SummerHouse: The Carl Who Stole Carlmas


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I'm Ben Mandil Kerr of the real housewares of kitchen island. There's a new episode up would really mean a lot. If you went to YouTube and just watched it and even better if you subscribed doesn't take a lot of time, and it helps me a huge amount. So that's that. And also joining me as usual is the wonderful lovable the man I love Ronnie carom from the roads perks bachelor's podcasts, which is coming back very soon. Hey, Ronnie, I'm being happy Passover. We'll thank you you too happy passing over Jesus rising from the grave day that is that is not what a Passover is about. How dare you Easter about religious fight? Let's summer house off at the relief Luther well, it's appropriate because this week's episode of summer house is all about Christmas in July. So it's sort of like. Doing religion wrong. I guess but before we dive into that. We of course, have to remind you that we just put tickets on sale for Nashville. You're going back to Nashville in September. We are excited. We had a great time there last time. So get your tickets now, they're on sale to the public to watch crap dot com for that. And of course, our next show that we're going to be doing is going to be next month in Irvine. We're going to recap the season premiere of summer, how not summer house southern charm, almost the same thing southern charm at Irvine in may, and then after that we've got just like a whole shitload of shows. We have Milwaukee minister there's three tickets left for Minnesota, Minneapolis. You really have to get those tickets before they're gone. Pittsburgh Baltimore, Cleveland, it's et cetera et cetera. So many go to watch a crap dot com, and we will see you there, and of course, to shirts and merchant cetera. Is about to go. So get those before they're gone before we changed new designs and patch earns watch across every buddy. But today what a special day because last week we skipped summer house because we were traveling around. Yeah. But we're back with this weekend. Wow. To the slow breakdown of Carl Carl Carl Carl Carl's this episode was so good. I actually liked it more than van of rules on Monday. I, you know, like, this is like a big deal that summer houses starting to eclipse bender paroles, and I'm not a hater Manta pump rules. I just think that's summer houses. So could this season. I was loving this episode. And by the way, I love last week's episode to a shame that we couldn't re- recap it, but we just didn't have the time or the bandwidth. So we are back. We're back with back like Santa Claus in July. Yeah. So one thing I'm really happy for is at summer house dates all these episodes because it's very important to know that district place on Saturday, July twenty first everybody. Make sure you've got your calendars. Yeah. Remember the day? I was wondering what was happening actually that was the weekend that we're I think we're in Philadelphia that weekend. So we were so close to that. We were up in that corner of the woods like we could have been at the summer house. Wow. On air. So since we didn't recap last week's episode. The good news is that we have Hannah to give us a recap of last week's episode of the start of this one was like. Work follows. Work. Previously on last week. Work follows Lindsey everywhere and soda the guys. Paley? We see Lindsey being like a courted by this guy payment who has strange facial hair. And as one of our eagle-eyed of yours or listeners pointed out, this is the same guy that Carole Radziwill. Well, went on a date with them season five or six of real has of New York. So have oh, really. Oh god. So this is just some thirst bomb. Of course, he is yet when she's like mcnealy. Mcnealy the mealy when you he does. And he's like. He gives her this like deep like Hooker. Look, you know, like a good so figures guys just like thirsting around. Bravo. Like a bigger network. Like I around somebody from ABC. Yeah. Why don't you like advance the dancing with the stars? At this point you start with Bravo. Like, you should be ready at like the networks. You've got the plug line to be on the bachelor or the bachelorette at least. Yeah. For sure I'm sure he has auditioned several times. So my God that makes me feel bad for Lindsay. But then I remember, I don't feel bad for Lindsay. So LL have fun with that that'll be much better than ever it. This one will be stealing change out of your purse. You know, what I mean, he looks like a magician that never quite made it, you know, he never like never hard. Right. You know, he has that looked like that. I'm a Meeks. Yeah. Like he's been doing the same trick for like about four years. It's like, okay. You put the marble in my pocket. Okay. Got it yet. But he's like, really bad. He pulls a nickel from behind her ear and like, oh, God this guy. Yeah. Way way to be original Peyman degrade payment. So then another news loons e told me to be more fem. Which was so obnoxious last week. That was the fact that Lindsey walked up to Hannah's dad and said this summer, we're going to work a making Hannah a little bit more feminine like, yeah, we're gonna change girl fine. Buying go godly. Let's look crazy for tried to girl if I it yourself. Okay. Stop girl if I in yourself. Yeah. Just Uman fire. Humidifier yourself doesn't fire d- magician yourself how about that? So then pay yourself. And then of course, the other big bombshell from last week was giants. I have some pretty big news sort of hard for me to say it. But like, oh, yeah. I got I got Joko jets. Yeah. Yeah. That's like a new. That's like a new tradition on summer house. This watching Carl lose his job. Yeah. Yeah. It's like it's like the turnover from July to August is when Carl, you know, switches careers and by careers. I mean goes from employed to unemployed. Well, this was a good Carl great his Carl's been, you know, Carl's been on the path of all the problem and this year who were like changed or all change. Yeah. Guess what that's done for your says. Nothing Vander proper of looking at you. Yeah. Seriously. Like this whole like, I'm growing up thing. Like, no one wants that. That's not why we tune into these shows. But luckily, we have this show where their version of growing up is like just dancing in the kitchen to royalty free music while Carl takes office shirt and swings it over his head. Yeah. So we opened with everybody partying the kitchen and the Trixie song f f at Batum is man. I can't control that you're adding of the kitchen like nobody wants to your okay, you guys all got stuck coming home alone. Because you're dancing in the kitchen, literally, no one in the Hamptons will allow your cameras to be present in their businesses. Nobody wants you feel like at this point, Trixie Monaco's even writing new songs. She's just. Recording Danielle on her way that the summer house in the car. The next song is going to be like I'm here for. I'm here for the dude there, it's like on Danielle's cassette of African nations. Like affirmations to listen to on the way to the Hamptons for D. Everybody wants to be young crazy. So they're all they're always didn't pay like we wanna go out or do we want to just tell here at home? I mean, I'm a good girl. And I don't really know what. My mother went out and Daniels like drew shows. Ooh, and crawl goes go upstairs and look at myself in the mirror and see if I'm okay, so under I'm back Jans. Like mirror mirror on the wall. What I do to deserve. This all. And then page lays down the law. She tells us I'm Carl said he likes me. But I said what I want. So it's up to him to do what I want. So we'll see we'll see. We'll see Carl. Page pages. Like one of my favorites. I think she's like an early contender to be to get a crappy nomination for a Bravo of the year. I don't want to just say at the year so young, but she's really winning me over at least best newbie or something. Yeah. Earn Hannah are both great. They're fantastic. Maybe they should just point character because they're both. Would you say is that she and Hannah or her and Hannah depends on where it is the feelings. She impaneled she and hand should be Hannah are both great. Yeah. Because that God if they were the same person, it'd be. Oh my God. I can't believe like when you par- become two girls on summer house. Yeah. Because she does and page talks like this dog this group of don't talk. This could go go basically nations for four characters. That's why we're really happy. It's like it gives us a break. I know. So then Lindsey goes upstairs and lies on her bed. Goes dead. I don't know why felt compelled to write that down just feel like so Lindsey straight for their. thing. I'm about to kill this cast for I do not need to hear about Manton. Kyle's update on the relationship twenty times an episode every single episode because this this show takes place over the course of like five days. We've just heard this all Kyle cows. Like, yeah. You know, everything's going great with me. And Amanda like it turns out that you just have to make your loved one priority. Got it figured out. Gotta figure it out was like he's gonna cheat in five four to. Yeah. I don't think I need like an update every ten minutes to say MandA ni- aren't a better place than we've ever been in before. It's like, okay, we get it. We can see. And then we have a Madison. Well, I've made my rules for Kyle. And if you breaks them, then he breaks them like, yes, we understand. We remember from ten minutes ago. If he Tommy each eating a, okay, if he teats on me one more con-, he's getting this. Welcome only if you. Cheats. He's sorely mistaken. Kyw? Okay. You get it. Anyway. I can't get over you cheating on me. Yes. I will move in with you. What is I will invest my money in a beverage company that will most likely go belly up? So sunday. That's this means that Jordan is doing his usual thing watching church in bed. Slow thin as all of that is grab what a way to start a day after your wasted the night before I know this all I could hear the preacher say was. He was loving the truck the harlot. Who's the trucker on a harlot? What's human trafficking? He loves everybody. I guess that's the point. He's like love the doughnut. Make that. The St Louis by the harlot. The Mon raw in a native could we stop mixing everybody together. Like that. I know he loves everybody. But you know, seriously. So yeah, so Kyle and Amanda have this still debating whether or not to put a deposit down on their apartment as if anyone really cares about the inner workings of a apartment -application. And meanwhile, Lindsay and then yellow talking and Lindsay's like remember that guy from the same BART's party. Yeah. He literally followed up and said he wants to take me all and I was like that's so funny because like would be like, let's go out. And then when we'd be out like, let's go, and then we'll be and be like, let's go out. And I'd be like ally. And guyland madder having sex in bed. And she's like, wait a minute. Did your ready? He's like. Yeah. Contra so confusing. Kyle. When did it happen goes? All right. Well, now that I've come inside you. That's even noticing it. We've take care daycare this apartment thing. It's not gonna last long because just like you. So then Kyle. And Amanda again, he's like a we're going to pull the trigger on this thing shake, it's the best way ever. But he no way do it. So he tells her okay the apartment, we owe them twenty two grand is first month last month brokers fee, how much money is this fucking apartment. Does that make it like what mind grand ten grand little? I don't know. Are they buying it or they rent at? It's got to be nothing. Renting its first month last night three thousand dollars for an apartment, and like they're they're probably gonna be off in like great neck, you know, with binoculars to look at like the Empire State building. Okay. It's ridiculous. So he tells her the money in my account. So maybe later you can pay me back. I like that maybe part. So that's a good reason to get over cheating to win. The man pays the twenty two thousand dollar deposit, which includes the first month's rent, you go boy, not as I deposit of the day. So then we see Amanda doing what she does best cutting off KADO in the kitchen and page has found like a bucket of water and just sticking your face in it. She's just she's like my face while entity this at turn this down. And so she's Carl Carl to like give it a try Carl gents. So he like puts his face in it. And he's like hold on it actually feels amazing. It feels amazing right? Okay. You just don't give head into the in the bucket over and over again, I did just briefed ready to get married. So totally new guy Carl three point, oh, I can't wait to family and then have our new traditions of dunking our faces in cold water in the morning. Yeah. And she's like, I'm Iraq and for chanting. You're welcome for chanting your life in so many ways. He's like, yeah. You thought job it's like hard to treat a girl how she deserves to be treated. So like I need to get a job. So I can treat a girl like the way that she needs to be treated you also need to get a job to pay your rent and stay alive. Okay. All head out of the take clouds. Yeah. Also, she clearly leads a bucket of water. Okay. So really you're over thinking, it all I could really think while I was watching the scene with this is ice machine privilege like you know, that these people have an ice maker in their freezer in that beautiful home as someone who's been filling up is traced for years. I was like you you just waste that ice age. Go ahead, just waste it. Some of us have to work very hard for that ice. Yeah. And also, by the way, her face, look, no different before. And after the dunking, I didn't understand the whole thing. And it it bothered me. Although I thought it was funny that they were sort of like pre torturing themselves. Because inevitably you know, Carl is going to run afoul of drug dealer, and they're going to torture him. And he's like no already prepared yet. Yeah. I can do it. It's great feels great pricing. It's like waterboarding. He's totally fine with it. What was that called waterboarding where I get done? Done everyday of life. This is amazing ready to be a dad. Yeah. Yeah. This is great. I'm going to have a long term relationship with this waterboarding. Right now is actually having my legs up. It's like very comfortable for me. So the gang decides they're going to have a Christmas in July party to celebrate the birthdays in the houses, Jordan and a man is birthday, which my God. That's so sad that they have the same kind of astrology the show. Yeah. So they decide they're going to do a Christmas in July party. And Danielle is like oh my God. Love christmas. I'm here for just like I am here for the d I'm wacky wacky Christmas. Dick lover. That's what you call me Christmas. On dick, sir on ban, Dick's dancer prone. The red nose dick bomb. Can my holy. Do. Will the dick has come. Dicky dicky. Jangled tick jingle dick Dingle, dick all the way. So then they decide to DC Chris Anna and pick shit out of the pineapple and pick names out of the mine apple and Daniels dental the Dame. So every single name is dick, so good luck. Getting gets guys. I'm excited to give gift to dick and get one from dick because I'm here for the dick Williams it so we're going to pick names out of a pineapple. So how do I do just pick a name and they're like? This explains a lot about your employment. Very simple to step process. Jordan causes mom, which is like hijacking, man. How's it going and she's talking about like Abbas at the pool, but you walking around that pool when you were little and telling everyone you were the number one guy on Fisher Price. Oh, those were the days. Member when he had that girl convince you were LEGO model. So she's she's like just still endlessly proud of him for moving selling stuff and move into New York. And he's like, yeah. I was too big of a fish for Atlanta. So had to move to New York. What the fuck are you talking about to finish for Atlanta? It's not like Lanta some podunk town. Okay. Relax or the editors. You're so funny. Because every time he tells a story like, yeah. I was a big fish for Lanta. So I went on Craigslist. I caught up fuck out of there. And then they showed the picture of him as a little kid and he's at a garage sale. Look, what is this? Pictures of him doing weird things when he talked about all the frenzy have. They just showed him as a sad lonely kid and a tree, you know, were alone in a helicopter. He went on to do sales at betcha dot com because he was sick of doing sales like arosh sales. So upgrade and mom's like, oh sorry. Go ahead yours. Sorry thought you were at the end as moms like Honey, just stay true to yourself, Jordan. You are a God fearing Christian you are not like everybody else out. There isn't it away. Eight and Fritos after dinner come out going. You can do it. They think that I'm like totally not as hot as I am. But they don't get it. And what they know cap hurt up. She's like don't worry soon. It's not have kids and get married. My will be more of the same. As everybody else is like, my parents, don't get it. This isn't a phase I'm single and killing it goes, my family is really religious. They have no idea. The extent of what's going on up here? The drinking partying the girls. Like, I think there's drinking and partying girls Atlanta too. Okay. Trust me, we've been there. Yeah. You don't want to. Yeah. Look up look up. Our bonus episode about going swinging Richards. That was an Atlanta. Yeah. What the like on Yawkey concern? I can't. Atlanta. Okay. How about going Coca-Cola factor? And be like, hey wants. Okay. They do it. Okay. Yet. You think you're gonna you think you're going to get face welling, pitting your face. Nice about you slapped by bicker. Couple of times, right? This is three point. I have my Toyota, but guess what I have got more lives. Here's an ad. We all need someone to talk to a person who can support us through rough patches or even every ups and downs in life. 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And I think we're gonna have then juon I'm going to a big Jude LAN for g LAN then Kyle Kyle has been like at his standing desk all season long. They clearly like shot him from our and our just like distributing these like little bits of it across the entire season. Yeah. I love that standing desk. I tried to do it. Sometimes when we do our TV party things. I'm like, I'm tired Cam. It takes like I stamp for maybe five minutes does that count towards anything. Yeah. I'd love the idea the standing desk, the only difference. I would make for that. I would I would like to sit, you know. But other than that. It'd be great totally. We just need one tweak to this desk chair to it and be totally in on the standing desk. So then we cut to Danielle who's packing with her mom and brother, and I don't know if she's packing for for her new apartment 'cause she's moving or if she's backing Christmas decorations, and I was like question. Mark question, Mark. And then I wrote I don't fucking care airs where even showing this. I think that like I think Daniel was under the impression that this scene was gonna be a lot more significant because it seems basically like I mean, this is a big deal like when I moved into year to New York I had four roommates and now to move to my own place that I can afford on my own is such a big deal in her mom's like, yeah, we're gonna packed it up. Yeah. And another thing mom and just like transition. So like another scene like mid sentence. As. Are we still shooting? No. So then Lindsey comes over to Kyle's place into the na na. No. There were saying here. Trying to go straight. Thursday. And she's over there to help him get a present together for Banda. And she suggested that she he get pictures in a frame some meaningful pictures that can put up in their new apartment, and she tells us he's rather at Langley knotted rocking. Blazes lying him. Allie meaner album. Amanda gal on Jeff are way. Dom? Or just have board. You are this afternoon. So hor how much even want to have to go to the print shop by himself? Exactly. So Lindsay's telling Kyle that he has to make a grand gesture for Amanda show that he really like loves her. Because when I moved I moved in and thinking like, you're I am like I'm starting a new life at somebody were about to go straight for the Rosa together. And he liked couldn't pros prioritize our relationship. Like, why are you talking about ever right now? You're you're literally picking fans. Lindsay like she could never be on CNN. She'd be like, my mom thing bars right now reminds me ever having not really hurt my feelings in Paris and will ever be the same. When Notre burned down like reminded me about like how like really burn on our relationship, and like, yeah, we haven't been around in the middle ages. But I kind of feel like our love has been around forever. So that's almost just as bad. If not worse. I'm all right everyone. I mean, we may not have been around in the middle ages. But we are in our middle. Eight is timing. Yeah. Like, I'm sorry that there wasn't a book about it's called the humpback Notre Dame. But there's definitely like the humping of Lenzi. Okay. So then she's like. Things I've ever been there. My line. Oh my God. Just get outta my apartment. No, someone dangle some Roseanne the hallways. She leaves. So then we go to the museum of sex where page and Hannah are looking at dildos and stuff, and and basically page doesn't really like talking about sex Hannah loves it. She's like, my mom told me how to give below job should want. Her to be a loser. Be like the blue job nursery ranked tennis champion job champion sexuality is beautiful team. But I don't wanna talk about it. I have in my mind is my mom being like, I'm making a video about lasagna. Okay. You're going to learn how to make big CDC. You don't look like an idiot and school. Well, I guess we're mothers have different priorities than. The issue is that it's it's been all week and Carl hasn't texted page at all. And during last legs episode Carl had this whole moment at the at this party that they went to the white party, which is hilarious. I always think it's funny when they go to things like that. What was actually the same parts party? And Carl was like I really wanna like I wanna be a man sort of family with you and be committed to you for the rest of my life. So she's like, okay Colonel. So why don't you some basic things like date, y'all short thing? But now he has an older. Yeah. Typically, Carl, but you know, in Carl's defense, he's broke. He just lost his job. Yeah. I don't think he's probably not able to call her and say, you wanna have dinner. He probably had to retire. His cricket wireless phone until you get afford a new contract. But you could at least say like, hey, do you wanna FaceTime will eat dinner? We also you could watch me dinner. It's gonna be great make some crime effort. You know? She's like, yeah. And here's the thing we make out sometimes, but I don't talk to him during the week. And if you like a girl texture during the week. Which is true, by the way, Carl reformed fuck boy, you're supposed to like attacks or something three point. Oh, not like three point seven, right? Like, it's like the first generation of three to one point. Oh back. I just added gifts to my messaging. All right. We've got we've got some things to iron out come back in a couple of it rations. I just moved from my space to Facebook. So just give me a moment here. I'm trying to understand this whole messenger thing. You're Carl has automated updates available. These fixes include calling girls on the weekday. Would you like to start your computer right now? Would you like to send a report to apple? Carl on expectedly spend the report I highly recommend. It's really great. So let's see Carl and his friend day. All yes. So at Carl meeting up with this girl Dalia, they meet at this outdoor cafe, and he's it's a toast to. Yeah. She was like, okay. Can we just get over with? The first thing you do when you lose your job is you cozier network, and I met Dolly at networking event. Which means like she's part of that work now. So I went to her and she gets, you know, history today, you need a focus on your paragraph on your Langton. It's like, yeah. Because I'm the king of bullshit like Carl. That's not what you're supposed to say. On your on your Lincoln thing. I also like that when he said this this is sort of like a lot of balls for me to do this. But like, oh, and she goes get outta here. Yeah. Now, it's being sarcastic. Of course, he got like, oh, you're Carl. I mean get out of here. I'm paying for this Bill. Anyway, we all know it. You don't actually pulled up Karl's Lincoln because I just needed to see it after he mentioned having to revise his paragraph. So mon- his linked in Carl Reid key partner and senior adviser spot technologies. Yeah. So here's the paragraph that I need to update sales Representative with a proven track record of top performance, including successful launches of products and digital technologies that -bility to quickly establish influence and credibility through consultative selling effective communication of park landscape through pure pure experiences. Also, you can put your weight on me. Also, you don't have to worry about me calling you for lunch on the weekday. So. It should just say, I'm a jack-of-all-trades and a master of patient or right Carl. Yeah, call he also is a co host of the podcast called one question XYZ, and guess he was ghost is Dalia. Oh, really? We'll look at that. Yeah. I guess meeting. You know, whom I to make fun of your network meeting. You know? Yeah. Exactly. So yeah, they started their podcast in November. So if it was looking for a good podcast. That's like real talk with real industry experts to bring insider's perspective on everything related to both marketing and sales and morning. Would then go termer to one question XYZ? So back at the girl sex up day hana's like the fact that last week, and he said he'd likes you heard it when guys say that. Hey, willy just tell you what they wanna hear it gonna look at the vibrating. Cock ring for blowjobs. Yeah. Like, I'll stick to it keychain. Yeah. She's like can we get out of here? She's like ochre omega book lords. I think I'll just get a Snickers bar. So now, we're back to the time to go back to the Hamptons and Carl and page and Hannah and like, maybe Jordan are enduring. Yeah. And so pages like I have to. Purpose, sweetie pie. Sort of commitment. You'll get from me Carl your. And he's like, yeah. Like, I'm your future burp in front of me out. We are he's like or friends slowly falling in love. And I'm to get them out. Did you check your spam? Folder. Drogue adding that on my Lincoln. Carl Radke knows how to do processes and inventories and also understands what spam filters. Yeah. And then page, I think speaks for all of us. And she says Karl talks a lot of talk. But he doesn't walk the walk, and I like the opposite. What the walk your mouth? More long life. Yes. Carl Carl's so eager to impress page. Any instance that like at one point was Hannah or paid someone says like I wanna pick all and he's like pickles or the best. Yeah. Yup. Put on the record public record pickles are the best. And therefore it's proof that I am. Call three point out pickle friendly, y'all Radke pickles leected. Yeah. So Hannah's like all have sex who was my Valentine and page. I still hang no, no paycheck canceled. Valentine's Day is Carlton. Call you during the week. Yeah. Exactly. He called you during your Wednesday night, spray tan session. Then handed describes her dates like British Dave is the first guy went on after I'm after I got rid of my axe. And like it was like a car crash, and I had PTSD, and I don't wanna just jump into the verse car, but if isn't like a scary van or anything he's like a really fine Acura. I love that. Comparison. A nice accurate. That's a great. That's exactly what I think. He wanted man. Yeah. Totally dependable cheaper than a Honda. Yup. But in the same family, so just as reliable. Yeah. Exactly purpose nicer than Honda. It's like, I mean, the pleasure. The pleasure is the same on both. Yeah. So they all arrive at the house and Kyle has a bunch of love aboard cans and people showing up and Lindy's currently oh. No. That's all I'm lost. I'm lost his summer. I'm lost every house. Here. I'll just say no to literally nothing Carlito street for the rose. Who? Oh, here's what happened. So Dave from the from the car that right before they come to hana's like harbor staved. You look so handsome where wearing a shirt right now. Oh, by the way, did maxa come to the Hamptons this weekend. He's like he smacks. It will be fine. Dave. Like is page. Okay. And so they give the phone to page, and she's like, you can bring your friend. You can bring your friend to the pot. Guys that now that I think they all that. So basically pay just just invited a hot guy to come to the party from the Carlson now he's like stealing and really mad. I don't know. I miss that entire chunk of the scene. I fully. That's why Carl is having a fifth around this one episode because I was trying to track Carl so mad that that she invited. Max when did you invite max? And that's where it happened. I don't know. I just somehow missed it must have been like just like in my own head thinking about that. Great Acura comment. That's great. I'm just going to think about that for moment. Oh, it's a new scene. I'm sure that miss anything. Well, Hannah invited him, but they they made sure that they got the confirmation from page. She gave the confirmations. I'm Carl seel pickles to I don't think so. Lincoln don't think so more like linked out high five someone high five anyone anyone know making hold his hand up for the next two hours in the car because I'm going to do. I'm pouring water into my Cup supply care. Same without dying. So they so now they're back at the house Carl's hand tired from trying to get his high five, and they're all putting up like Christmas decorations because the big Christmas in July party and Jordan has like hung up some mistletoe. He's like who wants to stay under here with me. I'm just number one bachelor. Anyone anyone? Nobody does within the girls pretend to make out under the second. He moves out of the way. Yeah. And Carlos was being totally bitchy. Now, he's like, I don't believe in like Christmas much like I I don't like like what the Christmas like Carl just do something for Hanukkah represent represent my people at least don't complain rush and having no vice man, she's like the second page vibe that God of the party. He got so mad. It's actually funny to watch. And he is like stocking all around the house was like, well, look, you know, you don't just 'cause kowtow some and then ideal world, you don't step directly lights Carl and he's like well known ideal world, you don't put lights directly on the ground, slam bang. Bam barstool. Unle Carl's inability to walk over Christmas lights on the floor. So if you're on the floor eating stepped on sorry. It's rule of Carl real Korean can have a plan for this thing to even have a plan. Because like we need a plan. This is ridiculous in Amandas like piano, take this little buys con product to do this. Let's stay on task. Okay. Chart. I just updated by linked to say, I'm really going to do this. And if I don't see this can be a real problem. Okay. So let's make big let's let's use a giant giant pad and write in giant giant font. So negates the whole reason to have a giant giant pad? Okay, ready? Okay. Let's do it. Joins stopping Grinch, bro. Charles. Hey, Christmas guys are bastards. I'm gonna take out the trash with now. Lino at like, I would never suggest dating Carl because he will call you on the weekday. We all know it. But he does take out the trash a lot. So I don't know doing that always taking out the trash. So at this point like, that's really all. I'm looking for Carl. Yes, I will marry you got it. He goes can have just focus for one second. I mean, we look like idiots. I'm like, this is the thing that made you realize that this is so because they don't want to help tackle these tasks and patriots. I don't. Look at that. No. Fine. We call Grampus. No, then Daniel shows up with like a huge amount of Christmas decoration. She's she's like here. I ho mother fucking ho wacky got my own apartment. And I still did some dis of someone has some D were on episode six or seven now. And I haven't gone the dis. Anyone wanna see this through for me? Great man Israel Amandus rolling dome. My my way with vodka bottle. Totally works. It does. Yeah. Totally works. I mean, I prefer a full one. But you know, what how often do people have a full vodka bottle in their house. If you do you're doing it wrong. I will say this. I used to do used to roll doa with vodka bottle. But then someone got me a rolling pin, and I'm not gonna lie. It's kind of game changer. I have a big marble rolling pin? But its way on the top of. I don't have you seen my apartment. It's like shoebox. And so it's all the way. On top of the cabinets, which the migrant wave is on top of that. And then on top of the microwave. And so whenever I move it. Like, it has a very good chance of falling on my head. And I don't wanna die by rolling pin? My house. You know, you don't you don't wanna be like they're into. I actually have two rolling pins because someone got me like a standard one that has the two little handles the little squeaky thing was. And then someone got me like a French willing pin, which is like long tapered on the ends. And that's supposed to be the better one. And so for a long time, I was always trying to use that French rolling pin, but sex so big and so on we'll never really worked away needed to and the phone. Okay. I'm like dinky one. And that's like so good at such a good rolling pin? Makes that is your linked profile right there. Your Oakland paragraph high Colorado, and I'm going professional seller of rolling pins. So there's some talk between page in Amanda about the deposit for the apartment. But does anyone care? I don't know typical things. Anthony has it tends about I've learned every day. The tau Kyle. I'm leaving averaging on my God Kyle fucking the mailman. I also. Death that again. So meanwhile, upstairs Danielle's assing Lindsey about payment. And she's like well payment. He goes straight for the text messages. He's like every day. He's like good morning by Beato. Oh god. It's so e toll thing is spreading even onto like minor minor characters on summer house. What's going on? Objection. So I aren't really moving. My I like my romantic because I haven't gone on me and the leg with armor. I never lame than I hear things everyday. You know, he's in Graz is I read. I feel butterflies girl. He's a scene dough. This seem though that this guy dated Carolina problem Cal rats. Well, this is an honest. Carol, so gross. It's just that he's his lurking around. Bravo people. That's I think that's sort of a turn on for Lindsey sort of stabbed her place in Bravo. Right. Meanwhile, downstairs Carl continues to be very sour about this Christmas plan. Just like any. I'm already not a big fan of Christmas and just treating me like an ice Queen and she's got like guys coming over. But like, I'm picking dry, guess what? A lot of game. I supposed to upper crumby. I mean, come on. Didn't you see my Lincoln Abercrombie from two dozen to two thousand seventeen. Okay. So they basically just get decorated for Christmas at cetera et cetera. Make up me words for the twelve days of Christmas. Yeah. Want me car in idiot. And Cal goes, I have a boner. And then Carl don't give me three balls. Now. He's like I can't take anymore already got three. All right. Oh and Daniels like amp in pantry and agent Hanoch give each other like. Like over. I can't believe I spent time in pantry but the guy who didn't call me during the week. I mean, the only reason why I was in that pantry. It was just wanted to sneak some E L fudges in okay? So Meyer leaves his beer and some cookies for Santa under the fireplace. And later in the night, we see Santa come down like do I have to eat. Everybody's fucking thirsty. As brand I'm still sitting from the skinny girl. I had down the street. I know. I know. They got a drink Loverboy fine. Whatever happened to milk. Yeah. Suffering to you Santa the sell your shit. I'm dammit. So now, they're all getting ready payment. Facetime Lindsey, and he's like she's like because he's in Greece. And she's like, wow, that's beautiful out there on a beautiful view your face is beautiful. Oh god. She's like, I can't believe man. Thank grains. Everybody's dancing. He's in Greece. He's like in the musical race. He's just an that of Greece. So Carl tell me more Demi Moore lack does he have a car? So. So Karl comes down the stairs. And he sees page right at the front door, and he's leg PG. How's it going? And she's like hang Carl. We're gonna get facials. So she and Daniel off to get facials and Carl just goes. Honestly ridiculous. The two people should be doing facials, not those girls. Yeah. Like yet girl man amounting her while I guess do something like maybe I've been call last week, but I would expect that we had one on one time together right now. But like I'm annoyed. I've just it's just it's really disappointing. Yeah. Like, basically patriots of out the door. Like like, I haven't wanted would right now. Let's just walk around without for no reason. You know, it's like every time I have to go to the pantry to get something Boehner. I just fucked box of triscuits. So I'm upset. I'm pretty I'm pretty depressed about it. Hey, guys. I don't know if you've heard, but honestly, I'm just not a big Christmas guy. Have I mentioned that. The girl made like wearing gonna pay shall and he's like I'm going on that south by the that, you guys are getting base roles. Okay. Yeah. Would you care to elaborate on that? Okay. So then let's see here. Ten Yellen page. Go get a massage and talk about how they obviously have the same taste men because they both fucked garl- and ten y'all Danielle just trying to be hilarious. I feel bad for him. Yeah. Because she seems like a nice girl, you know. But God bless her heart. She's like whip officials still don't know that I'm here for brags about knowing facial issue weirdo. She's waiting for the dick. She's like, all right. Just tell me when the Dixie to be here, doesn't it was not that not that kind of it's real facial. So basically they make a pact. She will pay asked what it was like dating Carl and Daniels like well like I wouldn't hear from him. And then I wouldn't hear from him for like a week. And then I wouldn't hear from him for longer than week. And like, honestly, it was like, literally terrifying. It was like a roller coaster, but you know, like one of those like kiddie roller coasters that when you get on like when you're like five like the most crazy roller coaster when you're in. Adult. You're like is this even a roller coaster ride? So they make a pact that if they're into the same guy. And then they just like the same guy. We're gonna rock paper scissors it because that's what it don't steal. And you know, that like for short pages, even if they do rock paper scissor page will probably win she'll do rock, and you just know that Daniels, the type that always says her I mean, it's it's someone's bound can be paper someday. So the back at the party people are arriving, and we get to see British Dave. Yes. And Hannah tell us a little bit about her shitty. Other relationship and staff. So I'm glad she found British eighth. He seems nice nice. And then of course, she Amanda are like talking about moving in again. And and like Kyle needs to grow up and Hannah's like, well, you know, him decide to move in with you is actually a pretty mature decision. He is growing up. And then it like cuts to Kyle and Carl mooning both the girls from the balcony. Matica CD's daggers. You're not going to see them tonight because they're gonna be Carl's Bhatt, whom I go that was your Christmas present. Yeah. So they're all in their costumes. Jordan is making these proclamations. He's like thirty feels great. I mean things are just going to get better. And better look Kyle and Carl they're killing it one guy just spent all of his life savings on a pipe dream and one guy just got like, oh from very basic sales job. Thirty for one second stop making making assessments. They all open their presents. They gave each other for secret Santa and paves gives. Amanda key interesting. Yeah, that's key to my apartment. So that whenever you're sick of being Judy Tuohy boyfriend can come visit me also I forgot that we're supposed to each other gifts. And like can I keep by because to get back into my apartment? That's funny. So then Kyle's like, I'm MandA on my now, we have aren't going to be giving gifts. But here is a firm photo. The first time you met when we were Schlamm erred, and we had sex in the back of tequila Nacho face that restaurant. We love. He limo pace get up by affluency. That's where I'm at Albert average ever been did tequila Nacho vase. Best burritos? So amanda. All this is taking my breath away. It shows how much she's grown and for the first time we're on the same page. Like, literally, these bills are printed. This is on loose leaf paper. And he's like we gotta prove the apartment, and they're like, yeah, they're all cheering as if he just got a massive promotion requirement. Congratulations. You're never gonna have another dollar to spend two can't on your life on your for your entire life. So out a month. Oh, New York. Yeah. So now everyone's arriving and like as you said, we see Dave and his haute British friend or they're both British. But max who so they walk in. Also, I love Dave's ugly sweater. I really enjoy and I would wear as normal sweater to be honest. Pages. Like, oh, I like max, you know, I just wanna marry him. So I can have a child that says mom. So then Jordan and Carl are talking on the balcony and Carl's like, bro. Happy birthday seriously. It's your birthday like literally happy birthday. Okay. George like. Yeah. You know, I feel good. I'm at this point in my life. I'm doing great things. Like, I look good. I'm model. I mean, I'm the most eligible bachelor on an. Carl just like does a face lap. He's like, oh good. Kyle's like. Like, you can't say that anymore. You're not allowed to say that any more stop saying, it's like Jordan hinge is a sponsor of the site that you work for and you do to sales for between sponsors and the site. Okay. Let's let's. What was Carl saying that is it stop talking about that? You know, I've been in the final round up on sites. Yeah. I was. Okay. Cuba's most okay. Oh is anybody thirsty? Sorry, all the liquid going to Lindsey right now are guys though, we go into the kitchen and lengthy thing on lamb. I never. And she's pulled down her top. And it's just wearing her nipple clamps for her guests. Did you see the look on for this day face? He was like this is how people look at British people. Steve. Look, I'm giving you right now. So Saddam, we see the first signs of problems because Danielle is now I ING max, even though max and page been clearly for flirting the entire time. Now Danielle's watch it from from afar. She's like, yeah. He's hot. I'm gonna do. My classic slow shimmy towards him where I moved my shoulders from the left to the right as if I'm listening to Nelson by Shah day, but I'm actually walking. So there's a Kyle Calton's on the foam machines, foam everywhere. And Amanda talking to Lindsay about the photos that Kyle gave her and she's laying. Oh, I never knew that. There was this side of Carlisle like you've been dating for three years, and he showed you one picture frame. Like, how do you not know about this week side? And also this evidence of it and like angry. I haven't eaten today. Very sorry. Him that signed himself leasing. So then max is talking to page max British one and like so what you do. He's like my job is dreadfully boring on a consultant that is boring at is. Yeah. Girls. Like, she's totally flirting with him on a floaty right now, I've got to make a grand gesture so he goes in and he gets a piece of birthday cake, and he jumps on this big floaty. They're all onsite car a window. He does he does not jump on. He falls walks everyone. Everyone's they're all in the pool and everyone's like jumping on the floaty. Everyone's like do it. Do it do it. So Carl comes with his cake, and I'm just going to jump on the floaty like everyone else, but there's all this foam, and he can't see and he just walks in to the king. Oh my God. Everyone that watch that five times. There's like nothing more perfect than watching Karl be like, oh, I just couldn't make up here. Coz, my grand gesture your grand gesture. Yeah. So he's committed to this. Anyway, you know, he's just fall into the booth the pizza cake, there's bubbles everywhere. So he's like home of the Stolz Ryan feed it debate. Oh god. Where is that? Yeah. She's like, no Carl I don't wanna piece of chocolate cake that's been incorporated waters. So the other thing is that he goes he tells us he's been going through a lot of shit. I lost my job so page flirting with other guys in front of me after everything I've talked to her about on our connection like it's fucked up. I'm like, oh, really, you should probably watch seasons. One and two and see you treated Lauren workers. I know you even coming back full circle with the cake thing, you know, because this is what the work is as Danielle put I can't believe Carl who's been victim of a cake out is now trying to cake out like Daniel trying to make slang late night cake. Poor bless her heart. She does try so hard and you're right. She seems so nice that she's trying hard. Yeah. So pages. Like, I can't believe you cake in my face Carl. Oh, yeah. I guess that was my ideal. It was not ideal or we'll just go back to your friends 'cause I just wanted to look stupid. So I guess I've achieved that I'm getting a drink Carl. So much. My grand gesture. Every time you said grand gesture just made me think of arrested development. It made me think of the grad lex cafe is now closed. All. So Carl's stumping around like an angry big bird to Lindsay's leg. Carl are yo-. K I'd love to hear what's going on in your mind and then quickly related to. Okay. Let's. And he's like, oh Ola this page thing. Like, I'm over. But she's don't even say anything like a get it. She's twenty five she's hot. But like going to be all this. I'm the best guy. She's ever gonna meet and her entire life. Like, I'm seriously, literally seriously liberally. Yeah. She doesn't even have the balls to tell me, but she's not interested. I'm like, I think the fact that she's a during you is pretty much saying, she's not interested. Gosh. She is forging with guy right in front of. Yeah. He's like, I'm thirty three. And I like want us to relationship to start new Christmas members with and have new like cake fights with and like new little family that I can walk around with and be like, honestly, I'm not Christmas guy. You know? And like she doesn't give a fuck and Lindsey goes guess, what did the same thing? I was like rat. Like, I'm getting older and you're not cygnus run. I'm like, really Missy upland. The and by the way, Hanan pager listening to all of this them talking. Listening to your great aunts talk about deals with picking save quota. These old people even talking about safe and our maintenance Haji with it. I. Now that aren't I? The about. But I'm moving on and Lindsey and Hannah are like, oh, my God, the old people think that they're dumping. Let me really exactly. That was the episode. Oh, so good. The end of summer house. Everybody thinks so much for being here this week. We will be back next week. Don't forget to go. Get your tickets for crap live overwatch crap dot com. And that's also where you'll find links for your. Which are down after this weekend. Co get them guys. Yeah. We'll talk to all of you guys on Monday have weekend. Happy Easter those who celebrate. Yeah.

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