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Endorse Trump or not? Colorado Sen. Gardner rips off the bandaid


welcome to the live from meet the press i'm carrie dan we here on the lead have been talking a lot about presidential candidates but there are a lot of other races that are going to happen in twenty twenty that matter maybe not as much as the presidential race seems like it matters right now all things considered what's the difference between a senate and white house of the same party and different party is in the words of a memorable longtime senator and maybe potential democratic twenty twenty contender a._b. f d and the senate for twenty twenty looks well it's going to be a wild ride as you may recall the map in twenty eighteen was particularly grim for democrats there were ten democrats running for reelection in states that donald trump won in two thousand sixteen republicans eked out just an aide of two of those seats which was not the best news in the world for democrats but it could have been a lot worse so what about twenty twenty it's it's a mixed bag democrats have to defend a democratic seat in alabama that's doug jones which will be not easy and there are dem held seats in minnesota michigan new hampshire on the board as well but republicans have their own set of challenges including an estate known for its craft beer it's neuropathy slopes and the fact that your freshman year roommate ditch their office job to move there and like kayak all the time and they're instagram makes you kind of jealous yes colorado the centennial state home of the broncos the nuggets and a lot of outdated pot jokes i'm colorado is on my mind today because it's republican senator who may be in for one of the toughest races of the twenty twenty cycle just endorsed trump for re election that would be cory gardner republican and noted smiley professional headshot guy who served since twenty fifteen seriously he has the most cheerful official portrait ever but cheering his aside endorsing trump was kind of a damned if you do damned if you don't kind of thing for gardner on the one hand he very well could get a primary challenge and distancing yourself from the president and the leader of your party is a pretty quick way to lose a primary challenge on the other hand colorado appears to be moving in one direction politically in spoiler alert it is not the red wave way consider this hillary clinton won the state by five points brand new democratic governor jared police one statewide in november by ten points in the states contested congressional contest in the denver area turned into a blowout with democrat jason crowe waltzing to a double digit win add to that the fact that the state has a higher college educated population and a higher hispanic population than the national average and you've got a demographic picture that looks a bit rough if you have an our next year name still republican senators who have bucked the president previously and bob corker jeff flake both ended up throwing in the towel and not even running for reelection this last time knowing that a lack of a trump endorsement could hurt their chances in a primary or a general election in a polarized state and yes it's probably going to be a long time before you think about the colorado senate race again i get it because there are about a million other things happening in the political universe in the time i've been in this recording booth doing this podcast but still don't lose sight of colorado and go ahead call your old roommates they may the couch you can crush on and man snowboarding this time of year looks pretty rad that's for us if you'd like to hear more of this free audio briefing you can add meet the press the lid to your flash briefings on amazon alexa enabled devices or just download us as a free podcast

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