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i know it's time for new coal sandler's what's news from nicole sandler dot com and the progressive voices network we made it through the first fourth of july usurped by sitting president first show at military might unpolitical payback and the reviews are not good first off the fireworks display promised by trump to be the world's biggest ever was a total bust when it wasn't pouring down rain dc blanketed with low hanging clouds which made for a lower ceiling where the display could appear in the sky's the fact that the size of the fireworks display with double its usual size likely added to the massive amounts of smoke generated that they actually actual fireworks were impossible to see the smoke wafting through the city where it was still visible on the streets after eleven pm the media is making a big deal of the fact that donald trump's stuck to his teleprompter during his forty five minute plots user speech in which he dazzled the nation with his grasp of american history in june of seventy seventy five the continental congress created a unified army out of their revolutionary forces encamped around boston in new york and named after the great george washington commander in chief the continental army suffered bitter winter of valley forge found laurie across the waters of the delaware and sees the victory dream from cornwallis of yorktown army mandy at it ran the ramparts it took over their porch it did everything he could do an ad for mckendry under the rockets red glare it had nothing but victory and window and game their star spangled banner waved defy as i don't have to tell you there were no airplanes in the eighteenth century right well donald trump told reporters on the white house lawn friday morning that he has four or five options end is thinking about issuing an executive order to ensure a citizenship question is included on the twenty twenty usa census the supreme court ruled against trump last week and it initially seems at the administration had given up on me idea as commerce secretary wilbur ross released a statement saying that they'd go forward with the census without it but on wednesday morning trump tweeted that ross's the statement with fake news and that we are quote absolutely moving forward because of the importance of be answered this question here's cnn's attempt to explain what's going on census chaos the justice department reversing course after just reverse course on the twenty twenty census just a short time ago the justice department told the judge that they're now looking for a way to include the controversial citizenship question just after they decided yesterday to start printing seeing the questionnaire without the question are you following me is their heads spinning it should be at this point it is all because of this tweet from the president the news reports about the department of commerce dropping its quest to put the citizenship question on the census is incorrect orchestrated differently the president says fake where absolutely moving forward as we must because of the importance of the answer to the question in that telephone hearing on wednesday the judge in maryland overseeing one of three lawsuits on the citizenship question gave the trump administration until two pm friday to explain how it plans to proceed according to administration officials the printing of the twenty twenty census forms continued on thursday another court happenings the ninth circuit court of appeals on wednesday rejected the trump administration's request to temporarily halt a lower court order blocking the version of military funds for you us mexico border wall and a two to one ruling the panel of appellate judges found that quote they use those funds violates the constitutional requirement that the executive branch not spend money absent and appropriation from congress justin amash the michigan congressman andy only republican tabacchi impeachment of donald trump wrote in a washington post independence day op ed quote today i'm declaring independence emma leaving the republican party he continued no matter you're circumstance i'm asking you to join me in rejecting the partisan and loyalties and rhetoric that divide and dehumanize us i'm asking you to believe that we can do better than this two party system to work toward it if we continue to take america for granted we will lose it end quote there is new speculation speculation that a mosque could jump into the twenty twenty race as perhaps a libertarian to challenge donald trump stay tuned southern california's got a little extra fourth of july jolt with a six point four magnitude earthquake centered about a hundred and fifty miles from las angeles it was the first big shaker they hit the area in over twenty years end the new heat recordsetting on thursday as well quote at five pm thursday afternoon anchorage international international airport officially hit ninety degrees for the first time on wreck heard that was a tweet from anchorage national weather service anchorage reached the ninety degree mark just hours after the city hit eighty nine degrees shattering shattering the previous high of eighty five degrees set in june of nineteen sixty nine that recor dome may not hold as temperatures are forecast to rise even higher over the weekend and that's just a bit of

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