How Creating Videos Helped Her Patients with Dr. Leslie Waltke


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Happy Hour and we are live good to see you. Those of you watching on facebook or on twitter, good to get to be heard. From those of you listening on the podcast, we appreciate you. PODCAST podcast that saves physical therapists for missing out on amazing insight, remarkable ideas and motivational stories in the world of physical therapy I'm. Your host tonight. Great Show for you tonight. That we bring back Dr. Leslie Waukegan back on the show before bring in. Dr Walkie WanNa make sure you don't forget. Subscribe to the podcast I tuned spotify Google podcasts amongst others, and we're now video casting as mentioned dropping everything on Youtube facebook and twitter, all at pt pine cast on the Social if you have any questions during the show or after the show. Make sure you head over to our social networks. That's where you can drop a question recumbent in that comment section and we'll either get to it live. If we can or if you're watching the replay, we'll make sure we can try to get the answer for you as well so wanna be very very interactive, so let's also here. Let's also hear where you're from. From so drop a comment. Where yet where you're watching from where you're listening, we like to hear where you guys are are actually taking part in the show I? WanNa make you feel like you're. You're here at happy hour with us all right? Let's let's get to the main event here. Guest tonight is known as the arm, whisper the explainer in chief and vitamin L. Some killer nicknames. Her down to Earth style here were combined with decades of clinical cancer. We have experienced have made the world better for tens of thousands of cancer patients survivors here in the US and across the globe. Let's bring in our guest. Today Dr Leslie Walkie back to the show. WHAT'S UP TIM here? Fight. Vitamin L. that's a great nickname. Isn't that great? One of my patients actually gave that to me. Is. Just kinda stuck in and now I actually use that as a motivational series for a group of my triathlete, cancer survivors little motivational series. They're coming in for a little vitamin L. that's cool I like that a lot. Often in previous episodes and will will link to some of your previous episodes. in on the on the podcast in the show notes so people can take a listen to that but but for people who don't know who you are. How do you? How do you explain it now? What's your? What's your pitch line with your log line because we're working on like creating content yet unholiday. Right so I'm a PT obviously I graduated from University of Wisconsin. To. Two thousand GS, Nineteen, eight, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight long ago. So, I actually teach to a bunch of PT School so. I am actually teaching PT. I've been a PT longer than they've been live. these students. And I didn't know at the time, but I ended up in the world. And there's a fantastic group of PT's across the country across the world working on. Haji, but there's not a whole bunch of us. Not so a lot of us PT specialized an apology I'm teaching. And it's it's just a fun world, but there's just this frustration. A my call to cancer rehab gap where you know, we get apology and PT School, but you don't get to do on college. Take care patients very well. In NPDOR, most PT schools and the such problem, but one ons. We don't tease enough about oncology Orange Rehab, and then oncologists surgeons medical oncologists. Radiation oncologists do not know enough about Rehab, so yeah, the patients. Through this a bit of of our lack of knowledge in it's really. Frustrating when we have so much to offer I mean it's just again. It's manual therapy. It's therapeutic exercise. It's nothing that a a p. t coming out of school couldn't do as long as they just kinda showed their thinking a little bit and apply what we already know. Two different patient population a like it. Why forgot to I forgot to crack the drink today? Want to say thanks to our friends from owns recovery science. There's source for PT's who are looking for certification and personalized blood flow, restriction, rehabilitation, training, and equipment to apply it online We're going diet coke lesbian that I'm doing from the North Way Brewing up staying here home state of New York. It's called Avenue of the Pines. You Win your case. And, it's one of those tall cans man I finished one of these two of these. No good I'm on the floor. cheers new virtual chairs. We do the camera there and we'll. We'll get this episode. That's. Is You know, and it's the land of microbrews here, and like who has the job of coming up with these names of these beers awesome job. It is an awesome retire. I want that job. I walk around like a world world of beer. The way I picked this when they just head, cool can art. Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. I was like the science. That's cool cannot buy that and it's a good beer. That's That's bonus points I'm. Less than we've had you on the show before talking cancer, Rehab and again we're will refer back to those people want to hear. More specifics in of treatment. We bring you on the show today to talk about something else. You didn't have this in your intro, but you're. Content. Creator and you know you're not dabbling. You're jumping in in front of the green screen. You're doing all the bells and whistles. You do the whole thing. And you know I was back in. September of two thousand eighteen Do People say. What do you do for a living like talk I just see the same things over and over and over again especially when you're working with a real concentrated patient population like many of us do now in a very more specialized world of P T I'm like Jeeze, if I could just have this, either on paper or or something, so a dear friend of mine who kind? Kind of works as my business analyst, said you know I. Challenge you to do thirty videos thirty days. I knew nothing I didn't even know. She brought that up, but it was a challenge in irritated me, so I had to do it, and she thought I was just GonNa, grab my iphone and and say Oh, here's what I had for dinner the night and here's how you stretch the. Major but I just I don't know what just kind of blossomed into this case. I'm going to do this I. Want to speak to my audience I. WanNa teach them something And So, you know. I literally knew nothing had nothing, so it started with. Watching youtube videos. Okay how I have this on my iphone. What do I do with? How do I turn this into something that you can put on facebook and? When you make video, where do you put it on? So. And now I actually have a checklist. So, it really started as a challenge, and then because I started doing it. They came You know there is the people are on facebook. and people hurt. People have problems. People have strokes. Parkinson's disease people have e- pain. You'll have cancer. And, as soon as I started talking I, had no idea but my my viewership just grew and grew and grew, and then I couldn't the stop. You know Because it became a thing. Now, it has a name. It's called the recovery room, and just this last Friday across five, hundred, thousand or five thousand. Followers a team. It's really very excited because it's all been organic. I mean you can pay to do that stuff, but it's been all organic. And, my goal is to hit ten thousand by the end of this year. which is a stretch goal, but now what the heck! Congratulations that's. Worth commending because. Yeezy when you when you see a celebrities, got you know five ten million Thing listen. They built that brand for a long time being an actor and actress or of Sports Athlete. When you're building something organically, it's difficult, but those those connections are worth it and we'll get into the connections of the results right, so you got challenge. Make thirty videos in thirty days and you went the other route which is I'm thinking about my audience? Right, which is instead of like. Hey, here's. My phone is what I had for dinner last night. That's how me. Is going to the audience much and you flipped it around literally. into into Selfie mode and started making those videos, but you were thinking about the audience now. Where's your audience straight up patients was it educating other colleagues or physical therapists about both or you know? How did you find audience I kind of went? With Kind of the the patient audience because I'm not really connected with a lot of other PT's. And I and I did have a little bit of a following because I'm kind of hopeless and survivor groups, so I just threw it up on facebook, and because they were already connected to me, they started seeing it, and then, of course they share, and and they share and the NFL. There they call they call their medical colleges or their cancer Stanford, and say Oh my. God have you seen this great And so I kind of used my. Formula using the clinic to it's my magic formula called vet 'em. Everything's guy have acronym. How to engage your patients that makes them your patient long-term. Just Hook Line and sinker are gone so ballot eight explain. Teach motivate. So anybody who's in pain or anybody's? Who's WHO's been in an accent needs to be validated especially people with cancer. This is not your fault I know you can't bend your knee I. Know You can't get your arm over your head I know it hurts it. That's what happens after this kind of accident. This kind of surgery of this type of disease so it's okay to hurt. It's okay to complaint. That's really important for people to to to grab that. And then explain to patients why it hurts. Why can't move a why? They had to undergo this particular kind of procedure? Teach them because their physicians and nurses often don't have time to do that or they don't dude level that the patients like added in ninety percent of that, so we in pt have a one foot in the medical world. We also have a foot, though the the patient world, so we can explain things a lot better than most physicians have the time to do skill set to do. and then the next point is to teach them. Okay. What are we going to do to get out of here? Step one step two step three step four. This is gonNA. Take on my part. This is GonNa take on your part and this is about how long it's GonNa take, and then you should expect to be one hundred percent pain free are you should expect hoping hoping we can get you back eighty percent? You might have your pain some time, but you should be able to do what you want. and then finally as motivate people I. Mean People just got their butts kicked something? They don't people. Patients don't come to PT's because they're happy. so things wrong. So so motivate you know. Here's the expectations. Expect for you can do that. You have the ability to do this. You have the skill. To of my famous lines are exercise like your life depends on it, because it does and you know you are the most pertinent preachers like the most important person on the planet because you are. So they're just those little motivational pieces, said those really kind of engage your audience, and take it to a home level, and they just they. They stick around now. When you approach your your teaching like that, I like that validate educate teach motivate very good Jimmy, are you a you? Flip that right over into your content and and and this was not planned, but I. I was actually taught in radio teaming I. Today I want you to be tight like don't use. Don't use ten words of five will do exactly me bright. Just be be informed. By stick around, listen to, even if he's telling me a dumb joke, right, but at least get to it and I I want the laugh and then be informative when I leave have something whether it's humor, motivation or information when I leave your radio show. That I had before, and this makes me WANNA. Come back, so that was just wrote that down. Type. Let's get to it, so that already created content it was it was a it was A. Dare I love when things start as the game. which is like you won't by? Line from my friends in high school and we'll still we're in our forties, man and You won't and then. I have to do it more, so you did it. You did thirty videos in thirty days. Let's start there. It's short response in thirty days. How much do you think you progressed just by making a video a day for thirty days huge right? It's. The only way to do it because you can't take a class on this is so experiential. Learning your iphone I mean you can either spend a week with it intense or or go to four classes learning. Right it's just do it, yeah. I spend a lot of time on Youtube. I threw. FM's left and right I didn't break any cameras, but I felt like my phone out the window. because it's just frustrating. Once. You learn it now. You got it and it's a skill. Set that I think I learned more in my early fifties than I did in the last twenty decades. Just by by doing an it's fun, and it's cool and I know a lot more now than some twenty and thirty year old so yeah, and that's the other thing. You know you've been saying you. You've been teaching students longer that. You've been even practicing feet longer than the students been alive. You're doing stuff. We're show some samples you're doing since that is going to be over some people's heads. It was over your head. Way Over, and you didn't let it be over your. You're like I'm going to. This is pissing, but if I do this, my audience is GonNA learn more. They're going to be educated. They're going to be taught. It'd be motivated. Validate them with the video and and keep in mind. Don't do exactly what Leslie does. You don't have to have a podcast or video stream. So where would you start? Someone comes to you because I get this a lot as a pod monster. Hey, man! What it's almost, it's funny, because like a lot of them. Come to me and they're like I WANNA. Start a podcast. And they're pitching me. Their show and the first thing I do ironically is validate and I say this sounds like a great idea. You don't need my permission just so we're clear. Right like almost not asking for permission, but they're like. Is this a good idea? What do you think and then then comes in that education? That's going to be complete female we're going to. We're GONNA. Do this whole thing's. It's educate. Educate part, where would you tell someone to start? If you turn to a friend or colleague and you said thirty in thirty days. Where would you have him start? I would first of all conceptualize. Okay on my my checklist, if okay, who? WHO's your pick? Your audience who talking to always starts with people? And then what is your intent? Are you trying to be funny? Are you trying to educate? Are you trying to get them to buy something from you? What's your intention? And then you don't have to have a name for your space, but you have to put your video somewhere where people can see them, because people aren't GonNa, go. Hey, I'm GONNA laugh. Was that you could pick name last two. Right so! But so where are you going to post? Are you gonNA put them on Youtube? Where going to put them on facebook? Are you going to put them on instagram on link then? We're GONNA. Put them because you need space to put them there. And then so I would just literally start with that and the only hesitation. I haven't talked about this. Stuff is or showing videos. Is that if I hadn't seen these before, I started I would've started because it looks like last too complicated I can't figure that out. Really I approached it from such a position of ignorance. Well, we're. Let's flip that with that. You approach it from curiosity and desire. Want could be able to do this better. Go, I'm here. I don't even know where I wanna be I wanNA. Be Better than here. Right? Yeah, so. When I started, so you don't have to have that intent of that plan just. Do it just shoot something. The very first video I shot. I stood I stood in this corner. Right here and I put my little camera over there and I put my makeup on I still there and I said hi, I'm the doctor Leslie Wilkie, and then I just and I, wrote my script or Batur and I hung it up there so I could see it, and then I put that on and then. The cocaine that's done. That was cool, so the next one I did I literally took my laptop on on A. Like A. Like a music stand right, hook it outside and just talk to it. And, that worked. As, it was just an and others. I use my iphone. And then I got kind of fun and I got this little green screen going on back there, so that I could and I could dump that into. My my, because then the next thing. You'RE GONNA. If you. If you're doing more than just using your iphone you want to take that next step. It's using a green screen, but then you're gonNA have to invest in. Some kind of editing software. And Furlough for for most Max already come with I'm movie. Betsy. You've already have it. I you screen flow, which is a Mac format and then cantate Ios or those folks with with Stuff. And then, because then when you do that, then you can start getting a little fancier, so I can stand in front of a green screen and Chitchat and then have a completely different picture behind me right put bullet points of of what I'm talking about where I can show some random dog walking down the street or whatever, but this is baby steps right? We've talked. Episode people need to hear this about the triathlon program that you have with with survivors from cancer treatment. You, don't you don't teach someone how to do a flying dismount from their bike to their run the first day. You don't keep green screen the first day. Vance move. Let's let's get you comfortable talking into this thing right here. which by the way I didn't do a lot radio. I get comfortable with his camp. Yeah, but actually I like it now because this brings leslie. WHO's in the Mid West to me in New York and I? Get This I. Get this I contacted, but when you can turn this inanimate object because you're doing it a lot, you're not talking to the audience in real time your record. But when you can turn this inanimate object, and you can picture, conceptualize, and say I'm talking to people. Got It okay now. In. That's heart that takes a good couple of months to get to get comfortable of standing in front of my pets went crazy. They're like what is she doing? Why should making that noise? after a couple months they're just they just plop on the floor. Now. Lay Down there. She goes again donor bank I. It's just uncomfortable and weird. It's a comfort level. You just have to develop. We called it Empty Room Syndrome so whenever I was one to go from wanting to be a radio DJ. Come on in. Here's the buttons and We'd haven't train off. You know off air for a couple of couple. Come on air and I was like here's the deal. You're gonNA say something really funny or really really cool a really anything, interesting or creative, and then you're gonNA hear. Thing. 'cause you're standing in a room alone now. People are in their cars or their living or their garages, and listening to you and what you've gotta think you got to hear in your head, is this? Guy Here that cheer. Just gotTa keep moving a committee comedian on stage. You tell a joke. Bombs keep moving. Do not tell the punchline again. It was bad the first time it's worse the second. You gotTA. Get past that because you're I've seen videos a you literally just taken a walk down your street and you're like Hey I'm GonNa talk to you about this today. Already tell however many videos in there's his comfort level of I'm I'm going to speak I. Am I'm educated right? So that's what I do. Not to interrupt, but you have to remember to because even when I watched people's videos God, they're so good. Editing and Tang there. So you see somebody's at three minute video and it took them a half an hour. Shoot that I'll tell you this though right? So who are the guys that I looked up to you? The women I look up to are comedians. Doing it live right. Yeah and. Host Jimmy. Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Mackay I love to be in the mount. Rushmore gimmes one day, but I'm just not like. For you and a lot of times on one week 'cause they know we got to get it done so there is there you do hit a level where? We went we used to record. Let's unites talk on the phone and then I would. I edit very rarely now so I have I can't believe about suicide. Cova de think is it started making me? Be More. Conscious of how I WANNA, see I. WanNa see eyeballs I wanna see I wanNA. Lean into the camera. I want you to know that I. Agree with what she's saying I want to see. My fist-bump and stuff like that, but. I love that. Check that you just referenced you, said the word intent. What is your intent? It's Iran. I literally say the same thing but different. I say what do you want the audience to feel? An after they're done with your content and then I shut up. And they're usually like wait. I haven't thought about that I. go right why masking Becua-. Yeah Yeah, and again selfishly a lot of my videos are what questions do I wanNA stop answering every freaking day. because. I travel, and teach so much I have all these people coming up to me. Saying this hurts. That hurts I. Don't understand why teague. What is this drug me? What does that mean? I don't understand this. Why does that hurt so now? I literally can hand them a card with the recovery room on it and say check out this video library episode. By the A, one people ask all the time. What am I have to get on a plane and go home. I hate leaving people without the answer so now this way to answer this question you're you're you're creating library very specific answers right, and and you're not going to answer every question and. You're not gonna find everything on Youtube. This is not a cure all, but you're gonNA filter a lot of things out. Yes, you're going to say hey I. I did a video on. This explains everything in three minutes and go for, and there's that tight, bright informative formula, which is like I got you. It's specific typewriter. Forget you. If I look for something on Youtube, and I see the videos nineteen minutes long and. I'm like. If you can't get it done in three I'm kind of like a and that's like that's more specific. How do I accomplish this task like like I I just car and I was like I don't know how to turn the Dome Light off, and it was. It was like varied, but the video was forty five seconds had been I'm like no. It's. The other thing that you said was Jerry Orden, which is think about where you gonNa Park these things right putting them on a website is one thing, but then people to direct people to the website, and you're not GonNa get a lot of heads right so what you're saying. This is the word the verbiage that I use this talk like your audience listens. Listen like your audience talks. If Yard is on instagram and you're on twitter, you got a problem. You're on if you're on the same, and it's sounds simple, but people will make this mistake. I'm going to be on Youtube and I'm like well. How are you GonNa? Get found, you know. I put out content again found great, but you need to be putting this content other places to lead them to youtube channel all right, so that's that's where to start. There's your checklists. What else is on? There's anything we we didn't get to yet. So let's see. So posting. So, I always recommend facebook. audience! My audience is not I don't everything on Youtube. Because then you can email. It's easier to link to if you're spending links, but I have three hundred dollars on on Youtube is all so they're just not. They're I'm not pushing that button And then so the the three major components than when you are taking the next step like how could it make this little better are video, lighting and sound. Old Come again I'm just getting into this. My show to help me look better help so. It will lighting is important. and sound is important so honestly. The iphones these days are credible. They really are so. That's the last thing I would probably buy a camera. but I do have so I use my. By phone eight and then I had my little DSL. Our camera that I literally shoot video with this. Camera but the experts will say that people. Your audience will be more tolerant of bad video then they will be a audio now. People will listen. To something, it sounds good looks crappy, but they will not watch something that looks good was in. It sounds crappy so. An audio standpoint again as long as you're close enough document. I'm literally talking to my laptop right now. in a youth fear within eight feet of your iphone. You'RE GONNA. Be Fine, but it gets to a point where you may want to invest in like where it's this thirty foot corn. You plug it into your iphone. Plug it into your camera and you can stand away. That's is. Pretty Cheap I. Think you can get these for twenty bucks Yup. and then it got to put like I didn't be tethered all the time because I'm doing this on a daily basis that I'm like I trim over that PM court more time. As you're your address. So then I switched to the wireless. Swear Slob, which was really nice, because then one piece hooks to the camera. One Peace looks to me, and as long as you remember to turn it off to cookie before you go to the bathroom, you're you're good. Funny, story cleese to? Date My. My Day job is the director of communications for Fox rehabilitation, and I hope my bosses in watching but this. The cost of some of these things when you get your really good can go up like a might have. Mike is Thirty Bucks, but a wireless mic might be three or four hundred bucks because they're in between space. You're going to get audio dropping out right so I knew when you good wireless laps, I'm talking to three hundred bucks, maybe five hundred bucks a pop. And he's not an audio guy, but needed to make my example clear, and he said because he's a smart guy, he said. Can we do it with wired, and said absolutely we work with older adults, and I said I'll be over here the video with a physical therapist and an eighty five year old patient with seven co morbidity. All these we've got it on tape. And he said how much wireless mics I had five mile owns in. Which PT Brain with. Working. But but yeah, I mean and you see the headphones. This isn't because I want to look like I'm on Apollo Eleven. There is a little bit of a different sound, an audio guy I run this Serum Mixing Board and I can do like really funny things like I could do. Things like that whenever I need a little bit of a an ego, boost and stuff like that, but audio is important. There's also I want to send you. Maybe we'll drop it in the comments I. Just picked it up this week. Assure Microphone Kit. Attached to the iphone comes a little Tripod thing was like two hundred bucks I'd beat on it for the last twenty four hours. This thing picks up. Great sound attaches right to your iphone so I'll to you and I'll put it in the comments as well for. This is and it comes from shore, which is a really really good name in the world of microphones. In fact, there microphones are usually a little bit out of my price range Let all right, so we've got lighting. We've got audio. What was the third thing that you had said? About. Lighting and sound and lighting. I. You know right now I've got my overhead light on and I'm not perfectly. Let 'cause. This isn't a video shoot. homedepot and bought some a you know. I just want on Youtube Anisette. Okay? What lights do I need? so I literally went to Home Depot Lights there now. We're just fine for the level of videos that I'm doing well I. Mean Let's do it. Let's do a demo reel. Quick Watch. I got a desk lamp, so I don't look that great right? There look pretty worried out. A desk lamp, but I found the wreck on Youtube I'm pointing it off the wall. And now it's banking off the wall. I've got a I've got some are on the wall, so it's Kinda read. It's not a white wall, and it's coming at me and looks right, and this is coming from a radio guy, but I've found the answer the same way I want you to like. How do I how to look better on youtube videos and? Get Desk Lamp Pointing Wall. Making money because all of these executives and all these professionals across the planet are on zoom now because that's where meetings are that people are making money teaching how teaching people how to not look like an idiot as part of my job now. I'm like okay. Well yeah absolutely. So many. I'm creating so much content with physical occupational speech therapist around the country, and the goal is will now I've got the capability of video now teams we can use zoom whatever and I'm like okay. You look good, but the rules right I want the camera at or just above my line. If I'm sitting down I, WANNA be within an arm's length. I was tell people at arm's length of the camera, and that's good for good audio, or you know we make sure we have headphones, so we don't get that feedback. Loop I mean. Does it matter you just referenced? People will watch a video if it's OK video, but not grade audio, but if both they'll stick around even longer. If data to point to it that you have quality content quality, production value the stick around. And again especially hits in a professional setting where you're leading a meeting people that you may not know. What's what kind of chair you sit and what's behind you? You know keebler looking like you'll like this and it's like hello look. Stopping. It really how you present yourself matters if there's some meetings where people like whatever you got to get our stuff down thirty minutes that. Professionalism matters, and there is a step to that you present yourself in in video. You don't need to to pitch at first impressions matter I. Think Everybody just kind of like. Thing is a lot of them. We'll just I'll just throw the laptop open like well. That's your first impression. If that's your first impression, you can't Redo that first impression so it is, it's it's worth the time in the effort. Even if it's a listen, you don't need to spend a lot of money, even if it's a youtube search or twenty seconds of thinking. Hey, maybe I don't want this this laptop camera, you know blow islands, so you check it out. How many nose hairs got going on? You don't want that so if you can prepare yourself a little bit right, so that's what you do so like me. I framed up the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, not a green screen. So, so let's see if I can share some videos. Which one do you WANNA share I. Let's see. What you got. Let's do Let's just go with liquid first of all, because that's the easiest thing anybody can do. That video is shot and I call liquid because the essence of this video is how much liquidity supposed to drink in a day in thrown out the because most my cancer patients are saying how she really that that glasses of water is really a myth. So, this entire video which I think is four minutes long I'm all of it was shot with my iphone. no. On a Selfie, stick right and again you have to watch I'm holding its you. Don't WanNa be obvious at old stick is that's kind of tacky. So I'm holding the Soviet stick. You can't really tell I. It's right now just in the still a. Position somewhere our jewelry way. And it's it's all sound in video from the. Looks like he's just someone just dragging behind you. So I literally shot this inside Sam's Club. You made a throne of model. Let's go sits in what? Where's her a lot of liquid? We're going to see him. You could have brought a DSL and you could have improved the quality this much, but the portability would've went down respond. Now. Here's somebody else's holding the camera for me. Obviously because I gotTA talk with my hands while you still sorry not with the iphone. But she just moves a little bit and again never gets more than four feet away from me, because I'm not only using the iphone sound and then just kind of talk that all take took this all of these little short clips together because I'm going to move somewhere else. And, then I took some Can you fast forward ultimately out for you want to go? Right this so here walking of course walking by some beer We've got to tell people that the name of this this is called B roll. Yeah WanNA. See Video. Just go to youtube and right and type. B Roll, and you'll get the party video bureau which is hysterical, but In terms of post production value, which is a little voice over b-roll lets you tell a big story in a short amount of time, but doesn't lose the visual of doesn't doesn't the audience visual. Why I shot over some rape before that I shot over some fruit, because fruits qualifies as liquid. Amstutz clubs got just tons of it, and it's great. It's great color. It's great visual and then And then actually at the end of this one. We don't have to watch it, but there's actually some outtakes here. I shot this. I walked into the door and it was locked slammed right into it. And, you're like all right well. We don't live. All right I'm gonNA pause this one. And what are we doing next and just? The, the audience right now doesn't get the audio, but we're we're. We're talking over it anyway you want to do. Or behind the scenes. Let's do behind the scenes because then. This shows you how to use green screen. Spending about is how to use how how I how do I, do what I do right? I've been so confused in how green screens work so here I am standing with my iphone products Danny Green screen. For a second because I'm going to do. I'm going to snap my fingers and do a little fun video trick. So I'm just chit chatting about you. Answer questions in the recovery room. Whether questions is how you do that, so that's honestly what this video was about. Okay. Yeah! So the toothbrushes I get. How do you do that? How do you do that, but? I do a fun little. Snap, you knew like. Yeah. This is US radio for it. You know I'll come on a pretty cool smear. Learns done you, too. So see I just kind of stopped the video and I changed clothes went back and myself in the same position, and then just put the too close together, and if you're the same screen, it doesn't really matter where you are what you're doing, so here's my office, so there's my lighting. There's my little livelier. That's the way it one. There's camera. There I am. Gets. anoling on there and a guest that's. Your Find A. Fast forward a little bit Jimmy to. The camera and then. GIG BARGAIN SKIP that. So those in the room right now. Wavelengths So skip more and we'll get to, so there's where that's the editing software on my laptop inflow, Ryan Sunscreen, bullets, rate and again that was all. experiential learning, so I just want to highlight this. You'd literally made an entire piece of content in how you make content. Let's we. By the way I have a getty's well. We! But you wanted to let people in literally into the recovery room and you show them this. All this stuff you're showing us how much how much did have in your first three months? Little. I had a lot of this. Stuff is my closet. Wardrobe magazine I professional wardrobe. Step up my wardrobe game. and again it's nice to. Remind branding now is is me and the. SCRUBS IN A row. Now. So, I had maybe fifty percent of that when I started right. And then just kind of added. Just becomes more convenience for me, cow. And maybe a little bit better for the consumer. But otherwise you need lighting video and sound and you Kinda from an iphone. We're looking at third video and this is. Looking at. Is this radiation this? You got to be kidding me. That I'm looking at it off screen, and I'm like what kind of level is. This seriously got lasers laser. relievers? We're GONNA. You're flying through space so again. That's me literally standing in front of a green screen, so it's litter here right over. Well, you guys can see. There's migraine. Dependent and then you just put it into your computer, and then you can put something behind you whether it's A. You know a screen like that that that's part of my. obt virtual buttons, farm eulex Affront Exit Taller yet, and that's just all on onsite learning. But so now we're GONNA. Go behind. We're going to go into the radiation. Oncology Department again. My my goal for this video was to make people less afraid of the patient. A little walk through out there. There's already county nurse. They're very nice people. They're all super nice. And then destroyed some cool stuff like this so now this is again video that I shot with my iphone. And I took him home. Put It on my laptop. Now. Stand on green screen with the video going behind me so I could do, but it's a lot more fun. And then there's are linear accelerator sizzle chat with My. This be role in the back is all chat with my iphone, but when you see me talking, that's shot with my DSL are in my office. Wow! This is Kinda shook the patient the table and why? It's important that we talk about positioning how why do we have to work so hard to get your arms ready? And and again it's just very. Very disarming patients to understand what all this stuff is, and why they have and. Yeah your. Housing people to to what they're actually going to experience. Wow, we don't have any lasers. I I gotta I gotTa talk to my producers. We have no lasers with no onscreen buttons. You know what we have, sometimes sometimes we have. You know what I mean. Have you ever had any? Have? You ever been been on the show. I just tend validated right. They're not having talking banana I don't want to Brag, but I'm a banana right now. But a lot of that Baroque comes with your I pay think sixty dollars a year to screen for you get library of of photos. Sounds so I can make people laugh at me, too yeah! and. Where you want to be safe, you go. All Day today Oh my God I'm using snap camera right now, so people are not. You can run this right through your camera If you're a Batman fan, you could be Bain. Darkness! You only adopted it. You know this is the way if you're a star. Wars fan demand. You'd be very patriotic very very patriotic and you could. Get. A little bit a little bit of effort on the front end can can can bring you some big results on the on the back end, yeah! Results let's talk about those results in the back end you know you mentioned you know follower subscribers, everything, but talk to me about connections to the people that you've the people you were thinking about when you made those I videos, so. The connections are huge, so I have learned a ton because when you're talking with people who are out in the world, you know we spend all day with patients that are in the middle of physical therapy I'm talking to people who've been done on the other side so while have I learned a Lotta? They're fine. Oh, I fixed them I, learned a ton Oh. They're not okay. These the questions that they have deserve you know. So I've learned a ton The feedback has been incredible so I'd be I have become a better physical therapist, talking to people who are on the other side of this connecting them with each other 'cause. Now that gets talk to each other is really cool so they validate each other. But I now have. Support Groups and cancer organizations that now take some of the stuff. Some of the contents relevant to with every once in a while like Oh. Yeah, this is really good contents. They posted on their page. I've met people met and I've done now. Conferences for people that I've never met that. I've met through the recovery room. So it's. It's a big world out there and so many people are affected. Again regardless of what your service line is in in in the world that you're working in PT There's people out there. That are suffering in this people that do what you do. so those connections whether it's you know professionals. physicians nurses war professional organizations in that particular disease or injury type. Or other physical therapists that do this kind of stuff or the patients, so it is such a a novel. Upcoming Way to communicate. And connect. Like your audience talks. If you do that and people think there's a trick magic. If you do that consistently enough. Yup, you're connecting all the time like I. Tell people to like people talk, and they'll say well your degrees in communications and stuff like that in terms of. Public Relations and you're always public relations. Crappy job at it or you're doing a really great job at it and if You're doing a crappy job of it but you're saying there are people out there that need my services information and I'm going to talk like they listen and listen like they talk and when you do that, you can't miss in terms of communication. We're not GONNA do it on this show. We try to keep this thing. Oh, go ahead! That's where I got the nickname used at the beginning of the show explainer in chief. People like? I just I never understood that before so breaking it down in this video format because we may not have three to five minutes to decide not for all. Right it or in in the middle of a patient. PT Session of got a half an hour and a spacious gotta be somewhere where I've got somebody. I don't have time to do it, but I'll say you know what child is at home. If it goes into depth on on exactly what what you're feeling here, so. You started that was. You even I mean we've all seen this this this lightbulb moment. Oh, when you explain it, and it might be the fiftieth time away the five hundred times here, but we needed to hear it and if they didn't get it when they go. Oh, it's a great feeling. I love had that feeling. A better even when the priests knees feeling, which is strangely pleasing. But it's like Oh i. get it like I was it was dark and now it's light. Can Do that and you can do it on scale if This patient engagements go up and you. Know, show rate is going to go down yes and. This is a family show Leslie. Apparently, there was an f-bomb story. I was supposed to ask you about. I think it was the other way around I. Think you're GONNA. Tell me about. Tell Me Yours I. Want you said You had an f-bomb? You Tell Me Yours I'll tell you that I just. While they're frequent. The story is continual, although now not as much, but the Boyana, because again everything experiential learning. It was just frustrating and my family and pets again could hear me screaming for my office and they. Were going depending on my yelling and hollering, and it's just, but now once again I don't swear, I don't really care that much anymore, and it's not that I've been concurred. I still just don't need to. That's good, so the my f-bomb story comes from W. B.. S. X. which is ninety seven nine x northeast. Pennsylvania Wooksbury Scranton. And so a lot of stations will. He will have a thirty second delay when you hear that they're actually be a machine in the room. It's there about thirty. Forty grand at the time is ten fifteen years ago. It was the machine with an actual big red button that you would punch. And we didn't have when I got there. They weren't everywhere when I was in radio hours I mean we were still using eight tracks back, but. We installed one on a Thursday and. Trained on on Thursday and Friday. My boss was going live from wwe event at the Mohegan Sun Arena so he's going to be standing outside. He was going to be like you know John Man. I'm a street talking to everybody and I'm still going all right. We're GONNA. Live in in three two. One is like Hey, what's up? I'm Chris Lloyd and we're outside and wwe. It's going to be the smackdown Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Hey, and so he's got people filtering into the arena behind him. And he goes. Are you excited for tonight? And just points Microsoft at some kid and the kid just y'all's. Bremmer. And I'm literally in the studio and I'm like I. Just got trained on the on this. Yesterday and I look over. There's two buttons green and red, and I'm like I'm pretty sure it's hit. The Red Button hit the. There were hit at once. Don't have to hit. It twice. Hit that thing thirty eight time. At my boss is yelling my ear to hit the button hit the button. Did you hit the button? Did you hit hit hit? But we're off the air off the air, so you gotta pay taxes that stuff on the Internet you, can you drop on John You? Know, but we just try to keep. This is a family show. In case you listed in the car That that f-bomb story is brought to you by our friends at medical staffing. They don't drop F bombs. That's why we like them. leaders in the travel PT World and permanent placements as well so if you're graduating needed somewhere to go sure you check them out no obligation, sometimes people think of you go there and you ask him a question then. Then, you're signed up like you're in the foreign legion. That's not how it is It's a you are a US. Medical Dot Com. That is a U. R. E. S. medical comments. Also a lot of people think it's just outpatients peaks. It's not all settings, all locations, all fifty states, plus Washington DC so again. Go there a you are US medical dot. com. Leser before, let you go. We got do your parting shot ready for that. I am let's. Check out this video I want your once you're. If I was GONNA impress one person if I can impress. Dr, Leslie, Walkie. On Your Trust listen and I'll tell people out there. That's from a company called videos via. E Does e e or something like that. You find to a service and it's X. number of dollars a year and you can personalize Biro Biro transition stuff does that take the production value up? So Yeah party shot from the Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy at Orthopedics Oregon. a bunch of different course on there. We were talking about current concepts of orthopedic physical therapy, being the leader. If you wanted to go and take the exam, they've got a bunch more lower quarter up. Recorder the Joint, so if you want to up your game as Orthopedic Physical Therapist. Who else you WANNA go to write HATEMI OF ORTHOPEDIC PT. Check them out. Ortho P., T. dot org, the other parting shot Liz. You've been on the show before. This is like your mic drop moment. On your microphones in the room and actually physically drop it on the floor. Don't. Actually. NIGHTRIDER MASSIVE OFF! What do you want to? What do you want to leave audience with I I love this because. Y- videos can be evergreen. So never put a date ninety nine so i. Did reposting stuff so the other night? I heard I heard my connect. Forget what I'm going to say. It's like watching myself in the first time and I'm like right down. Unlike an it's a perfect parting shot so and for people that are watching and are interested in doing video. Insert your servants line here whether it's again. Ortho or it's pediatrics, geriatrics, neuro, whatever cardiology. So here's my parting shot. Cancer is a tough topic yet. We have found a novel way to share important information that is evidence based medically accurate, designed to make life smarter, healthier and happier for those by cancer or insert your service line here. So this is just a novel way to get information on. You know it is up. It's microphone. Youtube is a microphone. Use It. Yeah, and if you look around the world, the entire world has monitors right here, so you got the Mike and your hands. World has a monitor with some speakers on it, and they're waiting their yearning for your content if that appeals to them. Create that content Let's let's throw her website up on the wall of the THE WALKIE ACADEMY DOT COM Make sure you check out her. Listen even if you're on the world of Oncology Rehab. Check out what she's doing and do what she just said. Flip it, and how can I do exactly this to help? My patients are my colleagues. The socials there as well. Let's let's have you back on the show. We'll talk more tactical treatment the next time you're around, but I really wanted I. wanted to commend you on the the way. You're able to not add but multiply value and it's. Fun Interactive and good stuff and the audience should be our audience. You're doing it to. Be It's easy, and it's fun. It's powerful. It is powerful. Walkie from the recovery room and walk the Academy Dot. com. Thank you so much for doing what you do. Thanks for coming on the show to talk to us about it. Thanks DJ. Jimmy could talk to you always love the pine cast. Yes, yes, the port, the show play telling a friend or by leaving a review, a nineteen or Google play shooter day brought to you by the Brooks Institute of higher learning an innovator in providing advanced post Professional Education Brooks Ihl. Offering continuing education courses in numerous specialty areas, six pity, residency programs and Fellowship as well as challenging but rewarding internships, the I l. specializes in the translation of information from evidence to patient management learn. They can do for you to support your professional development at Brooks Ihl Dot Org. Our home on the Internet. CAST DOT COM created by build. 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