division yeah. There's a episode where they're doing like a fifty styles they come. Listen. Yeah Well grace from willing. Great Look Josh like her I mean. Just I'm there are times where you know my girlfriend like is that her looked juggling Deborah McCormick letter. Messing Messing. Debra Messing. Yeah. Deborah something now yeah. You help them because I can think of her name But yeah. They. She looks and I in on in the documentary actually see that they did a couple of episodes. You know monitor of. Lucy. So now leads us to our last two films that are not documentaries, but the first one I will go for is. Red Shoes and the seven dwarves. This is an interesting thing. I've had a long history with the movie. What, yeah please do town because I had not heard of this film to you talked about it last week. By well. It wasn't something I. Stumbled Pine Back in I think twenty sixteen or life teen when they had the teaser out, and that's before they had English China because this is a Chinese animated film. Originally from. China directed by. Chinese. Directors. And it was a teaser where you had a dwarf coming up to A lady moaning in bed with her shoes dangling from her from. from the bed. She's I'm. Like she's rolling around her bed whether she she's wailing in the door Brazil or all and tries to take. This happened this is real I if I could find where the teaser is they reference the teaser. Emma's movie a little bit with the reason is because those guy go through so many things to try to pull up the shoe. Through throwing rocks, they're using a chainsaw. And, then there was some way where it. The you finally came off. That's where we get the twist about this that became a controversy and the controversy is what is Snow White Word always as beautiful and what if the doors weren't always so short and that offended so many people because of the whole image towards plus size girls were. Does he? Work they advertise it was. A they got they got into the little chunk on them. Then they're kind of ugly. They're Kinda hitting us. And then the that's that's what beauty is. and. That's what happens with this with this. No way those version of Snow White we got she finds these magical perish shoes where she wears them. She lose all the weight that she's got on her. Her step or her stepmother wears them to look younger. Yeah. So the stepmother wears them younger and meanwhile Snow White whereas them to look thinner. and. Then when she finds eve, she finds out about her evil stepmothers plans and she runs away issues. Eventually finding ourselves in the hands of the seven dwarves who were originally. These of. Popular. owns who were all a tall who are all muscular and after doing something stupid by Zapping a ferry they thought was an evil Goblin. The fairy retaliates like oh no. You don't do this to me and turns them all in the doors short and grim. So this is From the what the advertisement Came to be. It was to that to them to people offended by this film was offense to plus size girls and also dwarfs dwarfism. So. Right now, there's so much bigger fish to fry that they did. They put this out at the right time. Yeah no near like okay. Now, we can finally releases movie because they did this was going to come out and twice some team and they cut the they pay pulled it out of existence. So I was to bleed this came out in America and then out of nowhere red shoes doors out on Amazon for five bucks. Okay while now we saw. Does it worth all the controversy guy? Well, when I, if I wanted to take the perspective people who are plus size and. I could see a little bit what they're saying from the beginning because the whole thing is. Snow White. She looked like an average girl just from being publicized when she put on the shoes, she's all thin and allison everybody's attracted to her. Everybody wants to stocker everyone wants to creep up on. Ninety Amalie buddy everybody gets hypnotized by her looks just because she is then. In on that regard, I can see. Plus size women are mad about because the film does make whole two point blade that hey, if you're plus is you're not bad attractive but you're nice and thin. And got hair all over just blowing over around then. While, you're the prettiest thing on the planet. And that kind of a wrong message I'll say that that that is a little cruddy of the film the do that. BIOS, -Ly The dialogue is way too courting. Aimed at little little kids for the to be the biggest thing to be upset about. It's not like the idea behind it is upsetting it's basically someone ripping off Shrek and ripping off tangled. Tangled Park. L. Y. and wizard of Oz and It's a fairytale story in the main care drew Moi filing. Yeah. I can't say it's a rip off a snowy because well lit is she snow white? Talking about is that are kind of in the fairytale world that does does rip off. I mean table for example, stepmother she is a bootlegged version of that grandma or grandma that's stepmother. Medical and they must be. So identical. I. Was like holy credited a rip did they doesn't he some? Royalties is that another reason why they pulled the plug on the originally? Because my pulley crud she looks and sounds exactly like the villain entangled and has the same exact plot and backstory affect the thing of try not to age. Yeah and and her side kick character is Patrick Warburton as a Mirror Mirror I like patrick burned in the CIA's kind of funnel. Even 'cause he's in every single animated movie. He's always avoid new movie. But the lines they give him that that they are kind of some of the better lines in the film like is basically this mayor who doesn't give a crowd word the old Mirror Mirror would be like I am the mirror. I will tell you who is the bravest person of mall. Now this Mir is like, yeah, I would do that but I don't really care. I'm too lazy and I got a headed on by this another tree right there in ambig- by making out with that mirror. I WanNa talk to you. I mean it's it's still relatively kids stuff. There's a lot of little kid jokes here a lot of whacky The other thing is that the bill originally. So you got the main villain, the stepmother. Then there is someone who's trying to be the prince charming character who is super flamboyant and facts if someone were to say that this person in. The film filmmakers of this move forward command say this person's get out it'd be like well i. mean that's kind of lazy way to go by it but all right because he goes through the whole movie going on a guy like seriously like Oh gee, may armor look my armor look good I'm Mike. Yeah. Kind of like funny 'cause it's opposite of what like a night would do you know? Yeah. A little too on the nose I mean it does get repetitive. Even further I mean for the most part is a guy. He wants these bucket he is annoying But yeah, and then got the seven dwarfs which Merlin is the leader of the mall and he's got his catchphrase. You just got Merlin. He says that like a thousand times. And they go through all the different pieces throughout the journey to find out where Snow White's data's 'cause. That's why snow white goes on the or Dale that cheese. Going applying. N You know that there are some time they spend with the little dwarves and then. It turns out. Oh wait made is maybe there is something between them that doesn't involve. Being in these forms of their cursed pine being. Whether there's interesting ideas of Gabbara this movie it prevents us from being terrible. All say those red shoes and the seven dwarfs isn't a terrible film. It's entertaining in parts. There are some funny dialogue now and then there's some funny dialogue now and them. But it is. Swept up in. So many kid movie cliches. that. The great things about it or the things that work about. The drench outs. In that the last stats. It turns into the Typical Save the day type thing and Ziemba. Moment. Of Oh is this person gone a will other. All right. Things we've seen in kids movies ally. Yeah, the action is fine. It's not bad. I'll definitely say that the when they fight off against the Mir actually Kinda liked that same there there are some. Things I was like, okay the skin be this is entertaining on a basic level. Is Not anything great or anything that I big about in weeks to come. But the fact that it doesn't go above and beyond an. that. It is a little bit offensive to A. Plus size girls. I I give it a regular decent. Justin. Yeah, I'd say regular decent as well I mean it was entertaining I you know I thought they animation actually was kind of good Nothing we you know we've definitely seen better I. Think we're just spoiled with take and whatnot, but well, just pixar laid. Even dreamworks is occasionally come up with a really great animated film mainly the Trae Dragon Solti as well. Yeah but I Know. I if I could win, it's like hurtling get all. Headway toward wince is. The. The theme of it because it is yeah yeah yeah. Different stories from all over the the fairy tale land and put it all together in one track strikes with family. And it just has all of it even has Shrek in it. Is just got it on separately you know seen before. It is interesting to see the difference you know when she puts on Shushi become thin, they have this. We, we get to see him out of as dwarfism a lot throughout the movie. Yeah. With each other in their true light and I thought that was you know fun to keep that going back and forth. 'cause then as we wanna know their reaction as well does is she gonNA accept them or issue falling for the door and then does he just really likes her because she's pretty or does he likes for our house she is down inside There is message is still there. It's like I do see what they're saying that they shouldn't be I shouldn't have been pushed it should've just. Come Out I know that it why was pushed now but there's still a good message in there. It's show how you know you love for the person that's deep inside for what's on the outside yeah. No I get that but it's it's maybe the way it was advertising and the message behind that a allied yours super pretty if you're thin but if you got weight on your than. A goes once she has the shoes off and she goes back to regular regular era regular forum the door start even recognizer. Aimed drafts. Same jobs the same hair, the same boys. And they're like. Hey. Do you know which used. Okay Okay Yeah. I. I'm like, okay that really clearly great Morad is Snow White Sam. Quake has merlet. We also Yeah Gina Gershon's Regina and ward. Burton is in there as well. So we do have some voices we've heard before. And Mike I love chloe. Sam. I Love Tina. So yeah I enjoyed it. It was definitely a decent movie. I. Also had to say the other thing that got me with is that Nellie if you have a weight on you that apparently or not attractive, but also you got super powers. Superhuman. she can look dead by hundred power warm water when she s got weighed on her I'm like, Oh okay. Stop this. Is exactly what the Plus woman plus size nurse saying. That this is a low. Yet that was. Doesn't she got like power but. You know she. They're also saying that you're you're as strong as you are. You know who you are as strong and you don't have to do that literally like that's. I can't the financer that I'm sorry. Nine Oh, it was I did audibly bring that up like Oh, now she's got super. Strength When she was, that's what doesn't get me. She showed me she has superhuman strength when she was them as well because she pulled out x caliber earlier l. she was. But then all of a sudden like she lost her superhuman strength unless she took her shoes off. So Yeah. But I, mean. It's it's OK. Reports. In worse especially Chinese animated films animal crackers is so much worse although it is so much more fun in that regard. That leave the stir last one which is. Happy Huby Halloween the return of Adam Sandler as in the in the happy Madison Films is this the filming threat to make if he didn't get an Oscar nomination? You know what I don't think. So because I feel like this movie was already in production before. They'RE UNCUT JIM? I think he hasn't done a halloween movie at so time for him to deal on. The world was asking for talk. Bans I mean, he makes a lot of money off of these These happy. Masson films are you can't say On track with Blake really had to make you know X. amount of movies and this was the run of him. Yeah. The widen happy mess movie that bombs was pixels. Is that what ended up causing him to do the net flicks? Dead actually. Yeah. I remember that. Yeah. That bad. That's because he tried to have so much money in addition to doing his usually I m sandler stick and that's what did not work out for him in this. He plays a character named Hugh. Huby. Who I mean. They don't outright Sayeed but they make it to where he is a special needs adult living with his mom. So make autism jokes if you're on. Huby is picked on the lot by the people around Salem. This takes place in a Halloween themed town at he's picked I'm pretty much unrealistically like people throw in new tombstone or graves they throw sharp things at. One tries to run him over at Mike arcade. You don't need to do this is he's had a rough fees said a lot of bullies around the town one day. He gets a new neighbor played by Steve who seems pretty suspicious and it's led to this whole mystery behind. Some these people who've gone missing. Could that be from Steve Shemeit's character. Of things that. Are Not, known about him that he finds out or to be someone else when we're say immediately is that yeah, I am not a fan of these happy Madison Films I've hated almost all of them whether or not. Sailors in the movie, it's still the happy masks still finds a way sink a new Loewe. Were guarding Adam Sandler himself. I have to say occurred he's got that build up or what he goes say I to say is that this movie was not as bad as I thought it would be and I think the first thing I can kind of Commem- is the mystery because it doesn't go to pull two places I would expected at least in the way lake how these sort of like monster movies are it's like okay who? Is the killer like a scooby Doo story. This is not as predictable. They do throw some curveballs here, and even when you think you know who the culprit is behind all these missing people, they throw something very interesting about that person and steeply Chevy is great in this. He's really funny and Kinda creepy was some things that come up above our about him and casually is a clever joke going I'm here but Adam Sandler movie. With his characters that he plays in these movies, he ruins the good intentions they got going on here with the whole theme abouts anti-bullying 'cause a big message in this film is our a bullying and how that was wrong which it is. But you don't feel for those guys much because he is simply being Adam Sandler in all of his annoying performance disease may over the happy Madison films where he always like Bob Look room and then he's gotTa scream alive he's gotta yell for my life all my God and he's got trip over bunk is head in the things do this sort of amp settlers, lurs slapstick comedy, and all all my gosh they got that in this era too and it makes me not feel for those guy as much as I don't side with the bullies as. as well because they take it a little too far lake. There's probably one Guy Kevin, James, you plays the town sheriff is the one guy. You can kind of see why he doesn't like he's kind of annoyed with Hugh Ub. With the rest of the guys who bully huby no, they kind of take it a little too far. They're like Ma'am you also knowing so stupid summit teaching a lesson. I might well, that doesn't wager try to run him over with a car or Dornam down in a grave lake, they go to extremes where you just don't side with other people the one thing that. The film tries to keep things go into a positive. Them is the relationship between Huby and the you know the Adam Sandler Films the female. Were on Valentine's or something yeah. You who plays the character in late? Man? Huby he is such a great guy. Why are you guys? Are you all people? People are jerks to he. He doesn't deserve any of this and it just feels like a big ego stretch for Adam Sandler to where he is looked at as the nicest guy in the movie and the guy the good guy to save the day and everything it just feels like, okay we're in tickle Adam Sandler land now. I mean count how many films where it's about 'em sandler being the funniest or nicest character in the film and he's got that one. Be, character, the rely on to eventually date and have sex with Mary all that stuff and yet there's there's plenty of that I think what polls me back then though is M- occasionally when it does something that is fine. Even with Adam Sandler's character there are a few moments where he is not that annoying and he does pull out in his genuine genuine sweetness wine ways saving a few kids in a cornfield like I like that part in a way he tries to put the mystery together on by himself at the end the film. There's some interesting things going on there but. It still drenched in in. A happy mask some bs like there. Plenty of these jokes that just go wild I'm repetition. There's this whole running gag of the series of running gags or one of them is about this guy or does bike I try to get with his white woman and how does White Man's always A rejecting him and I might okay why is that the case besides being a jerk but they're both jerk. So it'd be like cable than what? What's the whole deal now that's the joke is. Every time he's like a you up maybe we could go offer a date and she's like, yes, shunned it's never gonNA happen I'm like. Well, why are you the car with them? Why are you spending time with the You keep telling them? Yeah. We're never going. We're never going to be boyfriend girlfriend my. Are you talking about ten meadow? I think they're married well, but he keeps on treating them like he's this guy like he's disturbed. She keeps them treating him by Qisas guys she'd never wants to be with. That was the joke bio that there are always together in their married, but she doesn't want to be around in off married. Will back the nets, what the joke is marriage both. Only, CANTU still ask questions like that's well, let's move things why some like the. At Ashleymadisoncom, way of comedy is doesn't work for me that. It comes up with the joke in aid. This is the joke right here a Mike Okay we'll y this that I don't know it's it's funny on my no you kind of leaving some big blanks right in front of my face and I can't ignore them. So that's the way I can't laugh. There is even jokes that they set up to kind of be funny like there's an appearance by shack an efforts secondhand like, oh wow. What they do with them is funny. Events followed up by his his a A. Significant other being transgender, which that's the joke is that it's a guy. Not. It's a girl but with guy Sounding voice but it's a guy in a girl's dress. Am I okay the not really a joke but all right yeah, it's. It's it's a messy messy comedy that is occasionally funny in occasionally clever the point where still engaged even though I'm groaning. View Times that does some BS thing happy masks in films are usually for, but it's not as bad as those other films because of some of the great things that happen to spread throughout the hour and a half even if it's not consistent, which makes it just highly disappointing end thus giving it a low deism even if it's not a I, wouldn't I wouldn't put it in a void because of the time, I did laugh on things about I did like I even thought Kevin James Ram in the film. Like. When he had, he had going out I'd I'd enjoy him. Yeah. It's not as bad as some the other happy Madison Film Buds also not something you gotta go out and see and I think partially what puts me keeps me at that low deism. Is the credits were at the end of the movie at when the movie's dime erupts up with just a montage of 'em Sandler screaming at things? That is it then that is the bloopers. The outtakes is does Adam Sandler a montage of him screaming? And I'm like, okay I got to skip. Those does end. Yeah, it's not good but I've seen worse even from Happy Madison. So. Yeah. Just in the ideal way to hear you praise about. Oh No no, no praise This is this is a you know a regular decent for me. I mean. It's just like the red shoes and endorsed stuff we've seen before this is. This is waterboy but also ernest scared stupid. You know without apparent. Ernest. Stupid. We've seen this. Saving Halloween for for whatever reason right and Adam Sandler is is ernest this movie I definitely enjoyed the last half Madison movie that was on that. Over this one but Fun. WHY NO U it. It's still fun I. Mean it's perfect for Halloween it it is a family movie You know we have the heavy any here Kevin James like you said the. China was in. Tim Meadows also Keenan Thompson June Squibb Michael Chiklis Ray Liotta Julie Bowen is the love interest she was in You know happy Gilmore most good to know his love interest is age appropriate forum. Own. But but to me, she was one of my biggest issues Giulio because You know we've seen on modern family for so long and even in having a more where you bad ass more, she's stronger to hear she stopped like it's fine. She's a a person who doesn't have kids. She adopts which is Great. That's a good human thing that have about yourself. but that's apparently makes her notice that how good of a human being that Huby is and She's the only one who can see it, which is super strange but yeah I mean he's he's a he's rent. This is you know this is Paul Mall Cops but for a Halloween Story I, I don't know about that. It's not that bad enough you you. You thought. Paul. COP is worth in there. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Away, way. Oh Yeah it'll be how? Is trohpy it is campy. It's stuff that we see and actually had a huge issue with Adam Sandler boy said he was feeling well yeah. Regarding Adam Sailor court. I mean he's doing that Wozniak's accent he does all his movies and I'm like all right stop leg I loved what you did and uncut gems and he just went back to doing this on my. All right. Yeah I think for the time for Halloween season it was fun. It's yeah. It's. It's fine. I lasted a few times and I like seeing all the all the familiar faces and. You know he he's done though he didn't again if he's doing an Adam Sandler movie, then he it again, it was number one on Netflix's done for him than. I mean I'll even say this as another plus this has there's no offensive stereotypes besides what I talked about the transgender geared her but. With. Rob Snyder expecting him to make leg Asian jokes or Other be racist Mexican stereotype Indian or black stir tight end. They don't have any of that which I think is a huge plus when you take into account the other happy Madison Films. So there is that too but another minus which you brought up huby talking about Halloween that is something that has dawned on me is that Huey, talks about how he loves Halloween so much but he is scared at everything Halloween related. Everything's scare even his. Even. His own Halloween decorations they sets up he. Screams. Boys Boyer Ma Times with that things screaming at him and he's still get scared five hundred times I'm like your favorite Halloween the white you act like you're about to have a heart attack from him. Yeah Anyway, that is what we have on the show. In of course, next time talking about on the Rack Zim. Chicago seven dogs and cats three had cats and dogs three. Now, the other things will be at three PM because after work I'm actually think that's Thursday Yuccas Fridays closed because I I work from like eleven to. Two fifteen. So yeah I think I will be able to do Friday at like two PM. Or. So anyway, and I will actually end the soft I'm doing a little bonus that will record right after done with this As I was talking about last week, we're going to do that now but I off people. Find you guys early. You can find me on facebook at cody's film page, and you can find me on twitter and litterbox at film nerd eighty five. I'm just. I am at work to be movies on Instagram and facebook and Youtube, and we're the new movie on twitter. Okay I'm this'll be upload on several platforms under us by gas link tree. Slash, GonNa Course, a extra life November seven eighth eight am to eight am. Twenty four hour marathon of good. A goodness happening on zoom streamed on twitch and you can find that are more on facebook dot com slash bus or event bright dot. com slash press.

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