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This is the premiere episode episode of the burning by podcast <hes> spinner host of the bernie mac podcast right on spinner right on so what we're going to do here in our show is on. My show is going to be basically campfire. Talk a few guest tonight. I have gomez and spin from dot com holly holy symbols of course it spanish. I see the campfires already going the dave on that day or if get cracking that baby up we are live studio audience of miscreants and now you can and we are recording being on a picnic table in silver lake michigan. We hopped on a ferry milwaukee scooted across lake muskegon and rode up up the peanut gallery is already in full swing scooted my but across the carpet. How many miles was that forty forty or fifty miles the rider the ferry ferry was eighty miles. I'm talking about it. Rides was already plus forty five pluses. There was a good day. It wasn't big day and there awesome trails from some road riding. Some beers were drank. Some jerk told us to take away that made us climb. A lotta hills ended in a rout where cars do not appreciate bikes on the roads because they've made this beautiful path up here. I think they expect bikes to be on it which i can understand but we stopped stopped fruit stand big handfuls of fresh berries blueberries raspberries kind of did you ride spinner. I rode god. My big fat. Dummy fully loaded. I would like to have weighed that to see just weighed. Guess your best guess minus spinner which i mean i think it's like seventy pounds unloaded. I would guess it was one hundred and fifty pounds so that felt good it on those hills yeah we can ride rails trails whatever's flat as possible tomorrow. That'd be great. Would you read. I wrote <hes> my shumba research. Yes <hes> major not not pulling a trailer or being a long tail. <hes> it's still pretty heavy though i also have my tires at eight psi for that whole ride which was probably not the best pressure for mostly mostly a road ride. Go miss your weapon of choice. I wrote otis is is a <hes> fed pack aluminum one ninety one fifty bikes metrical bike <hes> with a reveille dura <hes> bekker's sewing on in concert of bags with i don't know i i didn't think he was yeah. You're gonna say how does it feel to be the owner of a website where you to plug all your sponsors. Everybody everybody listen bike head and then you know i just just went into the bags because it's kind of weird greg brought up interesting point of we call them. Gregory condoms fan now. What do you like to be called old. I've been spent on this. Show your show since we send marsh. Oh yes oh spend i'm not talking. Shop between mike and jake canceling brought up an interesting point is that we're not really bike packing. We're bike touring that is true you trudeau bike is pretty packed shit though was yeah yeah but the reason is because says what was your reasoning bike packing would be more where you would normally go with a backpack and bike packing would be much more back country than what we're doing on this particular trip which is more carrying your stuff and finding a destination and camping and doing stuff like that but we're not in the outback or an area where your self supported now really we're in a camp ground full of jeep broncos by side razors o._r. V weekend up here as well as the bronco fester whatever they got so sand lake is a tourist destination with sand dunes and it's bronco weakened up here and we actually actually took a cool ride on a f- five fifty scooter with sixteen hundred people or whatever but <hes> silverlake must be known for its lake candidates sand dunes in a lot of off highway vehicle access to the dunes a really rare thing. It's like the only place east of the mississippi sippy where you can drive your off highway vehicle on sand dunes and certainly one of the largest for sure. It's huge the oj and we got lost out on. We didn't get lost out there but some of us today got separated from the group and had to ride through a desert type of material or last keep we we came up here to find sand and we found sand. We did mine zan because lake michigan being so high. We don't even have sand anymore over on the other side of the big m. and they barely have it here which is used to run these big scooter things on the beach and and this whole trip was race based around beach writing. We'll talk to dave in his <unk> further trip but <hes> yeah so if you haven't rode the beach on fat bikes it. It is something else you know. I i think most people know that their <hes> snow bikes but when you actually read the beach shore <hes> i remember the first time we did this trip two years ago. I saw a lot of cool stuff and wrote a lot of things and i didn't know what to expect but you think riding on a beach for i don't know what was that twenty miles last last time <hes> it was <hes> it was awesome. It was so different just be right by right beside the water lot that waves are coming up in your bottom bracket and you're peddling what feet but it didn't suck no no. It didn't the thing that i like a beach. Writing is that it changes a lot. You know different things wash up the <hes> the the weather impacts because half of your viewfinder is full of clouds and sky and water rights so all that reflects and it's a really interesting visual is a photographer. You know it's like i love that the storm the better for me still army beautiful bluebird day today though that was pretty kick ass. We played frisbee man. I love the weather could not have been better for this. No yeah it's <hes> seventy degrees eighty degrees. I think it was fifty s overnight so it was good sleeping. Whether as well campground is right next to the pit toilet but i think that's because we're a group and they stick your neck as well and we didn't have a trailer with a bunch of a._t._v.'s on the back either right. We are traveling freak show of fat atkeson speaking of traveling freakshow fabulous so fat dot com. This is a rain child of you guys. How did this come come about. Was there at a drunken and at some point in the past there must have been it was it was a long time ago. We're past what eight nine years we're coming up on the eight year. I think we're past the eight year anniversary as it happens in the middle of the summer right. 'cause i started started this thing about six months before i met gomez in the past six months before we decided to work together so i'd already had the site kind of going because i saw a need mostly selfish just to tell other people about how awesome fat biking was. This is fuel hash bikes in the olden times eight years ago or nine years ago before the podcast even started every single person that had a fat bike. I knew them in our area right. There was nobody that that you know you. You were kind of like sort of the the weirdo that you built. This thing like. When like pugsley was the big ah i know. That was the big mass market. I fat bike out. Other companies started to come along but not everybody did right away right now probably would have been what eight years ago or was there more yeah more than that. I started doing it so my first bike. I had to build it wasn't an off the shelf one but our site basically started around the same time that that white pugsley became came available to the whatever masses pugs lease and utah lantern schlick cycles. I we just built yeah from tom. Tisdale built one for me for it wasn't even a schlick at that point so okay but i started the site just because i wanted people to know about it and put stuff out there. I kind of had an idea that <music> at some point it might pick up and we might be able to make a couple of bucks at it and <hes> i met gomez at nome fast eight the ocho hotel and and <hes> somehow we got to talking about this thing because he'd had a pugsley for a couple years before that right <hes> even with a roll off on it yeah ooh and had run a race. He's right that would like the first race in was the silver lake. <hes> not silverlake this ever like held. It kettle was called the team snow bike enduro. What was the lake that was on <hes> the the first one was not at a lake was at kettle who is at john muir okay and i that must make and we didn't get a permit or anything and we bikini girls and it was it was so kick ass yup yeah there were there were there. I knew he wasn't fat by soy invited all those people and probably fifteen of those twenty five people that had fat bikes had white eight pugsley completed come out <hes> so he devised this format of racing where the people who had bikes just randomly pick teammates like like you'd pick and gym class and then you road three person teams the three hour race and whoever did the most laps wins and you definitely originally score yourself right on not even everybody in the race had their own bike racing share by sharing bikes from the other team that teammates that had their own bikes and eh when the pugsley had a bolt on wheel and is that when you made everybody take their front wheel off that people had in back and get a fifty millimeter wrench and risk we'll be back. Maybe some of them did yeah yeah for sure. I think you said if you don't if you have that bolt on wheel you can't carry a piece of wood log you know and the daytona start and you know gomez is kind of the master of making fun happened at events so that was definitely and that was one of the first ones right there is sucked. If you were to competitive they unbased of titian right yeah. I don't think any event we've ever done as really except for that. One race along lake michigan the mustache as much as is crushed that thing on talking about like you can have the wrong. I shouldn't say the wrong people but certain people can show up with the idea that they're here. A winner race we sat in singles feeds. All the time that was sort of the genesis says effect bike dot com. We didn't want the wrong people. <hes> well see when that kinda started. There probably wasn't <hes> with with only <hes> a steel bikes me and the major player in the market. There wasn't a lot of carbon yet. They're probably ninety seven. Maybe had some aluminum stuff but that doesn't attract the race type. Usually i guess i would say eh especially when there's carbon and the rest of the market but you guys jumped in before all that stuff came out right and obviously now. There's you know we were the weirdos we we would walk around interbike and say it got any five pike stuff and look like what are you doing here. Is you're stupid true that yeah so and and other media accompanies weren't interested because there wasn't that much to cover so <hes> now you i remember now. It was kate hile. You reminded me because kate. Hi was at dead. I race kate. Heil <hes> she's the person that said hey greg smith. This is <hes> spent as as this so that was greg smith back then you guys should work together and i was like oh yeah. That's a good idea because you know i was blogging talking on other forums and whatnot and <hes> you know i've always i've always thought pretty good photographer. Yeah i didn't become spent until until gomez joined the team and we decided to work together and both create content and i'd run the tech side he'd make the make the money because i'm going to give money away and stuff and i didn't become spin until there was potentially because we hadn't had any real impact in the market yet that because i had an affiliation with schlick cycles that it would just seem like a megaphone for schlick cycles because there weren't that many other bikes at this time yet and it's just like oh look at our story make it so cool but that really was never the point. The point was to show other people fat. Biking is regardless of what brand or how they do it but because of the kind of vision of impropriety we decided that i should have a nom de bluer written spend hammer became he gave me like five names to pick from in and you can be tiger. Mic balls observe hammer. I'm like the only english name is where they all spanish so i want to do independent voice and represent all brands so true that time we felt like we were fat by evangelists evangelists and he had found this new toy and we just wanted to say do this is so much fun you know so that was that was before. We started heard of making money at it yeah for sure but it independent israel voice was like i had the mindset of well. We're going to become a non imprint imprint magazine magazine business model so you sell every magazine yeah. How many test pilots are there today today. A day. We have fourteen. I'll that's it. I try and keep in the teen somewhere and try and try to variety of different kinds of writers because has there's so many niches inside the niche her so many cats you know more than those cats i mean he gomez is doing the majority of the work now because of a change in my life at one point a couple of years ago so he kinda he took the majority of the site over and does pretty much all of the content and all of the herding cats all of the getting of all of the product that we have on the site and trying to find qualified people bolt to dave definitely i know when the big fat dummy came out. Maybe you were there at the first bugsy worlds where sovereign surly early was able make you need to make a big dummy pugsley cargo bike. He's like the circles of people that will buy that will never happen but i would be that guy but there's also now that the products have come so far their sub twenty pound fat bikes now like i know that i'm not the guy to test that thing and give a good review and there's such a you could make one. I i don't know if it would be something that would be durable and functional and single speed fat pike that is carbon everything. I think you'll think laos bike is there is because she's not looking for like a hardcore mountain bike. She needs a rockets. I think she's in the twenty three pound range with probably and that's a small frame. That's probably gotta be getting close. One of the main limiting factors still tires to start like i mean they're lighter than they were in the old days but they're still not light but if you're out there in listener land and you want to post a comment like moberg ways this munch yeah if you ever saw money hey let me just share with you fantastic then nice yesterday exactly okay. I'm i'm super stoked semi framed picture packs and will <hes> will need a sample of your brain. Tissue your shoes as and your last year next year next last. What was the terminology your next of kin. That's it next of kin every firstborn shop when you need. Let's get back well so the bikes that we wrote here yesterday. I wrote this early week. Fed dummy long tail. I have <hes> rack on in front full podcasting set. This is no small feat no no but i'm not as good at packing as you guys obviously are where you put all the. What did you say sorry of imitating days so we got a peanut gallery back. Dave talking doc is ship. We'll have him on in a minute but because this is his rolling fat lake circus but <hes> the gear that we just put on the back so you're gonna post pictures of that. Is that going to be a setback dot com on that same bridge intake similar profile pictures of each bike and i didn't do i wanted to do it. You know where people go backpacking and they lay out l. Everything they're gonna use like sign. Take a big picture over the top and say this is all have enough patients to do that. Are we still have time. We could lay it out on the road. They do it when i get back because i didn't know what i was taking till i was like i was literally grabbing stuff out of my truck in the parking lot like i could use this. I could use that but i'm always testing gear so i i side of different stuff. That's always on <hes> a series of different bikes so i have a new terrapin. Revelead designs terrapin been fourteen leader <hes> seat bag system. That's never been used as like the first trip it's been on. I saw that and i have never seen that before so it's like a a unique situation where that bag got recalled. It got introduced <hes>. It got recalled because some see clips that could catch in years spoke asks. Ask the one just before the trip. They got the balloons in and i'm like yeah. I'll take that on his trip that malcolm choice so you reviews so much stuff and i'm sure you get favorites out of the stuff you review oh yeah sure and how do you just not always use your favorite thing i mean i really love that bag. That's my favorite bag got to test this other bag and then suddenly have a new lover because now that bag is a better practice non rigid thinking and it's really hard to doing stay objective is i cannot believe he didn't chime in with non rigid thinking now. We're gonna have dave other davor unfor- dad jokes in a minute but well. It's loosening your belt them out in the bar earlier. So what do you call it the non what thinking non rigid thinking so you know it i've preached to you. You're like i only want to write a single speed. I don't want to write a seal dyke. The only wanna ride this or that long tail a single speed brakes outside your comfort range face your fears. Those are the things like those are some of the guiding philosophies of <hes> yeah of being awesome. I think the within a family right there's like like i like coaster brakes. I don't have that everything single speed and most of but i definitely see this trip would suck on a single saw man with one hundred fifty pump fake. That would not have been fun fun. No and you know i. I read what the manufacturer says is better about. This and i keep an open mind about that too. It's like okay now. I have the product. Does it do that. <hes> and then you're like this is they nailed it or this is bullshit and i try and keep my mind open into that like my idea of writing is not everybody's idea of writing so i try and put that in the reviews of here's where wrote it here's how i used it. <hes> you know i'm not. I'm not an ultra marathoner so i'm not going to use his bag on one thousand mile trip to nome so but most people won't that said what's your first impressions of that baggage. <hes> i really liked the component system <hes> that the it comes with a cradle and dry bag that fits into that cradle insa seat bag pretty big one fourteen leaders is pretty large my whole tenting there and some mike and mike persons sorta diverted they call it would be shaving item if i shaved. Maybe i'll start shaving bud or something <hes> it also has a bleed valve on sir awesome on the dry bag which means i can pack it in their heart as i can and and then dave if i can leave all by weight on that on the bag with the valve just barely sticking out when all the air stops coming out. I close that lead belvin the things like it's like when you you know you get the freeze dried coffee sucked up together or sealed yeah see see that coming on the sweet roll to at some point i would think so it works like a non valve dry back now so unless the one thing that i would say about that company ah <hes> and eric parsons is he drives the development in that in that segment <hes> and dustin to now yeah and dustin into and they have a lot of really there's some fantastic athletes like leo wilcox <hes> and this is all reveille or not going to get into the j. p. thing right probably spinners show well it was going to you while we're talking about the <hes> sorry walking yeah. I would say just for this trip. Especially waterproof is pretty important and a lot of times. It's <hes> people have waterproof shit just to have it but we're literally riding lake michigan after time right and if you fall over but any trip it can rain cats and dogs. Can you know so yeah yeah. I think <hes> you know fortunately it didn't rain right and it's not about to ours. I could tell you but i did have path my rig on the bikes still for today's ride which was quite wet. We were in the water yeah as over the hubs a few dams yeah and you know what i was surprised about. I don't know if the water is different over here but my bike didn't didn't float up like it does sometimes maybe that's because there's extra me an extra that on the bike and it's down but i don't know we had a fun day. We're we ended like get a little creative to find some adventure but san mine my hat's off the you found you found a way you were you and you know the peanut gallery would resisted your <hes> your use of force and you mind shirked us right back out in the beach. It was pretty awesome. We've already going to go back. I don't remember it turned out better than we could hope for. I think i mean we were this. We came here specifically for the beach. It's why we took. The ferry enrolled old fifty miles to get here because this is the last vestige of dune age or beaches on lake michigan right now. There's probably an average of five feet of beach. Would you say internet and if you're not in that five feet in the water slough. There's a tree down your writing in the lake around that tree any out in yeah. I think everybody wrote everything have pets module was here. He wouldn't have been wet had all that stuff yeah a lot of <hes> front yards. We saw a lot of cool beach houses a lot of like how moms and the kids out love the peach at one of the when we were heading south at one of the turnaround spots we probably could have gone a little further but this fellow had built out a really kick ass like doc doc like the porch almost out into the lake walkway that ended in nor- yeah dave and i were up there looking further down the beach to see if we could see a way past it and he came walking down the stairs he had to be in this. Maybe seventy s he was. There's one point of hope around next time we come. It was like that was smooth. Well what i mean. He had just said how much the shoreline had changed in the last two years how much he'd lost how much the people down there how much which all of their stuff not necessarily their houses but their their access to beach and how far that thing had gone out before and how much beach there we're had been a hundred feet of beach pass this thing and the water was now underneath it and he said i sure hope the seasonal averages come back because this is really high and they're worried about this this fall so <hes> global. It's cool. It's cool talking to local knowledge because these people know what's happening here. Yeah the people that live on this lake. You know it's like <hes> their neighbor <hes> hey neighbor. Did we derail your first podcasts yet. Do you wanna talk about your good. He's decided j peter very oh. This is a good idea. Let us ask you about what your burning by podcast. This is going to be about. I know some of these answers but i'd like to hear you on here yeah because you know i'm sure the listeners are interested in why we have why why we have these different podcasts is your fault right exactly i guess so you've had a few guests on the dose of fat and there's been a few times we did not practice are signals before <hes> i remember especially when brett's to panic was talking through his <hes>. Ah non brits the panic is <hes> a very interesting dude. He's done tour divide a few times. He places pretty high. He rides a._z._t. Cal <hes> trail colorado trail <hes> but the he hops on a bike on a single speed and he's a he's a different guy. He's got a different mindset analyses telling me stories. I'm just listened to him. Talk a._m. Asking questions it's kind of like this and we're going through him. Like what kind of food do you. What do you do this. What was your mindset and he's talking about the music he listens to and he doesn't get too comfortable when he sleeps because he went to once a wake up and go. Mrs is like ramp this bitch. I wanna know more about that story. I want to dive deeper gomez. Did you win cool next. We have a contrasting style. See i think one of the one of the things is that that both gomez and i have been doing this quite weiland and spinners almost still fan boy yeah he i mean when you're kind of in the trenches and you meet people all the time. It's not like i'm meeting. You know steven tyler from aerosmith for the first time. I'm i'm workin with them every day and i'm kind of. I'm past steven tyler now. He's not really even my buddy anymore. So yeah sorry man. I mean i'm not usually i guess he's never going to be on now. Yeah not anymore <hes> but the spinner really is still curious about what people are doing and i think that's great like i do anything at a bar same campfire then when i go to an inventor a race almost the coolest part is after the race when you're hanging out and who stays and tell stories in this kind of thing kind of like what we've been doing whole day there's so we've been talking and telling stories like peterborough thing. We talked about that. We're not gonna talk about here but the <hes> get into trouble yeah. I ah no godless we can talk about it. The thing is is like none of us read read the stuff that got him fired because you can't we saw the you know. We never saw those posts so i you know i i think uh talking about it is it's hearsay. Say you know i just say it's a shame for everybody. I don't think it's good for salts. I don't think it's good for the ultra endurance race eligible marathon racing and i don't think it's good for j._p. Berry so where's the wh who wins out of it. We've said enough of that. Explain this situation. It was getting without getting into this situation. I was just gonna say at. I love this that something like this in that ultra scene is bound to happen sooner or later because it was such an underground thing <hes> mhm and so few people were doing it in jay was one of the first right right and it was organized events at doing these ultra things and now people are doing it that are more <hes> volt competition oriented and also commercialized so they want to do the whole tour divide and they want every drone shot from every descent that they're doing and they wanna make a movie about it after so that they can build their brand pimp the people that they're representing make other people money and it was bound to happen at some point that this type berlin event is gonna get big enough to take on that commercial aspect and i think this situation got caught up in that to some extent okay and let me just that's my explain the situation so at a high level j._p. Raced for salsa in this ultra stuff and forty five north north and there is a new racer <hes> leo wilcox willcocks. There was some sort of disagreement some online back and forth salsa and j. Peter burian has always true. That's it that's tha that's the high level of you without any reason behind why we don't aderholt <unk> lael had a film crew following her and entered event that was not against the rules they had apparently changed the rules to allow for that and jay apparently had a problem with the rule is again. That's hearsay because we don't know but the rule was nobody that is close to you can have any contact with you oh right and that's what he had an issue with as far as i talked to a racer. I can't even call your wife while you're on that trip to get any kind of personal support. This is supposed to be a you against the mountain and the trail state. This is the this is the j. inside the ultra thin okay so that is the rules of the racer. That's what jay thinks he should be. This is not a question. I have an answer to so. Here's my suggestion spinner. Get michelle nascar kitchen. We this is a perfect show because it you know rally only has one listening right now. Rouses intently documentary from this race specialized saying like this is you yeah we'll. We'll bring bring you on uh-huh okay. He's gonna be on then. He's got to be on the the audience here. Can't how holdout anymore the peanut gallery taylor is now ready all right. Rob has something to say folks chicken connection. Michigan connection is on and i watched couple documentaries of the tour mortified and the whole way was spoke to me it. Is you against the trail. You can't have any outside assistance from friends family sponsored thing you have to go. If you need supplies. You had to go on your own to a grocery store or a bike shop and get what you need. You can't have people waiting their support support for you. Okay so if you're not worried about it. Is that's another thing i like to explain what things are because most things either divide is a racer banff canada to mexico go across the rocky mountain range the great divide on the great to divide so so it's a it's a big race takes almost a month to do you think eighteen days as a record but okay continue and it's it's all about being self support of you have to do what you start with. You have to end with and people can't come to you and give you wait till you break down. You need to find your own repairs along the way true and to go even a step further. You cannot get emotional support. You can't sleep with your wife for your husband at the end of the day and get all that from them to make you feel better yeah exactly yeah visit you. They can't talk to you that so you know there was a situation on this last one where there was contact between one party and another and her friend was running being the film crew even though okay even though she said she was on a mountain top looking down directing it. You still know she's there. That's still support. That's swear this whole thing started argument. I as i understand the distance filming me. I still feel her love right now like no. She's in new york watching like hoping he's okay so okay so we'll see what happened there. Somebody said this about how this is not how it should work. They said some things people said. This may not be the way it happened. Yeah it's all hearsay and apparently you know things didn't stay stay civil like they don't on the internet and you know we live in a very <hes> where we live in a society where common courtesy is out the window man you know especially the group like that when they're both athletes participants but they're not like that. They're on recent each other which is a bit ad but yeah it it. I wish we could have discussion debate and we didn't have to bring in all of the wish the people would not judge and i'm guilty of it too though dang it. I'm part of the the biggest thing is we don't know but we do wanna speculate something. <unk> happened to speculate because we don't know the real story right and we listen. Let's let's make a pledge of will do everything in our power. Let's put the wonder twins power together and become a rhinoceros woolly. Rhinoceros is the one that you do i was i was looking at you that would it'd be weird all right. I know but <hes> what are you doing over there rob. Yeah don't don't fidget touch. The <unk> equipment pylons scared me so i think you know this day and age when things can go off the rails so quickly and people are so sensitive about things and you know everybody grew up differently. Everybody pretty sensitive about different stuff. You get a groundswell of people sensitive about certain things it can really affect and the internet all it does is damp down my ability control. My feelings just type stuff out because i'm not really yelling at you directly. <hes> well the thing about this race doing. I'm sure we'll this whole situation relation. Anybody can say anything who maybe never rode a bike they may be. They may write a walmart bike. They might see something like this. I know this you're anti feminist feminist you're anti whatever and then they blow up. I gotta have another beer. It's getting pretty deep. The gym and i wish there was something grabbing all day i._p. Real quick you guys can take a break. No you guys talk amongst yourselves. He got let's find. Let's find a way to <hes> you know find something positive residents of this situation. Let's <hes> i in pez what i say for the people you know. I'm not in charge of any of this stuff. I'm just there's an open spot the seltzer as to you know because they don't want. They don't want <hes>. Yes <hes> but you know call me. If you want to pay somebody to raise your stuff call me whoever's running salsa these today's <hes> yeah gomez one eight hundred gomez eight hundred gomes but anyway that's that's. That's situation local. Go ahead one. I had something i wanted to share before. I hand the mic over to somebody else well while you think about that. What are you reading right now. I'm writing a two thousand mm fifteen sauce trick farley seven basically stock except for the cockpit and the brakes johnny kelly johnny. Don't get me wrong start racing b._m._x. And seventy seven on d._v._d.'s i mean i'm an old pen scott. Yell michigan savvy. Call you michigan connection because i made you guys on this side of the ferry. Yeah okay down and wrote. A tattoo on your calf is at a tattoo of you on a bike. Yeah that is from two thousand and two who a rock cut state park in rockford illinois on my karate monkey single speed rigid. That's where you and i met this other second place in in that race on a single speed original bike only twenty nine hundred field so i was a pioneer at twenty nine hundred thing i was late for both the fat bikes did you wear overalls and digit aged just refer to sod buster sponsor team so i had a matching kit. Ooh ooh we'll fast racing. What first attracted me to you. Which you say is going down lyle lyle one one of these people were. I started racing at a young age b._m._x. Then college in life years disappeared in the thirties. I got back into racing within three years mountain. Mike racing. I was an expert race expert all to my thirties. Then i got fat and slow in the forty s i was a sport and now i'm in my fifties and i just right for the hell of it. I don't race anymore because that's that's my style. Yeah i wanna stop and smell stuff and drink stuff and look at stuff and this is the trip for you. He's still power but still joe puts the power down. It's all about i mean. It's like no more no more racing unless i want to beat them up a hill but it's a quick race but i don't raise period anymore. It's just not my thing. I do not like that. I tried last year at trade at last year's burkey but it did not go. I did not win very much. I gotta be bad girl. It'd be like girls but one specific girl is trying to beat home. Sorry did you mean woman. Actually the other the comments on this thing or wondering is talking about gender. Oh no she'll tell you talking about our coast schneeberger dosa fast. He's probably going to be one of yours. You're listening really nice today is has anybody told you that today. You really pull it together. I know dang put her in the mood and then she's friendly. You've said that to her on on the phone so many times when you haven't seen her that day she shot out to wanda kennedy and lisa don't know your last name utah me that trick and yeah buddy not the first time does name came up this weekend. I know weird. You know we have we we talk about. We should get dave over here and maybe talk about <music> agra. Bring on both the days in a minute. Do you remember what you're going to talk about <music>. You want her to share something. I know that we ended up his than we interrupted you. It was was pro feminist erupted you. Hey let's stop that man. <hes> it's something to do with bikes boat and a goat. Oh that's what it was alright so bikes boating a goat. You think it's a goat but it could be bikes boat greatest of all time show the goat think about it it none of us are doing that could be a t. shirt right there. <hes> bikes boat greatest of all time. We'll have dave explain wayne weather event when he gets on muhammad. Ali was a goat yeah greatest bolton michael jordan. It's always arguably richard pitino august arguably greatest lawns goat go to west alice go to let me say bad words. I'm going to tell you about this. This is the greatest strip of all today yeah trivial all today. Yeah works really good group of guys that are not to like. This is what needs to happen. Even like you need up. There wouldn't be coming into this event. There was not a lot out of it. I'm going to show up at that boat six o'clock and do whatever it'll all work out our account and i'll go home. Everybody goes home with the day after because david doc gates ferry so this trip goes home on sunday. <hes> august fourth day sent me attacks with a picture saying eight eight one thousand nine hundred thirty eight five twenty nineteen so i booked that trip to get on the boat and on the way over like no we're going home on the fourth shoot at to spend an extra him. I like go over here. Lake express let me change that. I was worried about hanging out for another day but we've got straightened out right. Read on all right anything else will say before. You're bringing the days we got well. Welcome to the family spinner centenario going there you spinner writers. There's a heck of a burning fire over there now. There is a burning blake this you can tune in <hes>. I don't know every every now and again. If you're going to get david maybe can talk about when he burned your bike at <hes> dicara burn my bike and we can talk. You can talk about that yeah yeah. I'm i'm tapping out guys great to be on your show spinner. I wish you the best of luck. I think <hes> we'll get you on <hes>. I'm i'm doing the full spectrum cycling podcast ask. Yes you gotta plug your sponsors which is yourself well. I'm not that guy though i don't gomez knows this better than anyone. How are you going to sell your stuff. Half of. Nobody knows what i don't really care. No sell it shit. Don't buy my shit if you do stop by the store. I'm not pushing this hard yeah. Hey they're keeping the place open in the heat on our air conditioning whatever's going on guys are getting paid and whatever vote or not afford afford enough beer for tony at drink yes except he buys beer most of the time when we do the show oh so. I got that going for you go. I even said today if i always try and if i'm going to buy something like for instance this podcast in gear i went to the wizard and said what should i get. You like well how much money you like well. This is out of date. You need to do this where greece for your courts awesome see. That's that's. Why no that's that's. That's why he's the yang in on the yang uh-huh. That's why we're a team and you need both yeah yeah all right. Well a again good to be on your show spinner. I'm gonna get out of the seat so some of these other guys can come on. Thanks thank you you guys. That's me i'll steal pause. Let's take a break and when we return dave and dave so i heard you need a fuck bike and come to san the rain we evolved runs trek oriented surly on more <hes> <hes> we have all the gear by four or five on he is being nice until we fix bikes also so your the problem in years suspension defense mechanics so yeah visit ibkr dot com in your your tingey fat bike fat radio radio. Welcome back to the shelf or we're here with dave robinson. Dave dave is dave west. Alice wisconsin west aleka used to work for hayes brakes are used to now. You're welder and the bike smith's in milwaukee wisconsin. Go yeah no ironworker rob niles michigan and i am a used car sales manager manager and you're on previous session yes and other dave you started harley davidson in nineteen forty seven nineteen twenty years now quite that long. Your name is harley davidson. No you're you're the middle names harley and the last name davidson broke. Oh and we're cycle. You can talk about that but you talk about harley the business. We don't wanna talk about day. This is your brain child. We are here in silver. Lake michigan bikes boat and you go okay. Where did this come from. <hes> well the first time we did this trip. We actually ran into a goat but you you actually when you sell. The title bikes the boat. You thought you saw bison a goat. I was like okay well. I got to go find a go on the initial initial trip so the first bike trip that you took your like because there is the ferry high-speed very in milwaukee to muskegon and you're like we're going to go over there and ride that beach. Who was the first who is the first time when was the first trip. I don't know like seven eight years ago now. How many is there greg wizar- <hes> <hes> kay buddies. I'm going you wanna come <hes> well. There was this woman in my life at the time she yeah yeah yeah we were. We were under house. <hes> which was the opposite direction. No longer allowed at that house so <music>. It's a few houses. You're no longer allowed in true probably probably <hes> okay so okay. I yeah we did a couple two three days as a first four-day so we're ramping up notch thing was just that bike and beat you read the beaches is from the ferry to the first time we actually wrote for my house or lisa road to buy a house from tulsa stylus then we rode down to the boat tulsa tells us is it's just <hes> what does yeah mile on wisconsin a mile from my house and we were down for my my house straight down lincoln avenue to vote and then we got on the boat and road to her house so we actually know gomez was there was great gregory agree there in the first one yeah <hes> who else was there goes on a date and gets to bring to buddies rockstars no-one together together anyway one of the many reasons that in that time we did it yeah we. I think greg actually wrote down. Gomez drove down greg road down from whitefish bay so a lot of us. Did it on on bikes alone. No cars have all weekend but this is fabulous. Yes and the plan is beach. Yes and no one else yeah yeah. We had pretty nice accommodations. Yeah you guys loved. It and you're like well. Let's check and just thinking about buddies over there in the opposite direction yeah. She lives south again. Actually this week in grand haven is <hes> coastguard too which which is like the busiest week of the summer okay and <hes> we we've probably couldn't have got a campground but it might have been a hell of a time of town a party and just pass out at the beach or whatever here with <hes> such a weird so many broncos in jeeves stood mormons mennonites tonight's mennonites yeah in <hes> rob needs a couple of minutes to get off era so i don't know either. Go go tell you the truth so one time you're read through and saga now. This trip is like riding boat which actually go because you thought it's a goat. I'm like all right go yeah. We'll throw golden in that day. Actually <hes> before we got on a boat i would as at walgreens gathered some shit and i found some farm-animals. There's a golden it so i actually bought a goat. A little plastic is to go out and then we saw a real live goat that was <hes> trying to gather up money for his college fund on this side. There's go outside the bar with the college yup. The guy was the guy was playing guitar and the goat was just standing there so you know of course we don't into his college fund after a few beers sounded like a good the idea and <hes> so we actually did see a goat that time so they add this trip is going to turn into a bar hop to wherever we land bench this year <hes> we we had lofty goal of getting the silver lake in the first day which we managed to do after nine hours of writing and bar hopping reading bar hopping and beer you switched over on today right across the border i on the over on <hes> but <hes> true last time it took us twelve and a half hours to ride what twenty miles valley drank a lot lot more beer yeah <hes> so other day. What are you reading a surly. I know what it is. People okay. It's a second hand and i have a couple of bags on it. I got from my birthday. Ah big ortlieb waterproof bags and <hes> are you. Are you a regular backpacker by camper. <hes> i don't call myself but i suppose i do it more often than i admit writer and he just came off come on saturday last week senator last week and i went to work for like three days specie and then see <hes> i'm going ed what is ray brian sunday or saturday i had already but we ended on friday partied in the last town and then drove out on sunday and went home so you got home sunday sunday night. You were on saturday san home. Saturday said hello <hes> family. My son had a sleepover. My daughter went to bed right away and my wife's they leave me alone. Okay great. You'll hang out with six dishing. It slapped a long time and then i woke up and i'm like go go to work while they went to church and i went to dirt church road my mountain bike and then <hes> i had a real work did that for three days and here i am on this trip and it's been fantastic. I mean fill me with some beers. I let me puke on the beach. Yeah you just same time only the half can of beer sitting and low tide because <hes> lake water water from my god this morning and i think it was just sand in the lake water tipped over it wasn't wasn't the loaded mashed potatoes. I know you had a veggie veggie omelette yeah. Did you see it all when it was floating away. I heard about your meat. You threw up for four minutes fantastic five hour pearls or power hurls. I was worried about the guy walking. The dog is grab that can of beer and i took a swig and this is lake water. Do there's a couple of pieces of sand. In their uh-huh. My body was like get even better so let me set the scene here because we there's this historic lighthouse rate up the beach from where this happened. <hes> matters a bunch of families hanging out and we wrote down a little ways not too far but little solvable point little salvo point. Yes almost naked. There was my grandma. Grandma almost naked so you are standing in your bike shorts and you could be standing in your frigging underwear. There weren't even bike shorts the same thing but the point. I'm trying to get as people were walking. You got up to the beach star view and you couldn't even put your pants anything going up families. There was nothing we could say finger problems. Ask we rode through the scene with these tire bikes. You got in your underwear throwing up on the beach and i was actually going to recommend my wife. Listen to this podcast by now just never meant to do anything bad yet olives in that omelet. There was salat all olives. When are they went down. I was like oh. I don't really like olives and when they all came back figures yeah we do. We bring some food but we don't bring a whole lot of food and the nice part about this is the frequent local businesses bar late. Okay how much <hes> bought that breakfast and i felt really bad. I'm like oh gomez paid for this and he's gonna he likes the tax rate is probably not and then i was looking for a frozen burrito the rest of their <hes> any other things that we've done so what do we do yesterday. Yesterday is mostly just riding. Oh yeah but <hes> today we race go karts yup. We wrote in the sand buggy yup makhdoom for married women in the front row. Yeah cougars create. When do we have six got a lot of clients choice six men whatever and then we get on this thing is like four rows of seats in an the open air with no refined and they have private dunes in this guy and the these are they're not diesel trucks but they're huge work trucks airplane plane tires at ten motors trying to be ten motors in this out and you'll find around for probably like forty minutes on sand dunes and our group of sixty got hunting the six travel. Yes okay. I'm not going to finish so this but yeah. It was cool to see store miles this week and tomorrow that was a blast we're getting. We're getting <hes> that was that was a blessing that i thought they're just gonna meander on a dunes but that guy was giving her sixteen people in there like full grown adults and you could feel the back in sliding. I love that's sit back there yeah. It was like an open air school bus right yeah. I was the same thing. I want to go do that but it was cheap enough. You're twenty nine hundred twenty minutes of blessings the dunes alley worth it. That's money well spent elsewhere we did we'll be here drinking and we'd be everyone kept their enhanced north of the equator. I forgot the theater though robin robin other dave had beers here's onboard. I'm like damn it. I i drink a beer on the bike ride down there but i didn't run for the dune drive. We've got to give a shout out to mark screwdriver. Yeah mark mckay martin canin mark took. Some pictures left some cool pictures and hopefully gomez will post and the weird thing is. I have t. mobile phone service. It's been sucking up here to get connection. Where does t. mobile not suck in a statement. You gotta be like right next to the tower we get to this tall sand dune in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden hill all of all my emails in all my texts trying to send for two days took. Oh my wife my friend my next door neighbor my worker airplane all weekend. Fuck it uh-huh. Nobody loves you dave. You don't love anybody myself. <hes> you send chad some weekend against send something to someone else too because she's lost bronco. She sent it to the scrap yard. Ono yea cassie <hes> the frame break <hes> now is just so rotted out so much fucking work work <hes> the supposed to pictures the other day like sending eddie bauer bronco down the road. Yeah i even way too much. Work took a chicken place chicken for chicken chicken which was pretty good next. We saw this go cart course way way back up. Okay cougar checked me out. That's right. L. sought to yeah go it. Has you backed up your story because i was sitting there and saying how it's feeling fucking sexy move on the across so go kart track. That was an oval slippery corner. Of course i i strive to use snapchat has gone so <hes> on one of those <hes> social media say said it doesn't disappear. Okay okay now. How often does avon's ask you to provide proof that he did. He doesn't cool yeah. That was the worst driver i've ever seen in my whole life. You had a bad car. Your car window number twenty says motherfucker so yeah good car out out the most tonight at eight hundred number. Is that makes you west alice right yeah so you came back here and start podcasting glad we did because i carried this shit all the way here. I'm glad that we got a little trick in the car into the corner right you know and if you did a corner right you're trying to do it today. That's why i was trying to leave and then try to at the corner. I i was doing coming high. Drop in and go out high again. We're made it out a couple of times sideways successfully but yeah a couple times a a couple of i._r._a. Couple of times i'd have the attendants push me out in true two year your old mennonite girls person buggy better than a ah coffee filter on your head. Yes filtered back back. Yes no observant. They need to do some sort of a uh-huh disclaimers like i do not necessarily represent the views or comments. I hope geometry aren't listening. The uh-huh amish mennonites can now. We know hearsay hearsay though well anyway. This trip has been a lot of fun. As in two days ago. I load up and i just get on the boat rolling down montague to this year but he leslie montague is ready to go <hes> i got my <hes> mister. Smooth t shirt ready to go for the last ask part is i think their sales i think so to say there's going to be rich people there. That's virus owners. Cheap moldable owners are rich motor four thousand or motorboat motor bus owners selva for twenty four hundred dollars and that's a lot of money do what planet and no float around it and sale kurt yeah their schools for that okay now you gotta take greg. Hahn is <hes> taking a second kleist sized democracy sailing center. Okay you can actually register like a yearly membership. You can take classes. They certify you and they'll give you a boat to go out on the lake with if you're not renting no no you just borrow the boat you borrow it. Prepare yearly membership how many of those in the bay a lot bantu over like okay <hes> fix it. I'll be back whatever couple days from now take out a different boat. You know like there's a hole in that story is it's a it's a sailing club for it's like i don't know a couple of hundred bucks summer. Because i grew up on the ocean on the atlantic ocean. I most member of yacht hot club. The biggest boat yacht club is twenty. One feet the twelve foot sunfish and i was outstanding member of the club scanlon drill scanlon island is zoned boat goes on this trip and he is now yeah yeah. You didn't make it this year on for tonight is he's got a gig sunday. Okay <hes>. He thought he'd roller he as deep he pays start. He does all the maintenance on it. You know he pays his store. In the marina pays a start in the winter in dry storage and what what the ceilings senator you just pay him a couple of hundred bucks a year and you can just walk right up after whatever level you're certification is depending on the winds and the waves. They're like oh sure you. You can take one of our boats. Go ahead used to take it back to them and then you don't worry about it. It's like renting a car beat around and give it back to him and be like okay. See you next time. I'm now that you've explained it. I still have no interest in doing that whatsoever. No me neither it was far too. I i've sailed a couple times of javale. It's interesting. I'm sure there's nowhere near as work learning how to do it yeah. You know there's work actually doing it but there's no other work involved except for giving them money. I take a tank top and those short shorts dockside like <hes> cautious shoulder scott scott. You're looking pretty good. I'm just yeah now the peanut gallery seeing microphones now. You got any dad jokes for us even bussing why can't do them on ice spontaneous situation situation like yeah. My daughter got her haircut. Did you get all your harris cut one audacity. He's almost like bad dad but without the mask and a selfie stick your kid jokes g. rated. You busted mustered out some good <hes> well around the kids. They probably are but around us adults erik rhodes listen as age number only has nothing to do with her giving topic. I got <hes> <hes> peanut butter peanut butter jelly time wait. Let's bring it back to the trip. What are we doing our riding to <hes> montague well. We're gonna check out the regatta party probably twenty miles or the the fairy into miles from here so we're we're gonna ride halfway tomorrow and and fred sunday halfway which is a lot nicer than the full way on thursday and it's cool that the boats at four forty five gives the leaves milwaukee at six a._m. Some of us had to get up at two three in the morning to get on that boat and at least early weekend makozi shallow down the shoreline time it was it was. It was nice say we got there. <hes> this year like a half hour early in two minutes early like last time that two years ago that was a little less stressful organized that last year didn't even happen got cancelled last year <hes> ah three dollar coffee with free refills on that boat ride. If you know the magic coffee coffee i didn't inhabit drinking beer. I wish i coulda used a toilet with water in it. I on the boat vote because that's fantastic because once you're on the road near using part of canada funky yeah you got your little <hes>. We got nicer showers shower today. Have you been in next to us. No my god that pit toilets steve's yeah. Don't the full plenty of the right wants. Flood it with p. Go the left. One on the left. One's dry okay. That's good one what's going on and all all weekends so far well yeah so dave thanks for loosely putting this on thanks to facebook page and gomez or planning the rest of it yeah he he he might have had a little bit bigger <hes> planet hand in hand in planning this and i did but you know in the other guy that goes tomorrow. The credit all worked out like right. Yeah on the plan is we're going to silver lake and we're taking it from there. That's working out yeah. We made it silverlake on the first day. I was impressed with myself. Okay getting comments from everywhere so thanks everybody listening. I wasn't a terrible waste of your time. Yeah good spinner. I started it like that. This is the first episode. This is the second episode but the first recorded episodes. You guys have music. Do you have an intro. That was the music. The sound of your golden pipes all right you. We're just gonna have a fresh start. We're gonna go bang. Push the wrong. Damn by fricken button really stole. We gotta wait till so that comes off so let's let's start with music. No wouldn't mm-hmm your team. You're too fat bike sadler radio radio radio them mm-hmm uh.

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