The Great Gildersleeve 51-05-16 (408) Bullard's Boat Date


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Don't wait to get acquainted with kraft salad oil. Look for the bottle with a label. Tomorrow at your grocers yet kraft salad oil on these fine spring mornings when the Great Gildersleeve has nothing much to do. He likes to go out and putter around the yard. He contemplates the flowers Myers. The butterflies inspects the blooms on his apple tree and marvels at the Green Green Grass. Gio is the place looks great and about once a year. He takes a look behind the garage view. My goodness place looks terrible. Trash accumulate lear. I pretty big pile breaking Leroy. Everything we want gets tossed behind the garage tar paper. Cardboard Boxes Shoes Shingles Leroy that my water bottle. Yeah the split. You sat on the night of the big freeze. Let's see wear the matches. Why not be boy scout tenure foot? I'll go ahead and light it. I just had a horrible sauce was born toward Mr Bullard House. Burn the TAR PAPER IN HOT WATER BOTTLE. Put them actually burnish. I remember the day you burn the old tired Mr born came roaring over. Did it that you shaking? I was not. I just came out without my sweater. You came more. I don't remember do because big water buffalo. I DIDN'T WANNA start trouble when you didn't resent that he called you a Nincompoop. Can't call me that Roy. Burn the pile gotta be keen may not be home anyway. Excelsior so things will start. They was going to make a lot of smoke. Mr Bullard smokey bear Leeli. We're not trying to antagonize these. Butch even looks like a bear. The smell coming across the street here. We go again because you are and on. Well he'd Better Watch. I've had about enough of him. I Don that'd be the biggest battle we ever. This is the most small you. I'm standing on my neighbor to get along with. Good Morning. Your name Laura. Don't you good morning? Are you upset about something? Well no but. Aren't you cost corn? Say all the tar paper for nothing. You mean you don't object all this smoke drifting over your way. Gildersleeve you do me an injustice. You speak of me as if I were a crotchety mean neighbor. Yummy all eyelid. That was a time when you irritated me not anymore. I'm in love with all the words L. Glad to hear it instability. Glad you're not offended. I just thought perhaps the smoking type paper or no no. No no no no no. As a matter of fact euless you came over to tell you. I think you're setting a fine example for the neighborhood. I like to see the community. Need looking and welcomes guiltlessly. Espn civility your Prince of Othello. Day Mr Bill Leroy. He called me a principal fellow named component the living room window. Look that smoke. Pouring across the street bullard over eating it and saying he likes you so nice to me. I don't trust him. You must be after something birdie judge. I didn't expect you expect the drop in but I saw smoke and thought perhaps the water commission running away a road catch the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe yield my goodness goats off his trolley. I particularly chipper this morning. Yeah let somebody does having trouble with bullard again. What's he doing? Tell you this time? He's being nice to me. Ranson is being nice to you. That sounds unusually tolerant for him. Not all he called me a principal fellow. What are you supposed to how he's probably grown weary pickering and now? He wants to live in harmony with his neighbor. Dot that the Mayo. Fist has cast aside the solar over. Now you must clasp his hand in friendship and together. I raise the olive branch arm. Don't be silly judge Hanmi Olive Branch Poison Oak. Yes yellow. You underestimate yourself. You and Rumson have every reason to be friends. You're both important men here in Summerfield. We are so yes. We are as an influential man. And you're the water commissioner. Yeah you have a Fine Analytical Mind Kim. You mustn't overlook the human sack humans. Rumson lives alone as do I. His heart must cry out for fellowships and a cheery word. I know mine just got me feeling good. Don't make me cry suspicious colored just because. He admitted he likes me. You judges right. Why shouldn't like everybody else? Does men dogs baby. Women say I wonder what Catherine's doing these days you check out in front of the House enjoyed and I've been so busy since the twins game. I'm hardly seen it. Even take her out tonight. She ll appreciated. Nurses get lonely. Do the you to forgive us. Hello remember me of course. How are You George? George just joking track morten but I haven't seen you for so long come in you. Thank you say you have an ice Tan early in the season in Santa La. I can tell you. Dan looks great but uniform. I hope you've had a pleasant spring. Ya Catherine I realize neglected you but I'm busy with the family all I haven't been neglected. You haven't women's pride dying me ask for a date. Gathered them. Yes why the water commissioner dropped in to read the meter Catherine. I WanNa take you out tonight. Sorry but I have a date tonight. It's possible no I didn't mean you're very beautiful girl. Niamh around lately so it is possible. How the twins to Morton they find good Catherine Yvonne Marjorie urology wonderful but uncle must be awfully proud is gathering speaking of tonight thirty. Stop it stop life. You don't really have a date. Well ask you to come along for proof. But I don't think he'd like it you. Yeah I know I can't ask with whom you're going. What are you GonNa do going on a Voting Party late SAF noon boating funny at Grass Lake? There's a full moon tonight should be fun. Yes well I want to ask him. You're going pretty hard to get information out of a nurse Who can be taken Catherine on? A boat is probably something young in the road as to be back at the hospital by eight o'clock. Yeah he'll yeah no concern to mine. Somebody takes my girl out for a boat ride in the moonlight. I'm not gonNA worry about. It looks so worried. We just wondering what I should do this afternoon. I haven't seen this Melford for a long time. Why don't you call her you not today? You're still not worried about Mr Bullard. Dario you about why was so nice to you this morning. That well is the judge explained. He's a lonely man and say I'm not doing anything either. Got Run over and invite him to go bowling Lindy. Y'All do you see you later Marjorie. A Nice thing to do appreciate my ask again just getting into his car the US going bowling with me this evening. Yes little talk. This morning I realized I should spend more time with you. You're lonely no I so have I. Little Games thank you but I have an engagement you late this afternoon. I'm going boating voting. Oh yes you do have a boat. I just noticed you have nice. Tend to thank you spending little time recently. Have you've been a loveless spring? Yeah I know it's coincidental. I just talked to potty. He's going into this afternoon. I WON'T ASK ME. Who Mueller going. Well it's no secret guilty. Isn't well good. I'm going with Miss Milford. Oh sure that's why you've been so nice to A. Why shouldn't I be nice to you? You've nice to me you have. You haven't once interfered with my seeing. Catherine thoughtfully withdrew from the competition. High Bid. Not I've just been busy with a little family. Well I've been busy too. Heard you've taken this beautifully. Gildersleeve your unknowable loser. Even when these nice sees a hard mandalite Gillislee we'll be back in just a moment. It's lighter it's super fine. It's salad oil. The first salad oil ever offered for home use by the makers of all those wonderful craft prepared salad dressing. Yes there is nothing new under the Sun at your grocers right now. A new salad oil kraft salad oil. The first salad oil ever offered for home use by the makers of all those wonderful craft prepared dressings. Wait till you tried in those wonderful salad dressings. You make yourself those light his heirs. You Find Gates. You're so proud of all your special recipes that call for liquid shortening for Kraft Salad. Oil is more than just a new oil. It's a new kind of oil super find for better blending by a special new craft process because it's lighter bodied it mixes perfectly with all ingredients but new magic in dressings cooking and baking those way. Put this new salad oil on your shopping list right now. Remember it's lighter body. It's superfine Kraft Salad oil tomorrow at your grocers looked for the bottles with the beautiful labels. Well let's get back to the Great Gildersleeve. His neighbor Rumson bullard started. Being pleasant to him. Are Crafty water. Commissioner suspected that something was amiss he was right. The midst turned out to be his girlfriend. Catherine Milford Grinning at me while he steals my girl turncoat. Your I knew was up to something. I Think Gossiping. Pv's and cool off the coke PBC goodfellow to talk to. You always makes you feel better guys. I won't let him know I'm worried. I just let him snapped me out of it. Without knowing what he's doing you know can do for you today. I stopped in for a coke and chat. Pd ran you on. I coke is five cents in chapters Sri Coke very speedy man relaxed chat about nothing in particular. A friend of mine was a little concerned about losing his girlfriend. Cain SEEMS UNSCRUPULOUS. Neighbour has been dating my friends girl behind his back. You been taking boat rides in the moonlight in fact. They're going voting late this afternoon. What's wrong with that? You wouldn't advise this friend of mine to worry about it. Would you together this baby? You want an honest answer or do you want me to tell you know. I don't want you to tell me anything. I'm just asking very friend of mine. Yeah and I know what you're thinking you think I'm the person involved. Do you believe for one minute that Catherine Milford would throw me over for a boat ride on grass lake. Here she comes. You might ask her you. Pd dropped the subject. Mr Baby you know friends throckmorton Morton Catherine I can I do for you? Miss Malvern. I'd like some Suntan Lotion ongoing bullying on grass. Lay coincidence. Mr Jealously was just telling me about a girlfriend of a friend of his WHO's going boating on grass mate. He I think he's a particular brand of Suntan Lotion. Milford Well Catherine if you decided to go boating in the daylight instead of the moonlight. We're doing vo late afternoon and evening. This one is a great favourite with ladies very soothing. And tell me. Is it a line. Spidey caffeine just a small group. Say to think there'll be several couples rack more good. What about this Lotion MR PD? A lot of people use it at the beaches. I've seen people putting it on themselves and even putting it on each other. I'll take a bottle Mr. TV here you are. Thank you bye Morton you call me sometime on you back. You can depend on that Catherine people going boating Michigan as yes. You can have a lot of fun on now. You're building party. I guess sell UNITARIAN. I remember the time a couple of US fishing alongside cabin cruiser and they were having a party to along toward dusk. They invited US board. The did we had time. I'd like to do again. You're not suggesting that you would. I go fishing this evening. I can't myself but flawed likes to wet line. Fishing is pretty good. If you get in fairly close to Mr Ability vote. The I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing. In your case it was different. You even know the people but if I went out there it'd be plan premeditated. I couldn't force myself to be that Grayson Allen Senior. I couldn't how about Floyd. We just sit there fishing and then pretty soon you just want to keep an eye on your girl. You don't need me yes I do. It might look a little push if I wrote out there alone. Yeah I mean via pal. Floyd fills up your barbershop. We'd the day before sundown. I should close up and lose money. You look at it this way. It might be time well spent you might be a good investment you. How often does Mr Bullard come in for Barbara Way? Well not too often you L. Floyd. If you rub elbows with bullets socially you might come in all the nine. I wouldn't be bad command. And they'll be on the boat friends of his big spenders. You might get them all coming to your shop right. You got an angle there you bet I had actually. It's very nice to meet you. Invite you to the party. Okay Commission. I'll gamble. You'll never regret it. I'll pick you up and half an hour. Good thing I called. Floyd reminded him to dress up the all white finals. Look pretty good. Some people may think a little to get on a boat. Not really honing in on Bullard in me I you behind my back behind his boat. Smart dressed up gone fishing fishing in those closed. They expect to catch Mermaids coalfields leave now sold on the two buttons. It was missing. Thank you mind. My don't you look Nice. I don't know what you're going Mr guilty but I bet you have a good time. You believe this but he says you on fishing mission. That's right think Bernie. Well I WANNA man. What's on his blue flannel? Courtney's two-tone shoes needs ice cream pants. Better I don't think he's going fishing. I amber goes fishing carries a line. You got that too brother. This is the life floyd if you like an Indian paddling this new commission. We being a little obvious. I'm the only double-breasted Blue Serge Indian. This lake is ever seen well. I'll admit it's a bold move on my heart fight. Once they see us from the boat will have to invite US aboard all cheap to his guests. Of course once I get aboard boom realize. I've outwitted him. What can you do about it then? Essentially left to be nice. The in front of your own girl nets allowed voices carry on more. Hey the closer you get to that both the bigger it looks. You made it before down to. They can't miss seeing. Hey where are the big spenders? You were talking about commission. I don't see any on-deck I hope I didn't close my father shop just like they must be in. The cabin. Lights are on Somebody at the window commission you wear on now. He's gone but it was bullet. Giving you the cold shoulder windchill Catherine sees me really get aboard giving us a tumble you. I'm going to attract some attention you. I don't think they've seen this beautifully. You take the panel. You're not supposed to stand up in. No I'm just GONNA wait. Was We just passed the portholes? They're bound to see me. Now Take it easy commissioner rocking the boat. I got my best suit on a lot of handling big CLEM. I don't I didn't do it on purpose. High down. Help me in the canoe water. Let's make most. They'll have to call us aboard this. You're doing the water diving now. No I canoe tipped over. Thank you thank you Helen. Hurry myself getting tight. Left to come aboard dry off. Don't button to your party weight. Body Mr Bullard. I thought we were going to have to call hospital. I postponed chilly right. The canoe and bad put down that the Great Gildersleeve. We'll be right back. Remember tomorrow at your grocers. You can get a wonderful new salad oil for your homemade salad. Dressings you're cooking or baking. It's kraft salad oil. The first salad oil for home use ever offered by the makers of all those wonderful kraft dressings kraft salad. Oil is a lighter. Bodyg- oil super find to blend perfectly with other ingredients. Get A pint or quart bottle tomorrow at your grocers. Ask for Kraft Salad Oil Does not get up it really. I get up around awake all poor uncle more. How'd you get that love on your head of them with a canoe paddle? Because he was worried about his girlfriend you this is know has made a fool of himself with the last time. I very good look at another woman is longest highly. Learn violence pudding woman island life forever. Tell you Miss Milford Phone Cathy. She's on her way over to see you. She is who am my close. Give me a clean shirt with a sweet girl character. The Great Gildersleeve is laid by modern show is written by Paul West. John Elliott it is by Robert Harvested including the cast are intently lane. Mary Lee Robb Lillian. Randolph OUGHTA Brian. Gale Gordon. I think Lewis Earle. Ross and DIKLA grand. This is John. Huston saying good night for the foods governing makers of the famous line of craft quality food products be sure to listen to the next Wednesday and every Wednesday for the further adventures of the great yielded sleeve. Here's a thrifty secret for making economy meals. Come to light next time you serve cold meats sandwiches or leftovers. Don't forget the mustard or when you add a little mustard you add a lot of Tang. Every bite tastes better and the mustard to add is crafts. Prepared mustard two kinds. You know graph salad mustard mild and delicately spiced and craft mustard with snappy horseradish added. Have both on hand for different tastes. Different uses and remember when you add a little mustard. You add a lot of tanks. Get CRAFTS prepared mustard. Don't miss the Falcon each Sunday over this station. Check Your newspaper for Time of broadcast and listen next Sunday. As the Falcons solves the case of the Curious Cup laugh with Groucho. He's next on NBC.

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