Episode 522 - The Muppet Christmas Carol


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We are eastern time. The show is eastern time. Nine pm arnold schwarzenegger in cargo shorts. A bunch of totally forgettable other terminator robot. Things are in this movie. There will be a very dramatic retelling of our trip to see this movie in los angeles more citing than the film itself. Some may say. I would say it's okay to like it by the way you know on this show. You've heard episodes of movies that we've done that you might have liked. We kicked around. We're just having fun with it though. Yeah i don't know why we still have to fucking clarify that ten years on but yes that is true. You are allowed to like stuff that we make we like it. We liked shit. We hate shit. It's eight movies. That's right and it is. We hate movies. Live this the fifteenth nineteen eastern time on location. Live dot com slash. Whm or you can just head right over to our website. Whm podcast dot com. Click on the tour tab. We have the information there as well. You buy a ticket given access code you log in. We're going to be there. Live that night Still remotely watch us. That's the excitement. Julie yeah exactly. That's very different than this. Because you can't see me right now. You don't wanna see me right now so this january. We're excited to see you all on the internet this week on the program. They don't make puppet movies like this anymore. Everybody it's the muppet christmas. Carol andrew. Juban stephen sadek eric. Scrooge scuff chris cabin and we love movies. Hello everyone welcome to. We love movies. Thank you re tuning in as always Merry christmas is the christmas episode. Will call it right Getting into the holiday. Spirit here with the muppet. Christmas carol from nineteen ninety-two directed by brian. Henson was director. Oriel debut wishes and how how he went from this. Which was this is like anyone's career high to the happy time murders. And if you haven't listened to our episode on the happy time murders seek it out. That's sort of exactly what i was referencing with. They don't make puppet movies like this anymore because they make them like that they make them more like me to feebles. Now good come on man. It's cool what and that's the thing do. There's not like an fucking ounce of calm. That is slung this movie and it's the better for it. Well it's the other one that's perverted. it's like oh come all ye faithful or something. I know you're talking about. Let my puppets come me. We discussed this. I think on that other episode with the melissa mccarthy movie there's or maybe it was a mail bag or something cabin. There's a movie out there called. Let my puppets come come movies guys. It's like a pseudo quote unquote sexually. Explicit whistle was okay because it was like a teacher showed it in a class or something exclusive case coming to pornhub. Better be verified dude. That was a good move on their part for sure. yeah so you know this is a movie. This was the first muppet movie that was made after the passing of jim hansen So the the film was dedicated to him and richard hunt. And i gotta say right off the bat. I loved this movie i watch it every year. I would as a kid watch it like multiple times in the christmas season. I can never get over. How fucking great. It is to see these opening credits where you're just crediting a pop as playing another character. It's stick damn say this was not that for me. I didn't really grow up with this. I guess i'm not a huge muppet guy. Even though i like the muppets if like the buffets i liked the it's totally fine. I just don't like seek them out and i haven't. I've only watched the muppet movie with my wife. On the watch my wife is warmer pursuits. I've watched more than but they didn't really grow up with it. It's kind of weird because like you figure in the steve sadek algorithm sure. Muppets or right there. Do you have any ideas to like. Why that didn't happen was just like partner has got divorced old crunch. No no i. I don't know. I remember liking sesame street. Probably more for sure so street in my house because was almost constantly nickelodeon. So you're saying he likes batman and he doesn't like them up. It's the parents aren't together. I guarantee you right off the bat. They're not together around the the the justice league buffy patially but nobody yet attention divorce. That's a big time to force. Really leaning hard on that batman to one of them might be dead criterion collection at fourteen. It's not looking good. Tell you now looking ida casual muppet household where we would watch the muppets here and there. It was never a traditional thing. So i we saw this movie like a few times and then Since i met my wife her family loves it. It has become kind of christmas tradition Yeah totally i've i've this. Almost i definitely saw this in theaters. But i didn't see it again until my wife is a huge fan of this. This is her family's christmas movie. Yeah and mine was always national lampoon's from the beginning you know And i think the christmas carol. I'm member most is like the seventies one. What's that one with george. c scott. No it's not that what there is a jerseys gut screw alastair. What's his name. Yeah yes ouster. Crowley's christmas carol. Anne marie is i get to be visited by three goes out. And he's ready to get fucked by three goes for sure. Oh yeah dude. Like one of those ceremonies. Oh spirit spirit may eat you. I would say this is my favorite rendition film. Like adaptation of a christmas. Carol barton i last night. I did the thing we're going to turn off. The lights really pay attention. I really appreciate us. I just grew up with mickey's christmas carol gang. And that's the one for me just because you know why in that version Goofy plays jacob marley which presupposes the goofy is in. Hell which is a lot of fun. I think that's steve. Because in this movie like they add a marley brother. Robert marlisa robert marley fake wonders jacob. Jacob is the real and is the route because you so you can have statler and waldorf played them and like statler and waldorf toiling in. Hell you totally get assure you see those guys in all the chains. You're like yeah. Of course they forged that many hellraiser esque chains in life but poor goofy man. I feel like that guy was like a patsy for someone else to gorge bic. I thought she was eighteen. Thought it was more. Wholesome maybe killed himself. Wholesome suicide can't take it no more. I'm gonna put this weird shock collar around my neck and throw a tv into the bathtub. This version even existed. I think i saw that as a kid. And then it went right into that disney vault. Yes it's also weird thing because that thing is mickey's christmas. Carol is your traditional like like disney characters television special thing where it's like under forty five minutes. Oh yeah so. It's it's a it's less than a half hour twenty times. Lord yes so it's basically like two and a half disney shorts like strung together to make a thing. I think it's awesome. We re watched it. Maybe last year but like yeah i mean it's just i feel like if you had one of these two like your fav- like you know if you were intellect christmas carol type children's entertainment fair growing up in the nineties. You were either. Mickey's christmas carol. Household or muppet christmas carol. Don i i mean or none if you know i also. Charlie brown is a big but like christmas fairly story. Okay fuck having a terrible. Chris whole legend of the scrooge totally. I forgot a lot of the specifics to that whole this whole story really like the. What am i going to remember. This is plenty of other three coast. How many fucking coaches go get this old bastard a proton pack. You know. i mean the specifics of the ghosts the show host rules. Y'all good stuff right. Yeah my my brain is is is with cheese with it because scrooge was the thing around my house term. sure that makes sense screwed unpleasant. That's just me. I think it's like intentionally unbelievable very unpleasant aggressive. So it's a movie. Where like you know. I watch it here and there. It was never a staple and understand that a lot of people really like it but like it's just so off putting them like it's realistic. I like it it was. It was definitely a will cabin favorite big well. Here's bill murray guy. So i watch that a ton. I definitely have seen that more times than i've seen either. Mickey or muppet. Wow nice got some good David johannesen that motion picture. Since karen allen. Yes and bill. Murray's brother is a which one was it again. Isn't it brian. Doyle doyle murray. Who's playing his father. Who comes in on christmas day. And these drops down this fucking package from the butcher. And he's chewing now. It's five pounds of veal. I've been thinking about every christmas. I think about five pounds of and that's not a joke. Do you ever take the plunge by that. Five pounds of you know seems unethical. We'll say when we got older. It was a thing where like my siblings and i would come. Together to watch lampoon that was like the thing But this still in the the undercurrent of all the christmas. I do love this movie. This movie's really excellent. I think it's i love how Serious plays it against the muppet stuff. It's it's a really you know. The black shows up against the white kind of stuff. You know what i mean like. There's it's grim and it's just grim enough. It pushes that where where easily could not be not. I mean that's why. I really wanted to ask you if the first time that you were you. Scared of the ghosts now. I know the. I always saw those thirty years old. Twenty seven years old. So yeah i think i to answer the questions of what goes thank you. I will talk a little kid watching this like the ghost of christmas yet to comment. I shit my romper. Is he scary. Good terrified and the funny thing is like you know we'll get into it. But like the whole thing of like jeffrey katzenberg. Cutting out. the love is gone. Song thinking like kids would find it like too sad or whatever. I'm like i don't know man. How about the pants shitting terrifying grim reaper. Thing you look look look look look look look here. We can't have a woman emoting in this movie. Okay just cannot happen. That's probably the real reason because kids should be sad and kids should be scared. Because that's what the future is yeah. Christmas is a time of feeling like shit. Welcome to this year. Everybody well let me ask. You could become a mother eventually. She's the double spun. Yeah yeah we got her right out. I do yeah. I actually really love the way to play this way a lot of things that i would say. The mickey's one plays is like Scrooges amini you know what i mean. He's just mean he's not nice. Well no this is really about money. It's about like you don't me like i liked that about this. It's about money and how you use it and being cheap. Fuck means everyone. Which is your fucking being. Richard general means everyone wishes. You're a dead but being cheap thuc means everybody wishes. Your dad and i cannot believe. Were you know nearing like fifteen minutes into this episode and have not mentioned him yet. But of course sir michael caine as ebony in this movie i think for me. It's it's one of if not my favorite michael caine performances. I can't imagine this movie working the way it does with anyone else doing this. With these puppets. I considered this week. An american version of this and just get Charles grodin and in that role like it'd be something we'll carlin was up for it. Apparently like they were they were thinking about. It was like david warner somebody else. George carlin but michael cain like had was in what he'll call tax exile when the muppets were being filled in in the uk. It wasn't in the uk always kind of was bummed about that and he actively worked for the role by the way. His career was in the f. Ing toilet when this movie came out. Imdb up time. What the fuck was this. Isn't the the wizard movie around here. The mr destiny is one thousand nine hundred ninety and that's also the year of a shock to the system both previous episodes. That's the one. I was thinking of what what's say. I'm a magician. Yes sarai that kazan. Oh man kevin wile ninety four. this is ninety to ninety four on deadly ground also previous episode. I believe and then it's like let's just point out you know. We had a fun episode with that. But that's not bringing you back to the academy awards. I mean it's it's bad for a while here. Blood and wine little voice little voice kind of when he comes back because that would be at least was seen by the oscar ninety nine when he comes back for cider house rules fuck was little voice. It's a woman who has a little voice like this. It's michael caines going around talking like he's the coach who's helping her. Do what signaling. Great and then she like he so he does cider house rules and then like a couple of years later he's in miss congeniality which a humongous it and then i think he's eating out for the rest of the time after that. You bet your ass eating out. I think i think christmas dining out. Yes yeah. I've i've actually never seen cider house. Rules does at any point michael. Cain rose yeah. It's like an airbnb list of rules puts up no smoking in march cider. House street my side of house. As if you're staying and your side of the house now extra guests in malloy shy to house no gang bangs and decide okay. Only one gang banger. Year in the house. If this is your first time but decided to house you have to fight the wi fi password for the side of the house is no gang. Bang sixty nine underscore cider house. Our love of fight club. Now that you mentioned it. Steve absolutely bitch tits tight lincoln that he said to brian. Henson muppet fight club. It'd be fun omopeh fico movie. Very fun judah. Hit me as hard as you can see. That's the thing he said to brian. Henson look you know. I'm going to act in these scenes. With your puppets as if they re and he was like yeah dude like that would be great. Like don't don't make it like winky winky. Pretend like you're just acting among your peers and that's honestly why this works so well it moves. People are like they look puppets but like you know there is just the the inside joke of like. We're all making them up but movie it has that feeling to it and in this. It's just like he may as well been you know Bob kraft played by laurence olivier. You know he's just he's considering it working among the greats with which he is because it's the muppets. I think tim curry believed they were real people as well. That seems really indebted there that movies not great though we watch that in quarantine sign which ones that. That's my pleasure island off the success of this movie. They were like. Let's do another thing from literature and it's fucking terrible. The kid is trash in it. So i mean like that. This is the last watchable muppet movie. Besides twenty eleven. I think the first siegel one. I also enjoyed muppets from space and other trash one That's in there. That was like the late nineties. I think never seen space. Like i think one of the main human characters is fucking jeffrey tambour and like one of the bears plays a big role. Good good even treasure island kind of kitties it up and like you were saying like he's just playing this like these are other people and and there were jokes. Like the muppet movie back. In the day that were referencing that they're muppets but they still kind of all treat each other with respect and the the the comedy's funny and smart and sharp teeth. Then once you get to treasure island everything gets dull and you put the kids down and you go to the other room and have a glass of wine. Yes no. I think that's exactly right because i feel like this is the last muppet movie that was made specifically for children audiences and adult audiences. I feel like the seagal movie brought that back but those two inbetween. You're i mean those are straight up like movies for kids. I don't think there's anything about either of them that are like you know interesting that the parents that would be sidled with the walk. This one takes the text very seriously whereas like a treasure island. It's not like they're quoting directly from the original. This one. they're very clear about and also honestly having people literally so poor that they're sleeping in like on roofs and in rafters just like some of these puppets are is actually more accurate to what already was like at the time People sleeping in the street. Yeah like i mean literally puppets are like sleeping up like in The the gutters question. And look i get their muppets. I'm not you know it's just that baffling thing where there are animal. Muppets that are animals and trumpets that our people and like they're selling turkeys that are muppets. Four for sustenance churn. But it's a muppet. But then like why am i not cook it up. Miss piggy them she would-be delicious. Well because she's got makeup on. I got it okay. The pig literally has lipstick. I just think it disturbed me. What are the first shot techies for sale. Jesus well it's funny. Because then at the end of the movie when he has the rabbit go get the turkey just an actual thawed turkey. Somebody fucking killed. So i guess it pretty delicious that old States catch if you remember that one. It's michael ian black who is hunting muppets. And the way he would do. It would be like boy. I hope somebody can help. Tie my shoes and somebody above break their back. It's different that's awesome. Do you think the thing. Where like when a muppet dies a transforms into whatever the reality of it so like when piggy expires she just turns into a hog. The wig falls off. Oh my god just like the victims of subtype of magic spell right. Yeah nanny man she's doing some experiments in the nursery. I was happy to see at the end of this world. Like you know. 'cause i are so as the are the muppets. The underclass of england here. But some of those pigs are doing pretty well off those pigs that are laughing because died absolutely. There's some wealthy hall and it's great to right because like they're like the upper crust of london or whatever and it's just fucking disgusting pigs. I love that is not a steak love those pigment. I'll be like kermit would be A bit of a bummer irl. I don't think i'd get along well because you'd be like you know what kermit i get it man. You had a bad day at work. But we're trying to have a party right now and you're just fucking being sat on the couch dude. Yeah it's either that or he's singing a song and it's like jesus middle ground here a little too earnest for me another question about so like you know what would have to go to the whole rather go by because it's a christmas carol but my question. These rats that are working with kermit are obviously added for comedic value. Because it's used. Just bob kraft in that office right. Did he's rats and let's go home rat friends and they go to their place that he goes to that his yup did they have an apartment living in walls. Like what's happening there. Yeah i think that's that's a. We're living underground steve. You're under the floorboards in the walls stuff like that because the actual inside the bricks are the mice the mice that territory all out as everybody knows in the animal. Kingdom rats are below my so like i said they would have to live in the now. Imagine a mister mister scrooge coming out crutch it by god is a real fucking rat. Do a real right by fucking. Oh he's doing texas he's swinging a broom salty's buffet rats. One real. this is disgusting rat. Well that's the thing he would keep on talking to rats and if they add answered back. Okay you're fine and he would beat the ever loving shit out of it and it that's right. Here's like jerry. Where's your time card. Thank you alex. Where's your time card. Thank you new guy. Where's your time car. Get the fuck outta hair tabbies. Cut my sandwich out. I'm trying to get some Some bike and here know. I'm your friend. Her pick we play bridge together every thursday. That's how you gotta do it. I guess it's a real fucking slippery slope dude. I mean that's the thing like you have to figure out whether or not they can speak english if scrooge actually took out a gun and shot one of these pig people about what would happen like is it like. Oh my god. That's that's you know a pillar of society. This is a you know some fellow well to do or is it just a pig. What is the what would criminality again if he can speak english. You're going right up the river out. Who's gonna shoot that at the head. You're fine. I guess you know if what's correct so if and communicate in a spoken language it okay fair enough then it has like person status kind of killed them up a pig get trousers off protect quick. Now put his apple in its math. Nobody who now all you do go at his wallet right. He's got a and caught. Just ten it up and ben take of the evidence down my wife going to look your person cars expired. Now you're just a fucking pig. She let us on the other half now. Isn't it pig. You better watch it about fucking frog legs soap take your pets god twenty children. Yes yes yes okay. I another thing that i love about this movie and to tie it. More to the source material this is such a great call by this movie. Screenplay by jerry jewel who i kept fucking mixing up with gary glitter. Definitely don't want to do that. Oh i know. And i was like oh man. That fucking sucks would happen that jerry you know that was gary glitter but anyway i love the decision to make guns. Oh like quote unquote charles dickens. As the of this because then the like the majority of what he says in the mary shin not like his bits with Rats who rizzo but like just his. Narration is just stuff from the book. So you you still. Have you know the dickensian prose kind of tossed in throughout the narration. Which just makes it that much more like fuller of a thing. Yeah it and it it it it gives you more to play with. Because then like yeah. He's doing bit with rats areso but like you get screwed was dad to begin with or the marlies were dead to begin with and that's just a really kind of its. There's meat on that bone ugly. You're saying yeah and the and the thing that Chelsea and i were laughing at about last night watching it as like aside from just there to move the story on with gaza's narration. They're just there to be pulverized physically. Yes which is just the funniest like it. It doesn't bother me that the movie has to stop dead because it's always worthwhile every pit. Stop you take with the two of them. It's always fucking hilarious. I forget what it what it was. Aware i read it was brian. Henson said he related some incident where he met with a bunch of people who hated him because they thought that he was denigrating a classic by doing this denigrating the muppets. Yes yes exactly. It's no christmas. like dick. wanted to dickens kinda shit. oh please. I mean how many people i mean. How many versions of this have there been. There's been countless. I watched one this year. The head tori spelling. The scrooge role have played in in a what if what if donna was actually scrooge you know one year don i got a little feisty with me around the holidays and even though we didn't celebrate christmas i was like hey european unreal scrooge donna maybe don can be crash crash. Crotchet crotchet six quickly. That i did that for our friend of the show. Sean sullivan's podcast. twenty. Five days of christmas carol. He watched twenty-five versions of incredible project. Fucking funny asked dude love that guy checkout his comedy album song and dance man. I think you can get anywhere. Digital media can be streamed or downloaded. It's interesting. Yeah but you're right though like i mean bucket. They did this. Sean can do twenty five verse you can do like and then are you adding tv specials. That are just doing it anyway. Like you re. This is not a precious text now and then one of his episodes was gumby. And hey perky. I was visited by the ghost of Three spirits last night. One of them was you dead mother. And that's the difference. You know it's it's you. That's what this is like. It takes a lot more serious like using the texas opposed to just like using the bones. Like everything else does exactly and i. I don't know. I can't pinpoint what exactly it is. A it's just a combination like the totality of it. All but one note i had was the production design in this movie. Like it's all sound stage stuff obviously but like it just as such a good job at making look at all times like it is fucking freezing in this movie. Like i watched this movie and i feel a chill through the whole thing. You know i mean. There's no great that opening shot of the scape is really kind of great. It's really nice long. Shot of look. You're just get to see that. These puppet houses kind of thing not as easy as it sounds. No yeah exactly right. One of my favorite parts in the little bit of the opening there is like there's like a muppet in debt to screw. Oh yeah he's whole thing like don't yell at me and screw picks them up and throws him out of the building. Although it's great. Thank you for not yelling at me. Like as he's being through that public it's like jazzy. Jeff out of the fucking office. This is before he punts the rabbit right. It's it's the same scene but when he throws the wreath at the rabbit duties like nolan ryan winding up. I fucking read. that's great. This week's episode is brought to you by feel now folks. Do you experience stress. You have anxiety. Chronic pain trouble sleeping at least once a week. Well i've got news for you. You're not alone in fact. I think you're in the majority now on all those points I've had trouble sleeping my entire life. I mean even nineteen years. I had trouble going to bed before four. 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Clothes probably had the same kind of thing that moved to prostitute. No-one me fucking goo was over there in a neck. Yeah i was just fucking rich guy but who the hell cares now. He's in the whitehall district in the continental. All these muppets. A repair was out in force. That night dude. Muppets from hell. I like it. I said Yeah so the whole this whole introductory scene of You get to see what it's like to work for ebeneezer scrooge scrooge in the work. Da is what's going on here. He like a bank that he runs a money. Lender is so. He's out to just screw all these people on all these loans. Exactly i go to college do you. Well of course you got to call it. What is you just take out. What am i alone. I joe to take out this. Federal stafford loans. You'll be totally fine. Trust me now you owe me good. You fucking bump up. I'm sorry you didn't read the fine print about thirty five percent interest student loans. Ebeneezer scrooge made his fortune. And this is what shows up Fred is his nephew by steven mackintosh shoes in a bunch of stuff. He's in underworld or one of the underworld zapped right. Yeah he's in lock stock and tourists barrels. Actually we watch this year. I think other stuff i think. He's the bad guy neither season one season two. Luther probably works in one season. he yes he You look at him in this movie and you will lose bet. People have lost money out there as as to whether or not paul bitney is in. He's kind of a dead ringer form. At least like as a as a young lad in this movie and i love this guy many comes in. He's making the effort with the relatives that he clearly hates you know. And it's a great thing too. Because he fucking knows that ebeneezer scrooge is gonna turn them down from his dinner invitation and he throws it out anyway always remaining with the upper hand as far as family relations this guy because i was screaming at my tv lost. Cause your of there freddie. You got nothing to do here. I'm glad he tried gave us the classic line of that people who say merry christmas should be cooked with their own turkey. It's amazing that ebony scrooge thinks anyone utters merry christmas should be cooked cooked and i guess possibly eaten friends plan. The long game is like look this old folks got nobody else. Maybe just maybe even if he hates my guts. He's got to give the money somewhere when he dies. Got to be a will. It's got to go to somebody right you know. Just think what does that will look like do. Because i feel like there's some sort of scrooge clause in it where he's like. I need oh my money to be taken out of my account. Put into falcon coffin with me and take it to the afterlife. Like the ancient egyptian fortunate to the pyramid gets buried with the singing. Lock boxes all the money in the lock. Box isn't there. That's why that's why they're a cursive for the brothers. But my thing is what he shows up. Everybody's oh it's beyond scrooges nephew i am so then old fucking bastard crooks he can adjust the will to whatever it says. I'll give it all. Fred who is always so called to be kind of thing you know. That's the move. I think you're totally right. And meanwhile excruciating. They're talking about excuse me talking about addiction notices on christmas and it's like you know his busy time of year because of this and i was like where the fuck do you think you are the united states twenty twenty. I mean we are ripe for a new adaptation of this i guess. Would it be to hokey to do it now. Did they feel like the jim carey version burned the house down like oh because it was that good. Yes if it's back. Oh no. I mean like i feel like that was. Nobody was going to do it after because he was such a disaster like. I don't think anybody saw the thing that was the whole like animatronic or like we're doing. Cgi cartoon people. What do they call that shit. Motion cash polar express's and. No one wants that wii tanked. It's incredible that he got what three of those movies made and nobody was like robert. Nobody yeah well. Polar express was super successful. I think it did money then. Christmas carol did nothing. I don't think beowulf did anything either. Because you've got you've got a third one out of the shit. Though people saw polar express out what it was and said no thank you for the rest of their lives. What that was the trajectory that check. Gary was like christmas. Classic in motion capture sounds great. It made bunny fantastic. What do you want to do next up. Poem from god knows when sounds great. Let's do that. I mean i remember specifically working at the multiplex. When that jim carey movie came out a pretty sure like yeah. Yeah because what was that movie. Kevin that was like the early arts like laid off. I want to bear wolf or or choir. No christmas carol. I want say he's like late. Opts to doesn't look really. Oh no. i'm sorry. I'm not christmas. Carol polar express. I remember polar express being super. We did so much business with it was fucking bonkers because like i mean from a book where like not make it. You know it's already stationary like it already feels fake in the book like tried to make it feel realistic whereas christmas carol. You've seen actual people do this before. But eric were you asking the like. Could you make a christmas. Carol and set it in like you know someone do like a real deal not like tori spelling thing like a real christmas carol yes christmas carols structured movie. But it's like set in present day. You mean yes yes exactly set now with all of our problems now and how divided we are as a country. I mean it would probably come off as like cheesy and hacky to do it now but it seems like we could use it. I don't know you just have to change the ending. So that bob kraft shoots the fuck rich boss in the head and he just says eight the rich and that's the end of the that's the end of the movie. Yeah you you balza christmas. Carol starring like the cast of supernatural. Or jeez i just threw up in my mouth opening opening directly on pluto. Tv just checked imdb. christmas carol. Two thousand nine was the the jim carey cartoon men one and they just put them with statics and made them look like lymph leonard. Snicker or whatever that lemony snick it. Maybe that'll you know. I feel like that would have been a little bit different. Yeah i think you're a straight adaptation of this is kind of overdue. Patrick stewart would do a one man show. And you can actually. He did an audio book where he does or as short as a pretty short little thing going on an hour or so. Actual book steve. If you've ever read it it's it's really not that long. I mean how would you like. Would you like categorize it as a novel or something. I think you would. And i listened. I listened to the stuart thing you know and it's good. You know what i mean. It's a nice little christmas you know. Get a little whiskey in in your hand. Kind of actually do a movie with christmas. Curl probably let me bbc thing. Nineteen ninety nine. Yeah ooh the allstars. The allison one from nineteen fifty. One is really good. Chris was not the. Bbc was america's version tnt. What the patrick. Stewart wasn't tnt. Yeah can you believe it. Oh i cannot. This is the tnt Whatever he's like like he. I do love these rats asking for he. This is more of your jokes. They're like it's just funny joke where it's like Every time that they they of keep asking for stuff but what he says immediately. Oh it's great that's fine. The because they they'll they'll die in the street if he doesn't do what they want. Yeah because he kermit's like you know oh. Serve the the bookkeepers. We're wondering about a extra shovel full of coal. It's getting a lot colder outside. It's a kind of a great thing like he. Does this twice. In the scene where he like starts the sentence calmly and then the last word or two words of the sentences screaming and so he's like how would the bookkeepers. Like to be unemployed. This is a trailer thing they cut to the rats like. Hey they're all like dancing and fucking hawaiian shirts which is great and then there. There's another thing about like. Will you know we'd really like christmas. Day officer The fucking the retort is well you know you can always be celebrating christmas on the unemployed. By the way at the end of the movie he then gifts them. Coal and i was like a mixed message in mind noodle here because i always his co. bad or good i think that's only if you are gifted coal by santa claus kinda shitty like. Oh crutch it. You're you're a frog you could get a full. You can get a full partnership getting cooler wack together those fucking red state okay deserve. Here's a little co for the reds. What am i gonna do fucking give a rat race. I don't think so. That's why they you can't move to a nicer part of the sewer way. I kind let him live above ground. That's for the mice mobile bag for the i ain't is so nice you should've killed one of them and said burn him. You know what you really wanna fuck in. Send a message to these little fellows you pick one of them up and you bite their head off in front of the so definitely. This is michael kay bucket blood streaming down his jet. Get your fault. Rat hairs flight out of his mouth is screw tested. Positive for the play fucking. It's a fucking sauce. The how plague is way overrated. People get the plague every gesture just cars. I found that piece of cheese in the gutter. An eight it to save some money. Let's say the people freeze to death. People get to play. It's the same thing. The numbers are the same. I mean it's it's kind of interesting that he's a guy who you know. He's not just cheap publicly. He's not just cheap with his employees. He's not just cheap in the fucking hilarious donation negotiation with bunsen and beaker. When they come asking for money for the homeless but like he's also cheap personally like in his own life to himself. Like there's the great lying about like you know. He decided to just you know eat prefers living in darkness. Darkness is free enough to fucking light the lamps and pay for all that oil. And it's like dude. If you're going to have all this money like i understand like being stingy to others but like i dunno men. Treat yourself this house. No no. that's not what the smart ones do. Give yourself nothing and just fucking say it saved. Save until you have power over everybody. That's that's your way to do it. That's the buzzer beaker cds. And this is obviously all dickens. Dialogue was like well. Don't they have the what of the poor house. Which is what. Jeff bezos said. Last week senator to the prison or the poor house there you go now you have like make your new one. It's a dude that runs a big company like that absolutely. Yeah it would have to be that right and like let's say you know. Have a nice holiday. Prayer that fucking. Jeff bezos has been visited by three. Goes i do it every year. I feel we get more people involved. You know what happened. But we're supposed to be praying for the christmas. Carol like ghost. Not the hellraiser freddy krueger's. They're welcome all totally fun. Marie chris bald for. I am sorry to say that it goes to a future past of the future. What what's the last guy's name passes ain't no fucking x. Men movie the ghost of christmas past the ghost of future and christmas get too cumbersome to you have to come those guys are also all working for base us now would like to celebrate christmas deliciously. Now it's too fucking expensive. What do you do it about nipples. Get off our deficit. That skin back on my thanks. It's my skin. what is it this guy job. I know it's obviously to make it. Look like shit look monstrous but man is so is it a scrooge die job or what. There's a couple things that are going on here. He brought this up. Because there's like. I feel like the job is most notable in the sideburns yet are much darker than the rest of the head hair but then also i think this is like like you. Look at like the top of this noodle. This is what it looks like. Like when trump doesn't have somebody work for three hours to fucking dumb head all fucking hairspray. Doubt like you are seeing. I think real and maybe it's not but it's a really good job. If not like real bad looking. Michael caine bald comb overs. Yes happening And i'm not saying. I don't think he grew his hair out like this very long. Scrooge s haircut. I don't think he was rocking. This necessarily but like i want to say there's some real baldness that you're seeing there. Oh sure. I'm sure he's had plugs. You know in his head for awhile after that it gets just sort of like trying to make himself look as shitty as possible in this movie right and it's great because he looks like fucking garbage. He's he really does He does go home and this is when you know you start a you get some business that the door there that there's some funky shit going on this this like right away like i remember so like watching it as a kid. The early on that would scare the shit out of me before the marley brothers show up is like one him just bounding into the movie like he comes around a corner. He's got a big walking. Stick it's fucking terrifying stomping through the snow pushing past all these puppets but then like the doorknob turning into jacob. Marley freaked me the fuck out. And it's i mean you know it's great. He's fucking scared here. Cain does a good job in this scene of like you know he's big tough fucking ebeneezer. Scrooge is a big grouch and whatever app but then like once that happens to him like inbetween then and like when he's eating alone like he does a good job of being scared alone. Old man like the guard is totally down at this point. Oh sure fucking clobbered with a candlestick by robbers worried about it does look like gonzo and rizzo are trying to break into his house. It's definitely so they're like they're. They're like climbing up a tree nearby. The look to look in the window. Get a peek of him. And his negligee class cut her out and they're just a-. Let's change the story from a. christmas. Carol tha the strangers. What others potato sack. he's gonna shoot the head by accident. Oh my goodness a weird looking blue fairy child in a rat trying to kill me. I'll be honest. I figured he had like a somebody else in here to be the live tyler. But no money at all strangers sequel. It's bad yeah. I thought it was right. It's not good. That's a bummer. He's the guy who directed his new movie is supposed to be good. The dark the wicked. I don't even know what that is out. It's out. I haven't watched it but i heard it's good. It's about my asthma bowls. Very christmas having fun i do. I do love your dark ball steve. Your balls should die a decrease decrease this surplus of balls yes. There's too many balls out there. I've heard about this a lot knowing so in that case. I'm sorry it's dark. Dick and wicked falls to ask by fred dark. Okay sorry yes the cavernous innards chiesa fucking stalactites and stalagmites inside there. Yeah up. Everyone does the do. I do love And this is a very christmas carols thing where he's like When you The ghost show up knows. You could just be indigestion. I think he's right because he keeps waking up every hour. We've all been there. You have a bad fucking night with some fucking bad food. You're waking every oh fuck again absolutely do me like oh son of a bitch tacos at eleven forty five Great idea or that. She's been leaving out for months. Is bad now owned. You'll be visited by three sheets today. It's ghosts tomorrow ballots. Ufo's love him getting freaked out fucking beating the shit out of his bathrobe. Yeah i do. I kind of want this this. I mean obviously like i need a bigger bedroom. I want this like big cloaked bed. Set the curtain the curtains around the bed. Bring it back guys like to just like really get into that fucking total darkness to to finally find some slumber also so my god i was jealous steve. I think this would keep our cats off the bed. That's that'd be awesome. Well they'll do be scratching added to be a big fucking problem. It would be a problem but it would be like. Maybe i won't wake up at five in the morning fucking once but you are saying that someone off camera. Who's a cat but you're but you're also asking for nonstop bed curtain bills because you are going to be replacing them all the best true tattered rags and duct tape. But we're no scrooges here were podcasters despite having a few advertisements some listeners. Don't like i. Just i just have like okay now. Like with elmer's glue trying to put together a rat and should not chewed through. It can't fucking believe this. You know but he before he gets into that awesome bed you know we have him eating alone by the fire just some bread and cheese like he's in fucking prison mike cod. That's that's a decent meal nice cheese dinner every now and again khashoggi widening in an no. No no this is unsettling you're right now. It's every fucking night. Yeah the man. The man is a millionaire and he cannot be bothered to feed himself a nice meal. Because you've got to see. I mean again. You've killed fucking seamless. He's got either could himself for one or go to the pub Pub 'cause i always scrooge at pacey fine i'm just gonna take my and my buffalo take away. That's a good idea. Maybe that's all of it. They spitted the pint drinking when he's waiting for his food it's everywhere just dripping off his face. By the time he leaves take out at that at that point and in england for. I'll have a steak to go. i'll just carry it in my hands back. It's a turkey leg right. Yeah that's true. That's the move you that are you know. What are those famous english pies. They love so much. Okay here take off your. We'll put the potatoes in there. That's how you bring it. Well that's british food. Chris potato the boop potato boot yet. All right bakers would we're going to make. Today is the classic on potato boot why this one was Really hard. I never heard of potato boop before but Pru was pretty high on it. I guess the eight a lot when she was a little girl during the start of the dust real revolution in the recipe. Just doesn't tell you. How many boots are in there. You know mob. Monday made a potato in a bow with eggs in it. I don't know what these papers and pepperoni mexico's thanks to me. Your potato now to make perfect potato boots. You need crab fresh where the chives listening if you ever want to. If you're a yank- listening to this go look up. Gordon ramsay making scrambled eggs. It'll blow your fucking mind. I've that's how i make scrambled eggs now and it fucking rule. I'll tell you this steve. You told me about it. Because i am not interested in the world of gordon ramsay whatsoever and i never will be so you told me about it and i was like cool got it and i did it one time and i was like ain't nobody got time for this. Come on come on fuck and twenty five minutes making bags. Get atra troupe. Is a classic dropped to in a glass and drink it man. That's right dude. Couple of little shots tabasco. In there. Absolutely i was so sorry that you have to fuck whisking egg. No it's the whole thing you cook it for a little bit. You take it off the heat you to bit tell you i do you know what dude gonna be fucking lunchtime potato. Exactly you eat the potato your food on your on your day. I couldn't believe it either for not knowing what a potato when a boot was. I got the handshake from paul hollywood on all these shoes. Polish people from london. dado no soccer manchester. We actually have two eight. Two potato maria boot. It's not a made you act. Actually at the boat booed is undone. It's raw are you ever. You ever see that movie where the verner herzog eating potato and a boot. It's a good one if we're talking to english cooking and you know we've lost all our english listeners. I love you. We'll talk to you next week. Right as they're going to be angry. Not because we're mocking them because someone's going to be like potato buddhist classic what you shouldn't tell what. The fuck is a pudding. Because i watched these shows that it's like oh here's the discount putting it's a fucking poke pudding. Ham senators no. It's a polk putting. Oh here's a a word pudding and it's a book. everything's fucking pudding. It problem is they. Just got different words for steph putting over here to us as just like shit. You made an ajello sure It just means different things. I'm being incredibly. ignored always. Yeah he's actually acquisitive he wants to do. I think it just means it has a saas stuck exactly like oh i got a pop in to the shop. Getting my put in and it just means anything. Let me just use my money. Putting here you yanks call it a wallet Fish and chips pudding would let me. Just put this putting on mccormack twenty yanks corner in the suicide squad. Movie didn't Harley quinn have putting on her ask something putting that's what she was a nickname for the joke. Oh yeah her nickname for the joker now is that because he reminds her of british cooking. Yes for sure d. That's definitely one hundred percent in the uk so they could understand listen okay. Her boyfriend is not like foodstuffs. Okay bit code of my head pudding go it ahead hat. The uk suicide squad. She has like top mate on her underwear they love. They love saying mates they do. Love saying wait. We won't know because none of them listen anymore. We we've exiled them all. Listen if cova has ever cured and if covid two and three are cured maybe one day. We'll be there. And i'd be happy to hear about your puddings. I also eat a potato in a boot absolutely know like some like if it's a really high quality boot and you cook it long enough. I'm sure it's fine. I'll just say that. Last year chelsea. And i were in london and we ate incredibly. Well i'm just gonna fucking put brexit mate putting in a boot before potato. Nomo potato got put it in a book. We sip it out of it. Wasn't it rather just kinda sauce. Its thick sauce. We just drink it continues to be stupid. We apologize and i'm sure. I'm sure they've fancy words for us like the colonies but what's what else is derogatory about america. Oh everything everything that'd be like offensive ass country for so many reasons and we're discussing in. Our food is gross. We see the only good food we have. We've stolen from other places so don't worry about it just like them exactly. Here's here's something. That i fucking loved that chelsea point. We watched it. If you have a ghost encounter we're your to like co workers. Come back from the grave. Sing you a song tell you more. Ghosts are on the way. How the fuck is this dude fast asleep when this first goes i'd be in a chair in the corner of the room with a fucking fireplace poker ready to go for. These are the days when you could just get a good old bottle. A heroin to sit before he went to bed. Oh yeah he had to get fucking blackout. High dude is what you're saying that says the time. Let me ask you this. you got the good pudding. Put it for me. The poppy you got any any of that. Go black tar. Putting i love. Here's my question and there's a real question about would this be better. Would this be worse so clearly. They went with um new puppet designs to keep it closer to the dickens story. You know what i mean like. Cape every you know that's where you break them up anything but originally the costuming the puppets themselves each ghost of christmas past pro. Joe's i start talking about just like the muppets general. I don't know dude. Kermit looks pretty much like kermit too far. From marley and marley. Let me to say the least good song of this movie yeah. It's just it's kinda tedious. Where marley and they do really love the singing. Lock boxes though. They are like top five creations for this movie. I'm like i can love that. 'cause that's even below like a muppet animal yet. Now it's just a muppet fucking object talking sentient about by pens that i'm using. It makes me think you know. We'll be fucking rad is a muppets beauty. And the beast little household item singing and dancing. Disney owns the mall now. Why don't they do that. They should they just might. When did you should submit something to the disney suggestion box. Yeah we just ask to be robbed. Just get dan stevens to do it again. One is the okay. I did not. I did not watch that. Did you say that. He was the body guy. Because it's motion capture. It was also his voice also in call of the wild as not the beast as a as just a guy. He's the talking dog now now. he's just he's actually a villain down. Would you talk with dan stevens. We're we're we're we're you sorry. That's fine my question was so the the ghost chris past present and yet to come are all just like very literal designs of how they're described in christmas. Carol not muppets. Would it be better. If i read this on. i'm db originally. It was supposed to be like miss. Piggy was going to be the ghost of christmas present. You know it excluded was gonna be passed and actually going to be future or somebody else is going to be future. No that's terrible idea. No that's yeah i agree. I think that's awful. Because what's great about the way they do. These is because none of them are things you've seen before it makes it more. You know because the movie you can either go. More towards the muppet movie or more towards a charles dickens adaptation and the fact that these three things while all puppets in their own way two of them are people under puppet suits like it just makes it more a fuller thing. So it's not just like the entire muppet show and also i think if you make muppets as the spirits. It just totally cheapens yet. Because like the reason. It's so scary when a christmas yet to come like that is an incredible design. It's towering over fucking michael. Cain if it's like gonzo you're like let the fuck. Is this little truck blue. Furry and telling me to do i great you guys but everyone sites the ghost of future. Whatever is the scariest one because it's the grim reaper. Guy but honestly this fucking past. Ghost is ab flow ghosts. Nothing see i totally think you're right because ghost of christmas yet to come like that's scary ghost of christmas past that's bone and there thank you this fucking dead baby. It looks like it's fucking swimming in clam chowder. What it reminded me of somebody. One of you saw this recently. God told me to. Oh yes yes little floating guy at the beginning when he sees god looked a lot like that and it really made me this. Watch eerie for me. I don't remember what you're talking about from that movie. Dude it's it's been a real long time since. I put that on a must watch that for christmas but it's a bus daughter i do. It's chilling and like it. Just it's got the pb voice superpower. By the way. I can remember every christmas ever from the start to jesus. That is fucking hilarious. Do something i only noticed this time around but we are making multiple references to there have been a little over eighteen hundred christmases. And you just like. I get it the zero. Whatever that fucking like. Imagine dying and they're like okay. Welcome to ghost life. Your power is fucking christmas. All right get out there. And the chris passed i saw cheese jerk off and shit of christmas. Miracle right there. I've seen everything. I know when you jerk off scrooge i i saw one console was born boy. Was that weird dude. I think lonzo what happened with gonzo is he was rosemary's baby. That guy was a little furry and whatnot and it's just a real nature versus nurture situation. Because i think rosemary got away Can this alternate text. Grab the devil baby and then just raised it to be a little gaza very kind to it too. It seems oh. And jesus was into some wild stuff actually. He was david courtesy of to religious. And i apologize. Sure that's the crucifixion. He was holier than thou and just hung out with sex workers for the fun of it. I you know like guys that e that's next this podcast is always in play. doesn't care. Engine muppet christmas. Carol or batman mask of the phantasm lookout for that episode bipolar. Don't don't think like a cool family title. I can listen with my seven year. Old year comes the jerk off. Joe it stay the east answer. Explicit and erotic and everywhere everywhere gets everywhere it gets into gums up the where we had to delete the dumbo. episode No we did it up kid. Stop it rumors But yeah so. She comes around and she's like. Hey let's go and you know. I'll show your past and that's you know it's kind creepy. Seem like a little kid. And i don't know if he's an orphan or not. There's two sons that that were deleted that nobody cared about. Not the one that you you andrew like there's a bunsen in Beaker song which sucks and then there's a same eagle song that comes up right here. That sucks ass to where it's just like thanks. It's just like when you learn you'll know everything but what could same. Eagles single voice like leonard. Cohen men. that's pretty popular musicians who sang. Don't think it would be great in a muppet movie necessarily so long as pigging And i couldn't tell you aside from whole you single fucking leonard. Cohen songs can participate this bit. Avalanche came down over the kermit And what was the first one you said. Steve was abundant and beaker. Song about giving Also get the fuck out on the soundtrack on spotify. You can just listen to you. Interested didn't they didn't film them. They did the soundtrack. I guess or something. It was in the script. They just made them but they never actually filmed the bits. We should say that all these songs were by. Paul williams the great paul william a ton if not all of them up at songs Great musician in his own. Right phantom of the paradise of course You know kingship fucking dude on the music scene. I love that he's been affiliated with the muppets I love the line as they're flying into the past. They're like going over london and like the visit great one to hear from gaza and rizzo where I think it's rizzo's like hell al london and gonzaga's goodbye lunch just love imagining. He's just like vomiting down an. I'll cheeky. we're going to be eating well tonight. That's sky put in a heavy sauce. You see it's just a happy you put your mouth open underneath a sick person's window and you right in your mouth. Oh that's awful but yeah so little so little kids scrooge. i love that like even as a little child. he's like get hey with that. Suck and christmas shite. 'cause all his other like little school chums are like. Oh hey this scrooge. Are you going to go home for christmas. Because he's like a boarding school or whatever. It's like christmas. I think i mean 'cause they say let go home. I don't think it's like a charles foster kane sold to a bank kind of you. You don't really get mentioned of his parents. I don't know if it's in the book at all but it's not a mask you is something. Sure a humbug. Something like a really loud insect. I mean it's just it's it's kind of bullshit. I think it's the idea. Is that you. Yeah that's like a british curse. I don't think they're doing it now. It's the c word and humbug. a letting them humbug. definition humbug. Oh you got it you you you unless you want to do it. Well i mean i. I've got a wikipedia. history thing. Oak humbug is a person or object that behaves in a deceptive or dishonest way often as a hoax or ingest the term was first described in seventeen fifty one as student slang and recorded in eighteen. Forty as a nautical phrase. It is now often also use as an exclamation to describe something as hypocritical nonsense. Or and i think this is where scrooge comes into play gibberish. I'll be honest with you. If i had a son. Even if i had you know has the name ebeneezer. I don't want to hang out with him. Yeah i gave him the name and everything but still regrets come up. We'll then why not. Why are you giving him the name. Entities your grandfather's name or something. You know yeah. Ben is fine fine name do you think. There's a bunch of like fucking brooklyn hipster biagini out there named ebeneezer ebi. I bet there's one or two but you know everyone else's named francois or some shit or stapler or like mckenzie or you'll get a lot of mackenzie's out there. I don't understand it. I really don't see that's the thing. it's like. Listen kate listeners. You think we sound crazy nigger it but we trust us. We test the rest of the united states far more than you. Yep so you know. Sam eagle telling him about business and i love. There's a fucking great job. Here is just like business. It's the american way. And then like gonzo comes in and whispers. Yeah zarrella like. It's the british. It's such a hilarious thing. I mean that joke works so well because it is just like. Sam eagle is like the most row american muppet character in that way. So it's hilarious. These like the headmaster at the school. I joked just always worked so well for me You know so that nothing really happens here. We go ahead and time. He's an adult now. We do get a line you know. He's like maybe a teenager so like oh you're getting like some. It's like a job opportunity. Or you know an internship or something in london and then this brings us to london a little older. And i love mike. Michael caine the. Here's the thing like this. I think this line that he has around here is a great example of how well he sells this whole thing because he's like big in front of you know this factory and he's like oh. This is old fuzzy wigs rubber chicken factory and like he says it with such legitimate awe. And wonder you know but he has to say rubber chicken fact yet just like this guy is one of the greatest actors to ever hold job you know. I love ozzy wigs party. We get to see a little bit of. It's like job as palace the bachelor of pepper. Paprika rapper pappa. Can i help you i mean i i do love one that we have fosse's mom because fosse's mom is also in that other muppet christmas special where they go to their house and get snowed in. Yes now. that is a classic in my wife's household. And i see i've seen that one countless times at this point. I totally family christmas. That's what is called so great. And i love the whole. There's a great joke of like you know they're playing like very period appropriate music for this party and then like of course. Because it's just the fucking you know. What are they. Dr teeth and the electric rhythm whenever the band is like so animals on drums. And he's getting pissed off plane this triangle and he just has to go into the solo and then it just turns into hot jazz museum. Just now comes the fucking the hooch man. Everybody likes them. Mccoy tyner here ago. Yeah so th this thing is great you get. There's a lot of like one one and done sort of muppet cameos here like the doctor. Teeth band This is really like fosse's only seen also fucking swedish chef in them. Creepy ass human hands dude. He's year serving up talking grape. So i have a question so this guy the young michael cain guy that walks in here so this is like his first like early job at when he's done with his studies so he's supposed to be like what seventeen eighteen this well they do say he's been apprenticed to ever. And that's that is citizen kane. You just got sold. You're an apprentice. You wig now entered servitude. Think it's supposed to be like some years have passed. he's firmly in his twenties. Now i guess that makes more sense now because like if this string. Bean is supposed to be like sixteen. No no no no. Yeah i think this is like a post post unique situation. Let's probably got like what fifteen years left to live. that's nice. It is kind of shocking. That ever these scrooges lives to be as old as he does regardless of changing his ways batman and they hold on they hold on for dear life all these evil crooked fuckers got access to the secret cabals of the underworld that we don't as poor men like they get stem cells from children. And what shit anything you want. You want some frogs stem cells. Kermit i can get the frogs generation that if you looked at pictures of trump rudy. Giuliani end chris. Christie's there's no way all three of them we're going to beat it. There's no way i'm going to beat. And they did. You forgot kripke per chuck grassley as well ninety seven years old and fucking flew by it. There's still some steam left from epsteins island that they're all sucking down the all doctors sleep him. Yes so you know. This is a great day. I love michael. Cain here because The ghost is like hey. I seem to remember another christmas. You had with this girl and immediately knows what it is and you do not show me that christmas you know and this is we get a little further on in time like maybe a year or two. It's like they're engaged He's engaged to this woman bell. He's putting off the wedding because yo- he his stock portfolio isn't where he wants it to be and he wants more money for the wedding and it's all under the guise of like. Well i just want to give you a good way. She's getting pissed off and this is where they cut off. The love is gone song. Like hey motherfucker this sucks. I'm tired of waiting around for you. And i'm not feeling the same way anymore and what you see after. They cut this out of the theatrical version is just like like the song even sort of like starts to swell up and then it just cuts to gonzo and rizzo crying and they cut to michael. Cain and the tears rolling down his face but like she has said something so innocuous before that cut that it just makes no sense you. It's basically like i dunno scrooge. I'm getting tired of waiting for you. Ebeneezer like whatever it is. They're just like weepy. Then i became an in sell. It would be funny if they just made the cut and it's just a loud voice. Says she broke up with him. Fucking recorded by jeffrey katzenberg. Still put too. Yeah there but at the same time. I think the song might add a little more to this. And especially since it's kind of a reprised in the ending. Well that's the other thing right. They bring it back you know for a rejoinder there and it's like love is found and like you can tell just from the way that it swoops in that it's like this is a song we should have heard before so it just it doesn't it doesn't ruin that movie but like come all right all right so you want me to signify. She broke up with him and then they broke up to the council. Why she's she has to break up with him. She's eighteen years old and she's about fifteen days away for being an old debate. She's got she's got time no time to spare that's very she's got be casas grandmothers. The whole town is going to be talking about. What a fucking loser. Rug the rocks at our house because she's unmarried nineteen dude. You can't do it. I think she fucking broke up with ebeneezer and went on to marry fauzi wig dude. Nice i dude. He's fucking a little obsessed with his mom. look everything. It is weird in that party scene looking at a younger statler and waldorf that's unsettled shared. His best friend is his mother. You ate like a bear avenue. I'm twenty three years old. I'm halfway over with my life. I have to do something else with it. Oh you want me to put my mother. How just more totally not famous. Norman bates dialogue. i would like to see fauzi. Likes jerk off watching someone threw a people and then like stab women. Dude up chris psycho dude so it would be be fuzzy as norman bates sure. I guess it'd be miss. Piggy obviously as janet louis for sure. Yup who would be the investigator. Would that be curb it. Maybe old muslim they're gonna be kermit's gotta be the love interest. I am luma. That makes sense. It's curve him loomis. Who's fallen on the stairs. That great shot those my question. You know ralph is a good one six. Yeah you know what actually think. You're right chris. Because wasn't there a bit on the other. Show where ralph was a detective or something sounds right or maybe there was on monday babies. I have like a memory of ralph being peon. he would fill out a trenchcoat. I think i remember him in a sherlock cap. So yeah maybe yeah. So yeah he could be. He could be the martin balsam character. You can have So then who's the sister. it's also miss piggy. But she doesn't have a hat on the way to do it. Oh man. I want like miss piggy in vertigo. And it's like i found another pig. Get your hair done like that's right. Look at the pig jumped off into the river. Back shot of this pig with a wig on with tight-knit back air. It would be rad. Do you have the big fucking painting of miss piggy and the big bun. Yeah see it all happening. Oh no she fell off the fucking church staple here it is. She's just a bunch of bacon on the ground disney. I know you're listening. I wanna cut. It's a half. It's a series of half hour specials on disney plus muppet hitchcock presents. Yes and it just like thirty minute. Adaptations of all these hitchcock classics be weird. I'm going to tell you what in. Yeah so the birds is happening but gonzalez fucking animal. Yup that's exactly right dude. The birds were replaced with chickens and gonzalez horny through the whole half hour on zone. Kermit in rope that works shooting ropes over those chickens. I would like to film rope. Yes yes the frog. Why did you have to set it. Set it up right here. If you had like the end of muppet hitchcock's saboteur and they're on the statue of liberty and it's like the statue of liberty is looks like miss piggy. Yeah it's all it all rights itself. It's super easy to do It really is super So you know whatever now. We're going onto the ghost of christmas present. Of course come on in and know me better than me. Roll it up dude that roll it up and we're going to enjoy ourselves is nuts. Man seem the spread of food. This guy has. I thought it was watching seven. This is your classic unsettling guy in a muppet suit though. And that's where. I get a little creeped out. Even he's a little creepy. It's a person mascot iota weird. But why i love it though is like the dual performance of whatever. Poor bastard has to be in this costume clearly sweating to death and then like the robot had to do all of the facial expressions. I mean like it's it is very impressive. I'm just saying in sweden so me out same situation literal monster but it just a full on due to the muppets. Sued always the big the bigger. They are the fucking more i remember. Fuck brendan gleeson. Had to drop out this song like to borrow a phrase from the kids you know. It's slaps fox shoots inside me. Whatever they're saying sure of course it is a good too. I do like michael. Cain is kind of doing remember that dance. Jack nicholson does. In tim burton's batman that leg. He pretends to be a. I'm a little bit. That's the dance is doing where it's all arms and shoulders. It's great because it's like you know his psycho path. The veneer is like melting away. This is also where he he makes his first joke of the movie. Right here because You know the the guy the guy the fucking spirit of christmas present is like you know I have over eighteen hundred brothers and sisters. Or whatever and michael caine goes Imagined a grocery bills like the way that he says it was like. Oh this is the first joke. I've told fucking fifty eight years. And i'm nervous that it's not going to go over. Well he timidly says this joe office and of course then. This guy just starts laughing because he loves life and i love that. It's just it's a money joke. Of course yup. Yeah exactly well. He's got a dusty old book back at his flat there. That's just one hundred and one killer money just so he's the money monster. I think we were monster. Julia roberts is telling him to become become stay at so what was so wait so this guy lives for a day every year or is it a different guy every year different guy do this why he says he has over eighteen hundred brothers and sisters. Lucky fuck dying. That's nice. I would be doing more. I would be doing more than just hanging out with this old man. But i've got a fucking get it wet real quick. That's my fucking superbowl bowl forty. It's like i got backup for time. Fuck anything that moves overhear scrooge. there's a deleted scene why scrooges veneer starts to peel the come in and know me better man hit this real quick and we'll go fly. Got all right spirit. I never never hit the oh. This is some sticky acacia spirit. Good job spirit that you have fish. Excellent p. h. I. s. h. A recode fish pudding do a better off outside. Oh i love this so train. I'm believable man. Run like the spirit. There's a great thing where they so they go to takes them to fred's house fred's and it's fucking great because the cow dude. I is like he's like oh you know we've we've done it. We've opened presence. We sing carols. What's next how bad a game and fucking scrooge immediately turns this goes to goes to people play games at christmas but this is like every an anxious person with a capital a every exit persons like literal nightmares. You finally get to see what everyone does and what everyone's doing is talking shit about you all the time when you're not whom they are talking so much about you it's crazy and they cut it. They call it yes or no but it's basically like a twenty question trying to guess what i'm thinking of again. That fucking screwed sucks. Yeah we around a fucks groot must be some other scrooge ted screw son of a bitch scrooge overhead his second cousin ted screw. I was saying ted screw. Yeah ted scrooge right. His father was the zodiac killer Yeah it's it's great to because they're like so let's get this straight it's a sentient being. It's totally fucking discussing. Look at everybody hates him. Oh it's ever these are scrooge. meanwhile they are having christmas. With ju like deformed toad fair you talking about me in this game. Also unpleasant to look at fred. Have a tiny dick. Oh yes he does. He said litas. Do i fantasize about his violent death every night you deal. Would the world be better off without it certainly would be So they fucking shag as take me. You know somewhere a little more. Happy big goto. Kratz neighbor. i. I love fucking ebenezer's groups. Immediately disgusted they warp to that part of town and he's like what spirit wear always. This is disgusting. Smells like shit like that. So where your employees. Bob crotchet lives you. Ignorant fuck and you know this is the debut of miss piggy in. The movie is mrs crotchet. This is another great trailer thing of rizzo falling down the chimney and burning his feet on the goose. Would you look at this shit man. And i have to kudos where kudos earned the disney plus transfer. Here looks really well done. You can see like just disgusting ash that is falling on this bird that these people don't know about and then they're just going to eat it and it's covered in dirt driving me oh. Ocd crazy. i mean there are half of the people here pigs dude. Yeah i would you literal pigs. These aren't literal pigs. These are people pinks would go here for killing these pigs. Here's the other thing too guys we to we've gotta talk about it. It's miss piggy kermit. Finally faulk after all these years of will they won't they they fucking have children's we're doing the lady and the tramp method where like the girls are her. The boys are him. But like you gotta have half pig half half frogs here. That's the only way this makes. Oh steve can. I just interject and offer up you. Don't this how about green a green pigs like the good maurienne card. Green pigs in pink frogs. Now that's something that that i'd sign on you. Give me a half frog half pig child. I'm going to be screaming for it to be murdered. I would be taken right out of the movie. Now i'm watching a fuckin- zeno more from this. What would it look like like. We're trying to assign attributes from a frog an from a pig into one beer. Guess you'd have a snout would be there while i think. Yeah it's it's a pig can jump really far big tongue with a snout either. Well either way. You are waiting with baited breath for tiny tim to die if that'll killed this kid scrooge that's why his life is in danger. It's like it's like. It's an abomination against god took a mule. They don't they don't live that long. You know that of the green pig on the crutches gonna die. That's fine moving on nah. And it's kinda funny too because like there's there's like tiny tim who's played by robin. Who like in the show is like kermit's nephew. So that's like a real muppet. But then this other one peter and these two little girls are just like fake creation. Yes which are great benin and bettina like these twin pigs. It is hilarious like miss piggy forgetting. Which one is which. I've always loved that. I i do like. They're like a with their mother in the same exact wedding. You know like totally. It always gets me man like again. I don't know what katzenberg's got up his ass but like your fucking worried that kids think that song is too sad mother fucker the existence of little little robin As tiny. Tim is the saddest heartbreaking thing and you know obviously you can't cut that out of the movie but let's be realistic man like you're making a sad scary movie and it's what you could cut the slow pad in on the empty chair with the little christ. Jesus jud not a dry eye in the house that little crutches and you know what the other thing chris. You're totally right because you know what they are. Never going move that chair. No they're never gonna move that crunch that's there to. They have fucking sell that house. Lars terriers muppet christmas. Carol man darkened sad world duck. Lucky you're really fucking lucky. I'm in you know. Miss piggy talk. A missed piggy. I like you know disney production. Let's remember wasn't that fox. anti christ. A muppet yes fucking europa. Whoever ventures production capping is there they had to fucking they hung outside the muppet studios back door and waited for them to throw out some old muppets in the dumpster and they like finally tossed a fox. Let's grab it. This'll yell at willem defoe in this move trope but makes a huge fuck it by on all the leftover puppets from meet the feebles zentropa that is production company. Thank you. I recognize this spirit. This is the house that jack built. God muppets has the jacksonville. That's of the you would. Oh my god now. I'm just picturing it right. The fucking the titular house. At the end of the movie it's made with all dead muppets. Oh man yeah. I'd watch that bruno cons wellness piggy roku dogville. It's what how horrible when you think. Stick around. I think he'll be quite terrifying break all of her statue risks. Ooh miss piggy in the dark. That's a bad one was thinking about this piggy fucking on a golf course also that shingling it off back. Yeah maybe we just stick to the hitchcock pitch for day is going to be hartselle up around it's just fucking bunsen hitting baker to death with a sock full of pennies or whatever. He was doing that in that movie. Jamie bell jamie bell I love the whole they go in. Scrooge goes into the house and they're getting ready to start dinner. And you know scrooges like the to the founder of the feast scrooge and like miss. Piggy fucking loses. It it's like dude. I'm fucking sick and tired of being married to this guy who will do nothing but fuck and take it from this boss. Who's terrible and they. She just starts going on out of this is like the daughters like agreeing and everything and again. It steve's worst nightmare of like just standing in a room invisibly and like everyone should talking back play. I learned some hot costs from you today. Spirit oh that's spilling not all day and then. This is the tiny. Tim starts off this great. Bless us all song. Which just god damn little robin. I will always tear up with this guy. It's unbelievable Michael cain is fucking crying. Watching this song be sung by this family And then you know it's the great you know. This is like your tell me spirit know what happens to tiny tim you know and your the he's like i don't really know man but i gotta tell you if these shadows aren't altered i suspect the child will die. I kinda wanted spirit. Does he live. They just cut. It gives them a creaky hearing good. I got the lifespan of a moth. Really i'm not gonna live right now and by the way everyone dies spirit as going to fuck you. Want fucking dying. You just be happy that it wasn't the fucking green pig. Fuck and singing. The song that i saw your right chris because the other thing is you're mashing them to animals guaranteed breathing problems like a pug or a puddle. Even carol got the heart a day. So this dude. I love to that they make the poppet is aging throughout this whole sequence. So by the time they appropriately get to a graveyard. This guys like you know all the gray or the red is all out of his beard. You're a big white bushy beard. Now he's looking more like santa by the second Any fucking eat shit and he says you know. I leave you with the ghost of christmas yet to come. And then i'm i'm getting my fucking diaper on this. God damn grim reaper. Spirit is terrifying even as a thirty six year old adult terrified of this thing. Kind of looks a lot like the grim. Reaper is also a puppet in monty. Python's the meaning of life. I wanna say similar like person in a big hump your sue. It's like the inflatable rat. It's humongous the grim reaper economically. That's just the muppet yeah. That's true the quietest buffet of the mall. I love the. There's a great. It's so fucking awesome like the whole notion of guns. Oh and rizzo being fucking terrified and just gonzo turning to the cameron being like well. You're on your own folks was meet you at the great which it as a kid to again. It's like i'm sitting there watching it. Like oh shit will if it's too scary for the muppet has yeah it man. It does put a hat on it. Being this is gonna fuck you up dude. Look out a totally ed. This is the goes to an alley. Says that the spirit you know like all right. I'm ready to learn. Show me what you gotta show me. I already feel fucking terrible about everything And they're in the alleyway. This is where he overhears like the four or five pigs all talking about somebody who died and just laughing about it and like they're asking. I love the one thing of like. Oh are you gonna go to the funeral and the one biggest like yeah if dinners sir. Mention of a free lunch totally and that reminded me of thing. When i was younger we went to a funeral for a family friend who passed away and there was a guy there who we knew from our church. But i wasn't aware that this guy knew this person that we were there. The wake for and i remember saying to my father was like. Oh there's that fucking weirdo from church or whatever you know. I didn't know he knew this person and my dad was like yeah. He didn't know her. Everybody knows that guy in town. He goes to all these funerals so he knows where the fucking like receptionists afterwards and he goes for the free food. It's like oh my god. That's the next staff brothers movie. Is this guy who goes to and like steals trays of meat balls. Bring back to his house. Do san back together or just love. That finally john amos is oscar. Bring him back dude. He's got all these funerals. That's right dude yet. John amos funeral food. The'd if anyone questions him. He says he's doing reconnaissance for his own. I was thinking of going with his funeral parlor and wanted to see how they execute these things. Yes so these dudes are laughing about it and then this is another disgusting moment of like they go in this little like basement area of this building and this disgusting all joe the spider who's like all these people coming to him and he's like when he got throw joe. Gimme gimme subsc rude paraphernalia. I love that old joke and still be surprised like we you know i got as coach and i got tea and like what does the last lady have the bed curtain. I got the beker. Jesus christ chuck it but you take it would do. They want the corpse. Glenk it like his blanket. That still warm ever had they mentioned. It's pretty funny. And then they just have a big old laugh at his expense while he watches. Wait my favorite spiderman right here nice. Oh joe he's going to be in spider student. Whatever the fuck spider guy with multiple limbs like spider pretty cool. Look i would. I crawl over dead bodies all the time. But i would take like gee i love this fucking disgusting. Death merchant is horrified morals. Akpo this fucking like fighter. Fagin spider is fucking a moral backbone. Incredible so this this is the by misremembered. This is the part where he's like. Please spirit like show me something good in this world and he takes them to tiny t the crash residents and You know it's the you know. A big contrast from the last time we were there you know. People were out in the streets here the joyous christmas day. Whatever and this is like it's fucking raining. they do a good job of. It's raining and there's almost no snow anywhere like it's just. It's so not the you know. Happy white christmas kind of a thing. And he's like why is it. So quiet. Spirit and the fucking pup just points as if to say like the fuck you think it's gone and it's just i mean this is just so it's incredible to me that you're using a bunch of animal puppets and like it's so just this dramatic scene of like you know from what you can gather tiny. Tim dies like two days before christmas. you know and scrooge died recently like what were they in the same car. But he's like come on spirit like you know a life can be made right and everything but this is like you're just watching it. Miss piggies like crying over the stove and the girls are like you know. Oh you know it's all right. You'll tiny. Tim wouldn't wanna see you cry. Why is dad late. And the other kid. Peter's like yeah the past two nights. He's walked home from church a lot slower. And you're just like yeah so affected but like these were pop. It's do fucking pigs in space in the senate not now. No no no no the lady breaking up with the guys disad part we get rid of that we got. We got a happy as family. Christmas movie slow pan on the dead child's chair. It's no surprise that that idiot then went onto thing. That was a good idea. You thought cutting that song good was good. You thought fucking was good. Why don't you retire when he's gone on is what if those guys so you would not be surprised if it turned out to be the actual devil. Jeffrey cats like that checks. That totally checks But they eat a kermit comes home and you know it's just this like incredibly depressing like we'll always remember tiny and like fucking kermit is getting choked up and this was the guy you know. This was the first outing for the dude who replaced jim. Henson of course as the original voice of carmen. This was his first time doing it. He's good he's fucking great. I mean you're the story about how he gained confidence. Do the role. And you think it's a little crazy but zia confidence man. Now he was sweating it right. He was very like. I mean as you would be like. You're the new voice of fucking kermit. The frog and thirty years or whatever it's a terrifying undertaking like big responsibility and he says and hey if it worked for him whatever nand but i just think it's kinda funny that he fucking was like sleeping one night and he said that Jim henson came to him in a ochre and was like you know. Hey man you're gonna do great. And then the next morning he woke up and felt like he was ready to do what. He's having like mel blanc to fucking go and haunt those people. Who did the second takes on like bugs and daffy and all them some of those. Get really bad man. Yeah i don't know day daffy fuck out here. What are you supposed to do. It's crazy because when you look at these videos of nobody's on youtube like doing all these impressions and they're great and it's like i i don't know man like new bugs china side. I i watched an episode of the of the latest tunes and i loved yosemite was like oh tar nation assembly sam. Everyday guy can't can't succeed in this world. You have to be related to an ebony at least back in the oil baron days or a related to a hansen. It seems shit shots fired dude. Fuck brian great. I would i would say you know. He's a fine. He's a fine dude. But then i saw that happy time murders and i'm saying fuck them actually true look african once in a while somebody thinks they have a good idea and like some other person is like with money is like yes that is a good idea. Go make that great idea. And it's not until everything has been put to bed that you realize it was one of the worst thing. Go and meet some people with money. Look when i heard about the horny. Octopus coming and the shotgun the couch. I thought it was great on paper. At least no one got broken up. It's very Say this is. He starts pleading with the spirit. You know alive can be made right spirit. Oseberg takes him to the graveyard. And you know it's the great Whose name is on that tombstone. Who was that. Who was that old codger. That they were all laughing about. You know the guy. The poor fucking death is sitting there like a. Who do you think screwed at the been paying attention. That cnn heat when wayne grow goes to the parking robert deniro and robert de has all those fucking garbage bags it is. What are those for had. It's like you do. That's on sorry the heat. That's anew robert deniro you you have to play it a little cooler. They're going to kill that guy. You gotta pretend that you like him or he's gonna run away. that's exactly big big fucking goof. And he. I'm so overdue for rewatch of heat. Michael manch be fucking sending me a bill. You are because that's a perfect quarantine movie. It's three and a half hours long and made by michael man totally Get on that. I think there's a four k on a drink for the person on. Twitter is a drink. Every time i said gonna four k on the batman returns episode. And i get it but i was enthusiastic at the time. You know so yeah. This is the end of christmas. Carol please please spirit you know. Give me another chance. Yada yada yada. And i love this. This is the greatest cut in this movie. He's grabbing onto the spirits robes. And he like you know puts all his weight into it and they bam cut to michael caine pulling a drape down in the bed and he's back at it such an such a great cut. I love it so great. And then it's the fucking the rabbits outside. This is the edge christmas day. Oh great. I didn't miss it still time. You know. he throws a little sack of money down his rabbit and he's like go to the grocery store by me that turkey they'll be rich asshole sucking turkey. I'm going to try this this year. I'm gonna open up my window. Unclear day the first person. I see him throw money. I am a white guy Go give you a turkey fucking age always going to call the police on the way he that rapid comes back he's gonna turn it into a a rabbit duck but he's he's got other stops mcmanis running around saying merry christmas everybody He finds bunsen and beaker on the street. And says hey. Put me down for this much like whispers and like bunsen shits his pants. Last night i began microdosing. It is really opened my eyes. I realize i've been such a piece off the liquid harran. I'm on the liquid cocaine And this is a touching moment to because he's like you know considerate the back pay for several missed christmas or whatever and you know a beaker or bunsen is like wish there was something we could give you and baker takes the sweater off his own neck and gives it to this guy and like michael. Cain is just receiving a scarf from a pop but still is legitimately touched. He's kind of like tear up a gift for me. You know and you're just like jesus. Christ the excellence. Onscreen would've guessed that beaker would have a huge emotional moment in this movie. I never thought it was possible. I normally find him kind of annoying But he's actually okay on that disney plus show that they had like six episodes of that they made like in quarantine. Whatever it's called. Muppets now or something Not a great show. But kind of okay and i one hearing of it. Yeah it's a show. I don't know. I mean it's like it's very much like influenced by quarantine. They're all doing various isolated like web. Show kind of bit real for me right now. I mean also the guy playing kermit for this. There was some hubbub. I think because the guy playing kermit in this replace this dude. From muppet christmas carol. Who's been doing it ever since and everybody was like infuriated that that guy got fired in face of this new guy kermit the frog era. Also you know what in terms of corentin whatever. And i hear one more. You're on mute joke. I'm gonna fucking shoot somebody. I i'm really joking. What the joke is like. Oh someone you know how we all are these days on our zooms in someone's talking but they don't know the rod as i hear you saying are you saying you hearing like jokes about that are just the notion of someone saying you're on mute and look i think it's one of those progressive ads on. You're on mute. Whatever bullshit it's like h- the tackiest quarantine the hacking of stroke of two thousand twenty year on mute as a joke. There you go you know what. Why don't you fuck keep flow on new talk and eight. That character salk. You could buy and sell your ass dude. No shit dude. Absolutely what scrooge starts like punking people he does. Well the best is i love that he goes time screw. It up could check case because his own only living relatives house at. He's like out. Merry christmas. I've i've clearly turned myself into a completely different person. By the way smoking hot baby wipes love that audio. Set like he just fucking leaves. I was like. Shouldn't you be happy christmas without the swaps. I'm sending money today. Oh fuck dude. A christmas body swap movie. Does that exist in the hallmark channel. So does it. happy right. Copyright we are and this humbug. Humbug is what darren air and it's like a mandolin an old and it's just doing his cruel japes like. That's a big cane isn't it. Our japan dot com hit want to borrow five shillings for your surgery. That said no. I'm putting a boot forever all right. Here's what's going to happen. I to- decrepit family. I'm going to pay all the tiny. Tim's medical expenses trophies. I pay to liquidate family's gonna come in thinking. He's had a successful surgery and instead he's dead. The log certainly would book off life support. That's the fucking american remake. Man is molly is going to put his foot and a bath. Perot news with us on with us. I also funny. Is he visits. I guess sam eagle and fuzzy. The old folks home. Yes yes it's a. It's a briefing. And i loved that fuzzy wigs got the old. The i don't even know what the fuck the fucking tube you stuck in your ears and you could hear better. Whatever that i think is from back. Then bring that back. Fuck hearing aids. Yeah totally like if i could dumb horns sticking zella from the last world cup. Stick it in your my god. Yes so then. We have the last of the movies we go to the crash. That's house You know there is a great fuck in gaza. Line here where. It's like and tiny. Tim who did not die fucking funny because it's like it's very clearly like all right kids kids it's fine. He's alive kind of yet totally. It's just so we wanna make sure everyone is either leaving the theater or turning off the vhs tape and not fucking crying about this dead baby frog You know and it's just it's it's it's kind of this fuck. This is the greatest punking right year. Though because it's like scrooge knocking on the door does a little bit of a cop knock on the crashes door and then crashing answers. And he's like i thought you were supposed to be at work today. Like really fucking with them and then piggy comes in starts telling them off. You know it's like at. I have decided giving you a raise. You know that sort of fixes the whole thing. But it's like. I don't know i still feel like striking terror into the sole of your employer or employee on christmas morning. Even though you are a nice guy now still a little bit of adecco ginga. Fuck off for christmas off. Thank you not at my house and you love. That's what he wants to do. Is i'm going to tell you what to shove it up your ass. Got to do it but she. Oh i'm giving a raise. Uk be mad. I'm giving you money here. Now go to the store. Buy me fucking sub. I'm rich. I'm a goodrich guard. Now cook this dinner. I i okay cooking you stupid cow. Cook it or. I'll cook you kick. What are your children Usually prefer christmas hab. Scream age patio when they talk usable live when he puts them absolutely. Yeah then we sing. The love is found which makes no fucking sense. but that's fine thanks katzenberg idiot And you know that's the end of the movie. It's a beautiful fucking eighty. Six minutes is You know we've managed to talk forty minutes longer than the most shores our show is going to has is the as was the style at the thai But you know. I don't know i. It's it's weird. Like i like we've been saying all month we're not talking about whether or not these hold up. They've made it to this month so clearly they they hold up i. My thing is now that brian henson confirmed. I guess it was a bbc radio interview. Not tinti no not into this was actually unbeaten confirms also also sourced and they confirmed that they found the original negative of the love is gone sequence in disney vault yet is a negative song. But i would. I mean you know it would be great if like this time next year. There's like a four k release of this undis- rank put back in. Yep thank you. it's put back. I'm going to say something different. You'll say ultra high definition. Nice marian it's you. But i would love to just own this movie like as a whole thing to have that again so dumb that on that disney plus platform. You can watch the deleted sequence in like the bonus material. And it's like if you're gonna put it they're just fucking dragging drop it back into the mood. I didn't even notice that. And i watched it on youtube like an s. I mean the disney plus interfaces garbage. We're were talking about this last night. Like when you're on the movie like after you scroll down past the description it should be like the more information so like cast and crew info. The next thing over is there's all your bonus shit and then the next thing after that is your suggestions what you know if you like this also watch this and the way that the platform does it is suggestions are i and it's just like it's that whole mentality. It's the same thing of why like you can only watch four and a half seconds of the credits before the fucking screen goes audience. Retention is what they call it. You know it's it's just sickening and it's another reason. Why like owning my own shit. So i don't have to like grab the remote because i'm like missing part of the fair. I don't think i ever looked at the description or cast on a streaming site ever in my no. Actually that pisses me off amazon. Got rid of it. You know the the amazon. It's just like it's a movie in this movie. Someone does something it's like. Who is it what did it come out what the fuck is going on. I've noticed amazon. That is really a fucking problem. I don't remember what movie it was. It was something that was very much not from league two thousand thirteen. But that's when they remastered or something so that's the new date everyone. Yes that's a problem yet. That is fucking terrible because they will also have other transfers of the same movie in. It'll have like a different year on it. Yeah it's garbage it's all it's all just a computer program as your workforce as your qc and it's it's very much a problem. What were you tried to tell me that. Casablanca dot com in nineteen ninety-six version. Six i mean but those are my fucking parting shots about this movie. Steve sadek any final thoughts on christmas. Cards i really enjoyed it. I mean it's it's not one of those ones. That i grew up with but i think it's really it's like i said it's incredibly sweet. It's very effecting And it does kind of have i like that it. It stays in the realm of money. What money can do. Because i think it's so easy to make this about cute and nice and it's more about like no if you've got the means you should help people at the very least Around the holidays. And it's it's easy to lose that message with the scrooge tail and this movie actually sticks with it which i like because it's so easy to focus right unlike the magic of christmas or whatever and like that is in this movie but it's not like you said the driving force of it and i think you're totally right on like if you have the means help other people and the notion of kerry christmas with you like throughout the year right like just be a fucking good person that rule that would rule man. Eric cisco final thoughts on muppet christmas. This is like top three muppet movies. If you haven't seen it obviously you should before listening to this. It's really good. I think. I think it's like muppet movie takes manhattan in this for me monday. Yes great movie and tax the rich. That's chris cabin. I mean it's less than ninety minutes. You're already on my bright side there Especially movies Yeah i this is my my wife. Grew up with this. So i've watched it a lot. It's probably the muppet movie. I've seen the most at this point and Yeah i like it. it's very sincere. It does actually care about dickens actual pros like the marlins were dead is the first line of the book. To first of all marley's were dead right. it's one marley. But that lie that they use is the first line in in the book The novel at that dickens wrote Yeah i would say probably muppet movie the manhattan then this and then caper for me I feel like muppet. It's i would go. Albouy forgot caper. That's a good one. Yeah caper. Capers fucking hugely underrated. But i would honestly have to say factoring in rewatch and like motivation to rewatch. I'd say it's for me this manhattan Probably movie and then caper although caper. Yeah totally underrated muppet. Movie charles. Grodin fucking phenomenal for me. Muppets strangers that a train Yup like oh and then a muppet family play. That rebecca is my my best with. Frenzy is some weird shit. I'll tell you oh. My god dude kermit's just strangling those women with rope. It's fucking weird. I would believe armie hammer is like one of the human muppet people. Yes dude. I would believe that too. Yeah i don't know the whole future of the muppets is very sad. Thanks to disney. But this you know you go back to this movie. Even though it was like released by buena vista it still feels more muppet eating me. You know for sure. But that's going to do a gang. That is the muppet christmas. Carol from nineteen ninety-two directed by brian. Henson we have one more week of we love movies. Releases here on the program Of course the patriots dot com slash. We hate movies. There's been all sorts of Bonus wwl am related material on their the big old three hour plus lord of the rings fellowship of the ring episodes right and we. We should let people know that. Like if you lighten this month. It's every month on that patriot. Feed we do. We love movies episode every stinking month. Absolutely that's right and we also just really sit ninety minute episode on batman mask of the phantasm we've got a nexus a full-on star trek. Two thousand nine the abrahams one coming up soon. That is also clocking in at about fifty to fifty five. And i'll say judging when this from when this episode is coming out of you're listening to it on this tuesday when it releases this toys day. That is when are die. Hard commentary the die. Hard military will be released on the patriot. That is us talking over the. I'll say it. I'll fucking say the christmas classic diehard also three hours long. That's the good news is that's exactly the leg s. to be. It has to be chris. There's a fucking forty seven minute intros right. You forgot about that But steve so the final wwl. Am main feed episode of twenty twenty on the whole is dropping next tuesday. And how is it. Where capping this year. Well it's been a nightmare so we are going to go to a nightmare on elm street. The original i'm sorry. They made a remake. So i have to say the original but the original. Yes the seminal. West craven nineteen eighty four classic film with heather lang camp. John saxon john de couple other folks in their lives. I think is floating around in that movie One of my all time favorite horror movies. That's gonna be a ton of fun. And you know what steve. You're totally right. I was thinking like you know. It's kind of odd like ending slasher note but you are right man. This year has been indeed a living nightmare. So let's let's all celebrate having dreams onto it. Well next next week on the program with wes craven's nightmare on elm street But until then. I'm andrew jupiter even sadek eric cisco this cabin. Dang it easy. That was a hit gum podcast.

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