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Dot Org portions of the following program be recorded News Radio W. T. A.. Amy Eleven hundred Cleveland home of the Indians and cavaliers. And I heart radio station. The might've Asano show on Newsradio. AM eleven hundred. Tuma Rav all things. Work Full Roma. And I had to start a. Chess match. Thank my lucky stars. Too Because the flag still stands for freedom, and the can't take I, don't. To be an American. Don Do Forget the man who died who gave that right to? Do and then. Today! Down I love. God. You. Know! An Amen to that welcome in everybody gets Lewis in for the big guy today a Memorial Day edition of the my auto show and no more appropriate song. God bless America as we again celebrates one of the most important days of our calendar year, and of course one of the most important days in our country, as we remember the fallen, and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in defensive freedom, and allowing us to live as we do each and every day it is a different Memorial Day, and I think we all understand that. What covid nineteen and this pandemic has really laid at our feet. Is the opportunity to perhaps on a day of remembrance to also reflect and to understand what it truly means to be American what it means to be free, and what it means to take care of those around us. We have no better example than those on the front lines, those in our military, and to all of them out there listening not only here in northeast Ohio but everywhere around the world defending our freedom. We thank you. We have an unpayable debt to you. And we are just proud to be Americans just like. A loaded show for you today I'm sure we'll have plenty of phone calls, and hopefully those are enjoying a time around family and friends outside grilling amidst as anthony offered producer extraordinaire back at world headquarters told me we just skipped weatherwise from sixties. To almost ninety here in the last couple of days, and I'll tell you what Aa. It's nice to get the heat wave here I think we've been wanting outdoor weather, but golly I'll tell you I went out for a run today on the west side and I'm glad. I went early in the morning. Because it's been a scorcher, not only yesterday, but today and what better grilling patio out door, boating weather lake weather. It is only what Cleveland can have a thirty re difference in forty eight hours, but we'll take. Yes, yes, don't no break in between to resist joking here kile here to studios. Who's just Jackie was like you know what happened to the whole seventy degree. Holding period that we should have here at Cleveland. No, we don't get that we. It was forty five degrees like three weeks ago and traces, Snow, and today's ninety so in the ninety S. WALKING TO CLEVELAND. Place on Earth Gentleman Amen to that cow cordell coming up with the news here in a few minutes giving you a little show outlined today as always We'll take your phone calls to one six, five, seven, thousand, seven, hundred. You can text us always to to one zero, nine five brought to you by absolute roofing of course throughout the show. Tributes not only for Memorial Day, but to those frontline workers that, even though it is a holiday, continue to work on these days to further flat the curve and get us back to normalcy. This weekend I think we saw around the country that people are ready to get out are ready to be around others, and that'll be a talking point as we move forward as their images throughout Maryland throughout Missouri. If you saw any of these able party at the lake of the ozarks down Missouri drew a packed crowd. Social distancing. Be Damned in those images same thing in Maryland same thing on boardwalks in. In New Jersey, it's just now going to become a matter of what do people feel is a safe situation. What do people feel is the right thing to do I know here over the weekend on Saturday on the west side over and Crocker Park. It was pat at there were so many people are getting to the shops to the restaurants to the outdoor Patios of the restaurants and the bars and. Again I have to give. A, lot of credit to the establishments out here because they have followed all the protocols, they've done everything possible to be able to open safely to be able to serve safely both on an indoor and an outdoor setting. All of the shops have been very good about having at least someone and employee upfront making sure people are wearing a mask coming in making sure that the proper spacing is being observed, but there are some things that you just can't control. Control and we saw that, and we'll get into it in states like Missouri, and in Maryland and other places other things we'll get into as well. The Governor Mike Dewine does not want wearing masks be a political issue. However, that has come to the forefront, and I know many people will have thoughts on that speaking of masks and policy. What about the dating? Do's and don'ts post pandemic? What are you comfortable with hugging kissing cuddling any of those intimate thing? Are you going to ask someone on a first date? Hey, have you tested positive for covid nineteen? I daily by the way before we go any further since we're already six feet apart, or we should be legally. Did you have it. Since things you don't think about that now. All of a sudden are presented so obviously have some thoughts I'm sure. That's it. It's just something you don't think about, but now you have to. Also at four forty five. Make sure you tuned in is will announce our petits. A Garden Centers Gift Card Winter. A fifty dollar winner will be announced at four forty five, so make sure you stay tuned here to newsradio. Wt Am eleven hundred that let's get it over to kyle, Cornell for news. Thank you jetson. It's three Oh seven president trump praising the US military is it takes on a new fight against the corona virus. In recent months, our nation and the world have been engaged in a new form of battle. Against an invisible enemy, speaking for mckenry, National Monument in Baltimore Trump lauded service members for their actions during the pandemic trump specifically cited the military members who are taking care of patients and making sure supplies delivered. Trump added quote together. We will vanquish the virus in the meantime the president, tweeting something directed at North Carolina's Democratic governor today, saying governor. Or is in a shutdown mood. President trump is calling for an immediate answer about whether the Republican National Committee can have full occupancy for his convention in Charlotte Land for Aug Vice President Mike Pence told Fox and friends. It's unreasonable request. A having a sense now is absolutely essential because of the immense preparations that are involved, and we look forward to working with Governor Cooper. Cooper the president is threatening to find another site for the convention. Saying it's not something he wants to do. Adding I love the people of North Carolina Rachel Sutherland oxy's nobody in Ohio keeping a closer eye on those daily Corona virus figures in governor dewine. He said NBC's Meet the press that whether there will be a resurgence of cases. All depends on what the citizens. Do. I have great confidence in Ohio ohioans. And so we're really promoting wearing the mask and keeping keeping that distance as we open up the economy. We think we can do two things at once. Governor also reminded people that they don't have to wear facial covering all the time. It's not necessary if you're by yourself in the car at home or hiking trail far from other people. Spy Restrictions on ceremonies the Ohio Western, reserve. National Cemetery in Medina County, still open to the public this Memorial Day, it's according to the cemetery's director there. Dan Williams are cemetery remains open, so visitors can come and all you know every day dust it on its open. We've had lots and lots of people come through every day, and a lot of people coming in decorating their loved ones gravesites William says burials are still being done, and after the coronavirus restrictions on crowds. Crowds are lifted the cemetery. We'll have full military ceremonies for those who were buried during the pandemic, and it start county, fifteen-year-old, earning high school and college diploma SOM- Jordan graduated from Stark State College with an associate's degree in general science yesterday and will graduate from Glencoe Highschool today. The teen is the youngest stark state graduate in history. After starting classes at the age of eleven, Jordan has plans to become a math professor at a top college I'm Rob Bailey T. am new. Am Sports we all of the MLB. We want to try to be playing. We'll don't forget tomorrow. Big, day union and owners they score up Senate deadline guys to get it to under speaking of the tribe tonight seven o'clock right here on wwl am eleven hundred. The Twenty Second Game Win Streak continues will at least tonight. What Hammy and Rosie Brad Kozlowski the winner of Nascar's Coca Cola six, hundred and tiger, woods peyton manning. They raised twenty million, winning the Audie for. The cavaliers mark much bishop wt am eleven hundred sports next coming up at the bottom of the hour or anytime on facebook or twitter at W.. T. Am eleven, hundred or free estimate news traffic weather sports. Eleven hundred. My trivisonno show on newsradio. AM eleven hundred. A Louis happy to be with you. Give them the big. Guy Day off today happy memorial. Day to those you making us part of your afternoon. Enjoying, this holiday weather, which I'm telling you for the first real weekend to be back opened or reopened here in the state of Ohio could not have asked at least temperature. Wise maybe for a little better. Maybe you're a low eighties fan, but either way. It's been fantastic and a good time to get out to one six, five, seven, thousand, seven, hundred, the number to jump in on the conversation I'm sure plenty of phone calls today, so we'll begin leadoff here. Let's go to John from Castilian John. You're on trip show. Yeah Hi. Thanks for taking my call Happy Memorial Day likewise. I have the ultimate respect for our doctors and. Are Fighting this Kobe thing, but my personal opinion, this is memorial. Day there should be meant to the men and women who have certain gave the also at sacrifice I mean this is what it's always been. It shouldn't be at too and again nothing against our first responders. They should have their own day, but my opinion is this day it should just be strictly to our servicemen and women who have dearly paid off attack in who are serving today Sir. No question I nodded Irish Kenyon and thank you. Thank you John Appreciate, the phone call and yeah, just so there's clarification I'm not sure if I'd. Lump that in or how it was interpreted, but did begin obviously from the top of the show talking about those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so I don't think anyone out. There is going to be upset if we bring in the frontline workers who have allowed us to get to this day and be able to enjoy those freedoms, too. Many people have passed away from this horrible disease and this horrible virus, but yes front and center. Obviously all our servicemen and women continue to defend our freedoms, not only here, but abroad, and as always those that have given the ultimate sacrifice to six five seven hundred eleven hundred. Number to jump in here. You can text us as always two zero, nine five brought to you by absent roofing before the break, as we were kind of talking about with reopening and with a holiday weekend, a lot of people kind of chomping at the bit to get out and not only be around others, but also to do what we usually do on weekends where you don't have to work on a Monday and that's. That's be around those that we love a couple of instances, though nationally around the country have drawn some pretty strong scrutiny, and we'll begin with a pool party at the lake of the ozarks in Missouri, the gathering there. If you haven't seen any of the video or the pictures, you would think that this virus was not even existent that there was nothing going on. A global pandemic was not happening because the gathering show. A violation of the social distancing measures intended to limit the spread and people that were there at least one of them. was saying that they walked up their first words. Were Quote Oh? My Gosh it was intense for sure social distancing was non existent. However, everyone was enjoying themselves. It was a very carefree environment. Put Security was heavy. Apparently, the bar there took some safety precautions where they check. Temperature's before people were allowed in thousands of little bottles of hand sanitizer so This lady said they did a good job with what they had to work with, but I'm telling you right now, Anthony when you look at the pictures of this place. You would think that people were just like. Forget it I. Don't need to worry about any of. The rules that have been put in place, Cantu, one, six, five, seven, thousand, seven, hundred, well I was going to say, and that was the issue. Eva saw the pictures. There was a sign up on the on the water, six feet apart, and the entire place was packed. Six inches. Yes, extension of six. Yes, we'll say six centimeters now. I've not good at least for the regulations that have been put in place, so let's go back to the phones. Let's bring in Scott from Florida Scott you're on the trip. Good afternoon gentlemen I I want to. All of our veterans out there that have fought for our country. thank you for your service of my like to discuss. Today is in fact Memorial Day. I'd like to discuss first of all. Start off with tens of thousands of thousands of debt, you soldiers. from Iraq and Afghanistan, and on top of that tens of thousands of amputees, paralysed and blind. The US soldiers from the eighties trillium, spent and useless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because of the tremendous pressure from APEC which stands for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and the US has been stuck in the Middle East for the past twenty years, and so counting and the US has absolutely nothing to show for it The Jewish lobby is responsible for this because they are the ones that that strong-armed our congressmen and senators to vote for Israel and get us into into into the Middle East and they've. They've succeeded perfectly. And all of our boys are of many of them at Walter Reed Amputees Those are the dead seven million eight trillion in debt, which is brought about this great depression, so the the sad thing is is that our boys have died in Iraq and Afghanistan but desirous is the scientists in Israel have sat on the sidelines while never has been shipped This is this is this is inexcusable, but the the Jewish lobby wheels enormous power in the United States and not only controls APEC but the Federal Reserve Wall Street the media. Hollywood admitted many other aspects of American life, although soldiers that died. For America your sacrifice was not in vain I. DON'T BLAME YOU at all. Unfortunately America failed. You and I'm sorry that they felt you God bless America. Thanks for the phone call Scott again. We can go through so many different parts of wars and. Deployments and things where obviously when when you're in a combat zone when you're in a situation that not everyone is going to agree with, and it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you're on. There is going to be disagreement on where we should have troops where we should not have troops. What is the end all? What are we getting out of this? Is there a means to an end? I think to wrap everything around. Maybe a common thread is that no matter what entanglement the United States has been in or or America has tried. To get either. Some peace or some normalcy whether it be here abroad. Is that we all just want all of our troops to be able to come home safely into remain safe. I I understand that there are many and my family throughout my extended family. I think we are represented in all branches of the military from not only nieces nephews. Cousins a lot of. Of My family members that came before me in both in the immediate and extended. Able to serve NBA big reason why freedom remains here in the United States today, so regardless of your political views, regardless of what you think, we are all united in the one fact that we want everyone to come home safe. That's not always going to be the case, and that's the most unfortunate part of it. But to recognize and again today, being one of those brandon days that we do say, thank you, and that we do really reflect on what that ultimate sacrifices like there's no question. Emotions will come to the forefront every single time to six, five, seven, thousand, seven, hundred, the number to jump in on the conversation. You can text us at two, one, zero, nine five. A, couple of other things that I wanted to get into today, and and understanding that I would like to blend donald what the day means, but would also our current situation as. There has been a lot of people that have talked about wanting to reopen this country and reopen not only the state of Ohio, but are normal. Small businesses are other things that keep this economic engine going that we've seen in the past that needs to happen and there are a lot of medical professionals. Now that are saying. The lockdowns have caused a mass casualty incident and it's not over. This is going to be something moving forward that you hope. Does Not rear its ugly head although you feel with the amount of time that people have been locked down the amount of time, people have quarantine. It will lead to much more mental health issues. It will lead to a higher suicide rate, and on a day where those military members in those soldiers that have come before us and continue to serve today deal with these kinds of things coming home from the battlefield. This pandemic is only going to add to the stress of it. What do these physicians have in mind? And where can we go from here? Also? Is there change for the better? Has the pandemic made you? A better person on a day of reflection. Love to hear your phone calls and love to hear your thoughts to one six five seven eight eleven hundred Texas to one, zero, nine, five brought to you by absolute roofing. Just getting started here on the trip. Show Jensen Lewis with you on newsradio. Wt Am eleven hundred. Contests. Might Trivisonno show on Newsradio. Am Eleven hundred few minutes before the bottom of the hour news coming up with Kyle Cornell a couple of people texting into to one zero, nine five. We're going to set the record straight here. As many of you know, there's a lot of impassioned the people that call the Mike on show, and there are times where people are on that. A lot of our listening audience does not agree with and I'm venturing a guess here Anthony as we read through some of these. People liked what Scott had to say. That's fine I guess. On a day where you're allowed to have freedom of speech, okay. That's what we have. As an unalienable right I am all for people that are are one hundred percent believing in their opinion. It doesn't mean I agree with them and I. Certainly don't agree with Scott on many things. But for anyone that wants Texan and say that I am either anti, American or anti freedom. You need to really really take a step back. As someone as I said before the break that has in my family, at least in in my immediate and extended family is represented by all branches of the military. There is not another person here. That's on this station, maybe outside of Mike that is as pro military, and as pro American freedom as I am so I want to go and make sure that that is out there. Right away for those you texting in especially on. On a day like today, some of the things that you have go ahead and check yourself all right now. I'm just GONNA. Leave it at that two, six, five, seventy, seven, hundred, the number to jump in, and as we said to one zero, nine five, the number text brought to you by absolute roofing, a very cool story, anthony and something I came across and getting ready for the show today and this courtesy of Fox eight news. In Hudson Ohio. Man named Lou. Smith has been putting flags outside of his home for more than thirty years now. Smith served in the US army. He has five brothers who also served and Smith. Son is a captain in the US Air Force, and he just started each year, and this has been going on now for thirty years. He started in year one with just fifty flags, and he's added more every single year. Smith also told Fox eighty wishes. Every home had flag, and he says it breaks his heart that he doesn't see more. However the American Legion Post Hudson. They did a very very cool thing. They donated one thousand flags to his collection last year so this year out in front. Of loose myths home, he has two thousand flags to honor the fallen. That is an incredible gesture, an incredible display and I know I, WanNa. Thank Lu for for his service Brothers who served his son? Now who currently serves as a captain in the US Air Force? That is really neat and I'm with you and I'm Anthony. I'm sure as we grew up I know that was one thing. That I always saw in our neighborhood when I grew up down in Cincinnati and also my family being from Dina here in northeast. Ohio you always knew what time of year it was because when you saw the big American flags out, you knew that it was memorial day or was labor. Day was one of those holidays where you remember those. That have given the ultimate sacrifice, but it kind of gives you. For me, I, just relating back to my playing days, when and by the way today. Again, we live in a global pandemic right now. Today is the first day. On the Morial Day as a holiday that there has been no major league baseball since the year eighteen eighty. That was buying eighty. That was mind boggling to me to read that I had to read it a couple of times. Because where would we be right now? Anthony I would be getting ready for the Indians and angels out in Los Angeles, and it'd be playing an afternoon game there, but it'd be a night game here and it's just synonymous with the holiday because you have the big American flags. You have the big fly over. You have the moment of silence you have. At least a member. Of the armed services, singing the anthem singing God. Bless America for the seventh inning stretch so many things with this holiday. Obviously first and foremost the the remembrance of those. That, that gave their lives for our country, but The joyous parts of to where we can celebrate coming together, and we can't thank all of those both present, and that came before us. And there is nothing like seeing through neighborhoods driving around and seeing the big American flags out having so much pride in your country so I thought that was a really neat story to come across a loose smith again from Hudson. Two thousand US flags to honor the fallen in his front yard. He started with just fifty more than thirty years ago, two six, five, seven, thousand, seven, hundred, the number to jump in. In on the conversation, you can text us. A two one, zero, nine, five brought to by absent roofing. Okay, so a couple of things that I did want to dive into today because we are just reopening I guess in earnest now as close to one hundred percent is possible, that doesn't mean one hundred percent capacity, but but shops both in retail restaurants things can now be open and have some sort of capacity. Have you been out and your experiences initially and what? You've seen I've said many many times now in the past couple of weeks. When I've been on talk, force usually here on Monday. Nights that this term new normal is ridiculous to me. I don't buy into it I think it's stupid. I don't think it means anything more than a crutch term. There is one normal, and hopefully we're getting back to that and hopefully this weekend. Has Given people the opportunity to at least try and get back out and get back to their normal lives. What have you done? Where have you gone? What have you seen? Share your experiences with us? I know just for myself to be around and and to be able to walk outside and see. Not only people just out and being comfortable being out Anthony. With now crowd starting to form, and and what I mean by that is you're getting people in the same space now where others might have said you know what I'm not going to risk, and there's still people that don't want to risk fine I have a feeling that we're getting to that point now. Where people like I gotta go I gotTa do something, and even as we mentioned in that case in Missouri, the leg of the ozarks where you're literally having people packed shoulder to shoulder social distancing. Be Damned at that point I think now you're seeing especially with today A. A day where many people are at a barbecue or are with friends and family are enjoying each other and enjoying being in this great nation, it is a memorial day that we may never forget considering our current circumstances Jay Lou. We're seeing reports events water several. You know through Social Media House parties and whatnot, and and yet I mean you're. You're seeing people who are saying. You know what there's a low percentage in the virus. You know what just go ahead. Take our chances with that I. I'm on a belief that we still have to be a little bit careful. About this, but at the same time there are folks who are like you know what I can go out and do it now. We're GONNA see definitely Jay. What's GonNa Happen as a result of this in the weeks to come by at least on this weekend I mean they're using this weekend. To say you know what I'm not sitting in the house in ninety degree. In the ninety degree household we're GONNA go outside. We're going to enjoy ourselves. and. Certainly people have so again. Your thoughts your experiences. We love to hear from you. Two one six five seven eleven hundred for now. Let's send things over to Kyle Cornell with knits. Janssen, it's three thirty six secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Will Keys remembering what nascent American soldier so special on Fox News Today Wilkie lauded the American warrior for helping everybody around the world, including those who wish us harm president trump meanwhile threatening to move the Republican National. Convention away from Charlotte's on twitter trump said epilepsy isn't allowed. The Party will be reluctantly forced to find another place to hold the convention North Carolina's Democratic Governor. Governor Cooper responding hours later. Statement saying the state is quote relying on data in science to protect our state's public health and safety former Calgary. Commissioner Jimmy, more one of the Kobe nineteen patients that federal prison. The Moore's attorney says the disgraced politician tested positive for the Virus Elton Correctional Institution last week, and the Cleveland Metro parks closing down all vehicle access to Edgewater Park Whiskey Island and Wendy Park this after reports surfaced. Surfaced of a philosophy of northeast Ohioans who took to the beach with little social distancing, being practiced your three news forecast from Mr Hero, Roman Burger Weather Center, here's Ollie stray no the rest of the afternoon scattered storms possible, otherwise partly cloudy skies. This Memorial Day highs well into the eighties warm close to seventy tonight. Partly cloudy skies scattered storms in eighties for your Tuesday who support is brought to you by invisible fence dot. Dot Com invisible fence. Brain is here to help you and your pet stay safe at home together. They're following CDC guidelines sanitizing all the equipment and maintaining social distancing during visits, fifty percents off installation and zero percent financing are available, more invisible fence dot com right now eight degrees partly cloudy skies at your severe weather station Newsradio W.. T., A., M. E., dot, com traffic and weather on the town's Weekday Mornings and afternoons. Might Trivisonno show on Newsradio W. T. A. R. B. Eleven hundred. That's Lewis in for the big guy and shakes you making us apart of your Memorial Day afternoon. We hope that all of you out there. Especially those active military and we thank you for your service, those military families. Hopefully you're able to be altogether amid this global pandemic in those that have just returned home from service boy. It's great to have you back on your native soil to one six, five, seven, eight, hundred, nine, hundred, the number jumping on the conversation. You can text us it always as always excuse me to one zero, nine five brought to you by absent roofing so in again a very. Surreal Memorial Day considering that today we would have seen some parades and services and gatherings of a large number of people. We're not seeing that obviously due to the corona virus, a very interesting virtual event, though in Wisconsin is happening and part of their department of Veteran Affairs Secretary, Mary Kohler. They invited Wisconsin Veterans Family and friends to join the Wd W., d., v. a., and Governor Tony Evers to honor the fallen by participating in Memorial Day Twenty Twenty Wisconsin's virtual commemoration statewide. Memorial Day observance, so it kind of got me to think. Of as we go back in history, and some of you that are listening are big history bus. How did Memorial Day come to be? It is always observed the last Monday in May, and as we know it, honors, men and women who died in service to their country, and this day traces its roots to the period after the civil war when the head of an Organization of Union veterans established decoration day as a time for the nation to mark the graves of the war dead with flowers so originally Memorial Day was headlined as Decoration Day and that day of May. Thirtieth was selected that happened to be the last Monday in May. Other cities around the country both and confederate at the time did hold similar observances. Observance was held that year at Arlington National Cemetery obviously, many people know that location across the Potomac, River from Washington DC, as time progressed, though the day became a time to honor all those who lost their lives in America. Memorial Day now also seen as the unofficial start of summer was was observed on that may thirtieth date for years until Congress in Nineteen, sixty eight passed the uniform Monday holiday. Act and that act move. Memorial Day to the last Monday in May. There is also a national moment of remembrance at Three PM. Time around the United States some of the best quotes and remembrances. If you go and think about a lot of. Influential people. That have been part of this nation's history as some of our very best leaders, some of our presidents. I kind picked out a couple of presidential quotes because I think Anthony when you look through. These days and we know emotions already at a at a high pitch, because of what this day means to so many families around the country, but also what it means to our leaders in power, and certainly no more so than President Donald Trump. A quote that he had to every family member of the fallen I. Want you to know the legacy of those you lost is not fade with time. That grows only more powerful. Their legacy does not like a voice in the distance become a faint echo, but instead their legacy grows deeper spreading, further, touching more lives, and reaching down through time and out across many generations through their sacrifice. Your loved ones have achieved something very very special immortality I could not have been said any better from our current president and Donald Trump doing his own. remembrances today with the first lady Melania traveling around. In our nation's capital, observing a lot of scenarios and events where? You're used to seeing a lot of people there. You're used to seeing a large gathering, but because of our current state of affairs Anthony. That's just not possible jail. I even think of and I know. You brought it up just a bit ago the your local. Your local City parade, you know every year in in my hometown maple heights. There's always Memorial Day parade every single year and this year didn't happen we. We had a story here in our news. Over the weekend about south, Euclid and they had they did a virtual parade, but obviously a virtual parade is not the same as everyone gathering as a city as a town and honoring the fallen, so we've all had to adjust and this year this Memorial Day. HOW DIFFERENT IT really is! That's that's part of it. Yeah, just not to be able to get out and gather I I know that there are people that would say you know what forget it I'm willing to risk it. Because of of what this day means of of people that are so personally affected and you know we've kind of at the beginning of the show you. You know there. There are families on a day like today that it strikes such a personal cord that a day like today is going to a cemetery or is going to a family member's home with with friends, and and you know sitting around and and being able to to tell stories about those that served I. Mean I can remember when. When I was younger gathering with family at at at a picnic, and and hearing from my my grandfather and aunts and uncles about people within our family, and how they served as far back as World War Two, and and it doesn't hit you probably until you're a little bit older about what what all of that means in the grand scheme of. Of things where as a kid, you feel like okay these days to to get around and see family, but but to really understand how everyone is connected on this day in some sort of fashion, because of what our military does on a daily basis, and what our young people do when they sign up, and they enlist, and and they give a commitment. And an honor to to be able to defend this great nation, what all of that means and the understanding that the ultimate sacrifice is one that we will not forget to one six five seven hundred eleven hundred number to jump in Texas, says always the to one zero, nine five brought to you by absolute roofing before we take a break here a couple of more. Interesting quotes here in honor of morial day we'll go all the way back to Abraham Lincoln. One of his quotes is honored to the soldier and sailor everywhere who bravely bears his country's costs honor also to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field, and serves as he best can the same 'cause that quote also struck me too because Anthony and the world. We live in today, and that's why I wanted to bring up. Our frontline workers I feel that they in a lot of ways today are literally putting their lives at risk to help us overcome such a a horrible situation, and in ways there are parallels, and that's not to take anything away. Or to distinguish you know from our military. Obviously, our military is in in in war. In battles and you ironically have now seen many of our men and women in uniform that have teamed with these frontline workers. Our military has come to the aid of many of us here domestically to help fight a battle against that invisible enemy is our president talks about on a daily basis. Do One six, five, seventy, seven, hundred, the number to jump in. Let's go back to the phones. Let's bring in Eric Eric. You're on the trip show. Yes Sir visit Eric from Ohio. And I unfortunately did not get to serve. And I wish I, could because I have asthma back I graduated in eighty nine. And Unfortunately I couldn't serve and. I just can't say enough and I sit here and I even told my wife. I wish I could have served. I respect. There's so much respect. We. Sorry. We, we live in the greatest country in the world. and. We have the greatest I in my opinion. One of the greatest country or president. That we've had in my. In my forty nine years. And Donald Trump I. Thank God. We have have him. There's just so much going on and hurt I. Just WanNa say thank you. Thank you to everybody. All the military, the men, the women, the first responders. We have never seen anything like this. In our in our. In our life. I'm going back to work tomorrow. For the first time in. Two months. And I just deleted my unemployment. And, my daughter works at the Ohio State House. And she's doing her due diligence. and working as hard, she can't for the people. And I. Have so much respect. that's great stuff really is. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts you. Got To have God bless America. Into that. Thank you Eric Eric. Finley Ohio sharing that with us and we do appreciate a Dallas Powerful! Eating again. It's something that we talked about off. The top of the show emotions on a day like today, and and because of the current situation that we live in. It brings up. It brings up maybe even more monumental feelings than than people previously thought because what they're used to doing an outlet for them. is as we said to go. Be Able to go to a cemetery, and and pay their respects and sit around with friends and family, and and talk about the good times and. Those those things because of what we're going through. In this global pandemic perhaps are not able to happen today, and that certainly has drawn. A lot of frustration, a lot of emotional anguish with people. That need that outlet that need that ability to be able to grieve and to to help others and other loved ones around them. He'll as well take a short break when we come back again. More of your phone calls to one six five seven hundred eleven hundred Texas two to one, zero, nine, five brought to you by absolute roofing much more here on the Mike Cassano. Show Jensen Lewis in for the guy on Newsradio W.. E. News Radio. Seven hundred Cleveland home of the Indians, Cavaliers. An iheartradio station. Might trips on Osho on newsradio. WPA Am, eleven hundred. Lose, you almost finished with our number. One got you all the way to seven o'clock tonight programming reminder following US directly, we'll be Tom Hamilton Jim Rosenhaus, the call of win number twenty two from two, thousand, seventeen, great to relive this, not only on the radio, but also on Sports Time Ohio. You can watch that that'll be directly. Following a TRAG report home edition new episode for You Myself Out Polaski Andre Not Matt Underwood and even Rick Manning. won't be on the show, but all five of us and I know many of you would have been tuned in tonight to watch. What would have been the Indians and angels? If Baseball was underway? We hope to have some news on that front. As, we move forward probably within the next twenty four to forty eight hours so hopefully some good news there mortgage news a ton of people on the phones. We'll get all of be patient again to one six five seven and eleven hundred. Let's start off with Michael from north. Randall Michael you're on the trip show. You're caller. Call now said he wished he'd had served in the service. I was in the Marine Corps from Nineteen, seventy, nine to eighty two. And you hear about the Marine Corps. But have you ever heard of the FM F? No Go ahead tells about it, but the aftermath at the feet Marie Force which is a total difference. That's a these. I look to Cherry Point to get my Emma West as a marine. I had to train to become a fleet marine force. That's a fourth readiness who? PEOPLE TO GET DETROIT. Roosevelt gauge. That's that really get down and do they have to do? Been Marine Corps and we become an epidemic dignity. Come okay because I didn't qualify. Okay we joining service. At a private house, the lowest thing on the face of the earth. The Arthur and let me it's a billion, so i. wish this, but know that the EPA mapped fleet marine force. Is really the fourth of readiness that neither neck. Advertise. You can go, but. Those. Are the real men and women to get deployed? They're ready going and they have to do to protect this country. To call that to say that he wished he could have served. No, there are people in the epidemic. They had asthma they had this had that, but they stepped up and they did it and I want to be proud of it. You got. I get. Off to Google, the fleet marine force. That's something that the Marine Corps advertise that, but that men women they protect us in real life. Mike appreciate phone again. Thank thank you for your service. We appreciate it again to one six five seven eight eleven hundred. Let's go right back to the phones. Bring in Ted from Chagrin falls Ted hey on the trip show. Hey thanks Jansen. You gotta I just thought I. Just thought this was a good time to talk a little bit more about Decoration Day in those civil war veterans that pushed for its creation. Another thing they created those guys from the Grand Army of the Republic soldiers and sailors, monument, strapped country and everybody taking the one in downtown Cleveland. So I'm one of the volunteers with the group and Although the inside is closed dude of our pandemic, we're open in the outside user free. And we've been busy busy planning flowers for the hundred twenty fifth time. So we've got three of our five beds done and and next Saturday on decoration day, we hope to finish those off. That's fabulous in doing color. Yeah, not only that and some heat to get some people out down there. That's really neat. Thank you very much appreciate that phone call. And again from people that don't understand how this all came about, and and I didn't until I was going through some specifics today memorial day before it was known as is in our present day was decoration day, and the last Monday of May was that that time and it was may thirtieth for the longest time until nineteen sixty eight congress passed legislation to make the last Monday in May two, one, six, five, seven, eighty, seven, hundred, the number to jump in. Let's go right back to the phones. Let's welcome in Tony from Ashville. Beulah Tony. You're on the shell. Hey it's an hour, buddy, everything's good everything's good Tony. How about you? Light son called the I'm getting a little emotional. My son called in I was a navy seal and Bet Nam and It was a navy seal. What to? Hack stand to take off some bin Laden. And Today after he got discharged navy and what the rams game. Is They? What interest buddies went through bar the parking lot and You got shot to death. Very. Very emotional! It a small town. California courtroom California. I don't know what else to God Amen thank you Tony and again our condolences. Our thoughts and prayers with you especially on a day like today. Where so many people going through? Similar emotions just like Tony from mashed Beulah, and and not only through their own service time, but their own family their own Sons and daughters. It's it is it is a it is a day of reflection being solemn understanding. How, how important and how deep? These experiences and these emotions go not only friends and family, but just on on the overall. Of of how we've gotten to this point and again I'll stress because today is such a unique day for our country where you're out, and you're with many many of us. Don't don't have to go to work today and again in a pandemic, many of us are are actually looking forward as you heard Ted from chagrin falls. A lot of people are gonNA. Be Able to go out, maybe not inside certain places be able to go out and pay their respects and be around others to try and have an outlet. To get through the emotions of a holiday like today compounded by what we've all gone through the past couple of months, not only here in northeast Ohio, but around the country. So? You can understand from Tony. And those emotions and I'm sure many of you listening to that feel. In a similar fashion. There is there is no right way or another I should say there is no wrong way to deal with today but I. Know People are trying to do it. The very very best that they can't get if you want to jump into one six five seven hundred eleven hundred to here. From many of us, servicemen and women if you are listening if you are home for this, this holiday would greatly appreciate your perspective. How are you spending? Are you with friends and family? Are you safe? And where can we go from here? How can we make things better for you? as you have? Put your lives on the line for us to defend our freedom. That'll send things over to cal- Cornell for news. Jetson its spore four. Oh, five president trump, taking time on this Memorial Day to remember those who have given their lives for the United States I stand before you at this Noble Fortress of American Liberty to pay tribute to the immortal souls who fought and died to keep us free speaking at four mckenry National Monument in Baltimore Trump, said quote. Today we honor the heroes. We've lost commander in chief, also mentioning. Mentioning Gold Star families saying the country stands with them, trump says it to fort. McHenry came just hours after he laid a wreath at the Tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. The Maltese search continues for Yukon. Student New police as wanted for double homicide in abduction. Willington residents sue Johnson says she shocked to hear about the killing of her neighbor. Nicholas is last week. It's a tragedy it's. Senseless I don't understand it. Police are still looking for year. Old Peter Mann for Donia Throughout Connecticut New Jersey and Pennsylvania he has a white, male, described six, three and two hundred and forty pounds. No parades are solemn ceremonies today for Memorial Day. Some cities are finding alternate ways to honor those who passed on. You will not be seeing or hearing that this year, but to make up for it. The city of South Euclid has created a virtual Memorial Day ceremony according to Mayor Georgina, willow. There's no parade. There's no families lying in the street. But in South Euclid. We know in our heart that we remember those who lost their lives so that we could celebrate freedom today all the pomp and circumstance. Our military heroes deserve. I'm Tom, more. W., t. a. m., news and Governor Mike. Dewine said more than ninety percent of Ohio's businesses are reopened, but there are some glaring examples that are still closed. The governor was asked by host Chuck Todd and NBC's Meet the Press. When Cedar Point would reopen check I. have no idea. When's your point will be able to open. Our kids and grandkids love to go there. We would love to go there, but we're certainly not there there yet. Governor says Ohioans have done a great job of practicing social distancing and wearing face coverings. He also agrees with the governor of North. Dakota, who said wearing a mask is not about politics sits about trying to help those who have vulnerable health conditions. Sports we all of the MLB. We want to be playing well. Don't Forget Tomorrow Day Union and Owners Day. Score off set a deadline guys to get it to speak the tried tonight seven o'clock right here on wwl am eleven hundred. The Twenty Second Game Win Streak continues will at least through tonight with Hammy Rosie Kozlovsky the winner of Nascar's Coca Cola, six hundred and Tiger Woods. Peyton, Manning, they help raise twenty million, winning the audio for. The Cavaliers Mark Much Bishop WPA. Eleven hundred sports. Traffic and weather together morning. Basque Alexa play. Am Eleven hundred on iheartradio. Trips auto on Newsradio W. T. am eleven hundred just WanNa? Give a quick news update if you're just joining us and CAL Cornell bringing us up to date here at the top of the hour, if you are finding your way down to edgewater park or Whiskey island or Wendy Park, you're trying to get down that way. The Cleveland Metro Parks have closed edgewater whiskey, island and Wendy parked vehicles that happened at two o'clock. So if you're in your car, you're headed down that way or you're trying to get out. There is going to be no vehicle access there. There is limited access permitted to the other marinas and yacht clubs, but the metro parks are asking people to not park in the picnic areas or the medians. Statement. From, CEO Brian Zimmerman of the Cleveland Metro Parks saying. The Metro Parks continues to vigilantly monitor all parks and beaches and make adjustments to access to allow for proper social distancing. We're all in this together, and we're relying on our guests to follow the proper guidelines to ensure. We can keep the beach in parts open to enjoy the summer so again, just joining us. You are not going to be able to park down at edgewater Galland Wendy Park. There is no vehicle access there as of two PM today to six five seven eleven hundred the number to jump in with us, so let's go right back to the phones. Bring in Tony. From Mentor Tony. You're on the trip show. Hey Al how you doing today? Buddy I'm doing really well. Thank you excellent Shout out to my son. Active Navy I'm proud, Navy, Father A Blue Bluestar father. very send all my. All my condolences out to the gold star families. I was very. You know I was an older father I was thirty six when he was born. He's going to be twenty one next Monday. Wow yeah. Unbelievable. But Biggest thing is is that I want to thank everyone of the gold star families for the sacrifices. I was a youngster that I did lose a I guess a cousin in the Vietnam War. I never knew him, so. I can't say much, but. You know on this day a recognizing the. sacrifices of. These great men and women have. Over the you know the more than two hundred years of our country. To keep free and keep us to be what we are even going through all of this silliness. We're going to write down. You know I I. Pray for all of them, and I thank them all for their service. Tony it's great and while I. Have you just a quick thought from you because? We are in a unique situation on this Memorial Day during Cova, nineteen and a global pandemic. What would have day like today had been for you and your family and. Gold Star families that that you know as well how how are you dealing with? How are you going about it? And what would have been a normal day for you on this? Memorial Day? Well I I. Am I'm single at this particular point in my life, and I did exactly what I've done for. Probably the last you know, ten years went out play golf with a lot of my buddies, and again a lot of them are veterans and you know. The obviously they. They know that they this is. This is the guys that. You know that through that lay down their lives. You know I was the one that got lucky enough to come back. but the big thing is, is that I wore my were my navy blues and my Navy Hat, and I had a few people in the parking lot, and so forth you know, thank me for my service and I said. Don't thank me, thank my son. And actually one person said he goes well. Thank you for raising him right and that he would have that. Type of inclination in order to serve the country the way he is now. It was it was pretty heartfelt. That's neat. That's very cool well again Tony Thank you and thank your son for us. for your service. Our country and we hope that you have a blessed rest the day. Thanks for the phone. Call Tony, thanks. Bye. All. Right to one, six, five, seven, thousand, seven hundred. We're going to give you a winner for our TV's contest coming up at four forty five, but. If you've been in quarantine. As many of us have there's there's really no excuses now for a terrible looking lawn especially with the weather that we've got in the last few days. You can leave lockdown and reenter your yard phases. Thanks to Petit's garden centers. There's two phases here. You can register a w dot Com to win one of twenty fifty dollars, gift cards and qualify for the grand. Prize which is a thousand dollar tedious Gift Card we will be giving away. One of those fifty dollar Petillo Gift Card so listen for your name. That started at the beginning of this week. It goes through. May Twenty ninth you two chances to times to win once at seven forty five in Cleveland Morning News, with wills and Snyder, and we'll be releasing that name. The winner at four forty five today for one of those gift cards the Grand Prize winner is going to be announced on June first. It's time to open your yard again. Good luck from petits and W. Eleven hundred. That's one more phone call in here after we get to traffic and weather together on the tens here on Newsradio Wti Eleven, and and so rex and Cleveland hang on with us. We'll get you right after traffic and with traffic. Let's set it up. For Twenty eight thirty eight. Veer Weather Stations. He's W. T. A. M. Eleven hundred. To Mitrova trivisonno show on news radio, W.. T. Am eleven hundred really appreciate to everyone who's called into two six, five, seventy, seven, hundred, thus far today, a lot of remembrances a lot of emotions and thoughts about what this day means not only to those that are directly affected. Within their own families about memorial, day, but also so many of us that have friends and family continue. To put their lives at risk and some that have already made the ultimate sacrifice. We thank all of you who are listening out there as members. Active or have been been able to come home, and and be able to be a part of the community now and again with covert nineteen. It's been it's been really tough on. Some of our veterans will get into that in a moment. But for now, let's go back to the phones. Let's bring in wrecks in Cleveland Rex. You're on the trip shop. Well yeah I'd like to make one comment. There've been several. Quotes from Abraham Lincoln a lot of people. Know that the son of A Lincoln Robert Todd Lincoln. was it Harvard from eighteen sixty to eighteen, sixty, four, his daddy hit about at harbour for four years, and then he got his son job in a rural area. So you know the elite take care of themselves. They protect their sons, and they don't have their sons die six hundred thousand men, maybe seven, hundred thousand during the civil war, but they made sure that his son Robert. Todd Lincoln was not one of them. He hit him hiding Harvard then. He got him a job in your area and I'm a veteran bad. This is something that I read about I was shocked when I read it, but that's how we take care of their kids. That's interesting. Thanks for the phone call Rex appreciate your thoughts there and thank you for your service as well as I was talking about with our veterans what has been really really difficult. Amid covid nineteen, as as we know this year's Memorial Day I will not be like those of the past, just because for the sheer fact of our. Our men and women who have now come home and our honor, and their their latter stages of life. They're the most at risk of this virus, and to make matters even worse and more painful. The relatives of those veterans who have died from the virus. They can't even they can't even have a funeral. They can't even be able to pay their respects the way that they want to There's a story out of Atlanta. Georgia a family. That recently had a veteran of their own die of diabetic complications related. With! The Corona virus was seventy years old. The family is at a loss. The Stepson is quoted as saying. We can't even have a funeral for him yet. There's not really anything we can do right now. A all will probably do is talk about him. Maybe go for a walk out in the sun, and it kind of speaks to the toll of virus anomaly on military veterans, but the particular harshness, because of things they've been exposed to by by going abroad and putting their lives on the line now, having to deal with underlying health problems and many of them residing in facilities that have been breeding grounds for the disease. And according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, more than one thousand veterans have been killed by the coronavirus. It just staggering. Does, not include hundreds more who have died in state run veterans homes, and that includes some of the hardest hit facilities in states like New Jersey and Massachusetts in Louisiana. The last couple of weeks set has been really hard and one person in particular down. Louisiana's name is Neil Herbert. His father died veterans home in reserve. The wheezy said quote. I'm an only child, and I'll routinely have the impulse of going Oh. I need to call dad and tell him this thing and it hits me. That I can't do that. His father named Berlin of junior lost a leg from a landmine during the Vietnam War and he rarely talked about the war, but made his son promise to never join the army only in recent years that he became more proud of his service, after the widow moved to the southeast Louisiana Veterans Home, and it was there where he would attend Veterans Day Services and he felt people acknowledged his time in the military gesture that certainly moved him. But in March after learning that a resident in that home was positive for Covid Nineteen Neil. Evert became concerned about his seventy four year old father safety was assured by nurse that his mobility impaired father had not been exposed unfortunately within days Berlin Herbert was hospitalized with the telltale respiratory symptoms so that he cut again. It goes unfortunately to this situation that we deal with now the last couple of months, and it makes today such a different day, and again this gentleman planning any remembrance for his father. On Memorial. Day Is, he can't do anything. He said he hopes to scatter the ashes of his father and mother outside their longtime home as loved ones look on but others around this country are struggling to find ways to honor fallen heroes. Memorial Day like no other people avoiding crowds to to prevent the spread of the virus, many of these ceremonies and parades that we are used to seeing or cost to seeing have either been cancelled or moved online I. It's just really really unfortunate and honestly. I'm sitting. You're even today. To our to you and all of our callers today, especially the ones who have poured our hearts out this afternoon. and. Makes, we sit and remember right a minute. Every one who has fallen. Who is being honored today? Who should be honored all year long in this day? They are honored every one of these. Heroes. They have their own stories every single one of them has their own a their all stories to tell, and we're hearing it and you only you only wish that they were here physically to share, but if they went down and they all knew. What it took and the sacrifices and eight. A name sided to do it. I'll tell you what I mean. There'd be no way I can do it now. So I pour my heart out to. All those serving and the ones who have fallen definitely my goodness. Just people have an idea of what is actually happening on. Today a Memorial Day during Corona virus for instance the veteran. Excuse me the Vietnam veterans. Memorial Day traditionally hold a large ceremony in. Washington, however, this year the organization has decided to hold a virtual ceremony and share video messages submitted by the loved ones of fallen troops the national. Infantry Museum, which is located in Columbus Georgia, they've also opted to hold an online ceremony the town of Seymour Connecticut they plan to route that will pass by the homes of local veterans veterans today, other ceremonies are going forward with some scaled-back crowds or even fewer participants. A gentleman by the name of Charles Davis. The third said morial has always had a special significance in his family, due to his relatives, long history of serving, but this year the pandemic has prevented the aging and geographically scattered family from planning a specific observance to mark the death of his step grandfather. Even people who are trying to get together cannot do it. And he says elders hold a special significance especially in black communities, not being able to pay them. The proper reverence and homage has been really difficult. No question about that one six five seven eight eleven hundred the number to jump in. If you WANNA Texas two to one, zero, nine, five brought to you by absent roofing. You can do that as well. Those of you just joining us, we talked about it earlier and I'm sure we'll hear it again. And it just about a minute or so? With Kyle Cornell Cleveland Metro Parks for those you. Out and about downtown today, and by the shore way, the metro parks have closed. Edgewater Park Whiskey Island and Wendy part two vehicles, and that happened about a few hours ago, so there's limited access. Permitted to the other marinas and yacht clubs with the metro parks. To, not park in the picnic areas or the meetings now you can still walk in obviously under. Social distancing guidelines there, but they have shut down. Any vehicle access there so if you're listening to us, we'll get you the latest here in just a moment as Kyle Cornell. I'm sure we'll have updated their but sell Jay. What's you're telling me? What Kyle is told me? Is that after the show? I cannot in Kyle's laughing at me right now. A little bit I cannot physically drive to edgewater wants her. By yourself. Distance. You'll get. You'll get there by tomorrow if you. Start the voyage W I want to see this. Can you post like live updates on facebook? Can we go to W. T. a. m. on facebook and look and see you. You have the access you can do that. Demand. Tonight. That'll be interesting all right speaking of CAL Cornell. He is up next with the news. Thank you Johnson it's four thirty five president trump taking time today to remember those who've given their lives for the United States speaking at Fort McHenry. National Monument in Baltimore Trump said quote today we honor the heroes. We've loss trump's visit to fort McHenry Kane. Just hours after he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown shoulder in Arlington national, cemetery a trial involving hydroxy Quinn being suspended by the World Health Organization in making the announcement. Announcement that WHO reference to report in the British journal, The Lancet that said the treatment pushed by some including president trump could lead to higher death rates. North Carolina Governor Cooper maintaining a cautious approach, potentially holding the Republican National Convention in Charlotte in August after president trump earlier today on twitter threatened to move the convention. The Democrat's office released a statement saying quote North Carolina relying on data in science to protect our state's public health and safety. Via Memorial Day weekend in Cleveland in just over twenty four hours from Sunday to this morning, seven shootings in three stabbings reported in city Ranji from the Detroit Shirley neighborhood all the way to Glenville Nubrik Lights. There was one fatality. Forecast from the universal windows, Direct Weather Center here's how he strain. No for the rest of your Memorial Day. Partly cloudy skies scattered storms were well into the eighties close to seventy tonight. Partly cloudy skies, more scattered storm, chances tomorrow and back in the eighties. This report is brought to you by invisible fence dot com invisible fence brand is here to help you in your pets. Stay safe at home together. They're following CDC's guidelines sanitizing all and maintaining social distancing during visits percents off installation and zero percent financing are available. There's more at invisible fence DOT, com? And of course he get traffic and weather together mornings and afternoons spree iheartradio APP is two nine five e Cleveland. News traffic weather sports T- AM eleven hundred. I'm just trying to be bothered. These adulterer and this. Here lover to their mother. Have a thing you've ever want. Of Ben Netam Brad nerd live mob business in. Him dressed booster. From my head down to boom. I don't do it for the money. There's build it acting. Might Trivisonno son show on newsradio UTA am. Hundred. To be with you on this Memorial Day edition of trip show Jensen Lewis alongside for the big guy. Got You all the way till seven o'clock tonight again? Reminder for you, we will be announcing the winner of one of the fifty dollar petits gift cards coming up here in just a moment, so please stay tuned that right at four forty five. We'll give the winner one of those, and you'll be entered for the grand prize. That is a one thousand dollar gift card, so make sure you keep it locked here on Newsradio W. T. am eleven hundred a couple of more quotes I know? We've been reading a few by our. Presidents past and present and one from John, F Kennedy As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest depreciation is not to utter the words, but to live by them in remembrance of those that lost their lives as serving our country and protecting our freedom by anti. Also hits home a little bit, too. Because it that last part not to utter the words to live by them in so many times and our age of social media. We see a lot of. Tributes today, a lot of different people, putting out their thanks and their gratitude, but it is more so about. Whatever you want to say, it's better to live by those words and the pretty eloquent there from JFK for sure. Yeah, yeah can't sanity butter indefinitely. You know you make that decision to serve, and you make that decision and. You go all in and every every single one of those all in on that, so no true words of his spoken then that Del j Lewis. Very powerful. I know that we'll have some relations here to not only what we're going through in this pandemic, and how it relates Memorial Day, but. The? Silver linings here as we've. Had, to endure being quarantined, being socially isolated it may have forced people into a spot where they say you know what I think. It's changed me for the better, and you hope that that's the case for as many people as possible including how we go about taking care of our veterans, how go about providing those services and putting them in the best position possible that when they returned home that they can be a member of society that they feel comfortable with. They feel they can be productive in. So many times we hear from people, and if you're one of those out there, call us to six five seven eight eleven hundred, where it's not normal when you come home and imagine coming home being abroad as a soldier and going through this pandemic, and then having to come home and try and and try and get back to normal in your own way having to go through what we've happed. It is time to reveal winner. Of the Petit's gift car. Open your yard again. Fifty Dollars Gift Card from Fatigue Garden. Center you'll also be qualified for a one thousand dollar yard makeover registered to win at W. T. a. m., dot com. All right congratulations to James Young men from Cleveland he wins a fifty dollar TD Garden Centers Gift Card and is qualified for the Grand Prize. A one thousand dollar Petit Garden Centers Gift Card to open your yard again. Congratulations to James Young Man. From Cleveland. Grants from fatigue, Garden Centers and Newsradio WTI eleven hundred remember to get registered to win. Just go to W. Dot Com. That's really nice so a chance to win the thousand dollar Grand Prize. James Young men from Cleveland congratulations, good stuff right there and great stuff from petits and I know a lot of people anthony. This weekend wanted to get out and at least get some yard work done. Let alone. Be Able to plant. Some things get get some things moving. We're going to have gosh ninety degrees, either for the next couple of days, and then it'll dive back down a little bit, but. Really WanNA thank td. Garden's for what they've done here and trying to keep people. As, they say open your yard again and I'm sure a lot of people this we. And the thing is if you've had to stay at home for a little bit longer than. You're used to because of the covid nineteen then yeah. I mean pain that extra attention to the yard I. Mean that's big time, but also. It's rained a lot over the last few weeks of finally, get a little bit of a break so I'll. Yards going to be a little long. Let's put it down. It was cutting the. Cutting the grass over the weekend. It was a challenge. We've. All right so as we were talking about before the announcement. Is there a silver lining here? In this pandemic, I'll studies have shown that two in five adults have changed for the better. Thanks to the lockdown using their extra time during a corona virus wisely, they've adopted new habits to keep themselves busy. In fact, a recent survey of two thousand British adults reveals that forty three percent of people they've changed their ways for the better now. Researchers sought to learn how habits in daily is changed as a result of this lockdown, a nearly half of those surveyed expect to keep up with these new hobby skills and daily habits. They've taken on Anthony I. Know that I had made an adjustment anyway as a new year's resolution before this all happen. I wanted to lose twenty pounds. I wanted to of get back into a little bit better shape. It couldn't have timed out better and I hate that. It took a pandemic to do this because it never should have but there there is a certain irony or a silver lining where people have had all of this time to kind of take stock of what's been going on, not only in their own lives, but perhaps in relationships. We talked about at the top of the show. How the hell are people going to go back to dating? After this? You know what are the do's and don'ts what? Are you, are you going to be? A little, more proactive and figuring out health history of people are. You've literally going to ask someone? Hey, have you been exposed? Have you had? Have you been tested? There's so much that's going to come out of this. And as it relates here not only on Memorial Day, but to our veterans and older people as well. People have been socially isolated for a good amount of time now, and the negative connotation with that is that the socially isolated people over forty percent more likely to suffer some significant. Mortality, and that goes along with heart attacks strokes. Cardiovascular events, the socially isolated or nearly fifty percent more likely to die from any 'cause you hear about this covert phobia about people not wanting to go back to doctors offices because they don't want to contract the virus. It's far reaching in, and we know that our veterans are directly affected by it and knowing that many of them that come back. That are in an elderly age range. Once they get to that point are going to be an assisted living homes. Heck, there's Times where I'm sure. A number of these seniors have gone an entire week without anyone talking to them because you physically get me. We see the pictures all the time about. Friends and family having to come up by a window, and that's the only way you can see them, because you can't go into the facilities. I, it's really a a major major issue that will have to continue to watch as we move forward, but directly affecting our veterans nonetheless. and. It has to to answer your question about What have we have just a few things on my in the top one which helps my wallet? On cooking more at home. Grocery bills have been a little bit better than going out. Bills have been pretty much nonexistent. Yes, yes, and then you do, go back. You do go back out for just a quick lunch and whatnot you realize. Oh, wait a minute. Save a lot of buddy cooking at home so. So you do have that. I want to know Jensen. Will we watch the next time? We watched news whether locally or nationally, and you notice how the anchors are now spread a par or Different Studio Acre right I wondering who will be the first to bring their anchors back to where they were. Before covid nineteen that was something I would watch my guess is. It's going to have to their vaccine. We'll have to be out just because of liability or things like that and I don't have any information whatsoever. Because you know for baseball we'll get a traffic here in a moment. For Baseball, you know for US whenever we go back I'm anticipating ally in the studio will be in a similar situation where we'll be kind of separated at that desk. We won't be able to stand next to each other at the towers or whatever the regulations may be. It directly affects everything so that's that's definitely something to think about. Traffic and weather together mornings and afternoons here on Newsradio WPA AM eleven hundred here dot com, Newsradio W. T. A.. Emmy Eleven hundred Cleveland home of the Indians and cavaliers. IHEART radio station. Might Trivisonno show on Newsradio. Am Eleven hundred cans Louis. For the big guide today Happy Memorial Day to all of you out there and again a mile, high salute, and thank you all that have served and have given the ultimate sacrifice without you. We are not able to go about our lives. The way that we had been used to even amidst this global pandemic, but as things start to reopen as our economy starts to get going again. Hopefully, things get back to normal to one six, five, seven, thousand, seven hundred. We're just talking about before the break. What has changed or or people saying that they have changed for the better? Thanks to the lockdown. There are a couple of of numbers to throw out to you I think one of the most important things is. We know that technology has been massive as far as people working from home. We've seen obviously an uptick with facetime with zoom skype all these different ways online. To try and at least connect for business purposes, let alone connecting with loved ones, and this obviously plays a huge part in memorial. Day today having friends and family that can't travel. That can't be with each other in the same place. How about forty five percent? Of people have used some sort of video technology for a video call during lockdown. And they say that they did more now than they would. Before strings were put in place. No, no. Nothing Earth shattering about that, but now when you think about virtual birthday parties, twenty five percent of video calls for that Bar Trivia Games didn't even think about that Anthony were really? Twenty Percent Bar Trivia Games on. Ending and then this one is the kicker for me virtual bachelor and Bachelorette. Parties. About the mechanics of that all right that is, that is very interesting to me to think about seven percent of the uptick is now bachelor and Bachelorette parties that virtual so. Again if you're out there and you've done this to one six five seven nine eleven, hundred would love to hear how this is all come about. But also maybe even even more central this. A, lot of people have had received unemployment assistance. Okay, and we've heard in cases, and now it's becoming even even a larger portion. People are making more money. Anthony on unemployment than what they did at their job before this global pandemic, and the question now becomes. Going back to work I. Mean you're going to have to do it at some point, but how many people are going to wait? How many people are going to say? I found doing this. I'm going to try and get through this until I really feel like things are back to normal before I go back to my regular job. Well, it depends on the one hand. If your employer calls and you declined, the employer can easily report the. The state has set up a website for employers to easily put down their employer employee information and If they declined and their unemployment, benefits are taken away, but. If. Not Available. I. Mean Look seeking four work. You're talking getting your normal benefits if you've been able to getting normal benefits plus six hundred. Look at that's. It will be a little bit. Hurt away. Yeah, I mean don't want is going to turn down more money. I, haven't I haven't seen it especially with with what's going on. I'd just shocked. But that is a real thing to think about here because there's a lot of people looking at this economically saying well, if we're feeling like there's going to be a a second wave of this, come in the fall. Why am I GONNA? Put myself in a position where this job may not be there and I'm going to take less money for the next couple of months to go back to work I know. There's a lot of people that are are in a situation where they've got to make that call. That's going to be hard to do what about now workplaces. Workplaces are completely different because people had to get used to working from home so now, what do you do if you say well if I don't ever have to go back into an office? Do you ever go back to that? There is so much of a footprint from a commercial real estate standpoint that I. Don't think people have wrapped their minds around yet. A business owners I'm sure have, but the majority of companies that have had to have been able to at least stay afloat and stay open through this a lot of them using that virtual concept, and that virtual connectivity to be able to maintain business. Maybe some of them have found ways to improve business. You may have seen last of a full office building or a a crowded office space due to these distancing regulations. I I am fascinated by how that will all transpire. And knowing that once. Pretty much all of the lockdown restrictions or all of that easing has gone has gone away. Regular Office space outside spaces. Where where does the office become now, are you if you're going to work from home from now on, do you have? One place. That's a Home Office. And and just say all right I'm going to go here. I am used to leaving and coming. Is that going to get monotonous? Feel like I. Need a change of scenery and and Jessica will quick I'll I'll add on to. Even. Look at cities like here in our home base in Independence Ohio, which has plenty of office space of gettable, and he's parking. Lots are empty, and if these companies turn around and say well, you know we really don't need this office space. That's less money for the city of independence and some other cities like Beechwood and others the great point. It's a great point. I mean we've been doing the talk for show basically in a mobile setting. You and Brian Watt. Say and our producers have done a great job. You know to go down. To world headquarters down, we're used to seeing you guys through the glass. And now this has changed the dynamic of the show. I know I know tradesman able to do stuff from home Carmen is well seth. There's such dynamic there. There's a chemistry there and I have to believe that synonymous with a lot of other businesses. You're used to seeing people physically. Where you're in the same room now I know you can try and recreate that with this virtual office set up of Man Alive I. think that this whole thing has changed a lot of corporate structure in a day to day operation sense than people even realize at this point Anthony. We're doing a show where your independence. I'm on the West Side of Cleveland, and it's like we're in the same room, so does that affect the product? Does that affect how we do things moving forward I think there's considerations now at least from a corporate setup that are going to affect a lot of lives. Does that mean also? that. We have staggered workspace that we have staggered work schedules even more so than maybe a shift that people are used to from times in the past. Something to consider two one six five seven eleven hundred number to jump into the conversation. Tech says always to one zero, nine five brought to you by absolute roofing. We'll get into a little bit of dating. Do's and don'ts here because this weekend. Probably the best example so far of the reopening of where you've run into friends, you've run into people. And especially if you're single or if you're looking to start dating again. How does that change your approach? How do you feel? That that's going to affect yourself and your behavior moving for, let's go back to the phones real. Quick before we get to the news here. Let's bring in Tony, Tony you're on the trip show. Johnson Tony Massage everybody asks Tony. How are you my friend? How good my man so guess! What those office buildings that you're talking about! I own a window cleaning business that services the windows in most buildings, so I am affected on racks I wrote. A trickle effect that is so unfortunate and you gotta look at the cleaning people to clean those office building and on the people get you know. Fix The glass in a parking lot, and this is a nightmare. That's all I can say. It's really going to be a nightmare. Glue friend I'll talk to you soon. You got a big T as always. One of the Great Friends of the show. Tony does such a great job. Yeah, the trickle effect is the perfect terminology because you look at maybe some of the major things there and don't realize how many other different businesses and small businesses most likely are so important to the effectiveness day to day, and the success of those larger footprints, so something to think about. With that will send things over to cal- Cornell for the news. Thank you Johnson. It's five O. six president trump praising the US military's takes on a new fight against the corona virus. In recent months, our nation and the world have been engaged in a new form of battle. Against an invisible enemy speaking yet for mckenry National Monument in Baltimore Maryland trump lauded servicemembers for their actions. During the pandemic, the president specifically cited the military members who are taking care of patients and making sure their supplies delivered trump adding quote together we will vanquish the virus in the meantime the President tweeting something directed at North Carolina's Democratic governor, saying. Governor Roy. Cooper is in a shutdown new president. Trump is calling for an immediate answer about whether the Republican National. Committee can have full occupancy for his convention in Charlotte Land. Land for Aug Vice President Mike Pence told Fox and friends. It's a reasonable request. A having a sense now is absolutely essential because of the immense preparations that are involved and we look forward to working with the Governor Cooper. The president's threatening to find another site for the convention. Saying it's not something he wants to do adding I. Love The people of North Carolina Rachel Sutherland Fox News. Nobody in Ohio and keeping a closer eye on those daily coronavirus figures in governor Mike, Dewine, he taught on NBC's Meet the Press. Press that whether there will be a resurgence of cases. All depends on what citizens of the State Do. I, have great confidence in Ohio and so we're really promoting wearing the mask and keeping keeping that distance as we open up the economy. We think we can do two things at once. You haven't are also reminding people that don't have to wear facial covering all the time, not necessarily if you're by yourself in the car or at home or even on a hiking trail far from other people northern. Ohio's only national. National Cemetery for military veterans would normally have special ceremonies and Memorial Day, but social distancing has made that impossible Dan Williams director of the Ohio. Western Reserve National Cemetery outside Seville says normally any veteran buried, their gets full Mary, full military honors, but those are on hold for now anyone who's had a service or came out and We had an interment they'll. They can call back in, and we'll go ahead and and do memorial service at that time schedule that for him, so all of our veterans who receive. Full Military Honors William says the cemetery is open to the public during the pandemic for anyone who wants to come in pay, an honor respect to the ceased veterans in a Star County fifteen year, old, earning his high school and college diplomas one day after the other Tom Jordan graduated from stark state. College with an associate's degree in general science yesterday, and will graduate from Glencoe High School today. The teen is the youngest stark state graduate in history. After starting classes at the age of eleven Jordan has plans to become a math professor at a top college. I'm Rob Bailey. WTI REMAINS WTN sports. The MLB we want to turn out to be playing, don't forget tomorrow. Big Day Union and owners. They score off Senate deadline. Guys who get it done speaking of the tribe tonight seven o'clock right here on. wwl AM eleven hundred. The Twenty Second Game Win Streak continues will at least through tonight. What Hammy and Rosie Bratkowski the winner of Nascar's Coca Cola, six hundred Tiger Woods peyton manning. They raise twenty billion, winning the law pouty homemade, the cavaliers, marksmanship, WTA, Eleven, Hundred Sports, traffic, and weather together mornings and afternoons. Traffic and weather on the ten weekday mornings and afternoons. The might trigger son Osho on Newsradio W.. T. AM hundred. Minutes before we get to traffic and weather to you, a couple of good texts coming into to one, zero, nine, five brought to you by absolute roofing. If you remember Tony Mentor, Anthony He called in earlier, and he says please apologize to Jensen that. I called him out at least twice multitasking Tony I'm trying to think of penance. For you, because as you know, I sound nothing like Alan I. Far better looking than he is, too. Far Better looking part. You can't see yet because we're not back on the air. We actually are tonight for an all day. Drive report home addition at six thirty on sports time. Ohio and we talked about this earlier that. Directly following myself here on the trip show at seven o'clock we will have the radio call from Tom, Hamilton and Jim. Rosenhaus, for win number twenty. Two of the twenty two game win streak at has been great to relive a lot of those moments and Anthony as you know from being on TV. We get to here at home. We get to hear hammer call because we're up in that press box area, so we'll go back and forth between the volume there on the radio call, and then also listening to Matt Underwood Rick. Manning and Andrea not on our home of sports time. Ohio so to get the different perspectives because. You go back and you. You listen through some of these great moments and some of these games. Win Number twenty two was the toughest win of all of them, and this is also a streak where you played to doubleheaders in Yankee Stadium in three days, and you WanNa four the Games. and. There's a lot of different numbers in this that make the street just completely unbelievable, but win number twenty two people don't remember, maybe they. Maybe they will. When when you watch it back and you listen back to it. You're down to your last strike and Kelvin Herrera. Who was closing at the time for the royals? Was Lights out. I mean he was on a run. He was ridiculous. You had the right guy that played at Frankie lender. I. Had Gotten on, and he was your tying run. But the way the ball is hit to left Field Alex Gordon Gold Glove leftfielder for the royals I said on on the broadcast is. That's the one guy you hope you don't hit it too because. More than likely, he's coming down with it. And for whatever reason that that jump was was a little bit late. It was about half step or a step too late, and it was just under the outstretch reach of Gordon, going into the wall so as so many times things that have to go right. Need to go right of all days win number twenty two is when they needed it more than any two six, five, seven, eight, seven, hundred back to the phones I will Balkan in Mike from Cleveland Mike. You're on the trip show. I've got a pretty good idea. How to clarify. Three months we caught the virus and the governor slowly games this distancing stop close down business after business. Everything went down and now as of today or yesterday. I think we're in Ohio where around ten thousand deaths? And you know it seems like it's going nowhere. Why don't we try and my idea? Say. There is no virus. Let everybody go back to work. Let's stop distancing. I would anything I ever in my pockets that the numbers go down and I don't know about the death numbers, but I guarantee you. The numbers window John Because obviously in my opinion, their system didn't work. You know we've lost all these people. And all the viruses hit because of their system. Now I understand i. just read a big delays. Plain dealer, the nineteen eighteen you know. When when it hit there and we lost six hundred sixty thousand people in, America. Nine hundred eighteen virus. Well here. We're going to be under that number and they're obviously. It's a virus. I don't get me wrong. I'm not an idiot. Are People getting dying of this and everything out? But the one thing and this is the reason I really called. I find it. Remarkable of all the major cities in America do that Cleveland only has. Forty eight deaf, and I, believe with exception of a couple of states out west know it's not really affecting Cleveland has the lowest death rate of any major city in America of populations of four, hundred, thousand or more, and just seeing that I guess this is why became skeptical because it really never home here in Cleveland again I still. Got It. Wrong I'm glad handing, but if it would have somebody very known or even new -gistically, it would affect me differently, but I've always been a skeptic. Because of a numbers game nicotrol Eddie numbers that you want. How many did we don't know where they're getting these numbers? We just sit there and take it and. I'm glad. You won't be. Great, do all those because. Let's get an off of our check. And listen to what I'm saying. We get to get rid of this. There's a lot of Aneurin me because of all the. Business Down in. San We're allows each summer. We don't even. Play cheater nine open. Hanging hanging, there Mike Hang in there. We'll be all right, I. Appreciate the phone call and we'll get you some of those numbers, and just for the record Ohio. I believe the number of confirmed probable deaths associated with covert is right around two thousand. And two hundred were. We're probably under the CDC guidelines. So yeah I think it's right around. It's either seventeen hundred nineteen hundred somewhere around there. But the total number of confirmed and probable Cova diagnoses that top thirty, one, thousand, nine, hundred with twenty, nine, thousand, seven, hundred confirmed cases and more than two thousand, one, hundred considered probable, so just the numbers there could traffic and weather together mornings and afternoons here on Newsradio W. T., a. m., e. seven hundred. He should dot org. Mitrova Sano show on newsradio WTO eleven hundred. Anthony Little did you know that playing the stone? Start me up with a really appropriate intro. For this next topic. Really You couldn't have known had that. This timing was impeccable because. As I as I'm going through here. Just making sure that I, had the numbers correct after Mike and Cleveland called. For the coronavirus deaths and diagnoses. I come across. A story. That says National Lockdown in Italy drives thirty percent increase in divorces. Start up the start up the marriage counselors and I've got to believe that in our at least listening audience, not only north, east Ohio, but on the free iheartradio APP. This is going to be relatable to. People out there so. This comes out of Rome, two and a half months of force lockdown. has pushed. Many married couples into crisis and divorce filings have seen a whopping thirty percent increase. Since the outbreak began remember. Italy was one of the hardest hit places. And they had upwards of what sixty seven seventy days. Of confinement on a national lockdown. And according to accounts related by marriage counselors who took the skype and WHATSAPP to help struggling couples cope with the obvious stress of lost jobs and extended confinement. The irritation caused by everything from now get this I'm read this to you and I just just bear with me here. Irritation caused by everything from. Badly squeezed toothpaste tubes. Socks left on the floor. Suspicious phone. Calls. And tight sherrod spaces has been magnified by the extended lockdown resulting in a run on the divorce courts. The occasional relief of intentions from a dip in the sea, or a walk in the woods, was no longer an option resulting in homes, becoming virtual pressure cookers with prolonged silence, alternating with outbreaks of outbreaks of angry, shouting recriminations and even domestic violence. For this reason, Italy's National Lawyers Council made the decision to allow couples in certain regions to request divorced by email. To be followed by an online hearing to be conducted virtually by the lawyers without the participation of the parties. Some of these accounts are quite interesting. One marriage counselor says she received no less than sixty emails. After the lockdown began and when phase two was launched on May fourth twelve couples initiated divorce proceedings. She says quote. One client of mine kicked her husband out of the House who had to go back and live with his mother. In the auto certification, he wrote that he needed to take care of her because she was sick. However one husband hoped to get away with the excuse of the Mile Long Line at the supermarket in reality, he was visiting his lover, who was also the next door neighbor. All my goodness many said another person to the supermarket in his place. Wow all the problem. Was that his? Became suspicious and followed him. The result was that they called me at one o'clock in the morning and I don't know who was screaming more, the wife or the husband. This is amazing. Again divorce, not a funny thing, but it is one of the many many results of what this lockdown at with this quarantine. Is going to give. I know that there's people out there that have that have been forced. To be with people a little bit longer than desired, but I can I can definitely understand where there are certain marriages. Are there certain relationships where? People need their space. To one six five seven hundred eleven hundred zero number I. I know there's people out there. That have gone through this. I can't wait this weekend in general. Get Out of the House. Get to a place where other people I've seen this person sixty seven days in a row. Like. Ten hours a day a need a break. I can. I can totally understand that while thirty percent uptick. In divorce requests just in Italy alone. And? That was a place Anthony to where you couldn't go outside. You cannot leave like they will arrest you. You cannot leave Your House For a three two time there, you could not leave. I can't even imagine. You know at least here at least here in Ohio. We were allowed to go outside right. You mix it up a little bit. Even with everything being closed, and you could still at least for for those of you. That had the ability to to get out of your home. But they couldn't could not leave the premise. Unless. You had a piece of paper that said you were allowed to. Look I I will say this. I am not married, but as a son of divorced parents I can tell you that you know what. Maybe that time getting out of the House and working could be for the best because if you're at home all the time, sometimes, sometimes the flaws. Shine. Everything gets magnified every little thing. I like to call the honeymoon phase. You know when you start dating. Someone or you're newlyweds where you just let everything Kinda got. Yeah no big deal and it certain things that do annoying like this'll pass. We'll, we'll let it go no. Air Things that all of a sudden rear, their ugly heads, and I love that they went into these specifics. These marriage counselors like poorly rolled toothpaste tubes like who? What's that in an official document? A little bit I'm not lie. I will put that down to I WOULD Socks left on the floor. Another suspicious phone calls okay. I can see where someone would be like all right, and that perfect example where the guy sent a stunt double the supermarket, but he was going to the next door, neighbor the lover. An expert of daytime television I mean this fits right in intricate super interdit. That's a four game plan right there. That's thought out. That, that is I. Mean you're you're trying to organize now? How do you even get a look alike guy that or someone that that could be a d'appel Ganger to say? Guy Already knows. I guess what is let me let me think about the stunt. What kind of compensation do you get for that to be like hey? I'll go out and impersonate you, but you're going to have to help me out here. Much worth the? One lie leads to another lie. Niece leads to another lie. How are you how much you have in the wallet? Are you willing to go through all this? I mean. 'CAUSE! retainer. Honestly that's more fulltime job, did anything? At all, times, I've been I've been a single man now since Thanksgiving and to think about you know you kind of go through these stories, and you think about situations that you've been through. And I know exactly where my. Went right when I was reading these specific things about what was irreconcilable differences for these couples that that did just blew everything up like you know what? Is A good time for? Afternoon everyone. It's five thirty five secretary of veterans. Affairs Robert Wilkie remembering what makes an American soldier so special on Fox. News Today Wilkie lauded the American warrior for helping everybody around the world including those who wish US harm, president trump, meanwhile threatening to move the Republican National Convention away from Charlotte's. Today trump said at full occupancy isn't allowed. The Party will be reluctantly forced to find another place to hold a convention or Carolina's Governor Roy. Cooper responding hours later in a statement saying the state is quote or lying on data and science to protect the state's public health and safety for Kagi County Commissioner Jimmy. Damore one of the Kobe nineteen patients at a federal prison. Moore's attorneys say disgraced politician tested positive for the virus at out and Correctional Institution last week, and we talked about it throughout the show today the Cleveland Metro parks closing down vehicle access into edgewater, Park Whiskey, island and And Wendy Park today this after reports surfaced of flack of northeast Ohioans who took to the beach with little social distancing, being practiced foot traffic is being allowed, but there are officials on scene to help encouraged distancing guidelines three news forecast when he Mr Hero Roman Burger Weather Center. Here's Betsy Kling a few isolated evening storms will come to an end overnight. We'll go partly cloudy to mostly clear and start the day Tuesday near seventy right back into the upper eighties to near ninety for Tuesday afternoon. Partly cloudy skies will prevail with a few pop-ups possible. This report is brought to your podcasts. News Radio on Facebook, twitter and W. T. A. M. dot com. The MITROVA! Sano show on newsradio. AM eleven hundred ten Lewis in for the big guy. Thanks for making us part of your Memorial Day afternoon. Hope everyone is enjoying. What has been a really hot hot day here in Cleveland and speaking of hot. That's the topic right now. Divorce is in Italy up because everyone is. been quarantined together on, you got to believe if you're a newlywed or for a year younger couple that's. been wanting to make some babies. You probably had the opportunity Anthony Rights. There's probably been chances to do that yes. Yes, no time wasted yes! Practice makes perfect one six five seven eight eleven hundred. Let's jump back on the phones. It's welcome in John in Cleveland John You are on the trip show. Hey guys. Hey, listen I want to say two things. One thing is about. The pregnancies during this from from the first of April toll now I really like to see what the endings are. How many children are born at this time? And I can I say something about Rx right games. you gotta be Nice It'd be nice. It's perfect the weekends the way he's been shuffling around. This weekend's is perfect. Everybody I listened to all the commercials and everything I think the way he made the lineup. And how switched you guys around has been great. New John. On now he's got a job and I just wanted to thank you guys. Thank you John Cleveland appreciate the phone call and again? It's been nice to know Anthony. He's been part of this long, Brian. We've got an outstanding production crew here at Newsradio. WTI eleven hundred dollars, guys on news, Kyle as well and and to know that we've had the opportunity at least speaking for myself and Apple Hausky Andrea. Non Nick Camino Dennis Panel off. We've been with you on nights. Following the trips show on talk force and that's Gosh. What are we in Anthony now week? Five or six I would have been on tonight but A. Week eight or nine. Okay, all right so again time flies here. If I'm sure for a Lotta, people, it's felt like it's been crawling along for us where we're just happy to have the opportunity to not only have some reps, but also to to kind of stay in flow. Because when we hit the ground running when baseball ends up coming back at least for me now we'll at least have that ability to to to have. Some tempo and some field because I know that another people listen to us and watch us. It's still take some time. It's great. We joke spring training for everybody right? You know those first couple of times oxidants. You gotta get used to the timing and everything getting it comes back rather quickly, but this is also a different forum to today being a perfect example, the solemness of Memorial Day but also the impacts and the outlying tentacles of how. It's been affected because of what covid nineteen has produced, and you get into now these stories to Anthony of. Couples and people that have had to be together for an extended period of time. And I know there's people out there, so we'll be happy to hear from you. Two six five seven hundred eleven hundred. There's so many people that this effects, and and these certain times I I. It doesn't surprise me that numbers out of Italy. What's happened? No, not at all he. We WanNa talk your with your significant other more than normal. Saul. You learn. You really learn about that person you learned about yourself and. He magin if you're a newlywed, okay, let's say you had but say that you had a wedding in January all right and and you go through your honeymoon in February or herb. Shortly after you come home and hey, our first month or two were married. You can't leave. Here is leaving. Do One six, five, seventy, seven, hundred back to the phones we go. Let's welcome in Robert from the West. Side Robert you're on the trip show. Hey thanks for answering a question. Well. I'm getting ready to answer. Anybody made any type of mentioned about putting the government program together for like Roh construction I heard it on the radio a couple of Robert that's a great question would have to dig into more of that to to give you the right information, but I'd have to believe knowing. With over thirty six million people unemployed right now that there would be something in the works, if not already there for for people to look into. Because I. Mean You know? Dogs Day at home or six hundred dollars going to work. A lot of folks probably won't work. Yeah, no, and that's the topic. We appreciate the phone call Robert I. That was the topic earlier that you know for people anthony, that are making more money off of unemployment right now. Then what they did at their job before the pandemic it, we just kind of surmise that it is going to be a difficult decision for people to say all right. Yes, I. Do want to go back to work. But if I go back to work and I'm not making as much money by not working. What do you do that? That's that's really difficult. Call and you're almost trying to. Have the best of both worlds almost like, do you? Do try to time it out. Go to the end of unemployment. The problem though is that if you know with employers if they have jobs available right now and within the next month, and you don't take that. You run into a situation where? One of money runs out. Job. And I think to of people with preexisting conditions doesn't matter what age you are, but going back to a workplace. Has it been exposed and I know I'm sure. Many corporations have gone through the the necessary steps of sanitizing doing everything possible. To remove or at least to? Try to nullify as much exposure as possible. Let's say you're in retail I. Think right away and not only of retail, but but the restaurant industry to mean. You're coming in contact with people that you have no idea. What has what what their exposure is Ben if they've had it or not. I saw an article about. Possible, bracelets that people may? May Have to wear as surveillance tactic for if you come within six feet of someone who's had it. There's something that buzzes in the bracelet to tell you you're I mean. I think there is, there are infringements on your privacy with that issue. Okay, and because can you guarantee me? That's all you're tracking is if someone has been exposed to Cohen and you're trying to stay away from them. There I don't I. Don't know there's any way to prove that beyond a shadow of doubt but. Just measures in place here. We talked about dating. What is dating going to look like post pandemic? If you are taking someone out that you have no idea. What they've done or can you trust that person to say yeah? I I'm I'm not discern. Clean is the wrong word, but I don't have it or I've recovered from it it does that impede you from wanting to pursue a relationship just things we never thought about before that that all of a sudden would come to the forefront, and then on top of that people have relationships and have been together for so long in this isolation scenario. Will that affect them months down the road or years down the road where you've learned things about each other that you didn't know and may not have known. If you didn't spend all this time. Together. Force to spend all this time together. Something to think about are you? GonNa, traffic, and weather together mornings and afternoons here on Newsradio W. t. a. m. eleven hundred. Here's Jackie Roberts. From the Elkin Traffic Center L.. Myron a bladder pain. Medication is causing loss of vision call one, eight, hundred Elk Ohio rain and thunderstorms, popping up around the area, making it a wet and sloppy ride this afternoon, an accident involving a rollover vehicle on to seventy, one south ramp to route eight, and in Akron a serious accident on seventy seven north at the. The Central Interchange blocking three lanes. Some traffic is getting by, but anticipates a major delays Jackie Roberts wgn traffic on eleven hundred am and one zero six point, nine FM and isolated storm chance to Santa Anita and evening otherwise mostly clear and fair skies upper eighties. Today we'll see upper sixties tonight with more showers and storm chances. Supper eighties again on Tuesday. Are you get a couple more minutes here before the top of the hour so I'll try and get as many phone calls as possible to one, six, five, seven, thousand, seven hundred. Let's begin with Bob from the east side. Bob. You're on the trip show. I'm watching all these guys walking around with the masks. Chip on a basketball court and I'm like you know this is like ruining folks health. Six months from now when they start evaluating what's going on? Yeah, and it's something to consider and to know that. You know when when Mike DeWine came out and said Hey, you've got to wear a mask when you're going into an establishment. And then he had to walk that back and say we strongly. We strongly recommend that I think a lot of people felt infringing upon. Their rights themselves, but yet to your point, a lot of medical professionals come out and said it may be worse to be wearing the mask and I think today is a perfect example Bob. It's almost ninety degrees and a lot of our listening area, and you're telling me that people are going to be comfortable wearing that I don't think so. I mean I'm seeing folks literally ride by with Matt. Stanton tops with math and I'm like they know what nobody around. There's a lot of people that are just trying to take the necessary precautions. That's for sure. All Right? There is Bob and I appreciate phone call I'm with. I'm with him about certain issues where those that are at risk, no problem with them doing it, but as we get into warmer weather here. Are People just going to say I just cannot have this face covering on me because it is too uncomfortable. Let alone what the health implications may be of you remember the governor saying. Issuing an order for people to wear masks while shopping in stores with any reverse that. Saying, he was a bridge too far. No question about that. And saying mask wearing were strongly encouraged, but not required. That's. That's where it stands now. Employees business employees are required to wear masks unless they cannot do so. That is the current distinction to six five seven eleven hundred. Jump back on the phone. That's welcome in Joanne from east, Lake Joanne. You're on the trip show. I'm asking you. It's really good to hear your day. By the way I'm just asking you about this Major League baseball thing. It seems like they've been talking for weeks and weeks and weeks. Do you really really think that we're going to get baseball this year? Do you think they can settle this or is this whole thing is just wash doing it. It's a great question. I appreciate that and I'll tell you within twenty four hours. We will have a pretty good idea as far as the Major League Baseball Owners and Commissioner Rob Man said they will give a proposal. Proposal to the players. Association tomorrow if they don't have it already. I and I think that will solidify some of the groundwork that they've been working on the last couple of weeks i. am telling you right now? I will be ultimately shocked if there is no baseball this year, I, there is too much to lose on both sides. They understand that in it would really be mind boggling to see them not to an agreement just from people I've spoken with knowing that both sides. Yes, is every sports franchises? Every sports player going to lose money this year one hundred percent. The fact of the matter remains that in baseball there in a unique position because their collective bargaining agreement. It ends in two thousand, twenty, one, no other league, no other major Pro Sports League is facing this dilemma, because whatever the short term agreement is with the players and with the owners, there has to be stipulation that this is a one time deal is because of the pandemic because of an extended circumstance that you couldn't have even anticipated and that in line would guarantee that you could not use whatever happens in this negotiation in the broader spectrum when twenty twenty one comes around, so yes I believe we will have baseball. We'll get a better sense of specifics as early as tomorrow. Take a break when we come back final hour, the trip show. Don't go anywhere Jensen Lewis with you on Newsradio W. t. a. m. eleven hundred. More than ever. Ask Alexa Play W. T. A. and eleven hundred on iheartradio. The. Son Asano show on newsradio. Eleven hundred, we are family, indeed and the radio family here at the Newsradio WTI eleven hundred, extending our heartfelt thanks to those veterans. Wherever you may be wherever you may be listening to those that are active duty, continuing to lay their lives on the line and fight for our freedoms, a very very big, Happy Memorial Day, and thank you for your service to you out there to one six, five seven eight hundred number to jump in the conversation jets Lewis with you all the way to seven o'clock just a reminder. Coming up at six thirty we are GONNA play President Donald Trump's memorial day. Speech from Fort McHenry today very moving and very insightful, very well thought out, and certainly we'll touch the emotions of of everyone who listens to it. We'll play that for you in its entirety. Beginning at six thirty SEAL WANNA. Stay tuned for that. Let's go back to the phones now against one six five seven hundred eleven hundred. Let's bring in Gary from Cleveland. Gary, you're on the trip show. Johnson you know with with us being you know At home now I have two young girls and We go on the Internet. You know because they're young I. Go I. Watch with them and we go on. We search websites. Right can't just found a new hero. Her name is American Garden. CHECK WITH A. C. H. I. C.. and. She's a young girl that just decided. She wanted to learn how to shoot guns and she went to a range and they showed her how to do it. How she was filming it her journey on learning. How does she guns? And she's not anything agenda. She just wants to learn and she is a big feminist She's not a Democrat or Republican. She's like a libertarian type girl who were patriotic and she dresses girly girl close. Range and all these guys helper and show her how to shoot. A proper technique and she's the girl love her. Well guess what? Their new hero at seven o'clock, we gotta go up on the Internet and Watcher I. You know. I had to get their. You know their swag from her website because we wanted and they want to go to the ranger and she's done so anyway. Raquel so anyway. Guess what's happening. Youtube Google facebook are going after they're trying to defender. She does this all on her own. She gets a little van. itchy goes to different shooting ranges and different She even went on I hunt to shoot a hog and Guys one whether you know to show her how to do it. And it is so. Addictive. I can't tell you you know it's. Not about you gotTA, check it out American gone chick. All right, very she. She has instagram twitter facebook what? What's happening? They're trying to defender see. He needs to stay. You know to travel to the different places. She needs donations. And their defunding her trying to make up crap, and she's really a nicer. She's funny. And It's you gotTA check it out. I'm telling right. It's definitely. But, I they're going after and I wish supporter. Gotcha. All right well we'll. We'll check that out. Definitely. Thank you very much. Call Gary I appreciate data. There's. I have to say it There's there's always things that you find online that you call into question and motives in people that are pushing something but refreshing to hear. That someone who has it sounds like no party? Affiliation is just doing something to remind all of us again on on a day like memorial. Day that. You have the freedom to express yourself. You have the freedom to. Go, about and do things that you want, and that is all because of of those people that have made the ultimate sacrifice and continue to lay their lives on the line every single day so. Kudos to everyone who's doing that, but also remembering. that. You have the opportunity to do that. Because of our great men and women in uniform to one, six, five, seventy, seven hundred. To join the conversation here Anthony. I know there's a texts coming in. That is asking the best dish that you cook. We were talking about things that I don't want to call it. An unintended consequence of quarantine and `isolation here, but you said that you have had to cook more because at most of the restaurants have been takeout only so best dish, apparently that that that you can cook now. Wow, I mean well. Well, I'll say this. Expert at cooking. But I'm pretty I'm pretty pretty confident right now. In my spaghetti and meatballs, I know base Sur, but I'm pretty confident in my spaghetti and meatballs right now. I really. Do because I'm sure Nick Camino? WHO's a big fan of the show won't listen and and because he's a resident Italian. Yes, he's. He's going to ask. If you make your own sauce and again I know there's a big distinction knowing that Italian people are very particular about this I'm working I'm working on that. All the we need I'm working on I. Know Karma Listening to so I'm working on it. We'll get the day off as someone else. Probably Cooking Carmen today. I for one I've been a big big cooking aficionado for a long time. If you follow me on Instagram at J., Lou Fifty J. L. E. W. F. I F T Y I try and put up a good amount on my instagram story of things that I've been doing and and I owe a debt of gratitude to my mom taught me at a very very early age how to get around the kitchen how to help out, and then also was starting to get responsibilities of making certain things for dinner as I got into my teenage years. And be useful in the kitchen that has paid off and more because I'm as many women listening out. There are many eligible ladies. If you're man can cook. It's almost game over almost. But Anthony I have to give you that knowing that you continue working at that craft. It's going to pay dividends in ways that you never thought possible. Just a tip from the pro. Wine well aware. Speaking of well aware traffic and weather together mornings and afternoons on newsradio. T. A. Eleven. Hundred here asked. Ask Alexa play. Uta Eleven hundred on iheartradio. Might've Sano show on Newsradio W.. T. AM eleven hundred? Texts coming into two zero five brought to you by absolute roofing John Lewis Infant big guy here on the trip show. From the four four O. J. Lou married twenty, seven years and I just figured out why my wife married me I can cook. Happy wife happy life. Isn't that what we hear all the time twenty seven years strong. Man Can Cook and keep Mama happy there. You go to six five seven eight eleven hundred number jumping on the conversation. Just during this commercial break. I I am cooking from home tonight. Because of the show being from three to seven today, I'm usually on. Mondays with you. Guys talk for us from seven to ten. Tonight, though a treat in store for you because we have win number twenty, two of the Indian twenty two game win streak back in two thousand seventeen Tom Hamilton Jim Rosenhaus with the call and and one that I know many people looking forward to. It's the closest game out of all of the twenty two wins, and it's the one that literally came down to the final strike, but in true holiday fashion I'm making some. Baked chicken and some fries. Some homemade French fries so during that commercial break anthony. I had to JUMP FROM A my station here at home to make sure that I could season. The potatoes throw them in the. And set the time around. Because don't WanNa burn the fries, but it couldn't come at a better time, but just again. The your your things that you do during quarantine things you get better at. We'll be a home cooked meal tonight. You said that you have no desire to cook tonight. Don't going to be perfectly honest, so we need a restaurant out there somewhere. That can offer. Some takeout. He has no desire to Cook for himself I don't. There's times where you're like. Forget it. I'm done. I don't WanNa. Do it and today Memorial Day a lot of people out grilling a lot of people on. At least not at edgewater now, maybe not as much, but having picnics, or whatever and enjoying their time outside today though outside. Ninety degrees and it's hard to sit outside and. It really is unless you got some good shady. Get some good air movement, but it's been nice to. It's been nice to get back out and two local businesses and local places that. Everyone has been frequenting before this pandemic. I know over here in West Lake a lot of Crocker. Park is now back open and the restaurants that were packed with patio. Goers people around all hours of the day. Anthony was really fun to have. Some vibrance back and some traffic I mean I've been used to running around the streets out here with with no cars coming down the road and now I'm just kind of have my head on a swivel making shuttle run into anybody on on the sidewalks. And now we have people out shopping again, and it's just good to see. It's good to see people back out and and being able to to spend money in a way where they don't feel like Gosh. Am I going to be able to meet rent. Am I going to be able to do? Do the mortgage. You know that if people are out here, they've either a had to do things. I'll tell you what the biggest one was for me. Anthony the salons, the nails spas. I you would think it is Christmas. Warning for some of these women out there that have waited so long to get their hair and their nails. I get it I understand I. Listen you date. Someone for I did some for four years and you? You only let one person do your hair. You go to one spot that and this is meticulous stuff guys learn. You go to one place. That does your nails right? The lines outside of some of these places to open and I loved it. I thought it was great. Because it's like all right I'm going in. I can't wait to feel good about myself again. Every girl walking out of there, every lady walking out of there feel like a million bucks. It was solid. It really was but. That sense of normalcy that that is what we wanted to get back to. And I feel like we're on track to do that on a day, though like today memorial, day, one that we certainly will remember for a long long time, just because it is so out of the ordinary not to be able to gather as as we used to. Were people are used to in in honor of those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, and to be able to spend time as a family, and to be able to talk about the good times with people, and to be able to share that precious time in experience with those veterans that have been able to come back and are able. To participate and be great citizens, not only here. But but heroes for what they have been able to do, and giving us the ability to live with freedom, each and every single day, as we said at the top of the show, and we said many many times throughout this show, a mile, high salute, and our deepest gratitude and thanks. To every family out there who has someone that is either served before who has given the ultimate sacrifice who has someone active or someone who has returned from tours of duty from service in all branches of the military? This is a day to celebrate you and to celebrate those. that. have done so much to make these United States of America the best country in the entire world. It's been a real pleasure to be with you on one of the harder days in radio. People don't realize because it is a somber day. It is a day of remembrance is a day of reflection. You have to hear some of the gut wrenching calls that we did early on in the show family members dealing. With, things that are that are just incoherent at this point, because what cove in one thousand nine has forced upon. Those of us that have had to quarantine isolate. And compounding that with what today really means. Not only individually, but as an entire nation, so we feel for all of you, we pray for you. Our thoughts are with you on what is a highly emotional day and compounding certainly by this global pandemic Anthony Alford. Always make it sound great. Appreciate you taking the time today on a holiday. To Roll with me on on this show. It's always fun to work with you. As many a cow. Cornell Jackie Roberts do a news and traffic forest. Those of us who work in the entertainment industry? We enjoy being able to bring maybe a sense of normalcy ourselves to you and yours, your family's you keep us going. You're keeping US going right now, and we appreciate you spending part of your afternoon with us here on the trip show for Anthony Alford for Cornell for Jackie. Roberts I'm John. Lewis stay tuned. Everyone will have president trump's memorial day speech from Fort McHenry coming up after the news for everyone here w. t. a. m. eleven hundred for those of you listening around the country. Happy Memorial Day, stay safe everybody so long. Here's what I tell everyone. Was Born by God's dear. Owner nary. And describe. Any reply. Have joined. Sane out. An seen enough to know that we've got. The stars sky. Any live. A. Ban that steel. Apprise. Legions to this. Father who were stupid. And you're proud. The more lack in here.

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