Pinball Winebar


Gouda show. Maybe calls in. Maybe they. Maybe they think they're. Have all the. Be streamed. What did try and? Maybe. Where does catching up in land? You bet those there's times where it's like, you're you feel like your skin doesn't fit right or something. God I am not enjoying anything about today. Beautiful out is it for who both for everybody because it's sunny. That's great great. Great, son. This week was like, hey, how's it going? Don't talk to me like that. Love it love it. But did you have did you have any events this week any of your clubbing had one last night? Yeah. I had one last night. And then on my way, home from my car broke down. But but broke down right in front of a pinball wine bar. I that's a miracle been trying to I've been wanted to go to for a long time. And just here's how here's how your life. Feel a little bit of a blessing. Nobody even better. So I I'm sitting in the in the. These kind of stories go. And then front of a pinball wine bar, Warren bar. So it's a pinball live at. Live at the house. Great. Sheen's? Just. So they have. End pinball machines, and then like a big wine and wine and beer selection. And I I walked in and thought they're not they're not gonna have champagne, but they did when you say champagne do you mean champagne or drink? I meant champagne. But I tell you the difference champagne comes from a specific area. And and prosciutto is a talion it's a sweeter semi sweet shipping can only come from France Shimshon champagne region in France. Otherwise, it sparkling one do people call do they make sparkling wines and call them champagnes though. They don't so. So okay. Okay. Sparkling wines for seco-, which is talion sparkling wine. Okay. Okay. Which is Spanish sparkling one that it's fucking awesome is awesome. The reason to go to Spain. Is that right? The only reason. Basically. That right. 'cause I let me show you your supermarket can go there and get it. And let me. Pinball wine. Car has broken down cars broken down. And I didn't saunter into the pinball wine bars sham bar order, some Shams sitting there waiting for AAA or something because it was like eleven thirty last night. And I thought I'll just sort it out tomorrow. And I thought I wanna play pinball. But I never have cash at five singles in my wallet is the quarter of those come from and. And do pinball machines. They do they still take is still you got to put a quarter in like they updated the. Anymore? These are quarter machine. I love which one did you play like the I never heard of any of them. They weren't like brand brands didn't have like angels. They were just just good old-fashioned pinball machines, and I'm playing, and then I need another glass, of course shore. And I sit down with a bar, and this this older guy starts talking to me says, hey, how you doing tonight? I'm gonna come doing I'm doing well, and we just kind of talk a little bit. And he asked me where I live, and I tell him I live in Highland Park around the corner. He tells me he's lived there. Forever. And as a mechanic now because I don't know I don't have a mechanic in my neighborhood. So what kind of weird? Through line. Recap of of land shitty week. This feels like this feels like romantic comedy. Such. It's a total lake are breakdown where everything is serendipity see mountains. That's where I'll breakdown there's been mountains. So there's any way let go where you go will. Maybe there's people near them hills. And I'll breakdown in like nowhere with nothing. So pinball wine bar. Nope. Nope, pinball. I'm bar. No. I mean, that's. Hanoch that lives in your mechanics. Shop is like ten blocks from where I live. He said he liked me. Because when he said Hello to me. I didn't ignore him. And how. He's in his late sixties. And he said, oh, everyone such an asshole. Like, I said Hello. Yeah. You talked back in your good guy can tell and come in. I'll take care of you. So I dropped it off this morning. And. Get home Hoover breaking down. So easy. So are you down? Then you had it towed. Then you had the car. Towed? Towed? Towed this morning. Here's the thing. The fact that he's like breaking down a so easy. I mean that is that is a gift of walking through the world with a good attitude in what was he week for you? That's it was my mind. I had kind of shitty bad mood, and yet I would find a reason to get really Pissy about getting having my car break down. I would possibly find a way to make it really complicated. You wouldn't know you wouldn't you're talking. No, you wouldn't. A dream super source for super source vol off. I would try and fix the problem. But I would at least indulge myself in a little bit inconvenient. The only person here is I would break out at the mechanics. I'd break out in the I would wind up right in front of the shop and go, of course, there's this happening to me. Horse. I that's where I would be straight for the melodrama. Just remember like breaking down when I was like I driving or even like fifteen years ago or twenty one. Not have money. If AAA card. A phone. That make it easy. You're right. Champagne and pinball like it's it was. It was super. Most people don't have champagne and pinball whether or not they're they're not applying themselves. Remember? My sister. And I got t-boned in. In Bakersfield right before Bakersfield. Yes, hard. I've never been hit that hard my life. And we were so lucky to be in one hundred. I mean, it was it was I Honda Civic. Yeah. My sister. And I pulled out in the rain. We did not see these guys they were going super fast. Pullout megacity Shen and hit us as hard as you. Could we spend around the circle we went around the circle twice, and I had to call a Mira sealant. Call. I had and make her come get me. Yeah. In Bakersfield, and my sister who she was who my mirror. It was early days when I dating. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And he came and got us my car for while. And then somebody from when we had that car. I'm not gonna tell the story. It is horrible. I'm not gonna tell it not going to tell the story. Breaking down in front of pinball wine bar you'd always hoped to. Right. No. It sounds like a movie. It'd be like my car broke down in front of a guitar store. Candy shop where you can you can buy chocolate guitar need. It could have that would be your that would be your dream ram super into the pinball wine bar, and I hope that when I breakdown down I break down there. No, look at what's it called. Does. It have the, you know, I don't know what it's called fine wine. Hotdogs look at that. My god. That's amazing. All right. You're gonna have to send that should be. So when put that we should credible Superfund incredible. We should go socially sometimes at wanna give pinball or the pinball. When away wouldn't gives us gives us. Good wines. Yes. Okay. The mayor bell stain. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So we were going to try first of all I was. So the puck has last week. We talked about. Horrible. Breakup. Make you feel better about your own. And I just had this is really really clever. So Brian Cosby posted on the maybe it's you Facebook page. What is the name Brian fell? And he said I feel as though I over share a lot here. So I think should keep doing it. Because I feel especially inspired. After today's episode. I'm not murdered anyone and put them through a wood Chipper. However. Avatars of Xs in fighting games named them douche or something else clever. Sharp witted and proceed to wail on them in the virtual world. What's your unhealthy? Coping mechanism for trailing. Heartbreak and first of all and then. That is. But look at this. Kobe. Hold on. He literally. So he makes avatars. And the names them do. And then like here's a screen shot of cigarette. Mario beating the crap out. Wow. Isn't that incredible? I see. Yeah. Look at just beating just wailing. That's fantastic. I actually really actually really like this. I think it seems very therapeutic. Question. How do you? How do you? What is your unhealthy? Coping mechanism for channeling. Heartbreak. I tell you what I always is. I cut my hair. Okay. I would always cut my hair off and be like, cure cut or. I would be like, I'm different. I'm new. I'm no longer the person suffers that better. Healthy. I think it's unhealthy to make any sort of drastic decision that that might leave. You feeling worse. The the next day. I think we make drastic changes are both statements in an effort to try to like Willer selves into feeling different or being different. And a lot of times you go. Well, just made my life worse. Now. I don't feel like me are like me, and I'm in now, I've I've let it go to a more horrible place. I I think when like when if I'm in that moment, I just kind of focus on self care like go to the spa or ten I'm gonna go to the gym. So. So that they get massages have some me time disappear, and then Chopin another country with a different name ten years later me time, Sarah care. That's exactly. I will find a I will find a song that makes me super sad. I will play it as much as I can. I will cry my way through it like I'll play a lot. And then I'll find a revenge song. Right. And then I'll get up and go do something. I mean when I when when I like a big one I went through let's say in the nineties, I went through a big one right before I got sober. And I played all of the smashing pumpkins record, the melancholy and the infinite sadness that very melancholy. Beginning and all that stuff. And then and then I but still I had an exercise the demon. So then I went to Jeff Buckley. And I would just either play lilac wine over and over and over again and just. And then this cried out, and then it would always be some one of whatever whatever social distortion record was out. That would be my fuck you and going to the gym music that you bring up the smashing pumpkins is when I had my super big break up, and I was living in New York. I I went downtown with Billy pumpkin with Billy Corgan. And the three of they went they went with me downtown to cut off, my long hair for my. Yes. And then you gave Bill sartorial. Yeah. And it didn't go. Well. Well, I it was back when he's still had hair but it was thinning? And I I dare to bring up the idea of a tough one of Rogaine and a cab headed downtown actually if they were headed down after after I cut all my hair into a cute rider pixie cut because I. Long wavy hair, and I've always had long wavy hair. And I literally cut all of it off because I was new. And that I wanted to empower everybody else to do things with their hair, and it didn't go well in the cab. Pretty grown the cabby. You don't want to tell the rockstar that he had you don't. Yeah. Yeah. Didn't go. Well, my hair my hair like a fine shirt is wearing out towards the crown. As well. Like bear. All right. Fifty five years. I'm it's okay. The first person that brought up that it was moving in any direction at all to me when we were dating. And I was mortified it was like it seen my asshole. Like, I really felt like when you're like. Oh my God. You're like, oh, yeah. Now, you gotta bow spot on the time about this big. And you made your hand in a circle that is where maybe would be close to now. But not even quite but the area. Yes. Like, it's like a series of trees where you can see some have been cleared down below there. Like, they're they're cutting out, but they're still plenty to push around. And no one's going to notice less. They're fucking hovering and whoever's hovering over us, not a friend. Sure. So. There's sometimes where where the information you have. Secret thing that no one's supposed to notice. Also, especially you and also don't tell me because unless I've brought it up we both know and unless it bothers you I think you should sh. Yeah. I know a lot of women that don't understand. Why men don't want that pointed out like I have a lot of friends at a pointed that out to people and are totally caught off guard that that guy wasn't like. Hey, thanks. That's great info. But in the context of the thing, it was Billy Corgan. It's at the height. It's like they're rising. They're they're becoming an arena bear, right? Music video covers and enrolling stone. And I was like no one else's telling him this right word. That's because everybody everyone fears. Yes. And every Evans yes seeing him excuse me. That was my phone. This is my friend buddies. Help me Kim. Shutouts buddy sorry about that. Guys. If you're turning off. I did it. Everyone at that time hell hair. Yes. Yes. Know it was like. Do that was new stuff. Sure, I still that was it didn't go up. It didn't go out Benchley. He eventually didn't have a choice shaves shortly thereafter, it it worked out though. But there is nothing. Here's the one thing about it. You can tell someone in they're heavy and that person the feelings they can do about it. There's two things they can't do you can't get younger, and you cannot grow hair on the top of your head. They have not figured out in lieu of a wig. There just isn't a they've not come up with that solution not figured out how to regrowed hair for people. And so it's a tough. It's a tough one. Because you're like is this topic. I was trying to act genuinely being critical somebody don't look better without hair. But I just think it is funny that your big brand had Billy Corgan connection. Thread common thread, Billy Corgan, common thread. It's good. I mean, also. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Poor billy. I you know, what he he spent many years on top the world has written some incredible albums. I hope he's a I hope he's doing great. You know, I think you as I am sure. Why not why wouldn't it be my music toured recently, I have to that's right? But he went on Alex Jones show and everybody went you're Alex Jones guy. Yeah. Sorry. Alex Jones is the the tin hat of the Trumpy. He's a he's a he's a right wing conspiracy lunatic, and so Billy. Billy, Billy, Lloyd and seen. Oh, my Lord, which means maybe Vigo. I mean, I right now in the it's kind of been lying though. Like it's been very punk too. The wrong way. It's very against this status quo. That right. There is. In defending homosexuality anymore. Everybody likes. It would. I wonder if your if your instinct is just to what everyone's doing the opposite. In writing land tense, man. Just right up to be like, it's my job to take the opposite -sition. I've got to be the one I've got. I've got to be one people doing people to enjoy serious. Let's just really quickly. I'm not gonna get that serious. As long as no, no, no. I actually I actually just pulled a couple of sound like. I liked it last one. I didn't mean, but it was. No last last week when we talked about breakups in, and I I was trying to, you know, give a little give a little, you know, warm warm soup, and a hug, then a ferry blanket to those are heartbroken by saying it could be worse. Here's the worst brave. I've ever heard of. But you know, but I I was I was gonna stick with the break-up theme. Just because I think people were used in enjoy enjoyed it. So I don't have. I don't have a long horrible big stories. I just have a couple a couple of funny ones that I literally I just went and looked through read it, actually, the what would be. Thank you. That were more like. Historic one as well. Do you wanna do historical Muno? We'll do yours. Okay. Did you want to do something else? I. No, we'll read our sponsors at the end. Okay. Okay. Fantastic. All right. Just a you would I my high school boyfriend, and I had been together for eight months, but he was about to graduate. And I was a sophomore the spring of his senior year during yearbook day. Swat yearbooks with each other. Just after that, we could write messages to each other. I spent the entire next period writing the sweetest note about how proud I was of him how fond I was of him. How it missing when he left when we met in the hall trade yearbooks back. There was something distance is, but I put it down to rough school day when I got to class excitedly flipped through the book to find what he had written. I discovered the filled full page just near the front, and it was a breakup letter about how he had grown beyond me. Parents thought it was best that we split up, etc. And then he voided me for the rest of the school year. Oh my God. Year. Rush. Can you imagine? Then she's got that forever. Really loved you. Have a great summer. Look I've been seeing some of the stuff that you're doing. Tiggy to be forgotten. I have a great summer things are really happening over the summer in some of the clubs. I've joined really kind of moved on as a person looking at. I've been developing a lot of film in the film lab. And I really feel like I'm growing past you. My parents feel like you're holding me back. College. First of all, I don't know if you've heard this. But you know, people have a lot of sex. So I really need to be open for that was I don't know if you saw me in guys and dolls. You really need to appreciate that Masterson. If they're saying about my bat Masterson. The best high school training wheels. A person could ask for learn how to kiss show, it's real wet. Real wet thing. You do try and kind of pick up on the edge is that's incredible isn't horrible now. Although now like that's a great thing to look back at. Your high school yearbook and the giant break from your actual boyfriend. I bet you I thought he was being a good guy. I'm giving you all the info putting it on the table. Putting it in a book you make around for the rest of your life. Think it's best. If I don't be tied down when I'm going to college. I ran this by my parents last night. We've also that's so weird that put it in the book like put a note in the book, but to write it in the book next to like have a great summer. No. It's almost a full page near the front. Knowing you in home egg. Yeah. Yeah. I've had a great time with you. But I really think I've outgrown this relationship. Remember how Britain? I'm getting ready to go to college. My parents think I shouldn't down. Do you have another one? I do. And this is also. Good one. It's a good one. Right. Okay. So I've seen a girl in college. And we actually lived quite close to each other. So we'd seen each other a little over the summer. I've been to her house and met her parents etcetera, she went away on a trip with the college choir. I know right. I know right. Her phone wasn't gonna work while she was away because you know, international stuff. So I decided to surprise at the airport when she got back, you know, Beal, romantic and stuff. So I'm waiting at the airport arrivals lounge. I start see a couple of phase I recognized from college filter through she then walks through I started to walk towards her. And I realized that she's holding hands of one of my high school friends that also went to my college. It happened to go on the trip with her. I'm not stupid, I quickly realized what's going on. But by this point her dad has already seen me walked up and start a conversation with me. He offers me a ride home with her and oh, yes. I think what I think that guy is coming with us to. But I'm sure the three of you could squeeze in the back by this point. I'm reasonably sure I'm going to implode and it's too late to get away. And she's there, and he's there and his awkward. She tells me. We need to talk. I say that we probably don't need to bother and walk back to the coach station for my three hour coach ride home. It could be worse. He dumped her after two weeks, and our parents never forgave her. Because they thought he was an idiot. And that I was great since then she told me that she'd learned a lot in the past two weeks and was a much more mature person. I'm moved on the guy went on to hook up with another my ex girlfriends in for a while. I was concerned that he had some kind of personal vendetta against me. Wow. That's the word that is pretty awful coach ride three hours to the airport. Awful. Oh my God. Not that different than the episode of friends where Rachel decides she finally is not over Ross. And she goes to the airport. He comes back from China and his with. Someone else he's gonna marry. I guess I'm sure I know and every time I thinking it's Ross why Ross I couldn't ever get into Ross everybody. I mean, I didn't watch that show that much when it was on because it was around the time that I was starting stand up. So we were out a lot, and I didn't get to see a lot. But I could never get down with Ross. I always liked Joey and I liked when they were together. And then I didn't listen how the end it. But I like to I like. Joey Dee what's the worst? What's the worst thing? You've done to somebody. That isn't me. What's the worst of? What was the worst break-up? What was your most? What was your most insensitive break-up? Gigs. I would have you know, or just thing you said, I had no I had a okay. So I had a boyfriend that that was older than I wasn't had been married once before and and I was. Kind of reluctantly in the relationship. It was that thing of I I had a habit of finding myself in relationships with people that I was really close friends with a lot of friend chemistry with and then. The lines get blurry or they're they declare villa for me. Like, well, if it worked at it'd be great because they're already my best friend, and then I'm in a relationship with somebody that I am not feeling it with. So I so I was in this relationship with this guy who was an MBA years older than I wasn't he'd already been married. And and and was I think he was convinced that I was the answer to his life. And I was unconvinced and every time I try to break up with him. We would end up in the ER because he thought he was having a heart attack. Every time. I would try to make those packets. Uncommon thing. Yeah. Unfortunately, but I could not extract myself from this relationship, even though I would be like, I I need. I really. What what what would happen post heart attack? I would be guilted to staying in the relationship right anyway. So. When he's just to anytime. Things didn't go wait is put his hand up his heart. He would be like, the shortest breath and the question of heart in the fall of the knees, go, the ER doctors aren't telling him that. It's a hurt. Now. Now. Attack as things ICTY. I kept trying to get its relationship. We kept up with the are and the more. I tried to move away the more he got very panicked. And so he moved into the apartment below mine to keep an eye on me. Say he moved. He moved into the he moved on the second floor, and he moved down to the first floor could watch my comings and going anyway, I wanna date with somebody else because I was like I don't know together every time I tried to begin with this person. He thinks he's dying. I can't gathers relationship, and I'm young, and I don't know what to do. Anyway, I actually went on a date with another person who would ask me out, and and I out them, and I actually met one of our couple of times, Andy I was honest with the guy trying to get us relationship. I can't go this relationship. I don't know to do whatever always had dinner with this guy a couple of times. And I told a friend about it. And the friend told my boyfriend that I couldn't break up with. It was like, you know, you she wants to break up with us. In fact, she's already started seeing somebody else anyway. So the boyfriend that I couldn't break up with came to me and said. He was really into prog rock, by the way, he came to me and said, you know. When Peter Gabriel from the band Genesis and also solar cell Levin when Peter when Peter Gabriel's wife cheated on him, she shaved his head as an act of asking for forgiveness and then Peter Gabriel shaved his head as an act of accepting her apology. So they could stay together. And I was like. Uh-huh. Shave your heads. Speaking of haircuts. If you shave your. Of sartorial disaster. As an active as exhibition, I will shave advocated. So we can stay together. And I said, no, I'm good. And that's how we broke up. I said I'm good for that. That was probably the worst Peter gave. I is this my out greats. I'm not shaving my head. I want to date the other. Prog rock in their listen win. Celtic cross. When prongs split up. Yeah. Yeah. Like, wait. So you I can't get I've been trying for over a year now. And now you'd like me to shave my head to stay in it. Yeah. Heart best came back and said, okay. So if you tweet your eyebrows. What have we what about a trip? Would you take off the split ends at the bottom? Oh my God. So that was probably the. Because I genuinely I. Get out of the relationship. Gabriel wife. I don't think I don't feel like Peter Gabriel stories that great like I feel like they didn't quite get it. Even like that to me is like that was that's a strange decision. Like when it was. That that bears split up shortly thereafter because then he did Roseanne arquett beautiful song but cancer shaved his head. That would have made sense. I might have got the story wrong. I have no idea, and I also don't care, but because I was trying to relationship. I didn't know how have you have you ever known that people like won't let you break up with them. Right broke up with a girl, and she followed me to that's not happening. But then I was supposed to go to Catalina to do show. And she just came with me, and I couldn't get rid of her. Yeah. And then we took a I tried to move on the hike, and I couldn't do that either. But I the hike, and we almost didn't make my show wandering around the the thickets of Catalina going fucked. We get back to the show. Why are you here? Like, it was at weird thing. She wouldn't. She was we'd been actually lived in San Francisco, she flew down to break because you can't break up with me on the phone, and I was like. I'm coming to you can have a harder time doing it in person. And I mean, I really like I think like I don't know how you can't get rid of somebody. But you can't sometimes until you unless you absolutely make a stand. But it's like one of those things where you're gonna have to shout at them in front of other people. You're not coming on this bus with me, or whatever, you know. It was strange. Yeah. It was strange that yet there there was there was. There was there was not a lot of etiquette. And there was also distance. You could put between yourself and somebody else that was following around or sitting on your porch or what has. Stirs from you after this. Did he did he move? No. Now, he's saying down there we both. We are in that same. He organized a potluck in the corner. It was. So that's. So bad. Yeah. That that is that is troublesome people. I I don't have like I don't remember doing anything spectacularly awful to anybody. But I did have somebody say to me why. And I was newly sober. And they said, and I won't say who this person is. But she you're you enter into the story. She she said why? And I said is I'm not attracted to you. And she goes why the fuck did you say that you could have said a million other things besides that? You could have said it was you and I said oh. I'm newly sober and in a program rigorous honesty, I decided to about your bald spot. That's right. Your hair thinning top. I don't think I don't think. I don't think. She was it was she was really really really genuinely really hurt. And I and I. Any truth that thing when someone asks you why there's nothing that they can say to you this making you're like, okay, that's cool. That doesn't hurt my feelings. And it's also look it was a it was an instant thing for me to say. But I also didn't know what to say the truth, and and also just because I'm not attracted to her didn't maker unattractive. She was far from unattractive. But but she was frightening. So right. About two years later. I was with the mirrow way were dating and we were crossing the street and she crossed the street. We were both. We were they she was coming the other side of the street when we pass each other. And she got about fifteen feet away from us and wet, of course, of course. That's awesome. Also failed to say she one of the people I've ever met my tire. But. Almost she wishy joking. But it was a little bit of both. She was nice. She didn't physically very different than she is. Yes. But. But not not not that that's a better for worse thing. But I think she made us mention. Assumption because he had said, I'm wasn't attracted you. I think she he made the subtle. She made assumption based on what I look like in the he was with me that. And she just said it in a like, a I mean part of it was I it was funny. It was funny lady funny when she said, it, it was probably also real it was ballsy for sure. And I, and I I remember us sort of giggling about it a little bit. But it was just that thing. Like, I didn't know to say. And I think I said oh my God. And and it was too late Lemaire new before I said anything and she barely made eye contact with us in smile. There's no knowledge there was no high. She walked passes like a stranger that had looked at us. And then just went, of course, and fuck men to that was and I'm like man, this has been it's two years later. You know, you know, probably gave her some closure if she was from friends super super hurt by funny because when we were dating he kept thinking this person's really like me that much like, I never I never I didn't think it'd be that big a deal. It really didn't. She was a differently. Immo like it could be emotional. But not particularly. It wasn't like she'd been like, oh my God. You love in my life. I don't even think she ever said she loved me. But she did not not like being tossed aside for Mira. Which was I mean, there was no overlap in these relationships Riley, my particular, dating history. I don't have a type or anything I dated all over the map. But I never, but like or I've never had like a one type, you know, like, but boy that was my type is funny that was. Yeah. Funny. I've only really had to have like weird awkward like Stocker breakup with friends. Like relationships. They just kind of. Fizzle out. With friends, but he's because the friend is attracted to you. I don't think so like there's this one guy that I know, and I I never liked him. But he was dating a friend of mine that I've known since I was a little kid, and she she was with him she'd been with him for like a year or something and then she moved away. So I just inherited him, and he would just come over to my house and just really just unpleasant every way a person can be. Just just just boring and awful. And I remember when he was wearing leather pants, and it was inappropriate. And he. He kept telling all the women in the room that he wasn't wearing underwear. And it just was really so gross on a head to say you cannot come over anymore. She broke up with you. Why am I still here? Was she wearing leather pants people. Orbiting the sweat and the smells of your undercarriage reliving this tough. I I went on a blind date with a guy that makes leather pants that makes. Resigns leather pants, and and and literally he was one of those guys that would press as you go to feel what you're doing to me. And it'd be like. So this was her last. That I know of boy for. Boyfriend. Last date before deciding not today and other people so we had been dating. And then I said to her look, I'm I'm done if you're not done, that's fine. But I I'm not gonna go pretend other people. It's hard. I still a few other underwhelming guys to go out. You had a couple of other irons in the fire. And I was totally fine with that. And I remember she called me and. She said she said, I'm going out with a guy. He's got a suburban. And he makes leather pants, and I said good with that. I was like, you know, what man if that's your dude I was threes. And I was telling you is because I was like this is the love. They set me up with this person. As though they're like, first of all, he's got a suburban. He makes leather pants o. Well, those are those are both things my favorite thing. My favorite thing trigger. Car living and non roomy pants and leather pants and please front. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I know. I know what street he lives on. I know where he gets coffee like, I just know this guy got it. So funny too. And it was kind of like little pants had had. I don't know when they're Haley was, but it was not leather pants time anymore. Like, we we were already sort of through grunge at that point. So we weren't we weren't leather. Nobody was really I mean, gene Simmons, and I'm sure there they probably always have their market people. And women could wear leather pants, but he made men's. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He was wearing I two birthday dinner this week in three women were wearing leather pants three out of three out of Levin in leather pants. I don't wanna say that. Yeah. So I would say. Still where leather pants. I wanna. But that was back when I was in the music business. It was more. It was more common to see a person wearing leather pants in the music business or going to rock shows. Pool at the private school to please. Please. Please take this way in the way that is intended is these are women who are this was a fiftieth or around this is this is a middle-aged birthday party. You're not seeing the younger girls think wearing a you're not seeing the the I I it doesn't seem to be thing with the kids. It's not I don't see pants can't tell you. I don't know. Because I don't go where the kids are. So I don't I don't I haven't seen them in their natural habitat environment to know, if they're wearing when they get quest to go out of their pants is in the thing. We'll tell us whether our grungy wears a leather pan. She would be like she wears an oversized sweatshirt with high boots. We all know ponytail and a high pony. Right, right. Yeah. Love her. And if she wants it, she I if she's seen and she's bought it. She wants it. She's got it. That's true. I saw it. I wanted. I got it. I bought it. Yeah. I got it. I got it. Got it. Okay. What I wanted it. Okay. And then I got it. That's how the. How the? That's how that's that's free market system. Reggie see you want it. You may not be able to get it. But and you probably don't even see it when you see the knockoff. But but here I shouldn't have it. She she wants. She's like a person who likes like I forget that she probably just left her parents house. It was like when I realized I could have cereal anytime of the day I wanted and I could buy any cereal I wanted. I was standing seven eleven I was thirty years old, right? And I was newly sober. And I said to the guy behind the counter I can. And I was willing thing. Lucky charms. I can have this whenever I want whenever I want. I don't hear. Hi. Hi. And by the end, by the way, the clerk in the store literally had his hand on the button under the hands. Hands on the guns hand on the call the police, but cancer. Where you're saying there shouting your lucky charms at him. So he was like, I think it is it is it meth is the unmatched was. What's what's what's the one? Where you can like flip over cars. I think it's. Or? Yeah. Charm ketamine? I dunno known. No. Elephant tranquilizer. We have there's gonna read the three sponsors. And then I'm gonna do my break up the story. So I'll just read the first one and then you can win second win in. These are the we have sponsorship Gordon plane through his cabin hand. Yogurts arrested wet and always in season. Wonder how they do it. They don't just open your hand and have Gordon's try Gordon specialty nut pace pastels in chocolate cherry and yellow. Metairie section of your local supermarket bus station rehab. Okay. So you read the second one. Corns? What courts doing? Red apple the coroner keep coming and soda the sauces in the mood for something smooth try and apple flip flop or the craven crab meat altogether. With a heaping helping of toaster fried nila Reto all the mode use a groupon or two pond and the rock lobster popsicles or on us at red. Apple questions are the menu. Here. The best reader we have that was really nice land, by the way. Please check out the new podcast from stand around audio. I'm not podcast. Listen as your. Listen as your host ten. Tenths navy and Brad corn crank up the Mike refused to say fucking word because podcast is just stupid and beers. Closer happy. Call an hour of snark masquerading as golden silence from the new sweethearts of jen's e Daily Times. Call the totally unlistenable so checkout tints navy and Brad corns. I'm not podcasting. Where refined podcasts are sold. Oh my God. Got you laughing. What kind of quarry? That's right. Oh my God. Okay. We're gonna talk about today. Historically, historically break. It's breaking the Beatles. I've heard of them recently, my daughter discovered the Beatles. My my my my youngest our youngest and. Just we watched a Beatles documentary the other day about their years is touring band. And I realized that their their formation their break-up and everything they did caused them to break up. Exactly. Like people do. Their break-up as no different than than a poorly maintained relationship. And so there's less factors. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm going to try to success change. And you may not. That's right. That's right. I'm gonna try and make this not too long. But I I do feel like if you don't know who the beetles are they were which is very possible at this point other not probably with Arta listenership, anyway, though, the comments incense consensus is that Yoko Ono Ono and to a lesser degree, Linda Eastman. Those are the. Long live killed the Beatles. They they were they had nothing to either any of them with killing. There's a bit more to it. John Paul George and Ringo as teens in the fifties and perform together for the next ten years, or so, okay, they say the nearly every day for ten years straight Ringo. Richard Starkey came into the early in the sixties. But just as the Beatles were starting together following Ringo was also the only Beatle consistently managed to stay on good terms with the other three bandmates in the post Beatle era. All right. Do you think that's because he was the late edition because he replaced Pete best think he was also the child he was the child stand. The fighting with mom and dad were fighting right Beatlemania took over the world in nineteen sixty four somewhere in between the Ed Sullivan show and their completion of their first US tour. It was John Paul George Ringo first trip United States, and the Beatles were excited and overwhelmed, George and John the first. Publicly complain about Beatle mania. However, Paul may have felt the same. He was also completely infatuated with the Beatles. So he was very happy to be married. He loved his wife, but his wife was like, this isn't the greatest thing that's ever happened. Just look at men like that after year, so relentless touring the Beatles decided to stop touring in the wake of JFK's death safety was also concerned their last official concert was a Candlestick Park in San Francisco on August. Twenty ninth nineteen sixty six they had a bit of a break before they return to the studio during their break, John flew to Spain to work on a movie how I won the war in later interviews. John said, that's when he started thinking about going solo also during that period that they wrote strawberry fields forever. I'm not sure why that's important. But they started with the break. Now break is never good break. Time off time officer time off you guys. I think we. That's right. That's right. Meantime, I space when he came back. They made sergeant pepper which was credited to Paul crow Pawtucket the credit for that. So Paul took care of the kids. Really? Well, John was off making his kids and everybody loved the kids and said, we love the kids you doing a great job. And if you look at the if you look at the songwriting split on peppers does it lean heavily towards Paul? I I don't know. No, they they they. Famously split things as fairly as possible between the two sometimes credited to just Lennon some credit just to party and some Lennon McCartney. That's why I was asking was there a particular? Leaning Paul is very into the studio, and he liked all the sound effects. And he loved George Martin on that. So they spend a lot of time in John two things on the real rainy lake keep it real. Then that's a that's a generalization. But the both of them, by the way, you start every thought with stop. Stop. Paul through the Beatles. Finished talking Paul publicly admits that he has experimented with LSD. So so he even though he was the last to try it. He was the first to admit when reporter asked him, but his LSD used he decided to say he was sick of lying. He tried to place the blame on the media saying that it was their choice to broadcast it. So they were using drugs married. So you're in a relationship and you're beginning to seek outside pleasures escaping trying to saving your realities trying to make your nagging religion. You're all doing it together to try and make the experience better. Right. You might be headed for a break. It'll enhancer it'll enhance our relationship and looking for. That's right, right. Finally, Brian Beatles manager Brian Epstein died of drug overdose that same month on August. Twenty seventh nineteen sixty seven almost a year to the date that of the Beatles last concert. It was determined that his death was accidental speculation that might have been a suicide some people claim that Brian's being in the closet was too much for Brian other say he was depressed because he felt like the Beatles. No longer needed him in the wake of Brian's desk. The Beatles didn't quite know to themselves. So Brian would be like their therapist in away their manager. But he was also the person who gave them a sense of self. But he was also seemingly doing drugs with them. Perhaps. Maybe and struggling his own d was it what what did he OD on? It doesn't say here. I have been lucky charms win. Every once. That's right. And that can be too much. And then on August, thirty first Beatles announce they'd be managing themselves. So that's like when you're trying to fix your own relationship. Sure within you can't tell the other person. What it is. You think they're doing wrong, and they tell you what you think you're doing wrong just doesn't work or even if you're both right, especially when all of your right? That's right. Right. Don't be your own therapist. But they decided to start a company together, which that's not gonna solve your problems. Don't start working with your wife, all the sudden, right? I mean we worked together, but that's different. We've always worked together, but it's hard right relationship. Bit of business. Then they took another break. They took another Brig. Do we know who called this one? Yeah. It was John John again. But also. No, it wasn't Ringo. They they went to. And they also against this is when they went they went to India and Ringo did not enjoy the food. So he left he he left early. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. And but but John Paul, George and Patty stayed on. Yeah. They liked it. They that was going to help. Then they came back in. Then they came back into the white album, which is a big messy bunch of terrific tunes. But but very very strange right because awesome transcendental experiences in India exactly when I was a kid the white album. Yeah. We used to torture me number nine. Play pick up the racket with scratch record scratch a little would you pick up play that. That's that's so funny is that the Goth one of the punk one. Did of course with her face painted way. Oh my God. I don't know. But that's when John Deere prince is is this on where they where Ringo didn't drums. Suddenly now, Paul Paul had ideas about Drummond and taking him off the track and getting rid of George Martin, some people have a lot of ideas about what's going on. They're falling into all the they've new information because they've been to India. Guess what else happens here calms? Linda. Yeah. The fishwives as they were. I love you know, it's interesting the way we look at this even store. We looked at historically like and they do to right. And I bet even Linda and Yoko assumed they were the fishwives as well. Like, it was like we're all playing the part in this idea that if a woman comes into the picture, she ruins everything for the boys. Right because it's a man's world. Right. Right. Even though these guys were both in love with their wives and one of them around and we're tired of each other. Yes. And Yoko wasn't artist. That wasn't. That's not her fault was brought into the end for each of those wives to be the advocate of their husband is fucking. What you want? Why you that's what you that's what it's supposed to be. You want a best friend to hang out. Exactly. I said Linda in yoga Paul felt threatened by John's close relationship to Yoko who had quickly become his muse his his wife threatened by relation wife. Okay. Pozzo? So busy falling in love. You met Linda at a club, blah, blah, blah in November the white came out. John is officially granted a divorce from Cynthia. Okay. So he's still married at that point somebody who really was not policy later on that that John just loved powerful woman. He loved a woman took charge and and Cynthia poor Cynthia just wanted to have her husband, come home and have slippers. And she just wanted to trip dishes with kids. Yes. She had Xiulian. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. Tensions in the studio made Ringo walkout. Yeah. He returns. But he does walk out walked out. And he's like someone's gonna come get me. I'm ringing. There's someone's gonna come after me. I'm, you know, ten minutes later, I left my keys guys. I guess. That's why I'm like, I'm I'm gonna get to the corner by someone will come after me the next corner. Someone will come after I write one song record. Maybe I can't walk away from this. You know, like, he's the beetle you could replace that you'd want to you wouldn't want to replace them. And he's a great. They were they were perfect as they were. But I think the general public has come to the agreement that they were perfect as they were. Yeah. Yeah. So they're all fighting they keep ball quitting. They bring your Clapton in everybody in now everyone's on their own religion. They've got their own therapist. Everyone has their own. And in nineteen sixty nine Paul was to do another movie they've made some movies. They've started off with help and ended with magical misery tour, which people were like, I don't under not misery. That's right. That's right. That's right. But I think a lot of people saw on felt misery. They and there's just now it's just a lot of fighting now fighting now at the business, it's a business. It's a business, and they're not touring and everybody has their own idea because they're all growing and they've got families. Sure. Yeah. And then in September Abbey Road gets released and John officially announces that he's quitting came in. And just he basically broke up the Beatles. He came and said, I'm quitting. I'm not doing this anymore. Fools, but they didn't tell anybody. And then and then they put out another record which would sitting around let it be. They put it out afterwards that their last record and Paul he quit. So he's the guy that said I break up to break break up are also got to say it because Jon didn't make it public. And and that's it and they never would they would never play together. Again. No one. No one. Asked to shave their head. I think as I actually do feel like didn't didn't John annual go shave their heads at some point it just feels like maybe? Right. But I, but I, but I feel like that might have been predated the Peter Gabriel one is not possible. It's possible. Yeah. It wasn't a brick Gabriel and his wife got the head shaving idea from all kinds of different haircuts all the time because they were inventing haircuts at the same time. Interesting because it does kind of follow that like, you know, we need some space. And now we're getting back together and leads the space again. They sent away from you. So I could actually come back in a pretty eight you one of the things I said in the documentary which the other day, it's the Ron Howard one about touring eight days a week that they were is in love with the fans as the fans were with them when they started to say whereas tickle than excited about. Be very much. Well, I mean, look that first Radiohead movie they're like fucking wiped out already. And you're like you've been banned for year. Like, it's just too much being us. Okay. Yeah. Exactly things with these guys really hung in there for a long time and gave it their all for a long time. And then it burned out. They forgot like it's the it's that classic thing. They forgot the things you liked about each other. They didn't the right kind of space. He didn't have the right kind of communication. They weren't seeing each other. Hey, my feeling like we burned out you get burned out on people when you're with them all the time. Like, he genuinely do space and alone time to actually miss an appreciate because because when you're locked in that kind of dynamic, you know, I it's you end up you end up knowing the worst things about each other. And all of all of the things that used to be cooler cute or funnier quirky now become unbearable when you're you know. You know, they say do what you have that. Fraser, whatever do what you love and you'll never work a day. New. I it's like do what you love and you'll never not work a day in your life. And like sometimes I from my experience some things that I've done in the past. And you're you jump into something that you're so passionate about and then you're like like now, it's just an obligation that it's such a drag. And you forget why are I forgot what I was passionate about. Sometimes I it just starts having diminishing returns. Is that think of like I loved it so much it was so important. But now that I've done it every day for the past seven years. It doesn't have the same magical effect anymore. Now. It's now thirteen. Might other possibility might make you feel that my fill of this. Now at this point. It doesn't excite me anymore. I look forward to it anymore. It's become routine and mundane an an and now it's tipping to the other point where now I'm resenting that this is my thing or you're also expecting the thing to reinvent itself and make you. I think I've probably quit stand up. I don't know thirty times in my head because there's just as I go. I don't want nothing. I don't like anything about this. You know, there's you you couldn't not drive five hundred miles for twelve dollars. It was about that. It was like. L new, and I was in and I. And I liked being in front of people performing I like the actual doing most breakup occur when someone decides that something new is more appealing than where they are where they're like. I'm you know, I ju- that is that seems more interesting to me or I want I want something new. I've had enough of this thing it no longer brings me the pleasure. The canoe bad bad thing. Like, do you think that the new thing? Like are they wrong? I think it's a case by case thing, you know, because I because I think sometime sometime sometimes the new thing is wrong. But at the end of the day, the old thing wasn't working either. And so maybe the actual new thing is solid right now or just just that your body. Craves the need to move on that we that. We stay in things out of these words that we use like loyalty or commitment. And sometimes you're like the commitment is punishing to whatever it is. You're doing you know, like, I mean there have been periods. Where like all. I can I want to pick up my guitar every day when I play guitar when listening to listen play music on like that. And then there's a I don't wanna see that thing. But my every time I pick it up. Nothing happens. Like, you have those moments where you just are uninspired on area. Can't see the angle you saw that before doesn't necessarily mean that it's yeah. It's just triggers different. I mean when I when I first worked in the news business like I could not get I could not ingest enough music. I couldn't go to enough show and rock Shas. Right. Right. And then twelve years later when I've gone to so many rock shows, and I have music around me, all it's my work. It's in my car. It's at my home. It's everywhere, I go and. And then I find myself, I've all of a sudden, I'm not listening to music in the car anymore, and I'm dreading going to shows. And sometimes sometimes you just burn out on the thing that you love you feel guilty that you I mean, you still listen to music, but you don't do you don't go at the same way that you used to like in your head like is a kid. And I think for me too is a life force and is not my life force anymore. Although I do I still do I still is still makes me happier than any. I still I I have a love and appreciation for music still now, but I don't I don't seek it with the same hunger. And you don't feel guilty about not going to you'll. But I do remember very much having that thing of just like dreading having to go see another band deriding like one wanting to get my car and have silence instead of like just just starting to affect me in the negative way. And starting to nor me or feel bad people. Do stand up some watch a friend and go cut. I fucking hate you. I hate this put that fucking Mike down. It's so stupid. Like, you really like a visceral. Like what a dumb like this weird almost like a physical reaction to it. I think we ruin stuff ourselves by over mothering ourselves with become we we we self suffocate with with because we have such a thirst for it. And then it gets the point where then then you just you know, you just burn out. You're looking for an identity in it. So you it it identify. It's your identifier. And so you're always around it or you're was in it. And I'll say it, isn't it, isn't it isn't life-sustaining. Right. You're the energy. It's not the thing. It doesn't make me feel the way it used to. It's what you bring to this obligation rate as opposed to realizing that thing you have to sustain his you in no matter what you're doing. And if you can't sustain you you need to worry about you. Because that's the only thing that sustains. It is your attention to it or your lack of ten you've gone. We've gone to see bands right went. Hey, fuck if you weren't going to show up tonight man, why did we right right? And then sometimes these people fucking possessed. This is unreal. I'm having like someone will surprise you in a way, you didn't expect to because they're so present with what they're doing. Right. And sometimes you're like nobody in this band is actually here right now. All left the building. Right. Yeah. They don't wanna be here. Are they right before they got onstage? Clearly. Yeah. It's interesting. But I think we do that people to in relationships to where you where you smother, you you, you know, year so on top of each other all the time, and you're completely inseparable. And then you stop being individuals. And you're only we and then you, and then know, and then you hit the tipping point where you're just like not everything has to be we right? All of a sudden, you're mad says really uncomfortable. The thing for me for sure for the Beatles to look back at and in. This is true relationships and go look what they did the look what they look there to get his create an, and I don't think even in the moment, they couldn't they still used to get your head around. If I as a fan can't give I head around this year. Their head around the fact that what they did through good and bad for us. Is so incredible. Also, part of his you it actually is perfect. Because there's there's nothing to to take the the the sheen of the the heart swelling Levin stalled Joe that you have about your favorite bands. When they continue making music. You don't connect with everything ivory can almost ruined everything. You know, what everyone just loves loves their body of work. And there's no just like, oh, I hope they don't play songs from. But then there's that. Record that we all hate, right? It wasn't groundbreaking din. Didn't hit us in the hit us in the gut and blow our minds as they invented the thing that people got to live and work in. Copy from those bands that have been together thirty forty years and are going on you and everyone's going, oh, I just want to hear the heads. I don't I just want to hear the old records. I don't wanna hear the new material. The new material. Right. It would have been hard. Like, I guess if you're a artists to stay where we wanted them where we liked him where they affected us and moved us. Yeah. And they all they all did. I mean, maybe ring didn't have the output. They all did some great solo stuff. They all did signs that people loved, and then they and then they also made some music that is Paul especially very hard to listen to. But but for the most part, but for some stuff that may go I you should. There you go. I you should have been a week off. But but. But then. The judge. Yeah. I felt like we're going through a body of my work. Remember your member when you were member, you're Buddhist years? Greg your, but it's end up number when you went through that period or three oh, look at you. Yeah. I'm gonna go ahead and take Paul, Don. Nobody's me really sad about your disapproval. I think part of the thing that that thing I think it was a little bit heartbreaking is that. They never got any kind of resolved. Just I mean, they they did eventually become friends. But I heard Howard Stern asked to Paul. I think it was like five months ago, I interviewed him and he said, but you guys ever all in a room together again. And he said, no. And that's just that they all four sitting room and go fuck dude were still what have we do like, they didn't I didn't need anything more from them. Now, you know as you get older, right? You just want to hear them play the hits and on that kind of stuff. But I would love to hear them talk about it or be about it or congratulate each other or no. And I'm sure they did. But they know that they went through something is exactly like a relationship. They went through something. They can never explain to somebody else that that could be people can speculate on. But nobody really knows what it was like. No, no, no. So we learned from the Beatles. A little bit. It it really is. It really did follow the sort of format stages of the break of a romantic relationship. Right. We're trying to talk yourself into it other neighbors of the stones who've never broken up. And and we're everyone's always worried about Keith drunk mom. He'll be worried about him for decades to come. All right. I guess if you tell us about your breakup or your relationships, you can write to us at maybe it's you podcast achie- male. Look, here's the thing. Right at right us, just write us and say, hi, we are tired of going to that mailbox. Not seeing lots of glorious stuff. Send us a nice. How do you do tell us? What you like whether show tell us what you don't like about the show doesn't matter. But right us, it's maybe it's you podcast at g mail. So rash, concord. All right. Hill year, we. It was a good show. This podcast was brought to you by Starbucks audio produced by land Romo and was injured by map or so don't forget to subscribe rate and review wherever you get your podcasts.

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