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No Really I'm Fine trailer - here's what you can expect in the coming weeks


So stop by telling me, are you really fine? Hi everyone. Welcome to podcast. No. Really I'm fine. They sort of safe place. It's a non judging environments. It's a podcast, which makes mental health the conversation we once a hair about you want spray. The stigma you want to share. I want to listen. I'm your host Jemma, Shell UK. A journalist suicide survivor an immensely health blogger myself, the lovely Kate Lally on the Olsen Michael Pearson will be joined by a range of guests, dubbing into series of topics rounding mental health wellbeing K is on hand to chess and explore the issues and discuss them faith with industry, professionals, Michael be on the grounds interviewing people who are helping those with a mental illness. I'm Kate Lally one of two UK's fares. Mental health face daters on a body, positive campaigner. And I Michael Pearson generalist using these punk ass to talk more openly about my own experiences with mental health. We'll be interviewing people from all. Walks of life who are all ready to share their stories one in four of us experienced mental health problems each year with one in six of us being affected every week. Whether you're feeling stressed sites on chess gnome of find we are here to listen to share experiences. It don't have to fight a mental illness alone. It's easy to feel small can be scary weld. Speaking out can be a first step to recovery. So this is what you can expect from no really, I'm fine over the next coming wings. Thank you kind of bay involved in something, like especially a know, an area ground. I say it affected us very differently at the time as well because it's happened on the Monday. And that weekend sister went to radio one's big weekend. The nets sweet. She was a the site. She just went straight back into where I went opposite. I wanted to know everything about everyone. It's been hurt that killed and may my mom went to the memorial on that weekend as well. And felt like a needed to be around and show the people that, you know, we were all there in together, even though we were very lucky, and we didn't get physically her think mentally, it made a difference, I think to via lives. My sister now is probably was then she was, then I think her grief has kind of come out, insiders, severe anxiety and depression for years before. With fully recognizing what it was. But this particular incident, I guess, just going to may that all worse. I can drop the university didn't really leave the hice unless I needed to put a longtime. When did leave it was, basically to go to work in a job, then really lake. Didn't really communicate with, with people. Probably wait. No one for good couple years. A can struggled with alcohol gambling things I was going to, I guess, kind of going off the rails back, we can seem like I just kind of looked myself and thought, what my can do. Whereas my life going, something's not quite right here. How can I change it? We all have mental health and it's just as important as physical health. No really, I'm fine shares real stories and experiences. But we on experts and this podcast is not an alternative to getting official medical advice. If your mental or emotional state quickly, dips, or you're worried about someone you know, help and support is out there talks, your GP, or call us Martin's on eight hundred five eight five eight five eight for vice on how to help a friend, all of one visit rethink docile. Thanks checking out the show. I hope you join us on the journey as we explore mental health. You can follow us on Twitter. I'm fine podcast underscore or we'll have loads more information on some sneak peeks for future episodes.

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