WSP preparing for security as legislative session approaches


As state legislators or getting ready for the start of a new session. Monday the washington state patrol is investigating. What went wrong and what can be done to prevent future security breaches like the one. That happened at the governor's mansion a couple of days ago. Here's k. u. o. w. tom bonzi on wednesday. An armed and at times. Hostile crowd of pro-trump anti lockdown protesters overwhelmed lightly guarded gate to the governor's mansion of people pushed onto the grounds. They did not try to break into the mansion itself. Were democrat jay. Inslee and the first lady were in residence. I'm glad everything worked out. Nobody was injured instantly. Says he's asked the chief of the state patrol how this could have happened and why there were no arrests for which there weren't easy answers is not going to interrupt the function of legislature ultimately. It's not going to me. A state patrol spokesperson told me. Detectives are reviewing video to possibly lodge charges later in the short term. That patrol is looking at redoing. The mansion's front gate to make it sturdier. I'm tom boxy in olympia.

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