RHOC: Cold Reception at the Housewarming


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Hello Welcome to watch crap ends a podcast about all that crap on Bravo that we just love to watch I'm Ben Mandil Kerr of the game brain podcast also real house housewares, kitchen island, and joining me is the wonderful and hilarious and ever. So handsome. Carom what's going on Ronnie? You. Beautiful today, of course. You. Know what just look good. So I shaved my long hair off. It went on a journey was very long and then I buzzed the sides off which was fun and I had this long email in the front and like short on the sides and that was cool for a week. But then my bangs kept getting in my eyes and I said, you know what I wanNA. Have a Bangladesh existence in my eyeballs. So I just went and shaved it all off and here I am with little peach. Quite Insurance Journey. If you WANNA see what my hair looks like the great news is that this is a crap on demand episode, which means that if you go to patriotdepot dot com slash watch crap INS and you sign up at the crap, it's on demand level you get to watch the recap you don't just have to listen to it and speaking of watching recaps. We are super excited earlier this week we announced. That we are doing our first like real deal big time live virtual show a ticketed event. It's very exciting. It's using a platform called on location live and he goes on location live dot com slash watch. Crap. INS. To get your tickets, it's going to be on November twelfth at nine PM, Eastern and six. PM. Pacific and we're going to be recapping the series premiere of real housewives of Salt Lake City and it's really cool because you can chat with us. You can chat with other audience members and it's GonNa be really Super Fun time and it doesn't matter where you are in the world you can come watch us. So let's make this a big super fun experience. Yeah, we'RE GONNA right. Psychic, but I can tell you one thing that is going to be extremely amazing about that date November twelfth. The elections will be over. We're going to be back to peaceful times just kidding. Aren't going to be probably peaceful, but they'll be more peaceful k. you don't have to argue every time you see your family hopes. And? The truth is this people still will probably be riled up about something or another by then and so. Come to our live show and like you can check it out the door and for like ninety minutes, we can just be Bravo fans talking shit about pro starts feels like so far in the future saying November twelfth. Seems like it's really only ten years away. It's close. Real close so I guess technically it's two weeks from today so but it's going to be a super super time and you know Ronnie you and I are such Hams. We love having an audience and I so I know we'll be like. Extra ridiculous. Because that's just what we do. We're like there's someone watching. Another. Not For literally ten hours okay. So today is rule housewives of Orange County whoop. My. Own. They said well. Emily. Up. Previously on real housewives of orange. County one who wants to do shots. more herb her hips don't lie but they do hurt sometimes. So this is a big episode. A lot happened I thought was a great episode. I'M NOT GONNA. Lie I thought it was great. I was super into it. I love. This might be ever kind of real housewives episode when there is a super super super petty. That escalates to ridiculous screaming and things being thrown at a party but the underpinnings are actually something very real. So I really love that it's a great makes for very real and very, very stupid. A stupid fight that is somehow more than alcoholism. That's like that's what we tune in for right kind of more than alcoholism but it's also you know I am getting triggered a lot because I have a lot of. Feelings K. about myself and family. Everybody around me and I do find myself screaming at the TV A lot. But you know what? I'll just save it for the I'll just save it for the recap as it goes. Yes. Save it for the show. Yeah but we open we know it's going to be good episode because we get shots of like what Orange County really is. It's Yoga on the beach it sightseeing through ocean binoculars. It's white people dancing really widely. At Boardwalk. Yeah. We see Archie are one of our favorite animals I actually almost feel like archie gets short shrift with there's been a lot of talk about to. Charlie. Challah has risen to number one in Bravo pets. Sorry. But Challah is number one right now but I, feel like archie is never really part of the conversation and Archie should be part of the conversation. He's like one of the few full sized dogs that we have on on the show aside from storm but I'm sorry I feel like storm is disqualified because he's economy cow. That's Dog You. Know I'm not saying storm thirsty, but it's not old reason of getting storm thirsty it's like when you meet that like really needy girl on your block, the guy, the three legged dog just as she could say, she has the three legged dog like all the dogs in the place she got three legged one just to say, she got the three she's the. Nicest my my my rescues better than you rescue. My father we. Kind of storm to me store and also ozzy names do matter when it comes to I, think like ranking dogs or pets not to say that there's a good name or a bad name. But when you see if I were to look at a German shepherd and a hat, a certain sort of name and then I look at German shepherd has a name like storm. There's a chance that the name could be the deal breaker in terms of which one I'd like more to be honest you know well, actually you mentioned it storm is named like that's how Berry Berry the X. Men right she plays storm and then to also Yes. From Black Panther from by Panther and who is dog we talking about Archie Archie Comics. archie is you know I mean listen like Archie has the. Classic Storm is storm a storm I don't know I think that I don't know I. also the other thing that's going storm, he shares the same name as dateline reporter and so. Storm Phillips, of course. So that kind of like me from like less Lauren Phillips when someone just GonNa name their baby like rains I mean that's a that's a commentator. That's a news person that needs something named after Him Dallas, Raines Dallas Rain, I love Dallas Raines. raised. Look at your forecast today. It's like, okay I got it. The weather man named Dallas Ray. Limit a crazy. That's what this isn't about that at all this is about archie the dog and how he feels about salmon being in the kitchen with a giant shooting target on her refrigerator been. Did you notice that a giant shitting target? Yes, it's a squatty potty shitting target that she's no, it's a shooting target. I did not see this readings look at I'm GonNa. Say you're right now anyone crap demand can look because I've been talking to show you. Look at her refrigerator door. It's shooting like when you go to the shooting range. So yeah. Like human sized shooters, human sized shooting target. Like a magnet no, it is like one of those silhouettes of someone's torso really dark guy which means that she went to shooting range I was like I got a bullseye. My Fridge see not only got one Bullseye Scott. This poor piece of paper what thirty times I mean, how many holes are on their salmon and there is one dangerously close to the Weiner here. What you can see it's funny because I was GonNa say that this this this image has as much personality as David Door, but it would make sense that then shoot at thirty times. Well, he does have holes in his heart that's for darn sure. And she has a surprisingly I level clock as well in that kitchen to she. Diary idol. That's very low clock. That is definitely. For, Shannon to see it because it's like riding level. Well. I can't have doctor Moon says I can't have a clock too high because I, will hurt my neck and as we all know, my neck is my emotional zone. So the more I strained my neck to look at the clock, the more emotion I become how happy We're looking at this very closely this shot of Shannon's house very closely. This is this house as a damn. Shannon now I know you're not buying this house, but there is such a thing as too much ship lap. Okay. There I said. People who live in a barn. Sorry Jesus knew you were born in a place like is too much. There is a suspicious should. Wood paneling shit on the walls it's like the files. That it's not what they call. In. Very British way is that what they call that? This is a little different because it's it's different lengths. Length but yet, it's like striped striped shape township my. I wanted to have something called chip lap because I am running laps these days because I'm trying to lose weight and on top of that it's a reminder that would for David Madore that ship has sailed. Ship and sailed because I'm running laps around ship that assailed. Also, your cabinet storage, you know when you add on cabinet storage to the side of your. Look you add cabinet storage in cabinets, not on the outside of your fucking island. Look at this. She has a storage thing for all these iphone cables and stuff that are just hanging out. and. Then one was sponges on the side of the island not even by the sink what is happening in this in the sink I'll put the sponge one in the acid. Also what's happening over there? Shanna says she's not happy but this picture is telling me otherwise does she have a Spartan Nas burn a Tartan or the Tartan blinds that we see there. Yeah. Yeah And of course, we it would be remiss to say you know to not point out of those to Mackenzie childs. Vases actually as Mackenzie child vases go. These are really not that offensive because they're small and they're also done they have the pop of green is actually nice in terms of the plants coming out of them and she did them symmetrically. So as far as these hideous Mackenzie childs. Pots Go. This is really some of the best that we've seen but I still don't appreciate it here in this House I'm not into the black and white Motif of this whole kitchen and also the rooster the Mackenzie childs rooster the Rooster Oh there it is. Oh, that's the rooster might screens much smaller. You know the other thing is I feel like the floor is so like it's a nice natural tone and everything and I'm okay with the island being black but agreed the white and the black of the the shelves and everything. Yeah even those even lightning targeted black and white. Yeah and you can tell they have that super white late I would like some more warmth. Yeah. Okay. Guys So. The actual recap man 'cause we'll be here all day if we go. We've literally only discussed the fact that Archie was on screen, and now it's like analyze the entire kitchen island couture months. So salmon is trying to figure out her oven I. Guess She's got some meat in it and say. Look what happens when it's on the bottom John he doesn't even talk John Any opens the fridge and he's like, Oh God this smells talk rotten. because. Everything's good. Everything's good. I'm serious. I'm serious. Is it Iran smelled a smell right? The pathogens toxins. Money thing 'cause it's my sinus surgery John. I can't smell anymore every since I started going to the bathroom with Kelly which. All Her all right Kelly you not in. So. Well I for the ball since we're having a shot of housewarming coming up, I bought some shot glasses with Lennon's on them and I also want to come up with essentially lemon chat for the housewarming because you know my whole thing is now about lemmings because I'd like limits in a bowl and six years later I decided. I should capitalize on it. Everything is. All the time. And he's like, Oh, I think that's a great idea like he's just everything she said everything she says he's like what? That is a down home. Great back. It's a down home. Thumbs up for me. Who's me really down-home he's like whatever you want honey. And she's like it's just so nice to be supported for wants and we this is my favorite. When you got a flashback has some David doors greatest hits as that I inner party they held and he's just like deer the people will be fined year don't worry. Dear don't worry. That was the best because they didn't understand that the microphones could pick them up wherever they are member that with her first episode. Motorists second episodes where they had a dinner party at their house and they big oh everything's great. Okay me. Just, going to go help each other in the kitchen David you got. Here. Beer just calling David can't pay some payment. Line for six people. So. Club back to present she's like well I have a beautiful new house beautiful new boyfriend. There's potentially a rotten smell in the fridge bubble deal with that I shot a piece of paper. So I think it's a reason for me Grundy Fiesta Yeah. You know I wanNA that Jim Finish to all right because. It just needs to be finished. So, you want more than just that I can't take painting of your own face. It's like, okay. I'll go get my Peleton now you know I hate that thing it's clash public and my my vk caught and and the seat hurts my vagina and I got peleton's backpedaled from thirty to forty negative thoughts. About. He's like well, that's your pelvic bone and your body will get used to it. Okay. So anyway I ordered lemon outfits for the kids to serve with leggings and white t shirts with. They say let's get real lemony over. Gina Texan. Can she asked if she can bring emily. Talk about, Lemons. Stand for that one. I gotTA stick girl to turn that. Into lemonade. Can't smell the smell I still it smelled a rat. Did you notice by the way what they were eating dinner so when they finally had a close up of this beach because when they were cooking the beef like various, sad looking beef in that in that oven and then when they finally cooked, it was just like all grey, fully overcooked and the side maybe you can like look on the video you have their the side of vegetables would that beef? It looked like Like a mere plot not as mere word meson plus it it was basically just like lost. It looks like. It looks like I see what you mean just looks celery six. Like, you know what you're about to make a soup or most things you like you have. Your salary with celery carrots and onions. Carrots in it? Yes. You're matic's you're like onions and celery and you chop it and you saw and then you put everything else in Shannon like you know what I think. We're good. Good. Serve this stop we're not going to happen. Map Mirror there's a close up of it. That's. Like it's just like this little tiny chopped up. It's it's it's it's got to be around like. Like after it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. What you're talking about there's There's a close up of the of the actual play and you can see like it's after the Peleton you'll see it's gonNA come up. It's after the Peleton stuff and it's it's getting closer to it though it's still. There it is. It's just like this pile and there's a leaf. Brown grey me. Some of the Salad Bowl try really work here on the salad he takes one little leaf of it. Literally has one lead from salad and like a pile of sauteed onions and celery. Gold. Place Mats for dinner with her boyfriend. Listen I actually believe that sauteed onion and celery could be very delicious on its own but it also in this context like a very sad strain. Aboard start to to. Well, that's when you start learning how to cook healthy. You know like they say when you first start eating Vegan you're like look at my Vegan meal and it's like a banana on top of a piece of white bread. You know just like Saddam. Screen so I'm eating. So. She's throwing this big lemon party, and now they're talking about emily he's like well, have you ever been fruits with emily and so while she said, where's Shannon and? Shannon come out. My said where's Fun Emily? Certainly say. By saying that that was inherently fun Shannon. See see how that works. Emily had bad gear last year and I feel bad about that. But you know what? She wasn't kind to me. She was not kind to me. And then we see clips in them fighting with Shannon. Thank you attacked right weight loss and Mike. And you have a bad year while I had my last year missy emily going I know I've heard about that over and over and over again. And then we come back and Shannon her voice trembling and she's like I've tried I've tried I've tried to break through with her and she just dismisses me all the time. She just dismisses me and then we got a flashback to when they're in Arizona and emily is like I'm just up trying to make A. Breakthrough with you and always shoot me down. You always should be down. So they clearly not emily dismissing her it's emily like trying to connect with Shannon and WHO's the rotten smell in the fridge now? Dons like well I. Think we're just better off being okay with it. You don't have to be best friends saying, I'll right now you suck sack a good influence but I was just about to start sobbing and now it's smiling time you little bits of salary on my fork us that's influence. appointed. I think I smell the oven be. Love left something in the oven. Oh, it's a little bit burnt. Cab have so many fun times here. Kellyanne Elizabeth, the Oh they're driving in a car. Oh, I should mention by the way the latest gas is that Mickey Steve Lodge maybe rumored to have been broken up to the following each other instagram for anyone who cares all view anyway. People in their sixties do that to like come on. Guys there has to be a certain age where we're just like, I'm not gonna I'm not GonNa like be petty by following somebody I don't like anymore on Instagram is just stupid okay I do make up a fake account then go on their instagram call the fat. That's how to handle this in your sixteen guy look. Route to teach you everything. He comes on right now. 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Think the port streets is that what they called it. And those like fancy fancy neighborhood and is talking about Joe, Lee saying how like? Julius. I'm not all mom. She says like you don't even go to PTO meetings go to the PTO. Meetings where you go and discuss how you have paid time off, right? Yeah. We're not parents I guess that means now that I look at it. A is supposed to be what is supposed to be. What is it? PTA, parent. Teacher Association maybe this PG parent teacher organization or something I. Don't know maybe they've changed it over the years. It sounds very like war in the Middle East. You know one of those things you hear like he was working with the PTO and then they got bombed quit the hell are we talking about here? It could be that too I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly wound up in that organization we're working. I'm not talking about the. The booze. Too. So. They get to the restaurant and they're meeting GINA and Elizabeth Way A. Little. BITs. With Gi was already with her. Okay. So Emily Elizabeth there's so many like white girls from church names in this so I'm getting them confused very easily. So they sit down and he was like, Oh my God you look so different with your head down Elisabeth I mean, you look pretty I mean not that you when your hand was up you weren't pretty. Different like pregnant like attractive like someone be friends with now I mean like not perform but link it looks pretty now only gone home. Just Scorer I I caught some cried hair off another have gray hair. I was told I would get brown back after the divorce which are making tons of money from tons of money from the poor you. What is burnt? Even do like well, can't talk about. A gag order like an actual gag order like if someone to talk to me about. Who that was acting. Thank you very much. But I'll tell you this go to trial. We're go to trial and genius like what do ex well and Kelly. What does he do your eggs and Kelly he's Norwegian. Autoshop Kelly. Moron for someone who can talk about divorce damage she talks about a law shit or get off the pot. and. I'd like t t also K. and Elizabeth like Whoa. I'm going to have a big divorce party. We're going to spill the beans. That's what we're GONNA do we're going to spell those brings and goes like ooh Kelly seems to hate this girl. We'll tell me about the you have a boyfriend. Tell me about the boyfriend. Stupid right he doesn't even look at it and go. What you don't have sex when being like her access. So she's like so putting on a thicker accent, she says Feeding D. E. T. come on. Gina. So. Why would do that and the gala? So weird your free with free. And it's like. Well, he respects me cause American he respects et he's gentleman whose real gentleman one. Well. How long have you been dating Jimmy? I can either confirm nor deny what forces over. which then I was like Oh. Okay. So they're not having sex because there's probably something I, if she has sex like somehow it could be used against her like she's being unfaithful or whatever, and so they probably are having sex and she has act like they're not having sex that way she gets whatever she's entitled to. So that's what I'm so hold. That sex and so walk. God Big Spender Oh yeah. Citizens like I don't understand. Is it a religious thing because I don't even know you go down long go crazy quick as a best up can't even tell us sixty look. Like twenty. Twenty. Yeah and she's like, yeah, he's probably thinking somewhere else like a rabbit told you so then. So then Liz star search. What I met Shannon that Mozambique I'm like, of course there's a restaurant in orange? County called Mozambique and I guarantee has nothing to do with Mozambique, it's probably just like you get some secret salmon and like some rosemary potatoes but it's called those nb guy named by some it's owned by somebody named like Mo.. Dumping. Salmon oh. Yeah. So we see a clip of Elizabeth meeting meeting up with Shannon at both on beak and Santa Fe. How Hybrid member meeting you went? Do you remember what you said to me when we met? You said I'm the richest bitch ever going to be Newport. That's funny. I could almost do my on a boat going under a very low bridge left. Who says that? Who is this? This is Dana die from real housewives of Beverly Hills like has she died and just come into this woman's slobby. She's so much like Sopa czar. Yeah. But somehow works because I feel like again I think knowing that Elizabeth started a dinner cabaret. It informs everything like everything she does her onstage at like A. Thirty thirty seed little little corner and like who knows where? Formula. Rich Bitch. You have to meet Norwich County and. Save some some Salo's cocktail ulcer may or may be the richest bitch counter most the hungriest when I get it. Dare you that's Nice Tech. Well, I'm shot. She's trying to be your friend. She kicked me under the bus. Like well, you know at least it's a new way least didn't throw you under the bus actually like kicked you under the bus better because it means you were already kind of on the ground and. Dick you. Well guess what can I say something Braun wins been taking shots about me and the Condo Okay and then Shannon's piping in saying that she. So my house and she found it's sad and depressing both words said in Nazi at all sad and depressing. Okay. That's what she said. You're Bronwyn snubbing Meyer okay. Yeah. Don't bring me nine Lemons in a bowl and insane shit like that guy. Yeah and so. No I expected from Bronwyn but then you know like when I became friends with Shannon, took a long time but I think we got some. Authentic you know what I'm saying and if Shannon but Douala's seeing that then to meet and she's not a friend. Yeah, I. Mean we see why their friends and what so authentic and it's when Shannon took her on a shopping trip to Beverly Hills and a lot of stuff. Here my baby now? Okay. Baby baby address baby gets address. Yeah and she's like I've tried with her and Kelly says, yeah. Emily tried with her too and she's just like she hasn't hard to almost hard as I have it with Rick every morning he's still hard. I can't believe sixty s crazy. Shannon's almost three and she's not changing. I joked I thought looked like the Brady bunch but that's basically it. Oh so then the best part of probably the entire season as them raised their glasses and saying, well, cheers twenty twenty and Gina goes yet twenty twenty. Definitely it'd be better than twenty, nine, thousand, nine for me. I'll have a feeling. It's GONNA be. So, then Sawn is watching Bronwyn Cook at home and she's just stressed out. You know she's you know. So Princeton I'm stressed out watching it and sick where the kids I mean road will you give me give me five large people cops four little people get the manny get the fucking nanny okay. What am I? People for this. Exactly she and her Enron, her daughter's like that's it was very hard for you to say, mom's like, yeah we'll all the talks in my face at hard. Probably also the realization that you have, you live a life we have to say things like can I get four little kid cups and five cups please. Oh God, how did I do this to myself? So sees now twenty four days sober. She's a basket case. She says, sometimes, I'm so happy I WANNA jump out of my skin and sometimes, and she's like you guys. Here hateful sit down. Isabella stop eating your brother had stop eating. Okay. You get down off the fad often fan. Bloom just swab him mall down. Listen I. don't care if the cameras are there not. You don't have to pretend to start raising your children now. Okay. No. One expects you to raise your children get the hell out of. Yourself. Yeah. This time I was fascinated by what they were eating I couldn't hold. It seemed like there were all eating eggs for dinner which I fully supported by the way I couldn't did you see that by any chance? I really WANNA get a confirmation. Video. If you were. GonNa make me search for everybody's Goddamn. No, no. No, I'm not oh. Yes. You are am currently. Now, I WANNA know what they're eating I was I'm just more curious I would the celery thing I wanted visual confirmation but this I was curious if it was eggs or some sort of yellow rice but I think it was F- It is something yellow. Let's take a look everybody. What? We're playing the game of what is Bronwyn family eating. Very healthy I of I. See whether you're also thin they're eating salad. didn't sound I. Mean Abuse Your children if you want to Oh, she also got lemons in a bowl Shannon's mocking citrus. they're eating south. Polenta what does that maybe pull into? It looks like eighty to me. It looks like they're salad and and a big pile of yellow. Yeah I'M GONNA say GRIMM's or. They would do you think Bronwyn and Sean are serving grits in their home. The well not grits but they were polenta because it's a fancy way of saying grits. Yeah. Maybe it's plenty. I'm look at this kid she can't stop staring at the. Camera. I know it's like hello, you're on camera baby. Do you even know how this works natural fire that baby? We're getting to work with that baby a little bit more. Thanks. So I'm. So they're at the other making conversation, ask Brian asking everyone what their favorite part of today was, and like one of the kids is like I did activities and. Rohan New Combo in dance class and Jacob is like The best part of my day hasn't happened, yet it's when I fall asleep I can meet. David. He has by the way I'm Brian. Wins like okay it's time to get the kids ready for bed and then they just throw them to the nanny. Like. With this scene, she brings the kids the the landing on the staircase. Well I made it up five stairs. Feels good to be. Present, Anyway So, then brandon and Sean have a seen in their room and she says, you know it's It's a very again. It's very mostly honesty and but I also couldn't help laughing because the entire time they're talking about how? You know all these years I just haven't been as present as I need to be and I was I was felt like a good mom. But now I think maybe I wasn't a good mom I mean they had a front seat to my demise and you know the one thing I wanted to be good I'm a failure and I wasn't drunk enough for my kids and it was very very i. really appreciate her being honest about her feelings but I also liked how she's talking about how she wants to be present for her kids now while the nanny is actively Expanded literally coming to the nanny putting them. Assist Keno I. Mean there have been moments lately where Hazel has gone to the nanny instead of me and that I mean I, laugh it off. But it hurts and then she started coming to me that actually hurt more. So I told the manage was a lazy. Bitch. That ever happened again she was getting baseball hat too bad. Okay. Then Sean is like he's like I. Don't get a talk about my wife's problems anymore I know she needs me to be there for her but I don't think I could do it anymore tonight. So he goes Bronwyn it's going to be okay that's enough for tonight. Just. Like just like pats there. He's like I can't. He's like I can't deal with it anymore. I mean it's like twenty four hours a day talking about your feelings and your problems. He's like, okay time for bed I need my mommy. I can't. I can't do it anymore. So, now we go over to Kelly's new house and She's there with a real to rob and. It's. New Place in the port streets and. Her whole thing is she's like, Oh, been suburbia. Ho suburbia is gonNA appreciate it when I have sex with. Because he's Yoga's gotta dig. And then her interior designer comes over and it's like, please take your shoes off when you come in here just kidding stupid who cares it's a rental I don't care poop on the floor who cares stupid. Your door work. So she's basically saying how she doesn't want to be a Stepford wife like Shannon and everyone in the neighborhood has a Stepford wife. And Like Rick is renovating his apartment in New York and he's been in New, York City for twenty seven years and so it's GonNa be sort of like interesting to see him come out here to. Live in suburbia yeah. He wants to be ward cleaver and I'm going to say, hey, why are you so hard on my beaver ward cleaver are. She's been waiting for years to make that joke I feel like. Ever, since I was six years old I wanNA make sure. So they start talking about the different rooms and doing joe lease room when she doesn't want girlie anymore because she's older. And how happy Jolie is just to be around the family community and let's be honest. Mike. Not. Between. a highway and the quiet woman which was like Julie's only option before it was. Literally was there's a hot dog stand on the beach or the quiet woman where I get by with people in call them fat. and. Then I also Julie remains one of the smartest people on this show because we have a flashback of them house hunting Majoli and the realtor there in there in like a mcmansion and the was like look look there's view look there's a view right there jolie see the view and she goes of what another house. Another house right. There are you from what are you trying to pull a fast one on Jolie. And you know Kelly's new chapter and everything using journey journey future journey journey, and then we go to brought Mac Bronwyn, and she's picking up Santa now and it's really Stands like so. HOW CLEAN Also. Knows Shannon was not wearing a seatbelt by the way maybe that's why I was so tense because maybe wearing seatbelt and Brahmin. Didn't know how to ask her to put her on our seatbelt because we're driving somewhere it seemed very unsafe Shannon. To say. So. Good say put on your seatbelt law. Brown with like, I. Mean I'm fine. I. Just went to my first AA meeting and she's pissed off I she's not GonNa give me and ten it's like, oh How awesome I'm so happy that you way you know Dr Moon helps with emotions. So Santa's doing that thing where she's just like her her head sideways like she can understand you better. Do like you're a spoon and the garbage disposal she's like, why don't you? Shannon also always looked so uncomfortable when she sits in the front seat of cars, show his looks like. She is she looks like she's sitting on the shovel part of a bulldozer about to be dropped into a pile of junk like she's always like. Oh yes. Like her her her shoulders are always opt. She's always sort of like bracing. I may fall out of this vehicle at any moment. Able wear seatbelts. So they talk about Dr Moon and was like, okay well, look I have something to tell you. I. Don't really want to tell you but I have to tell you kind of three you under the bus the other day. I, mean that's part of it like you know saying when you're wrong sorry I was wrong I talked to emily and she said, where did you hear about my house being gross and gusting and horrible for people and I said Shannon because you know you did say it was sad and goes no, no, no no that was me I did not say anything negative. Off New. No I did not I did not and Brahmins like no. Well, she came over had a couple of drinks and set her house is really small and sad let's be clear. Okay I not Aligarh Okay I put food in my mouth every day but I did not say that genus kind of what's sad. Okay. All right. Do not put words in my Mouth Okay and then Bronwyn tells us like. Yeah she came over she had a couple of drinks and then she said the house was small and kindness, and here's where it starts. Now everybody who's ever been to a or has friends a knows that this is just how it's like a natural progression. So you can't even bitch too much when somebody does it. But whenever you start going a suddenly everybody around, you is a fucking drunk. The second you stick on your diet for a week everyone around you is obese and the town you know if that kind of thing that Bronwyn slipping into where she's like well, she didn't have a couple of drinks. Well, congratulations on your twenty four days man who are you accusing of what you'd better get off? My Ass? Not that you're triggered at all. Yeah So basically Shannon is now in full denial mode and she's like well. I did not say I. Did not say I did not those worst even exists i. don't even know what that word said. It's a sad sad. Sad. Sad. I. Don't even know what existed I. Don't even know. Sad we've it. What what what does that what? What a sad my vocabulary. Sad. More than three letters. Are there even three letter words in the dictionary? I just said that did my well. That's is there's one. Okay. Never Mind I take. Bronwyn messed up. She's got think when you TAMRA. Dealing with Shannon got more tamra timber would throw Shannon under the bus but then she wouldn't tell Shannon until Shannon finds out some other way and then that way tim would be like then timber has time to like gas. No. When I said batch is that you sat it but you said it because you wanted to be everyone's friend that you're a good person she's turning out against you. Oh yeah that's exactly right. I wanted to be genus friend. That's exactly right. Well I'm hugh to set the record straight because I did not say that and Brahmins like well if it comes up at a party I guess I well, it will clearly it will come up at the Party Bronwyn and Brahma says, okay she'll set it straight which we see how that works out later. So Dr Moons Office Shannon's like. Yourself, the reflection of the door and she goes oh my God. I, look like a mom. From like you are a mom. Today see Mrs Moon and shows like Dr. Moon can handle all of my ailments has this ability to tuning and he knows what the problem is and then he fix it now. He's placing it right now. Oh Oh, hedy jams me every time I Kau. and. We see a clip of him saying your belly button is communicating with the environment. and. So He's getting older and she's freaking out because someone's gotTa Take Care of me as a doctor moon comes in and Bronwyn Slyke you know how Dr me and my life has just gotten unmanageable I was drinking a lot and hiding at my aunt's a bitch I mean, what else do you want from me? POLENTA GRANTS GO? So, he's going to start treating her ear, the middle of her ear because that's where I guess he treats addiction and Shannon's. I never got that one is like, Oh, well, you know you never had addiction treatment. You had lots of emotional treatments but not, but not addiction treatment she said. Thanks for that. Thanks. Thanks for announcing emotional treat Mary Emotional Shannon. And it was anybody else at home just poking their ears because you know I was like. Am I still hungry hungry. So, then it Shannon Stern and To Go. Called a parent. I feel like an old lady don't don't open it up. Don't know that this is really no way. No. Oh, come on. Come on. Oh No a hate this one. No. How He puts a needle like in the back of her head, all God, no doctor me now Jesus and I'm not Jesus. Is Out. Isn't that? It's out. Is there run small my fridge still also in my head and around rotten smell my for do not now. So he's like, what's your anger about? Well, today it's about Wade so. I try to help my friends and why don't you try what are you trying to do to me I mean next to make me look bad and now, and now she's putting words in my mouth words instead of sauteed onion and celery in my mouth. Okay. This is the ultimate betrayal ultimate the trail. Of and we go over to Emily's house where she's getting ready in her kid Annabel has her little kitty and she's like sure you wrote it to go. Why are you laughing? He's like Kellyanne. An hour complaining I'm not even Randy, and then now you're asking time randy it's like, oh, we'll go ballooning say don't want to you call at. Q.. Skull. Omo. So, she's like well, I have no relationship with Shannon at all announced for house warming I. Mean it's like middle aged crocheting. Like I didn't totally get that but it sure. So. Then we go over to Shans House and she is putting her daughters and her like all the kids into. That's get real leggings. Of. Definitely getting flashbacks to the angels I don't know if you were but this is like the reincarnation OC lemons. These lemons so then we go to Gina's house gene and Travis and jeans I. You excited to see the how it's like super bushy thumb poets to me is like Oh what's that how they live I mean that's on the same street is They saw live there they have a show live. There was that street they all lived on the same street. What was the cause of death paint house lives? He goes yeah she says yet that's them. They should also reality show that like is like the reality show version of desperate housewives when that'd be so hilarious if they did that And then we clip of San Entering. What standing does her walking through the house growing? Cleaned that avenues to be. Something on the floor that are those floor boards where did we get floorboards from somebody cleaned up floorboards? Well, it wouldn't be sophie as room without a popsicle stick on the ground. How Onc-. My my shooting target has anyone archie archie to I should have made. Thirty. Times. I'm so happy. It's another popsicle stick. popsicle sticks. So back with emily and Shane, she's like home. Could you please be a good sister audible because and are going on a day I day? Maybe. You'll find one of the parties like how as not mind Guyana Parni. So. Now shands just cleaning more so. I, think. I think it's pretty I need a flip cocktail. By the way you know what's great is having a housewarming party and then making all your kids work at it like what the fuck was that all now, there has to get like. They have to they have to be the help at their own party the it's for Shannon to show off all of her new foods and staff. Exactly. So she's like, Oh, I'm so nervous I can't. I haven't figured out how to navigate my own bedrooms Oh this is Bronwyn stars. Why? Became Shannon. Twenty eight hundred Sabir. I got so many children. So. How did you attend children? So, Bronwyn Psycho I'm so nervous I can't breathe I haven't figured it out Bam, gate my bedroom sober let alone a party I mean i. don't WanNa tell everybody that I'm not drinking because I'm just weird Attala girl. Like, broke into a little Vicki. Girl hand like so So now Kelly's getting into the car with Emily Shane and Kelly brought a candle and she's like, Oh, you gotta set Shannon's Hell's on fire. Go. Orioles ain't doesn't even have to say anything remotely funny. Anymore. A Like. Candles a very calm in almost even lame gift. Like it's just like a thing where you're like I don't know what to do. I'm bringing a candle that he's like all candle. Burnt out. I wish Bernie down just getting. Like wall I'm getting close to I told you the other day though I told Jana about what Brahmin side about Gina's apartment, and this is so stupid listen to yourself. Told you the other day that I told Jean about Brahma said about genius bar. Listen style, stop yourself and he said we'll sound and said it was saddened depressing and Kelly goes. Oh Yeah. Well, this is going to be shining why would never never seen anything apartment new NU. New Me. And they start doing it. I mean listen they got her down pat say what you will about these two women but they definitely know how to percent. Me I would never. I would never say such a thing me. Windshield wipers. So. Then it Sanan Santa's training the kids. Yeah, and the cut she's like all right today we're doing tastes just bite size I wanna make sure everyone gets something warm warm. Those need to be smaller tiny salmon plates. All right. There's like lots of insulated as. Lemons everywhere exactly and Shannon's father arrives gene. He gets it. He arrives in a Bentley and he's wearing a blazer and he's like just the wasp. I always knew Shannon's dad would be. He's just like her here's my here's my love my lover Lady. Diana, I'm making southern. Does seem southern and just the way she describes him. She's like my parents got divorced when I was in college and he's a handful. Setting Down with twenty five year olds. anti-han well. They Hannah. Are One digit numbers apart one from each other. So he's a, he's a lucky man. I guess I'm trying to say is that he married basically me. and. That does not torment me at all not at all Diane. Shows like crazy? Too much surgery face how is Diane not a cast member on the show like? Like a like. Shannon and her stepmother and they're like a year apart Oh my God and she looks the part Diane look the parts they. Hello I'm Diane. Give it time. So Jiman- Travis arrive and All My. Cell Pushy look at the frontal. It's orange. Wall and Travis Rad. Babe Dot you ride. He likes stops in his tracks. It's like Whoa, he is so stoned right now he's like. An orange door that's radd. The backyard. Sick? Bay. And she's like you know what I definitely understand now why she would make the comment about sad depressing when my home could fit into her home I mean my home is like a Paulie clock at first home. Well my you know you're the one who said so Gina. Going Shannon can I pull you for a walk? So they they go to have a conversation with everything going. I'm hearing different things from different people. You know it's really easy for me to hear because my my house actually so small. So voices carry very easily and so I'm hearing a lot of different things going go on a chance I. What do you mean everything that's going on or are we discussing the Ron Smell my frigerator were you able to smile I'm not sure if it's still there is there any limit back my head I'm still convinced there can you know what's going on right now? Angela's okay you. WanNa start a fight with a Lotta in someone else's home is that what you want not the last person who tried to start a fight with them into Lada go look at the door of my refrigerator. Happened to him? All. Right. Well well, you know what Emily said that you said something about my home being Seattle and depressing and I was Sean Okay I thought we were cool. Okay. So Not. Not. Even My. My vocabulary and said, what's in other words you use the? DOPP DOT. Pasta. Pasta possum. What would the passing? What was that? Ever said that I said, it was small I said it was small, but I didn't mean like, oh Wow I meant it like, Oh, it's small and Brown came to see my house and she said I'm sorry to put it out there but I three go under the bus and I gotta be honest with you. I would never say anything about someone's sad depressing house being saddened depressing income. And she's the one thing. So constantly constantly saying stuff sand depressing depressing Aceh, there's no one who there's no way. Anyone can be happy living with that many children in a small place genus poor gene. Poor Poor Geeta she said poor three. Poor poor four times she she said, you know what I said I said it's this sad that not more people can see it. He can come visit. It's sad that there aren't more of our friends here to fill up this small space and I am depressing a button on my phone to tax someone about how wonderful your house is i. that's sad and depressing that's the context that I use. Yes. Is like, well, you know why I don't trust her and I don't like getting. She's been seen about things in my family and tell you right now I'm the type of person that if you say you didn't say that I'm going to believe. You know I don't believe t you would see their Shearman and well I have to tell you Gina I am a renter. Emily is a renter. You are an owner. You are an owner of a very sad and depressing little house and I. Let me tell you something. You may have a little shack full of hundreds of children inside as very small and very sad and very depressed, but you own it you own it. Okay. You own it. You out okay and I am. Sure, my house may be luxurious and spacious, and just start the lap of luxury I Aldea rent it so You Win you win see don't put words in my mouth. So, say to not let other people bring us down. You know you're sad i. know you're sad. Everyone's happy with you being sad do like well, I didn't WanNa Bring Doug activity a House K it's like there's nothing sad about your life right now except your house which is also depressing but. Out of you. So Jimmy Liz, Elizabeth Vargas show up and then. They show up in Sean Brahmin show up at the same time and Sean like, Hey, someone's pulling up and style. And then Bronwyn cousin I don't know why I mentioned that her cousin with them, but she's there and so Shannon. So all they all come in all all at once and Shannon's like. Oh Brown Robin I went to a never mind never mind. Undermining start. Awkward. She's like well, everybody else who is still thinking Tequila it's very smooth. Super Super Smooth. Very white smooth, very, very staff. Wait till you. Taking prime went would you like a diet nothing? Saddened depressing drink. How do I describe this? The Kilo- Brown? When do you have any help from I would say it's smooth hits. Your Palate feels like rainbows going off in your mouth hasn't trickles down your throat. You feel tacked us in your eyes and you realize that all will be well in the world. It is like magic in the form of liquid liquid. Tequila is the most magnificent flavor and the most wonderful sensation in the world. Now, Bronwyn, could I get you a glass of Sawdust? And BRAHMA think we're tasting Tequila God? Oh God. I. Like excuses herself to go to the bathroom and gotten in the bathrooms you were. Okay you were okay. You are okay. So them emily and saying her hugging and Emily's own way and emily in San Hugging and she's like owned. There's part of me that would like to a mountain Shannon would like me to be heard or party but who are we the? Yeah. I. Enjoy the party emily. Enjoy it so. So then emily meets gene and everything and at Emily's during the whole thing like there's a new fun emily less to shots. Let's do Margaritas I'm fun I'm fine. I'm proving my fun by more. which is the Nasdaq to position with the lady freaking out the bathroom afraid that she's not going to be fun anymore because he's not drinking there is that who sudden depressing now bitch. So, then Kelly meets Shannon's gene just. Oh, daddy is big DIG Daddy from Cincinnati. I have never met someone's father and said Hello Dick. Fatty Who uses the word big when meeting someone Father Kelly. And we are her Kelly. Dot. So bronwen now has come out of the bathroom and she's gathered self and then. Kelly is like goes up to Elizabeth and she's like look like so you look. So hamptons all your soya. So classy have you met big over there with the bulletin pants? Yeah. Usually Talk Wasp. Problem over the sandwich, the cow is getting ready for the party said save up to three, which is unusual. Can I talk to you? Did you try to you need to try my salmon even though it's a little bit you're still GonNa like it. So we need to tell you I've been really upset with you. I never said her place was sad. but you did Shannon you did. Santa's not in my vocabulary. I'll tell you what is in my vocabulary. Lovely. Kill drink. Would you like what? Oh sorry. Sorry. My bad I forgot again she's an owner, your mentor I'm a Renter Ambrogio like you said it Shanta and I don't you. Don't you fear. A. Don't. You Dare Town? Yes. Yeah. She just goes off the rest of the show you walking round going. You how dare you Dow you? Yes you relies on like the standard you know Karen. Tool pack right tool set right when all else fails and don't you dare how dare you happy don't you even dare dare double dare what a great show out there you watch double header. So then Brahmin goes oh now we come back from commercial or whatever and Santa like you must have heard me wrong. She was I asked saw when I got home I was like the can you believe she's denying it and he said I heard her say at. But I didn't think Oh. I'm. Not. GonNa go to against. One. Here, you how dare you and then we got Kelly she has a plate of Shannon's futures. This is really good. This is really good and she just puts it in the trash. I am sober now. Okay. I have a memory that I can trust for the first time ever. Okay. Well, I didn't I didn't have a drink either I didn't like you had you had you were drinking that I have one drink I had one. Drink split over several classes but it was wondering alone You had more than one. Okay. So here we go. Now everybody else is going to be wrong in every fight because you're fucking sober come on. So I will okay I totally get where you're saying and I fully I think that is like a real thing. It's like when when you go on a diet for the first time or things like that, sometimes there's a tendency to like project on other people that being said, Shannon, does drink a lot like she actually is. Drinking and it really is not out of the realm of possibilities that Shannon would have gotten does the NBA? Like, oh I'll you one thing that is a sad and depressing house okay. That is a sad and the press like this is situation where. Yes, what you may be saying is right but what Bronwyn saying could also be right at the same time. Yeah. But even if she did say it like having someone over and then drinking with them and if she did say anything is because Brahmins like God six people not little. House. That's sad and depressing art which we know she was doing she admits doing. So it's like you're talking shit around somebody else and if they don't fight with you until you know you are wrong and have a big fight with you. Then suddenly they're co-signing everything you're saying it's like oh she was saying. No the fight. Is You being bitchy about this poor girl's poor house. Okay and you were you admitted it. So why do you need to drag somebody else into like who cares Shannon even said anything you're the one with the problem with Gina. Trying to bring somebody else. Yeah. I mean she is well, I think she's just she's basically like I'm not going to go down alone and this is what like I'm just relying what Shannon told me and I think it's possible that Shannon said and. It's probably an offhand comment and like so often that you probably really doesn't remember saying it. Also she problems little drunk and Bronwyn hurt and was like I'm latching onto that. You know real latch onto different things slow brahmins let yeah. But BRAHMA didn't even say that until see was standing up for herself in front of Emily because Emily's is like well, I heard you said that she's like, oh, well Santa. Fat. Santa's when he said it to you. So maybe after Shannon it's like. That's not cool just. Definitely, take your her. When, when Brahma did does she definitely through her friend under the bus her friend who would who was just supporting her about Who is one going around Saint Bronwyn said your house to sadden oppressing and said, well, you said it to that would be different but Shannon didn't even say anything. Yeah. Like she's getting mad about gene emily who are trying to start Trauma Rama I think ultimately whether or not Shannon said it I mean, the truth is Brahman, throw her under the bus like in a way that was unnecessary and away that was sort of cruel to someone who was being supportive tour and and when the truth was that like. Again, brought Shannon may have said a prominent the ones in broadcasting it. So yeah, and especially for someone who's been like well, I own what I said it wasn't a very only moment that being said I still suspect that Shannon probably did say it and And it's all worth it anyway to see her get dizzy. So. One drink and Bronwyn says, no, you didn't more than one just like you know what Bronwyn you are really crossing a line here. Okay. You're crossing a line and she was like what the I started in my life how? Give me that first time my life ball shat. Mixed up all the time. What I used to make stuff up all the time because I was drunk all the time and now I'm. So I just hit thirty days today and I am proud of you but I would never call someone home said never ever how dare you how dare you to my mouth? I would say that. We had area. Either you're lying to me or you don't remember what I said because he goes no, you don't remember. You're saying she doesn't remember because she was so drunk. I can't if this is gonNA be a whole season of this. Okay. So I need to keep myself calm. I'm okay with that I love I. Love Arguments like this. Again I love a petty argument. This is my favorite. I hate the Oh, my God Ronnie. Well, you must have done it because you had a drink at dinner and I did it's like, okay you know what? You don't get a fucking parade for being sober and like remembering and you don't get a drink for you don't get a parade for having a less drink in somebody else. Well. Shannon's live while you're getting real manipulative right now, why would even talking to emily about me and just said, well, I answered a question. You know she asked me where I heard what I said and I said I heard it well, don't you dare accuse me don't you turkeys and have something that I did don't give something that I did. Also. Isn't true. That's not what happened where she said WHO said that her house was sad. That's not what happened. She said I heard you were saying that and you said we'll ask Shannon because she said it to so. And so she's like, but you did say it Shamshad did not you're the only one who has been talking about Gina every single time? But I own it Sanit you know what? None of us has just going crazy and insane disgusts Alcott stay away from over there. Just stay away from over there. There may be a candle that'll burn everything down been. So, this is my party. How dare you how dare you? Well, I didn't bring it up Shannon which is true and bring it up Shannon. So then Bronwyn, goes like she just goes over to Elizabeth and Sean and Jimmy, and she's just like Shannon won't admit what happened and she said I lied and she said everything I'm saying it's manipulative lately like no, like no, you're right like I'm different I'm different now. Okay. You get to know the real me all right and you may not like me sober turns to have a big mouth and I say things. Like. She doesn't know what to do because he's standing there teach. Your team. I want to be on your theme. Having. So Santa comes up to Emily Anti-nazi I. Want you know I never said anything bad about gene. Emily's like Whoa. What happened? Here's what hop on weird animals cow party. And she said, yes, I've said bad things about Shannon's place and Soda Shannon and Shannon said it was sad and depressing. She's like why did say small I did say small it is moral it is mall. Yeah, well Sheena small to Yonis also sad and depressing. Example. Let's just drink more this history. Soon. Brahmins like you know what? I have been talking shit nonstop behind his back and I owned that I'm pissed at her okay and you know the truth that every single time I try to be nicer. She throws it in my face and we got a montage of basically. Gina being an Asshole to Bronwyn Brahmins like trying to be nice like an for me. I totally forgot about that time when Brahmins, like you know you're like their little sister just shit up around. which is like the most little sister thing to ever do. Or the public school where violence like Your kids are public rights that. Public. Schools really take care of you. Don't they. It's like. Win. That fight I want to I want you need to be like so I heard you said that about my house and genius go yeah. It's fucking Savon depressing and I'm talking sick because you said, my husband tried to fuck you anything else is the fight. That's I think we're getting there. So brahmins like I have never seen anyone so ungrateful in my entire life. And I'm just like at a place in my life where I'm only owning truth. Okay. You're only sick as your secrets than of Shannon won't admit it I. Don't know where to go from here. I love that. I love bringing about speak to your only sick as your secrets, but they weren't referring to real housewives fights so. They were referring to whether or not you called someone's Condo Sad. That's that's my secret. My secret is Michael Genus. How Sad My name is Shannon Bator and I call someone houses someone's house. Sad depressing. So Shannon is just kidding I'm white backing chip you're going down. David I'm telling you. It's all worth Shannon's now I'd like level ten, which is my favorite kind of shadow where she's just like Blake deranged. Never, I would never say how sad I would never it's like ma'am. You're talking to the caterer would never say, let's see. How dare you? Yeah. And Emily just laughed and she was like if it were mission, we're just throwing me under the bus. She'll be like yo she said, she said she's so stupid like scandals. So So, then emmys like was she was she trying to say you were drunk and you don't remember what you said was she trying to say the you know this is what I hate. She's trying to use the Brian as a weapon against us, which is what you're saying Oh, did she I didn't hear her say that well, she didn't say that but she basically saying like this is what I don't like that she's using this as a weapon is what you? See is she is not cool but I also get Mike. You know creating something interesting like in a really shitty mood too and so you know part of it is just like you got that too like she became sober to while she was soothing the so says she's going through it all on camera and that's that's not easy. Yeah. She is kind of weaponising I think. Yeah. So now Gina's talking about now they're talking about the tax sean sent to over. no, there's OH. Look at me. I was roused like drinking my water like okay. Say by everybody now no. No there's like a whole thing that happens there's a whole they. You saw this part you saw this part maybe I deleted. Okay. Go ahead I'll probably do you want me to I can send you my notes woman and send you might know you gotta be almost over right It's relatively close I mean there's still a lot I feel like a lot of dialogue a lot of. A lot of notes action for welcome to Ben Theater. Ben. Theater Oh. Are, we talking about what the rest of the show. So Gina starts talking about the text again and be like you know what the texture just said. Did you get home? Okay. Did you get home? Made me uncomfortable? Okay. You're not judging but I WANNA know bound and all right now I personally didn't think the tax was that bad but I also I think I think there's a lot to feel uncomfortable by it. I was thinking about it I I think she's allowed to feel comfortable by by I think it's also kind of Shitty that she like Like, I think that well I don't know I. Don't how to say this because if she's uncomfortable about it, she's allowed to talk to other people be like Oh this is fucked up or whatever but I also feel like in a way braman has a right to be mad about that then has to be that someone said that her place was sad and depressing. because they were doing her a favor after they were out drinking issues to to get a car, and so they got her a car and you in Bronwyn. Insane that she was just some was just calling to check on her and she's making it out that he was like trying to prove out on her. I mean I think of course, you have the right to feel uncomfortable if you feel a guys being creepy with your ever, it's going to Tamra, of all. And being a laughing about it and being insinuate. Yeah like come on and it's sort of funny because Brahman came to the crappies. Bronwyn famously. Made a scene at our show where she stood up and defend Tamra so hard the audience and the entire audience booed her and she's like Tim. Great Fred. So. Anyway. So Sean is like. He's like from when we gotta go talk to Gina We gotTa Talk to Jean. Let's just nip. Doesn't buy it okay and so they. So they go over there and Elizabeth is like she's like, wow, hot. Never Seen Women Act like this I mean abroad with us big little known as the wrestling the. Oh So. So Promise Gina Can we talk I wanna I wanNA talk before before I'm I'm badly. Because you're. What you're crying, you're stupid. You're crossing. Just, cry, what did you take that Sam Lane discussing? stews horrible. That's was as hard as Rica's six am because. He's. Hurt. So prominence like like I listen to you, I don't know I'm just going to a lot of shit lately and then Shannon's lake and you have a friend who's there for you. But you put words now in her mouth and I'm there for you but you can't be there for you if there's words between you and me and they're in my mouth. So White. You heard at rock. You hear things wrong. That's what happens. Okay and so So, then show all much because now it's just talking to Sean and she's like I have been nothing but you guys and you put words in my mouth words in my mouth. Okay. Okay. John's like Shannon. You did say add it was sad you did say it know your wife is the one who keep saying how can you do it? How can I do it and I say it works for them. They have their kids are small. That's why I said small the kids are small small. I got it. I figured it out and depressing there was small and depressing. How dare you? How dare you come into my house and start putting words? It's my mail. This mouth is reserved for celery and onions. And saute. Cream cheese. In the middle of those words I do not want them in my mouth. This is a celebration for me and you're telling me I'm a liar you're a liar. Elizabeth has just watching and she goes Oh God Sheridan's. Oh God. So then. Shown, saying I have known for being totally truthful and authentic. And then we see Bronwyn and Brahmin goes okay. So I- Gina I have been talking Shit about you nonstop and I'm owning that that happened. And she's like, why why? Doesn't make it better. You know. So then at this point, Shannon has now progressed a timeout symbols going she just making the time out symbol with her hand gesture if I. AM. Happy for my friends time out I'm happy for my friend and all I did was talk about her happiness. That's why make the timeout gesture 'cause I want to say I want to take some time out for my friend who I'm happy for. So then is this. So I thought the show was over for some reason. So I don't have any of this is really not see any of this. I have the video downloaded. I'm looking through it and I see Gina freaking out on Bronwyn now but Bronwyn standing right in the sense so she's do consider. Does. And does that? Going off telling her off. So what does Gina telling her? So Gina says he knew what you haven't called or texted it all and just launching this attack against me. Okay and then goes you know what I really wanted to i. just couldn't find the time and I'm like you have to nannies you don't work you make the time and then Bronwyn this how she responds she goes well, there was a thing with Rohan and then I had a thing with Jacob and then I had to get a facial yesterday. So then. And then we'd go back to Shannon who is now pointing her finger pointing at Sean like maybe you getting to be stopping authentic. Maybe you guys let's get real ties in a ties. Let's get real. You get really get real. And Shawn's going Shannon Shannon so then Then, Shannon Turns Lebron's winning goes well, maybe you need to get authentic. That's. What's really going to say to you? Maybe you guys need to get authentic because I own my shit. Okay. Even though I'm technically a renter, we also remember that she owns inter own my shit. The fact is I'm having this conversation at a party that I'm hosting unbelievable it's like Shannon you brought this. Okay. So then. Cheetahs like you know what? Let's call Spain of spade nobody would be talking about my situation if your wife wasn't around launching some crazy fucking whakatane on me. Okay. So we. Got An issue TEAC. Attack, which I also feel like as a toy that you once bought when she was a kid, it's. TEAC. We all. Have Them. So she goes, if you add an issue come with me with your issue, don't go around slamming me because I don't have as much money as Ugandans. Now Fair She Bronwyn should've gone to her, but also maybe Gina should have gone to Brahmin about that tax message to. So. So Kelly well, how how do you know how much money? How much do they ab at Brahmins like? It has to do with character just like Oh. Yeah, oh. Yeah and this now reaching the climax writing this is the big big thing to happen. So she's like. You WanNa talk to me about character right now wake up your sloppy she wa Wa. You then she goes at this moment where you're going like, oh no, she goes Yin ethically. Yeah. You're wasted all the time like. Loops and then Brahma goes absolutely gina absolutely get over yourself and get over your thing with me. Kaoh Co on get wasted again Brahmin get wasted again. And then said Brahma goes I'm thirty days. Sober today. Bitch. Drinking my. Jag Goes on you you're acting like acting like it. She throws the drank fuck you. My God, I definitely recommend you going to watch those last I will. 'cause I finished my notes with Bron I was like, wow Brahmin got to finish another episode with like her. I have been sober for this many days or whatever, and I was like good for her and that my sign is Bronwyn if she's not even willing to admit she said at them I don't know where to go from here and that was a fun episode. That's he's like the natural conclusion it did. I like that but there's actually a very explosive final see. That's why I was saying I liked that it was like a petty fight that like blew up and but still had underpinnings in the thing 'cause I've been survey thirty days. Also like. Oh Man. Why? Why don't you get wasted? I mean I actually felt bad Virginia. Because she had no idea what she was. Right. She shouldn't be held people I hope people aren't making fun of Gina, for that because she she know but when you're like. Awkward but hey, glass that was thrown. We had an awkward fight. We had Shannon losing her mind. It was great. It was great. Great episode. Yeah. I'm Elizabeth walking around and her crazy person outfit. I was just scrolling through this video her big hat with thing around or. At least people are crazy. Well I'm fun so far I was episode three three miles. So that means we're a quarter through the season guys is it is it only twelve episodes the covert I think cut it short. So supposedly they're twelve episodes because Vicky was saying like, Oh, you guys you guys are so terrible you got twelve episodes that step as you suck. Lame you're buying which actually if the decency season's really good so far. So sorry Vicki's sorry. Victoria, and accent. To. So it's been really good since you laugh sorry bed. Really good. Then she posted something. Click. Bait articles at the House Webster paid to Post Worth Click here if you WANNA see inside by the Jonah and then you click it and it's like I like I like Velcro you know like never to. Though I saw. Again. Vicky. has something to say after everybody talked about her the. Episode of this real. Felt they didn't they never they talked about camera the whole time, but I don't even think your name came up. Sorry. Sorry, becky. Yes, ours vicks. Anyway. Thank you guys for watching. Recap here and for listening and definitely be sure to get your tickets for live recap of Salt Lake set. On. November. Twelfth. We have the the URL. If you can't remember, it's just our website that's also on our all that stuff it's everywhere. So we'll be back tomorrow without gosh this season from Europe southern charm. So I I don't even know what that's going to be like, but we're going to dive into it. 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