Weld He or Won't He?


This podcast is brought to you by book dotcom in partnership with the cantata row tourism board, book dot com. The number one site for all inclusive beach vacations. Welcome to the point for February fifteenth. I'm learn key co author of the point I'm filling in for Chris today. And as always cutting through the political spin to bring you the news you need to know, pardon the pun, but well, he or won't he Bill weld announced today that he is looking at launching a primary challenge to President Donald Trump. He is the first would be contender to take on Trump in the Republican primary, and that's a pretty big deal how they're Babacan party handles Weld's challenge will be worth watching some state parties have already said that they likely won't hold primaries ahead of the twenty twenty election, meaning that they're sticking behind President Trump and his defacto leadership over the Republican party. And that's not abnormal. The same thing happened when it incumbents Ronald Reagan, and George W Bush rain for their second terms and already South Carolina has said that it's considering not holding a Republican primary in twenty twenty. But both Iowa and New Hampshire plans to hold. There's meaning. Should weld or anyone else planned to take on Trump in twenty twenty? There would be ample voters to greet. Speaking of anyone else vocal. Trump critic Jeff flake has already passed under Trump challenge in two thousand twenty but keep an eye on Maryland governor Larry HOGAN as a potential other primary challenger weld himself is an interesting figure to just two years ago. He appeared on the presidential ballot. But as a libertarian remember when he was Gary Johnson's vice presidential candidate before that he was a Republican governor of Massachusetts, which could actually give them a leg up in neighboring New Hampshire. It also goes to show that Massachusetts just keeps churning out. Presidential candidates. Here's the point Bill weld, exploratory committee, just kicked off a new chapter in the twenty twenty presidential race because let's face it. Democrats can't have all the primary fun. And that's it for the point for February fifteenth twenty nineteen thank you for listening. And thank you to Chris for having me fill in for more updates throughout the week. Subscribe to the point newsletter at CNN dot com slash the point. If you like this audio briefing, you can get on Google, home or. Amazon echo or subscribe on Stitcher or apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app. So you never miss an episode. Hey, Sekou Smith here from the hang time podcast. Join me, and my main man John Shuman every week as we break down, the latest, NBA, news and storylines with. Yes. From around the league, be sure to subscribe to NBA hang time on apple podcasts. Spotify an NBA dot com slash podcast for new episodes every Monday and Thursday this season.

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