Baker Mayfield, Mt Rushmore Of Worst Sounds + Return Of Jimbos


On today's part of my take the end of the training camp week tore. We have baker mayfield in his r._v. Garrett gilbert drew stanton pop in. We have a whole good time with everyone. <hes> we also have fire fest of the weak little preseason football talk mount rushmore of worst sounds or noises in the world and a special guest for jimbo for jimbo's actually to special guests ezra jimbo's. We have someone who was kind enough to donate to the dogs for blogs charity and then also we called a certain quarterback from buffalo who was a rocket arm before we get to all that part of my take is brought to you by the cash app the number one finance app in the app store. Cash is the most powerful way to send spend and save. It's connected to the free cash card debit card with busse. Just select a boost in your cash than instantly save at some of your favorite places like ten percentage polls late or one dollar off at all coffeeshops. They're always adding new busse. 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Let's go in attention all <music> <music> welcome to part of my take presented by the cash app. Go download right now and put it in promo code barstool. You get five dollars for free five dollars as a._s._p._c._a. Today is friday august ninth and we got preseason football p._f. T it is backing. I'm so happy until i looked at my. I bet for the first half and i i think i went one and six so fucking stupid a it's a long preseason so stupid along preseason big. It'd be like hey you. Oh you know what i'm going to apologize trey wingo no absolutely not put i bet like every single so stupid you take it back. No you take that even a line. No oh i don't know anything i'm statistically i. I should be better at the preseason. You know how like when hugh jackson was a coach for the browns. <hes> he went own sixteen one hundred fifteen i think he went eight no in the preseason so like going off that logic. If you suck and regular right it's like say the lotteries attacks on the on the stupid yes. This is like this should be a rebate for a stupid. British should be when we went our money. It's not <hes> but here's the fun thing about the preseason which i love it. It is named that backup quarterback. You basically get to see a bunch of guys. You forgot about playing fell game so i went down the list of of guys i was like. Oh shit that guy. It might be because of a new team or you just forgot about him. <hes> matt barkley's on the bills. I think we knew that we did joe webb on the texans who was lighting it up. My guy at all shoutout joe webb legend joe had the third match shaab match shop he was he was actually doing well and i bet on the dolphins often so fuck you matchup. Trevor simian is on the jets. Yeah didn't know that recipient shaken up yeah. Tom savage on the lions. He got her he did yeah. Ah tom savage isn't on the line. As far as i'm concerned. Matt stafford just never has a backup quarterback matt. Maybe dinner lops because he has a backup quarterback to come. I'm in for one play when matt stafford limps because he limps basically every game he never goes out. Even when matt stafford has an elbow injury off the field he just registers pain as being oh. I can't walk brett hundley cardinals. Oh gino smith's on the seahawks. I didn't watch us so we got geos paxton lynch. Yes yeah cradle a quarterback quarterback northwest. If you combined paxton lynch and gino smith powers they would be like one quarter russell wilson yup. That's that's about exactly right. Case case keenum is on the redskins technically started but he's really a backup ryan tannehill on the titans which i think we knew but i also i'm just always used to him being on the dolphins and taking this is the year that he finally makes it all takes that next step for sir <hes> fizi to just do an onside kick they did did that. They recovered i. I don't know they didn't they did not recover. Okay okay so this fizi. Let me get your thoughts on fifty wearing that -til will that miami -til because the candy uniform. I don't think really plays with riots patch. No he looks his belly looks a little bit bigger. He does yeah absolutely the pastels. Don't work for for harvard man. He's needs crimson. It's also weird preseason football because you can't y. It's it's like ready stream city. You got to go find everything and it just weird seeing all these football games go on. We can't watch any of them know well. You can't resourceful enough. I put up a tweet that showed my own personal red zone channel. I had going on my computer. Oh yeah but i i had to delete the tweet because i don't want to blow it. Everyone else spot up yeah because the n._f._l. Doesn't know the people stream games on reddit. That's got to be careful about that. <hes> freddie kitchens got i. It's always real treat to see these brand new head coaches <hes> to see their small little quirks and mannerisms on the sideline that we can pick out and make fun of for the next five years yes so with freddie kitchens one thing i noticed immediately right off the bat with him big watch tin on his left wrist. He's been wearing the same watching the exact. Same spot does shock you that he's not all trace. Suntan lotion guy does is not shock me at all or maybe it's just like. He hasn't earned his brown stripe yet yeah on his wrist or he's. He just rub some dirt on his skin. He's like this will cover it. Yeah how many fine fine the other thing. I love about <hes> preseason football we when we were watching it. It just happened a minute ago and one of these games because everyone is competing for a roster spot got. It is live ball city. So if there is a pass that has incompletion. The defense just jumps on it like ooh. This could be a fumble did pick it up. They run it all the way back yes every every single. Ball is alive ball and it's like guys. You really don't have to do that. They didn't onside kick so i'm fucked. I lost the jets fodder here. So did i do whatever the hell well football. If the air this out who is that who's who's mike glennon emaciated mike glennon who i dunno on the jets the backup that's in right now. Oh the jets. Let's have <hes>. I don't know who might trevor simian scurvy yeah a lot of weight <hes> yeah trevor siemian is looking good well all right so we also also had a couple of n._f._l. Stories that we wanted to hit on first up. Stop me if you've heard this before but it boasts hurt yeah. He has a foot injury so nick. Bosa has a severe high ankle sprain. I guess this as is custom in the bosa household you tie. There's the they pull themselves up by their own bootstraps so they have weak knees. It's weak ankles. It's crazy like i don't joke about injuries and all that stuff blah blah blah blah that was to put goddamn. The post is just love to get injured yeah they were. They were held by their ankles and dipped in the ohio river. When they're a baby. It's crazy. I mean it's the bosses and sean lee and sean only actually got hurt yeah. He's always hurt. That's not even that's not even something we should talk about because it's almost a give tell you what we will give you a sean lee update. If he's not right the minute he plays four games in then we will come in with the breaking news alert. <hes> the giants daniel jones ooh young eli yeah it up e- he line the nation yeah. This is overreaction time to dale. Jones is the best quarterback in the n._f._l. Right yeah and i was watching the first half of the bears panthers. Tim montgomery is the greatest running back i've ever seen him. Both these facts are true these. If you watch a first quarter of a preseason game you can make all the judgments you want because guess what you have that right because you watch the first quarter true but daniel jones didn't throw any touchdowns after the weather day oh so is the play is the way to stop them the blueprint out on yes. He's probably not a good quarterback. In this climate. Change futures fell the other the other story we had from the n._f._l. Kirk cousins is complaining because his centers asks sweats too much <hes> so that's really tells you where we're at in terms of the sports calendar. He's actually concerned about this because he said it makes the ball really slippery oh god when he might throw an an interception in a primetime game he might not be able to beat a nine and seventeen because the ball's slippery damn kirk fix that how about you just make your center where underwear made eight out of aluminum foil that way it'll be nice and safe yeah yeah yeah exactly just throw it on the grill by the way the fire trucks. We've we've been told we'll be fixed next week not going to happen. We were told next week last week. I actually talked to all business pete. I'll fuck head pete and he was like yeah. We're installing an inch of glass and and then he said put there might still be some holes in the sound okay so okay. He's not gonna be fixed listen. It's a great way to get me to just put something office told me it's going to happen next week a- all the time next week okay absolutely works for next week <hes> all right. Let's get to some of the other stuff we got including baker baker mayfield before we do fire fast though barstool gold dot com slash pm t if you wanna watch <hes> baker mayfield interview in his r._v. Baker mayfield by the away credit to him. He is a pro and media because every time we made a slightly inappropriate joke. He pulled the microphone away from his face so he could laugh so yeah. You're pro. If you're listening you're like is he not laughing at the g. o. He was also us laughing matt patricia on wednesday. That's why you didn't hear him laughing right. He took the microphone away from his face to we actually she in turn his microphone on yeah why all right so yeah parcel goal dot com such p._m._t. An don brown which was awesome interview being dude guys being dudes so check that out that dropped our bonus episode dropped yesterday <hes> fire festival week. We need a team fire. Fest <hes> <hes> i don't think doc in the history of part of my take and we've been doing it for a while now we're going on. We're going home on our fourth year. We have jinxed anything worse than what we did on wednesday when we're up in green bay we interviewed floor. We interviewed john kuhn danny vital by tally vitality. You can't do that though like you can't be dickey. I know it's tough. I actually have a famous person. You can't share the same name a famous person and have it be pronounced different. Yeah exactly like <hes> the guy that landed the plane in the river. That's just how i have to pronounce my name right there. You go exactly exactly all right so we were up there. We finished the interviews so good. We're like we got this. We're going to milwaukee we earlier flight that that was the real jinx right there so well finished with vitality and kuhn we sit down in a taco bell and we were eating our lunch and taco bell by the way hang status here so we'll get to that with the mount rushmore taco bell so we're we're sitting in there. We're talking about how awesome we made. This trip like this is the most efficient troop we've ever had landed last night. Talk to a ghost watch hard notch recorded the show will cup drove up to the packers did a tour of lambofield talked jong-keun vitality and matt leflore just took in the incredible environment adapt of lambofield in both field a dump and then now we did so good. We're going to bumper flight up two hours and get back to new york early eight o'clock on our couches. We're driving down to milwaukee and boom alert our boom alert. Your flight has been cancelled boom. Your new flight goes from milwaukee to atlanta atlanta to new york so so then we spent the next basically eight hours in airports flying sat in the back row. You'd sit bitch. I sat middle and i don't. I don't like to turn bitch neighbors yeah. He's a townhouse yeah so and then we got we got in the worst part is you can't tank at bad vibes which you did have bad bad vibes in the but you can't blame the airline when it's thunderstorms so we were powerless. I mean you can you can also also. I will at some point so we we didn't get home until two thirty in the morning but the one saving grace we had we went to t._g._i. Fridays in the atlanta airport <hes> and it was bumping and then right as we're about to leave our waitress said. Are you guys in a band or something. Like what will we have podcast. He's like oh. I could you just feel the creative energy coming off of this table yeah and then we're like you know. What actually do you know who sunny digital is of course from his friend and you're like yeah. We put got a couple of tracks so no big deal t._g._i. Fridays you might be thinking you guys like it's not a fire festival. You guys you guys were cheating on chile's while you might be be technically correct on that too chilly vibes gio has thrived is being the playlist going with something else like i felt like i was there on a three hour party. Yes john with voice yeah. John legend remix is all up in our face. There's no better feeling than getting drunk in an airport before your flight and <hes> so yeah we spent the whole day airport and it was a fire fest but we deserved it because we jinxed ourselves <hes> hank. Do you have a personal fire. I i know okay. I have a personal. Do you have one <hes>. No go ahead. Okay well my personal firefighters on tuesday. We go onto and abedin. Just things just haven't been the same a._m. Since i just want to go hunt for living you want to go so i want to change careers. I wanna say goodbye to all of this and go and fucking goes on. Maybe just a new podcast. What do you what do you think is is out there. Everything it's limitless hank you. You know there was a ghost in your bedroom. There were two actually that guy wanted there to be go. Small also also hank hank. You saw their ego ghost commodore just like we did you heard the spook trumpeter they were. There are at least two ghosts. You heard their voices. I just know when i like something like that when you when you get a taste of the goes life i'm just every single morning. I've woken up and it's been like well probably not gonna find a ghost today. Do you go do my shitty job. That doesn't involve ghosts this sucks. Do you think that they're ghosts in cars as well are just oh this goes everywhere everywhere everywhere. It'd be sick if you bought a haunted car. We i want to buy a ghost. I want to buy a ghost in a shoebox and let it out in the office and that would probably make that up and then you can blame anything bad that happens to you on the coast but we we also learned that there could be ghosts of animals right so larry costa larry yeah but think about this like oh bad episode guys. Well probably are ghost. We weren't feeling are ghosts was all up in our ass. That's a good point yeah. It's an automatic out. It's basically like you can anything that that happens in your life well. I've been dealing with a ghost hotel to this podcast. Now we need to get it goes all right <hes>. Let's do our mount rushmore before we do that. Post mates post meets your personal food delivery grocery delivery. Whatever kind of delivery service all year round anything you're craving post mates can deliver their largest on-demand network in the u._s. and offer delivery from all the restaurants grocery and convenience stores and traditional retailers. 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This is just these uh-huh fire trucks in just everything is pretty sure that the fire house is like a block away. There's a fire. They have have to combine new york emergency somewhere all right so you enter code p._m._t. For one hundred dollars free delivery free for post mates it's p._m._t. Do it right now. Okay mount rushmore mount rushmore of worse sound allen's on their this one is on there for everyone at home. You can put five fire your trucks and cop cars that are in our podcast. Every single actually had that an ambulance in the background of the podcast. Okay that's fine. Listen to you got to adjust in this league all right. So what are we doing. Are we gonna let mr lockwood have his own four picks or do you do. We wanna team. Lockwood picks you guys are so i kinda liked team. Law okay team father son team lockwood awkward okay like a golf tournament right so i have i pick <hes> i will go with. I think the number one overall. I think everyone agrees your arm clock. There's nothing worse. E obviously your phone. Iffy v most people use a phone but holy shit when i first got ridiculous yeah. This is actually perfect for sounds. It's it's driving into art studio. Yes fuck you. Everyone treats all business pete. That's all business pete heat. <hes> not only tell me fuck had but i actually just emailed him one hundred new madden codes so if you wanna madden code p._s. Four or xbox you can d._m. Him or tweet him. Actually i actually heard that he has people yeah. Oh man new out. Transfer window just happened yeah piece big forty fan so yes him up and ask them about that. Has all the coats we gave them. All the cones cones like do you deal with it <hes> so yeah hit them up. All at all business beaten easy easy to remember at all business all the coats alarm clock number one. That's a good one okay. My first pick is going to be a dentist drill. That's a tough one. Oh a woods. Oh okay you you guys are going to have to learn how to adapt on the fly now but yeah the sound that had dentistry makes especially when it's on you because you get that extra vibration is going through your jaw. That is a tough one. I hate that one. That one sucks easily. Just don't go to the dentist yep. That's what i've i've learned to play with that. Okay <hes> team. Lockwood is up all right team lockwood. Was that going to be your first pick. That was going to be my first. Oh no we're we're going to start with with this. The worst sound that you hear license and registration ooh good one. Okay okay <hes> well unless you have. I have that card that shows that i give to the police. Just you give that right underneath. You're like oh. I'm sorry officer. I didn't know i put that in whoops. I'm bad sorry to team walks for team block. We will go with the <hes> the amber alert sound on your phone. Oh that must be a huge inconvenience for that. Little kid got snatch. Snatch and hank just wants to keep watching fucking vine when the fourteen whatever come on i was in the middle of the tick tock. Sometimes it's like a flash low slash a flash flood warning. You're like what the fuck no. It is scary. It is very scary because the child probably won't come back exactly that's out allegations by point yeah the worst onto here. Fuck a kid is yes. I care about is the wealth of good job. We're gonna fix that okay all right my second one. My second were sound. Is your dog peeing in the middle of the night in another room. Okay on the floor the little tinkle that wakes up and you're like man now. I have to do like four things to fix the situation yup okay. That's a good one all right my second and third pick. I'm gonna go with <hes> <hes> second open mouth chewing chewing with your mouth open. It's fucking discussing remember when we did which used to do that as bad radio yeah oh and the spitting and gross and just trying to talk to you dad. My dad wouldn't let us chew gum in our house. Good ever bother smart good. That's a good bad habits well. He probably did it because he didn't want you fucking swollen all the dumb you psycho. Did you teach them that that you can swallow gum. Heck's gone was prohibited so the fact because he was swallowing was fine all gone. That's why he did it because he had to hide it yet to hide it from me. Oh yeah the evidence. Oh okay all right my next pick. I'm going to go with <hes>. Let's go with when someone is playing their instagram videos in public and it's so fucking annoying because it's one thing if you play video mhm kind of sense what's going on or is song. Put the fifteen seconds and just going scrolling person to person that will drive you insane. Almost instantly instantly okay. Mine is kind of along the same lines. I'm going to go with any song that's being played in someone else's car they can hear it doesn't matter it could be every every now and then that will go palm it could be your favorite song in the world but he's got a red light and someone comes bumping next if it's driving past you if it's driving away from you it is awful to listen to every now and then that that can bump you get the doppler effect going where the pitch sorts of shift to closer gets gets away from your team lockwood fill out your mount rushmore his third third fourth third and fourth so i'll go with the third and i'm gonna keep it to sports. Say the buzzer when it goes off when you're the losing team good kazakhstan good one good one. I thought team lockwood for sure was going to go with like the the soda fountain win. Bob lasts out. It does not not hearing what <hes> this is a personal one but the sound of folding paper like increase okay and folding paper but she's fun. Yes sir you're not crossing your cheese cheese separates and then you have the full the paper and then when you make the crease sound like that i used to have it's it's the worst thing in the world. Okay okay all right my last one and i'm gonna go with drake damn to strike hugest digging in going on a long bearing myself this drake take drake hate week all right my drake take my last one is going to be thank you for watching this presentation of the national football league on monday night. That's bad bad socks. Obviously the super bowl was the worst put that monday night won re like well because you you know you look forward to football. You just came off a whole sunday football and then that hits and you're like well no more football for another fucking three days this sock and at that point you know that your bet is final yeah yeah it is the altro on football is such a shitty shitty sound that that reminds me of the sixty seconds tech was a big mess yeah yeah on a sunday afternoon yeah all right i mentioned that's a good one as a huge miss someone someone taking a shit next to you in a public toilet yup bad not great dropping bombs mr lockwood crinkly <hes> like classic of a mint kind of paper when just holding it in there don't like the crinkles. Have you reached the age mr lockwood that you just have like hard candy all over your house. No okay that will be interesting when that happened yeah. That's where tom brady like. Don't eat sugar donate like any water straightaway and do you know how your son like like his diet. Yes yeah the hard candy around the house. That's basically the sixty minutes clock for your life because when you start doing that you <hes> maybe a couple of cashews that the fucking nuts. I don't mind the cashier yeah but it's only out for like yeah exactly just in case someone comes over. You're like bathing comes over yeah just ninety years old. That's what happens you leave. These treats out your baiting a frantic over. Let's just get out in the open. The hank lockwood young yeah let's talk about it's talked about because told us that it's hereditary so is that true. This is true all right so can you give us an example hank or mr lockwood. I'll do it if you don't. I okay. That's like a pretty good. That's pretty good. I heard it probably twenty times sitting next to him on the flight lights. That's every single time eons. He's he basically sounds like he is. His brain is lacking. Oxygen sounds sounds like he's having an extra system. He can't he can't he can't function without sucking in an insane amount of air now hank inhalers exile exile because it sounds like an exile inhale. I don't really know inhale exile import export yeah how about dwells the welsh accent. I had k. okay. How about the sound win. The sound of toilet makes when you've clogged it and when you know the wash hasn't been lean and you're like well. This is gonna suck yup. Gotta figure that one out especially when you're playing on a road game <hes> that's really that's not a good one win just any any any time. Somebody's in a bathroom and you hear them. Say shit standing right outside or or that's never wanna hear that also goes for any time. Someone's in a kitchen yep. If you're in a kitchen you hear the oh shit. Some probably lost a finger. You know we missed smoke detector yeah. That's really bad. Well smoke detector. I got hold music because usually it means. You're just doing something. You really don't want to let that fucking jam that goes t- did just sounds like rocky. I just <hes> <hes> what's what's are rough and rowdy guys named chris his play. Let's go go all right resolve rock new age rocky. I had when you turn on n._b._a. On t._n._t. And it's reggie miller and chris webber. Oh come on what about a hate the daren okay. No i hate it. You're going to get you. I know you're the one that had it as your best sound. I know i know i know one of my worst. I hate to doing just little throwback zales. <hes> i love i like to that's it added sale. Remind me be dot up. You did not like the move zealand's. That should suck jackhammer too yep. If you wake up next although oh living in new york city now i don't even it doesn't even bother me like i wake up with a jackhammer next to my bed. Probably i don't know six out of seven days a week and so it doesn't even faze me anymore my phone interference oh not expecting it yeah yup. That's pretty bad in the headphone. Bubba singing misplace reggae tone horn good reggae tone horn that that that flow seamlessly with what you're trying to do as a d._j. Or podcast always always works but if you put them in too much especially at the front of your show yes pretty bad. It's tough to listen to that is bad anything else we missed and has good less. You got anything else mr lockwood ooh a cat throwing up or catfight yeah catholic. No cats fighting capped off to listen to the dog or an animal. That's in pain when you hear hear that triggers the wine the dog wine is the worst though it will break your heart shout that chick who got cancelled with alzheimer's. She's going to win the take the she will wrap it up. She she hit her dog. She spat on her dog on on and then accidentally released the footage and then released an apology and had ninety thousand replies. Well you know what is a prank. She was doing a prank on her dog. As we always do yeah she put like saran wrap on her door frame and then called her dog to come visit her dog was like really excited and then she accidentally deleted the prank out and then left in the part where she hits it in the face. Oh epoch dog log prank. I liked the part where i chose my dog. It started where she was dabbling in and like smiling and then it went to her just hitting her dog but epic dodd-frank feed chocolate and grapes. I i for one am shocked. That youtuber is an asshole <hes>. I never thought a narcissistic person who decides i'm going to tape every single part of my life and be like this is awesome guys. Check me check me out going to the gym today. Yeah yeah that person's astle never saw that lake subscribe guys. Hey guys say subscribe you check that out tubers like i'm never going to abuse a dog on camera or off camera for that matter. That was very big a you yeah good correction. I'll take take a stand because that implication was bad no leroy's he he will tell you he might get it wrong but he'll tell you i'll tell you what i do abuse still by kissing her too much. Ah i give roy a hug sometimes so hard he goes yeah. Exactly little air comes out great hug yeah and that probably is animal abused. Dogs don't hug kissing her dog on the face. I think they kind of like. I don't think that that's animals. Yes definitely like that snuggling. I sometimes i stumbled too hard yep. Sorry sorry okay. She do it baker mayfield. We have oh swag kelly swag to the house lag very good at escaping in this circumstance before we started. I said if the colts win. I would do something that i don't wanna do but so good did okay so swag kelly to the house. Cults might be back <hes> <hes> so. Let's get to baker mayfield. We actually have a big announcement with baker mayfield that you probably heard on thursday think someone i think someone in the sportsbeat which i can't believe we didn't get that. Jake disappointed all right <hes> hey. Hey you guys remember jill yeah. She's just she's a stroll back in smiling with much hard candy in two months. It'd be like what's up guys okay so let's get to it. Baker mayfield so before we get to the baker interview. He is the next biggest body armor athlete. This is exclusive news. We're breaking right now probably already came out but that doesn't matter big body armor <hes> were in your r._v. Got stocked with party armor and is it. Do they give you the new wheels for the two thousand nineteen training camp. Is that true here yeah. We're working on something because we play at indianapolis. We go prac- surfer couple days so we're going to have this thing that out okay andrew luck obviously body armor after his well yup and what made you become a body armor athlete. You just like this stuff tastes so oh good and p._f._m. Big cat drink or what was the a little bit of everything you know. I like the light kind figure me till twenty dollars. Yeah me too. I mean you don't don't get built like this. Unless you drink like i was saying earlier. He probably just hustle haas. We looked and he was like i'm going to look like these bloggers so i'm going to start drinking the light body armor summer all right so you're a body armor athlete through and through yeah. Are you can do at your press conference. You can't do that <hes>. It's a little complicated. It's not you don't have to the brownstone tale so we'll just drink it all the other times and we're very excited your body armor athlete. We're body armor athletes cheers being body armor athletes mistake steak and then. Let's just announced it now. Let's go to the baker. You guys claim your athletes. We are athletes. I'm very much. Have you ever tried to podcast for hour and a half straight. Four clap pushups on friday thrilled little sore from it <hes> but that's an athlete. I walked on the treadmill and check twitter for like twenty minutes on friday boom athlete boom athlete. I'm about to get my ribs broken rugby next athlete well. That's why it's going to suck it up and i ask kick. I'd kick your ass awesome basketball. You probably allstate or something right no care colbert saying no good body armor athlete. We've got here. Yes all right love acres of body armor athlete. Let's go to the interview with baker. Okay we now welcome on a recurring guest friend of the program and franchise quarterback quarterback baker mayfield. Thanks for having me. I saw you went yeah. Thousand tourists love that term right yeah absolutely love it yeah. You guys are just right yeah so we're going to this whole interview. We're going to basically see if you actually are a franchise quarterback because we read that article from mikhail great article the fact that you don't wanna be called a franchise quarterback ariz a red flag that you're not a franchise quarterback big red flag that means. You're more of a q._b. One which is not bad. That's not a bad you think right but franchise quarterback. That's like the next level so well. Actually let's get started. If you were to grill meat. Would you put down aluminum foil underneath underneath the meat or would you put it right on the grill right on the grill. Okay maybe recipes franchise quarterback. We'll check in okay so last time we saw you. <hes> it was the middle of the season right after a coaching change a little weird in the facility. Now enough time has passed. You're the hottest topic in the world. You were the most hyped team in the history of n._f._l. Football but yeah so let's start there. Are you nervous at all about the hype <hes> maybe for the fans little heartbreak. I don't know it feels like there's just as low hype. Train has gotten a little out of control when you say <hes> i think the attention from the media yeah but the fans are just excited to have you know that excitement for football again since it's been not so great for a while <hes> them having something to look forward to this season. I think is the reason why they're so excited. Okay we got a bunch of guys that really wanna win and so we know how good we can be which can be great or it could be really bad right afraid. He's doing a great job of having us focus saying we haven't done anything yet. We gotta go to work every day. You need to do an interview in the next couple of weeks during training camp and say you're the dream team get. Did it really leaning really yeah. That's great so big that everyone's like baker so full of himself dream team that would go well with that fox. Reporter guy actually bleep name out there. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Let's do that right now because i think you need to. Stop responding to them. I think you need to respond to you. Guys haven't done it yet. We have every single time. You didn't handle my american airlines. It's problem. I told you i was i did yes. No i do and i hit up american airlines and said i'm going to go fuck you for your in honor of your whites bags bags. I was ready to go to they fix it to the basket found out okay but he took another one another one well listen urgency is asking for when on top of it you got. You got <hes> shit on for that too. All right people were like united. Gotta take we have your back when colin shit bleep that out when he says something about you. We are the first people we call them. What what do we call baker takers. Yes yes become like a cottage industry almost recently <hes>. You had greenie doing a little bit. You've got c._c. Yeah and there's some other people from e._s._p._n. That know that you're kinda like this. Lightning lightning rod a little bit so if they say something like hot take about you. They're going to get a lot of attention so we're just trying to cut that off at the knee respond. Can't i out wants to. He wants you you to respond because then he gets a whole show out of it we just need to do it for you and fight fire with fire and be like colin were we speak on behalf of baker everything and then we have power of attorney with acre so we get to make all decisions here and then he doesn't get the thrill and then you can also disavow we go too far. Which will we will. I'll be go fuck yourself that there's enough separation between us right where it's not you saying it but wink wink wink. It's kind of like the whole thing thing with odell saying the giants fans aren't great fence meaning to contact one was about our fans that was smart of view odell is like hey baker. Make sure you get a line a dig in for the giants and you set instead of him. Yeah we know we know you know to he said what were you trying to get across that. The fact that cleveland fans are excited to have him and they don't care what he's done. In the past they know what type of guy is right now and what he wants to do any wants to win. They're excited so that moment when he gets traded <hes> how excited were you skeleton probably in eleven the key i mean the videos that came out of it. I i saw that one video of the kid who got the cops called on him because just running up and down the streets remain like that does that was actually think multiple people got the police because he was celebrating the trade yeah and that is like that's so exciting for fan base to have a free q._b. One maybe franchise quarterback and then trade for one of the best wide receivers devers in the league already have jarvis landry. Has he done anything yet. In practice were because you know he has a big practice guy. <hes> has he done anything like holy shit. This guy's it's unbelievable. <hes> just the way he catches the ball. I mean it's just it's so natural to him and then you can hear it when the fancy like almost everyone in catch and they make a north because it's almost so expected of him and that's the i think the crazy part about it is it's so routine from to do amazing things that sometimes you have to realize realized that's that's not normal right. It is for him right right when you see him if he's covered one on one even if he's covered if it's the cornerbacks all over them you kinda still still see him as always being open less two or more guys right. Absolutely you know he's got a guy. That has a lot of range. He's got a lot of body control. You can stop on a diamond flip oscilloscope and get the ball also also <hes> just learning how to throw him. He's he's got a lot of range. You like the new hair. It's different yeah. I predict that the old hairs coming back and think so. I i just think anytime soon. Have you guys planned touchdown celebration yet we have not are you going to to be determined. Who's a better dancer me well. I don't know let's alvin shot at quarterback doesn't care about here's a franchise quarterback. The best does he takes the ball and then hand it to a child in the first row okay but i'm not worried about it. He has the volvo. Oh okay meet. Odell has the ball but you if you're the alpha alpha then you take the ball from your wide receiver. I saw devin funchess hand like six that he didn't drop to cam newton and give away to a child in the front row last year just something to think about <hes> since we last saw you so we mentioned at the top when we were here in the facility last time it was the week after a coaching change so we didn't really get into it because it was all fresh weird. Have you spoken to hugh jackson not will you anytime soon or anytime. You know like bury the hatchet although i don't i actually. She don't think you have anything to bury here. He's the one who went to the media and did all that stuff when you saw him on t._v. Like a week after <hes> he got fired. What was the conversation in the locker. Like what is this guy doing kind of like that but it also we didn't really care right. It was one of those things that kept getting brought up. We're over so you know we're moving forward and <hes> that's the reason why it's not even an issue now right. Were there was more of a deal that he went to division rival that to the inside knowledge that that he had that was that was kind of snaking move. I understand you want to go on t._v. You want to get another job for yourself at some point but the fact that he went to the bengals at probably stung a a little bit <hes>. I think it was more and i said this it was more of you know you're you're in front of us in locker room asking for us to play for you and then two weeks later you go to a division rival that we played twice last year and he's still getting paid so what people didn't understand. Was you know he still has income because everyone the whole he's got a right to work. Absolutely i'm all for that and i truly believe that he you know looking back on it. He should have gone in and got a job right away. You know just for the benefit of having job right there and then for making connections and all that and so i i understand it but that doesn't mean i have to like it right and so i think that's the biggest thing was i mean that's why i am. I am yes so i wanna talk about that. Real quick y. You are who you are because this kind of goes back to the hype around the browns. They are america's team this year as i coined by me. Did you ask jerry. Jones stole for listen. I can can take your jerry jones out. I'm not worried about him. He's real. I stole it. I saw that take from hawkins from baby hawk so it's my take now but the cleveland browns rounds are america's team this year with all that hype. You're a guy that likes to play with a chip on your shoulder. You kinda you you rise to the occasion when people doubt you you. How are you going to be able to step it up when everybody's got you back and they're like yeah. These guys legit super bowl champions guaranteed. I think it's more of just are cleveland. Fans think that <hes> you know we have to worry about what's going on locker room and have a mindset of blocking everything else out because i know exactly how this is going to go if we don't have a great year they're gonna throw us in the trash. They're going to say oh. You got egos everything like that and so that's what guys have realized but that's what i said. Earlier was fred. He's doing a great job of keeping keeping it singular focused you know having a big picture mindset of yeah. We want to win the super bowl. It's what you do if you play football but then realizing you have to win to get their listen if you guys start like one and two bakers all hell's breaking the browns sock. I don't you worry about that. At least you're being off well. I'll tell you overreaction so and then when you guys like win eight in a row like who said that me no. I didn't know hacked sat had no chance one last hugh question. How close are you to not shaking his hand after that game because i feel like but he didn't want to. I wish you hadn't this. This is the worst you wish okay. This is my biggest baker problem. Is i love you. I love your your swagger. I think you are a franchise quarterback. We're back every now and then he said no. He said he said i'll take this out every now and then you you play play by the rules in in. I don't want you to like you shake hugh jackson's hand. I wish she had just walked right by him. You apologize for the kansas thing. I don't think he should have apologized like there are times. We're living in the past year. I want you to be like you know what. I don't care about any of this. I'm here to win football games every other social norm that has nothing to do with winning the football games. You're so close. You're so cool to learning process okay someday. I think you're gonna get there and be like you know what. I'm not never apologizing for anything well. I wouldn't go that far. Okay okay all right but that's that's my that's. My only gripe is that you apologize too much. <hes> can i ask you a question. Did you let swagger kiss on the lips. Yes okay. I like that. People should let dogs kiss the moa always franchise quarterbacks definitely the dogs except in front of swagger did he c- he turned his head. Okay all right then that's fine. I've got a massive to wipe wipe the slobber and then i just put it right back on circle of life. Just recycle it towel and a faucet <hes>. How much money do you cower murray opio for for what for basically starting this like you can have quarterbacks from the big twelve. They're short do well in the n._f._l. Short colomer is perfectly. How how much he's going to be <hes>. I actually they. It's like it's a joke question but if you didn't weren't successful last year i don't know if he goes number. One like that's the lincoln riley thing and everything gets kind of going and it's like cokie both special. I see both sides so there's guys like drew in rustled of kind of paved the way early on so i think even if i didn't play this year and injuries didn't happen and i wasn't thrown into it. I still think colorado on number one okay yeah okay. He can throw the ball. I saw a couple of clips and practice in shorts. He's putting it hake with shorts really easier to throw football and shorts as opposed to football pants. It's better naked yeah. What what do you think about horns down the whole rule that they're implementing. Who do we have. We have this on the on on the first juice. Dan and his family okay come on. Come on through. Come on wash your kids here. What do you what do you think about the the horse down. I think it's very soft. They're implementing a rule about uh-huh yeah the sensitivity of today's day and age. This was a savvy move by baker to have his whole family here so we couldn't ask any more hard question censorship drew. I have a question for you. Drew drew stands here drew. You remember that time <hes> you. We've dominated pinball. Okay let me finish question. Remember that time we played in greg olson kickball tournament. You took it way too seriously and everyone wants aches. Yeah true moustache dispatched mustache. Anybody knows greg. He takes everything way too serious. I played on that team member. You still on the team when i when i played on it like two years later he didn't let anyone drink and it was an alternative kickball tournament seriously yeah. You took it way too seriously. Everyone's like awkward awkward. Did you guys all get together and decide to go bad musters at the same time or is that just coincidence. What do you mean bad. I'm i'm hating because i can't grow on. I'll be honest. I'm lashing out and see that i'd ah love your mustaches. This is a q._b. Next you go back the pin numbers fun of one person with a bad mustache but you can't make everybody was so i gotta hop back on it and so that way join you're welcome to join the. I'm on original moustache so i need to get back into it the original mustache well. No one of the army air makes you guys every night. You just said you point where america's team no but. I also said that the same mustache verse america's team. I think that's pretty big cat the inventor of the mustache. We're not on here yeah because the sound so so yeah david being a lot of trouble yeah so what are the rules of the r._v. There's a lot of rules. Blau has the first rule of the days. When the godfather shows up he needs his cold brew will just enough foam on it still sitting on his desk. Okay reason it's nitro right like home yeah v._s. To be stocked at all times brown's camera here and then we also <hes> commute. You have to practice you. You guys are not cleveland. The cleveland going to be like something coming to do. Good for good health cert- makes you poop more or less. I'd say more more more it doesn't. It's not making me go. David making rules on this bus. Is that because he's no. I don't know if that was me to make the rules. Oh he's as a follow okay got it. Do you miss brogan at all of course. Is there any aspect about hard knocks being around that you miss no not not at all not one bit okay. What advice would you give to the raiders about how to do with hard knocks here. That's going to be entertaining. I might actually watch so you're gonna start to love hard knocks like a fan along with the rest of us this year because it's now to go through it. It's not nearly as miserable yeah exactly no. It's a great show and like with with the team. They guy like jon. Gruden do skrudin mostly due scrutiny again <hes> part of the article actually to seek a question right now so seatgeek put in seeking sponsor and all training running camp week goto browns game. The baker said they're gonna win. The super bowl putting promo code. Take and you get ten dollars off so you said in the article that you no longer screen shot the haters um so i screen shot at some haters for you. Wanna read them <hes>. This dude is overrated. You'll see teams have film on him now. He was underestimated. Last season is in vince young rookie season too. Damn that one's tough because this is <hes> garett high school or okay. I'm reading the headers right now. The kids out of earshot okay all right cool all right. You know what's funny. You're so fucking overrated that every fucking top cast caster astor from the news radio to whatever thinks you in the browns would do well. It's so funny that you won't even hit playoffs l._l. Dropped on you. Baker mayfield actually laughing. Yeah definitely sony was so funny. What he's saying listening scares yeah. He's a good q._b. But this is actually kind of. I don't know what this is about big mayfield what sucks he's a good q._b. He's not great nor will he be too much ego not enough talent. We'll do one more personable when you see how browns fans treat lamar fuck that baker mayfield can suck my dick from the back alice good. So what do you think about the haters baker you you don't screen shot but i'm creative oil and he's test serious real joining us here at curricular tears. Well <hes> <hes> yeah so you you. That was a nice entrance there so what you think about that one the haters i mean it's good stuff to hear really by the way i actually had a couple of questions it. It is keeps you motivate some right. We're l. mardi cardi. Call me twelve years old. Yes that's true. That's your nickname. The twelve year old twelve year old fat at twelve twelve year old keeps facial hair. Yeah just remind people just get carded him. What happens if you can't grow a mustache. You got carded <hes> <hes>. It's been a while. It's been a while people in cleveland recognize. You got it goes must <hes> garett actually had a question for 'cause. I thought doc maybe you you'd show up <hes> you won the m._v._p. Of af both take aim facto takes. Maybe the head you have the m._v._p. I'm yeltsin claim to heal so claimed the first af only a f- championship congratulates relations on that <hes> what what was it. I mean obviously they kind of got you here right. Yeah i mean it was it was a lot of fun. It's it's been a long time since i played so it was a lot of fun game to play again and but you know obviously the league had a lot of issues with payments and i was just talking to you yeah one of our training camp in terms. The interns in terms came introduce himself said he was working with the birmingham iron and he didn't get paid until she told me she got a champion. Yeah true close to ring. You should get rank. I need to make your own ring a week ago. Yeah what was it like playing a lot of fun light years yeah. He's going to make himself a ring downtime for sure yeah. They had a whole ceremony and everything it was just for your at like career and his wife and i think he called out rick neuheisel again back and forth. What was it like playing for him though in his twilight years so to speak it was a lot of fun. He is unique. He's he's a different guy but it was a lot of fun plan for him. He's got he's got to go perspective on the game and i mean he keeps things interesting yes. He wasn't out there shirtless like he was carolina okay. How many times do you golf off clubs to practice well. He disappointing. I want to get out there and play with them but he had he had just had back surgery so our time he had a hard time move around we i've heard a story that the end of his run on its south carolina the team would be practicing on a field and he would be on the adjacent field just practicing someone else to confirm that but i don't doubt it what it is his football philosophy fucking score points yeah. I mean in so many words that yeah we're scoring points than doing it. That's perfect throughout the open guy. That's you know that easy game with with your coach freddie freddie coming in hot. I heard so it's like one of those things. He's you know he was around last year but but this is his first year in charge of the ship i heard he came in and he was just like dog cussing everybody for the first couple of practices trying to tell him that right <hes> like in the off season. He was fired up. The first couple of days is fired up. I wouldn't say he was dog cussing everybody but he was being very hard on everyone yeah. I'll just setting the expectation like i said he. I didn't want anything to get out of control you know for everybody's ego to get in front of them just to make sure we're on page. Do you feel a little pressure knowing that like you and freddy are almost else so intertwined now because had success with them and then i'm assuming you trying to learn the way he speaks. Yes it's a little different now. It sounds like this but he you kind of helped him get a job and he off the best in you yeah i think but for a quarterback in the geico plays have a great lakes shipping you gotta click when it comes to the offense and that's that's where i hit was how he sees stuff how he breaks down how to eliminate quicker and that's where it started and then once i get to know more and more and haven't drew that had been with them in arizona. <hes> helped a lot so i don't know we just hit it off the helm thick that was nicknamed college. It was nicknamed him thick three cs. He's a big boy now. It's up to five yeah yeah yeah. I mean it's the truth quite a thick boy. I look i'm thinking boy summer. Say that stick boy summer here for that point if you guys not exactly voice summer why sixty when people say i don't know you care. It doesn't know what it is. Jody would either one more state titles of your high school. He did garrett gatorade national player of the year title so you how you on one do do you want one who want five hundred senior year. That's book junior year. We in the fifth one on the same team though right now. I play his younger brother. Okay got it awkward that you got really highly recruited by texas and you didn't and now you're starting over. I think we both don't like texas. We go hands down sort out near sorta yeah. We're both on that train. Yeah you're orange down graduate though yeah that's true okay for life technically way so you have a he doesn't degree from the university of texas. He's still longhorn. That's well digging in texas probably cans ah legal this too. Many big twelve quarterbacks on one team is bad situation. We have david. I know even it out smart. I'm the smart conference u._s. Everything american conference truly the patriots it all q._b. One franchise quarterback question do you concern yourself with the opinion of sheep <hes> no okay franchise. Quarterback could answer <hes> <hes> freddie. Can we use the term like you guys are married to each other. I just got married so it'd be a little weird. I proclaim you're also married to freddie kitchens. Wait a second. It be done ministry. I'm not sure how that works. My hands are tied married. You guys are intertwined together. It's it's going to be great for the football. Yeah guys will click really well bird to finish each other's sense. Yes you should just go and copy him and see if he picks up on it a little goof- all right. I have one last question. How many wins are we saying. We have to guarantee and let's put it on paper. We actually don't have to guarantee yeah so thinking eleven eleven thirty the era that'd be great for regular season. Yeah great okay so that's. I think that i did not say guarantee that put us in great position guarantee. I i guarantee you did say the word guarantee. It is a dumb question. Oh okay down guaranteed. Eleven wins this kind of a dumb question bigger but he ever think like what if you guys just say fuck it and win the super bowl this year i mean i wouldn't necessarily surely say it went in that thought process right but as i had thought when i was flying here i was like fuck it. Let's win super bowl. I'm not sure it would necessarily surely go like me and the train of thought saying screw it. Let's do this when i why he's doing. Be legends supposed to full sent go full <music> guaranteed guaranteeing full sent oh man he would be insufferable. 'cause you're gonna do the thing where you really you get on mike vogue and g. q. and then you lose a little bit of your bad boy street fred. You're on this show on this show. You're going to be like on all the stuff coming out for usa soon. Okay all right guaranteed. Nothing okay yeah. We'll defend against american airlines. If not we'll give you call for sure will def two times state champion right so yeah. That's better than baker so that works. <hes> you other questions from one last franchise quarterback q._b. One what was it last book you read. I heard that you were reader. Where did you hear that. I just heard you were reader the last book i read tally how he's mad that people think he's a reader yeah yeah. No it's also means is a longtime alonzo. Are we doing it's going on. I love this. Have you guys like dow or anyone in here. <hes> he stepped foot in here. Okay just alonzo highsmith. <hes> are using the glass. Yeah i mean. I haven't finished a book in a long time interest quarterback. Yes if you had an answer ready for me. I was gonna talk you points yeah. You should be focusing our playbook. I am not like i am sun also rises or whatever you want yeah. You're like <hes> last book. I read the giver in seventh grade. That would account it to think i read that okay. They were go have you. Are there like different words that you're learning between like odell jarvis louisiana's slang that you'd never heard before not a couple louisiana teammates in college. Do you have like separate group texts for different in groups players so you can be like hey man get you the ball hey man. I'm going to get you the ball. Don't worry about the ball just slide twenty table. She should play neck for them in the locker room after game. Yeah that should be the cleveland neck. Do you guys have the same song like a team song. No okay it's neck. Yes no it's. The drew carey saw cleveland. We're not detroit rocks cleveland right down to cleveland on all right. You guys nailed this interview. I'd say garrett more than you baker because we're going to keep you motivated. Thank you because you like this. You like this. Remember don't respond to colin coward. We got we have every single time eh anytime leap that out. He said it again every time he goes out. You just let me handle it if i know but don't ever so mature now married mature of not responding here's what you do. You can't respond just to see p._f. Commentator barstool big and we'll has said and we'll just go over the big cats we will skull fucking we will we will we will go absolutely insane on you can't do the things we can do online and we will do those okay. All <music> got your back. All the haters all right baker garrett thank you r._v. Boss training camp tour appreciate it. Yeah good luck this year. Eleven wins guaranteed all right and a super bowl. Send full legends who interview baker mayfield is brought to you by let go let go so is the fastest growing mobile marketplace to buy and so locally you've heard us talk about let go hang skin stuffers new apartment what better place to look then on. Let go as people are getting rid their old stuff. There's always someone out there. 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Let's let's get to some segments who jim kelly out there. Watching swag kelly love proud papa. Hell ya not his dad who looks like a dad yeah yeah <hes> swag kelly brings them back. It will be the greatest greatest comeback in bill says. I just want to say a bills game. Yes absolutely <hes>. I would like to say that between andrew luck and swag kelly. I need to know what those conversations are like. I need to be a fly on the wall that i don't think these speak the same language. No no definitely silently not definitely not thou you're right. You want to join my book club and then jacoby. That's got a little bit of like southern twang to them. Which is so it's it's really the bro the nerd and the southern twang i figure if you ask swag kelly join your book club. He's just going to shoot you yeah. He'll just literally take out a gun. Be like fuck that no he'll like like he'll he'll take the book out and make you eat it eat this book. He looked book stuff. It down your oh god all right. That's over. That was fun. That was fun for like two seconds and i was like swag. Kelly is going to bring me back and then the bills are scored. Okay peter king eight the trash so peter king <hes> was doing hit with dan. Patrick got pulled over because you're not supposed to talk on your phone. While you're driving is very dangerous so very this is the come you do at one time. Then that's a mistake you do it twice. He tweeted out that picture of driving the chargers camp and the bike lanes and the bike it start to it's time to start asking should peter king have license. He should have his license revoked. I i agree with that. He is a menace. He's a threat maybe actually he's probably just listen to part of my take. We should never let him on the show. You know all right good until you remedy yourself until you go back driving school and prove that you're not out there to cause havoc on the road. You're no longer welcome on. I'm sorry it's just we have to look out for our listeners. It's your everybody i'm gonna. I'm gonna stand behind that band right here and <hes> he also got really mad at people who were tweeting at him and laughing at him. Mm said it's murdered somebody. Well dude. You go to time you might you could've. He said i told the cop when he was giving me. The options about how i could contest has a ticket. That's okay sir. I'm guilty as sin. Oh wow you thank you. Oh you think like if you just admit to murder your everyone would be like okay cool. Yeah yeah carry on with our lives good news for he'll still let himself in the hall of fame. How many people this is totally off the field but seriously peter seek help seek wanna see you be okay also peter king. He told the police officer. I'm guilty like right off the bat way to go here. There's something called the constitution and the fifth amendment and you're doing all your listeners a disservice by not informing them that they have the right not to incriminate. He probably go ahead searched my whole my whole search every hole i had officer i i have numerous cavities could a glove on oh man okay. We have a just chilling stink stink. Just chill out man for adam gays so adam engage there was a story it was when he was i believe the <hes> offensive coordinator for the denver broncos and essentially his wife gave birth and <hes> the story goes. They pulled the baby out of me his wife talking. They pulled the baby out of me and said it's a boy. Jennifer told dan pompei they. I didn't even put my organs back and so me up before he's like you good so see section. I said yeah i'm good. He said all right then i'm out. They said you wanna cut the umbilical cord. He said no. I'm good and he just went back to practice. I wish there was a picture of him and his wife having a water delivery in a pool and him wearing the broncos helmet looking at us playbook peyton manning was he is <hes> he also adam gates did some smelling salts before the preseason game. His eyes are just wild wild yeah. That's a that's a man that does not need smelling so no he his upper lip is a permanent smelling so going off of his eyes when he wakes up in the morning. He's got those googly. He is and he's ready to go. I think he's allergic to air. It takes a sniff of oxygen. He's a cold. Let's go oh my god. That's yeah big time. You good good all right. I'm out all right. I'll see you when you're at home your house your uterus. Days has a piece okay. You think you could play if it was if it was a playoff game. Would you be able to play you. Take it easy. Look with your badge <hes> all right so next one. We have a stay classy for daboh so this was a big big. I think there's a big debate in the college football space <hes> we heard piquet. Did you do a podcast the night of your birth yeah i did but i it wound the case. No no no wait was it knows the next day okay okay. Here's the next day i was like. Wait fuck. We should've just had a podcast that day just to see if you're committed enough to come into yes. It was used born on wednesday. We did a podcast thursday who <hes> okay so <hes> dabo has been criticized because he did not give kelly bryant a <hes> ring bryant famously played first four games trevor lawrence took over which was the right decision he then left school cool and <hes> is now the the quarterback from mizzou so if you wanna check out all the mizzou training camp stuff our guy calebs crushing it there but so there's a big story ori because dad was like no fuck that you left you. Don't get a ring. Even though you played four games for us right did he request during and they said no. We're not gonna give you don't know about that. I do know though who would you think had the hottest take. I know where you're going with so i can't answer but multiplayer game my player game but cat who had the hottest on this one yeah i would say that if there was a guy out there that would tell kelly bryant. Go fuck off and jump off a cliff because dabo swinney. He's a great human being. It'd probably be dan now yeah but they went the other way so the opposite direction on the on the argument okay. His argument was kelly. Kelly bryant didn't make a dime at clemson dabble just inked ninety three million dollar guaranteed new deal. Just give the kid a damn cubic zirconiums ring and move on he he did win one out of four of their games or one fourth of their games that has nothing to do with the argument no but it does told me that daddy's getting soft yeah a little bit but this is concerning to me no danny to be that we've talked about yeah. We need danny to be eastern into millennial danny kanell yes he yes but this is like the spongebob verbal mean where the where spongebob has his hands going everywhere twisted around this argument like what is kelly bryant not getting ring have anything to do tablespoon you making money yeah i don't. I don't really get that it means they left the team. It means he's throwing us a bone saying like hey maybe the player should be paid right. He's like throwing us a bone be like i'll admit that okay you have one of two options. Either you get paid at school or you get a ring. If you transfer yes yes and in this case i'm coming. I'm coming down on the ring if you transfer and he had every we re kelly brian had every right to leave. That's i mean you see it all the time with coaches they go back and forth and if he's not gonna play he might as well you know save his eligibility and go play somewhere else as an eligibility thing but he wasn't gonna stick around if he wasn't gonna play and dabble has every right to be like no dude you don't ring and kelly bryant. He should have to give back the life lessons that dabo tottenham clemson true accountability and that leaves that in south carolina buddy. That's sweet slide. They have in their facilities. Give that back you those slides back not that fun back. Give the memories of sliding and give washer hand until all the remnants of that rock that you get to touch off may kill me kelly branko back to clemson and just keep walking up the slot as many times went down and go up the hill. Yeah you walk down yes. You should have to walk up that he'll be driven back down by dabo until he learned his lesson. I like it. Ah okay last up we have jimbo's in a very special guest for our jimbo's. Let's go to that okay. We're going to wrap up the show with jimbo's and a very special guest it. It is our friend brendan. He is in from buffalo and a._w._o._l. Who won the charity. I don't know if you guys remember but we did. The charity for large dogs dogs aw social teas social -ties so it was adopting dogs and so brennan won the charity. He's been here all afternoon hanging out with us. He sauce interview. Have you jerry o'connell and now we're going to jimbo's with brendan <hes> who is bills mafia. Have you gone through a table. I've never gone through table but actually have some italia. <hes> when i went to jacksonville two years ago the playoff game and i saw uncle chaps down there and i'm actually in a barstool video yelling handsome hang is a better reader an uncle chaps go bills so i'm really nervous now. Some ball game with the bright lights. Tell us that by the wall on that was a great game that you went to lake portal's tearing it off in that <hes> torrential winds of phosphorus seven three seven feel more at the huge seventeen years four fifty an hour yeah yeah okay whenever you hear shout. Do you just start doing the. Let's go off roughly yeah. I'm actually jealous of that part of like buffalo wedding season his massive. Yes ask so shout song with a wedding and then boom. They do the bills one right after else. I'm believing that wedding how many how many pairs of pants deal i got one pair zuber's pants that warm over the past twelve years then i got zuber's overalls. I got a few years ago and <hes> very sweet he was at and then what what's your favorite <hes> wing place. We'll definitely bar bill. Okay no doubt about it. I got some years ago. We move all so good. Yeah used to have the mini and you get ten wings with and get it all mad dog. I don't drink mad dog a bud light guy you you know so sponsored guy okay all right so let's do it. Jimbo's with brendan who is in from buffalo all right <hes> we got one here. I was high and a woman had a a small black thing on <hes> in her purse and i thought it was a dog when over to say hi pet dog turns out. It was a camera wicked embarrassing. Okay go to cancel technology cam girl. I love gadgets yeah right. There is by the way. I don't know if you guys do this but every time i see a dog on the train i always always take a picture of it is so funny like a dog on the train is just a weird thing. It's not actually supposed to be on the train either really have to be able to keep it in your hold it in a bag i i should get hammock for leroy interest so you see that that that person's breaking breaking the law no you should leroy hockey equipment bag cut holes in the bottom of they have his legs hanging out. We're just like four of us carried it on. I might have to do that actually if i could enlist your help leroy getting cataract surgery in like october yeah we should do do that. Yeah take him on the train down in a bag yeah okay. I'm down okay. I'll put still in in my baby bjorn thing yeah. We'll just all go to the fucking. I love that surgery a big family. <hes> took the afternoon off work for a dentist appointment that required me to take extra strength anxiety medication that knocked me. Unconscious showed up to the dentist ten minutes before supposed to supposed to kick in to find out. My appointment is next week. Oh that's tough but you get a bonus day. Yes you can always just tell your boss like day. Screwed up my appointment. I meant they had to push me to next week. Yeah that's actually a great day like you're on a little mini. Nobody she's he's about to be unconscious. That's fine. It's their problem. Here's the thing if you pass out somewhere. You are no longer required to remove yourself. That's somebody else at that point. Yeah <hes> all right. I'm stopping real quick brennan for a second. I just made a tax because i wanted to do something for you because you were nice. So what was the final <hes> charity that you guys paid <hes>. What do i get fifty two hundred. That's fucking awesome. It's awesome so i wanted to do a little something special. I just got the text back jack. We're gonna call. Josh allen real quick all right. We'll give them a little little. <hes> pump up gala alright just talk a little louder. I will what on up yo. We got our brennan here from buffalo. He's the biggest bills fan. He's going to give you a little encouragement for the season josh ready for tonight. Man you ready. We gotta be those colts tonight. Absolutely fantastic man how many eighty yard touchdown ninety yard touchdown when you throw in the day all right work. I'm working great. This is one of those situations like like babe ruth promising the kid in the hospital. Okay are you gonna. Are you gonna throw a touchdown for brendon tonight. What it sounds like josh since they play a lot of soft zone. You can guarantee guarantee a five yard completion tonight have unknown that the left side right side whatever looking for what should be looking for which side or we're just same named five or more yard completion for brendon josh allen guarantee. That's i mean that's a man of the people all right near. Josh allens a quarterback for the people josh. If you can't complete it will you come to my high school that i work at bishop timing. Will you come in and say boy. You can't get that five yarder yeah. This went from just a regular phone. Call too sorry. We just signed you up from for some stuff there. I good luck tonight. We'll talk to you later. Emails like the peace there <hes> fucking rare yeah. It's like early office thing. Meet peace peace out all right so there you go. You got the i'm in. That's the way we need to when we when he completes it we need. You need a text all your buddies at home. Which do they d._v._r. The game okay so when you when he gets a completion you're gonna get us the clip and we'll put it all together for you tweet from the guaranteed five if you've got five zone due to the only place to place that's going to do he'll get five year. Okay now. I'm getting at six. The first fiber more remind five or more all right <hes>. Let's get back jimbo's okay <hes>. Do we got here. We got hooked up with a girl. That's evidently evidently into slapping the shit out of people during sex she beat me up and it was a ten to eight round every time i kinda just roll with. It and i teach <hes> boxing classes so i felt like i couldn't just ask her to stop because it was painful awful. I'm supposed to hang out with her again and boy. Do i need some advice on how to knock. It wrecked during sex ooh number humbling ooh so this guy just basically wanted to brag that he had sex yeah. Okay we get it. I mean i think if you were to pull a hundred guys on the street and say hey you can have sex sex but you're gonna take five slaps to the face. I think ninety nine of them would say yes. <hes> even trade jimbo yeah not really jimbo. You just want to tell us yet which i understand. Stand get it yeah. You're the first time you ever want to brag to. Everyone just did jerry yeah. You wrote in to us and you're like hey i finally had sex. It was sick. I got caught being stoned and when my parents asked me if i was high i insisted i had in fact been crying as you might expect expect. They didn't take the bait that like i was in high school again. I'm twenty two and just graduated college and now my dad so upset. He's driving to the city to pick me up from work so we can talk with me. Not backup is your dad. Mike huckabee your dad twenty two years old that is he's out of the house where i assume zuma's out of the house and maybe not actually my roof my rules yeah yeah but still come on chill out this actually though oh is so funny because i feel like every kid in the history of kids has thought that they got by their parents when they were hired drunk and the parents always now oh they always always always always no although a good excuse better hey hey status visiting as well like yup. I always do an ankle smash mash. Hey if you've ever used a crying excuse wink. He can't see you yeah. I like replay all the times where it's like. Oh yeah my dad deal another. Yeah crying. Brian is pretty good. I also used the just went swimming at the pool right. There's a lot of chlorine yeah heavy chlorine day today yeah i just i always get hungry after you go for a little backstroke stroke i watched that <hes> the life of dogs movie whatever that just can't marlene me right sa- fucking tear jerker or that youtube girl are i just i moved to l. A. still haven't ran into russillo and the first friends me and my roommate made here were from his work and i- drunkenly broke their stripper pole at their apartment tonight. We all hung out okay. That's actually not jimbo because if you have a stripper pole at your apartment. I don't think there are any rules. That's basically saying to everyone no rules in in this house if you break something who the fuck cares agreed and it's much better that you broke a stripper came over and broke it because then that's lawsuits city right then you're in trouble i would love up to see like wonder the guy who got the stripper pole in their apartment. How bad failed actors are they yeah like they're definitely they've been in l._a. For a few years basically sleep playing swingers every night on friday nights like watching it <hes> stripper pole. This is sick. Yes sir. They're just playing n._h._l. Ninety four and ordering takeout and put the polls still in the back the way there's nothing more lonely pathetic than an apartment with triple when they're never strippers over yes oh hypothetically. I could have a stripper right now now. Oh on the other side of it what would be great is if you have a couple of floors and you have a fireman's pole. That's dream yeah. That would be a dream that is produced stairs firemen also if you have a stripper pole and you have strippers over you can also get an a._t._m. For your house and then charged like four ninety nine and transaction fees every time your friends take money out living in a strip club as gilbert arenas in west virginia when we were west virginia the a._t._m. Fee was guess three eighty dollars no other way. Oh really nine thirty five dollars. It's like how they made all their money jesus christ it was insane. People in west virginia have thirty five did i it was insane. It was in iran money yeah and they ran out of money. They ran out of once not that we would know. He's got one more here. <hes> went went to saratoga recently with my dad. Who's worked rented out a space in the new eighteen sixty three club real nice area with your own betting kiosks. My body gave me a tip and i hid a trifecta for roughly two hundred dollars on the first race. I went to bed on the second race and in the excitement of entering my picks i forgot to hit return balance in walked away didn't realize this until about fifteen minutes after and the kiosk has obviously been used since then lost about one hundred seventy dollars didn't win a single race the rest of the day but you know what gambling karma we'll eventually come back for you like that one. You'll get at some point. You're going to win a game. You shouldn't have one and you can be like yep. They're paid forward yeah. The gambling god's work. They they at least have a little bit of a heart sometimes <hes> all right brennan. Thank you so much. Can we get a prediction on the bills season. Oh yeah easily eleven and five. Oh it's gonna win the abc's this year <hes> we'll be right there. You know that that fourth day against the patriots you're gonna come down forward hank. You're gonna come down probably all right yeah. We definitely want to go back to bill's mafias offers that is that the one on christmas eve or whatever <hes> ono. That's the one in new england with <hes> okay so we do like in buffalo. Is i think whatever september number thirty s to early. You need to go to buffalo. We gotta go in like november. I like it for the bills. Though there is no big expectation buildup you'd much rather play the patriots. It's if you're one and three then if you're like ten and five and maybe you need this once again to the player and it's also very funny watching a bills game september and like the entire city of buffalo doesn't know how to deal with a suntan and they're all stuck in the sun and like what the hell is going on food real gross and sweaty lobster dammit <hes> <hes> all right so brennan. Thank you again for the charity awesome. Hopefully you guys yeah hopefully guys had fun and josh allen pass to happen as bishop time school. Yes there you go okay. That's our show stone cold steve austin coming on monday one of my favorite interviews we've ever done. Do i love you guys oil yeah. That was a little macho man your brother the details yeah the taste uh-huh yeah.

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