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Manual Entry Take Two


Hello. My name is Jesse Macomb in this podcast number three hundred sixty five for wind m where would you four rules to help you stop living paycheck to paycheck, get out of debt and save more money? I tempted last October and many of you wrote to me giving me words of encouragement, I attempted last October to do a manual manual only October meaning that I would just manually enter my transactions. Well, it didn't work I failed to create a habit. So fast forward through November December and little bit of January, and I hadn't done any better raising my awareness for. Around my money. And this was starting to stress me out so I- restarted our budget completely in. I don't know what day exactly somewhere in the middle of January. I just made a new budget set up all new categories. Most of them were the same as the other budget, and I dropped in our checking account and our credit card, and I did not link them to the Bank. Now, that's a big feature, and we do tons of behind the scenes work to keep it running smoothly for you. And it's significant just in everywhere. You can imagine it being. But here I sit with a completely disconnected budget. And I'll be honest, I'm liking it so far. So what I did is in my to do app, which I use things in their dime a dozen to do apps, but I've used things since I think two thousand ten or something and I'm not changing in things. I set up a recurring to do. And it says update budget and every day that little to do. Pops up says update budget and I opened three tabs. I open wine 'em in a browser. Open wine opened my Bank tab for the checking account and the other Bank for the credit card, and I wish there at the same Bank. But they're not so three different tabs to are after. Well, through our after logging actually and that little bit takes me about oh, I don't know fifteen seconds. Then I manually type in every new transaction that I see in the checking account, which is they're few and far between most the activity happens on the credit card. And then I will also see do the same thing for the credit card of pop over there, and it will show me all the pending transactions. And then we'll show me those that have posted. I am hazed at how long some of those transactions will just sit in pending and not move down to the posted section at any rate. I'll just manually type them in type in the date type in the category. I'll type in the memo, and frankly because I manually entering things I'm doing better memo's than I've done before. I used to actually skip them completely because the transaction would just import. And you know, I maybe wouldn't remember what it was for or wouldn't care to go back and enter anything. So I've just been typing in a little memo. Lot of the time. I went to see a movie with one of the kids or whatever that goes in the memo field, then they amount, and that's it. And my my budget is perfectly one hundred percent up to date. I ran into a snag a few days ago where the credit card posted a transaction to my current view. But it was posted from literally eight weeks before but just kind of caught up. So it was from December twenty seventh that then posted it was like a reversal of a reversal or something. And that threw me off for a good fifteen minutes. I was on the hunt. Like, how did I suddenly get out of balance by seventy five dollars, even and took me a lot of figure out it was that and and I had duplicated transaction accidentally. But now, I'm more in the flow. And it's take me about five minutes. Total maybe a little less to put in those transactions. Get right up to about. And so I'm always reconcile daily. And I know there are many of you that are just sitting there. Not insane will. Yeah, I've been using why nab black that forever. And it's awesome. And I agree with you. It is awesome. I am feeling more aware of our outflows than I have felt in years. And I've been I'm aware I'm more aware than most people, but as far as the awareness level that I was happy with I was unaware. So I'm I'm countering it and I'm slowly building the habit. I don't know how many days I'm in. I don't know if I buy the whole twenty one days till habit thing, but I'm doing every single day. Just go in pop in few transactions or Julius entered one on her phone. So I see they're already. Thank you, Julie. And we're good to go. It's a very interesting exercise. I don't know if I'll stay with it forever. I don't know if it's worth it to be that on top of my money, but it is certainly a far cry from where I was at where things were just coming in. And I was being slow to even categorize stuff. It wasn't up to date. It wasn't reconciled, and I wasn't feeling in control. And if Abbas about gaining total control of your money. I wasn't feeling it. So when you aren't feeling like things are moving the right direction. What do you do you just kind of move the needle you crank things up a little bit? You double down on something you go all in some way. And that's what I've done this time. It's working October first attempt fail now crews, and I am really like an it self manual entry take two it's been awesome until next time following rules, and you will win financially you've never budgeted like this.

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