Feminasty in Greece with Erin Gibson


It's all shit. It's all just I'm gay politics. America's got in kinda wack, but we're not going to let it go down like that. Because we've got a dumb game podcast Adum gay political podcast. We probably don't have all the facts. But we got opinions and we'll probably backtrack. That's dumb gay podcast Adum. Good political podcast. It's all it's all shit. Social, it's all shit. I mean die. I don't know. I I am extremely. Of this shit is the. This shit is Trump t- argue MP. Any any s what I don't know. I don't even know. Everybody. Welcome to politics. I'm julie. And this is the podcast where we talk about politics. We're talking about reality TV. Yep. We're still on. We are. So we went from Rome to Capri to create to Megan Zante. And now we have on the wing today. We went to Malta right, which now now have two more stops Sandrine. E I which I coined I realized last night had the death bubbles were the death bubbles the things you right up the hill with. Oh, that's right. Well, we don't even care about our two more stops. Do. I don't even know what they are now. So I think one Sardenia and Sicily. Oh, where we've been have we been Disley wasn't that the one play out of the four corners. So we'll see maybe we'll get off a lot. Maybe and get off jobs sardines. I'm not sure, but we could you never know we might need sardines US. Yeah. Well, isn't art are Denia? Well, I mean, there's a super beautiful beaches there. So I think we're going to try, but do you like large sardines like if they were like? Unroll? The can I like sardines in the can from the versus from them gals know why I got I mean, how will you eat them. Well, you can eat them with. You eat them with hot sauce. You can eat them with peanut butter them on crackers. You sardines are really really really good for you like Sobat. So what would you do with peanut butter like put it in San you go, you know, fucking. Oh, you can't put it with Brad. You put it on a cracker. You can put a peanut butter and hot sauce. You can put it with mustard peanut butter. There's different combinations that sound gross. But when you have it, it's not so fishy. There's something with the peanut butter in like a hot sauce like a Saracho or more vinegary hot sauce that Scud, and it's like sardines are like really really good for you. Well, I had no idea. I knew you like sardines, but I don't know that you ate them with peanut butter, and whatever I let not sure how I feel about sardines. Well. We are unenthusiastic travelers at best. And now I think at the end of cruises were like Blake downright hostile about leaving the boat. We're like mad that we have to go have fun, right? Like, how dare you have a stop? Yeah. I don't wanna get off. We get off the boat. Don't make me get another boat to go to the thing because I've already just been on. But we but we've gotten used to doing it anyway. Yes, you have to like it's a job. Will you do have to because if you don't then you stay on the boat the whole time, and then you realize you never got off the bus, and you're like, I just went on a cruise to XYZ, and I never actually saw XYZ never even at all not one of them. So we're trying to be better about seeing x y and z. Yeah. And I have to say, I think this cruise has might be the most productive of all of them, which is ironic since we've been in our feelings we. Yeah. This is like our crew. So now, we know and multiples fucking cool. Yeah. Was cool multiple school. It's like a five thousand year old city, which is exciting, and we went to and of course, you're like this is older than Israel, while if something like Israel like that old because I mean, a place that's of years old is, you know. Plus, this place is all one color that we think might use to be white. I mean, it's fake. It's definitely island. It's an archipelago kind of like off the coast of Italy in Greece. Yup. It's not Greece or Italy. No, it's its own country. Maltese? However, we did learn that the people of Malta. Our descendants or or come from mainly Sicily. Okay. So they're so they're very very Italian. Okay. However, they are also their own country. I don't think they would say the recently Greek to me because I always thought I thought Malta was part of Greece. Always. Yeah. I mean, I definitely look out the window and see more of Greece than Italy because Greece remote would remind me more of the Middle East. So that seventy more Middle Eastern than it is a talion. But this is why you travel because I thought it's droves Greece Malta God Buckeye off trial. But that's true. And I never one second ever thought in my mind. You never wanna go Malta. You didn't neither definitely Denver when we were in Greece before last two summers ago. I was kinda bummed. We didn't that there wasn't a Malta. Stop to other people go to Malta, I thought it was Greece. So and I was like mall. We didn't go to Malta, but I would definitely wanna come back here. Yeah. Yes. This is I think this is a destination. We will get married here. It's like a thing. Okay. But okay, we went to a restaurant though, a good whole restaurant. I mean on the water that okay? We want to give a shout out to Jade are patriotic member named Jade hell, the girds immersive about the patriotic ma'am, you, so as you know, patriot is a place that you can go for extra dumb, gay politics banter and discussions and talking where we don't actually talk about politics. We talk about everything else. But politics, we talk shit. We talk about life, which is about trips we talk about, but we don't talk about the patriots. That's the one thing. We don't talk about. Thank God on this podcast. We want you to know about the patriots because the patriarch is the reason that this podcast exists because the patriot year pay that's why it's called pay tree. That's right. So patriot. And it's a cheap. It's she, and it's only it really if you wanted the the least you can spend as a. Dollar an episode, and it's the best dollar you'll never ever spent and it's an hour long. So one of our patriots. Friends Jade, yes, she send us a message on patriot. And said that she would give us her New York Times her digital to New York Times has four. Yes. Because as we know you can only read four articles. Yeah. Meek or something on the Washington Post and times all of which is all bullshit because there's a million free websites. You can go to end up reading everything for this podcast ends up. All my FOX. Yeah. Vox, salon Asli Politika NPR doing now the roots. I mean CNN, but we moved fucking the post, but we don't have it. But Jade offered us New York Times. So we're here she offered like a month ago or something. She's like, oh Gerke if you guys need, I'll give you my password don't make fun of my fucking bookmarks. Oh my God. This like girl is going to give us her password. And then we never dealt with it because it was at the beginning of the month. We had our articles. And then we're here. There was an article New York Times called thirty six hours in Malta waiting to do it. Fucking denied me. I said, Nope. Nope. Nope. Let me get fucking Jade on the horn. Bichat us the password within an hour. Oh, she was right on it. And we were on the shit. She as word to GP. That's cool. You know, what I think we're going to stop during the patriots. Just when you think you're going to end up quitting this that censeo comes. And you think I can't we can't we have to keep doing Jade. I mean, you really he saved us. We were like fuck this noise. Yeah. Let's quit. The podcast. Jade said now, I'll give you my New York Times. And we were on that like we were like New York. Socialite literati gut audio gonna printed it out and brought it with me and folded it up one does when are in New York New York Times. But thank you Jade, and thank you New York Times. Because we every story we're telling here now today, every we're we're all we're all New York Times all day. Fuck Washington Post Washington books. That's right now since we've been on this cruise we have four channels in the room, right? And one of them is MSNBC and one of them's FOX, so or nine hours ahead nine hour were MSNBC and FOX in the middle of the night. I think yet United which is the next day. Right. Wait. We're in the middle of the night. Young our live right in back rice eight now, I still scroll through the TV as if there's more channels. However, there's four so there's no castle for you. There's no Kardashians. Like that loan. Oh, we had all know e- says nine hundred any live in t t yet another thing usually that's the thing with TV nothing usually you'd have an e or even TNT. That's why I watch castle is on TNT ours. So even a USA we'd go or USA, maybe two. I don't know. Exactly. We would burn notice yet braver it'd be noticed nearest that fucking shirt. Fucking just whatever. So we did so two nights ago perusing in the news John McCain dies while around the cruise big happen on the work feelings feelings feelings self centered self centered self Senator John McCain dies. Now, we go like this talk about us for an hour. Let's take a break in dip into John McCain being down. Now, we go us. John McCain became very us. John McCain John McCain gets played out. We're sick of John McCain go back to is zero w didn't right. I'll Vietnam Meghan McCain. Cindy, McCain married with her eight year year because you can. Watch the view you go fucking like oh my God. Yeah. I cannot now I need to I'm going to have like should at the view. She'll be in the next week. Hard so hard. So he dies then we realized that we're going back and forth feeling Jinja. So now, I'm deciding let's see what Fox News is saying about John McCain because you think Fox News would be well because John McCain VC is only only to the point where we're now board of John McCain bet. Yeah. Because the only other thing was Trump's NATO thing with Mexico or even as a fake thin shooting. Oh, right. The Jacksonville or the game game or shooting. The guy got mad and shot people at the video game thing. But yes, I mean, basically MSNBC literally was the John McCain channel like straight up. So that there's only so much. We can take quite well, there's only so much. You can say I mean, we we got it. We got it. And the people in come on. He was you know, an I we we know we know that we felt we felt it and go to the John McCain documentary on HBO, it's really really good. And we already covered that the for. So that that's right. And I did and I honor him I already on it. Thought he was dead, quite frankly from that. Well, he wasn't. So I was like die. All righty. Oh, he's I think he's I think he had died out. You know what? I mean. I thought the documentary was whatever it was my bad right now. No. But he he was so it's been a slow road for him in good for him. Because he got to have all his final say's. And yeah, that's probably good for him. And he as we know we did on her him. We liked him find whatever. Now, I thought Fox News would be even going further because they're conservative and they're looking John McCain, right? He was prior to Trump. Let's say back in two thousand like three when O'Reilly was his rapist, heighten John McCain was probably the poster boy for Fox News, quite frankly. Yeah. Well, he's the maverick the rebel. He's not part of the swamp. All the Varsha about defense. Money loves alright international. Mutt? I read some really good Coon. I mean, he does have some good quotes about war since he was a. W? However, he remote me reminds me of dead. I just want you to know. Mom, I think of your debt, I think that's physically. Yes. Something about the way looks and talks. Yeah. It's me. Because he looks like your death. Yeah. He loves why like when he was a handsome and young to know. Yeah. Because he probably an asshole like him too. But it's fine. It's fine. Mom, you know, you know, FOX when we went to I went I needed to see what FOX was doing. Because I thought they were going to be like all over that shit. I want you to know that FOX because of the fact that John McCain was actually against Trump. We realized that FOX is in fact, not covering John McCain at all. And because wait John McCain said t didn't want Trump to come the funeral. John McCain, a Trump isn't invited to his funeral straight up. You are not like a card came to Trump's personal address and said, hey, hi, you're disinvited. You are not invited to my funeral. What do I want remembered by by not inviting you're out? Yeah. Funeral. I mean, not invited to the funeral. So there's not only that. But of course, Trump said the thing about McCain. He only likes her. He only likes were heroes that are captured. Right. He they never agreed on anything. John McCain was the deciding vote on. The healthcare it the thumbs down that he went in like God damn Caligula walking put his thumb down walked out. And he's he's been against Trump. Then he died and. Between the Fox News thing. Also at the same time, which we didn't necessarily realize or they the White House and only flown the flag right after my Aloes for flag. Fly solo the flat who takes five flag halfway up the flagpole. Right. Okay. And you're supposed to do it for like a I don't know. I think this will do for literally like a week while you would certainly do it from the time the person's dead till the time that they're buried. Okay. He does it Trump for like half a day. John McCain dies in the middle of the night. Unlike whether it's Friday or Saturday, it's a middle of the night because we're here. And it's the daytime here the White House. Does the flag for six hours and is done. Right. And every single news person is like the fuck. They're horrified that the flag is flying high. And then right behind is the Washington Monument with all the flags how it way down the five Paul, right? Well, not the White House. Trump was like eating a burger being like at the ship. And then what was Fox News doing? Fox News was covering. Their main story was a white trash house that was burning down. And there are six kids six crystal meth kids inside that the one firemen or wasn't in five minutes. A policeman was like other people inside. And then he went in ran in got the people out, and that was their huge story. Literally for the last two days. That's been the main thing also covered the shooting then the shooting the game gamer shooting they're doing small packages on John Miller small on MSNBC doing nauseam. I'm talking about fifteen guests on morning, Joe. If everyone talking about him, oh, just broke can't even I mean, he's got his glasses off and so into it then because of this Julie's like dying that she's like look at this, Fox News or not even covering it. They're not even covering it. They're barely covering up. Then they then put the flag. Yeah. No thank now because every single person and this is like according to like sources like Sarah, Huckabee Sanders. Everyone is like dude brought up your this is embarrassing. Look insane. Yeah. Can't do this everyone in Washington is doing the halfway flag up. We're not doing it. So now three days later. He's like, wait. He's his body see composing through a magazine happy and let's do the flag. I mean, it's just so then the flag went back down. And but the only thing the White House did for McCain was they said, Ivanka, oh good old is I'll give the robot statement, Ivanka Avangard bought to give a statement about what a patriot McCain was Trump, basically did one tweet and said condolences to the families clearly someone else to concoct short because it was it was it was suspect. It was his publicist. I was very short. Yeah. So you know, they have they have done literally nothing. Meanwhile, he had an evangelical dinner gap praising him Trump. I mean, while everyone's talking about McCain Trump did evangelical dinner which turned into like a campaign rally. Yeah, it's pretty grotesque. And regardless of whatever you feel about John McCain. I mean, the the guy was a goddamn Senator thirty years is what did isn't regardless of whatever you feel whatever you feel you'd better get fucking goddamn board. Because this is an ambulance jumping. This is like. American yet. You should luck hydra tire your so there's that everyone who was fucking wrong should have been oh snap. Hold on a sack the guy. That was cool. That was cool. I was a good good guy. And he didn't die while we're almost cruise boring, and we wish there was something going on. But there is I know so now it's time for I of the shit store. Summation put up on the wall chicken. Bitch shit off of the. In glass. Take some book put up on the board. All right. So we're on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Just doing our best not to get drunk every second of the day. And you know, what that's the real shit storm. That's not getting drunk, but in terms of politics, the ship storm of the week was the one two punch of the Manafort verdict and Michael Cohen pleading guilty and immediately giving up Trump. Okay. So Paul Manafort was Trump's campaign chairman and through the Muller investigation was charged with all these white collar financial crimes, including money laundering, and Bank fraud. Okay. Yeah. Then he was found guilty this week in Virginia of eight counts. And though technically that has nothing to do with Trump. Metaphor actually has another trial coming up in a couple of weeks in DC, and that trial does have to do Trump and Russia. Yes, God is so many men many fort many sports trials, he still hasn't even been sentenced for the trial in Virginia. And now he's about to start all over again in DC and this time he's charged with witness, tampering and working as a foreign lobbyists. The thing with his trial is that since they will be all in his foreign Russian Ukrainian business. Mothers basically trying to find out if Manafort worked with Russia and help them interfere in the two thousand sixteen election. This this listen closely. This is the collusion, and it seems pretty clear that he colluded. Yeah. Well, I mean, he was Trump's fucking campaign chair and he had serious longtime ties to Russia. Okay. He had worked for and is super indebted to a rush. Russian oligarch named Oleg Darah pasta. He has an employee named Constantine kill a minute, which that's not enough that guy Allston think you'll million acclimate don't do nothing with ration Constantine cer- Kirk Seru less or go low. No from American idol Costa de modo's. My cousin was name. I know in this show rock rock and roll for ages. You know that show. So this guy Constantine. He was like basically a Russian like CIA guy. He's like a Russian intelligence agent. This guy who works for Manafort. Okay. Then he works in Ukraine all that stuff for that guy. It was for the country's pro Russian political factions like he's in the Ukraine, but it's all about like the pro right, Russia work guy. So and that's not forget he was also at the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Don, jR, and all the Russian. I mean the fake adoption, right? That was only for adoption. So now in the same week that Paul Manafort is found guilty and will be sent. Synced to as much as eighty years in prison. Michael Cohen Trump's personal lawyer who incidentally, also has ties to Russia has pled guilty to violating campaign finances life as Ukrainian PS and his brother's wife's Ukrainian from Ukraine born arrays. I mean, both of them. I mean, I mean, I mean the so he pled guilty to violating campaign finance laws by paying stormy Daniels and Trump's other playboy mistress to stay quiet before the election. And since there's an actual tape of the conversation. He admitted to prosecutors that Trump knew he paid those women he requested it he approved it, and he paid for it. So yeah, he fucking knew about remember that tape, right? He's it's the tape where he recorded the conversation. Yeah. And he was like almost Joya. What are we going to pay? Right. So and I thought that Trump I don't know if it was Trump or Michael Cohen or Don jR, but I thought somebody told at the FBI that they didn't know about that payment. Now, you're lying to the FBI. And now, you're right. And so that put right. Yep. So okay. So now that Trump here's the deal. Trump sees Michael Cohen giving up. Up the candy to get a plea deal. Okay. Michael Cohen has now told prosecutors that. He's now given up Trump. So he can get a lesser sentence. Right. So Trump sees him doing that. And he's completely fucking stress that Paul Manafort in the other trial on that's coming up in DC that he's going to put his Russia collusion business on Front Street. Now, the next trial he sinking himself Michael Collin? Did it Paul manafort's? Definitely gonna do it. Obviously, the Russia collusion, all it's all Paul Manafort. Yup. So he's tweeting out and ask kissing tweet, which are basically just one step away from promising Paul Manafort apart. Here's what Trump tweeted after the guilty verdict, quote, I feel very badly for Paul Manafort at his wonderful family. He's literally guilty of like a thousand inches of Bachar ges. Eight counts. I'm sorry. Eight counts guilty found guilty of canes on an money lava. Yep. Right. Justice took a twelve year old tax case. How dare we go back and take out take a case? Among other things applied tremendous pressure on him. And unlike Michael Cohen, he refused to break makeup stories in order to get a deal such respect for a brave, man. So he's actually tweeting out a message, which is like I respect you for not going or the deal for taking right but life in your mouth shut but manafort's still has not been sentenced like he's been charged. But he doesn't know what his sentences gravy, like eighty years could still give deal for that. Yeah. And he's trying so then and here's the team Rudy Giuliani Guliani just so you if you guys know, he's Trump's new personal lawyer. He Michael Collins done, it's it's Rudy Guliani. He told the Washington Post that this is like a whole move that they did. So he tells the Washington Post that Trump asked him about pardoning Manafort, I mean, this is a quote from Guliani to the post. Trump asked him about partying Manafort and Guliani fulltime they should wait until after the molar investigation is complete. So that's basically Trump sliding into manafort's DM's and telling him yogurt, I'm going to slap a big part in on that tight ass. That's what that is. That's sliding in the DM's letting them know your pardon is coming for you. Right. So okay. So then if they waited till after the Mueller investigation, and he does pardon him wouldn't that be? That's not obstruction of Justice. That's Justice has been served. Okay. And he's any way you slide into your guy. Sees that Titus and gun. Partnered auditor tell him you're going to pardon him. You're now obstructing Justice, you're preventing Justice from being served, right? But they're they're they're covering their tracks by saying you can pardon him. But you gotta wait till Justice. And there are also doing it by Giuliani doing it and not Trump right now. Trump's kind of doing. It with the tweets. Right. You know, saying what a great man, he didn't fall for the deal. And then he did an interview with whatever it wasn't NBC or whoever that interview was with where Trump where he was like, it should be a legal for people to make plea deals. Give up people for deals he was like that should be a legal GI. That's like the hall. That's like basically the whole entire department is how that works. I mean, I at this point stormy Daniels getting paid who cares up. That's not even he's not even worried. He no he's he are any admitted to it now. Yeah. Does matter and said oh Cup campaign finance violations are nothing. Nobody gets impeached for that is nothing, but a slap on the wrist and a fine. Obama had a huge one Obama had the biggest one supposedly in the history of presidency was like three hundred seventy five thousand dollars. It's the biggest fine anyone's hat, but. Campaign finance violations are. They're all doing it. It's mercer's. It's cuffs. It's. Yes. Fact, they all are doing it. Well, Michael Colin has said that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting with Don jR, in the Russian right there. He's busting him out as far as like a lot of things he said, he didn't know about. And that is obstruction of Justice. When you're you can't live in the you can't lie under oath. It's like Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was really technically impeached, but like you can't lie under out. So he's he hasn't technically been under oath. And even if you go in front of like, you know, any of these like. Like congressional hearings those aren't really technically under oath, but he's been lying about all this. He knew about the Trump Tower meeting. He knew about the story Daniels payment it's lie after lie. So right. That's stuff's coming out. Michael Cohen knows all the tea and he scared and he's coming from Michael Cohen and Michael Collins going to fucking turn states evidence. And he doesn't give up he's gonna sing like a canary. 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And it's just latest talking latest stuff and today, we're joined by our funny friend and feminist role model Erin Gibson, Aaron is one half of the Uber popular sickeningly funny podcast throwing shade. She's a super talented actress model comedian writer producer and just overall creative teenage force to be reckoned with. Let's right. She's legit has a million credits, including having her own affecting TV show, which is something most of the population, including probably us will never ever get to say. And now she's added another once in a lifetime accomplishment to an already incredible career. She wrote a book, I cannot I like literally can't fucking take that that you wrote a book. So the book is called feminazi the complicated women's guide to surviving the patriarchy without drinking herself to death. It'll be available everywhere on September. Forth, but you can go to feminazi dot com and pre-order that shit, right? Motherfucking now, and you can do it on Amazon you can preorder. But I don't know if maybe where the money, let's go to feminazi dot com for the money's sake. Okay. And you should get it. And I'm not just saying. Yes. No. And it was a good read an important Riyadh. So without further. Fucking do. We're so happy to welcome lady. We can officially call a threats Erin Gibson passable model. Did you knew I wasn't model in eighth grade? I assume do you know predatory modeling agencies where they go in. And they say you're tall you should like Barbas on. Yeah. But it was a knockoff Barbara's on told me get a nose job when I was in junior high. The pictures. I have. Yeah. I mean because we are telling you, of course, you're model. And I mean, of course, have been were forced to do some kind of fucking and by the way, anti modeling and modeling acting. I think of in print ad is real people. I'm laying right? Exactly. Actual model. Exactly for drinking. Yeah. Bring up for you to have some. Okay. So I we, but I love this book so hard. I really really did. I'm not just saying that this is like, and this is the first interview we've done for for dumb gave politics or ever where like we're interviewing somebody who wrote a book yet. But so I was like oh my God. What is this going to be going into this, and I have a long and complicated history with the word feminist and the whole thing. So I didn't know how I was gonna feel and I just want to hear your can I hear it. It is. Well, it really it's sort of like didn't know this about you, it it goes back to like mainly will I as you know, from Texas, alike, whatever, but really started when Hillary and Obama were in the primaries. I voted for Obama in those primaries. And I was like getting a lot of feedback about that from for men saying like who wanted Hillary or I guess saying like how how could you? Why wouldn't and maybe even women too. Well, how could you vote for the man over the woman? And so I started feeling like I would ask if we talked to different like feminist authors. We've talked to like a couple huge one yet. Julie Bendel, and what's the other one? Megan Megan early yet. Megan Markle, Megan Murphy, and I would always ask the question. Like, can you be considered a feminist if you voted for for Obama over Hillary, and like base, they you know, like they they said, yes the Cavs. Yes. Yeah. You know, like, I just I don't feel like I I don't know. I just have a complicated history with it. So I thought I feel like your book is really really really important for for mainly like people like me. That's what I was gonna ask you this is my first question, but I was gonna tell tell our fourteen listeners like what what would you say the Justice of the book? Well, it's basically. I've been kind of saying it's a love letter to eighteen year old me who was obsessed with Dixon. Cigarettes, just take a second. And look at all the ways that you are marginalized in the world by forces. You might not see and understand that you have the power to change those things I loved I'm using comedy to trick people into carrying about that stuff. So I think I do think the book is for people who are already very like militantly feminist. But what I hope is that people who aren't like that can see the ways they can be like that without that aren't just the regular like abortion, and you definitely wrote. And I think I think it can I think it does appeal to the those people who maybe don't think that they're feminists or whatever. Because all you're doing is putting what you did in the book, which was so great and using humor. And all that stuff is basically putting laying out in a very basic terms and not just being feminist, but just being empowered in your own self. That's all the, you know, I I read a lot of that stuff. And it was just like. There's no way any woman could read this book and not leave thinking like God, I'm a feminist because you are you are you want to be self empowered. Do you want to be happy? Do you want to feel good about yourself? Do you want to be controlled by other people? Do you want to be controlled by met? You don't you don't you know, what I mean? Like, I another people other feminists that we've talked to and they're they're great. They're amazing. But it can be intimidating. Well, it's intellectual label, and you're if you raised a ding Dong like in the south. I mean, I'm not even I I was raised. Not by my parents, my parents were Dukakis supporters, but they didn't sit down and because they couldn't they were very like we were lower middle class. They didn't have the time to go in a race. All the stuff that I was getting my surroundings. And so I was being raised by their absence almost and that unfortunately that was in Texas does all that stuff. And so it wasn't really an I read Susan flutie's backlash in college. And that was the first time I thought oh my God. This is all I have all shit the tapping to me in different ways that was like one of one of my parts of the book. I really loved. Okay. So you re because I hate so I got phrase the beginning. I didn't say that someone gave it to. I just say this is the quote, this is what you wrote. I got a copy of Susan Faludi backlash when I read which I read in three days the book unravelled, the suppressive gender sweater. I'd been sweating in my whole life. I stopped hating myself and other women and redirected my rage at the dumbest SIS straight white men in thirty who are ruining my life with their power, religion, wealth and sex is I started figuring out who I wanted to be an erasing the person. I thought people wanted me to be I like love that Julie could read that better. But. I thank you. A lot of problems right now. It was I love that part. Because I do I know we're doing all the talking, but I just fucking love this both, you know, much I want I want people to get it. I want people to get this for their daughters. We we only have fourteen listeners. But like weirdly some of them are in high school, and like that's great by they're gonna save the world number one. And I hope that the I mean, I think you know, like visibility for LGBTQ community. I feel like that young girls also need the visibility of a woman in a position to say. Like, hey, this stuff that you might be feeling. That's actually valid. Yeah. You don't have a Nancy in your life to be to be secretly going like doing is. Okay. You need somebody high profile style to to reinforce that. Yeah. So that's what I that's what I hope. I mean, I don't think that there's an age limit on this book. Yeah. I was wondering what I mean toddlers. I guess, but like do you imagine there's some there's some Frank sex talking? I was thinking. How old would you imagine? Like what I would give this to a twelve year old. But I'm what I'm saying. What would you give you a sixty year old? Yeah. I would I would give it to a sixty year old who is like. Well, okay. Let me back up. So the lawyer who did all of the whatever you call it. Let's not get sued para was she's really sixties, and she real she really liked the book. And then we also had a long conversation about certain things in the book that I ended up changing because of the conversation with her like, especially the metoo chapter. Yeah. And about how there's a a chasm between whatever this is third way feminism and second wave feminists and how they see me too. And how they see it as a little more policing than I think women of our generation would we had a long talk about it. And she. She allowed me to kind of not even it wasn't softening the language, but have more compassion for people. Who may be felt that a different way about it. And coming hearing someone who is coming from a different. I don't even I'm not even explaining well. But essentially. She just from she's from a legal standpoint and from an older feminist standpoint, and it was and she would like the book. But then she we just talked about some things that maybe I was being too harsh about with its generation of women who were raised with different sets of standards. Yeah. Accents. I got it that a lot in the that was a long way to say that I got that a lot in the book like the I just kept bringing up the difference between like our generation the one before us and the one after us in how it's going to be completely different like approach to feminism for all of these. And that would be what was so challenging. I'm sure about writing it as well. And I should think that all men should read this book. Oh, like, yeah. Like really more than women. I think men mean when I was reading it. I was like this is the shit. Like, this is the should that men need to be taught in junior high school. This is the shit that boys need to be taught about like. Oh, especially the rape chapter which is which is a letter to Betsy DeVos. Yeah. Yes. Buteau and talking about. And these are not things these are not concept that people even know how to break down to other people unless you're living swimming in feminism, I am all the time. Right. And you should think that the the stuff especially that you talked about in the book. It's like even though it's yes, it's called feminism. But really, it should just be called common sense in them. You know, what I mean like, it's not these are not things that should be only. You know, just that's why I was like God this shit. Just boys needs to be reading the ship. This is this is literally like a spoke is could could be also be called feminism for men like you know, what I mean? Like, it really could nasty. Yeah. Feminism for man. I mean, like this is it's women needs to be powered and below. And all that stuff in wearing the men and boys boys, particularly need to be taught this shit in school. I believe we're already doing so much of the work and four other people work and on behalf of the people. I totally agree with you like if if someone could read this book and just if a guy could read this book and go, oh, I get why this is a weird thing that I get why women have a problem with this now. And I I've exp-, and I think another thing that I that I tried to do in this book is almost every chapter. There's something very personal about my life. And this is how I came to this conclusion, or this is why I feel this way. So it's I don't want it to come off. As like, I'm an expert and just. Believe me because I know these stats from gut Macher, you know, what it's about it's about like, this is this how how affects me personally, and it will fit you personally in different ways, and the whole thing would being feminists. And all that is is personal. This is there's not a step. I don't even there's not a stat. Anyone could give there's a expert in the world that could tell me anything different than what you're saying here. Like me to consent rape tampons. Like, it's it's it's a commonsense situation that like we have men and women somehow somewhere along the way. Inception of humanity. Yeah. Like never could people get together. It's like the weird rules that everyone just has fucking made up. Right. That's getting in the way of common sense. And we were talking about sterler on when you when you guys are on our podcast, which I don't I'm playing with time now because I don't know if that's going to be before after this. But you know, my parents have a very very strict sense of righteousness, and what's right and wrong. And I think one of the reasons I see this stuff so easily is because of that being raised that way. I mean, we didn't always apply it to feminism and gender differences. It was more of like this is a poor person. And you don't talk to a poor person like this, and you don't talk to a homeless person like this. It was more like. Yeah. General kindness and not specifically like oh. But this is how you're going to be raised in this world. And you have to look out for this stuff. Yeah. And I think my mom like imp- completely empowered me. But at the same time, she didn't she didn't need to like sort of walk around for herself with like she didn't. Mind. The she if she seemed like she wasn't empowered. Maybe or not or whatever. Yeah. But she empowered me, and but I didn't ever. And then so therefore, I didn't need to ever be like, I just didn't need that label of feminism. So and then when I would come like a cross feminists a lot of times, I would feel like judged or. Yeah. Like, I wasn't doing it. Right. But it's so fit all feminism is you you believe that it should be equal. They should be Murphy's it. Yeah. It's just that's all it is. So anything else that gets put on it? It's almost like the reinterpretation of like, you know, this person said this, and this person said this, and then they were on TV, you're on magazine, and they this is their thing. And it's like, no, it's very simple definition. And just because you're a feminist like you're saying earlier like I mean, I have a whole chapter about makeup. Yeah. I know. That's not a very feminist thing to talk about right? It's not it's about the male gaze in. How I present myself for that gays and like other women all stuff, I don't give a fuck. I like makeup, right? And here's the way I want to bankrupt. The men who are making. Money off of it. Yeah. I love that. That chapter. I want to say and your your message to Kylie Jenner even bringing up Kylie Jenner was incredible. And like, she's the only woman who's running a multi-million dollar cosmetics country. Yeah company. It was that just a makeup. I wanted to ask you, did you always know that was going to be in there did that come to you just randomly like 'cause it was a very unique. I thought like for me, that's why I feel like the book is for people like me, it's for girls that that are empowered and do want to be qual. But at the same time don't feel like they're invited to sit at the table or they're not smart enough informed enough or diligent enough. Or I don't know it just I was like happy. There was a makeup thing. I I don't understand. Why people I mean, Gloria Steinem wears makeup, which she goes on. Yeah. She's on TV. She's wearing makeup like let's not. We can't like a race the way the world works one hundred percent. So what I it's like a life hack of like, okay? I like makeup. I like dying my heroic cutting my hair or like the clown aspect of it. You know, the drag Queen aspect of it. How can I do it in a way that does it undermine women at the same time? It's really that. And it's the same like, I just was trying to think of other things that weren't talked about ad nauseam because there's just certain feminists tropes. They're like tropes. You know? Like, I have an abortion chapter. But it's about how my mom was young mom, and how much better her life would have been an my grandma both of them if they hadn't been nineteen years old and having kids like they lost their lives. And I don't I don't think that that's a I think abortion has talked about like more of. No, it's our right to choose. But I wanted to talk about this is how it ruins people's just ruin my mom's life. And I might she loves me. And she's glad I was born. Yeah. I know it ruined her life. Yeah. Like, I knew it did. And I see that I see that in her every day and opportunity to she's lost. So I don't know making it less intellectual yet and more like a folksy homespun yet approachable Cracker Barrel feminist book. Exactly, I hope it sells for living. Like, we don't all want to go to a March. We don't all want to show. Our we don't only four years in a women's studies. Yes, we don't he can't do that. Right. We don't need to be part of a movement, quote unquote to be moved. But that's another thing. I think people feel like in order to be a feminist. You have to devote all this time to it. And you have to spend all this energy. And it's really can be super over over. What overwhelming it's if you're just getting into it? So this is these are a lot of these are ways of things you can do each day your life in your own. What can you actually control? Do you think that and you don't need to answer this? If you don't want to because it's controversial. I can't wait. But do you what how do you think the term cysts and the idea of being non binary adds to either sexism, and or feminism? Well, I'm going to say this. I had a real I have a really I had a hard time. And it wasn't because people were asking me to use the words, but I had I had like a learning curve with using the terms in the first place. I do all do. Yeah. I think that's me. And yes, they're suddenly there, and it was never there. It's also a made up word SIS gender yet. Because it's just the reaction to trans. Yes. Yeah. What it means? Nothing like in wells. I mean, all I mean, ultimately medically speaking, it doesn't it's it's a it's a feel good. It's a it's a word that has been created to counteract. And you know what? I mean, we well you it's a supportive word. I do think in some ways. It's impor-. I think it's important because you don't want the status quo to be the normal. And then everything else is defined as how it relates to the normal. So like transgender and cyst like it almost makes it seem like, oh, well, this is the weird categorization. And then everything else is the normal categorization. Right. So I like it for that. I what I don't love is when people who are on the right side of history, and who are trying get attacked for doing it wrong. Right. Yeah. Out of a way, that's like everyone's trying really hard right now. And we got to support each other. And if you don't get something right off the bat like teach somebody so they can learn I not saying that fucking you should sit down with Sean Spicer and have the discussion because it's not going to do anything. But yeah, I want who means well who's trying to learn there's a this is a drinking from her fire hydrant situation right now where everybody's being like, okay? There's this identity. Oh. This is how identify please respect that. And it's great. But we have to be really patient with each other because everyone's trying just try really hard in general. Yeah. Okay. We'll see you mentioned glorious Chinese feel the same way. I do. Really? No. I do. I do. I do feel the same way. But sometimes I agree. And sometimes I don't like sometimes I am not just with that term. But there's other terminology that been in regards to feminism specifically and in regards to like women's issues, or whatever there's just some things like that come up like non binary gender jet, non Geno gender where I do get kind of like where we get. I can't now talk about feminism or women's stuff. Because now all of a sudden, I'm offending you. Because you have no gender. Well, so yeah, that that bugs me he she stuff. It's like all I there's a lot of gendered pronouns in my in my book. And it's, but I know I agree a hundred percent what I had this out. So don't feel you know. Well, I what I'm trying to say is like I tried to set up like this is these are the cat. This is the categorize category of people that I'm rallying against. And so then I use shorthand for. I don't want anyone else's a part of the it's like, we're all part of the thing. I totally agree with. Yeah. I heard out of the doctor. She also gets tacked on the rig. So she has like, you know, she's coming from a science based thing. And then also, you know, and it gets dicey get AC when you're talking about feminism. And you're talking about women's stuff e-, you know, even that's feminism is everyone, but feminists feminism is also about women, and then you get into a weird how Burkey situation about how you talk about women. I think it's super important to have intersection -ality. Yeah. Because feminism can be really white. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. In brainwork insists. And so I think those words help those those labels help people. I don't think those labels are for the people that they apply to. I think those labels are to help people who don't understand learn. Thank good wear. That's a good point. That's good. Okay. Okay. So you mentioned Gloria Steinem now. She which of course, now, she. Was famous for. I mean a million things. But for me for telling Andy Cohen constantly and always got the housewives were ruining. She said that to his faith. Yeah. She said it to a more than once. So I wanted to ask you like, what do you feel about like the housewives like in terms of that guy brand? I'm actually said the best thing about the capsule is how I I didn't know how I felt about it until he said it, but he was saying if guys can have football, why can't I have real housewives, and I sort of feel the same way. I don't personally I'm not a fan of. I don't. Well. My problem is I don't like idealising the rich. They already have money. I don't write anything else. They don't need celebrity and all this stuff. I agree gross about it to me. I don't love watching women fight. I I think it's entertaining. And I think that they know what they're doing on that show. Yeah. I would never judge somebody for watching those shows, but I can't get passed my own hangups about what I'm watching. Well, I would happily say, and I mean, we used to do Bravo. Like, you know for for for actual work. And we don't know. But which is probably why we have no work, but I would happily an easily say that like the bachelor is setting us back. So like, would you was he does Brian has a theory that the bachelorette is actually empowering because the woman has all the control. So as far as I don't know that Brian's theory is is I don't know I feel like that whole grouping of shows. I mean, I don't know that it's sitting back that badly. But I do think I do think those shows are toxic. But here's the thing. I have growing up the south. I've seen so many hot people vie for each other's attention. I don't wanna watch it on TV. Now. That's all. Texas, the Texas is a bachelor bachelorette. Yeah. It's the hottest dumbest people who were vague who vague jobs. Yeah. Trying to figure each other in a spot. Exactly. I I just want the pro I just feel like and I have a couple of friends who wash their credentials, and it's like fine. If you want to spend your time, do you need to check out on that. That's great. But like. I think everything is currency. So when you spend your time putting your eyeballs on that stuff. And you spend a lot of time putting your eyeballs on that stuff that stuff gets popular. And then the the good stuff doesn't get watched. And it's money it's money too. So is all currency. But that that's being said, I my neighbor made me watch southern charm, and I fucking loved it because I hated it. Yeah. I valued at it. Yeah. I hated everyone on that show. I hated everything they stood for. I hated all the wicker. Yeah. And the xactly outfits like, yeah. Because it's very that can be very southern to with all the lakes chunky, silver, jewelry so much Brighton. Yes. So much so much so much. Okay. So now, I don't know if that answered your question. Well, I mean, I think it it did. Okay. I mean, you know, it's like t- nobody nobody wants to say. Yeah. And it's like there there are women, and he's putting tons of women to be and they're women of a certain age. Age and he put Julia Andy Cohen personally, but Bravo, put on TV. So it's it's impounding and a lot of ways. And. Yeah. And especially like women of a certain age that makes it that's they're the only women over forty on TV and they're on every show and a million show. So that part I just wish it wasn't. I wish it just wasn't wealthy people getting more yet. It's the really check that. I don't love. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I I wish he would do like a wiccan shorts. I don't know what the app. Wiccan? If Pravo did like, not this MARTINI level, right? It's aspirated. All and it's like, you know, but yeah, if you've well, Honey, boo, boo. But then that's the opposite. I guess that's auto or was that TLC TLC TLC. But yeah, if they could do something showing a group of women not wiccans great someone's stealing that right Buckingham. Yeah. I want us to see what what it's like behind the behind closed doors at bumble, which is an all female run dating site. That's running Austin by all women like the interesting to me. Yeah. No. That'd be got Kristen cavalier fakes fucking Zhao. What's that called, very careful? Very or some shit. Okay. So in terms of like modern day feminism, meaning like the new wave what are the new young people? Is it just called just feminism same thing or I think we're in fourth wave. Okay. Okay. Would be the Suffragettes second wave would be the Yarra the rights amendment era, which was the seventies. Then I consider the girl riot the third ROY wave which is nineties punk, and yeah, oh, I'm not gonna pick wants to fund. Yeah. But I thought you know. Kinda see right. Yeah. Pussy or like, Kathleen Hanna what about the lady who shot yams out of her pussy? Like, I kind of. Thanks to funny wish empowered me. Nineties. She I still I don't love roof. She ended up. Yeah. Yeah. I don't want to find it two point. Oh, yeah. But you mean on the voice and shit. Well, I just don't I I don't know. How anyone can fuck somebody? They don't agree with their politics. I I don't understand how people who don't have the same politics conflicts. And she lost there to hardcore. I was like Vatsa bummer. I'd rather be with like Gavin Ross like having sex with like, you know. Homophobic. Yeah. He's and your fans are gay. You have a lot of gay fan. The note that young fans. Yes. Someone told me, and it did make me feel bad because I was I mean, I love Gwen Stefani. Like that, you know. So any girl of of of small like, okay, I'm going to say this. But she was like flat chested athletic lady in the nineties Deering bikinis. It'd be like fucking do with me. And I was like, yes. Yes. I wanna see. So when she got with him with Blake Shelton. I was like crushed. And I mean crushed I felt like wow. That was photography destiny that. Yeah. Exactly. And someone told me that, you know, it's kind of she'd been this marriage for a long time, and I had been to so many like concerts in the nineties and even with her with him, and they opened for Bush and someone said it was like when you get out of a marriage. And then you end up sl like sleeping with like the plumber like it's like shit. It was going so far was like a work. Yeah. I was like, oh, it's like a working class guy that she has nothing in common with that. She just was like, let me just. Try this because like really his existence had nothing to do with hers in every way, they're still gather. I know, and that's where they'll theory falls apart. Yeah. Okay. So the fourth I love we learn I think. China Russia 's fourth wave feminism right now. But so in terms, I think we're anyway, it's usually like what big event right 'cause we got me to now. So now, it's the fourth one eight two times a yeah. Yeah. Exactly women's March. Do you think that this will? What do you think it will happen in terms of like this generation having kids? Do you think? Phil it's already not happening waiting a long time to have kids in their not having kids, which I guess is good because we have a population issue right now. Yeah. Which we could have solved by the way, if we had made a portion a lot easier to get people wouldn't be had end make contraception. Nada sin like get your fucking shit together. Should all be part of if you if you could get an abortion if abortions were part of your gynecological offices procedures it would not be in a situation. It would be just a medical thing. And by the way in the sixties it wasn't. It was illegal. But it wasn't looked at by most people as this anti-christian thing that happened after Roe versus Wade. So I don't know it will depend on it'll depend on what the backlashes. The backlash seems to be the thing that right? Yeah. Well, you think you would think that they would make contraception the thing the key. But they won't. It's like you could avoid an abortion, which is not good for your body. If you just use contraception like, that's it. But they because it's not available ask out the fucking pill. Yes. Like, lower income, you know, or it's not neighborhoods, and it's just not should be free. Don't have access to all be free should be everywhere. And it should be taught early socialized healthcare. And I I wouldn't be surprised if this is one of the Evangelos arguments against not having probably, but they don't want people to just give free free condoms, birth control. Yeah. So I wanna make look for the helpers a segment on dumb gave holiday. Bye bye, Mr. Rogers. So I'm gonna always always mentioned you so tell all for mister Rogers. Yeah. I, but I'm gonna mention both of you. But because I do I really want to do it because it like really is the is pretty much. I guess what we want eventual hope. Yeah. It's like we have to have something like that. So explain what that is. So Mr. Rogers, I think when he was talking to congress when they were threatening to defend PBS in the eighties. Reagan. You know, do a lots of. Do a lots of great stuff. He was saying. It as part of his thing about what he does on the show. He was saying when his mother when his he would see something bad happening on TV his mother would always say look for the helpers. So don't look at the destruction. Look at the people in the background who were like. You know, taking medics and people help first responders versus bonders. Yeah. Look at look for the firemen. But it's it's like look at the people who are doing good, not the not the bad stuff that's happening and early for them and find them in terms of like our show like look for them and find them and go and get involved or how Iraq put your eyeballs on that, especially with this news climate and just how absolutely full of despair and hopelessness hopeless. There's nowhere to sign. That's what people are like, I need more. I need to know how bad it is. If you can find the good if you can watch something like that. And then go, but wait, if this thing is happening in, you know, in the southern states, let's look at see what the ACO you is doing to combat it always just these people are doing redistricting and gerrymandering for voting suppression. Yes, they're doing that. But there's also people. Who were like we're going to sue your ass, and we're probably going to win. Right. Yeah. Yeah. So for the helpers, I love it. I love it. I think it's like so profound and great. I really do also on that. This is a contract, right? We can use it. Yeah. So there's this great company called beauty counter. And the woman who owns it. I mentioned in the book, she started this company because there was no transparency in the cosmetics industry. She wanted to make a female owned cosmetic company that was good. And that also did good things. So it had all the all the ingredients or healthy. There's no carcinogens, and she also lobbies congress to get better regulations on the big cosmetic companies because they're all part of this fucking regulatory committee police themselves, right sober. They can do any animal testing any kind of Garate chemicals in the shit kale. Mid and wear lipstick, y'all kinds of shit. Yeah. I saw the beauty counter. So do they sell all all make up? Yeah. And they're on group. So like, we know literally their legislative loves them. Now is Mike Pence. Like feminist enemy number one in the administration. I think so especially if Trump gets impeach and just in general like what is this administration doing for the for the fourth waivers? I mean, is it not a God damn thing? I mean, is it gonna make do you think the back the backlash of this administration? Maybe that's the backlash that we're looking for because that will or is this administration the backlash to what happened under Obama and indefinitely. Yeah. And now there's going to be the other backlash backlash wave within a being the second wave backlash wish on the back lot as his back of backlash, which is the I mean, it seems to me like with me too. And all that stuff is the backlash to this administration. Like, they and black lives matter and all that stuff like, and hopefully, but the question is going to be like, I don't know. Women are winning primaries. Yeah. That here daring Lupe Valdez the for like a lesbian Gannett. I was so great. So great. So great tech Mexican America. I what can I do for you could I make? How can I watch you fucking Florida? Yeah. Bitch slap the entire state of Texas. Okay. So you have this section about I really loved this one. I mean, there's there every single chapter is like worth the price of the book. So even if you if you get it, and I should say is a dollar, exactly guys. But there's a payment plan you can lay away. It's just like tai-bo if you don't really remember tai-bo fucking, Billy blanks. I will I had to go to his actual real place here in the valley. And I was like this is what for tai-bo with Billy blanks. And it was like we had to hit a brick and mortar. Yes. And it was enormous like in the video like enorthfield literally talking about like. Okay, son. I think I don't know if Billy blanks die, but his son does it has a new I think it's still around. Absolutely. I mean, it's so next level. So but every chapter if you don't read like just get it and read one chapter and you'll and you'll be then you'll have to have an audio book. If you. If better wanna go together into coin toys of tones of the voice. Yeah. It's almost like a it's almost like a self hope book in a way, which is why you should read. You could go back and read a chapter in and of itself for its own self and be like kind of feel about me today. It's like a law and order. Yeah. Yeah. You could you for now it is evergreen. And I think the audio book is genius. Because then because you already do a podcast. So it's like it'd be like listening to your podcasts. It's just like that except seventeen. I mean, oh my God. Okay. So the sec there was a chapter about calling women girls instead of women. So like, it's so profound. And so does so deep into everything I need to like psychoanalyze like his language. It's everything I like love how do you feel about? Now, we do this. So I just wanna say we're self-aware hypocrites. Like an all a lot of things joy. We're like you too. So how do you feel about women calling other women like bitches and sluts? I love it. Okay. I love it. Okay. I think it's great. I love calling people cut. Okay. Good and bad. I think it young change in the in. Yeah. So you don't count attack. It's bad to be like Fitch, please or yo-. Okay. I love it because I like talking in an aggressive way. Anyway. Yeah. And I'm not going to win. I just don't it just, but I feel like it's powerful. But I I know people who are like you can't do the girl versus women thing. I don't like when people when it's so so so prevalent in a way that is just. Used to show youth as a currency or. Yeah. The just the tropes of like if you're woman is called girl in a book, she's likely to die or Josh shit. Like that where you're like, wait, this is a pattern in everyone's following. So there's some message going out to millions of people that this is an okay thing to do. You may like goal with friends. I'll call it a friends. Yeah. Hey or the cop who or guy? Yeah. That's the best like girl, please. But but you cut off like what like do you have an age that you cut off as far as girl? Like, I mean, I I will. I it meant matter to me because I feel like I do that. Because I do I like it though in my mom says the girls are coming over. I'm like, they're all seventy you're going to play bridge that I like the she calls them that. I like, ladies I like calling people lady. Hey, lady. Yeah. Say lady Ella too. Yeah. I like the ladies are coming over the see that almost sounds like the. I wish there was another word that wasn't 'cause women doesn't actually work at a lot of those two women are coming over sounds awful. That's yeah. The gals the cows. Oh, that's great actually great. Oh, yes. I'm just a gal. I mean, that's the thing is like a women woman always felt it's just not sexy. And even though that's just part of it like, this is going to be my small change that I that the one small change that I make is going to be that. Because that that chapter was like hit home where I was like, I do that. You know? I I don't wanna be. I mean, I love when like a younger guy will be like, ma'am to me. Like that gets me. I will get wet from that. I'm like, yeah. That's right. But my mother-in-law now it's called Deary, and she hates it. Because it's what you p. She's like, oh now, I'm a Deary. Now. I'm an old fragile lady. So if you call her girl, she probably be like, yes. Yeah. Well, and of course, but that's I also think that that's not empowering. So it it it's not playing into like, you know. Yeah. Youth is a currency and. That's going to be my small because I 'cause I feed into that. You know what I mean? And it makes me fucking feel bad about myself as age people used it as if people use boy in the same way, I probably wouldn't be I was upset about it. But it just has it's so loaded. Yeah. Boy is like loaded in two ways. Right. Well, bad loaded, which is loaded. Bad boys are load of it. Like bad girl at it. Does sell to sounds creepy. Oh my God. I give being cooked picture and his Dane Cook's girlfriends like nineteen and they've been together for over a year. So that means they were eighteen when they got together. And I just see that. And I'm like bull. The power dynamic and everything that I don't like about using the word girl is like just personified in that the atr and just the the death grafts onto Jew then. Yeah. Not wanting to seem old and right all of it and getting with someone young and meaningless or not meaningless, which is someone that you're I mean, you're I don't know. Yes. It's why haven't seen this picture, but I do on a center so to all right? Actually, let me save you. And I'll just describe it. Okay. Kirby shopping lane in American history. Oh god. Get it. Never you never forget. But that that's all that. I just want people to realize what that word means. And the context of there yet, I'm not saying you can never use the word girl, but just know insert hind a picture. Oh, yeah. It's disgusting. Do you want to describe it? So it's him and his girlfriend who looks like her his daughter. Oh my gosh. I can't it's it's just me. And are they in a pool there always into pool? I mean, all the way will of Jisr all of her Instagram photos of them. She her body language is very much like don't touch me. Oh my God. It would that really skeeve me out. And he looks like yeah. It's like very daddy. Like holding her in the water. Well, there's so much of that in this book just little little everyday just little tweaks. Yeah. Just tweak just tweak. And it's and it's it's for the like, our collective mindset will change, and we won't fuck and feel bad about getting older. And you know, what I mean because we will care about it won't matter. Yeah, we won't need to drive around corvettes like with a to pay on. You know, exactly just be like, whatever we're getting a minivan. And we don't even have any kids. And we don't care me, ma'am. I think the overall another thing that I wanna like hit home. And I don't know if I did this in the book, but like doesn't matter if people wanna fuck you you should do what you want. That is a part of what like I think society does to women, especially straight women. It's like, well, if you do if you too loud or you curse too much or you do too many pants. Gotcha. Gotcha. You're too many pants. Exactly. It's kind of like what I always say. Which is like, it doesn't really matter. How old you are just as long as you're fucking hot like not hot in the way or just cough, like be cool. It doesn't because you know, something could be twenty one and completely fucking on cool. And you and I can see like a six year old and be like or even like Anthony bourdain or whatever ladies I see like wardrobe Dan that is killing the game. And and you always want the person school. They don't seem concerned with who wants to. They don't give a fuck. Yeah. Just truly don't give a fuck and who do you? And if it feels bad and wrong than it is. That's for sure. That's right. That is for sure. So we love you. I hope you so much for having. My hope we really how much we like really like the book. And absolutely. And I really I you may be embarrassed. I want her fourteen listeners to get it. And I think they will. And especially we have like moms and daughters, and there's even stuff we couldn't even get to so much thing. We couldn't even get you it we couldn't get to. So tell our listeners what when and where they can get the book and find you September. It comes out you can pre-order now. It's on feminazi dot com. Any place you want to order it from. If you wanna do your big boxes, if you wanna do your small boxes, they're all there. And I'm going on a book tour starting September fourth, and that's all on the website. And yeah, the events are going to be there like shows I have drill like an hour long show at the bookstore. So and it's called feminazi. Let that's just the first word you have to remember all you got to remember, and you should go to her book signings in her shows because they're great. And it's still be fine. We're putting a curse on on antiabortion. Legislators perfect. So well, you already starting the wicked thing. Yeah. Call me, Andy. Seriously. And now it's time for so there's that. All right. This is the part of the show Julius to find something good that's happening because of or inspite of the current state of affairs in the world. She hates doing it in his W w hard right now when we are negative mostly silver assholes, we haven't even had enough wireless capability to check and see if our so there's that intern Jesse has set her any ideas. So she had to pull this one out of her ass all on her own. Let's see if she did it. All right, ma'am out. What is your? So there's that moment for this week. I hear you type type typing away. Yeah. Okay. Now, I'm not a person who's burdened by student loans. It's embarrassing to say 'cause that means my parents paid for me to go to college. And he's you're rich. Well, but I, of course by knowing you and hearing of your soon lone crusade have come to understand the crushing death. That owing money for student loans can bring you I do however have death crushing credit card debt because well career with that said, I've come to feel a kinship with those strangled by student debt, I guess because of the life I have buried myself under so as we know under the Obama administration he wanted to make it easier for student loan forgiveness. Love you Obama. Didn't you feel that or did yet have that felt a general support and an awareness and a thing I've never felt before or since right? He was very big on not just student loan forgiveness. But lowering and predatory lenders which is what got you into credit card debt. Yes. Well, it is. That is right. We'll know what got me into debt is just life. But yes, that's right. You think you can pay a dollar and whatever fuck so that that's why he his whole for eight years has been talking about students student loans loan forgiveness shell still had student loans when he is the president of the United States. So as we know, and so for those of your students, you know, that Obama was great for you know, Trump, and this administration pretty much wants, you you students and loans to fuck you write a asshole. Yeah. Like heart. They want you to buy stakes and go to Trump university. And they might want you to stop paying. You're not alone. No, Orage or credit card. Now, I've said before I'm not super into quitters, but in this administration. I am never more excited when someone tenders a resignation with their failures tenders. I don't know. I hope tender I hope it's ender tender, and you know, what they should have an app called. Tend to nation. I'm not going to spend your resignation Beijing, they should be able to attend to your resignation. It's like fucking curate. Glad to be exactly get enga- able to tender your resignation to your job with all your feelings. And believe me, you need to take feelings and tell your fucking boss, you're saying and hinder take a match take lighter. Tighter. Take the tender into the ticker ten the Tinder into your job and take the gender back. So there are people from this administration who are tendering their resignation burning bridges left and right. And I am so into it. Then latest one is a scathing resignation letter from a guy named Seth frontmen. Who until now was the student loan owned buds men at the canal Zimmer financial section be right? Ombudsmen at the consumer financial protection bureau. Now, he said quote that the consumer financial protection bureau has turned its back on young people and their financial futures. The letter that he wrote was addressed to Mick Mulvaney, the bureau's acting director in a week did a thing on Mick Mulvaney. So he's the these the guy who's in charge of larceny land guy that guy is taking all your student loans and eating fucking sticks. So this guy wrote dear acting director Mulvaney. It has been the honor of a lifetime to spend the past seven years working to protect American consumers, I under Holly portray says, the bureau defended America's military families from predatory lenders for profit colleges and other unscrupulous businesses and most recently leading the bureau's work on behalf of the forty four million Americans struggling with student loan debt. However after ten months under your leadership, it has become clear that consumers no longer have a strong, independent consumer bureau on their side. The challenges of student debt affect borrowers young and old urban and rural and professional ranging from infantrymen to clergyman tackling these challenges should no, no ideology or political persuasion. I had hoped to continue this critical work in partnership with you and your staff by using our authority under law to stand up for student loan borrowers trapped in a broken system. Unfortunately, turns out sweetie under your leadership, the bureau has abandoned the very consumers it is tasked by congress with protecting. Instead, you have used the bureau to serve the wishes of the most powerful financial companies in America. Basically what you did was undercut everything. Obama did you'd review repealed every regulation. He made exactly you made it harder for people to pay back their loans, you made it harder for people to either take out loans easier for people to be reptile off your fucking line too. So I just wanted to say that to you Seth fraught men. I think it's brave, and I think that it's cool. And I think that it's pain. I oughta I put a job. And it's not easy to quit when I'm sure is a very well paying job and clearly a job that you loved an job that you really thought was helping people and you then had to take all your integrity, and yet to take it and put it in a ball and throw it right into Mick Mulvaney. He's beady little rat is right and say go off his in whatever at the White House. That's right. And let them know that they're not helping anyone but themselves so there's that. That's for the episode of dumb gay politics didn't bug on too much about the patriots episode yet. But now right now is actually the time. We got a lot of new people in August. But I wanted to say that the patriot podcast had been a little random since we've been gone through major fucking personal growing pains. So all the people who just joined August, probably gonna quit. Well, anyone is holding out? Go to WWW dot patriots dot com slash gay politics. And you can listen to a couple of for free. Don't just based on these recent ones and people should feel good knowing that no matter what happens in our lives. We are here to deliver an hour podcast every week in their dollar will not be gone. That's true. We have delivered at we haven't stopped. No, we have not stopped. We have you. We could be giving birth. I mean, we could be Iraq. We have been I feel like I've been giving birth. Honestly feel like I've been giving birth every single day. I'm never giving birth. Well, I definitely feel like like an acting class. We had to kill ourselves, and then rebirth ourselves and every day. I certainly feel like that's been definitely going on. Also next Monday is Labor Day. And again, we won't be drunk in the son in Malibu at a cool barbecue, wearing hats, no will be an address Dan recording this podcast and the patriot podcasts again. So you guys will have it to help nurse your own. On Labor Day barbecue hangover at your own work next Tuesday. I will say this. I am going to by Hebrew national dogs and boil them up for us in the drug done. Yeah. Good. If them get buns to regular thin bun. I don't want to boil them. Okay. All right. I don't wanna extravagant buns on cheap buns cheap on the number to call. Yes. So there you go. Get your Hebrew national's. Boil don't barbecue. Well, I don't have Markelle. Boil I don't need. I can pretend barbecued them. All right. Well, I'm gonna pretend to barbecue in my tiny. We're going to be drugged ending it up boiled hot dogging it up. Like I like a boil tot dog. I'm not even mad at it. Do I like it an take those for nationals happy Labor Day here labor where there were in that room. We have a bunch of shit going on. But we're still trying to plan a life podcast somewhere on the east. Maybe Tennessee may be New York. Maybe DC Chicago, possibly we have not forgotten about it. We definitely want to do or Hampshire. Just started talking to someone about Northampton possibly. So New England is a possibility. So if anyone's listening and has any ideas or whatever said the note because we'll follow up. We haven't forgotten about it. We're definitely gonna do. We're working on it. Yeah. And as always it's been real, and it's been fun, but mostly it's been gay, and it's been and multi have emollient of Mediterranean. Madam trying. Do. Little. She thought she whether Ken. Don't get out. By the way. Judge a book by car? Not much of a man. Dot. Bye. Sexual. Let me. Show you play. Black. One something. Two. We take an. I'm glad we you home. Could we use your phone? Both in a bit of a hurry. Right. Just say where we are then go back to the car. We don't want to be any worry. Got caught with a. Well. Ten. Justice. Sexual. Stay for the night. Maybe. I could show you my favorite obsession. I've been making a man. Blown a ten. He's good relieving. Tension Justice, meet trans. From sexual. Try. So come up to the left and see what's on the slayer. I see you with anticipate. But the right. Really to remove the coal. But not the symptom.

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