Final Four Preview


The underdog is how. The Stanford, Steve and the. A home team getting points. What's better than that? We're here the four numbered hoosiers when he said how many passes? Four. What the tape measure say? I believe you'll find the exact same measurements fackler Jim in hickory. We're here. We're going to be there. Come to find out well of us, own tease. Can't wait to get there. Never been to Minneapolis. We'll talk me apple. We'll talk bears to do list. When he gets to Gusta was we'll do some Augusta her ops. We're not gonna be. That will give you an idea what outnumbers on we're not crunching storing them against the wall. But we got the four hair bear, Minneapolis. It's Texas Tech. It's Michigan state. It's Virginia and its Auburn. And I know the traditionalist people have been talking about it all week, you know, they wanted they wanted Calipari. I yeah, I'm a Duke fan, and I got no issues here man these four teams or so deserving because they played their best when they needed to play their best. And it's awesome. I can't wait to see how the games fallout, but that elite. I'm still hurt from through money line. Sorry rub. It in absolute are you with me that the that the money line was the worst beat than with the spread? With the spread you saw common in to. You knew you knew you were on the money. Lau was they had the game one. You couldn't grab that. And as I said, I thought watching it live the tiger room tried to miss the free throw on purpose because that was the play because it was executed perfectly this out play shot. It was perfect like unbelievable that they pulled it off. It's like a movie script and the Mitzi. I just kinda short arm, and he got the exact you wanna want it. How you been trying to do? Amazing. Absolutely amazing. But but you're right. The heads of play by Clark to get it believable pass. Almost just perfect be able to turn shoot all one motion in my man Mamadee Dell the presence who just got to get rid of it. Yup. Catch catching tro and go back, and look and you look at Clark like he made a decision. You know, who do you think you wanna get to Jerome? You wanna get to guy they're covered and he saw. The ball progress. Look. But I mean, I just blatantly brutally sad for for produce everybody that wants to pile on Klein about the free throw like, hey, they're not even near this game. If it's not for that kid, so get off and unbelievable gaming. Tennessee sickening. Ridiculous. Carson was great. But I mentioned though, all for talk about redemption. All four teams have a kind of a redemption type storyline Virginia from last year. The embarrassment of being the first team ever lose to sixteen Michigan state being bounced in the first weekend. The previous three years twice by double digit seed, Texas Tech unranked in the preseason to now your top ten year three seed, embarrassing loss in the first game of big tournament West Virginia, which I think caused me to unrest underestimate them quite a bit. And then Auburn with Ruth Pearl everything that he is been through with all the allegations against him. And what he had to Tennessee a whole lot whole lot of redemption here this before it's good for four fresh stories. Awesome. I for junior has a chance to be the best redemption story in college sports in a long long time, and because of their the way they handled it last year, and I know people are if you're sick and tired, I'm sorry, because I it's awesome. And it needs to be talked about more because all the thing about how long they're year was with all the social media with just just not not right? And they've used as fuel, and you know, I found it interesting that book and for van pelt show. We got three of the four final four coaches on the show, Tuesday and Wednesday and Virginia I reach out immediately. They're they're staff just says respectfully decline, we will do whatever you want after the season. They are. I like the way that approach they were like that entering the tournaments. Well, yes. So with that, let's get into it. Are you surprised Virginia's not the Nike? I am. No, I think I think the the webbing the way CBS views it, I think Michigan state is the biggest name the biggest probable market fan base. And then you got Texas Tech. I think they think they can tap into a little bit of the Dallas some of those cracks is television market. I think I think that's probably and it's a little bit of a closest Fred? So that's probably what they're looking at. I think they look at those things. No. We're we're giving CBS too much credit. I'm sure. So the Virginia is I like I said, we'll be there are you courtside? Or are you in a truck? I am courtside with I'm with court courtside with Sean McDonough and dick vitelle. Wow. You say Lister, and we'll get to what you're doing. Did you not remember my wonderful appearance last year? Forget nearly getting she over by the the the player in the ball game. That's I do not your vegetable maybe that'll be one shining moment. All right, Virginia, minus five and a half one thirty and a half tip off six. Oh, nine PM eastern. We'll be there at central central. Always screws me up there. I gotta I gotta I gotta get custom to that. I'll vegas. My watch. Never switched over. I wanna be our broke, by the way thrill. So I'm watching with right now. I I said this daily wager yesterday you were on with us in Doug. They'll never admit it. I think Virginia likes this matchup. They know they probably haven't played as hectic a style. I'm not going through their schedule right now. But like just thinking ACC no-one plays like Pearl does in his tires navy amped up the chaos in their style. Play. I think just running people around the perimeter. Thought it was amazing. How hero just was out of the game? I know Kalbarri made a point to get the ball, the Washington, but hero was just I mean, just watch them standstill for so much of the game. And then once offering gets rolling man new you knew in their data staff when Auburn wasn't hitting shots, and there's hang my hat. Where's the half time line? Give it to me. No, you knew it. I still thought that Kentucky at another gear. I did. I I wasn't there at halftime. But once the ten minute, Mark. And I was like holy like, it's it's happening. Harper is the key. And we're going back to this Virginia thing, I think they like it because they have a guy that could. If as tough a guard as Harper can have because he is lightning with the ball. And then those last ten minutes and overtime. He was a man amongst boys against Kentucky. But I think Clark is a guy that can bother him a little bit and not let him go as fast as he and coach for a long ago. Does that make sense does make total sense? Okay. So from that standpoint, I think Jimmy likes what they have on defense against Auburn offense. And I think they're disciplined on offense to get what they want against Ombersley defense. Now, I I mentioned this yesterday on the show as well that I think another reason Virginia likes this matchup is because the unfortunate injury KiKi. I think he's a big deal on the defensive end. He's a big deal and helping out rebounding and we saw the key to the produce game Virginia where the offense of rebound with seventeen or eighteen. I think it was in the game. And obviously the big tip on the free throw. I think his president of lack thereof is a is a big problem for for Auburn trying to generate second chance points off of those long MRs on the numerous threes at they're going be be putting a basic if for Jinya defends the way they did throughout the course of the entire season. Aubert's can be getting many open look amazing in the turnament open looks allburn Satan like sixty seven percent of their threes. It's like nearly automatic Purdue. I mean, granted Klein and Carson Edward efforts were throwing shots up from places that you don't normally shoot Purdue shot over that over their defense and made up Nate some shots and if Harper and those guys can get hot. And then we'll see if. Maybe they can they can hang around this one for a while. I found it very interesting in our coaches interviews. I'll talk about crispier is oh when we do that game. But Pearl admitted last it's like, I know Virginia's gonna dictate to temple now. He he's pretty good at. Not tell the truth and interviews in blow the opponent up. So I thought that like, you know, he came out and said that which is very very interesting to me because I he's he's a mastermind, man. He is he's unbelievable. What he does. He it getting to it. I don't think he believes it. I think he has enough factors in their Harper. You mentioned the other guys that he can do some things to to hurry. The game up if you will. And I think he's going to have to the obviously the more possessions. The better the better chance, I think Auburn has this game. Couldn't agree more. I it's interesting because I you talked about Bruce in saying thing he gets his teams to respond in play. Well in these types of games when they're on. Yulia lose. Okay. You be Kentucky your hundred audience Carolina. You blow him out? He's been an underdog nine times in the Charterhouse head coach seventy two against the number five outright wings, and to gut wrenching glass. Second one point losses. I mean, he gets his teams to to rise up and play well in situations that. The experts so to say do necessarily think that they had much of a chance with that being said I after elite eight I can't give points. I'm I'm looking at like the first half here. I'm not sure like I don't like a side in that game. I was looking at what we kick around the first half last night and a half. It seems kind of high. It seems like it's an under type. I I just I keep thinking these backdrops bear and sixty sixty and a half I would lean on their they're both teams going to get into the thirty. That's I don't I don't see it. I don't see in. And it's crazy when to me when Auburn when you slow Auburn down, and they don't get those Transocean buckets. They even play smaller because then Harper just runs it down and just plays that high ball screen action. So that shock locks down eight before you know, it. So that I I'd lean under first half there. If I had a play in the game the issue is how if Aubert's trailing they're not gonna stop following at the end. So that over is that I would lean over there. That's a good point. If I we talked about Virginia and the redemption in the path and you still look at their road here. They still haven't played a great. They had a great comeback made a great play in a great game against Purdue. And they played well in that game, but Gardner Webb trail big early come back and win Oklahoma. They've really ever really felt like they were gonna lose kind of just a whole home type team Oregon very easily could have won that game. Comfortable cover for the duck seen tire way. In the produce game where? They came back. They made the play they want while I don't necessarily feel like I wanna lay points. Almost just get the sense that Virginia's finally gonna play the type of in like a short little tournament. Now that they're in. I think they can apply like the regular season the way they approach game to game. I think they can kind of take that mentality now where okay, it's like a it's like a Thursday Saturday deal or Sunday in the where you get your day off. And you got two games they approach it. And maybe this little to still be comfortable, and they'll play a one of the better games at the they saw while I it while I hate land points had to play the game of side. I would lay the points with Virginia. I do think one of the the props to look at here for the game Deandra, hunters point prompts, fourteen and a half. He had a terrible ofensive game began to prove a big free throws. He did make the big free thousand played really well defense, but I fourteen I I would think you will show up in this game. Okay. And go over that fourteen and a half one thing. I will point out. I try and do this all the time and underdog, and I remember talking to you about it at the west gate super book on on the second data tournament is I always try looking at it. We've talked about underdogs all the time. If how much different of a game is if the favorite is leading. Or if the underdogs leading Virginia does not wanna trail in this game. I think they have to play from a head against Auburn. Because then Auburn can really turn it on if they have the lead. So if you're if you're playing all this is something, you know, maybe live betting in game, or whatever I think it's very critical that Virginia plays with the lead in this game. Because you saw frantic got with Purdue. You know, I mean, they were it was that close to Boston. And that's really haven't done for much of the moment bar throw the first round. This is a different. All absolutely. And when that's swoon comes man. You don't even know. What's happened Harper's by its left? It's kickout threes. It's it could get it could get ugly. Now. I know it's the final four. I know it's Virginia. And I know that the best defense team the cross the board. I'm just saying take before you go all in on just just take a second. And think about you know, what this game might look like if the underdog was was leaving. That's all right. And you mentioned the underdogs out. You've got to teams in this final four that one their Sweet Sixteen and elite games. Both as an underdog. Texas Tech was a dog. Yeah. They're games. One. Auburn was a dog while they're games one. If you go back and look there have been seven seven top-five seeds that have won their Sweet Sixteen and elite eight games as dog. And then we're an underdog to a top four seed in the final four the seventeenth one in six outright two and five against the number. Kansas ninety one was dog when they beat UNC rethought. We're going to get the the after the the big upset we thought we were gonna get UNC. And Duke got dean got thrown out Cantu. So a lot of times people might think oh the under their here. Now, they're they're playing. Well, they're gonna continue continue the trend only one of them has got onto one the the semifinal game. So is it a total handicapping tool for this weekend? No. But it's just a cool little historical note to think about when you're when I look at the games. All right next game. I don't have as much on. I just wanna sit back and watch this one. I'm hoping a nice Virginia writer or an Auburn writer will go to the back and write about Monday night's game. And I could steal their see press row right up front. Maybe next to you for this for the nightcap. Michigan state right now, two and a half point favorite Texas Tech one thirty two and a half the up and down I would lean under nece game. But like I said these are two of the most resilient teams. I think in the tournament when I say, I think more about fearless and just being tough. And I thought really interesting crispier d- told us last night. He knows he told his team. They're not gonna out tough Michigan state, which I found really really interesting and a little psychological ploy, though. No, no, I tell me. When they can't they won't. But I also think that's also a geared. Maybe like everyone has this. Michigan state slowdown field. The reason they beat Duke is because they up to temple records. I back down the court every time in the first half. So I this is the same thing. One thirty two bowl teams. What's that sixty five each? I'm gonna math. Yes. I sixty seven sixty five Saul what Texas Tech and Michigan look like. That was hard to walk right now catches Winston's, a totally different totally different animal as much as good as Simpson is I'll take catches Winston reading defenses in passing the ball and getting into what his team should get into over probably any point guard in the country. I still think teams are going to buckle down three points made is going to be huge in this game. But I think with these teams are going to be so much more contested than each team is is used to playing against. I would lead under the total in this game. And. I could see the problem is I could see both these teams cutting nets down Monday night. It's just so hard to pick this that that's the great thing about getting back to what we started on saying with these fourteen. I mean, I'm sure you go back and look but off the top of the top of my head like this is the first time in a in a bit few years that you could see any one of these four teams win, and you wouldn't be shock. Would you be surprised? Maybe if Auburn won maybe might be surprised, but you wouldn't be shocked if any last year Villanova was. Tails above everybody year before that you knew it was either going to be North Carolina Gonzaga the year before that you North Carolina Dylan over the two best teams for first time in a while. I think is a real bit of intrigue as to what any one of these teams can win. I think that's probably what makes it great three balls mates. That's all I can think of this fourteen and a half over under. That's addle. It seems like a lot. Yeah. I was your say whoever wins that whoever has more wins the game. I think I think the games that tight. When I look at these other thing is free throw shooting. Michigan state his missed a lot of free throws a lot of times this year. So those are two factors, and I just don't know which way they're going to go because the both teams are both coaches are so darn good. So I on ously I just wanna sit back and watch his game. I honest I've zero interest in having money on the game. Yeah. I I like I like a coward saying that. No, you don't think it because all you'll like it. I'm here for the people are going to want to hear they want infancy give you crap, but you're giving a lean on subsides things. And thanks for three points. We got you all because of the game going on doesn't mean he plant. But I don't like really the the side either. Again, I guess I just don't have a grasp on what I guess if I if you had to play a side, I might lean Michigan state because I I mean, Texas Tech because I do think beard will figure out a way to limit Winston as a score in maybe make someone else do the scoring weather. It's Henry whether it's it's mcquaid whether anyone I think someone else is going to have to score because I do think beer will figure out a way to make Winston more of a distributor of the basketball's. It's because so far is it was done. An unbelievable job. Get having Winston be both. He's put him in situations where they've needed a basket where he is the go-to guys posted this tribute. He's been he's been great. If I if I had to make one play on this game. I think it would be the the largest lead proper twelve and a half. I don't see either one of these two teams getting away from the what is it? It's twelve and a half, largely not I I don't I don't think anybody lead by thirteen in this. What I would be. I would be surprised I wouldn't be shocked by anybody any of these fourteen one. I'd be I'd be shocked at this turned into a blow out one way or another very interested to see what is does to attack Odio, and and three Collins it was really evident. He was not fearful of Zion on defense. And they continue went at him. Put him in ball screens, put them in high pick and low pick and rolls. And at the end the game on the line sets up going for for three ball knowing that that that's gonna be sagging down low. This is a totally for matchup for Odio, see and Owens after facing Clark in hachi Mira, you know, their it's way more physical this time around. But I think beard have them. I'm ready for that. If that makes any sense, they're not gonna have to cover as much ground as they did against because Aggie gonna push way. More spread out way. More michigan. Michigan state. I mean, you saw war just early on back in back down and missed a couple of huge bunnies against Duke. So those three bigs against Texas. Tech's two bigs. I think is the game three points mate. Anything else on the game who plays Monday night? Let's give the people that I'll say Virginia, Texas Tech. I I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go Virginia because I have to I'm gonna go. I'm gonna I'm gonna take Michigan state. I just cash. We'll say really is. Let's get to some masters props. Sure. After this. Geico presents yet another voicemail from your roommate? About the kitchen turns out when there's a grease fire. You're not supposed to throw water on it wouldn't own right anyways. The fire department is here, and it's totally cool can call back when you get a chance. Co insurance agency could help keep your personal property protected. Like if danger is your roommates middle name. Visit Geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and save on renter's insurance. Look at it. Spring sunshine, Amen Corner. Meadow cheese, springtime is here the Zeljka through blooming in Tiger Woods is in matrix intention once again oh front. I was that was media many years. How many years for you? Fourteen was my first one. Okay. All right. All right, half half decade. Yeah. So good. All right. What's what I mean? Come on. I never been this. Is it for me? Probably bucket, list wise. That's great. You know, I talking to people here, you know, that are going to be working the event just talk about how you're working. Yes. You know, your guys you guys are in there. Now, you're in you're in the cabin with old van pelt now. Scott, and I are up at Butler on Thursday and Friday when we were on the air from three to five thirty or six whatever it is. All right. And you know, you're just getting those chicken sandwiches ex-allies chase. Snap fingers. Well, see here. Here's the great thing. The new media center. Oh, unbelievable. Like a sports book. It's unbelievable gore. It's gorgeous. I might just like if I ever get kicked out of my house. I might just ask if I can like just stay there. Beautiful, but the the walk. To our television studio on the driving range you've got to go through the media center. So you just kind of go in there. And I'm like once once I'm at the TV compound from basically. We're on early. Sportscenter some world hawk. We're talking about six thirty seven in the morning before the for sports, Tom there until I leave for Butler like to okay? So it's you load up excelled sandwich. All right chicken sandwich, load up. Some some water is for the for the for the day. And we're good. You're good bunker down. All right. So I mean, it's our first gas. We got numbers out there. I know the bunch of numbers changed since you know, I heard mitchum Pauley on talking about you know, how different the numbers have how much changing. I heard west Reynolds talk in the day. Whoa. What's the bear? I mean, we gotta we gotta dot com. Com. Coming next week. Right. I would think so. All right. So let's go. Gimme gimme. Gimme gimme two guys in the seventy five to one hundred and fifty to one range Yanni why why played one guy at one hundred one at the time that I played him. He's no longer one hundred perfect. I played Cameron Smith. All right. Everybody lasts. Everybody think last year remembers what Jordan speak did on Sunday. But I think they fail. A remember the camera? Smith also shut sixty six all finished fifth. He is a great Potter. He's got a couple of top five finishes in majors on his lady has a belief in six at the recent WGC in Mexico. You played well out west in California. Which is a good compromise. Course if he can put the ball on the green and just eliminate big numbers. He if he's green regulation. He's not. He's not gonna make me make a lot of birdies. But he he'll he'll make part worth. I think he'll be in this. Guinea win. We'll find out at eighty at one hundred one when I got him in a couple of couple of weeks back. I'm certainly willing to take shots. Okay. So there's one there's one in the big radio. Already two fifty to one. Well, I if you're looking for another mega longshot as I'm looking here. In crazy ridiculous. Maybe Matthew Fitzpatrick wouldn't be the worst play at one hundred to one that's Patrick if you're looking for someone like seventy five whatever. But there is another guy out there right now at sixty to one who I did play, and that's Patrick Canley. Okay. My dad's pick as well. I think he copied me. I got a question for you who do you like out of the former champions here? Out of the former masters champion. Bob. Okay. I'm my sight and on my sights a little crooked might be some local national. You know what? I mean. I Bubba just saw twenty seven to one. Yeah. I actually got him thirty two one last week when we were out there. Patrick read thirty five to one Patrick read. I would consider if you've got. Yes, no props on top twenty. Yes. No props to miss the cut. I might consider taking the no no top twenty and Patrick's batch agreed to miss the cut. A little interesting nugget given the last seven rounds by the defending masters champion have all been over par including so you're looking at the final three rounds from speak the year that he blew up and will at one then when willow was reigning champion. He missed the cut to terrible around and then Sergio last year too terrible rounds and prior to winning last year. It wasn't like Patrick read at a great masters track record. He had some unbelievable putting last year, which I think it's really really unsustainable. So Patrick meat. I read it. The price. You might get for him to finish outside the top twenty or to miss the cut and might be worth a look. Okay. All right. So you don't like read as a former champion the defending champion. He'll be putting the jacket on the shares. What else I think speed is going to be the most bet guy the agree hard? I'm like he's on my sixty to one I heard twenty to one he's twenty to one that's all based off his finishes there. But I think what about how he's blessed. Ball striking what and his putting even worse. Seriously. This is going to be great conversation. I can't wait to talk to the Scot Doddie Curtis next week about it like how what are you approaching? We what do you expect to see Jordan beat next week? The guy who has been unbelievable to Gusta or the guy in his last eight stroke play events it reads, cut fifty four th fifty I forty fifth thirty fifth cut cut fifty fifth that since strokeplay vets I'll stay away it's been brutal. I mean, he won the worst on in terms of their two hundred fifteen guys qualified statistically, he is two hundred and thirteenth driving. Accuracy. It's brutal. Well, that sounds like like, I kept stats in Connecticut. Be me. On the fairways you and me at rock ledge nother ball other ball. But that's the thing. If you like it, if you're saying re- what how he's done this year base. Throwing all be and stuff, right, Dan. I don't care how he's playing how he looks. He's twenty something to one and he's won this thing. And what's any north gonna say when you say it what about speed anti twenty one? I would say. Jordan right now is really struggling. He used to be the guy that if I needed someone to make a big pot on Sunday to win a major it would be Jordan speak. But but his game right now. He's not inform. He's not striking the ball. While out the T. He's missed a lot of those plots that he normally makes I don't think Jordan Spiegel when another when another masters this weekend. All right. All right. So with that give me your top picks, Jon Rahm, I love John love robber. I think Rahm Romney's could have won two majors last year. He had a seventy five seventy five in the first round last year in the masters. You take know the tournaments four and long. But if you look at Friday Saturday Sunday, he was two shots better than anybody in the field and that included when he realizing needed to go for it. Go for the eagle on the back nine and went in the water. Didn't made a number there. So look he eased. He reminds me right now of where kept a was the year before he finally broke through and won the US open. He was there contended didn't quite get there. And I think now is when he burst on the scene. A couple of years back in its first master no masters rookie is going to win. That's just not a good situation. Last year was a second go round he was in. And I think now he realizes what it takes to win. I think he's gonna put four great rounds. Together. I think this course is teller made his game. I think he's going to destroy the par fives. And I think he's gonna win. I got him at twenty two one a month or so ago. All right. No longer twenty two one at the sixteen. It west right now if you can find Rahm somewhere better than sixteen. I would take a shot. He's my he is definitely my top pick. And and I think Rory I mean, you can't play them to win it six two one seven one eight twenty just can't I think you're better value is probably just to take whatever money if you can get a small, plus maybe to finish in the top ten or top five, and he look his worst finish and stroke-play event is here. Six eight to one right now. Eight to one I don't like single digits. It's hard. I think. I think maybe what you could do is hope that what what do they have the the wire to wire prop up yet? I don't sit mean that that's something where I know a lot of guys like playing that prop for a situation like this where that can often be better number eight to one will win and maybe ROY gets out to a big lead. Instead Howard Rory and eight to wonder maybe Dustin Johnson, you is what twelve to one ten to one. You might have a a big gun league bleeding, and you got a better price at him on wire. But, but I think a lot of times some of these top five top ten finish props are really the way to go because he gets them good. Plus, I think last year Rahm was like plus two fifty or something like that to finish in the top ten and worry was plus money to finish the top tannery speech was small plus money to finish and the top ten and guys who play so well on this course, I think are going to continue to play well on this course, and instead of trying. Beat. Eighty three or eighty four other guys you cut your. Yeah. You cut your potential winnings. But I think he got a much better chance potentially to cash that bet. All right. One more name or no one more name for for when I I say Bubba, potentially. Okay. Gosh, if we're sitting here to Sundays for now saying three time masters winner. Bubba Watson extra gear. There would be something in another another guy who I don't know Justin Rose gonna take a lot of support. I'm sure I'm not these always too short for me in majors. Any Paul Casey is a guy who you go back the last four years less four years, only, only Jordan, Rory and rose have a better combined score to par. Then casey. Now, he is not no on tour as one of the better closers, one of the better finishers and the only time he really contended in a major he blew up on the weekend. So I I don't know if I could play him at thirty two one. But he's another guy. He's good plus money for finishing the top ten or you find him in some head-to-heads what's favorable matchups. I think he's he someone to look at. But. I know I'm kind of chickening out on giving. You're sorta I come on here here. Here's what I'm going to give me somebody. Here's what I'm going to do though. I'm going to give you the. Write right down people paper. Here we go seven the last eight nine of the last twelve masters winners. First time major winners last thirteen. Major winners were first time. Major winners k twenty four the last twenty five major winners right to the top thirty got it. So odds are will looking guys who are top thirty players. Haven't won a major got it. Here's who we're looking at. Yep. Rice into Shambo? That's my pick Ricky Fowler. Jon Rahm Zander Shaw. Fleeing Paul, Casey, Tommy Fleetwood, Tony female, Matt Kuchar. Mark leash Mun Patrick Canley. Gary woodland, Kevin Kisner Dickey Ziama can win Smith, Alex nor and those are all guys in the top thirty who have yet to win a major. And there are some that were better or worse when it comes to the finishing in the major. You gotta look at a couple of guys as well. That might be better suited to go around. This course, again guys who playing it for the second or third time like a Canley like Shambo like fiend. Our last year play the turnament after suffering that just located ankle played great online kills me matchups Fleetwood. Who Fleetwood widow you mentioned Rahm Shaw flee cameras with all those guys second or third around that a buddy of mine today, who I really respect his opinion perspective friend, he likes he likes Shaath lease. I know Joe pita who follow him on whether his his math Tylden. His master's preview is fantastic love at your bible, and it is my bible, and he his top pick is one of those guy. I don't want. I'm not gonna give you know. I'm not gonna steal Joe's thunder until you picked I want you to go out and get your book. So I believe the magic rat s. Twitter handle so download his book. It's an easy read. But one one as a top pick is one of those guys in that top thirty group that I that I mentioned are other researcher j Mack who's with us and sportscenter he'll be at Augusta with he's in your same house. Right. I believe he's going with KEPCO. There's nothing wrong with that. All right. He's riding the Lightning's one three guys one three in the last six majors. And I believe the host the bald man with glasses is leaning towards Mr. female. So we're gonna have to double check with you need to love female, and I had him. I'd have him at a Shinnecock last year too. Big number. And the only thing I worry about with female is he still his only one one PGA tour event, and it was like the split week event with w per acre open that he won. It was a short field abbreviated field the week of a WC. He has yet to win to win a full field tight. But hey, you got a guy there that can string together a bunch of birdies in a row and with how well he played last year. Injured. He would not be surprised me. If he did ultimately wanted with him. I'm gonna say Shamal twenty I'm going with. That's not a bad pick. It all who leads after Saturday who leads who leads going into Sunday. One name. Brooks kept up. All right about that. And you say he loses ants on I'll say how one shot lead. All right. Are we gonna in Minneapolis? Yeah. We gotta figure we figure out place to go there. I remember gosh when you're free. I mean, you're just working xactly mcdonagh's got running around like not so. Can't we can't talk. You gotta go get breakfast Dickie v. Some some morning. Sportscenter hits on we'll Shanteau Sunday and Monday, absolutely Makara. Gosh, the last time I was in Minneapolis was the was the Arizona. Arizona Duke final four. Wow. That was a long time ago long time ago. Great had a great dinner with with raw blandly who. Okay. And Barry sacks. All right. It was it was then we capped off the evening at the Canterbury card club. Oh Canterbury down racetrack played some. It was aim on your suit. That was great. It was awesome. So much fun. Well, we'll be there Saturday. We're gonna do some stuff with game day on camera. He can I crush for second. Why would I do Steve's wearing a Colorado jacket here, and it just really is driving steak right through my heart because because we had Colorado would fifty to one to win the NIT and they play they ran out of gas. They got a bad that they got the bad end of the draw when they had short turnaround and have to go to Texas covered and then last year and then last year in the last man standing the college football ATS eliminator we got down pretty deep and the week. We lost. I think there were like seven people left and we had Colorado plus the seven and a half against Utah bus got up big. And then this completely appanage the tension folded up shop. All right. I'm getting a lot of a lot of things about Runyan's for wings. I think I might have to head their Sunday for lunch. Okay. If you're around. That's that's pencil. Then right now. All right. All right. We'll watch the final round Valero Texas Open on on Sunday. After that, Ricky flying that I do like it because I think it's a good opportunity for players who might want. I just maybe trying tweak something trite work on something. Maybe they wanna introduce a different shot or club. I think it's a good instead of practice instead of working on the practice rounds at Augusta where you really kind of need to learn the course just figure out the course with plan that week. I think an event like this is is being it's big big speeches plane to because he needs a little needs a whole lot of confidence to go in to actually make sure you send all your club recommendations in Minneapolis to accuracy exactly gonna wanna get down after the game. Hardly table service. Exactly. I have. After the game Saturday. A late night is sportscenter followed by early early Sunday. Sportscenter hit and then after the game on Monday will be will be will be up. We'll have the minute Minneapolis airs on the PJ against. Augusta minions. And in Minneapolis. You should you should come to come to go. I'm not invited that place. Come hang a credential. You can come. You can stay with the on. I all right. We'll see take us away here about unless you bet the more you lose when you win.

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