18. New Amsterdam's Alejandro Hernandez "You Gotta Take The Hits And Keep On Truckin'"


Took i'm tommy beard more. I'm adam decarlo and welcome to before the break. A podcast floor actors by actors brought to you by Already come back to another episode of before the break Today we are so excited to meet our guest. He is a rising star in the world of television. You've seen him as a recurring character on new amsterdam an instinct as well as appearing on fbi blue bloods chicago pd and gotham. Just to name a few. Please welcome alejandro hernandez man. What's going on our you know great. I'm attorney right now or keep it. Now yeah we all have been man. We've all been quarantined. It's a new thing. No but you're actually's learned to write. Because canada has some. Would we have a wedding coming up. One of the bridesmaids is coming from canada. She when she gets home. She has to quarantined for two weeks. Man that's i have. I have vacs months this point and either going like they don't care if it's not navien person you have to still do it. God i've been in this very nice. But like there sean. Connery loved that firm for our listeners. He's got this beautiful like this painting of sean connery. Yeah is very nice and so europe. They're working right yemen. I'm so i haven't worked yet but Just a I'm currently working on. Not only disclose so much. But i'm working on. i An amazon pilot right now. I'll be here for the sixteen and it's really cool. I think there's an article on it on variety On instagram page. You could find interlinked chicken out. But it's it's the second base casts called the horror of delors roach and it's about it's Really cool it's really cool man. And it's essentially a modern retail. A modern washington heights latino latin next retelling of sweeney tar. Oh wow yeah. It's really cool musical. Yeah it's so it's like it's like the main character she goes to jail for a while delors roach and she gets out of She gets out of prison and essentially she is. She trying to stay afloat in either changing world because wash tonight's right now is very gentrified same as winds and essentially. She ends up. A murder happens. And then i help her I helped recover it up in a a very creative way. It's all interesting. Yeah very intriguing. Graduation think we'd go. It's really cool there. There's there's so much that i just want to know about you. We let's let's start at the beginning of your from jersey your jersey jersey. Yeah born and raised all the number one reason in bro. Yeah yeah did you did you pop into the city when you were kid. Yeah was that a thing where you like. I gotta get into that city now really I lied so route from people who are not like familiar with try. A jury generally always argue that north and south jersey and others not sixteen. A sanctuary jersey were trend is the central jersey. But i'm like more sound like i'm right across exc gone to new york wasn't a big thing to our training right away so we said the city. You're talking about philly feeling about we see you know i wasn't much of a new york You know person growing up. I had family In north jersey for union city north burton Most of my family's trenton philadelphia area around. And when you were when you were growing up was was was acting in your In your mindset in your vision even though you weren't going over that sea where you still kind of like you know what this is something i'm interested in or did they kind of happen for you later They kind of happen for me a little. I know that. I always had like a knack for performing. I always think i knew that liked it. I knew that it was fun to do. But i never considered it to a real world profession. Jamir you know to support know support me aspects but I'm not the class clown dude. Augustino like gets allowed trouble Do impersonations of teachers that we didn't like the you know so you know i i was. I always history detection. But i like to entertain people it made. It brought me to bring people joy and packet did. Did let me ask you this. Because i'm only seeing this now years into well into your thirties. You start to become aware of certain things from your past specially and like you and in school the class clown the anything for an applause and it came from this deep desire to be loved to be accepted and my stage. Which like yours was your schoolmates your school. That was the venue and and you did what you could do. In terms of getting a reaction was. That's coming from something from your past for you. Deeply did want to be part of something. Maybe not the spotlight but the fact that you were affecting someone was that important to you as you were growing up or was it compensating for anything at the loaded question the break it out a little bit of down sart so so were you channeling something as a kid that that fueled your own. 'isms that was kinda coming from another place or was it. Just you just wanted to make people laugh a gun. As i think that's true i think i i definitely Outweighs the middle child older brother and brother. And i always kinda like got like the brunt things clearly oldest one the youngest ones. I wasn't responsible enough to you. Know know any better perhaps was the baby and it was kind of like i felt like my older brother is sick. A single roadscholar. My brother is like super smart was gates millennium scholar into the outage and he's like super smart and i never. I was an average student at best lake. Seem solid seaman is student. Then guys guy solid see mine is not getting your dear. F was the accomplishment. So thrilled that i didn't get like i mean i didn't get a d. or an african. Yeah yeah tom you gotta be taking them to. snl right. but i think that some of the just indeed express is a while. I did and i still do have like hd sound like all over the place. I'll be like you know the math thoughts or whatever they might. I'm gonna outside. There's the dudes we're gonna construction. And i'm like eight years old expected on the playground. One guy's to have punch. I wanna west family of all these things and i was failed like deficient quiz. Running for the yeah. This wouldn't matter in conversation but what you're saying is something that rings true to me. There's a reason for everything when we think about what my add. I used to get so upset at my ad. I used to get so upset at my brain for not being able to focus. But all these things that i thought his liabilities turned out to be assets as an actor. So you know. Our audience is a lot of working actress. A lot of aspiring actress and some people who haven't even thought of aspiring yet they're just in the beginning throws of it and they're coming to terms with who they are and in this world and the things that they lack but really what you find out later. Life is the things he lack ended up being this wonderful asset instead. So i'm sure that your add and all that stuff that you quote unquote struggled with as we're getting older into your acting years was actually something that was so beneficial in terms of your determination. Persistence performance and all that stuff right it thrives on the liability that society kind of deans with add and with energy and with all that stuff. That kids are just kids. And it's hard to come to terms with who you are But it's easier when you see that it's actually helping you linear life. So let's jump. Where when you're you're in high school and you're thinking about what the hell you wanted to do. College is on the horizon. Where where are you going. What are you thinking. And how are you getting there. So this is a interesting fact So i neglected to mention when i was in high school sports football baseball wrestled. But one thing i also did there to the end of quitting all-sports for the i dansk really i i I did for about three three four years really solidly and it had a partial scholarship to go to university of the arts. And then i got kicked out because i'm hardy way too hard again my guy to my defense. It was like that was the plan. I wanted to be a dancer for a very long time. After i it was somewhere around like maybe up try. Being athlete may be a dancer. And then that didn't happen. I got kicked out on. And then i ended going to community college in two years where i was really gets floating around out not really sure what i wanted to do. i was still depressed. Beginning getting squash embarrassed Yeah you know. I was kind of like inland going down the wrong. I was on the wrong path. But i was taking steps close to going down raw I met a guy mid End of my first year since two thousand nine guiding jody person person is the head of the feeder like because division at mercer county community college literally Changed my life. Changed my life and i always say that i. I've had a lot of people who hold very dear where i find it and i trust them with so many things and that will never change but the first one was jodi person and he saw something in me he was just like. Have you considered this. Try doing this. Maybe avenue loop game ended up doing a production of these. The first part and it's six hour playoff but we do the first part of american approaches down in the part and i played prior. It was the first play every day that i was able to america which is missing him. The wall is a is a production fully eighteen nineteen year old kids or earn and we go to community college out of us that went to community college or the discipline or the money to go to a fulltime university. Didn't all of those. Things didn't matter but i'm not gonna play down to you just because you go to community college tree you is if you went to fucking you know harvard much as you went to fucking yell school drama or something like that. I'm going to give you stuff like that. So you can exercise your imagination. It set off a whole thing. Was i had so much joy doing ahead belief in me. It was the first time i had something. That was my. You know i can do this thing so well and other people think i can do it well too and that was this thing and then after my second year i transferred to be a fact and pro-democracy dangerous and did more there. And how long did you stay there. I did three years at montclair state. i transferred in so i started a softball more. I was older saw but I i loved it. I loved it. I mean You know undergrad for are tricky. Because on undergrad programs. There's some really really great ones. And there are some that are like. But i don't think i mean i guess not not that it's any of their own but like the resources of the minute episode in the best. They can all think you all be say acting. Schools have base experience. Everything's basically basically jack. All basic asking montclair was clear. Gave that to me. What i did realize was the most beneficial being going there but moving the classes but the opportunities that had to i was in play every semester every semester. That really really i. Maybe i know it but it really honed in to to to command an audience and to understand the importance of her so iwaki and professionalism and all that really helps me moving forward. Because i wasn't necessarily thing theory or technique or whenever resist like showing up working on the play talking about the play talking about relationships talking about character practising practising. And that's i think that you do not need to go to yale drama school to learn how to act in our backyards and it's not where you go. It's what you do where you are. Well it's a it's it's there's exactly dude So i mean. I was very much unlike grad school road for a while wanted to go find yale places and You know i i. I really felt for the longest time i eat. Msa to work if once. I had the nfl Just for whatever the school is. I will have all the tools in my belt to work. I'll be prepared enough. You've ready and i guess as i got older i realized that fucking bullshit. You know. it's just like you never really stopped learning him. Not knocking of your incredible if you have an opportunity to go go but you know There's other ways. There's not. I think in recent years i feel like i feel like that. So many schools or acting school in general hadn't even any acting conservator any acting educational program They pushed this thing really hard that you need to train and come here in the cocaine ears. You want this. You gotta come here and it's going to snow. It's thing i mean i understand. Make your program appeal. you come to it. That's fair but like at the same time. It's just like i feel like it's it's really it's really hurt. A lot of exciting Loud the psyches of young actors. Who think they're never gonna amount. They don't feel less than justice. Might be so you you had ended up getting your way now just but you you got your bfa rather and instead of getting your mfa you gotta job right out right out of college. Apparently you went to the actors theatre of louisville kentucky performed. A whole season shows that happened. It was great man. I i was there for a nine months. It was a great experience for me. It was a little difficult in the beginning. I never been to like. I guess the south new comic weird. You know being tucked google's great city legrand Kentucky whole my favorite But it was great. I got to. I got under study for a few shows. I was in a show was in the production of peter star catcher. And now it's is a really great experience over professional and again Harps on the thing. Which i think i had. I tried to mention this. But i had forgotten what it's comeback now so working professionals in getting experiencing. That's when i learned at acting performing generals such should the craft the ether the education of a word of mouth. Stay you passed it down. You know you you learn from other performance for more experienced need the help you in your past dunk next or it's very much yes. This ancient form of storytelling. That you ask down you know. I think it's awesome anything. I learned that derek. I was able to and also what i was able to do there. I was able to get a sense of who i was. Because i feel like i feel what i learned from there I learned from another mentor there. Michael a fantastic fantastic. He helped me to realize that. Like you can sell who you are. And i think he had he had such a Experience like he was an agent from coin programming. Hit so many like different like yet. I mean even half threatens. I in the industry so he knew he brought that knowledge with us. We have talked to agents how to dress the other all this kind of things. I think that you realize you'll you're up from jersey your your very new jersey. You're very interested in your bag. And those are things that you can use to your benefit in those are because you are. Those things isn't only play those things you can bring those things to whatever you do right wall of self awareness. A no act. Swear where your muscles are and how well you can work them doesn't mean you're going to play those types forever but to know that type so that you go for that type you got the headshot that suggests that type you know how to act that and that just comes from being self aware and it sounds like this michael guy was like giving you a crash course in finding out who you are about michael. What an amazing thing to hear when you're when you just came out of school and you're just starting out to get that word of advice like right from the jump is incredible you. I feel like so many times. it's like years later. Somebody might say that to you. You know right when you start working to have those incredible words of encouragement Been huge for you. it was. It was huge it was it was great I i won't lie now. As much as they had like a great experience hunkered state. I always felt little subconscious of because like i have my diction was never that great You know. I have a very harsh thank jersey sound harsh definitely jersey kind of like sentiments me and like how like you know. You can't always be from essay when you're gonna be so like. I felt like i felt like kind of like so conscious that i do limited stuff like that. You know i. I think the and that might be true but i also think the industry is changing. I think that we wanna see those. Thank you wanna. we don't want you to. You'll be so proficient in your bowels constant crystal. Rb wanna see you. You know we want to see you want to see you the person with like your scars and usually only your your your your mannerisms that are very of this place. You know whatever places And i think that that's a that's cool. That's really cool. We're really like valuate. Everybody's drought allow increase days. Do you feel that. Film and tv embraces. That much more than an theater does with film and tv. You've got a camera which is essentially a magnifying glass that allows you to three your authentic self portray and authentic person because that magnifying glasses. Right on you. You can't fake anything you have to be exactly like who you are with theater. Things are a little cleaner a little crisper a little perfect but in film and tv it seems like they embrace this perfectly imperfect unique person who maybe doesn't have the most perfect diction because normal human beings might not feel that you kinda you kinda nestled into film and tv because of that because you were imperfect and you were embracing imperfection i think so. I think it's definitely part of it. i think i do think i do. Theaters is is changing anything. It's becoming a a little by little becoming more inclusive and are more. I mean suppose a long ago I think it's it's doing better. But i do think that jeevan film is way had cedar net regard on just be cuny said there is You know i think the cameras such a people was hard theater on. Tv or whatever Their heart in their own weights harder own ways next. Think that what you're saying like how cameras essentially a magnifying glass. I think it's very true because it captures all these little quirks about you that sometime get lost be medium. That's in a huge theater like theater. You know and. I think that those are things that cameras would pick up on that. You wouldn't see and it would get lost in you know and i think that's Definitely kind of helped in a way also addiction. That's you know gonna project In speed awards on the conformance. Laugh fucking whisper like that. You're not trying to hit the back of the house gave you. If if you're trying to hit the back of the house like this right ears minutes here with you say yeah. Yeah yeah yeah okay so as you are coming to the end of your tenure in in louisville. You've you've had your at-bats you've had michael. Jody and e you know. There's a knocked the door saying now you you gotta like start to be the actor in your training is kinda come into an. Where are you in terms of what you're feeling about the next step. What did you do to take those steps. Where did you go from louisville Question when i got an actress theatre. I ended doing a nine equity company over williamstown. That was that was another tool folks series. Well but. I think when i came back i couple things i got a couple of months after guest fultz in there and i don't think i don't know i think that i i kinda kept trucking ahead like my ups and downs. Like maybe like four guest star three or four guests rope. When i got out of the actor. Student coach gets books a by the way that will never happen. He's going crazy. I was very much. God damn but then like four like a good like six months after that dust. I was getting up there. And i was on. I i i ended up doing. I did the instinct. I did instinct for season six or seven episodes bats and That was filed a good and then Movie later that year. And then like i i i was still working consistently but a lot of space in between you know But i kept myself busy. I i still went to class. You know i still do. Good i still. I don't shop going to class. I i've i've taken class about krakauer camera. Kuru greg craig. I and where did where did reps come into the picture for you. Was that like out of louisville when you were yes so so i was with. I wasn't with any oil i got. I'm on. We had our little showcase and now in the small agency time but nothing happened to him. That i left my first my first two years out of montclair state between twenty thirteen twenty fifteen acceder Like miserable like miserable. I was like living at old trenton. Asking my mom money to take the train bussing knows it's sought you know but you know the accuracy happened but i Sorry lost track of where did where did Representation come into the picture. Yeah so yes some this showcase for actors theatre role I we had our showcase there. And then nancy curtis of who is one of the head. Atis hardin curtis onto. Yeah now known. As harding curtis pearson. Eilly exc- care now right. But yeah so she was there. She saw michigan Tastic signing right away. what'd you do. would you do for your showcase. So who did a scene. Michael michael legs was at the time anymore but was headed. Professional training company yet is awesome. Awesome like like way of making a showcases in new to to do in. It was so smart because at that time That's like march april. That's been everybody has their shook. It's you know relic march. April may tank. He was very smart. He's a hero agents go shook his sacrifice. How we because our showcase coincides with humana festival accuracy than humanity biggest new play festival in country. And so they're gonna come see the clients new clients or potential clients in these shows. Humana festival they give us the show at festival based on losing the company and we have our show kits. So nancy curtis was able to see me amongst all these people and again it was. Another is how great michael was talk about really really helped me in many ways Really gave the like not only. Are you going to be doing shows with them. So i would drink with their behavior on. I'll let you know when. Nancy came up to me. Hey you know you regret of about. I was able to talk to her credit report a relationship that really took off their you come back to new york look me up signing right away and say crazy. You've had two people in your life. That's so informed the trajectory of not only your career but your life with the guy at the community college who was like. You've gotta do theater. And in this guy in louisville who really taught you the tools to be a professional actor all the stuff that you still carry with. You just incredible now. I mean. I haven't spoken to him in a while. I mean if i knew he was short but He's us a really really really. Every time i attended. I'm like really changed. Object to me in my life. And i'm incredibly grateful to you and yeah so Yeah again. I still train. I still train. I have a coach right now. We're we're the scary perez. These tape is awesome. the he's he's. he's very similar at the about. Crackdown away. But i found a report with gary. Because we of speak the same language he is. He's puerto rican He's from the bronx you know. He has a similar upbringing. He didn't go to school or anything like that. But you probably him. Every single prime time drama from like nineteen eighty five. Now now he just. The guy works all the time in egypt. like such. A master of cry understands behavior so well he knows what looks good he he really gives you about the buyers the biased buyers. You gotta see him with. The buyers are seem so openly audition because you like he's all about like do what it says on h. The writer wants to see what they don't pay a lot of people don't do that strikes his dad's the buyers want to see you package ready to go because when you get it if you get what you did in the audition you gotta go ahead and do that on sets higher highly basing editions. You gotta do that. Same thing you know and i and i find that really. All he just is efficiencies like incredible and he just this white used to fucking end. I'm fucking ever. Yeah so he's a guy that i wanted to say that i figured you. It's incredibly important. So keep training. I don't think they've ever really ends. It's never gonna end. You have to take some kind of class you have to have people watch you watch people because you're watching the people to to my friends the other day. A with the saw with sedition. Yesterday and i love it because like i i also firing big company and asked me for some help takes but also i learned from them. You dec- doesn't oregon you know. Hey that's a really important thing to say you know like whether it's in acting or whatever it is it is important to see and experience things ego that's not working and to recognize why doesn't work and i think that will inform your work to know. I mean like you have to be aware of things that don't work and why so that. You don't repeat those same mistakes. Yeah yeah exactly. It's it's crucial. It's great in that you that you it's all like repetition this whole entire just getting eruption interrupts in practising practising sing practicing all. It is now so so you you get to new york. You look up. H c k. Are you start to book. I mean we've already mentioned it but that is not usually how it will go. These pretty big role guest guest roles. Our guest stars are pretty big. You know usually the the the path is under five. If you start as an extra under-fives then you might get a small guest start. Maybe recurring it. It kind of flows over the years. But for you hit you hit hard. what It's very interesting. How quickly things kind of initially rolled for you. What do you think was the deciding factor in new experiencing a bit of success early on. I saw goddamn talent. Zion incredible. Because i'm a fucking gazillion. 'cause i'm doping shit quick i orders dude i i think we'll successor. Screening like epsom implode speaks invalid I think i guess. I guess it was confidence. I think it was it was it was really really really really really over power-sharing confidence in quiet him as a person i think this i had so much after like montclair move a bit of williamstown so she meeting people working with people in like you know having people you know microdyne do. I a went in their guns placing. After i know is so overwhelmingly confident in what i was. And this is a confident. Instead isn't walking around with the biggest dick and it's you coming in with that inner inner conviction that quiet power that quiet confidence inside that There's no sense of desperation there's vulnerability but it's also this idea that you know who you are and you know that you belong here. That's good do you know the thing is. I think a lot of young actors sometimes and i would say to sue the constantly remind but i think it will now. Dishes kinda sucks. It's it's it's it's a flawed process because sometimes mission is really acting. You know two different things. It is a slow process. But it's the only process that we have. And i think what i find interesting. I think you have to do is that you have to learn how to love on this because you gotta you gotta wire about this. There's a good five minutes where you get to do the thing that she loves. Get to act you get that as your time is nobody else. This time of you in the thing that you love the most sorts of if it's five hours and five minutes you get do it and you do it and you leave. And there's power that there's powering mic drop in mitch shit or going outside and just like ripping inside throwing in garbage. We go up done. Yup or when i love. I love to go et on fire by a what i like to do. Personally i love I always think of. I would have a plan afterwards. So i don't make the audition. It's fun but it's also not my whole day. You know so. I'm gonna go undefeated this thing and afterwards it'd be or else what are you doing in that way. You are making the addiction less important not not. You're not not caring about it but you're making it less important so that there's something else that you're actually looking forward to see. You're out of your head. You're just doing the next thing that you're on your way to the to the next thing that you're actually looking forward and i wished like you know i i would love someone. I bust my chops about this shit. But there's like a like honestly like really would like to see. I would love to teach on some collegiate or something because i feel that I feel that A lot of not all but a lot of undergrad programs. They don't teach you about the business of acting technique and bad and always kind of stuff and traffic is important. But i think that you know there's like they also create this exciting. It makes everything so precious and all these kids. You'd so worried. All my hair is my character. She point takes the finest neurotic some perspective that they're just talked. Are you guys to new york. Yes we do. Have you ever been to pearl studios ever experienced anything more at home. I walk walk the halls of pearl studio awesome. God god i want to feel better about yourself. Jiminy christmas dude. I've gone to twenty times. I'm seeing waiting stretchy on our scale. Nice now right right i. i'm with you one hundred percent you know. We're we're launching. This thing called working actor pro and our is trauma schoolteachers to how to act. We teach you how to make a living at it. You'd ask the business of it to make it as a living. You don't learn that in college. You learned you need you learn technique and that's all well and good but what i saw when i went to. New york is in workshops with people who were names on those broadway stages who walked into a film and tv audition in a krakauer or at ted sloop mirsky and they didn't know what the hell they were doing. They don't know how to do their taxes. They don't know about side jobs. Don't know how to thrive. They don't know how to run their own business as a business with them being a product and the sort of idea that this business is commercial. And when you understand that and you accept that really hard reality. It's easier because when you're in a show and it ends. It doesn't hit you hard. You know that that show ended because of money when my when my episode got i got written down to two scenes instead of five for a guest star that that didn't matter about that wasn't in my talent that that did that. It wasn't that they didn't like me was the fact that they needed to save thirty. Five thousand dollars so instead of shooting the scene they wrote it out and exposition knowing about that commercially in the business end of it. Kind of takes a takes neurotic. Is my hair perfect kind of way about that perspective. It takes it down saying. Hey it's just money. I didn't get it because i'm five two and the other actors six one and you know we've we've mentioned this before there's a there's a reason for everything in it's not about you about you in it's also dislike in again. That's that's powerful that you get to do the audition you get you get to do the thing. That's the only thing you can control. You leave like you might be the fucking best accurate gun fucking die. Tommy was. I was so fucking good but you know he's got he's got this like a red hair. It's sometimes comes in shirt very. He's got strawberry blonde hair. But i wanna and the guy blatch you came you. It's utterly out of your control. Literally everybody just gets by sides on fire right. I everyone gets caught up on. You know oh. I was rejected and i'm not talented end a lot of times. It just has to do with things you have no control over. It could be a whole list of shit. That has nothing to do with your audition or how good you are at. Sometimes it is shit like that. Well we just want somebody a little bit taller or we want somebody a little bit shorter or we have the scene in all. These people look like this. Why don't we bring somebody who who different like. Mix up the you know what i mean like. You can't yeah anything with in all also the idea that it is a business. So if i'm in a market and things aren't rolling well maybe it's the wrong market for me as a product of my if my product is out there in the market in. It's not doing well. What about trying another market. If i look like this and act like this into this type of medium. Well maybe i'm not in the right market for this type of medium. The way that i looked competition. That's currently there. There are people who been in new york for eight years and they don't get much under oath anything other than under-fives then they moved to l. a. and boom guest. Boom guest are wild because they look a certain way because they're not in the theater town it's it's about running a business and knowing there are dips. This isn't it isn't that i haven't booked in a year. 'cause i'm not good. It's well this is my dip year and to understand the ebbs and flows of this business. You stick it in and it's all about staying around as the business algorithm. Who told you some great people or a game. So many wonderful exhibits of advice was remember but Oh oh this He ed since passed away But i did a reading 'em how to regional theatre. Where i i gotta colleagues are gilbert. He's a cedar maker director actor based headed more jersey. Incredible a great minutes giving some to the city to like. He's great dude but he told me one time it was like that. Stick it out because there are ebbs and flows like you said in the point where you're going to be thirty something thirty five whatever and then you're not gonna necessarily quite got what is that. Is that that cool of of that pool of talent that you were in college. It was here. No it's here because a lot of people asked a lot of police allowed you know in the pool does way get smaller and you to get out. The opportunities are gonna come. You know as you get older you know. I mean the case unfortunately majeste for men in but i think we're at a time now. That case is becoming better is happening for women. Discriminating in age you know in that aspect of unfortunate happens to a lot of women's you know but i think now it's becoming more clues to the everybody can work into their later years naked system work get great work and i think it's awesome working actors deserve affordable and convenient coaching. That's why we created book it america's fastest growing one on one remote acting coach service all from your device. We're not just coaches. We're working actors to from broadway. Voiceover animation to tv film and commercial real actor. Coaching from real actress. Catered especially to you and your pat anytime anywhere. Where here to train you to guide you to prepare you to book. It understand the the ten year plan that i had. I knew that. I would have twenty years before things really started rolling the way i want to now to know that like hey. I'm halfway of this entire plan. That's going to stan along longtime into no. I'm in it for the long. That's that's just your knowledge of business owner saying i'm in it for the long run. I'm not here for the weekly booking site. I know that later down the line when competition starts going. i'll be able to to really capitalize. that's good. That's good that that you knew that. I'm sure that helped you. In times of those Those low points as the years went on their points where you just went without work. And you're just deal with it. Well unemployment. I took a couple of bartending ships. Known all bunch of a bunch of jobs first month jesse. City throw I was a lot of ups and downs And you know it was. It was one thing i haven't sung by own. Oh pan house sometimes fears back like a little Depress wasn't around with before. I got new hampshire the summer of twenty eighteen lakes. Nee june. I went back home and i was depressed. Hadn't worked in much almost thirty nine at least lots. I'm getting up the without dishes. How this hogan cooking you gotta stick in there. Because you know you're at a point now some you can't do anything else no you can't back out now right. It was funny because it sounds like can't move back here back at axios off that even if those what do they always do. Whatever saying you're like almost thirty can't do anything house now. Man you got which is still a thing which was it was still a positive. I got this far. I cannot lead. Yeah going you know. Yeah so gotta take care of. You gotta take the hint soon. He on truck. And that's all you can do. And i mean if you're if if it is something that you're like this is all i wanna do. It must be way more important than being the success is finding out. I guess i never really been able to explain this but at least for me the idea of knowing that i tried was way better than never trying it all so even if i went out for it and it was just a couple of roles now that would be okay because i could not i could not accept the idea of of laundering. What if like could it have happened right so it has to be just more important of course as you go you book. Can you get more validation in every booking every new credit as a reason to stay longer and then you fall in love with the very procedure of it and it's not about the booking. It's about how it's feeling you as a person. And i'd rather be fucking poor living under a bridge doing this than having loads of money and that and what. Everybody wants doing something that i wasn't supposed to do. So you pretty much work for convinced all throughout this time. This was what i wanted to do. It doesn't matter. If i'm working or if i'm not this this is my thing down i think about that was it for me. I was i was just like i was hell bent on making sure the next stayed in this in a statement as long as possible. And you know Dan and i and it's important to have a good support system. You know like i've always surround myself with people who are were great and you into steamboat is. I am supportive in a lot. As have a lot of friends were like not in the business at all. Who are like they gotta be on top of the building like they had stink no more stable stand our industry and business. But that's also. I love that because they're going to support me. No matter what grounds myself to they. Don't give a shit about. I put this thing about shiver up that you're a real person if you're hanging out with real people and that's the problem with a lot of actors you come off their. Mfa programs haven't been around normal people so they don't know how to act like normal people. They know how to act like actors around actors which is awful always. They don't know how to be a cop because they don't have any cops. I don't know how to be the all these characters that they're going on for because they don't know any of them do just to be a person in the world or something was really cool about to dude. I remember like spout krakauer. He said this. Really cool thing on timing. We should say you say you have to understand that ninety nine percent of the people who watch you on. Tv they're not going to carry when fucking school talking to the this beaver pappy. The ask anybody. Oh why are you like this guy. Why don't you like this particular actor actress or whatever and the answer ninety nine percent time a leave abruptly. It's real. it's why soderbergh always uses real people for any of his movies. It's always a cop is a cop. A nurse is a nurse. You know those those some of the best actors. I mean. 'cause i just serve any day. They don't they don't just has to be what was the thing that As as things were growing in progressing what was what was the booking that kind of started to change things for you your trajectory. I would say. I don't say new amsterdam would be. I mean it was pretty pretty. Awesome man about how you got into that. Oh i will sell sleigh time yell rep supplanted idyllic a workshop here some say the do it in two days for had to leads to go do this play. I'm literally kit I get this. Get this audition and then the day before after. Go l. fuck foot book in dave. Capital radio's best fucking cast he's such a coordinated and came in. And and dave dicovered always been play a lot of plays a lot of york theater daily. Really far a lot of squid. Go my way my way and you know just like things happened. Mr mark sometimes addition and took. But i you know another just common there be prepared each if you if somebody likes you. That's a win you somebody like your vision yet one. Because they're going to you back from what you know. And i are brought me for this thing. And i got a three episode like the three Gig in ended up just becoming forty four episodes or incredible three eaters because it gives kept writing this guy with mike mike mike so i'm super super grateful for them for doing and i think that's when i started things that kind of changed a little bit like got got They gave me a lot of like material. Give me more material like really like act in the thing and stuff like that and then i also noticed that the additions that will get that more higher profile things i was only getting regular so it's only getting turned after that part the role expedia promoted essentially. Yes now consider working on this pilot. I hope it's hope it goes. Well this is. This is a project might album was right now. Oh my god. So beyond info to be a part of mr cooling concept you know. It's just a. I dreamed of working on. Seems like when you're actually doing it when fantasy becomes reality its most intense thing in the world because we can dream all day. But once you start to take place and shift and actually come to fruition. It is somewhat of an out of body experience. When you catch yourself in certain situations where you just you dreamt about this you you laid in bed thinking about being here and ask them. You had a great quote a couple episodes ago about what you're doing now was at one point a dream to you whatever it is and that that will really a shrink gratitude no matter what role you have is. Whatever you're doing at one point you were doing that. And that was just kareem. I go ahead no misallocated important. Weren't you sick is having gratitude being mindful ungrateful all the things. You have every time like every time you know. I never forget ledge whether i'm doing something about the The worst day on. Say i'm a show tiredly. Nothing's going to stooping everybody. Because i saw i don't wanna be right in august. I always just say who back in just like you're gonna have bad day you work. You're not gonna have. Everybody has a bad day at work. But you know you get back. Then i could be still like bussing fucking tables have like who knows yup serving beard and my dec- this industry is all about goals. And it's like every position you're in every year you have certain goals and it's like you know i'm certainly not where you're at now but i look at what i'm doing now and i'm like oh my god. I remember years ago when i was like. I just wanna get a audition or just need rep. So i can do that or god. I just want it blah blah blah and then you get to a certain point you look back and you're like oh i am right now where i wished i was years ago and five years from now. I'm gonna be somewhere that today. I wish i would be important to look back and go. Actually reminds you favorite oscar speeches and like people like fucking shit on cuba gooding. Wildest gr- great gratitude speech. I've ever heard my favorite one. Remind me of what you just said. and it's it's Matthew mcconaughey speedco. Yeah we're like what do you wanna be when you wanna be my heroes. It's me tenure years recipient meat and you should never ends up chasing that thing. You gotta total thing. You know. it's fucking awesome. Yeah and i bet your past self as you for just sticking it out and and jumping off that cliff with or without that parachute. He didn't care you were jumping and and We do need to like. I do need to remember my fourteen year old self. Who is sitting in the indiana house laying on the bed. Thinking how the hell is going to happen. I want to do this. But how right. So we honor their past selves by like continuing in our present. You know what i mean. Interfaith enter future. Enter future so so All those episodes of the show. I mean things started to change for you and And as they as they progress More into like postcode world your onset right now. You're obviously making making things happen. What what do you. What do you look for in the future. What do you wanna do and and how are you going to go about doing it or you just want to keep doing what you're doing here with more frequency and more exposure in better projects i mean that's the second part is the angle but obviously you know i wanna be able to get to spot for i. Can you know. Try like to have some kind of influence ranking like have a platform like make it. Megan specific difference. You know. my little brother has autism. And i'm really keen on like special needs. Autism awareness. the early close to me My dad is a works at a social that works the ease. The boss of Trenton in my ears credible guy. And he is social service of firmness specifically geared to latin american community in trenton so like immigration reform Mastercard situation Things like esl classes. All these things that happened to like really auburn hurting matches. Latin american immigrants using general. You know he's really forward about that. He's done so much religious communities. That's something i wish to do when i have. You know. be more like our love to have production company to open it up to like various groups like landon genie's or black communities or monastic communities have really inclusive skimmed them. The free railing. I'd money bro. Want one you know trying to be able to do that. He's able to give them more of a voice you know that's always get there first. That's that's definitely one of the angles. Have everybody just have a production company. Honestly wherever you want you want to do a movie you undo. Hysteria has done. Here's a money y- does that. Does that come from the world and its rewards that it's given to you and this idea that like you've been given so much in this world and now we're at an age kind of where we start to look introspectively and say like what am i doing here at m. i leaving this world better than when it found it and this idea you do affect people the the idea that you can help people and and that kind of shifts your priorities and now you're you're wanting to give you know you're wanting to give and i think that's just from being given so much. Do you agree man. I i i also think. I think the generation generation after generation. Yeah i like like buster chop sometimes from the you know like i i do it because i realize these down the college like they they have sensitivities the things in the world and other people and like you know i this based on how i grew up with this guy. You gotta fuck this bat right now. As i get older like not a fucking faggots. It wasn't my twenty s mature. You grow fuck up and you realize that you did or didn't do was dislike was nonsense. You're realizing that your time on her thirty olo yet realizing you get up some morning. Do you need her. You know doing some you know like whatever you're getting older and you have to do you have to be more mindful of the world around you cocaine. How can i. How can do little things little tiny thing to make. Somebody's life easier to to give gratitude. You give all everybody wants to give give worry about this. It's not like when you get his and you you. You are mind to somebody more sensitive. You're gonna get that back you'll get it back to you give sensiti this sensitivity to this person you'll get it back. Gratitude dispersed in. You just have to realize that. It's all me having like older like i'm still trying to trying to do you know where i'm at right now. Yeah d- do you. Do you think that if you weren't an actor based on allah like clears what he's prone to do. I feel like. I can connect with you on a very deep level from where we were in our adolescence in terms of getting into trouble and and getting kicked out with because of drinking and partying and all that stuff you know people in my family used to say. If it weren't for acting leaving town i would have died. I mean i would have died. Why would get trouble with a drink too much. I would have taken over the bar. And i would run into the ground. If i didn't have acting. I would not be the person i am today in in every aspect and it's it's allowed me to grow at a certain way knowing you and knowing knowing how you work at how you think did it did acting help you grow in terms of your character and maturity and what would have happened if you didn't act Didn't i'd probably be my hometown now. Like fucking million fucking studio apartment drinking being the prestigious shit right honestly the acting getting that the sensitivity academia organise acting gave me access to people that i wouldn't have never met had not left my hometown. Y'all has made me a better person as if you stick around people they just like you and act like you all the time. What the funky doing you're not growing. You're not growing. You're not you're not coming. I personally have become more coach at person to infamous them. It's scary it's scary. Sometimes because it's unfamiliar we always fear things natural radical. Nobody says you always feel it should be. You don't know it's just a natural human reaction but you have to take a leap faint in get to know that because that's how things are going to get better. That's how things you know melt together. That's how we become better. People become better people. we become a better society society. Ountry nervous country andrea better world. All slow it slow it's None of us are gonna fuck and see it in our lifetime but you have to trust it in that it's gonna pass on. We're gonna consider said it better myself. We'll know that you're a bunch of stuff that you're you're working on. We've already mentioned. But where can we find the next big project that you're in so stay tuned for an still happening right now. A this project right now and trying to see where that goes. We haven't even like i'm still in coining so we have having. Subduction reached having line of meeting out so but it's going to be awesome You can find me on instagram on facebook a while ago. So i'm just on instagram Hydro dot are dot. You find love awesome. Thank you so much for being here. This was this was great. Thanks out of baking. He got the handyman. Absolutely your wealth of information man. You've had wonderful experiences. I think you're going to help a lot of people so We're grateful that you came on. Yeah thank you if you're a while back get fucked. Let's do it for stopping by men. Of course guys thank you so much. Take care later. Reciter what a wealth of information. Yeah you know. what's so. Cool as you know he could have hung it up. After at twenty when he when he got kicked out for partying which then led him to jodi which then led him to michael which then led him to harden curtis which then led him to his entire the rest of his life so like i just love the fact that something like that happened sure that night he was like what did i do. Oh my god and the idea that if things happen you have no idea where that's gonna lead and so these kind of sure. Maybe you shouldn't party all the time while you're while you're training and and you know causing havoc or whatever that allows them to say you need to leave but at the same time when things do happen that don't go your way like you get fired from a show or you didn't get that job you know we just had that interview with robin and robin lord. Taylor talked about how he got gotham because he was down to the wire with another actor in this other show like a year or so before and he was so upset that he didn't get the show but look what happened. Get got him to gotham. And that's the reason you know so all these like step backs that we think are like the end of our lives are really just allowing us to be richard into this other place the announced you know you look at somebody who's just doing so fucking well and it is only thirty. It's young and you know you look back at it and it's like if it wasn't for jody if it wasn't for these singular people who gave him the push that he needed that he didn't even know he needed but we're at the right place at the right time said the right things and it just absolutely changed everything for him. It's just really incredible such already and he's he's such a good guy. I yeah what a great guy great. That was a good one. I ambulances going. Why don't you do the altro already. Everybody thank you so much for tuning into another episode of before the break you can find out more about book. It and before the break it book at nyc dot com close and instagram at before the break pod and book it underscore nyc in check out all the time he stuff at tommy beard more dot com and follow him at tommy beyond you can check out all my stuff at decarlo dot com and on the i g at that atom decarlo. Don't forget to hit. Subscribe leave a rating and write a review. If you like what you hear next time tommy. Yes pleasure. Always by everybody. Thanks for tuning in by. You've been listening to before the break. The hosts are tommy beard. More and adam. Decarlo cover art by amanda june boucher music by benjamin sturdily before the break is recorded live from los angeles and new york city.

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