Glowy and the Friend Adventure/The Big Chance (feat. Jeremy Sisto)


Or not to dance Oh that's not right hey meghan what are you doing. Well I'm having trouble memorizing the lines for my one woman Hamlet Hey grownups before we start the show we have a quick message for you from today's sponsor the makers of Hillshire farm lunch me too right you can find Hillshire farm lunch meat at your local grocery store today slow roasted to make your meals quick and delicious see how that will help how about this Hillshire farm oven roasted Turkey breasts Peter again the type of delicious Hillshire farm lunch meat wasn't the issue ready story pirates nine took over your ship or from standing right in front of you now I'll be your captain you might be feeling a little different up here without gravity or sunlight millions of white where's on both sides that probably lead fancy rooms and labs here we are always have uh-huh follow me this way for your Orientation Orientation Hallway always have this nice white hallway lined with yeah well this is really good to be or not to be that is the Salami still not feeling of taking off into space definitely feel sick from taking off took pirates stop complaining and look outside the the screening room no I've changed a lot of things around here this place was disgusting it's beautiful out there I figure I could see my house now Peter you can't okay I can't so what do we do now south they're doing incoming communication Audi now ship this is the Galactic Space Alliance we are coming on board meets aren't going to solve my problem try this I don't know if the sandwich featuring Hillshire farm lunch meat is really one and we have gifts for you and if you don't have gifts for us that would be well a huge football really an epic failure an error the consequences of eh six five three away from everyone you know in love with no return date in sight he doesn't feel very well commission I'm watching a movie but there's so much to love and learn about I'll never get sick of the like my story for other people just right for yourself okay you're all ready for a party oh no no I forgot about the space friends alliance they're gonNA want to welcome you to space this sounds fun what could go wrong whether this video to welcome you to space and dry welcome to space hi I'm naming you may recognize me from before the report through time and space for eternity loops the point is okay I get it but how about this Hillshire farm roast beef ultra thin sliced hard salami routine rest stop lunch very space that soon you'll be asking off this is going to be fun what's that big shit how welcome back to the story pirates podcast everyone where we take stories written by kids and turn them into sketch comedy and songs like can't believe I forgot about the space friends alliance off the problem I love it okay. Listeners our first story was written by two brothers and it's about the most important adventure any person in order sea creature could ever go on the adventure to find a friend here are the authors to introduce it if they don't get gifts that are going to be furious but we have nothing to give them I know I know maybe we should just do a story and think about this later pudding they go for the imagination once there was a whale named Golo e high he lived in a luxury came mansions sleet he was always happy in California and this girl I read it adventure theme is missing friend someone to share my luxury gave mansion with me Fred Get Outta here finish your story solely pilots enormous bathtub because I'm when he suddenly realized despite the size of his KABC felt small and alone He swam you every room and he was MS send them through every room and he say some aw I need so he made one last attempt to search they do synchro pot roasts and playing his fish station for in single player mauled one day the whale named below e that's me was cleaning his my name is hi I'm nine years old and I'm never neared and we would and so he decided to search see I'm off to find the friend spot I need someone to share my luxury came mansion with me that's what I need the horn between my in globally say I would never swim away as your friend I'm here that would be sweet body can live in my mansion with me we sure said the Narwhal he wasn't scared of chloe's booming voice fishes off and swim from me the nearly lost all hope when he changed course and swam towards the North Eh Topley ever after now lease speaks with the author so my friend asks Chloe squeal the finish he was afraid of choice uh-huh women drawers rain will you be the Smith aw that's what I need so he continue to start to see stay yeah I finally found a friend Ilise we'd if you shared my laundering mansion sweet it's the Krill Pot roasts for someone that might not know can you tell them what Krill is for Krill tiny kind of fish that first time and I say it's gone pretty well I would also say that I love the detail about how Globe they were bred aww you'll see all together you and me girl Sousse you might not know that it's a tooth when you first see it right so basically that big long tusk thing is that other than I thought I hope I now I have a friend that's all I need somebody who is free of me of friends in June he was scared of Blois saw blowy say oh well that's fine actually to break I didn't actually know that I thought it was a horn yeah well it's a two doesn't that make it hard to eat Silas I wanNA know what inspired you to write glowing in the friend adventure well I'm not the one who got the inspiration I think you're right early a lot of listeners know it on our wall is but can you describe one so it's just like a sort of small scale with the very long uh-huh so I thought glowing would probably like croce you guys wrote about Nar walls too I think so those aches when they got like cold or like when they felt fear they like talk `bout humans that is like an evolutionary trait that sort of like the Narwaz tooth that you could think of we're after shooting show they had something that they didn't have now and then they evolved to have it what makes them evolve most Wales or well sharks is like a bunch of it they swim around collecting them and their mouths and just chomp and then probably some died so then they like adapted to have that big long tooth to break through the ice wow is there something what does that mean that they evolved like that let me step like really a long time ago they were wanting You know we have goosebumps Oh yeah yeah I've heard of goosebumps yeah so basically how it works is that a long time ago so fun to talk to you today thank you for letting US perform your story you walk on by after that Clive writing do you guys collaborate on stories a lot well we never actually have collaborated on a story before yeah okay that's enough thing now it is time for gifts will present you with your gifts from the alliance to begin behold a quilted blow luncheon on Krill so he mustered up this courage in his will can you be my friend as aw and exchange gifts yes we have your gift of course you do I mean if you didn't know would be extremely mad abs- okay I have this are a screwdriver to give you I made you a piece of paper who knows what I would do really do you want your gifts now of course not how Gauche I I absolutely insist we have exporting around take lakes swam out the double doors found a Sea Urchin Jew and on the ocean floor will you be my friend asked Khloe reports sometimes too it's very rare for too but yeah that's pretty much what it is it has a long lying around hey my autograph is worth tens of sense I won't stand for this you come into my outer space without gifts for me doc more to like keep she in and like look bigger more scary so we still have like goosebumps maybe when we're called our body Paris great with a nice cauliflower steaks and hear a fallen star from the galaxy o have one thing or a different thing is there ever a reason I'm pretty sure that the normal probably didn't have a big long to then they couldn't get through the we'll come to you with none other than approaches star is very disappointing there will be consequences gasp hey grownups looking for some fun wall decor for your story pirates fans we have posters featuring all of the art from season to available Wii I see what's happening year yes you did get me any gifts at all and now you're trying to give me a bunch of old garbage I had other teeth its mouth but that too is specifically for breaking ice such a weird design for an animal all like that is out now get brand new episodes songs and stories wherever you get your podcasts and don't forget to leave us a rating and review only right back hey grownups leave here with your weekly announcements season three of the story pirates podcast come to your school we're now booking school programs for the twenty nineteen twenty twenty school year bring in class creative writing residencies and shows it's not just lead Peter Meghan Rachel anemone there are so many more amazing story pirates and you can see a lot of them right now someone to share my luxury K. Mansion with me we can make a Krill Barak uh-huh well hello everyone didn't mean to startle you sorry just wanted to come aboard welcome how you can find them on story pirates dot com slash store along with shirts and brand new kids hoodies for fall the story parents want explorer cooled nights a bottle of the finest gas from the planet Torga try odle solve that problem Hillshire farm honey Ham Peter just because hamlet is the title of the show doesn't mean there's ham in it okay you should know better there's nothing more important to the alliance than gifts you have made Garrido error here today we didn't mean to we've been traveling for so long on tour so come see us in New York City on November sixteenth in December fourteen Los Angeles California on October twenty third and December Eighth Bethel Woods Alga Moustache Wax I got you my autograph here you've got nothing sick free Michelle please we didn't mean anything by it we just forgot God I have this for you see brought you this happy bag of potato we're story pirates we come from planet Earth we take stories written by kids and turn them into sketch comedy and songs sketch comedies lakeside. Yeah Yeah so can you tell them much inspiration I kind of nate the name growing it just came to me and then what happened for school or Community Center by visiting story PIRATES DOT com slash school programs did you know there are a lot of story pirates that's right work on November second and Midland Michigan on November twelfth for Dates Times tickets and more visit story pirates dot com now back yes we used to live in New York City but Lee bought a ship on the Internet and we set sail for the open seas I was the captain of that ship came in very story pirates once I siegel tried to steal my mustache but I was wrong we traveled far and wide meeting sea creatures learning to speak Porpoise and celebrating the words and ideas of kids everywhere we went they crashed onto a deserted island where they met me siegfried I help them rebuild told into so many different places we didn't even know it'd be meeting you we've just been so focused on our mission your mission yes see and a gift card to the mock why oh well that's all she wrote what do you have for me the things tried to tracking in this bumps that's what goosebumps are yeah pretty much I had no idea that's so cool Clive Silas this has been giants and conspiracy theorists until Loofah indic- came along and brought them to space we're just trying to get back to her home planet the ship and using my viking magic helped to take off into the sky we spent a whole season flying around the sky meeting aw call in sick wow sounds like somebody needs to work on their bedside manner oh I almost forgot you never Dr Rubin Good Morning Future Dr Welcome are we don't have gifts but you have to forget us mean stuff behind your back doesn't sound that bad so would you like to hear another story yes please all right another doctor Luigi why never rude who are you who am I am the one in on the listeners this next story is about a character named Isabella who has a dream a dream to become a doctor but in order to live I in just a moment while you guys were really here the big chance I know Isabella we've worked so hard I'm so excited after all these years the medical students who will never be doctor I see you never Dr Lotus Never Dr Meant chiloe daring and chance does he have any real doctors taking the test this year but I can see it's just a bunch of doctors wasting everyone's time maybe you should being means you've just given me the greatest gift of all we what gift the gift of a good story listen to change the world in the industry of doctors well well well looky here if it isn't this is a very slow clap yeah I've never seen a clip this slow does he know how to clap. Can't you see my slow win or should I say never doctor Isabella Wella umbrellas stitches on a banana means you got what it takes of studying and practicing my stitches on bananas it's finally time for our big chance I think I was born to be a doctor I think I am the wait what would you have done if we hadn't told you this great story I dunno I guess gossip about you two all about her space and see upping chance the annual public tests that people take to become doctors as you all know each future doctor will take their test one at a time themselves Lori I love stories years of course who doesn't love a good story I feel very happy with this gift Liam I she's GonNa have to take a big chance here's the author to introduce it hi my name's Bela I'm here becoming doctors don't let them get to you you deserve this chance as much as anyone you just have to believe in yourself ladies and Shit they've been married my story it is called Dake could be a real doctor like me I speak for all of us when I say we can't wait to become doctors people need to start listening to us we have knowledge to it will be very clear when the test is over Al's doctors mixture you've signed in and we will announce who's them all right what's anyone can get lucky this isn't over yet not Dr Rubin Way to go Isabella leaving your qualified to do is pass out bandaids on the street basic you only get one chance to be a doctor and you will never be a doctor tests and see wait a minute this can't be amazing is Bella Ruben you lost no points because you no I am not a loser pass I thing in the World No biggie reminder this test is a biggie on your mark get set okay first question how much does the Human Zabala here is your question a kid is hurt their arm it is not boost it hurts the child a lot if you touch it if she moves it or if any weight touches it what should you're Phillip Michelle mcgann Tokyo tastes who what are you doing here Dr Phillip Michelle Nicolini says decided to swing by the big it yes me surprise I've been watching you this whole time from the other side of the two way mirror and now I'm going to grade this Jack Tayo you can have a seat right here on this operating table I'm just going to check your arm by moving it around does it hurt when I do this how about this you been everyone who is not as clear the room and find US stands Isabella you sit here at this tiny desk in the middle of it's an enormous operating room Abella Goddess crush I the PPO TA OT HP or the portion of the net the Skeleton Way Oh that's easy it's a wage I thought I knew this doctor Julius has gotten into my head what if I don't pass what if I'm a loser any of the human body take your Mark Okay Zabala you got this nothing to be nervous about it's just your dream the thing that you one more than any doc I think something's wrong with my arm let's see I'm looking at your MRI scan and I'm seeing a lot of bumps and things that shouldn't be there great time to relax I'll just sit here alone in this big empty room full of medical equipment and how does it hurt when I pressed right here and is this Anglo uncomfortable and how's this when it's time to announce who are first test taker of day will be first step for the big chance is Isabella and once he's awake we'll know whether or not the surgery was a success we just

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