Blow Up Your Way Through Wave After Wave of Enemies in Tank Battle Endless Gunner for iOS


What the apple v? It's podcast. Hello, everybody. My name is Thomas Dom vote also go by the name of a non mouse. I have a game here. I would like to review to you. It is called tank battle endless Gunnar. It is a pay tap. And developer behind. This also created something you may be you have recognized a super tile smash night, commander and minesweeper. Those are the three games he has created in the past he decided to create a game called tank battle. It is pretty much that you are in a mess of a tank battle Europe place on a battlefield with other tanks and your objective is to take out the tanks. Now, of course, it's a lot more than that. There's a lot more objective and strategic things you have to do with this along with them. Battlefield that you're put him you have to keep an eye on your arm level as you get hit. You'll lose your armor and you'll have to find. Ways to replenish, the armor loss, along with gas every time we move around you will use up certain percent of gas, she'll have to replant gas and most of all the ammos, that used to spent an shooting yourself to get to the other tanks you have to wash your ammo level, and also to replenish, with every battlefield. There are Chris out there, there will determine on each different waves, there'll be a number of crates in these crease will offer you to option to replenish. One of the following items I mentioned before, and that it's pretty much it, it's just an aimless wave after wave after wave of try to annihilate each other, and defeat. Each other, obviously, you want to win. So we want to take out those tanks. Okay. So when I go to the tank battle sell, I'm gonna show you the main menu. I so go to the icon here tattle and one thing. Tank battle. Okay. So if this is your first time to the game itself, when you open it, you will get you the main menu all say tank battle LB, right here on the screen. If you are coming back to resume game L, drop you right in the middle where you were before, and you can resume were you left off? Now, if I go to the right here highest wave is X button. This is show you what is the highest number of waves you have completed Safar obviously in this game. I'm at six I could continue that or I'm going to start over, and this podcast, I'm going to start over from fresh so I can show you what to expect in how to use game obviously. So go to the right start button. This is where you start you want to start a game. You double tap that. But before we do that, let me show, you two more items options option is the place I will come back to and recap this, this is where you restart the game. The option is place in. Middle of the game I will show you where to find it and how you can restart the game. If you want to do that now to the right of this. Hell, but obviously is the help area this is where the description is of a summary of the game. And how to play the game if you would like to take a look at that. So let's go ahead and dive right into the game itself options start. But now there's a lot going on in this game. So it's real time things are moving things are being shooting out. I'm not gonna worry too much. I'm willing to focus on the interface and the mechanism what you can expect this game, because we're in the first wave is going to be pretty slow and things aren't going to be as ferocious as higher the waves you get. And so with that I'm going. Go ahead. You one figure double tap on that starts infantry range, four hundred thirty nine one, okay? This will depends it will depends where it will drop your sometimes it will drop in random spots. But what I want to start is the bottom row, the bottom row is contains what? Your armor your gas and the ammo. Let's go to the bottom. Lot of the screen one hundred percent Dahmer you have a hundred percent armor. So we have not been hit, obviously. So if you go to the right one hundred percent fuel we have one hundred percent fuel, we haven't moved. We haven't used the tank cool, go to the right. When is to now this is important. This is going to be very vital to know when you are about to shoot something. The wind speed is going to be a major factor. How and where you think you should project? You're elevations of your turn gun to shoot the shop. I'll come back to that, in a few, go to the right sixty percents, yell at the bottom right issue cells right now where sixty percent of this particular shelves. There are different types of shells. Let's go in here. One finger tab, sixty percents y'all. I'm gonna go to top with four fingers. Tap to top sorry. Right now since we began the game we have no stars you have to earn the stars. And once you receive the stars, then you're able to upgrade, or purchase things that you made need to help you out what the game. So as you swept to the right. There is the option was telling you about if you double tap that which we will at the end of show. You how to restart the game if you want to do that, not want to go to the right one hundred percent. Firecracker wrench, two hundred fifty pillow twenty five this is the firecracker. So right now, you heard the percentage how much we have left of the firecracker now, the most important thing to here is the range, you heard that has a range of two hundred and fifty that's going to be critical and Blaine as we go. Let's go see what other type of shells, we have to the right. Eighty percents budget range, five hundred fifty is a five hundred ranger. Let's go to next like sixty percent bone, shake ring, seven hundred fifty seventy five a love at name, the bone shaker and that has a range of seven hundred and fifty and then obviously, we have the hellfire forty percents off, I reigned one thousand one hundred one thousand that is the far distant. Now, each one of those shows, you the percentage of how much. Have in each of those ammo. Yes. During the game, we'll have to replenish it and stock up on and I'll show you how to do that. As go through the game now go to the right. Some more upgrade fuel tank needs two thousand five hundred stars to one hundred. We don't need upgrade it because we ever a hundred percent. Plus, don't forget, there are Chris out on the battlefield that may have armor and gas and things like that. But if you're in a dire need, and you cannot find anything to replenish, your about to run out of something or whatever not, you can purchase things with this. So let's go. See what also purchase. Upgrade armor. Limit needs five thousand stars to one hundred. Okay. Upgrade ourselves is needs. One thousand eight hundred seventy five stars twenty five twenty five percent of this particular one that I picked. Supply drop hundred stars the supply drop. There's Il, just dropped a supply, right? Onto the battlefield feel one thousand stars armored one thousand stars ammo, drop one thousand stars. And that's the last one, obviously, if you don't want to obviously cheaper just to get a drop, but you won't you won't know what you get on the battlefield. So it is a mystery box for, for say I so before we can proceed on, let's go back up to the firecracker drop one thousand stars supplied upgrade upgrade upper forty percent selected sixty percent. Bone shake eighty percents budget range five hundred one hundred percent firecracker range, two hundred fifty pillow twenty five this is gonna distant of two hundred fifty let's go double tap that one hundred percent firecracker infantry not in range distance, four hundred thirty nine right? So we got a lot of things just talking to us as same time. So now that we've got the bottom section explain. So I got a hundred percent of ammo show for the firecracker with the distance of two hundred fifty. All right. Let's go to the top top left verse. We have the motions of the tank, we reverse the Pank. And at the top right Ford. We can move the tank Ford this moves in increment of a hundred. So let's say the target is five hundred. If I hit Ford L us up one hundred and we are now closer to the distant. Now we're four hundred go forward again, and go closer by another hundred and will be there at three hundred each time, we moved the tank, it will use up the gas. So let's do afford here or double tap forty. So I moved forward. Let's check the gas here at the bottom ninety nine percent fuel see spent our feel there by one percent. Not a big deal. Now what's really important is the buttons between the reverse enforced. So the top left is reverse top. Right. Is the Ford right in the middle of those should be crates, crates. To you and targets on targets. Chris tells us there's two crates out there and one tank target that we have to hit. Let's go back to the crates, crates to you. I'm gonna go double tap on that. Crates, you right? Beneath this is what we call the scope. Let's see what the scope says weapon. Cattering J value for there's a weapon, crate. See it got ammo. Now here's an device for you. Since we have a hundred percent of firecracker, we don't want to waste this. Let's go to the shelves one hundred percents yell and over two hundred percents, y'all forty range, one thousand one hundred to my favorite, the bone shaker upright fuel tank needs two thousand five hundred sixty percent bone shaker rings, seven hundred fifty seventy five that one C has sixty percent slick that sixty percents rings. When you go after the cash, and these Chris with the ammo is only going to replenish, what you're using right now. So the nice part about this. You can replenish, what you need rather than just get an a mystery box. I don't know what show I'm going to get whatever not. So let's go back to the scope weapon, Catherine j value for to get to there. You can either go forward, I suppose, but the eases way to get to these, Chris, it's just do one thing finger double tough on that area, and I'll take me straight to the crease. Yes ill spent some of the fuel whatever it takes to get to the distant because the distance is only eighty six so that's not very far at all, if it was, like four hundred fifty DAL, you'll be spent like about what four percent of your gas, just going there, but keep that in mind because got to remember where things aren't in how far you have to go. So you've got to reserve your fuel and stuff. So that's one thing. Tap on the weapons crate. Four infantry range, four hundred twenty seven hundred one. Excellent. Now, I should have raised up seventy six percents, y'all. I went from sixty to seventy six percents. So let's go back to Miami. Six percents after my phone presented rain one hundred percent firecracker range, two hundred fifty one hundred fire rings distance, four hundred twenty seven so that shame the weapon, and I'll point this on the next one. So let's go see what the Knicks creed is infantry not in range distance, four hundred twenty seven so that tells us to infantry were tank is, so it's too far said is not in range that is because because I'm using the firecracker with addition of two hundred fifty it has to be within two hundred fifty before I can hit that tank. Obviously, if I stuck with the, the bone shaker it would been within distance so I'll show you that in the partner second way, will change things up. However, right now, let's go to the crates, crates one and double crates, one. Let's see what the next one is weapon. Cattering sixty-nine value. Three. Another. This is nice. Let's go back one hundred percents. I'm going back to bottom, right? One hundred percents, y'all forty percent. Hellfire range, one thousand one hundred let's go to seventy six percents, shake ring seven hundred fifty seventy five or some more bone shaker was dumped out seventy six percents, Theresa seventy six percents young. Let's go up to the scope, cattering, sixty-nine value, three and double tap open. Open on value. Three infantry range three hundred fifty eight former one. All right. We increased it. Eight percent shell. See now we're up to eighty eight percent. Let's go back eight percent shell. I don't eat percent hellfire range, one thousand one hundred you should've gone with the hellfire Tom I know I know you can do what you want. This is just a demonstration. Let's go back to firecracker elected eighty eight eighty percent budget one hundred percent firecracker one hundred percent firecracker infantry fifty eight now. There's not in range, because I'm down to two hundred fifty in the distance three hundred some odd space to that tank. What us are the creature got crates zero zero. We're outta crates on. So this is the fun part. Let's go see what we have in terms of part. It's one. The scope infantry not range distance or fifty eight ish three hundred and fifty eight distance so far crackers. You gotta have two hundred fifty now what's the advantage of all the different cells? Well, the further you are out from the tank the less chance, you're going to get hit by them, obviously, because we're in close, proximity, or shooting at each other the further away, are the harder it is for them to hit us. But that also goes by versa. It's going to be hard for us to hit them. Now, you have two options here, we can either hit the Ford bun to go closer to it. And if you're out of ammo you can just keep going forward and run over the tank if you want, so which ever tank has more armor is going to be the winner. So remember, you can just run over them. If you're out of ammo, otherwise, I wouldn't suggest that, of course, but I would just go ahead and knock them out now the firecracker we have to get closer to it. Now, I want to show you something in the middle of. Screen, it's like a log file. So let's go to the scope, again, infantry not in range distance, three hundred fifty eight. Okay. Go to the right wing, does no minus three last entry. It tells you about the wind speed member that winner was telling you about right now negative three. So the wind is coming from my back. So it's going to take my tank out, or I should say, the shells out further, which is nice to the right wing has no minus three now knowning windows. No minus eighty c house keeps moving around. He lost domer-. Oh, I got hit at some point. So I lost an armor fuel us one. I remember I moved around, I lost fueled wanted different things when is no eight it will show you kind of a log activity, why I'm showing this, this is because essential when you try to hit a target. So let's go up to, to the target again, infantry not in range distance, eight hundred fifty eight. Remember the two officers telling about the first option was to go forward while you can also just double tap that and reduce it in half. So let's do that infantry not. Racist hundred fifty eight infantry ranked one hundred seventy nine one one hundred seventy nine we are now within range of a firecracker remember, firecracker goes to fifty. So if I were to shoot at the, let's say the sweet spot of the allegation, which is forty five degree angle in theory. If I had zero win at forty five degree angle, it's gonna go two hundred and fifty that makes sense because this is shorter. We're going to have to raise the gun up a little bit higher. So we can lobby at higher, and it'll be a short distant. Plus we gotta keep the win in factor because if we got a lot of wind coming against us. The lower will have to be shoot it. Otherwise, if it's behind us, we'll have to raise it up a little bit. Hope that makes sense. I know that's crazy, but it's all about physics and how to project something with the win involve now. You may hear this little Tintin that is your turn that meets your range of a gun. Now, this is one hundred eighty. Now tap the center of the screen, fifty eight elevation on, I'm gonna say because look school tilt the screen to the left or right as you tell to tap, fifty three. They. Forty-five alabi. Here's Forty-five shoot at forty five five allocation. No, we missed. Now if I swiped he'd ride. Last Forty-five over by twenty five I am over. So it went too far I'm going to have to raise my turn up. So let's go back to the terrent when forty four allegation to eight allocation forty-eight. One full equals fifty stars. Boom, we got a first target. All right. Let's go to the top of the screen here. Forefinger tap, top well done well done, sir week when completed k plus targets equals one hundred fifty stars. Excellent. Plus, when total people's fifty stars, let's one firecracker equals ten stars. Let's damage equals plenty stars. Let's four fuel use equals plenty stars forty one hundred fifty. Right. We got a whopping one hundred fifty. That's not so good. But that's all right. Deaths how you determine the stars. That's how much we gained a to go onto the next wave simple. One finger double tap one hundred fifty and we are now into the game. Let's see what we got here. Go towards the top here. Crates three. We have three crates weapon cash range, Ninety-three value nine targets one and one target. Let's see here. Let's see how we're doing ninety six percent armor. We need some more arm. Ninety six percent fuel more fuel I knows high, but we're early on in the wave is going to help us all we can do ninety two percents yell. And we spent two on the firecracker. We're down to ninety two percents. So let's see what kind of crease. We have crates reef. Remember doubled up crates, crate street to the scope, fueled bring sixty eight. Let's go to the field. One finger tip fueled sixty eight weapon cash range eighteen to let you love the sound effect. So might gash should be one hundred percent. Let's check one hundred percent fuel. All right. Let's see what other crates you have cash range eighteen value to there's the weapon. Let's go to the hellfire. I know everybody wants to use the hellfire percents yell. Sheils forty percent hellfire range, one thousand pillared one hundred. Let's get some more hellfire forty percents off range, one win. Right. Let's go to that weapon weapon cash range eighteen to what we value to. Three now we should be up forty eight percent shell. It went up excellent suit us. We got out there gonna range three hundred sixty armor three. Go to create crates ones, one lights, right? Kathleen, fifteen value nine out there again in value nine range three hundred forty five hundred gas use afar. Ninety eight percent fuel not too bad. We're doing pretty good because we have a hellfire that's the furthest out. You can go two thousand it's going to be a lot harder to hit what the heck we'll try. We'll see how far the tank is gonna range three hundred forty five three we're going to have to shoot really high up because remember the sweet spot, Forty-five, shoot a thousand so we only want to go third of that distance. So what do you think eighty percent? Let's find out. Sixty five allegation seventy-one are making it up. Allegation seventy-one elevation seventy-five allocation, Seventy-seven elevations. Seventy eight allocation, Seventy-seven invasion, Seventy-nine Alabama through. Let's right. Left seventy eight over by two hundred seventy five. Way over it. But so many distance. Oh my gosh. I can go back in reverse if I want you to can have some more room to shoot. So really that's, that's why it's going to be homeless impossible to use s let's go to the bone shaker eighty percent shelf eighty percent shell selected eighty eighty percent. Budget range, five hundred fifty. Well, yeah, let's do the budget as five hundred eighty percent range five hundred. LA five hundred kind of range for hundred forty five three. Let's this is more realistic. We still if you do forty five is going to be five hundred. We don't wanna go that far. So we're going to try to go up to like fifty some so let's try, oh, what do you think fifty two? Let's go fifty seven. The wind. The wind is sixty six pretty mild, seventy two elevation sixty three elevation fifty five ambitions Lor fifty to shoot fifty three. Forty stars. Let's we've got on here they'll done. Well done, sir to complete it. Plus four targets equals two hundred stars plus when total equals one hundred stars. Nice. Let's one hellfire eagles forty stars. Let's damage equals twenty stars. Let's review equals fifteen stars. Let's review will still equals fifteen stars stars awarded two hundred ten. I got two hundred and ten stars for that. So let's get out of this game. There's two ways to do this. Let's go ahead and double tap here stars awarded two hundred ten now we're on the way sex. If you can just swipe you could just go back to the F switcher or hit the home button, or just hit home to get out the game and come back to it, and we'll zoom exactly where you left off. Otherwise, if I go to the bottom, right, seventy six percents shell double up their seventy six percent shell eighty percent. Hellfire range, one thousand payload one hundred top starts hundred sixty total three hundred sixty star scores right options and there's the option of telling you about before double tap that. Options now show you all the things you could do in here cancel, but you can cancel button help start game. But there's the restart game I was telling me about go to the right contact us. But you can contact them high levels ex show you the highest level. If you want to contact, John, you can double tap that. Otherwise if you wanna start all over from scratch for the first wave you go to the restart button there. So I hope that I went over this and, and it makes sense to you how to play this game. It's a little bit fun. I like this quite a bit. I've been playing for a little bit. I don't know the past day or so. And I enjoy it very much, and it is, I believe a dollar ninety nine you us in the app store for yourself. So there's going to be tank battle endless Connor on. My name is Thomas. Donde also go by the name of not mouse until next time goodbye. This podcast has been brought to you by the community. Apple this for the latest in resources. And tips and tricks to help you get the best experience from your apple device. Visit us online at WWW dot apple this dot com.

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