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The! Cunningham the great American two o'clock today, governor do I will be here. He took his test for covert nineteen. John Houston and the results are at Two o'clock today after thirty five today is Dennis. Neil is good friend and mine. which is Ken Kuch Nellie. Talk there about Cancun Cinelli about what's happening to all the monuments and things of that character, which isn't good, also later on I know. The vice president is going to land. In. Eastern Ohio here at some point, and we're going to have a representative from the RNC about what the announcement is going to be relative to Lordstown and making GM electric pickup. Cheers me pickup trucks. But until then Dennis Neil who's a NASCAR maven Dennis Neil. Welcome again to the Bill Cunningham. Show Dennis our. You will I'm doing fine. So far. I haven't got the COVID nineteen and Yeah, and that's a good thing and So you know we just keep your nose grindstone just working every day and do all we can do. You know I miss you and man and and also. Bobby Bobby, Smith racing report hopefully one day we'll all be back together, but until then the fake news story and numerous individuals have sent me videos from various Talladega. Darlington other racetracks, in which these ropes used a pole down garage doors at the end is a loop is being used in the end side of pole down the garage door. Is You're leaving? And so when this developed about three or four days ago and suddenly you had CNN. You had Lebron James at Social Media at the national. Football. League. It was the lead story ABC NBC and CBS and of course Media on nationally. When crazy netflix's CNN twitter Hollywood ESPN foxsports MSNBC. Professional Athletes New, York Times Washington Post I google search. It was the lead story for like two days then it collapsed when this first broke. What Dennis Neil thing? I thought Oh my goodness This is all we need to have two things going swell of Bob and just you know that the the the stuff that's been going on in this country. Nascar did not need this. It would be a severe black eye and You know Luckily for everybody. It turned out to be one was COMMIT NASCAR for. Last year so. Coming into the twenty first century banning flags, you know you and then you know, help you out. You know and you know be more. You know They actually have a diversity program where they may young men women. Doesn't matter your race or creed, or whatever they have a program they can bring these kids into there had to be drivers. Move up in the system we'll be officials are be crewmen and stuff like that and they've been very active behind the scenes. A lot of people know about and so them to you know two weeks ago, letter was banned the flag and all of a sudden boom. This thing shows up. It's like Oh, my gosh, what can go wrong and Luckily for everyone. Turned out to be what was just a garage to record and you know was amazing to watch. The drivers stand behind Bubba. Push his car up. Before the race started in solidarity, but he and I think. A lot of people have a misnomer. WHAT NASCAR is today versus what it was back in the fifties and sixties you know their major major corporation business just like Toyota informed and. Blocking gamble and so on, and they can't. be insulated a little world. They were back in the sixties. And obviously there are some fans still in that world. And he unfortunately Hud. They make their voice in home, but you Kinda have to tune them out, or you know just a go on and just do what you gotTa. Do to make your sport. Go forward when this happened. I said the same thing that I said Jesse smelly. And he was the TV actor who had to. Foreigners to more or less beat him up because he couldn't find trump supporters to do it. And when this happened, I said there's no way and this happened at a NASCAR event with with individuals there in this climate I find it hard to believe that a noose so I was anticipating there'd be a rope what? Configuration of news hanging in garage number four for Bubba Wallace when I seen the video, and some of my buddies have sent me video from various tracks, in which is common to have this rope hanging from garage door with a loop on the NCAA. You give something hold onto and shut. The door couldn't ask car and figure this thing out within about ten minutes. Well, you know I. Think they did, but I think in all transparency. They said okay. Here's what we're GONNA do. GonNa, calling the officials department of Justice and the FBI as independent investigators to go in here and check this out. Because we do it internally in new sale, there was nothing there they're going to be. You know the conspiracy. That's go crazy. Cover up Blah Blah Blah. And by doing this and having the FBI command into department justice. Who are leading the here's investigations while all these? Incidents. They give it a clean bill of health and everybody says okay, you guys. Didn't have to do it internally. Nascar did not have to you know. Try to cover some up if someone's there, you know that that that flow process would be actor. They didn't have. The bubble Wallace. I couldn't imagine to have access. You've been a nascar most of your life. How difficult is it a day or two before race to have access to a driver's garage? Well for us where media, so we have after pretty good access to it, but underwriting these circumstances, there is a limited number of people period. In that garage and and their their track officials there, the safety crews, the crews are working on the cars. And Nascar officials and EMT's the drivers don't even go to the garage. You're not allowed in there. They had to go right through their motor home to the car. Bolt in and go. And so you know they they would never see it. You know and you know. My thought was my heart. Boy hopes some four others doing practical joke antagonists funny. And you know it would never be funny. It was not be funny any time during history, but you know you'd never know some people but. mascarpone head to the list of everybody was there because they'll have to sign up. You know easy to find out who did it. Exactly yeah, and you know come to find out this garage number four. someone. No one knew what garage bottle is going to be a scientist. He's assigned grabs number four, but some of the put robot near beforehand would have knowledge. That's where Bubbas going to be. Isn't that indication? This wasn't a racial incident at all. And it was exploded by the media and something significant when it didn't occur exactly. I agree with that and You Know I. Think they try to find this anywhere they can, and immediate has face, and if somebody wants to have a practical joke, just a funny or prank, somebody or promote some calls, the worst thing to do is in a controlled environment with Bubba. Wallace to put a nuisance circumstances to me. The media is spring. Spring loaded waiting for something to happen and when it came out within forty eight hours. Guess what guys here's the videos of other garages with exactly the rope in the same configuration, and that particular garage number four and eight months ago had the same rope there and someone sent me a video of numerous race tracks with numerous ropes, hanging from garage doors with the loop on the end. That is not a news bubba Wallace. Even twenty four hours later did not buy it. He gave to CNN which he said. I don't buy it at all. He's still wanted to be the victim of a of a hate crime. I think the media wanted to be a victim and. He said he said on CNN. I don't buy it now. And he had to have known in the business that you see that stuff all the time, correct. So you know because people kid around, and and you know the public ally, you know they. Just Inter interacted each you know, and and they have their jokes and stuff that apparently started I. Think This Day and age. That's those kind of jokes. If people do anymore now you're a fool to not funny. It's not funny. Dentist. Nearly you ready for the big question. The big question is this the last three or four days I've watched an assault verbally upon NASA car in its fans. When I watch ESPN sports reporters, they talk about the guy who rented a plane to fly a banner and the last race, saying the confederate flag, or whatever then they talk about a few people who, outside the racetrack might fly the confederate flag. The implication is there trump supporters and the racist because they're white. The from the South I was his female black reporter last night. Talk about NASCAR ours race problems. They've always had race problems and they're just smearing NASCAR fans the. The tens of millions around the country, and now you get the I had a call yesterday Dennis from a Nascar Fan, who said he and his buddies got together and burned all their NASCAR stuff. They can't stand. At PC HAS NASCAR and now when you look at a Nascar event, you think about the confederate flag. Think about Bubba Wallace. You think about a fake news. You think about issues irrespective of racing. Is there something different? You spent your life a NASCAR? The NASCAR fans of semi, different than NBA fans or NFL, fans or baseball fans now does NASCAR promote racism in your opinion. Do not and. I will go on the record. Saying every sport has their nut jobs. You know and it just that's just all there is to it, and that's why people are. They're just crazy. you know every every. Section of society North South East West they have people that are. Just have their minds with their hate and so on and you. You just can't convince him otherwise, so let them follow it, but my say we don't need him anyways, and that's a good thing for us to think like that and i. don't care what the sport is. You've got baseball basketball football. There are people in there that just hate other people, and sometimes they get a A computer keyboard makes you a hero. To show up to anybody's how you're. GonNa be in the spotlight and take the heat for what you say, and that pretty much one it's gone down to. The Internet is a wonderful thing, but it also has its where he didn't want to be part of it. Well what I look at this when it happened, I said there's doesn't fit. It doesn't make sense to me on Tuesday. Morning at eleven am Bubba. Wallace was on the view and he said quote. I questioned the authenticity of the people questioning this being a hate crime. So bubba Wallace is saying Tuesday morning I know what the FBI said, but still he wants to stay with the fact, a hate crime and I'm looking. I said well. Let me ask you as bubble Wallis far as a driver has. He won NASCAR event yeah. He's one truck races and I think extremely races and actually drove for Kyle Busch. Chow Bush putting a start and is very dry. We're just right now. Richard Petty motorsports probably will. least funded teen to NASCAR ENOUGH MONEY to keep up with everybody else. Hi! Richard Petty's like the Babe Ruth of NASCAR and Richard. Petty's eighty three. How come Richard Petty Enterprises doesn't have the same steam as other NASCAR teams. Just come to a matter of past experience past success. We've had twenty years and you know it's not Richard Petty. Richard Petty actually doesn't own that team. There's other corporations. It's his name on on the on the corporation. They sold out. Yeah, but you know. He doesn't need to be doing the same Morris. It's you know he's. He's getting up there eighty seven years old, but you know there's a lot of teams out there that you know when I say underfunded. There's still using millions and millions and millions of dollars a year as much as hinderaker, rouser or go get you know, but you know it. It's a matter I think bub is If he got team and had a lot of money, I think he'd do well. I really do and you know. We I've met him a lot. We've had shots. Guy, right. Very nice. Person I had my friends with his grandma and facebook you know, and and they. He just very nice. In you know he's he's. There's a lot of pressure from all around on him. Now because all emotionally had breakdown because he was in his mind, he thought somebody inside the camp. was putting a race and he never saw it. He said I've never actually seen the news. My guys told me about it from the time this happened. It's just didn't fit. It just didn't make sense, but is this a black eye for NASCAR GOING FORWARD? Do you think this is going to cause more attendance or less? To to me it just it just makes NASCAR look bad every which way or just it's not a good look. It's not a good look because of the reaction per se how the media portrays. Fever in their shoes are shoes to do the same thing. You like it or not, and you know people were just so over blowing all this stuff with this, not you know, and once it gets rolling a steamrolling. You can't change the narrative. So he's got to write it out and go with it, and you know just keep going what you're doing, and you know Bubbas a great person. He's a great spokesperson for the sports and You know a lot of people like him and You know we'll see if I think the big thing. It'd be nice if he actually got there and won a race or a bunch. You start doing then I think you know. I think the next couple of weeks. This whole thing blow thing about anymore. Dentist Neil Maybe one day. We'll all be back together again with with bobby and what segment who knows what the future holds, but. I knew when I think about NASCAR I, think about you in the Segman. San Willie. I appreciate that you know. We gotta thank you for giving us our start back. Wait twenty seven years ago and it's been a great ride and. Enjoyed every minute of it Dennis Neil. You're a great American and thank you for coming on the bill. Cunningham show Dennis, thank you, God, bless, America and God bless Nascar. Let's continue with more want to get your reaction goes. Kentucky speedway is going to hold a race of course without fans and the smearing of Nascar fans is something I don't understand. It's taken assuming that was individual misconduct. In this case, there was not many. Many one there to be misconduct, but assuming there was individual misconduct. The plan of the media now is to blame everyone generally and make everyone pay for individual misconduct whether you're a cop killing George Floyd then all cops responsible, and if some knucklehead, and it would have been real stupid, actually to put a noose and garage number four, which did not happen, but they WANNA blame everybody so quickly. The media jumps on the side. Of those who want to smear those who don't have the same political belief, they've weaponized trump to be used against NASCAR. Fans and I'm watching this. The fake news story proves racism is our new religion. You got to believe and if you question the belief than something's wrong with you and I. Black Racism is a new religion. It can't be questioned or studied. It must be accepted. So, it said I never win trade at the same irrespective. and. We got Reena coming up some others. We have four lines open. Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven thousand pounds, seven hundred eighteen t after one o'clock today we've scheduled Marie Thompson suing the health director and the governor once again to open up industries in Ohio and later on a two o'clock is match. Good friend will be here. Governor Mike DeWine A to thirty five can coochie Nellie. Who's the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security about the monuments and things of that character, three lines open, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand Gimme your read on the fake news story about the news, and whether it says more about the media or about bubba Wallis by every indication bubba Wallace's a hell of a guy. That's what they say. He was caught up in this thing never saw blamed everybody in the world and turn out to be fake story and the media is still don't want to back away from it because it's part of the religion to believe. Let's continue with more twelve twenty six year reds hopefully starting in about. Exactly four weeks four weeks from today, Thursday. To start four weeks from today we'll see what happens next on news radio seven hundred Waldo. Is Ready for you. Cunningham the great American. Line becomes available, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, in about twenty minutes, or so the vice president's going to land the in and around Lordstown Ohio. So we may have a representative of the Vice President with us about twenty minutes, or so after one o'clock Marie Thompson, who is suing the governor and state health director again to get things open two o'clock is. Match diamonds good friend Governor Mike DeWine about the results of his test a to thirty five. Ken Coach. Anneli Secretary of Homeland Security about what's happening to the monuments, but until then your calls. We have Rena James Tom Adam. Stephanie and thousands of others Rena on a cell phone, welcome to the Bill Cunningham show arena. Go ahead, okay well. I am not an asset fan. I said I usually call it Nasdaq I. don't even know it. I think one of the round track and cars is just foolish. Anyway I do care about America. And It seems to me like this is I just listened to it, and then it finally hit me. What is all this? I think it's just another chance to bring down American. ICONIC, institution You know most of us want the same thing Rina you can be a Liberal Democrat. You're going to be a Republican. You cannot care about politics. You'd be black, white female. WHATEVER THE HELL! We all want the same thing, but there's a five to ten percent of us that. Don't want America to succeed. They want to tear the place down. And that's the group going after Nascar, then wants success. They want failure I think so it just another thing and I then I even got to think about that bland whatever it was. That was flying the flag. You mean a bunch of rednecks got together and got the money to get that thing. Does anybody know who got that? You can find out, but frankly I don't care. I don't. Want to fly if you WANNA fly fly if you WANNA, play black lives, matter have added. If you want to say, trump is great. Do if you want to say, trump is lousy, do it? Too but I hope it wasn't just another can't cast. you know dispersion on a group? That didn't even do it. You WanNa have Rena is general responsibility for individual misconduct. Assuming certain things of you can never say that if a blocked mail commits a crime, all black males are responsible, but if you have a cop in Minneapolis committing a horrible crime. Then all cops responsible, and so there's a trigger mechanism that the leftist and the anarchist's are ready to spring in a moment's notice. When some event takes place anywhere in the world or in the country, they use as an excuse to break out play class, windows and loot, and they're just wait for some event to take place that is disgusting. The great majority of protesters are pretty good people, but that five or ten percent their anarchist and they wanNA. Destroy this country and thank you for your call. Let's go to James. Tomlin Adam thousands of others James on a cellphone James Go ahead. Yeah how are you great data being American yeah, it is. Bill this whole thing scares me the you know it's not just a matter of NASCAR, but if I was a enemy of the United States and I wanNA developed communism to the United States. I would I. I've tried to destroy destroy their economy which. Already done that with the virus. Then I would infiltrate. They get the educational institutions where I would talk to all the college kids, and all the University of people and brainwash them into thinking Whoa, what a horrible place says and we treat people bad and the full fathers, and the founding fathers and everybody what really really bad people in slave owners and get all these disparity and then. I would probably get somebody not necessarily black lives matter, but some somewhere like that and infiltrate people into their that would just create havoc and keep the habit going, and have these people doing smashing things up, and tearing the statues down and destroy in our history, and then maybe at also get on drugs and I bring sentinel and things like that to the United States to get into all the youth and get patent here. Hell Yeah you sound like Paul. Harvey if somebody wanted to destroy this country, go after the economy go after the city's go after the schools to indoctrinate the kids about and how awful America is and then at the end of the day wall. That's going on. We have the Russians and especially the communist Red Chinese. Her building more islands in the South Pacific extending their reach, so they want to destroy the economy destroyed public education, and then had the cities are upton violence that and and use racism and slavery to get done. Lucifer himself could have concocted a better better cocktail than this one. No now, one quick question on top of that they'll do. We actually have a revolution that started right now in the Senate, the wedge in there and the majority of us don't even realize that we've got a revolution started. Well. We have to look back for the next year or two to see what happens. If trump is re-elected, that'll be a springboard for more riots, demonstrations and protests if trump is not reelected in the empty vessel takes over Joe. Biden and the Nancy Pelosi and control all national legislation. Then we're in deeper trouble I of course. I'm a trump. I'm GonNa vote for trump, but wait to see what happens, but we have to look back in time maybe in three or Or four years I hope to conclude in radio in about three or four years from now all be done, and I'm going to look back and say twenty twenty was the time at which America turned internally that quiet lives matter that normal people take back their government whether a city council, or whether it's Washington or May look back on twenty twenty and say that was the beginning of the second American. Revolution and really James Either one is possible because we don't. Don't have an objective media that gives the American people facts upon which they can cast an informed ballot, and if more balloting by mail occurs, and makes it easier to commit massive fraud, and no one's gonNA investigate it because the Democrats will be in charge, and they've benefiting by it, and so if the city's continue to erupt in colleges, don't produce those thinking objectively, and the economy continues to waffle. This could be ugly on the other hand I've always said James. James that America is God's representative on Earth, and I think if there is a god in heaven with Shirley. There is that he must have some representative nation that represents his values, and so whenever the world's been in trouble for the last one hundred years, the world turn toward the United States of America, and so I hope there's divine intervention, and whatever has to happen does happen every night I say a prayer for my buddies. My friends that are hurting. Physically or emotionally and. For the last week or two I've put the united. States of America on my list of a country that is hurting right now. Imagine the world without the United States of America. Imagine imagine that Russia marching across Europe imagined communist Red China taking over all of Asia and South America Central American continue following into the abyss the fact America's been on top. Top for about ninety years doesn't mean we're going to be there forever. And as long as we have constitutional republican principles of freedom and justice for all that's the goal were were as long as we have. Those principles were in good shape, but bringing down the monuments says that America does not matter and trashing cities mean property rights do not matter and. If that's the future, my friend. We're in deep trouble. One quick bonding thing. You know the media. They've been infiltrated like crazy. They don't tell us the truth. And you know you said yesterday that Dewine is seventy four percent popularity. I don't know where these numbers come from. Don't believe that there is no way in God's. Green, 'cause he's got seventy four percent popularity. Oh I know a lot of people. And they said well we voted him in. He was great guy to start with, but he's gone from hero to zero, and I gase may have. Forty percent at the most activity most don't don't believe the numbers. The media comes where these numbers come from I. Don't know they'll. Chain with the presidency and the elections and everything else you cannot believe the numbers. You can't believe the media at some point I may do this. Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe Monday on every day, because I was going to take some time off. I have like eight weeks vacation, I've taken none so at some point I'm GonNa take vacation, but at some point I'm going to open up the polls. Yes, or no on Mike DeWine. It's not now. And I? Liked it because i. hear the same thing you're reflecting. That's what I feel. That's what I hear. But when I talked to the governor I talked to those in Columbus, he tells me he's riding the crest of a wave and I'm thinking why wouldn't they? You know. Let's see what happens to me. It's not about getting elected or not elected. What one of the things that I firmly believe is something Roberto Clementi said. Before he died and that is. It is a wasted life, if I've had the opportunity to help others and failed to do so, and that's why Roberto Clementi went from. Puerto Rico to Nicaragua. Plane, let's take those folks who made and he died in a plane. Crashes tried to land, and so Mike Dewine believes that he's got an opportunity to help others as he sees it, and he's going to seize that opportunity whether in reality. That's what is needed this point I'm on shore, but that's what he believes in James. Keep calling and thank you now. That was a great call. Let's continue with more. We have Tom Adam and bill and We have a call and possibly from a woman, a man demerit. WHO's with the? Vice President. Pence who's landing in Ohio talk about Lordstown in more than about fifteen minutes. Don't WanNa miss this Marie Thompson. Of he's the group eighteen fifty one that is suing the governor and the health officials about opening up American businesses, and he's coming up a scheduled to be here at one. Oh, seven today PM, and then at two o'clock is match diamonds. Good friend Mike DeWine OB here at two thirty five Ken. Coochie Nellie. The Acting Homeland Security Secretary will be. Here is a good friend of Taryn, so he set that up Cancun in Virginia and I thank very much for that. Flying becomes available, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, Bill Cunningham the great American live drummer. The Reds Matt tells me four weeks from today. We think on seven hundred WWL wwl. Cunningham, the great, American, Asian or the president and the VP pants have been actively involved in manufacturing jobs, trying to return as many as possible back to not estates states from China and elsewhere and of course Lordstown. In Eastern Ohio has been the site of jam plan for a long time. GM tried to shut it down. President intervened and sometime about now sometime later today it appears the vice president will be landing Air Force to in and around Lordstown to talk about his visit as Mandy Merit National Press Secretary for the Republican National, Committee also a native of Warren County Ohio and Mandy Merit welcome to the bill Cunningham show and Mandy. How are you? I'm doing well bill. How are you? I'm doing well normally. When I talked to a national character like you, you're from everywhere but Ohio. How'd You Make Your Way from Warren? County the Golden Lamb the warriors of Lebanon all the way to the RNC and Washington. Well as you well know all roads to DC to the White House lied through, Ohio, so I got started in Ohio, but then made my way to see, but always have a special place in my heart for Ohio, and so I know very well. Be What Mahoning County, how this is such a special day for then with reveal of the new endurance, all electric pickup truck and what Vice President Pence is therefore today. This is really a great day to talk about these strong economic restoration of the MAHONING. Valley, and how president trump continues to bring jobs back to this country and the great American economic comeback that we are seeing I not. Not only in this country, but even in the midst of the Krona virus of the pandemic that we see we're still jobs back, and that is what this is all about. Let's drill down a little bit What kind of vehicles emit? We'll be made now in Lordstown. You talk about electrical, which you tell me the future, but what specifically is going to be made at Lordstown now? It looks like it's going to be all electric pickup trust. It's nate called the endurance which I think speaks to the name of the Mahoning. Valley of what the workers there have endured. They have grits. Endurance I think that's a perfect name for the Mahoning valley there so it's GonNa. Be Exciting. It's a great day and it shows really the contrast of all about what president trump has has been doing me. We thought with the jobs report of this past month. Were Communists all over? We're predicting we going to be boozing. Millions of jobs, seven eight and a half million jobs than we actually gained two and a half million jobs and I think that. That shows the fundamentals of this economy are strong. The Great American comeback is on its way president trump built the greatest economy. This country has ever seen, and he's absolutely president. That will do it again. Joe Biden would only destroy this economy. His job taxing hikes would destroy the economy, and that's why we need four more years of president trump to continue our great kind of economic comeback menu merit jobs. Are we talking about in in and around Youngstown? So, it looks like it's a I believe. I don't know the exact number right now a hundred or so smaller, but say that it's going to be too. I believe thousands once really get going in the line. Start again now, and these are GM for These GM pickup trucks is talking about GM. I leave. So you know for the actual details? Hope that everybody can live stream and listen into the event once vice president pence is on the ground. It should be an exciting announcement. Really, it's been a team effort. By president trump by president pence governor to wind really nobody Jan, off the hook here one everyone's make sure. This plant continued running the Great People Lordstown by everyone was continuing to get those jobs, and not that plant did not sit idle. Men almost every political pundit I speak with I have new Gingrich Gingrich, coming on tomorrow and I have some others to pundits, punditry, who make a living now is simply opining, which is awfully important. I've opinions do, but they always tell me that why educated females are the swing vote and twenty twenty and I assume you're a white educated female from Warren County Levin. What is it a am? What is it about? Trump and pence as a as a white, educated female suburbanite, more or less you? You're at one point in your life. Why are you attracted to as opposed to the democratic sirens y? I think the economy is a huge message, but specifically for me I think is what another huge message that we're going to be seeing all across this country. It's also law and order, and this is another message that Vice President Pence will be also doing today. After his announcement here in Lordstown, he will be holding a message with law, enforcement and community leaders and event. They're around people and we're. We're seeing the loudest voices on the left so many places in Minneapolis and Seattle, and La New York are calling for a defunding of the police, and they're not supporting our men and women in uniform, and not just not with this country is about. We saw yesterday that Democrats blocked police reform from Senator Tim Scott and that is just outrageous. They're calling for reform, but not at the expense. Of Progress, because only if Republicans proposed that, so we saw last week. President trump issued an executive order encouraging law enforcement agencies to implement best practices of protecting the communities they serve, but also supporting that the law enforcement agencies. And making sure that are deported and have the the resources that they need to strengthen those relationships with the the communities that they serve, and so that is critically important. I think that law and order message is really going to be one that that brings us into November because many in that the far left media wants to think that there's this false choice between reporting needs, reforms and protesters, and and choosing between supporting the law and order, and and our men and. And Women in uniform, and that's not the case we can support both and make sure they're safe policing, but also say communities nation hating itself cannot survive. We have so many Americans aren't interested in change. Their instant interested in revolution this. November could be a choice between anarchy on one hand and civilisation on the other. But Mandy Merit we gotta run good luck to you. Thanks for calling the Bill Cunningham show and good luck to the vice president today good luck. Down Mandy Merit. Let's continue with more line becomes available, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, Bill Cunningham newsradio seven hundred wwl demille. Now a few days ago, another lawsuit was filed by the eighteen fifty one set of constitutional law headed up by Marie Thompson. Serves as executive director of that August body, which is a charitable nonprofit situation Maurice Thompson Attorney welcome again to the Bill Cunningham show Marie, South Korea. Again Bill Let's talk about first of all for those listening around the Midwest and the nation kind of review, the two or three lawsuits filed so far that have been successful, and then we'll get into the one you filed about two days ago. Please go ahead. Yeah you bet so. We're on our fifth case here. Case Number One was a humble procedural process claiming Federal Court ran into a buzzsaw federal judge. There did not work at all. However, that opened the door for people to be interested in this issue, and finally rise to the occasion after we couldn't find a single plaintiff The next lawsuit was on behalf of thirty five gyms up in Lake County where? Where the court of common pleas they're finally in state. Court completely scrapped everything that dewine active been trying to do and then two weeks after that in Erie County the court again scraps everything that the wine act and have been trying to do saying they have no power to close businesses that this statute. The relying on is totally unconstitutional. Around that same time we had criminal charges thrown out against the only. Person Ever be charged with a crime for violating the statute which criminalizes disobedience with any order of the director of health at that time was acting so one of those last three cases. Then this week we filed a challenge to eliminate the daycare regulations that the wind an acting have passed This is our first attempts to contact regulations, but very strong case because you'll have general assembly has already determined. What size of group can be supervised? At daycares, group of groups of children that is and what the ratios are supposed to be. You know you need X. number of adults to watch over X. number of children. That's all set in statute, and you have to enact and. Just, ignoring the statute and making up their own legislation, and trying to overrule already passed legislation, so you had the executive branch of government, determining what the law should be your the executive branch of government interpreting the law. Then you had the executive branch of government. Individuals and punishing them for violation of the law when we have three branches of government. Bill, this is something that any sixth grader should know is improper and as you frame, it is correct it's even. Worse in that the wine enactment have created their own criminal code so. What kinds of constitutes a crime, and then they enforce those crimes all unilaterally on their own. Violation of the legislation passed by the General Assembly in this instance. Is there a legal way of getting to the same result by not doing what they did? Couldn't they have gone through the legislature? Make the arguments available. Have the hearings the house? The Senate passed a law giving the governor. The power determining the penalty should be describing what the parade but of. Of Behavior is which is what a normal criminal statute describes perimeter behavior after a lengthy process of hearings to determined specifically then the citizens are notified behavior village the law. Then the legislature also determines the penalty for that. Then the house passes it. The Senate passes it. The governor signs it into law. Then that's why wasn't there legal way of doing this? Yeah every single thing that the wine and act and have done up until this point could have been done through the Ohio General Assembly, and not only could have been done through the legislature, but the Ohio constitution only goes emergency powers to the legislature, so it was required to be done through the legislature, and the legislature could have done it on an expedited basis. Basis but it also could have done it on expedite expedited basis while holding some hearings to hear from business owners, example about the practical problems of trying to centrally plan their industries, for blackbox and the legislature may have come to more wise conclusions in the ones where currently dealing with so every day two o'clock. It's going to happen again in about forty five minutes. The Governor Amy Acton John Usta. She's now gone and he doesn't have the new acting second of director, so the governor and Lieutenant Governor they kind of come forward and say what laws they're going to pass laws. They're going to execute what procedures are legal and there was a way of doing this constitutionally. They just didn't choose to do it the right way. Rule of law by press conference and the media summarily announces the new rules as though they have the immediate force of law without any, since you're questioning whatsoever of the process or of the data, underlying, the process is all could have been handled in the legislature where I think that some of that data would be scrutinized and some of the policy choice would also be scrutinized. So we have an objection to that on the procedural grounds, but also it gets worse. Results were not saying. The legislature is a perfect place it certainly. No problems there as well, but induces checks and balances into the process that forbid this sort of arbitrary rule, and also forbids this idea of manufacturing regulations at eleven fifty nine pm. Today that are effective and carry criminal penalties ninety days in jail at twelve o one am tomorrow morning. Then then why does dewine have a seventy five percent approval rating? People love to be afraid. I think fear is a big part of this you know the the courage level is something that I watch closely in the fifteen years that I've litigated constitutional rights cases I can tell you that a lot of people are afraid and the courage. The courage meter is down in Ohio and it's been. Just, continuing to slightly move downward over the last fifteen years. It's hard to find clients want to stand up for their rights in court. I believe that the rhetoric and the missed portrayal of certain data has convinced some people that they should be afraid, and it's easier and easier to manipulate people into being afraid, and that's how you get the policy results. You want if you're a politician. Every October. If we're not scared enough, we'll pay some movie. Producers scare the crap out of even more. There's something innate to the human species. We WanNA BE FRIGHTENED WE WANNA, be scared. We want to be protected, so Marie Thompson. You've had difficulty getting clients to step forward describe what happened Terry three days ago when you file a new lawsuit about the daycare. Sure well I just want to add to that bill. I think the one of the primary problems we have in this state perhaps in this country. Is that when people have these fears, and they have these anxieties, instead of just saying look I've got some anxieties here. They may or may not be rational. I need to work through them. they instead go hyperbolic and insists upon government making a law that infringes upon of all of our freedoms, and that's where we object is to folks who, instead of treating their anxieties attempt manufacturer, the rings dieties into law, and our current case on Daycares in Warren County is one of those cases wearing anxieties manufactured into law that limits artificially the number of children that daycares can watch, and the problems at that creates of course are the parents can't find somebody to watch their children. They want to go back to work. Maybe they need the money, but the daycares can't take them. I have one client who could. Could have supervised two hundred children before these regulations, but now can only supervise sixty six children at his civility, and multiplied out by the daycares, and you see you have a massive shortage in childcare, vision and also, when you have restricted the supply something you drive up the cost, so the cost of childcare also has to go up in these situations, which makes it unaffordable for many and further hurts the budgets of many who've already been hurt by the policies of accidental. Why do these individuals hurt by the governor and by amy actions orders over the last three months to they have monetary damages. They could seek. It's possible we don't do. Money claims our job. At eighteen fifty one is to take a black magic marker and basically black out the law that needs to go away, and that's all that we do the The legal community has plenty of shysters looking for the dollars, and that's for them to follow up on after we had the law invalidated on constitutional grounds. In, the lawsuit filed in Warren County. When you've been quick getting tr and preliminary junctions is they're hearing date set soon on that. There is we move preliminary injunction today and we have at least a summary. Hearing up there up there in your case down there in mind tomorrow. and we hope for a quick ruling. The this is this regulation is a little bit unlike the closures. We've been challenging with the closures. We filed a lawsuit delaying. Get to look at it and we'll simply open the business in response to the lawsuit gear. I think he's he's batten down the hatches, and he wants to fight for these regulations over the long term, though it's important for us to get an injunction against them, and we hope to get that very quickly. As you're claiming course, it's true that you can change the law. Two, hundred, fifty, fifty, ninety, five, whatever it is in these day, care centers, but there has to be a rational basis, and asked to be constitutionally enacted through the legislature, and if they if they make the decision, the numbers got to be sixty five. Then your constitutional claims go out the window, but you can't have the executive branch of government doing legislative functions, and also doing judicial functions all at the same time. It doesn't work that way. Yea In this case bill, the legislature is expressly an statue. We're dealing with preschoolers. For example you're allowed to supervise up to twenty eight children in the same group. Mike Dewine in act revised that to nine, so we're talking about nineteen less children that can be supervised by these daycares for preschoolers numbers forty for those who are older than preschool age. We've gone from forty eight to nine. So this is just a massive crippling for parents and children, but also for these businesses they have fixed. Fixed costs they have mortgages. They have property taxes just like everybody else, and when you cut their revenue in a third, that's also a major problem and you're right. The legislature could revise those numbers if given the opportunity, but it's already set those numbers and stuff those numbers in the context of an unbelievable number of safety regulations that already governed daycares, including regulations about communicable diseases and spacing and things like that rational basis and Murray's Thompson. Has the governor responded when he's lost all of these cases in court? Has? What. What's he done? He what he's done. That's interesting is he? Is pulled the hook on attorney general. Dave IOS and hired his own lawyers to now defend these lawsuits, so there's infighting within the state government and the governor is no longer allowing himself and these regulations to be defended by the Ohio Attorney General's office any instead has hired a private law firm at five hundred. Hundred fifty dollars an hour paid for by the tax payers to defend these regulations is David Jost backed away and said I'm not defending this because doesn't David. IOS defend the law and the laws passed by the legislature. So David goes to what does not want to be in the position of defending the indefensible, so Yo said I'm not GonNa do it. You should ask him. I asked him that question. Well I'd be curious. Nobody's GonNa say because this is all happening in a in a black box so far either the attorney general is backing away from the issues or the governor backing away from him. One or the other, but we're not sure what I'm surprised. Mike DeWine is doing this because up to this point, he's kind of he's a law is an attorney general. He knows how to legally get this done. He keeps losing and court every time. The probability of losses piling up I think are very great, and that the for those listening that says well. This has to be done, and you're saying I'm saying that if it has to be done, it must be done the proper way, and your point is not to the substantive matter whether it's forty nine kids or One hundred eighty. Your point is is a process to determine that number and the governor's not following the law. That's right. It's absolutely what's happening here and the number probably shouldn't be where it is, and we could prove that the number shouldn't be where it is. If we had a legislative hearing, or if we even had administrative hearings, remember bill, one of the things about all these regulations is. There's no opportunity to appeal any of them. There's an opportunity to have an administrative appeal where you. You say hey, this number is too low for example. If your daycare provider that has a huge huge space in any of them, do the size of a gymnasium and you only have six kids in that entire space bat is absurd on its face, and you should have some sort of an exemption at that point, but there's no process to seek that, and that's why if we look. To you, keep going to court is because that is the only way to challenge these regulations, so he's not ignored the court orders. What he's done is simply comply with him by opening up industries, but in this case in Warren County this one's different. I think it will be. Unless unless back again which you know, that's a victory to be happy with that but it's time to start challenging these regulations on businesses because remember. The regulations are conditions of opening so they all trace back to the power to close. They said we have power close you at any time. Subject to our own will and caprice, and we're only GonNa let you operate. If you had by our rules that we just made up, so we need to challenge these rules that they just made up. Because the source of them is, they're. They're arbitrary power to close people. If they don't comply or to prosecute them even worse, you can't do this. It must be done the legal way by doing an illegally. It takes time and money in March twenty second. When this thing started, they could have gone through the legislative process and within two weeks. They offered to every two weeks. Come back to us and we'll review them. And then the legislature which creates law would have given it to the Governor to enforce the law, but the governor created the law enforce the law, then was the judicial system and imposing penalties, all of which is wrong. And there may have been an excuse on March twenty fourth bill, but it's been. It's been one hundred days almost at this point, so there's been plenty of time to do all of these things through the legislature the legislature during this past one hundred days past like a nine hundred page bill, so they have the ability to do this and. The governor hasn't even thought that process I have a note here from a business owner. This says. Why weren't these regulations challenged when they were first put into place? It's a great question. It goes back to courage. I put out a policy brief which I rarely do on all the reasons that these these regulations were unconstitutional all the way back in March and it took me forever to find the initial client, so we have a backlog for that reason I I quite case didn't happen until the end of April, and finally people started to step up and it takes time you know it. It can if the question was about the daycare regulations in particular well three weeks is pretty quick. Remember these things just imposed less than three weeks ago and that's lightning-quick in the real world. It seems like an eternity in this context but we had no idea it was coming. It struck these daycare operators. You know at midnight around I and you know. We got into court a little bit quicker than three weeks has. Yet forty daycares organized that quickly. These things take time. We could move faster. And you need a real party in interest. Marie Thompson you just can't step forward. And Sam Suing, union, an injured party, and the difficulty was for the first several weeks. That weren't parties coming forward willing to step out there. That's called courage. Marie. Thompson, we gotta go. What's your website for those listening around the nation? Ohio Constitution Dot Org. We take no money from clients. No money from government so folks are able to support us. That's how that's how we do this. Murray say Thomson from High School in North West Ohio. Thanks again for coming on the Bill Cunningham show. Thank you. The God bless America. Let's continue with more your reaction. Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven thousand Bill Cunningham seven hundred wwl meal. I could use mosquito. Joe Right now I got mosquito bites. Thousands on hold. Millions are listening. Let's go to Mary Andean Tom. Tom's been there for over an hour. Let's get to him then pat and many others plus. Match diamonds, good friend Mike, Dewine. We'll be hearing about twenty five minutes, and if time allows I'M GONNA put a call into to the Secretary of Homeland Security, Cancun Cinelli about two thirty five to forty. We'll see what happens. Let's continue. We never stop. We simply continue Tom on a cellphone. Thank you for your patients. Go ahead Sir first time long time. Thank you. Wanted to bring up a piece of history. That's never talked about. And I don't know how much it You know coincides with everything. That's going on, but. The first American slave owner was blocked man. Named Anthony Johnson. WHO OWNED WHITE SLAVES? And I I think that just something that I think. All Americans need to know that this is part of all of our history, and it's a bad part. No one is suggesting that somehow slavery's okay. African tribesmen sold their men, women and children to slavery for profit. Armies did not show up from Europe. and Africa happened the shift showed up. African tribes sold each other. They made money in the deal. It was awful. It was terrible, if began in the sixteen nineteen or so continued through today right now there's more slaves and the world today numerically ever before and their slave markets working right now. Continuing and Africa happens today. It doesn't make it okay. America's not unique America has fought this thing since its creation in seventeen, eighty, nine, one, hundred, thirty two. Hundred thirty two hundred thirty years ago and so we have fought it. We've done better with the issue than many others, but the radical left is not wanna hear that message. They want America to beat themselves or the whip on their back every day and I'm proud of my country with all of us flaws on proud of the United States of America. I'm proud. Take a break Oh. Let's go to Mary. Let's go to Mary. Dell and then D- And then rain Mary. Go ahead. You're on the bill. Cunningham show Mary go ahead. Hi. Really I don't agree with that. Seventy to eighty percent approval rating for divine unless there polling Democrat I mean this is ridiculous. I think we need to quit ignoring the elephant in the living room which is. Mike. The Weinstein ties to Marxism he's. Always talking about partners in health which he has joined with. We need to look a lot of articles. There's one out there called the far left organization behind Ohio contact tracing, and they go into detail about the founders Dr. Paul Farmer I got into researching this when I heard Jack Windsor know investigative journalists question the wine at the presser. He's unbelievable. Windsor is, and he's on this and I'd research tons of articles on this and that. Partners in health is funded by George Soros. Chelsea Clinton is on the board. Bill and Melinda Gates are pouring millions and millions into this partners in health, and he's connected to this in Haiti and it's working Africa. He defends it saying well. I don't agree with Paul Farmer but Paul. Farmer is a CO founder the other founders of Chinese by the name of Tim Jim Kim, who is head of the? The World Bank you tell me, Marxist isn't behind us, and also the wind is never trumper. Why is he not there greeding pets? He should be our governor and he should be out there with him he he didn't have a rally here in Ohio. This is all to ruin our economy to bring Ohio. Down Because Ohio is instrumental in the win of up. Trump at trump loses Ohio. He cannot win the presidency. It's over right, and and if we don't win, the presidency were done, and this is about Marxism. Black lives matters whatever it's called. It's about Marxism and wine is about Marxism and we need to expose this. We don't have hi. Mary. You just did thanks for your call. Let's continue as time allows D. and then pat. You're on the bill. Cunningham show de go ahead I. Could you talk man a long time to wait on you and your wife at Kenwood? Who Good good thank you. Dark chocolate cream pie, I did yes I. Did I still I still I like Cherry Pie when Doan made it, but I've got no cherry pies recently well. I'm so sorry to hear that, but I wanted to ask you. Do you know anything about NASCAR dominance what? I've read the Quad trains. It's been a while, but. He's predicted death and doom. It hasn't happened yet at some point. America will fall when we fall. It will not be because we're successfully invaded. It'll come from within. And, that's kind of what he said. He said. It's GONNA be interracial. We're going to kill each other. At the pay the rate, we're going I love my black brothers and sisters, but there are certain elements who want to keep us at each other's throats, separate by race by gender by sexual orientation and the party that claims the other part engages in racism should look at itself. The Democratic Party was formed as a racist party to keep slaves into south, and ever since then they haven't changed much from that attitude, but because they've always act in a racist fashion, they choose the Republicans of engaging in their behavior. Cable thing you know. And I'm an innocent person I am not racist and guess what my car was vandalized, big time and a protest. They came up from Montgomery road. They knocked out four cars in our parking lot. I live in a senior building and it was just devastating to me. Here in Sycamore, township or Kenwood. Silverton It was not good. A car was stolen street after street. There was windows busted out and innocent people like myself have to go through this because you're not all white people are bad. Effect, the great majority of all of us are great Americans. I'd say ninety five percent. There's a five percent element who wanted to destroy who are individuals that live a completely different philosophy of life, and the great majority of us went the same thing. There's at five percentile that wanted to destroy everything they touch. Let's continue now. Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand. Go to pat on a cellphone pat on his cell phone. Go ahead on. On the Bill Cunningham Show, PAT, go ahead well first of all. Thank you Mr. Cunningham you're a busy man. It's very hard to get through, but I'll get straight to the point You have a re Thomson on there and He seems like a good man. He seems like he wants to fight for the rights of workers. Well the reason I'm calling up because you have mentioned the wine which he's a friend of yours. Right the governor. Mike DeWine there's been a friend of mine for about thirty five years. Okay, and do you agree with the policies that he's doing with the shutdown? No. I don't either and that's why I'm calling bill cutting him. We need you the American people. Will you do a golf outing in support a small business? That's why I'm calling I one of my businesses shutdown. Kind of business. Are you in gift basket? Well? You know! The Governor Mike has two good intentions. He thinks on the side of the angels, but assuming he wants to do what he's doing. He has to do it. The legal way which is go through the legislature to pass the laws that enables him to do what he wants to do. He doesn't trust the Republicans in the House and the Senate to pass laws that he agrees with so. So he knows the legislature, and then he does his own law-making, and every time has gone to court. He's lost, and so so what does is. It's the damnedest thing I've seen in that. We do have a problem with covert nineteen. I. Know It, you know if you catch covert nineteen, you have a problem. If you've ever co morbidity, you got a problem, but the great majority. Majority of Ohi Winter Kentuckians that catch covert nineteen. Don't even know they have it, and that's one hell of a thing to have a fatal contagious disease. You don't know you got now for my personal life. Di I pay attention to what I do I. Stay Out of crowds. If I go a new store, my masters always in my in my chevy traverse. Oh my left and And the little pocket and I haven't with me. If some private business owner wants mini, wear a mask on more than happy to wear masks if I'm in public and I might get into a situation where people are within six feet up. Put My mask on every twice an hour I have alcohol right there that I put on my hands and I believe covert nineteen is real. and has to be dealt with. We have to live with this D for the next several months. It isn't a case of either or shutdown. Stay at home live like a mushroom living in the dark fed crap. I want to get out there and live my life and so I'm going to do that, but while doing it, I can do two things three things four things at the same time. Time which is be aware, be cognizant of being around Cova being around other human beings that have not been in contact with before, and then being careful, and also living your life and the arguments Imerese Thompson Goodman. I never met him, but He's a good man, because there's a way of doing things properly, even if the proper end is a good one and a way of doing things improperly. Governor is like the president or the mayor. He executes the law. The law makers the legislatures are city, council, or the Congress they make the law, and then when there's a conflict, the judiciary interprets the law is to what what the law means. I was with Justice Sharon Kennedy the other day. She's on their high supreme. Court and she made an impassioned plea about the separation of powers. that. You can't have judges being governors and lawmakers. And you can't have governors being lawmakers and judges, and you can't have the legislature being lawmaker being law enforcers. Three branches is a brilliant formulation and justice Sharon Kennedy, said our role as supreme. Court justices, an Ohio is not to create law to determine whether or not for example at Dhaka should be implemented or not, and maybe a good idea. If you're a broad, is a child that you're a citizen, but it's not up to a judge to do that. It is up to the legislature to say. Say What are the rules of immigration? So in no matter what it is if we follow the dictates of justice, Sharon, Kennedy, who says my role is, the judge is not to make. Law is not create law. My role is to say whether or not the actions of the legislature or others is in violation of the Ohio Constitution or the US Constitution. That's the role of a real judge. Many judges have opinions like I do. And so if a judge puts the robe on and goes on the bench. Many judges, many men and women say the law ought to be this way because it isn't. Going to change it to make it the way I want it to be. That's called chaos. That's. You can't have individuals deciding for themselves. I'm taking down statues. If the city Cincinnati wants to take down statues, or the state of Virginia wants to take down, Robert. Lee Statue in Richmond. That's law. Take it down. You can't have mobs putting ropes and chains on statues in pulling them over the cost tens of thousands of dollars and saying we're taking the law into our own hands. You can't ever city council meeting in which chaos reigns supreme I might be old school, but when I hear the F bomb or the M. F. Bomb in public broadcast it over cable to families. I don't like that. It's a lack of civility Alaska courtesy. Alaska, gentility, we need those attending these meetings, not act like knuckleheads and clowns and to be arrested and city council. We all have become our own broadcasting company because the twitter and facebook all of us now when the twitter world we're all in that kind of business and I'm saying right now. We have a social bond a social fabric that's being torn. Economically governmentally, racially the thing when Nascar began with Dentists Neil, a couple of hours ago, I thought something was suspicious from the get-go. And now it appears no. It is certain that that's so-called news was a rope with a loop at the end. To My right, there was a chord. With which hanks about six feet at the end is a loop, so you can grab hold of that and pulled the blinds up and down. And so if something doesn't exist, that confirms our view of the world. Let's create something I can complain about the outrage. Industry is well funded. So, let's continue to take short break. On the other side Mike Dewine. We'll be with you and I. You continue to Friends of mine. Do wrongful things. I still love them, I'll be with them and I will correct them, and then they can do what they wanNA. Do you know Mike Dewine will submit himself to the voters in twenty? Twenty twenty two. And at that point, we'll see what happens. Give the Guy Credit. He's doing what he thinks needs to be done now. He's doing it wrongfully, but he's doing what he thinks needs to be done. And Marie Thomson God bless him for doing what he's doing. The governor has a terrible record in court because he's not following the law and he's acting illegally, and it's unconstitutional other than that everything's great. So, let's continue. Lawn becomes available. Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven thousand pound, seven hundred eighteen t I. think tomorrow we're schedule. They have on Newt Gingrich at some point, we'll see what happens in more plus reds baseball three weeks from today twenty one days from now we may have reds baseball I'm sorry four weeks from today four from today, which is on or about July Twenty Third July twenty four something like that supposed to have reds baseball. Now, there's all kinds of rules and regulations. Fans can't come media. Largely Rob Butcher says media largely cannot come. We know dugout interviews nobody in the locker room. But whatever it is is the best of a bad situation. Let's continue one fifty four home of your reds. We think newsradio seven hundred w automobile. As you may know homeland is not real secure for all kinds of reasons and the. Acting Deputy Secretary Homeland Security is Ken Kuching Ali former Attorney General, the Great State, of Virginia and Secretary Kuching Eliot. Welcome again to the Bill Cunningham show, and and Ken. How are you? I'm good. Let's talk about a homeland. Security said this the off their briefly. Since you're the, we won't talk about Daca with the Supreme, court did about a week ago. Nature ones and all that stuff. What how? How Secure Is Homeland Security? You're the deputy secretary. are We secure in the homeland? We certainly are You know you're obviously seeing unrest around the country, but the only place that's going on are places where the local authorities letting it go on, and so people are getting what they vote for in their local community, and in some places, sadly that is violence and mayhem and destruction, and you literally have mayors like some Seattle calling it a summer of love like Woodstock. Something and but you also have a president and president trump in the areas of federal responsibility for instance here in Washington DC where I'm talking to you from he surged over eight hundred of our DHS officers from a whole slew of agencies to put down the violence in Washington to keep facilities and people safe here, and it was all done in cooperation with local authorities, and it worked look. There was a direct correlation to between WHO's willing to advance forceful and responsible police forces, and where the violence went down, and where it went up was where people were. Were pulling their police back Is there some sense that the mayor of Washington Merrill Bowser as completely s completely lost her way having and right now your city of Washington. We see the ropes around Andrew Jackson, who by the way in the good old days Jefferson Jackson? There were the two founders of the Democrat Party and no question, and largely she stood down Washington DC. Police stood down as his multimillion dollar artifact. The past was was almost toppled in front of the White House and I had a friend of mine called me this morning, and he said well. What the Hell is going on and he? He he reminded me of what happened. Sixty, seven, sixty, eight, sixty, nine. You're too young to recall, but at that point one hundred American cities burn. It was like a revolution going on, we came out of that. Do have a concern. This'll be a permanent feature of American life if trump loses reelection November the third. I certainly do if he loses was the example of law and order at the top then goes away so you know that has a big fact that doesn't mean every governor or locality will follow that lead. But the reality is you lose the support of the federal government and we've facilities everywhere. The Department of Homeland Security is the largest collection of law enforcement officers in America bigger than DOJ or anywhere else and so we're guarding courthouses. We're doing all these things are people are putting themselves on the line in fact last Friday? We buried. Officer Patrick Underwood who is the first person? I law enforcement officer killed after the George. Floyd, protests and riots began he was targeted and assassinated, and the FBI thankfully has caught that that culprit none the last the violence happened, and he's not gonNA. Come back and this has real consequences, but we're going to keep pushing forward meaning in terms of protecting the facilities that we're responsible for the people near us. and you heard the president in recent days. He's found another law that he can use to protect some of these statues that. are related to our history now with respect, Andrew Jackson those federal officials that was federal police that moved in and stop that that was pardon me and You know it wasn't a local police. Though I will say. The local police were engaged. In confronting some of these protesters in their own streets, they some of them are set up tents in the street and the Washington Police Department. remove them and needless to say that wasn't done without some acrimony from the protesters so Mariel. Browser is in a very odd position as the mayor of the federal capital of the. where she definitely sympathizes with some of what's going on the left, but she has a city to run, and that reality kicks in periodically, and and their police do their job but are they as aggressive as they would be if you were there. No, but they're also not abandoning city, so it's not like Seattle. It's not like some of these other crazy cities like Portland. Portland you're seeing, but it's still not a place where you get. the kind of protection everywhere that you and I would expect ten Kuch. Nellie, normally in the summertime. I have a couple. Grand Kids would go to Washington in the summertime likely not happening this summer because of the fears over covert nineteen. However, would you advise those of us who live in the Midwest? Get the kids and the and the SUV get him in the Chevy traverse and head out to the nation's capital in July or August to look at all the sites and have some fun. Walk around the monuments. Is this the time for Americans to visit America's capital? You know in one sense I want everybody to see what's going on. I want them to realize just what has been fought Ford established this country, and and that it isn't over as Reagan said the fight for freedom isn't over. It happens every generation, and we have to re fight the battles, and that's what we're in the middle of here and you know I talk about this stuff with my kids and in terms of what what some of the motivations for instance there are peaceful protesters out there. there. We talk about what their concerns are, but they're different from the people you and I've been talking about. The people who actually WANNA use violence just tear the system down. They don't want to make improvements to the things that aren't yet perfect. And of course we'll never be perfect, but we always aspire to it but for the others who want to be violent who WANNA. Tear down this country th those are people we need to be aware of and we need to fight every step of the way. We'll we'll talk about here in a moment, but the big question for me is civilization versus anarchy, and that quiet lives matter that is people that get up every day and go to work. They raised their children. They paid their bills. They take vacations. They go to Church or mosque or synagogue on Saturday Friday sunny whatever it might be, they pay their taxes. They play by the rules now. Those businesses have been obliterated in many urban areas because of the anarchists the. The looters and the miscreants, and this to me looks like a defining a time for choosing and which we must choose either civilization or anarchy, and you're uniquely position as the Deputy Director of Homeland Security during a time when the homeland, too many Americans are not secured, there was a poll that said fifteen percent of the American people said these are good times to be Americans more than eighty five percents this. This is not good in this climate. What is the? Is this a time for choosing Ken Kuching. Lane, which quiet lives I also often use the term black lives matter and that somehow the difficulties brought about by sixty years of education, educating large numbers of children have taught them. That family doesn't matter. Faith doesn't matter. Civilization doesn't matter. It is time for wilding. It is time to go into the streets and tear down if you're a small black. Black business owner in Atlanta or Cincinnati and you're one of the forty percent that the businesses are not coming back. You also may lose faith if you're a small business owner and Bethel Ohio, which is sixty miles from Cincinnati approximately, and you have black lives matter protesters making uncomfortable, little Bethel Ohio in Clermont county to me. It's a choice between anarchy and civilization. which way will Americans choose? Well and you know you talk about quiet lives mattering. May Not say much. They may not be in the protests. They may certainly aren't throwing rocks, but they come out in their voices. Get heard, and that's why we have elections. It's also why we have the president we have. You'll recall every poll out. There predicted. He was gonNA lose, and yet he won, and he won not in a close one. He got over three hundred electoral votes, so the quiet Americans is where is the repository for the wisdom of this country and John. Adams used to sight the quote. The old Chinese proverb, may you live in interesting times curse? It was a curse. And and he noted he wanted to absorb the craziness so as children didn't have to, and that's. That's the job this president has he's taken on himself, and it's one that those of us working to support him. Have as well is to to fight this battle to this cultural battle to keep peace whatever it may take to achieve it and to leave a better country than we found, and that's what he's working on doing. What the executive order yesterday was about. It's what. What his efforts to advance, law and order about to put down riots, not protests, but riots to protect our history and move America forward in a way where we have discussions about our shortcomings without the becoming violent and all while getting government, frankly out of the way of the other parts of our life to to get the economy going to return freedom to America now, lastly Ken coots Nellie acting. Deputy Director of Homeland Security I wish we would live in less interesting times, but. The Supreme Court about a week or so ago said in Dhaka that executive order of Obama. Which legalize legitimate is the those are brought here. When they were, children could stay. He himself said for years before you should the order. This is illegal. It's unconstitutional. Then bid it anyway and now a week ago, Conservatives Chief Justice John Roberts said that's okay that trump cannot take away. Executive orders of Obamacare wasn't done the right direction that does that the rule of law. No, it absolutely doesn't, and this isn't the first time achieve I wouldn't characterize by the way the chief justice as conservative. He was appointed by a Republican, but we have long seen Republican. Republican appointees to the Supreme Court do things like this, and it's why it's so important to have a president trump who picks good justices? Cavanaugh was good on this. The gorsuch was good on this and those are those are the president's two picks so far, and but to see the chief justice go the way he did, and the obamacare ruling and everything else is, it undermines the rule of law. He seems to think somehow he's preserving what I think he's really doing is just kind of coming out where he thinks political correctness demands instead of where the law demands and dissent. Justice Thomas said you cannot require a legal process. For something that is illegal to begin with. and. They majority written by the chief justice ignored the question of whether Daca was legal or illegal, they did say. Of course. We all agree the president trump can get rid of DACA. That's as far as they went and noting that it was illegal but they wouldn't. Either admit that what Justice Thomas said was true nor contested because they couldn't. As you noted President Obama himself said it wasn't legal over twenty times before he actually did it. And my source for that is Barack Hussein Obama himself. We got about thirty seconds. Lastly Susan Rice as you know the Homeland Security who was in charge of? National Security under Obama Susan Rice said about a month ago that she would not be surprised if Russians. And Chinese are funding the rebellions, the insurrection. Taking place in America can coach Anneli. You're in charge of homeland security. Is there any indication according to Susan Rice herself saying that the Chinese and foreign powers flooding into America, not because these insurrections any evidence to support Susan Rice's comment. So China and Iran. And Russia. In media, outlets both social media, sometimes where they try to hide that they're behind it, and sometimes overtly they do stoke the fires they they find the irritation point for America and they get on both sides of it, so you know the the Iranians for instance, will run social media that supports the rioters and protesters, and they'll use an inflamed language on. On the Internet to do that at the same time, they're using inflame language to oppose them. So what they're trying to drive is hate instability within our own country, and that's true of China as well, and it's true Russia as well, so it isn't so much that they're spending money here, but it is that they are trying to use their outlets to speak. In ways to drive the hate anger that's going on in the United States and to make it worse instead of making a better these thousands of protesters and rioters. They have to eat. They have to sleep. They have to get places. Someone's funding this whole operation. This isn't willing up. From the soul of America for injustice. All of us are against injustice. Somehow there's large numbers of millions of dollars going to tens of thousands of people in one hundred American cities to cause this and I'd love to. To find out at the end of the day. Who's funding it whether it's George? Soros Iranians Chinese Russian. Something is happening to bring down this country and we must respond on November the Third Cancun A.. You're a great American and hopefully in about a year from now when you're the Attorney General United States of America or the Sector Homeland Security, we can have another talking about a year saying what success we had in rooting out the evil and so many American cities and Ken Coochie once again. Thank you for coming on the. Bill Cunningham show. Thank you Ken my pleasure God. Bless you. Let's continue with more. Can you smell what he's cooking somehow day after day week after week month after month, large numbers of individuals I have us expenses, and someone is paying for them now. There's a chunk of this I had a call from a woman named Nancy yesterday. She pointed out quite artfully, then, probably the majority of those protesting a good motive they. They may be misguided, but they have a good motive, but there's a chunk who take over the movement in order to take on some anarchist position, and those are the ones that must be identified protests, no problem anarchy. We got major problems and we have to fight. This is great Americans. Let's continue with more your reaction. Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, that was the guy in charge of homeland security on newsradio seven hundred WWL W.

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