Charlo Doubleheader & UFC 253 (Adesanya Costa, Reyes Blachowicz) + McGregor Paquiao


Welcome to the fight with Teddy Atlas, I'm Ken Reid joined as always by the Voice of boxing and legendary trainer. The Great Teddy Atlas come into today from Sunny Las Vegas Nevada special in-person episode Teddy. How're you doing? Good Yeah it looks. As always thank you. Great. You gotTa turn dog just before we went on the air anytime. We're doing an impulse guys saying is he's staying. In another. Adjoining rooms have a nice. We hear. Really Nice. is in the adjoining room, I'll just in my makeup. Yeah you bruce all gone and magical makeup now. Healed up. Thank God take your Athletic Greens. Yeah. It helps definitely does no doubt about that and it helps if you move your head. You know best defense is not getting hit. What of course for the people that were listening to last podcast thankfully y'all k. you fell off your mom by come. Up a little bit but little bit you good now and I say to all the people out there please please you're out there doing exercise Dec- Ken, the great shapes and keep doing it. But if you're riding a bike, wear a helmet hundred percent. Home it. Might not be a podcast today. nope. NOPE definitely not and we've got a lot of stuff to cover today huge night of action. Last night, we had double header pay per views, Charles Brothers in action and UFC. Incredible fight all good fights to me. I was thoroughly entertained by every single one of the main combing and the means on both cards. But before we get into the UFC, let's break down these Charles Fights I got Jamaal Charles Oh inaction against surrogate revenue Chango. Very competitive fight in my opinion Carlos Jab looked to look to be the difference maker for the most part but. Let's hear what the expert has to say listen I hate to. Go against a little bit but I'm going to go against you a little bit and disagree a little bit. But you said it the right way. But I will say that it was a it was a very good one sided fight. WHO's a very good one sided fight because there was only one guy winning the fight overnight night long. But shallow got tested and that's what we all wanted to see. We wanted to to get tested. You know we wanna see champions as we want to see. People that are doing well unless you a psychopath and you see people do well, which feel bevy people out there that are in that category I really do get better people get better because I hope you all too. Well, hope everyone does well, and you should never begrudge somebody for doing well, but you do you get that on. Reminded of that on the Internet, or my kids can remind me because I don't go on. So he can't get me. Can't. You can't I'm I'm invisible I don't watch it but I know that it's out there and I know that people can be hateful and all that stuff and sometimes it's it's out of not having a live sometimes it's out of resentment sometimes it's out of whatever ridiculous places and should never be from those places you know we should all be we should be rooting for each other. Really. Agree and fill that. Maybe someone shooting for me back That's nice. That's called humanity. They're so nice things. Tonight's concept. We should try a little more y'all and So you know we all WanNa see. Everyone. Wanted to see sugaring Leonard get tested the golden boy town world and some out of jealousy. You know all cheesemaker money's in always fighting on network WANNA go metal. He worked his backside off to get their number one. Yeah. He's got God given talent, but he worked to develop it and but. There were people that didn't really give him his just to until. He got tested and I understand it. They wanted to see more than a talented guy. They wanted to see more than a flash a guy that had on extraordinarily fast hands a great smile. And did seven up commercials they wanted to see. The have that it. What would he do? I'M GONNA tough situation in my life people thinking what's he going to do when it gets tough? Does he have that it? will be find the way. Is he one of us? Is he tough. Is More than just golden more than Josh Shiny. As something beneath that, shine. and. Until he fought Roberto Duran and lost, he didn't really have the adulation of the respect and those kind of dimensions. You know he was known as a tremendous fighter, but any got it. In this way shallow to a certain extent even though he's been a champion for about five years, I'm not looking at the papers you guys who wants to back up on that but I know pretty much what I'm doing. I'm in a neighborhood he's been a champion about five years about eight title defenses with different titles and. He really hasn't for anybody's significant probably is best opponent was Austin trout and trout was probably on the other side of his career to be. Quite Frank we have a habit of being quite frank on this show. Way that's why I feel. So blessed with all the people that watch us that they don't mind the truth. Yeah, and that's nice to be reminded that I can still be something that people will isolate look for. And a lot of times if you don't see that nowadays people hide from it and we'll continue doing best in that department and he really. He really. This was his best Bowler Fighting Devon shankill they're very gentle and home. Again. Everyone knew that he's a good looking kid him and his brother they could do you know they could do They could do commercials I mean those guys could be models. You know they could be g Cuba him and but they want to see more than that. Yeah. All they fight is not can they fight all the fighters? Will they fight? Will they let you down? Or will they let you? Do they deserve this? That's what I was trying to get at. That's what People WanNa see, and that's what this fight was about. It was about Charles being tested maybe for the first time. And not to know if he was good but to know. If he could be trusted. If he deserved what he was getting. Hey guys just want to give a quick shout out to our newest sponsor power dot check him out of power dot dot com. My friend Lance Armstrong turned me onto this product about a year ago I've been using it for running recovery ever since I use it religiously it's incredible for. Injury Prevention Injury Rehab. Think of it as like a high-tech massage device Raub I've actually got it on now we. Went for a run. Rob's gut it on. I've got the device on my calf rob zoom in here to show you how active this thing is. It really passively activates the muscle causing like soft tissue, neuromuscular stimulation, which promotes blood flow recovery. 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With top nutritionists and doctors to create this formula, it's made from seventy five whole food sourced ingredients. It has vitamins minerals like I said, probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants think of it like an insurance policy for your body's health and immunity. Again, use the Promo Code. Atlas. At L. A. S. for a free one year supply of Vitamin D., which is from all. The research suggests that vitamin D is one of the most important supplements for strong immune system especially with the current Kovic situation. So give him a shot. Athletic Greens. And Sure. Enough. He fought terrific fight. But that moment came around the seventh round I don't know exactly right. But I know it was around there around the seventh round while the beginning of fight was all about the JAB. Shallows Longer Faster Snappier Jab Nice Jab. And it was Devin Goals Double Jab because he's shorter needs to to close the gap because you don't want told Javid be left. Hanging, out in the middle of Lexington Avenue and Broadway. Hispanic traffic comes. Get hit by a car or punch. She wanted to close the gap and so he needed to raise his who strong the accurate his jeff was good too. But Charles was better. It was all about the JEB early on and as I always say it's about geography who owned the geography they needed to own. In that ring to the most part who was most consistent with having the right geography and I think Charle went and visited a realtor. In all and got a little bit of A little bit of advice from good real to that said, hey, and you fight coming up. It's about location location location. And he was cognizant of that. You could see he was going to control that outside try to. Try. To make different Shaneco go through a bad neighborhood and get mugged Yep make them earn his way in control real state control real estate. Control geography keep geography you need, and Challah was doing that for the most part. And then. Came the seventh round. And he got tested because Shaikha was that that. Mako. breakpoint way had to really up the octane. He really had to go to com free or four five to turn around, and he did and all of a sudden fight looked like momentum was going to swing in a different direction. He started doing it. I was like whoa now it's a fight. Because of in life. People have heard me say this before. You're not in a fight. On. So there's resistance something to overcome. You're not. It's just an athletic division up to that point. And if you're more athletic than the nick and I'm talking about maybe athletically mentally to. Mentor athleticism you in a boardroom, you're not challenged you're in a courtroom you're not challenged. Your doctor, you're not challenged. But then all of a sudden one day you get challenged, you open up a person, the things that are supposed to be there that not. The the things that the biology book to medical school told you was it's different. Some arteries got pushed around in a car accident something got changed. Oh. My goodness. Now, you find out if your doctor. Sue same thing in life with everything. Now you find out if the guy's a fighter when there's something overcome and it was something over calm. In that, after that seven I was watching. Like Hawkeye this, see how shallow would behave. and He came back in the eighth I. Think it was the eighth eighth. And he gave a champion he behaved the way that. You want you guys to behave. Whether the heroes whether the what have you WANNA call it but you want them to behave. Duran forced Leonard to be in a situation of first time where you saw more than the talent. We got to see sugar. Ray. Leonard, how he behaved and he behaved like a fighter. Shallow one but I think that analogy is fair. and. It's. It's right and people I got to give a little more respect for Challah. Because I saw it. Some people say could win long ago but there was spies even later in a fight when again when Devon Shaneco made a little run. And tested more than the athleticism more than the XS and Os more than a technique more than physical talent of cello. What's inside? So. For me that's what this fight was about really and listened for full disclosure because if you're going to be candid, you're going to be candid on both sides of the street right when you call someone else out and you call yourself out. I said different tranquil would have a good shot to upset the big favorite shallow I was wrong. But. I was right. In a way that. He was going to be tested. There was going to be a reason to think that can happen that at least that at least that justified my pick for me is that. It showed that there was a reason to think but Challah proved or turned out to be what it we supposed to be. To make them the favorite. He, he proved to make the oddsmakers, right. By having what had to be there when that moment came and he did. But. What was right about was his brother we'll get to that later but I said also doing that show that his brother against Rosero would either win one sided fight of very unanimous. Thing. Is Very unanimous is. One sided unanimous, unanimous or not. disease or he would stop them the knife and we stopped at the Eighth Yep. That's close. That's not too bad. So maybe you people out there you know. That have to Dartboard with my pick shot it. Away from my nose. You know a little bit this week you know appreciated because I up for a little bit there. But at the end of the day, no excuses, there's no excuses in life. There's no excuse in this business. Challah was better guy but he had to prove use a better guy. Yup Not not just the fast guy or the flesh guy. Would you often is with the way that they match lot the fighters over there quite frankly everywhere I shouldn't say just Dan PBC, and you know but everywhere. That's the that's what they do they. They looked at give their guy obviously an edge until they finally get to a fight. That's so big and the money demands. that. You can't be having you cake any to. where it becomes a fifty fifty Friday now you know. But other than that, it's not going to be with these promoters they're going to protect the stable they're going to protect their piece of property they're going to protect their investments you know. No matter what you people think no matter what you demand no matter what you WanNa Liz you demand loud enough. Strong. Enough. then. Sometimes you get what you want. But. Thing that ever jangled did wrong. I know that in certain areas, he's not as good from a physical standpoint, but he's a tough guy they both are but it's tough son of a gun. But what he did I thought he could have done better. That the corner maybe I don't know if they whispered this zero or not. But obviously wasn't gonNA it was about geography again, Charro control the geography needed on the outside we had an edge faster you know. Just, his style set him up to be on the outside long ago tall And he he? He made it defied where needed to be for the most part, but Devin jangled early poets, the fight, and even later was able to get inside spots, but he didn't stay there. You know custom model would've went nuts he would frigging hit me with a with a two by four If I had a fighter doing that he was what is wrong with you you you. You know you can't went on the outside he has to get inside. You know he has to go through danger to get inside right he's got to take risks because trolley was doing a Helluva Java counterpunching very you heard couple times you know catch them coming in, but once you get in clean stay that. What are you doing I? Go back out. They take the risk all over again to get to where you need to get to if you have a chance to win the fight. And that was the one thing those little frustrating you're watching US different got in but then he'd go back out and for you people are saying shallow hand in his own handled on a little bit on. I'll give you that, but it doesn't matter because Solo could win has a better chance on the outside and he could Winnie the place but Devon shackled could only win one place. He ain't winning on the outside he has to be inside even if there is an inherent risk. So that was that was the thing that I thought broke down for me as far as what I'm supposed to bring to the fans Hopefully, I, do as far as you know the analysis that he should have stayed in and worked you know and and got himself comfortable's setup a tent you know had breakfast. Have dinner you stay there and work And Not Go back outside where you gotta be trying to get it again two seconds later. Again at the end of the day. What does fight meant to me? Was Follow. Proven himself I'm not saying he pulled himself through Manila but you know. Around but there was spots. And I was glad to see those spots that he had to show his worth in that area. Yeah. In fact, I thought that was one little spot where his body language changed a little bit to the negative cello. I'm sure most people. I don't know if they're going see it or be. Aware of it. But just where like after that seven trial almost. Not, Sun. It was later it was a few rounds later but he he did what we expect champions to do when tested. He got it right now he got the you know the ship was hit a couple of waves and Started going. A little bit north when it's supposed to go, he got it back contract if there was ever a fight that that. Led credence to your geography analogy I felt like it was this this fight because every single time deriving chango found himself on the outside getting set in the in at the exact wrong distance. Charl just popped shot at him in like pick them apart with with punches and his face looked like it but then he'd worked to get inside and you'd think he was gonna stay there and to your point. Second later Charlwood jabbing in from the outside again. But I. I thought it was to fight the game them respect because. This was the guy he was fighting who I always the best opponent that he's facing I. Think you agree definitely but. This is a guy who had. A lot of people be triple j you now look I. Think it's a shop one triple J so I'm going to qualify it. Definitely a lot of people thought he. I think you thought I wouldn't have had a problem with him getting the winning that fight it was razor and a guy who who fought. You know really any Jacob site with Danny Jacobs. So. There was merit to there's opponent real. And again, reason to say, Hey, let's see how he behaves. Charles deserves a lot of credit there. They actually they both do are now I want to I wanted to say one of there was a fight before the fight. Not a stance. But. There was a fight in a way that. SHOWTIME THE EXECUTIVES THE PEOPLE THERE whether it says for nosers it's hayme calls all the shots there. Really. he's the wizard of Oz. But. There was a battle of fight. To have to be one at figured out. Before the ring and that was the fight. With the UFC. Two. They made a decision to go on before the UFC. First. Of all the charging seventy five dollars. I don't know how that numbers but I got an idea. But and it was decent card but for seventy five dollars and then you're going up against a UFC. they made a decision you could see it they. They blinked they've blinked a little bit where and they'd be in boxing and PBC and showtime people because. They went on early. Would their best fight yup? That's not the way she. Did because they wanted to get in there. They wanted to get off the road for the caravan came. For the Big Fellas came and listen you fans out there. That are trying to attack me a little bit on. On twitter twitter twitter, whatever they call that thing. That I do now, my man rob takes care of it. On my right it robs the wizard of Oz. And he gets it out there for me But those guys that are giving me a little grief. You know what? First of all you're right. That that I've been. More. PUSHING UFC and I'm boxing guy, my whole life forty, five years maybe a little more and Yeah you know I gotcha but your question and really I think let me just fair question. I'm here to report. What's going on on the WEATHERMAN. I gotTa Tell You rain. Or of it's. Snowing. Over, it's going to be sunny. Given us a lot of study as. I've knows for you. It's been rainy. A little rainy. I'm not supposed to be. Portraying. God. You know. I'm just. I know the whole g Teddy's giving love to the UFC daddy drain US portray no one. I never betray. No, I'm not about to start at now at this point my life Okay. But. If you put on a lot of fights over them, less Monzon with Z. is where the heck it's been. They were the first ones out with and they're all spawn sessions and you was seized putting on your. Fights fights warmer supposed to say not saying and I'd say that I'm I'm interested in and I appreciate. The competitiveness that they're giving us the right I'm going to say it and part of his for you knuckleheads. That that you're aware that you know to get an umbrella. When you walk out so you don't get rained on. So that's all I'm not upset. I just figured. I straighten that out a little bit because. That's my. That's what I needed to say because. Again. They they won't put these will good fights put. They haven't been doing that and you of C. has. You know. And I use a Monica finished my argument on my statement with this I use a Monica that the Charles who was there night and the child who's had his Monica saying. Lions only K. Beautiful that represents boxing lions only sounds good. It's great. Beautiful. Okay. If it's lions only fine. I'm there. I wouldn't be saying that. But when it's lions in there with. Not Lying some. Really I don't know why but it hasn't been a lot of Lyons who lines that I've been saying. You got lines in there with prairie dogs. You. Know what if I want to see that I'm going to zoo when it's feeding time for the Lions? I'm going you know. Putting on. Putting it on my calendar that I gotTa Watch you know whether it's this whatever promotion it is a whatever network it is. I can watch it at this time and be away from something else to watch it. I'm not doing Y and I'm not lying to you guys. Lions. So needed to get that out of the way before we closed his up and also like to make a note of some of the fights that were the preliminary fights can again I don't know if we're the policemen of this stuff but. We didn't ask for the job but. Sometimes the job has for you. And I'm just I got a point out again. It's not the worst of the worst, but there was a fight. You gotta respect every fight and these guys this pinal he's thirty, five years. Old Twenty, one four. You saw the fight probably enrollment Yup and moments to yoga guy by Old Warhorse I. Think it's fair. Journeyman. Thirty five years old both southpaws and. Moments too strong a younger guy common common trying to break them down pianos boxing. He's doing a hell of a job winning a fight. I mean he's winning a fight and he's boxing. He's doing what he's got to. He's not getting involved in two. beat them to the punch. He's Potshot and Romano. Roman I'm sorry he's pod shot enrollment is he comes in, you know drawn the geography. And potshot them coming in moving to the sides, keeping them off balance and you know, and you wonder how long can you keep it up and then he was gonna fight and then as we went down the stretch as expected Roman a younger guy with all that pressure pressure breaks, pipes, pressure breaks, humans you know he started getting into them a little more. So there's no doubt that Roman came on in the last few rounds get manufacturer free Mr Spot Romans scored a knockdown in the last round just before the bell and a reference to Yeah Oh, that was a bad miss. And it could have been really important but it wasn't important. You know why that's why I'm talking about this. Because there's a reason why piano was like Plus twenty four, hundred dollars or two, hundred, million dollars with might as well. But he was a big dog is the reason why? Because the judge made their concept for the fight started yeah I said Yeah I'm tired of it but and this is one way or this has been fine all these nobody a care because it wasn't a big you know. Marquee. Why should we care about this kid? He deserved to at least be I'm not saying anyone he could have won but I'm saying that he deserved to be a to hear those scores really close. They should have been close and they want. And it was just proved that. The oddsmakers knew what they knew to make him the big favorite because. The judges would never gonNA give a chance because the other guy was to house fight the judges would never he and he didn't have a chance because even though it was a close fight. And it came down the stretch. They didn't have a judge like that at all. I'm just sick and tired of seeing that and I'm sick and tired of me only talking about the ones that are the big names, I wanna talk about the little guys too. Yeah. They put their blood and sweat and tears into the sport. They need to be looked out for somebody's gotta say. A change a damn thing but I'm going to keep saying it. But. Just. I just had to say that again, the schools proved, why would you talk the judges scorecards they had to be made up for the fight. And how? You see a judge with an array tons penciled. Can can look out. What? A At the end of the day. Also. The commentators midst I like fight is to get credit. For. What they doing other than being tough. And doing what most people would not be inclined to do going in that ring and facing yourself quite frankly. But. This. The moment made a beautiful move and nobody mentioned it, and that's the sweet science he was in the South Pole position. It was once I don't remember what was can but it was in the South Popa and suddenly. He switched right in the middle of an exchange with can be dangerous. He's switched to author dogs. Perfectly, just two cats were left took. Beautiful. Beautiful it like going to the Museum of Art scene a Picasso, the first time. Wow. and. He just switched and like he was in his position, you know he's over here and then he made sense he switched bang hoke was there because he switch any quarter of beautiful punch not to mention. Not much not a mention. you know I kind of get with cheese. Yeah now. None of much you know what I mean. Leave the onions out. Not a much out in the marist didn't have his best night we'll give them. I'm sure. Just Mars yeah, I mean it's a collective team. It's a team there. I mean I like Mars I, respect anyone who been in there. There's been in there and Don at Mars has been in. Don It. And you know. and was in a great fight I mean he's won world titles who's in a great fight with with crews with Santa Cruz unbelievable I matter of fact, quote that fight for years pin outdoors I think it wasn't in California So now I'm not saying him I'm just saying collectively like you know what I don't know if they allow us to talk more than four minutes. I mean the poor kid. He. Gets permission to talk because I like to hear what he's saying because he's done it. Yeah. He he's done it. Yup He's actually been there. You know if I'm going to have somebody paint my house I'd like to know that he painted houses. He's going to tell you how to paint and painted. Exactly you know I like to. I like to see dungarees with a few spots of paint on. Your. Point about the fights showtime rush to get that good fight Darren Chango and revie Chang going. Carlo on before the UFC main card started but I didn't understand shoehorning in that morning combat show and I like those guys who Thomas and the other guy. But that show in the talk show in the middle of the boxing cards so that they could wait until didn't have remote feel to that. No I'm not gonNA those guys I mean. A feel to it had a feel like we can't have our main events start until the US's over and that's exactly. It did because when the UFC. Over the harlow. Like you'll be conned. The two cello fights were awesome. I have no problem but. Instead of telling you. Hey, hey, guys. This is what we're doing. Yeah. Yeah. You know what I mean like if you go on a long trip with your family, you know you say someone's gotTa to go to the bathroom. We're GONNA pull over into the service. There's a reason. Yeah right and you explain it does anyone have to go to bathroom K. we're gonNA pull over gotta get something to drink. Hungry Yeah I. Don't have as in the middle of a show in the middle of momentum. You know good fight fake very, and then all of a sudden you know sitting in a service station and because then everyone's GonNa take out their phones and stop playing that silly game that sometimes frustrates me when I want my wife to watch a movie with me and she's playing that thing with the things that are bouncing up and tetris. Yeah. She's good at it. Yeah. Just saying now you could somebody. Be Honest with us. Guys. We gotta make believe rain delay something. Yeah and the guys doing the show I liked them. But my God talk show in middle of that car didn't make any sense at all. But nevertheless, like I said, I was too over quickly after the checked out saw Jamaal Charles and Jason Rosario was very good flight. Super entertaining curious to hear your thoughts on the. Finishes with the job to the belly Look like it knocked the wind out him. But I'm curious to hear what you thought of that knocked down because it almost looked like Rosario was convulsing. To the point where I thought something must maybe maybe had an injury that wasn't being reported because I've never seen anyone behave like that from a punch in the stomach but. I mean listen first of all I'll tell you what it wasn't wasn't what they first reported was it wasn't a solar plexus punch. Him in the belts over one, it deflected off his elbow. And it hit him in the low body in the low adamant abdomen. I'll tell you it was dramatic reaction You don't need Teddy Atlas to tell you that but. It was surprising. Was it was a it was a strange. Punch. Yeah. again, being honest I'm not making stuff up for the sake of making pumped to sound is way way that would would be more comfortable for people to say, okay, it was definitive because when it can't be I'm not going to be. Installed, that's the truth. And It was a strange bunch was a strange situation where it deflects office elbow, hit some in the lower body and then he gets this kind of reaction from it. Hey, it's possible and was there. We watched it you know To people sometimes when they've given up. Again. Probably knows who go down his pants but now when people. Give Up. get broken down when when you're when you're wind has been taken out of your mind more than just your body and then the body follows When you spirit has been. Damaged to you because two rounds early got trump when he was doing good and I want a change to whole face the fights, the momentum of the fight direction of the but. To people sometimes exaggerate an injury when they've given up and maybe even subconsciously not even consciously because they just. A combination of two, they don't WanNa be there no more. Yeah and does that happen sometimes when they add to it because they get hurt but they they definitely in that situation they've given up hope the one thing that when you lose hope it's over. I mean in life it's over and does that happen even to our great Warriors. It can happen to to some of them you know to not maybe not to the great one but. But anyone who gets in a ring to a certain extent is. Somebody that I give special admiration towards because that's damn hard thing to do to get shape of truth and that screwed circle and face another man. And to sometimes you get. Discouraged and. Beaten mentally where it reflects physically to man happens. Am I say that's what he did. No, I'm not saying that. But I think it's my job to put out everything that I've witnessed in my life. That I know exist in this domain. There's some people may not notice this in this domain. You know. To to the. People out there watching have you ever been in a situation where maybe you didn't even realize it but you know you got so beaten down mentally not even physically maybe emotionally that is started giving up maybe on a relationship maybe maybe in a business situation you started like. Given in a little bit. You know. trying to avoid things trying to avoid what? As opposed to avoid the battle, it doesn't have to be a physical battle. As, anybody ever been in In the boardrooms there where They went down the hallway. And all of a sudden. One of the execs came walking down. And they knew that they had to have a confrontation. And all of a sudden next thing you know they've found themselves. You know sometimes you drive a car I know I've done this and the colleges takes me somewhere and I say, how did I get here? So I'm constantly it took me somewhere that ever happened to you not in the crock driving a car and you wind up somewhere was on your mind was whatever and you didn't you meant to go somewhere else and all of a sudden. You just make you know next thing you know what am I going over here I'm supposed to be going. To this place you know. You know what I mean that ever happened just takes you somewhere no but a lot of times I've had things. Where I knew I didn't WANNA. Do It in subconsciously I think my mind was I'm going to ignore this and the next thing I know I looked down. I'm like, Oh my God I missed that meeting. Why did you do it and I knew I it do it. So well, I've been in a call where. My mind is all of a sudden and you know I might catch myself. I wasn't supposed to go here. But. You know it's not like I was sleepwalking but is consciously you you went where you might took give because. He was it was Kinda engineered in there. Well, you guys in a boardroom and all of a sudden had executive comes walking down and all of a sudden he finds himself in front of a water found. He didn't. He didn't come walking down that hole to go get water. And he's in front of the one of. And and just. Just happens to be that he stays there just long enough for the kind of path with his head down. Come on. Come on kind right. It happens life. Yeah. It's these things happen and. I'm just saying that. I'm GonNa go through the whole fight the fight say this. Obviously. Got Hurt. Rosero. Came ready to win that fight. He came prepared with the fight plenty was tucked up. He was more tucked up than money won the title. He was more defensively savvy responsible. It was talked up he was using his jab beautifully he was walking in behind the JAB neutralizing shallow keeping Charles from counterpunching really keeping follow defensive has he came in like I used to say on ESPN corner fights it was putting bugs on a windshield. Making it harder for the guy to see him coming you know, and that's what you supposed to do. He's coming in by the JEB where it's keeping other guy defensive allowing them to get in again, neutralize another guy controlling the other guy he did a magnificent i. but what happened in the first round of gets caught Charles comes out winging, catch them on top of the head and he drops them. So that's sometimes difficult to overcome. Bang you gotta today round coming out to shoot right you I startled offense and it's the big one for the belts so. That's that's something overcome. So takes him to routes to come third fourth fifth round. I. Had them with an alternate routes I had them into verse would enforce Rounds Six and I said Gee guys. He's tested Challah the brother and he he's in control of this fight I don't care what anyone's I know what I'm saying he's in control this fight I. Don't. I don't know what charges had although I did the one judge that I have is not a lot of judges that trust but a few of my. Steve, Weisfeld from Jersey he's pretty he's pretty consistent pretty I. Think he's honest and he he had close and I bet you Ilab your. But I thought it deserved to be because I thought that after that bad start. That Rosero got back fight and got in maybe even in front of the fight. You know you gotTa overcome that ten a to get it but he was on a verge of winning four straight and doing it simple talked up coming in behind the Jab and when he got close, he's banging the body got one forgoing low and all that. But he was he was getting what he wanted. Yeah. Controlling the outside on his way in. Keeping a guy defensive from potshot. No. Neutralizing a guy so to speak and then banging the body when he got close who's fighting a beautiful fight I, sometimes people have to get over you gotta get over the bad start that. That's part of winning the title. Sometimes that's part of life. If if we didn't overcome bed starts how many of us will be successful? Dot To. Money. So that's part of it. And he overcame that and he was on his way going into six round on my card, winning four straight rounds, and then at the end of the round he gets caught. A. Really Nice Kennel of took from shallow. Give them credit he stepped back according coming in on the temple. He got hit on his journey got dropped on top of the head on the temple. He gets dropped at changes everything and then and then figuratively. To win came out of his sails. In a bad spot after. The win came out and you could just see his body language everything chains like like he knew he was doing good news feel good and then all of a sudden, it's like this is kind of like destroy the protocols spiky. He never really got himself back and then the eighth round this happens. So you know. So the rest of it goes down the toilet, you know people forget about all that stuff by letting you forget you know he he came ready to win that fight give credit. He didn't win the fight, but he came ready. He came prepared he he was just you know. Chuck things. You know he was just going to crap table and drawn some coins up there he he had a plan. He had a plan. No, you're good at the crap. You gotTA play. Do you not play goes, Mambas. Money I always follow the plan anyway. That's that's what I saw in that in that fight and Of course it was shallow night, right? Yeah. Talked both Charles good good night football to them I think they both were tested at times both came out with victories. Jerry. One of the guys want to take shots like you said at the beginning of that, I'm not paying enough tension sometimes a box again. I'm always paying attention. But always gonNa tell you if take good I'm GonNa pay more attention and I'm going to say they're not good. And maybe pay less because. It's about earning the right. To. Have somebody watching you. And if you need any more proof. That you have see has boxes my sport, my life. But the truth is that it's replaced. Boxing has the number one combat sport right now if you need other proof other than the numbers that enough the numbers that doing. It's no comparison. But other than that. My tweet. I get five hundred times more responses when I tweet on UFC and rob could attest to that. Right. We got a Bible here. I get five hundred more response to a tweet that they do and boxing. So you guys want to make me feel a little different. tweet respond to the trade sent then. I. Don't sleep with somewhere because the fights won't good. Anyway. Well, speaking a box in the UFC. Oh, before we get into the paper fuel and get your thoughts on. Potential fight that was announced by. Conor McGregor against Manny Pacquiao. I can't imagine that this one goes very long. I think that this is just my opinion on the Mayweather McGregor fight I thought Mayweather. Almost carried him for nine rounds until he decided to pick it up and then just got him out of there but I can't imagine pack. Yeah. Coming out as defensive or as. Focused on counterpunching as floyd I don't know this this fight. It's almost like a sideshow to me at this point. But wanted to get your thoughts on now a pack down McGregor no listen. I didn't even know you're going to bring it up, but it's an automaker. It's an region and it's out there. We try to cover everything for you guys you guys. So first of all, I disagree with you. On one. Floyd didn't. Carry McGregor. McGregor earned the right. To Get Credit for his performance but this a couple reasons a couple things at play here that that made it happen. One Floyd was forty years saw that's number one. He been inactive for two years. Right to an years going into that fight and you know. So that's that's number one that that has that alone. Is Going to Compromise fighter that's that's going to have his effect. Okay. So so again, active forty years old. And Floyd to counterpart. That's how he made his living. So we got fifty. That's how he became Floyd Money Mayweather He's a counterpunch. We don't go after you for the most part that's not as forte. That's not his thing. You, know. It's like we'll talk about house painters for that's like your house painter do you have to put up cabinets? You know what I mean. He pays. And if he's on, he's going to tell you put captain sub. You know can yeah. I, I paint because my put him up there might be crooked. So. Floyd was forced because Kinda wasn't engaged with them when connor was gonNA use his length which he did in his southpaw stance and box on the outside and he did a good. Game All the credit in the world to Kinda. SMART. He's a small promoter. He's smart dad he's he can't be one and then nabbed the other. Yeah. YOU SMARTER NOT SMART. He's smart. He knows how to make money knows what to do. He's a a promoter, Mike Floyd and like mom and Allio I mean this guy he's extrordinary and that's why I made so much money. He was able to sell this put himself in that spot and get people to come and believe. So he gave himself his best chance McGregor. Understand geography. Again that he needed to be on outside, he was long south southport he was going to box on the outside try to give routes. To survive tried to see what happened if he could get into the fight longer and. That's what he did and he was allowed to do it because of the age because of the amount of time that floyd been off and more at least it helped him he deserves credit for doing it but it helped him. BECAUSE FLOYD AIN'T GONNA go get you. Floyd is is not designed that way. So it took a while for Floyd really realize. I better go get this guy because I actually. I. Doing it for sportscenter. And I have no problem saying I macgregor a lot of box. Guys will love me even more for this. I Macgregor winning would federally you had it? Any other way I don't think he'd be an honest. Yeah, he was. But you knew we was winning the battle going GONNA lose the war kind of situation. He wasn't GonNa win at the end of the night because you could see was getting to him but he's started putting pressure on because he knew he needed to. So he covered up what did you do? This this floyd off patio because he volved her latest stage in his career where he wasn't doing that as much legs while while he's moving is using his legs against canal but when he four-pack Yahoos packed, who's just potshot no right hand. So for some reason Paki, our training never made an adjustment to get hit with right hands on I long lead right hands and they got beat basically with that punch but. It lets people say CAPAC compromised with his show I don't know look like he threw the push it pretty good to make I don't know but. Whatever and pack as a great fighter. But. Floyd. Oh you need to know is he he he went into the peekaboo? Forgive me. That I'm going to. But if you want to learn about the people you go to they NAMIC STRIKING DOT com. Yeah and Doing videos, I did the basics and excuse me for being this. Myself Too low myself to this. Commercials of myself but. They don't pay me here. Okay. So I got a I got to do some. He gets paid. Nath. Let it green supplements. Thank God. Thank God especially with we have. This hedy and Got To be hydrated and GONNA be able to survive the environment. Thank God. But other than that, I got to pick up a couple shillings. You know here and there and listen all kidding aside it's a great company that masses and what they do make in. Combat. Videos. To the best in the world and they've been good enough to come to me and dynamic striking I've done the. Fundamentals of bogs and that's up there the peekaboo. It's up there and And then the last one that we just did it's going to be open about a week or so the fourteen grade signature punches of the great fighters in the history of the sport signature punches ain't. By the way we talked about the solar plexus punch that wasn't I showed the Solo Flex Punch to was. Bob Fitzsimmons. The real the real solo plugs punch but I digress purposely and getting back. Getting back to this, floyd talked up peachable and he just walked in and that's not his way but he knew he had to and he broke down Conn for the takeaway round comes about events and he finally pulled out with the pressure and reason it took so long was because he was doing only do he realized it took him about four rounds to realize oh shoot. I might actually be losing his fight I figured get on the ball here and just fight the guy just go get the guy put them in an uncomfortable place. We've not used to go knees rounds. You know where you where you only can do this fight box and I'm GonNa take advantage of my experience and And being a great fighter, a great champion I'm going to walk them down and get it done. Do what I gotTa do, and that's what the great ones don't. He did it. You know and I think that. I think this fight. With Paquito. A. Couple the couple of the same things there. So people forget packers forty three, but he could make him forget by how marvelous he's been performing. Isn't it extraordinary? Pete's Keith Thurman a young guys unbelievable real good fighter Keith Irving had been off. Stuff going on a lot of people don't point out but Keith. Thurman had been off about two years two and a half years we surgery and different stuff at any had one fight back. And he didn't look. No, he got hurt. He didn't look good against the tough guy but a guy that shouldn't give him that tough fight probably and a guy who had moved on from junior welterweight. Full pledge while two-way but he He really. He peaky Thurman. So he's like forty two years old down money. And you know. So he he's definitely not in the prime even though he's been again, I have to say he's been. Fooling everyone shock and everyone doing extraordinary a tenth round. Thank you see. That's why robs the best you know I feel. So like I'm in such a professional environment here. No really it was like being back at espn you know put better. Better, you don't. Get it right there. It took him ten miles to bring him down. Satan, he finally got to him and but in this fight with. This proposed fight is not major it'll take. No I think they have the same manager. Yeah. They do crack Yo in McGregor. So it probably could be made because you know people love these things. They loved these these crossover fights with celebrity type fighters, names were they get excited about it. You know and they think that it's supposed to the two different sports fans. Oh Yeah. We're. You know the mixed Maheshwari guy could've beat the bugs and guy. But what they forget is a box guys always going to win because because it's not with mixed mosher watts rules. Exactly. It's like going in there with a with a lion, but the lion don't have any teeth already clause. Allying anymore it's just a big cuddly thing that my grandson would hog. Maybe I would let them but I mean, you know, I, it's not dangerous not really a lion anymore and so these these guys like McGregor he he's going in there without his teeth and his claws. So if that's what you look at a dual argue who's better, it's not a fair argument fernow judgment or contest. So. But people will come out and they will bite they will go crazy and they will buy it and for me. You know. The one thing it taken away the age. Of. One thing that's different than with mayweather is pack your will get after might from the beginning because this asylum I agree his style is not to laid back although always not as aggressive the last few years he used to be he's made a concession on that he it's only in spots he's not quite as but still he's an aggressive fighter that that's How he made his bones, just like I said that mayweather made his by counterpuncher. So that's the one big different standards that McGregor will see pressure that backyard will be after, and maybe that won't be too good for for McGregor go maybe Baggio forty-three won't be able to sustain what he wants to sustain even with a guy who's not a professional boxer. But At the end of the day, they have the monkey names and. You know I, it's an it's not really so much athletic ventures. It is more super bowl. Yeah. You know and they know how to do these. Now they've made money with them. and. I'm sure is a lot of money. Yeah. Make money. They make money with it. Well let's talk UFC. Coleman Yon Black Kovic Beats Dominic Reyes convincingly. I gave him a kick in the ribs. Look like rays have been shot with a sniper rifle their blood broke a bunch of blood vessels and then he just pounded him out I mean. I think I sent you guys a tech same really looks like he's just got in a car accident. He was a mess after the fight. I was surprised at how one sided it was but would you notice in that one? I noticed right away they raise was small. That's for sure as the first thing I notice. And? Here's the interesting thing. We'll get to the main event in a second but. The difference the opposite of the main event. Where the biggest Guy Kosta right in the main event I'd. Impala cost. The bigger guy. Didn't really come with plan. No other than be big YEP in this one. The bigger guy. But Kovic Blood Kovic. Thank all my men. Black. Kovic. Came with a plan, not just to be big to be smart. That's what I love. About. Hugh AFC guys. It always comes down to the science I don't care how tough your, how strong yaw you still. have. To Be Smart. You know what I call them smart. Monster. Yeah got to be. SMART. And I'm you just a monster? You know then you know you get a swamp monster, he's going to beat you. Know because you're gonNA fade come this. You know use to strengthen that little bit of smart. We'll give him an advantage so. They still go to sweet science tissues realizes, Hey, these contests and that's the first thing that struck me as more all my God. He looks almost smaller. Well, I know what he's gotTa do he's got move and he showed it. He's got a movies gotTA keep Blah, conference, Kovic, the covert slightly write that down. Coleridge I'm always surprised when when two guys make wait the day before the fight and then get in the ring and one guy looks so much bigger. How much bigger that guy can get both Wade the same way twenty, four hours because they're big guy frame framing they blow up, they hydrate they. It's like a sponge. It's like dry out a sponge you seen swap. Out and then over sudden, you put it in what about? Well, it's to the human body does the same thing and it doesn't mean you always have an advantage. Can make you sluggish shoot they can be you know there's a science to do in the right way and also I'm sick and tired of the people. Always, say, Oh, the big guy cheese scary and I get it all. He's GonNa crush he's going to do this you know. Well he's got the event who says he's got the advantage to other guys fast. Yeah. The other guy may be smarter but it technically so who says so until it shows itself yeah, and it was an interesting fight even always one sided because of what I'm talking about. That he got the smaller guy. In radius who knows he's got a movie can't stand in front of the bigger guy. So trying to keep more balanced trying to find spots to attack safely. Like I say he's kind of like that Superintendent Remember Superintendent boating years ago they had giant. Yeah. and. It had like ten thousand keys on and. There was a key to every door in the building. None of the marked. So it's like he was like that superintendent looking for the right key to get in couldn't find it. nope. To bigger key ring ever found it so. Here he is he's he knows what has to do I'm a smaller guy you know and. I'm a I'm a flea party. Of Hornets here you know I've got to look around I got my spot to get it and as he's doing the debate guy his interest behaving only like a big guy he says I know what he has to. He's got to keep me balance and then he's GonNa sniper me. Well, you know what I'm GonNa take his legs away. You know I'm Gonna I'm GonNa, take his legs away. So he starts cracking his lakes in boxing. You know and it's interesting that happened in the main event and box you have a fast the guy what do we do? We go to the body we take as I always put water in the basement take air out of the tires. So the guy can't move and then. You know the guys cooperating which you sit in front of you when he shouldn't soon. Funnier. So that's exactly what happened. But Kovic to his credit he takes he takes the wheels away lets the air out of the radios by cracking his legs with his feet. And next thing you know he's got raised to one what he wants right in front of them raised in, want to be in front of them, but he might not have had a choice. and. You know physically and he is. He's in front of them, and here's another science thing for you that I give full credit to Kovic for house he end the fight again, not just being bigger guy. I know people are going to say Teddy. You see that love took it landed ten. Yeah. But you see how he landed it he timed it. He had raise. He invited raise in known each day in fun to Tron exchange and end in the middle of the exchange raise troop too many. So you gotTa have a sense of how many control can I to get a tro five. I have time for if you drop five with the one by you get caught in the middle of the fourth. The science. So he led ray is raised wrote a combination look good for a minute and then right there by he turned to a love token a combination beautiful and that's what I, respect. That's what I appreciate. That's what I admire. That's what I'll bring into you to make sure everyone sees wasn't just big left took that from the bigger guy it was time love talk from the Big Guy and that ended the fight I. It was magnificent job well done I knows one-sided but was one side for those reasons not only because it was bigger he he found a way to use a size to an event to get the smaller guide to cooperate with him. And he took advantage of it. That's one of the things that I appreciate most about doing this show is the things that I. You know you watch the fight and there's a lot of fights going on and you miss the I miss little things like that that you pick up on his how you're right? He did he invited him in. Everything you said I just I just saw an exchange where the guy caught him. In one person who gave you showed after the fight before we get into his fight in the main event is Israel out of Sonya said that he watched breakdown of his fight with Kelvin Gas Jhelum and he said I was surprised he knew you how how well-versed you were in boxing but he was surprised you picked up on all the little traps he was. Setting they everything he was doing you appointing out and only someone with your experience would notice those things and there's other guys out there. But he had a lot of respect for the fact that you pointed out everything that he was doing, which is why I think he sent you a nice message on Instagram Jeff but yeah. I like I like to think special. More than his town but I'll let you lead the way. So in the event we got Israel out of Sonya Against Paulo cost a tons of bad blood. These guys wanted to kill each other and wow, what a one-sided beat down I mean just an absolute destruction to your point earlier about the bigger guy we took a Robinson maybe the greatest fight of all time in boxing once set. I got address him up before I take them out until now. Pala, cost it's your earlier point seemed to have no plan stood in front of them. Acted foolish? Getting, kicked marking the kicks until he couldn't walk them anymore and when he finally started acting foolishly he was hoping that that was. That was going to be part of his fight. His strategy is straight that that that was going to help wasn't helping with the wheel pro no, it was a one-sided absolute. Full formed alley I love. My favorite people on this planet especially human being and he made it transformation. To another person. After ten years of. Basically. Living with the ghost of Zaire. and. what came after that, and then came back and transformed himself to a stronger guy not physically but mentally yeah. He's a special guy who chose format and and. This was forman holly I that's what it was because alley recognized formulas at that time in his life he won't deny is. Being a bully. And you know what happens when you stand up to a bully? When you stand up to them not just physically but mentally. They they start to lose their power. It's. They don't have anything else like, Oh my God. And that was that was put that fi was. You've lied meet the rest put yeah. No no to your point that was all the set I mean to your point he humiliated him. He picked apart I. Don't think that cost the one a second of the of the fight it was just a one sided beating. masterclass was at he didn't just beat them as I just alluded to can he didn't just beat them physically some people say Ted, he did a pretty. Good job damaging the dude. Listen. He. The beating. The victory started. Before that. Started with the mental side it even started with the press corps with the final showdown at the way in. It. was. Shown that he wasn't going to be intimidated getting into his head, he got into his head. He made. He made. His opponent. Kosta. behaved. The way he wanted them to fight the way wanted to. An. Just almost a mindless reckless way where he can take advantage of that. He could take advantage of the bigger guy just being bigger. Just the big door that it was enough just to be bigger. uh-huh not like. Both. Kovic Kovic. He understood yet to be something else other than just bigeye. And the big guy here cost the. Thought that enough just to be strong and big intimidating. and. We used to have a say. Tomato that. When you when part of your package? Part of your plan in a fight is to intimidate the guy when it doesn't work. The intimidator becomes the intimidated. and. That was part of it. He couldn't intimidate this guy and this guy mentally. I design you. WanNa take. One respect all these guys say they made. No that's not my strong point. At assign you. Got Into his head and knew that he could kind of. Make them a puppet. puppeteer puppeteer where he can pull the strings on or he could get him to act the way he wants them to again reckless mindless. Maybe mad. You know. And then Just be. Deadman a dead man walking whether there's nothing as there's no confidence, there is no believed thinking this is just a vessel put. The vessel has no leadership. There's nobody steering the vessel it's just a ship at sea. That's a goal ship. He made them a golden. Have that he didn't have his. He didn't have his. Will left the will was gone. He took us well away. He took his he made the guy think that the guy no log Gaddis say in the fight that he couldn't control things. That at sign you in control made him. That's brand took away the rudder rant. I'd assign you special but that's why he's athletic. There's a lot of athletic guys out, but he's very athletic and very works out hard and everything else and very determined driven, but he's very smart. And he's kind of spirituality I. Don't people are GonNA say well. Let. Me Tell them with. No No, there's a lot more to it I. Hope you've starting to learn. that. And he does he he's He's got a belief that. There's an energy this of. Other folks out there that. If you're in control of it. It can be an ally to you. It's part of your strength. As part of what you bring. In that rain. Call it believe called Supreme Confidence. All those sports that make us feel more comfortable than spirituality or whatever but. It's A. Knowledge that he's in complete control of his environment of himself, he's responsible for himself. And that Another man don't control him. Knowing, how tough against it still your choice. How you going to deal with that tough spot. What you going to be like. And you have a supreme confidence that the knowledge of that knowing that you're in control of it. That that it that it is in your. WHEELHOUSE. To make those choices to know that you have it. It's kind of like a sprinter knowing that he's that he's got four three speed and forty. Oh, he knows that's there. Well, this guy knows that he's got disability you get me can He knows that he's got the ability to overcome. He knows that the when the cloud comes and it comes to all of us. Would not wave comes. That can consume US smother us. Choke us. He knows he can. Any comedies he he knows he has the ability. To put it on other guy, put any getting on him. Why 'cause you won't let it. Because he knows hostesses controllable as his legs as controllables fist. Now, we're getting beep I get it, but it's it's to me. It's. It's it's not deep. It's. It's. It's what the special ones all. Swell Muhammad Ali was about. People. Thought they were going to a funeral. We'd have they did they. Die. But. The straight, the valley was in his right, and even though you knocked out former with that, it was in A. The in a sanctuary of himself that that internal belief. This guy. lasagna he's got. He's got that He's got that. And he knows it's always your choice until. You make it the other guys choice he knows that. The. Pressure sometimes you just. Give it up. You'd think that He. He, took it from me. He just took it for me. There's no such thing as those for movies where they I please rob get this up for me. You know it's going to be graphic. No, he's GonNa get. It's going to be a little graphic, but you know. And you go right to the guy's chest and you take on. No that doesn't exist. It happens. Spiritually, it does. It happens. People do that they take it out but it can't happen if you don't let it happen. He and he just kind knows that. Allie knew that. I'll he alley retried into form his chest and right health here? He just didn't put it up there. You don't want to put it. That's what he did. He made foreign feel like. Form and had no say that night. That's how high. But the great ones know the difference between the troops in the Lai. And design you from I don't know what his background is but I know that it's something that has gotten them to this place. and has got nothing to do with the physical stuff and I told my son, my son S we're doing today You know I mean. Up My son in for testimony people want. My son brought up the way he's a good kid his it tells the truth. He He said, he was GONNA win. That's just the day the fight and you know he knew that I had sent a message to them and that he had you know we'd start with. That he had He had said something the social media. So so my son Teddy works for the raiders. That's why I'm out here, visiting him and his family with my family, and so my son says, you know everybody's liking this guy cost that I'm hearing more and more people worked at all you have see fans box fans or the football guys said, a lot of people You know the the picking cost Tanada nowadays Sadie. So big giant my guys probably on PD's. Right, there's You know the the Lego what do you think that? Exactly I said, I said I decided was going to destroy him. Even my son wayside. Listens to what I had destroy him. I said it's going to destroy him. He's Wide. Said because what's inside this guy? The what's inside this guy? He's he's going to destroy this guy's GonNa exposed this guy's GonNa take advantage how slow Voice from a technical standpoint, but he's also GonNa take advantage of that bully mentality. And when the bully you know like customers to say to me. Hey, Teddy. And I was in that situation so I ended. Say. Teddy. You ever see the bully you know he picked on and then that one day in the school yard somebody stands up to him and the next thing what's the bully doing? He's looking for the principal. Right. Know and that's and all the things I said which would just explained but This could special and again. He knew. That he knew it was almost an unfair advantage by being smaller because it made them cognitive everything you needed to be the other guy being bega and digging that was an advantage didn't make him cognizant didn't make him aware of what other things he needed to grab from. Maybe they didn't have those things developed, but there are the things grab from. He didn't think he needed those things to grab from he just told what he had was. So now being stronger viewer, but that doesn't mean a damn thing if you can't get in position to use that to that way. You're not picking them up and doing. A military prices with them right now go. So it doesn't matter and this kid outta design you understood and he was it was almost on fair. We'll turn out to be unfair but it was almost really unfair that does pull big guy digs. That's enough is in there with another guy who's using everything and I'm gonNA use a word that's GonNa trip people he's even using his fear. Yeah, he's using his via. Because he's on age, he knows he has to be he has represented control fear. He's got to work inform. He's got to work for him. He's got everything. Assumes a a charging hit no. The Pistons to charge pop pop pop pop pop pop everything's there. So is it was unfair he's got everything he's he's a word guy coming here. I got. I gotta be alert this you know I can't be and the other guy was trying to play the game of casual like he you know. Like this is not that I'm just GONNA walk in I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA wring. Your neck. But. No, no. No, and then he started realizing that and then then it started going, it started south fast and You. Know in the Game Plan I. Mean if you WanNa get down to the simple stuff. I. said the most important part of this already but the simple stuff. Yeah he's your big I won't box and the way we deal with annoy idea with as I keep A. Guy Tangles would he did it some of it I I decided but some of the bigger guy can't be the big I can't be said to punch to deliver the bowel. But in his business at a science said, no, I'll take his legs away. So there's no legs. So for the bigger body to to deliver punch if there's no doubt says, there's no foundation there's no house. There's no building. So I'm GONNA crumpled this frigging Belgium. So he did, he crumbly took he took those cinder blocks away from the foundation from the basement. So so that was his status she kept them more but begum and to stand with a little bit and that that that was part of it. Like you a bully me you're really not the big a guy in the areas to count. Yeah. I'm right here smarter. But still right here is not like it was you know it's not like it was running over a track meet you know what I mean I don't know he was on all so and then he's like I said he's he's banging these taking a big Ammann's man's legs away. So he can't be the big so we can't deliver the package. Yeah, you know and. Then his quickness enhance. But but he got the Guy Ready like sugar ray Robinson said I gotta get him dressed up for play come out and he got to stop he talks Onnell. You could feel that right when the momentum's right before into the fight you could feel the momentum I sent Robert Texas said it feels like a snowball rolling downhill. Gaining momentum now Israel's like really pulling away now right before he just turned it up and just destroyed him and not just slowly building. Crescendo when he finally finished in credit to Israel and his team and I know he's really close with this team I. Think he lived in the gym in new. Zealand. Due to the covid with his whole team for a period of several weeks if not months and. Credits who is striking coaches and is. bj coaches and the whole team they really did an awesome job. Tremendous. Like I said, if we'd love to talk to all of them anytime there in the US, we'd love to have him on and chat with their strategy was perfect. Yeah. I. Mean. The only thing? Yeah. It's not much to that I mean. He. I explained part of the why. Because, Kostas. was at a disadvantage that he didn't know. He was because he wasn't aware that he had to have everything. He was he just talk going in. You know okay. You Destroy Guy. We are you gonNA chance on this guy? Yeah. He was just going to going to bully him over and and so he. Just he was like a poor. You have to feel sorry for more. He wasn't aware of what he needed to be aware of almost reminded me of a bullfight bullet comes charging in I'm GonNa get you in the next thing. You know he's got like a hundred swords in his back a kicks in his legs. Yeah. was once in a while, it could be just owners root for the ball. I mean I I'd like to. A few people I'd like to. Suggest they'd be combated. You know in. Some of the places that are less super. For that stuff you know I it just. But Anyway you know. The one thing concert again, it's almost a moot point but. Just, from his people, he could have been helped with one thing people because I'm sure people probably say teddy what's the one thing he could have been? You know except besides what you went over the landscape of the mind and? All. That territory where is really weird comes down to but. He could use his jab simple things like that but he's bigger this. But that's not one that's you should be thinking of the guy like his it should have been this where you could have stabilized. I'm a little bit hit him in the chest. Just, hit him in the chest just to stabilize them. And to mentally keep yourself in a game where you touch them where you have hope. Because we lost hope and then you're debt. But we your way you mentally tell the guy who maybe a little more than you thought it was going to be. And you send a message message is being sent can and so that jet that's what I would have coming with the Jeff forget about all this other stuff just just to. Be in the game neutralize neutralize the guy a little bit and but I tell you what I was decisive. It was I couldn't help it put. I told David and Goliath. I said well, others David and Goliath and last I checked. David One. And he's still winning. He was a little fellow. Yeah and he won and why you went I know it had something to do that pebble. But it was this. Was this. That he was smart enough. To to know what he had to do and the advantages he had with try interested in front of them and they got a big statue like a big old mountain and you know that's what he did. Instead of the pebble uses legs and his quick hands and again. There's this I like the guy I like him I I like his Like that's part of him, but it's not. It's not. I wanted to make a point of this. Because I know sometimes we get into these things and sometimes people can. They. Can, be a proof it can be dislike. The can be a disliking to the attitude legs too much is arrogance. It's like dot respectful. You know sometimes it's I like this kid I even when he talks with his confidence I see for that I don't see it for where it can go the other way to do you explain exactly. I don't see it for being you know the sometimes disrespectful or just to completely self consumed the point like I listen to this stuff you know I appreciate his but no, this gets different. Kids. Different He he's got. He's got that Conroy he's got. He's earned it. He puts real. Yeah. It's real and is A. When he talks this a certain. realness Jeff to appreciate with it. No matter how strong it is. Yeah. Because of validity to it. Does a realist it and I like that he gave credit to his sous team. A lot of you know you see the selfishness I put here put across that certain thing to sell because everyone's trying to sell. Yeah but. With him this something else to that. I can appreciate. That that's A. Legitimate. Fantastic. Anyway, I like the Guy I like him a lot You Know I. I hope that he gets all the big fights that he deserves because. He goes in he goes in that case with the lion faces that line. and. He's put himself right there with his confidence in his skills. Yep. All right guys before we wrap it up again, I wanNA give a quick shout out to our newest sponsor power dot. CHECK HIM OUT OF POWER DOT COM use the Promo Code Atlas for twenty percent off. Again, this products used by all top athletes in the NFL. MLB NBA. I've personally given it to a handful of fighters and they love it. 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Check out athletic Greens awesome night of fights Ted here with your family and I appreciate you doing this today. Hope to fans enjoyed this one before we sign offs or anything else you wanted to had. Wanted to add that. I didn't think I was GONNA add this but. First of all that I hope we once okay out there everyone say out there. taking care of themselves, taking care of their families. joined. Families. And because that's why I'm here to enjoy my family and my. Sometimes sometimes you. Get reminded of how important? It is to. Just to let your family, know how much you love them. You know just to. Your way along I'm all the way in New York. Over. Here in in in just you get a remind of how lucky. To have friends to have family that you know You can drive down the street and you concede some homeless person be reminded real quick, and I'll I'll go down through the series of but real quick that I. It's not something that's guaranteed to you. So you should really work at it and we should all work at being. More appreciative for just have a life and maybe trying to care for each other a little bit more. You know that's all but and part of what made me think about this? Going in that direction is that after we leave here, now we're going to go meet a guy that is I'm happy to be meeting with him because he's a not just because he's a you have see. Fighter and a guy that I think is going to be the UFC heavyweight champ and more important than me. People think that and and a guy that a lot of people who you know think that is the hardest punch on the planet. I remember we we did an interview with him and somebody said to me. You see fan of course said. He's the hardest puncher on the planet and said Okay and But, it's not for those reasons. is because the kind of reflected on here? He's a good human being and it's just like maybe it's because I'm getting older but I feel privileged. Feel fortunate anytime I can meet somebody again now that he's a giant that nowadays the hardest puncher and now he's going to be the future you have see me champ that I can meet a good human being. I just feel I don't know I just feel more fortunate I feel like I've. I feel like I've gained something. Yeah. Like like I just feel like a gain some like like. Like I. had a good day outside where you have a good day and you get some Sun and year round your family. Feel good. I feel that any time you can be around a person that cares about other people and adds to the world and he does, and of course, I'm talking about Francis and gone you and I mean he he does this charity work. Cameron. he's he's building gyms, places of for kids to have hope because sometimes again, it's just a reminder of maybe we all need sometimes and I'm I'm no preacher and please forgive me but it's just a reminder of we got some was sometimes we forget and then you've got guys like and gone new that comes from a place where there's so much poverty in in place like Cameroon with it, there's not the opportunities you have here. It's just not there. I mean you can have all the. But it's not there. And you know and when you around that you lose hope. In A. In a pretty good place. You lose hope because it's it's what you make. It's what you think is it's your own. Private Sanctuary of your where you go in your mind that if you happy not, yeah. Somebody's always should be but they don't understand that inside. There's things going on that you're not happy for. Got Nothing to do with the opulence that might be round chits and it's got to do with the emptiness. Inside your father is yeah. But When you're. In, a place like Cameron where they can be so much poverty. It's, easier, to lose hope. And then you got a guy like this that takes us success. and. He's using it to give hope to other people. Again. The Guy who told me was the hottest punch on the planet I would I would say. Yeah but it's more than his physical punch It's just punch that can. Affect other people. Without ever put them in a ring with him. It's punch that can change people's life. His power that can. Just. What is that? And I guess that's the final thing. I'll say what is that? It's a four letter word. What is it? It's not outside to stretch of any of us. No. Matter where we come from no matter how much money we make don't make whatever. It's one word and more capable of using it care. That's it care. And I'm going to, we're going to go beat them when a little while we're GONNA lose. Jim. I might even shown the Tyson uppercut. which he throws but I'm I might tighten it up a little bit. Tighten up little bit in all my God. People out there. Teddy you're. GonNa get arrested. For doing stop this guy already is you know like aglietta massage. Alley would make up the poems. Alley resulting. Make up the police who you when I fight Sonny Liston who who would adored that on that night. To see the launch over black satellite. Yes. So You're going to be making this guy launched people like A. That's not giving them. Hope that that that's that's not caring about them but but outside of that Rome of in the ring the guy does care. The guy does Put himself out there in that special place and I don't know I didn't know I was going to talk about like this Obvious. All mind but I'm again I'm happy with my family. I'm happy I'm going to go see my family but I'm also happy that I'm going to see Francis because any time you can see somebody shake somebody's hand and maybe even give them a hug. You know about more than just themselves yeah. It it gives you hope. It gives you because when you have grandchildren like I, do you start thinking I hope the world can get better and sometimes you just need that little bit of a reminded that there are people who still out there that can make the world better and he's one of them. Cool, well with data, thanks for being with US appreciate all the support guys will be back.

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