March 27 Hour 1 Greatest Nugget of All Time Debate | NFL, NFL Draft, and Roger Goodell


and then five minutes after the twelve o'clock hour welcome welcome. This is the whole show power to buy. Pdc energy this update for you. News related We'll get back into sports top experiment. Us House passes officially the two trillion dollar economic relief. Bill is American cases spread. So this is real. I know there's a lot of different opinions on that side of wanted to get that out there. First event is text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. Shoot me a text on our first advantage. Text Line three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. Colfax we got. We got a cool new segment coming up man. This is going to be a good thing. I think I'm really excited about this. And the Second Hour. I'm excited our movie slash. Tv show reviews. It's GonNa be official title Brady and Colefax review movies slash. Tv shows because there are no sports on TV. You'RE GONNA have to remember that because I can't I mean it's pretty straight figuring in these uncertain times Colfax. It is important to be crystal clear like I just. I really think that that's important right now. I have vanished text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. Our power to play sports poll question has a lot of people fired up. But I like that man. I liked that whole against getting after it already and I disagree with every one of you. So that's even better go to the whole show dot com to vote. Who IS THE GREATEST DENVER? Now get of all time. Nicola Yokich Chauncey billips to Kim Bay Matombo Carmelo Anthony Fat Lever. Alex English David Thompson. Dan Isel Byron back guys like Marcus. Camby Kenyon Martin Allen Iverson Jamal Murray boy. They didn't quite make the cut. Antonio mcdyess Lafond so else. They didn't make the cut because what? I'm looking for here is obviously talent but how much you your impact on the nuggets organization. So I wanna see where you guys are on this one. Go vote online at the whole show dot COM. Colfax any guesses as to. Who's WHO's leading this bad boy mellow Yokich and he just looked at my guess would have been Carmelo. Anthony mellows actually not getting much love at all. I mean he's he's getting some. Yeah well I guess. He's in. He's tied for second place right now. So there. You Go Alex English thirty percent of the Hogan's are saying Alex English which which makes sense. I mean he's right there now. I'm not going to be one of those guys. Colfax might GONNA be one of those guys that pretends. Oh well. I didn't watch Alex English but I did go back in time. And I watched every game that he played in full game. No didn't do that. My My parents my my dad and my brother loved Alex English. You look at his numbers. They were fantastic. You look at what he how. He led the Nuggets Organization. They did go to their first of two Western Conference finals. So He's right there for me for me. It's it's I got three guys that are in the top right now and we'll kind of go through that we'll sift through it but I definitely put Alex English there. I definitely put Carmelo Anthony there and I definitely put Nicole Yokich there. Those are my three and again. I didn't watch David Thomson. Alex English Dan Isel Byron Beck Fat Lever. Watch those guys play. I watched I mean I'm pretty young. I mean I don't necessarily remember when I'm not saying I'm young. I was pretty young. Matombo did his thing. I mean we all love to Kim back and then obviously he's a piece of part of one of the greatest moments in nuggets history when they pulled off the eight versus one seed. Upset over the Seattle Supersonics so that was one of the great moments in nuggets history which is also sad thing. I might point out now again. It's not a sad thing that is very rare for an eight seed to beat a one-seat obviously it's only happened like once or twice I think. But that's your greatest one of your greatest moments not a championship not winning the Western Conference finals. Not Breaking a record and wins in a regular season. It's not it's not that it's winning around and I believe they lost the next round so and that was a great moment. I'm not trying to take it away. So they can base certainly there. I'm curious to see what you guys think again. Go vote at the whole show dot com. And we'll go through. This juice mellow the best closer. The nuggets ever had again. Alex English would be up there with that. And that's based on just media coverage that you will get from this guy. That's based on his stats. That's based on how good this team really was. Dennis was a study. I mean he was five percent of the Hogan's are saying Daniel played that center position was was damn good at it too. But I'm not. I'm not going to go in that. Top Fat Lever obviously was great. But he's getting no love. He's getting three percent of the votes from the holy guns while Byron. Beck's getting just under two percent. David Thompson's fifteen tied with Carmelo. Anthony Nicola Yokich is seven percent just almost getting close to eight percent of the whole thing in that. The joker is right there. What does he need to do to get to that next step? He's been to the playoffs once they were going to go this year. So but that's now I may net may or may not count but the nuggets definitely were. They didn't lock it in yet but they would have had to lose like ninety percent of their final game. I think they had what twenty seventeen games remaining or something like that they would have. I think Colfax and I calculated it was like they'd had to lose fifteen seventeen. And then whoever was in the ninth spot would have to win fifteen out of seventeen so the odds of that happening were not very good at all. So yeah the nuggets were Nicole Yokich. You can go ahead and just put that in your brain mentally Nicole Yokich in the in. His Denver Nuggets made it to the playoffs twice whether or not we finished the season or not. The Nuggets would have been a playoff team so that counts. I think that does count in my book. Even though it wasn't locked in and it wasn't a hundred percent something very rare would have to happen that I don't even know that team falls out that by that much First advantage text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six weld county. Swami says he's got to get to the weld. Com FOR TO THE WELD conference took the Western Conference finals. Probably right if we're going to base it off of I'm going to base it off of stats but also team success. So individuals success is part of it longevity of your career with the nuggets as part of it but also what you did with your team. I mean you look at Carmelo. Anthony is see this is why I think Carmelo. Anthony deserves a lot more praise than he gets. You guys just hate him because he wanted traded and I understand that but when Alex English played for the nuggets they actually the year before. Alexander's came to the. They weren't very good but the year before that they were actually. Okay Win Carmelo. Anthony joined this team. They were terrible. They were awful and when he became a Denver Nugget they were never bad again ever for as long as he was Denver Nugget. They made it to the play-offs every single year. And so I mean to me yes. Alex English was one of the top. Nba Players in the NBA. At that time Carmelo was one of the best if not the best scorer in the NBA during his time. So I think that that's worth pointing out is when Alex came to this team. This was this was a group that was not necessarily as deep into the pits as they were when mellow got there. I mean nobody. The nuggets were winning. They were winning. Jeff Bezos Dalek was their head coach right and they want there was one year maybe two years before Mel Gibson. They won eleven games so they were bad. I mean they were. They were really bad and in the nineties. They were really bad. So you suffered in the late mid to late nineties so you suffered a lot of bad basketball and then Carmelo Anthony. Pompton English played with the nuggets. For what eight seasons and mellow about the same he was he was with Denver from what one two three four five six seven eight eight years. Inose eight years. They made it to the playoffs every year. They got eliminated in the first round every year. Save for the one year. They went to the Western Conference finals. But that was a damn good nuggets team and it did take Transi to get him there and I think that that's a knock on Mello's well whether they're close. I believe but Alex English played. He played a little a few more one. Two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve seasons with the nuggets so okay him in his career. You look at his numbers. He had great numbers. Great overall numbers to averaged twenty within. Let's just go with what he did with the nuggets? He averaged twenty five point. Nine points per game with the nuggets which is really good for assists per game about the six rebounds per game so those are great numbers and he was a pretty good defensive player when Carmelo was with Denver he averaged twenty four points per game which is crazy. I thought that was. I thought that would be a lot higher actually. He averaged about six rebounds per game three assists per game so those are some of the big stats that jump out at. You WanNa get your thoughts first advantage. Text Line three one nine nine six three one nine nine six county. Swami says it here. I think it's easy to forget. How how how good mellow was because he soiled the end of his career like farve did that and the way you left Denver. You Know Carmelo. Anthony is one of in in. This state. Is One of the most underrated players probably in Denver History? Because you hate the guy because he wanted out because he wanted to go to the Knicks to play. I understand the frustration. But this is that was going. That was kind of the start of but this is the way the NBA is. Now you're looking at the market. You WanNa go to where you either thinking where you're going to win or or what's the best market for you to grow your career and obviously with the Knicks. Didn't work out so much team wise but I mean he had one year where he averaged twenty eight points per game or twenty points per game with the next in two thousand twelve and two thousand nine. He did the same thing. Average twenty eight point so he had some huge years with the nuggets. But I also really like I like to look at the fact that when the nuggets were down in the I mean. This team was so bad. We didn't even talk about him and he pulled this team out of the depths out of the worst spot to be in the worst spot to be in the NBA. Now some people say being mediocre was the where spot because you never going to get better with picks and sure but constantly being the worst team in the NBA. Not Getting better. He just didn't isn't it's it's terrible. It's the worst spot to be. An mellow came in and took that team and they never missed the playoffs. They were leased. A legitimate team never really reached his full potential and I will agree with that mellow if he if he didn't he had an attitude early on. George Krall writes about an INS book. Now he says that was one of the most slash one of the most complicated players. I remember George Karl referencing. Something like mellow was if mellow at score thirty in a game but the nuggets were losing mellow was like. Come on guys. We can do this. We can do this. Come on if he had his thirty if he had his twenty-five but if if there was like three minutes left in the nuggets were down like seven and mellow sitting at fifteen. You saw mellow that was just. The energy was zapped. He wasn't there chauncey. Dr- chauncey referenced it to it wasn't there as much so mellow was one hundred percent would inject life into the team if he could get his individual game going right and that is not and that's why you never really took it to that leadership status to superstar status but talent wise on the on the scoring side of it. Even though English numbers are pretty similar. It's I still look at Carmelo. Anthony on the offensive side and say overall. He was better and what he did with with with that team in his time. Mclean says Alex English and mellow never got a first team. Nba Award Yokich has already in his young career. I was born in ninety six so I never watched Alex English play. And Yeah there's a lot of there's a lot of our whole against that don't that didn't watching and I didn't so I'm going to be fair on that. So five voting. I'm probably voting for either Carmelo Anthony or Nicole Yokich and if I'm going to say who's the best player between those two guys? I'm sorry I don't know that. It's a Western Conference finals. That yokich needs. I know he gets a lot of criticism I know gets is easy and shape. Does he want those frustrations are still real does win? How what motivates him but talent wise when Yokich is at his best. I'm I'm taking Nicola Yokich over Carmelo Anthony and Alex English. I think that his ability to pass being a seven footer. He passes better than most point guards if not all point guards in the NBA. He makes ridiculous. Passes AND BEING. Seven foot certainly helps. He has a pretty Nice Nice shot. The biggest knock on Yokich is that he doesn't. Maybe I'm spitballing here. But maybe doesn't believe in himself all the time. His defense isn't that great but Mella like didn't try and there is a difference when you watch a big man play defense. It's hard to say. They're not trying because their body and their body you'll get you just not built that way for some of the guys. He plays defense against his quick hands. Though mellow was just you know. He didn't go over screens and go on screens. He didn't communicate well. I've seen the joker tried to play defense and again mentally defenses a mental game so if you're mentally dedicated to playing defense you start to see some good things happen. Once in a while and steeler to a-block shot melody really have a lot. Big Defensive plays go vote at the whole show dot com would love to hear from you. the power to play sports poll question of the day who was the best nugget of all time and we got some great interaction on our facebook page as well facebook dot com slash whole show. Great Way to keep up with US twenty minutes after the hour. We'll talk about. Bruce Arians is Antonio Brown going to be a thing wide receiver of the future for the buccaneers. Now Tom Brady is there joe? Montana has some thoughts on the Patriots. Brady split we'll get to that. Also yesterday said day was supposed to be opening day. We've got some information from both rob Manfred and Major League Baseball and Roger Goodell when it comes to the NFL. So we'll get to that on the other side. This is the whole show powered by energy. We've got our official movie review coming up and it's not a movie though. Wouldn't that make sense? Our first movie review is is an episode one of Tiger King. Which is I watched more than that by the way but I told you I gave you a homework assignment. Colfax and we're staying true to number one. It's bizarre it's bizarre and I'm in love with this show. It's depressing and great at the same time. We'll be right back over sports and the UNC bears bringing news sports and talk to northern Colorado Thirteen ten KFI. Que Get Your Day. Started right with up-to-date news weather and sports mornings with Gail six. Am to nine. Am Weekdays on Thirteen Ten KFI K? This Jordan Davis from the University of Northern Colorado and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten KFI K. Many ways twenty six minutes after the hour. Welcome back to the show. This is the whole show powered by CDC energy. Our first advantage text line is three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. Call us at nine seven three five three thirteen ten. I'm an order out tonight from Windsor Mill Tavern excited about that. My wife and I have been looking forward to this nice Friday night and move down to the basement and watch some more tiger king probably Colfax so addicted to that stupid show. But we're well. I WanNa give our full thoughts on episode one. But we're not gonNA continue this next Friday by the way we're going to. Do you want my real thoughts on it. I'll tell you it throughout the week. But we're going to do something else next. Friday and I've already had a couple of suggestions so I don't know where we want to go with that Colfax. Yeah I mean we're not GONNA do every episode of Tiger King throughout the series. Now we got to spread out. Yeah so like movies at episode. Maybe we'll we'll probably get to the point where we review an entire season and do it. We literally came up with this idea yesterday and I could not watch the entire season. No there's enough. There's enough time there's enough time but we'd be really tired today and I get that. That was for work now. That's a part of our job. It's our part of our responsibility is to review stuff. So you know whether it's good or not but they're seven episodes and they're like forty seven minutes so the beast that's a beast and so we'll talk about episode one and we'll get your thought. Maybe we'll do like some bike. Podcast off air stuff if we want to go into the rest of the because I plan to finish it this weekend though I probably would. I think I can bus through Yeah I'll probably due to episodes tonight and to smarr. Wow this thing came out of the right time. But I do Windsor Mill Tavern. Check them out. Tell Him I sent you here from the whole show powered by energy Got Great Comfort food different types of food that you know your your regular burgers too. But I'm GONNA try the Bison Burgers they got the curbside takeout. They offer delivery as well. So give them a call. If you're interested tonight make it tonight. You know nine seven zero eight three three five one two four. Their website is Windsor Mill Tavern Dot Com and they have some great look and drinks. They get the old fashioned. They're open for takeout four to nine o'clock most nights anyway and you can go to their facebook page great They got the kids cheeseburgers with fries and Mac and cheese and all that too for six ninety five. You get all that. So they're doing. They're doing some really great things over there and giving back to like well foodbank doing some nice ones so check out their full menu there and in. Tell Him we sent you here from the whole show powered by energy twenty nine minutes after the hour. This is our big story of the Colefax presented by FMS bank banking made simple the NFL draft will go on as scheduled April. Twenty third through the twenty fifth. The Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a League wide memo distributed Thursday in his memo obtained by. Espn's Adam Schefter goodell served warning to those around the League who criticize the League's stance he wrote in the memo quote? Public Discussion of issues relating to the draft serves no useful purpose and it's and his grounds for disciplinary action into quote Goodell so the NFL Management Council executive committee mouthful met Thursday was unanimous. And that the draft should go forward as scheduled despite the corona virus pandemic that has disrupted work for most of the nation. He went on to say everyone recognizes that the public health conditions are highly uncertain and there is no assurance that we can select a different date and be confident that conditions will be significantly more favorable than they are today. He wrote good idea bad idea. I mean they're not gonNa have from what I'm telling. There is not going to be open to the public from what? I'm hearing right there in positive. Espn posted not open to the public. So good move by the NFL. I mean you gotTa make decisions on that kind of thing. Should they have tried to push it out a little bit more the NFL very much wanting to keep with their regular schedule as much as possible? Meaning get the draft in get Are they gonNA have? Ota's training camp like normal. I'm certainly hopeful you know. Obviously we hear Mark Cuban saying things like NBA could be rolling by late. May I'm right there with you? Mark I want to be the case so badly but I mean it's a crazy time you guys all are seeing the news everyday seeing different information every day and it's scary stuff going on for sure no question about it so you're wondering just you know that's a month away. Colfax that's a month away and you're getting a lot of people in the same building and I I don't I don't know I don't hate the idea because there's part of my brain. Colfax is like I just want to get back to normal. I Wanna I wanna find something I wanna find those sports guy for sure but then the other side is like wait. Is this a responsible thing? I don't know? Do you WanNa go through a mess with the entire virtual draft type thing. I mean that's that's not even the issue really. I mean this is what it is. This is what they're going to try to do. Is that set in stone? Who knows maybe things do change. I'm not sure but I was a little taken aback by Roger. Goodell's comments of hey basically don't don't say anything bad about this move. Don't go against this move because you could be punished for public. Discussion of issues relating to the draft serve no useful purpose and his grounds for disciplinary action. That sounds a little strange to me. I mean we talk about Roger Goodell time and we disagree with his decisions now. Suddenly this probably one of the I mean. This is a decision that the closest decision an. Nfl team can have when it comes to lives at stake. Is that correct? Yeah and you're going to say. Public Discussion of issues relating to the draft serves no useful purpose in his grounds for disciplinary action. Sofa player gets on a radio show and says he doesn't like this and it's a bad idea. They can be disciplined for that is. That's how I'm reading it. If a coach doesn't they can be disciplined for that. Sean Payton the head coach of the saints who had corona virus seems to be getting better. He can't make any comment on this and if he does he will be disciplined little interesting first advantage text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six our power to play sports poll question of the day. Who's the greatest nugget of all time? The claim says I'd take joker over mellow easy. A twenty ten ten stat line versus twenty five seven three stat line not to mention the unselfishness joke of Yokich also. Yokich will not get worse like melody. He's going to be great forever because the way he plays. He doesn't rely on athleticism or speed. Let me a pack that it's a good tax. I like that text. It it is. It's hard to just say he's going to be great forever because of the way he plays. I get where you're coming from though because his body might not wear and tear. But let's keep this in mind. They play him a lot of minutes and he plays for team Serbia whenever he can too so he is a guy is playing a lot of it. It's he's a seven footer. We've seen seven plus seven feet plus guys wear out over time so I get where you're coming from you know. He's not jumping up and down. Which which is probably easier on his knees a lot of MBA players are always jumping. And he's not not a jumper. He's not doing much of that. He has a slow pace. But it's also quick. The way passes the ball around. I actually agree with you McLean. He doesn't rely on athleticism or speed. I do think that his stat line is way more meaningful. He's triple doubles or meaningful. When you get them like joker when you get like Westbrook not so much but when you get them like Nicole Yokich they are meaningful and points are well and good. But I've said this about joker from day one. He's a superstar. He's an MVP caliber guy because of his unselfishness. My problem with the joker. Though if we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA play devil's advocate again. Is I don't like that. I have to push to get him to score. Didn't have to do that with mellow from what I know. You didn't have to do that with Alex English. That's my frustrate. That's what's keeping joker from being an obvious vote in my book now. I'm voting for joker. I've thought about this. I would vote for Nicole. Yokich right now. I think he is the best because he's overall better at everything defense different but again. We're talking about a seven foot center type player with a couple of small forwards different different tasks however Alex English is still get. He's getting thirty percent of the thirty. One percent of the votes joker. Now coming in at nine percent Chauncey billips at seven percent. Matombo is at twelve percent. Mellow is second still tied with David Thompson. At fourteen point five percent so go vote the whole show dot com. Let's see where you guys come out. Noobs as Alex English without question and Alex English says there. It's either mellow English or Yokich and it's tough for me but I am leaning toward Nicole. Yokich thirty six minutes after the hour doing a think. Another great sponsor of ours and that is on the rocks liquor. The weekends is almost here and boy. It has been a stray another strange week for us. And Man my heart continues to go out to all of those that are affected by this and all of those that are working through this folks in the hospitals hospital workers. I just think about them constantly and I hope you guys that will come across your thoughts today throughout the weekend maybe stop by on the rocks liquor toast do a little virtual toast or do an individual toaster house right before you you you put on some tire king and just thank everybody for all the hard work that they're doing. Whatever you do say a quick prayer give quick thought whatever about some of these folks that are that are going through these very difficult times and that we can all the ones that are still staying home still have that luxury be thankful for that as well so we think on the rocks liquor and what they've been doing to man. I mean getting that drive through rolling letting you do the call and get your order ready so you could just pop in and then get home to your family or get on whatever you gotta do. That's on the rocks liquor and they support local breweries to so you're supporting a local business and then a local business and then a local business which is us too so we appreciate you guys and continue to to show our sponsors some love on the rocks liquor thirty seven minutes after the hour. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Hey this is Mark Newton woody page dot Com and rockies rundown. You've made it to the bigs because you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Kfi A northern Colorado's sports station. Welcome back the whole show powered by. Pdc energy thanks to Auto Taylor another one of our amazing sponsors that keeps US rolling here. They they they're fantastic. Their of their vehicle diagnostics advanced more importantly they're accurate whether your engine is making a clunky noise or squealing sound. Their master technicians are there to assist in troubleshooting vehicle problems and explaining what's going on and easy to understand terms that's auto Taylor here in Greeley. Tell them we sent you here from the whole show powered by PDC energy. Nukes says I wish there was a way to see the age group. Who is voting for who as the greatest nugget ever? Yeah I I would be curious to see that too because mellows Mel is GonNa get a probably a lot more people around my age but also people around my age might vote for Nicola Yokich thirty something right because they saw the mellow days they appreciated the melodies but they also witnessing the Yokich days and you're seeing nuggets team that for two seasons in a row were considered top three top five team in the NBA last year. They were considered it. Wouldn't you agree a top five team in the NBA? And then this year depending on some rankings? They'd have them a seven or eight. But I mean that's why we ask the question yesterday's this nuggets roster one of the best roster's constructed. I'm with you. I want to know that answer as well. Text us on our first advantage text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six yesterday was supposed to be opening day I mean we're missing a lot. That's not that's not all you know we've been going through. March madness in every weekend hits like Oh there's another kovacs who knows man. Maybe you you get me this year. You know and I'm on that roof but doesn't look like that's going to be a case man. Yeah own rough rough gopher you stuck with sign for another. That's graphic. I still have the picture in my phone of of when you were up on the roof and also when when I think our intern one of our interns here made the sign for you really. Well done she. She did a good job. Yeah it's a giant sign and as soon as you walk into Colfax as office that you see that I lost the whole show bracket challenge. I don't even see it anymore. It's just like it's GonNa be strange if you ever lose it but now it's GonNa be there for another year. I know I know man. That's the worst thing I mean this this yes I'll take you yes I'll take it but no this is why. Yeah we're we're we're going to bring out a lot of hopefully fun topics throughout the next couple of weeks like this greatest nugget of all time in their votes all over the place here. Alex English has Kinda gone getting most of the votes and and I would say that that is most of what I hear but I think is. Do you think it's unfair for someone like me or you or Mcclain? Who says he was born in ninety six to vote on English? You can't vote on Alex English. Who would win and a one on one matchup between Carmelo Anthony and Alex English and again? It's hard new. Been those guys that watched both can answer that better but new. Here's where you got to be fair man. There's definitely that demographic of people that are like basketball was way more physical better back. Then I disagree. I see the athletes. Lebron James is probably the best athlete I've ever seen in my life. Love Him. I don't care. He's probably the best athlete I've ever seen in my life. I mean he is just he. I think he could've played football. Had No problem with that. But there's a sign that says. Hey was tougher back then. Well yeah maybe I don't like listen. I'm not one of those guys who say says James Harden could've survived back in those days. I do think James Harden is a good basketball player. He's also smart. He took advantage of the rules and he morphed his game accordingly so I think to be fair who knows he might have changed his style of play. But listen we've had some great basketball teams. We've had some great basketball players in every era. It just you know there. Is that old school version of people that say now. I was just tougher back de teams. Were better back then. It was a different class of basketball back. Then I mean the athletes now are go back and look at Larry Bird John. Stockton even go any a lot of these guys. Karl Level Karl Malone. They're big some of them. Were big but look at the athletes now. Dwight Howard is not really not really one of one of those guys. That is one of the greatest basketball players by any means but he's they're all like ripped. They're all huge. Now they're all I mean they're they're they're athletic. Ability is just second to none says say Bo Jackson's grace athlete. Because he played both played two sports. And I get where you're coming from there but look at Lebron man I mean the guy's a freak of nature and I think it's easy to say. Oh Jackson guys like Dion Sanders because they played a key to different sports. And we're pretty good at both and I and I get that but I at the same time I definitely go. You look at Lebron. He just that is if you were designing an athlete. A picture of an athlete. I think it's Lebron James. Imagine being tight end. Nfl I mean He. He's he's he's fast. He's clicking play point. He plays point guard for if he wants to be. He can play any position on the floor. And I think that that is to me. That's that is is not just not crossing over sports but crossing over positions as a tough thing to do. The Guy can play center and he can play Point Guard. He can play any position. Twelve forty eight the time. Let's take a quick break when we come back up come back. Kusila is saying. Hey there's a running back on this roster that should be treated with respect and I get it but he's also saying the he's also saying that this running back. The broncos picked up isn't even good enough to carry Philip Lindsay shoulder pads. I WanNa talk about that coming up next. This is the whole show powered by energy. You're listening to the hall's show powered by energy and thirteen ten KFI K. Brady will be back after the break the best. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI. I Guys Colin Coward host of the heard. What'S UP NORTHERN COLORADO? You're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten KFI K. Welcome back to the show the whole show powered by PC energy on this Friday afternoon. I avenged text. Line is three one nine nine six three one nine nine six Eden Country Club. Their website is eaten. C C Dot Net and I do want to thank them for their sponsorship of this program and can't wait to get out there in this difficult time and we had such a fun time last year was so and I know folks that are members just absolute rave about this place. You know what now you're sitting around if you have the funds if you're able to do it think about in country club that's eaten anything. Just check out their website right now and check out. Check it out from home right now or or. What have you eaten? Cdc Dot net first advantage text. Line three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. The Well County. Swamy says is brady arguing against the back in my day people. Normally we get the banjos coming from. Now we'll yeah. Yeah you can get the band back in Maine. Yea I like history. I Love Sports History for sure but I'm not going to be a guy that pretends that I. This is my favorite player because I watched him play when I pick a team when I what I argue with people and this is this the greatest team ever. Sometimes I can only argue one side. Colfax I am. I am a thirty-three-year-old Dude. So I didn't watch Alex English but I grew up with Alex. English stuff all over my. My Dad always collected clippings from newspapers of of Great Nuggets and stories and post them all around in his office. Love that because you walk around and you get a look at oh. English goes off for thirty eight points. A must win game for the night and you see that kind of stuff. You get to see a win in. Daniel was coach when he was a player then when he was a coach so yeah I grew up with that. My brother was a huge Alex. English fan had an Alex English Jersey. I still have it in my possession. I can't fit into it anymore but I have in my possession and so no I understand the greatness no question about it but from what I saw and let me let me just make this point. Okay Colfax I was trying to make this during the break. We're talking about when Alex English the year before Alex English joined the Denver Nuggets. He joined in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine nineteen eighty the year before that. No Alex English. The nuggets were forty seven and thirty five. They lost the first round of the playoffs. The Lakers the year before that there were forty eight and thirty four. They won the first round of the playoffs the year before that they were fifty and thirty two lost conference semifinals. Alex English is First Years Denver Nugget. They went thirty and fifty two no playoffs second year. Thirty seven forty forty five. No playoffs Carmelo Anthony when he joined this team in two thousand three the year before the before mellow got the nuggets nuggets were seventeen and sixty five the next year mellows rookie year forty. Three and thirty nine made it to the playoffs. That's my point about Carmelo Anthony. He took a seventeen win team the year before that twenty seven win team a team. That had not been over five hundred since boy. You gotta go way since one thousand nine hundred nineteen eighty nine hundred ninety. I guess when they had to run a team that not been over five hundred since then. So that's what I'm saying. Carmelo Anthony took team from the depths a team that was absolutely awful a laughing stock of the NBA and rescued them. That's my point. That's my point about Carmelo Anthony. The nuggets were actually a better team before English. Got There and they were bad at the first couple years mellow change the trajectory for a long long time for the nuggets. We'll talk more on the other side.

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