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Hi It's Bruce Jacobs Chronicle Sports Department pinchitting here giants splash today I have the pleasure doing Mike Crew Co and Dwayne Kuyper about their thirty years together broadcast giants games talking about some of their favorite moments on the air awkward moment or two and. How they're destined to have perhaps the longest lasting partnership in major league broadcasting, history hope, you enjoy it. Guys, this has been a real test for everyone in baseball players, the media everybody, and you know for you guys you're sitting there and Oracle Park. There's nobody around there's not even a game goading is even there on your rug asking came out of San Diego and. You know I think people would agree that in watching the telecast it's almost like normal and there's not even some plexiglass between you. I mean, what? What's what's it been like? Well, it's it's different and you know the biggest thing is we have a constant dialogue going on during the game that you know something will happen. We can hit the costs which you just look at each other and we can talk you know and it. Kind of. feels. Good to be able to do that with your friend will now out he's a glass between us. And, I, I can't hear that. Great. So he'll go. He'll go. No idea what we say. I missed that little pattern that we have. So yeah, adjustment. We do obviously hear what we're saying with the headphones but those little moments between. In the broadcast where we could hit our costs, which we have the conversation I missed that. So it's it's it's not as good as normally as but it's still great. Plus. Plus Jinx Week. We get the. We get the banter in between innings you know where you know maybe. Bruce Votes you did something and we need to talk about it to figure out what the heck is going on or. We can't do it. We understand that this is the way it is. And we're making the absolute best of it and we can't wait to get to the park to do it. That's the bottom line. Is Difficult as might be it's not that difficult. We still can't wait to get to the park that's point now, you always really missing. Is the. Three or two hours. Before the game where we have so much fun whether it be in the Dugout in the clubhouse at dinner in the lunchroom. Doing our scorecards all that has changed, and that's that's the two or three hours that I missed the most. Yeah. No kidding. And I'm sure there are some moments where. The Games it's a road game somebody hits the ball down the line but the the the camera doesn't follow it. You don't know if it's fair. Afoul. And there's a weird gap there well I. This is not a secret. I'll bet I'd said. On the ground. Floor as telling near Yeah. All that is is just a way of waiting to see what's going to awful. On Road Games. When the should on the ground, you don't have any idea if it's GonNa go through or not. The balls hitting the air. You don't have really idea if that somebody you're out of the park. So on the ground in the air so that the best you're gonNA. Get. With the phillies they had up. Richie Ashburn Whitey Ashburn. And they had Harry counts and they were a great team. It's an example of how a play by play guy watches. The game as opposed to a color Alice. I watched the Monitor I don't watch the field. Watches the Field Harry Kallis washes field. There was a time in. In. Philadelphia where there was a foul ball that went back behind the screen up towards the boot and Richie Ashburn is sitting there staring at the Monitor. The ball hits of rate the chest. You never see. Eric Cal. Starts laughing at him. Hell as pissed because. Very callous awarding. Your bigly. Your favorite thought you were going to catch the. He was bad because he he didn't give awards well. When we're here tonight abolishing fouled up, I'll go for the monitor not trained myself for years. Well, look up just so I don't get. Richie Ashburn right? Yeah. Because he could come back in the booth and he tiny smoke it ahead. With the giants are on the road and we're sitting up in the booth. Will be watching now here at Oracle Park it's guard. Out, there. Hitting back behind hope play in Arizona here. Sam. Cisco going. Look over the walls. So it's weird. That's when you know you're at a pandemic season right there. That's pandemic. All the way Oh, my God. Let me go back as you grew up in Wisconsin during a golden era for the Milwaukee Braves and with Earl Gillespie at the Mike and I'm just wondering. About Thirteen when you know when they're blasting and everything. But what was the influence there was? What was it like Father Earl Gillespie? Look in those days there. I can't remember race game on TV I. Mean the only time to raise run TV is when they were playing the cubs. and. In those games televised wgn. SPN Blaine. Walsh. were. They were your attachment to the game. and. They were bigger to me than any of the any other players I mean Hank Aaron Eddie Mathews here didn't get any bigger than that but real glaspie. At style of his own and I never listened anybody else. So I didn't know if Glaspie was good I just knew that he was my guy you have you tell me what was happening in turned out that he was really good. And then my. The beauty of Earl Glaspie is win. Atlanta braves, stole. Braves from Milwaukee. Earl the job in Atlanta and he said. I'm. Not. going. So stock went way up when he said that. Lesson. Yeah. That was a crusher. So for you, Mike, it's you know stricken Vince Scali for God's Sakes and you're certainly not gonNA nobody's ever going to be him but as new listen to this guy. And then get older. Once, you take from the way Van did a game that you can use. Well then then never. had. An analyst, he was his own analyst He was the color commentator he was the. Play by play guy, he was two guys in one. But any taught me baseball and I and I. Loved Him for it and I thanked for it i. got the. Thank you for that, which is free special. And? Thank him. Every year is better back for that. But what he did, which was so cool and I try to incorporate it. In our broadcast is said he was. He was fair. If if a if Stan musial or Bush chargeable if they did something, you know it was you know he would he would talk about how good they were. You would not be Labor Charlie. Neal. Air. No, he would talk about the abandoned itself. regatta clemente hit a one up topspin rock into journey deal that handcuffed. and wasn't a remarkable at by by Roberto Clementi, and basically there's two sides to every. There's a negative and there's a positive and it's And it's your choice you can make it broadcast negative or. Positive but in talking about the opponent when you talk about how good at opponent is. It makes it all that much better when your team guy does something good because he's just beat an opponent with credibility has learned that from him and it's something that. I talked about and we try to put it in arshile. Scrape because you guys clearly aren't aren't home I mean obviously, you love it when the giants win and everything else. But you total credit to the other team, and if somebody hits a three run homer, it doesn't sound like you just went to a funeral. Not. True. I mean here today actually go almost silent. It's it in you know John's the one that is really. East as it all the time. It's a baseball moment you have to at some point forget that it's against your team. The hardest. Time for us to be liked that was the O'Toole series. When Mike and I enjoy doing the Games on radio, it was hard to give the angels credit. At the very end in game seven. We had to do it. I mean otherwise I mean, what? What are you doing there so I, mean, we were really proud of our work in that Oh two world series given the fact that it took us a long time to get written. Some of us aren't still over it. Now gone they can still remember tearing up when whenever I was riding got. Very quickly. Type A lot of people talk about your voice and you know a smooth and mellow it is. How does Your Voice Up to Your Dad's? oh probably, very close to the same. Tumor to. Yeah I mean I mean, my my dad was a wonderful auction here and some of my favorite memories are listen him when he was young auction airing. But. But helps to be blessed with good pipes if you're trying to do this job. And over the years, your pipes get better. Mean I. Listened Games that I did in. The eighty, six, eighty, seven in a d sound like a different guy so. I'm not in the Harry Kallis mode were. Not Going to stop smoking because I think it's GonNa Affect my voice. And then eventually killed area right. So I do think your voice does get better over time. We'll be back with more crew can type right after this Before one. Gender confusion. San Francisco. Chronicle Arts and Culture Columnist Tony Bravo and I'm hosting zoom event reuniting four members of the fabulous drag theater troupe the copycats. Join US on Thursday September twenty four, as I talked to Fayette houser scrambling cold win roomy Mizzou and sweet pam tent about their legendary performances in the nineteen seventies incredible style and the ongoing influence of the troupe in Popular Culture go to SF chronicle dot. com slash membership for details. I wanted to talk about favorite calls over the years. Now, obviously, some of them come direct quickly to mind the bonds record homer winning the world. Series. Mike. When you think about some of the great calls you guys have had at last they're gonNa last with you whether it was a big moment or not, but comes to mind. Well, two, thousand, ten in Texas. Is One of my favorite moments but along the way there yet remember I go back and I hear some of these calls and I'm in the background going. I learned was you know get out of the way. that the play by play guy doing this is the moment. So we're going down the road in two thousand tonight learned that lesson fifty twenty years earlier and I just try to basically get to get out of the way of those moments and then we started having. Great. Great Mom. Great moment there was no greater moment. In two, thousand, ten and Texas the giants close it out and they won their first championship. And when it happened, I just stopped. Looked and listened to. and. It was beautiful. It was historic. It was concise. It was bitching? I was just. You Know Jersey. My is without moment with down but. It's called. That was just. second-to-none. About you. Also. Mentioned in two, thousand, two and Kenny. Lofton hit that single that sense. You guys to the world series I can't hear like we're. And it was. So you know you were so excited I loved it myself in kind of thing you mentioned where you were so enthusiastic that you're just letting it out, you know on the air. But. It's not something. I guess you know you WanNa make a habit of at that time. It sure. was worth it now it just happens you know I can't dog anybody because I love raw sat out Of It it was. It was fun but I think with our guys you get out of their way. Yeah. Put stands out for you in terms of calls that are really last month yet. Well, I don't think anything will get better when you win your first. World Championship. they they asked me. You know we did so many shows recapping that twenty ten season. I don't remember who asked me about. You Know How do you describe? How do you describe winning the World Championship and it was released? Finally over it. You know. Now we don't have to hear about. This organization ever have been through. So it was relief so that being able to make that call and then realizing that. In two thousand. Twelve. Gave had a chance to make the final call in twenty fourteen John. To make the final call. Here. We are three guys do play by play. We all get a chance to make. A. Final Call. So that was You know when it's all said and done that in a being very important. The bonds wome runs were all fabulous. A seven, fifty, six was. A special moment because we didn't know when it was going to happen in our fans were just dying for it to happen. and. then. You just can't. You can't ever swinging amiss if you're the play by play. Guy You. Know. The one night where and it's gone seven, fifty two. All the can we go. Back So you gotta get the numbers right but I've been really lucky I've had So many that That it just an overabundance in I'm always glad that I've had Mike's next to make those calls. Never think about what you're going to say when a big moment is. At hand or do you just let it come naturally? No I always said I wouldn't write anything down and. Write stuff down. Just because I wanted to make sure that the that the right thing we said. I didn't take out a smart enough to do it up about my head. Lord knows you're doing. Well. Yeah. how about awkward moments, and there's one little highlight reel of you guys were back. You go pretty much off the rails. It's like any vowels in their sir company Uber. which I know you exaggerated but. today-gallup. Got Him. A couple I I don't even know who that guy is that said that. Doesn't make any sense. There aren't any words. That I. could possibly use that would sound or begin to start like Dag yelled got him A. Day It's not drawing ball I. It's like alien came over and sin. Paul it. But it was so funny and hilarious that That it's one of our favorite moments together because it right away said. What was that? That's my favorite call. You almost have to resurrect that someday Oh. Got It. s by telephone ringer. Are you kidding me? There's I had one in Cincinnati. With Pablo. And it was Would it go? I. Drive down the right field. Line foul. Gone. It's one of those. You know. All right. So you blew the call. You. Walk into the clubhouse in Lopez and Crawford you've got. Play playing every five seconds Oh, my God. In there, and now they're they're like standing there lockers like. Smiling. I mean those guys charge your day Fleming, with his home run call renter is when he lost his voice. Would walk on the bus they played in the back. It's differ preview group as the play by play guy is a guy is really vulnerable. You're kind of reacting to a moment the moments you have back. Oh because. I forget the outsor-. Forget who's hitting your? Late. I was talking about. About. Somebody and this guy here is dad we were talking about. Dalton. Don't blur show. So I'm going this is don't more show it he. was, really, good player Gary Marshall had really a good guy at the player and he was a good guy he was really good and the guy who was hitting was. Nikola Okay just kind of just let me run out hoping. When I finally realized that Marcia was on deck. I realized I made the gas and then you kind of you know you can't go and do it. Only shot. Other way that was nick. You know. Dog Is really good. Friend you get. Yeah. Go back to one of the old stick lines that John Miller US exactly that homerun buster was cozy intense. Yeah hundred pitches really good friend finder. But you do that. You just say something that's completely dumb and. You know you realize as soon as you're saying what you do say it. A look over you look at you like. You're in the middle of this to help you can't. You know what happens agendas when you? Start out doing this. Those mistakes? In your mind or devastating. Because you're young addict, you WANNA be. Perfect. But we're at the point now where. You make mistakes. You admit it. And you go to sleep at night you know it's like the vans yet it you're GonNa make mistakes. Yeah. So you just have to admit you if you try to cover it up, you make it worse. So he just admitted, it's not a big deal. Yeah plus lots of lot. Simmons told us something when we were young broadcasters. And he told me and. I just didn't have a good game I. Was Good at end of the game came to put us on my show he goes hey, just remember one thing. You're never as bad as you think your. Body goes and remember you're never as good as you think you are either. And it was such. Great Wisdom. And up. So we kind of a we get over it quickly, but you know. All the time when we listen to Harry Carey. But your name or forget a name or was talking about. South software that had the right first name any give it the wrong last guy who played twenty years earlier what? I'm doing stuff. But jinx part of what makes talking about his. Is. Lawn Mike and the band spot. Lots of you're going to do some play by play right now. So take it. So he put Mike in the spot where Mike is doesn't want to do play by play. Doesn't feel comfortable doing play by play. And Mike gets a triple play. And that's what line put. His armor on would launch should have said is the set of. Mike I put you in that spy but I mean call triple play is hard to do especially on radio when you to call it right away. What's going on? The Cohen like this pop up to the second basically here we go. Here's the person's second nobody out in. Here's the pop up to Second Vegas you got the by. Any. and. Then he got. Out He was over gone on my God he goes. Hey. You got the outright. All right. So I, WanNa talk about some trademarks. The Star with grab some pine meat where that come from. Minor Leagues to sit. You know because every bitch and Was Pine was a pain bitchy Mike and. Every time somebody would strike out somebody would just say grab some pine. Meat new. Perfect. So we kinda spun that off. You know it became funded We still use it every once in a while but. It just right out of the by respite said sits. Very. First Giants Game One, hundred, thirty, seven years ago. Yeah, exactly. How about that night's catcher will be in the squawk putting down the signs. Well. I had a friend of mine who is a? He was actually he was hospital and I called him up. He had throat cancer. So he was. Like this. And he was an old catcher. So. That's how he described it. He Goes Aso's squad tonight was in the squad. In. Any time so I just kind of took it and it reminds me. You might remember day. What? I had. To do with your kids but I want that I want that I want that I want that I want that. Will they said Wes land the bat on in front of TV maybe later, his back legs crossed they start right before Christmas when they use it all the commercials. And they're getting all these new toys and every commercial there's new toys and every commercial after. After the commercials done he would lay there in the Florida say I WANNA get down and get that I to get that. That's what it is. Yeah. Commercial would come up and it'll be out to get down and get get that. So every time we have a giveaway with rebel groups bobblehead. You know I WANNA get down. So we've had fun with it over the years, James Yes you ought to see our garage I. WanNa get that I wanna get there. There's crap in both of our garages that. Oh, my God. candlesticks Snow Globe killing. Geez, we have Carl the fog snow, Globes. and. Who the heck wants to get that Nelson. Yard one of these. About the magic one do. You know what? That happened were. Were sitting in year in our booth and some guys we always has show these guys have. The magic one whatever they it's only. One Rose at magic wand. And I just walked into one new. We just added onto one in the magic one do and then people start sending his hats and t shirts and they sent us a magic one. Do that. which we have on the radio. John makes a big deal out of it because he says is better than bad it's. Better. Than Babbitt. It's the funniest. A t-shirt. Magic wand do better than Babbitt. Batting everything you would have. If. Every ball hit hard founded founded became a hit. Yeah. We tell you can just do thing was designed to. Describe what a guys hit the ball Harvard he's not getting any hits. That's the whole idea of the step. John Tag the Magic Wand. Do. Benadryl. was. Just took live is fun. Now crooked I covered a lot of tennis and I remember Bettina Bungie. You got her in there. Someone's Patina Hunky back again or what the hell was that. But. Really one of the most colorful guys we were playing with him. And he would come back as completely ticked off about. You know here we are. It's a one ballgame and to outsiders rare second base. Hit this, the Blue Texas leaguer and a drops it allows the the run-scorers. Behind, and Bradley would come walk into the DUGOUT. They're candlestick it. He goes I can't believe it. We get beat by some God damn not no. Even, if you don't know who it is, it's funny. That made me laugh so hard that we've been using it ever since. I think Bettina Bungie House like seventy four years old. The Rug Castle. How about the stand guy I know that's that's pretty common. Stink Stank Guy What's your affection on that one? Edition and you did it with with. Marble. Bernard. Yeah Yeah I mean look we've always a guy on your team. That's. That either. Gives a steak guy or the always together guy who your team that deserves the stank guy from the other team. A marmon just happened to be that Guy Ritchie really was like that if you got knocked down. A. Jeff Ken had stakeout on. Your. Eventually sank. and. Then there's one. possibly. My favorite someone yawning in the stands and all of a sudden I feel like, I'm GonNa Tarzan moving. Unbelievable. The very first time I. Did the Rhino Yon-. Over some guy that was yawning I almost fell out of my children. and. Then you know put it on the shelf for a year and then he did it again. and. Then we had the one I don't know if it was last year the year before where. It was a husband and a wife did it and we both? Know my Gosh Yeah. I started at the guy was yawning. I do to him and he's yawning his wife start yawning in which she starts yawning type does it for the first time that I've ever heard? And I heard better than better than Johnny Weissmuller. Tarzan Yell Thursday. Oh, I mean I can hardly do because I was laughing so. Can you give us a little sample just Lakes the guy that does. We gotta both fans. You're not gonna hear that very often. Oh My. Oh Man. Well, it's hard to have. Trademarks when you're the play by play guy without getting too Hokey you'd never do but. What's the origin of your of your specific homerun calling a high drive to left? It is out here. Then everyone loves how did that originate? Well, it all started with eats at high. He hits a DP out here. Now that was you know that that was the original at candlestick with Matt Williams. Gary over into this part But after bonds. You know it was hard to call home runs because. When bonds hit him you can say it's high. Because you do they were gone. Yeah. That kind of went away for a while morphed into. High drive to laughter. Hi Dr to Right. and. So that's kind of where that winds at now but as always going to end with the same thing. Yeah. And I, said you imitating something from long ago. That was just something you came up absolutely not lucky was all by accident. And and then people started to say you know what you do that all the time and. Then I think Larry's the one who said Yeah you should do that all the time and with your bosses that yeah, that you do it all the time. I, love the clip where they've your whole run call over your home run. WAS AWESOME WHO It was it was a great swing and was a great call. You can find it on Youtube folks were. Seen it once or twice. Pretty. Funny. Yeah. Should keep going. This guy looks like a power hitter for the future in my mind this. Or you know what? He should enjoy this. He made not in another one. Gentleman. This is going to be a pleasure I'll I'll end with this when when normal life returns they're sands in the parkin things are buzzing. What's the first thing you think you might do when you get to the ballpark maybe hug somebody for a minute or two or? Well. I think for me. I mean. Just been able to talk to the manager talked to Claire Face to face. And then. Some of our most funded you standby in the batting cage. Standing next to Mike. Steady next report to your sleep Hailu or dusty. Baker we haven't had a chance to do that you, Kappler. We only know gate through. You know we've met him spring training a couple of times that he was really busy. So I think just getting the feel of what it's like to be back on the field on the field that we do not get the on the field experience that we've had for forty five years. Nobody you group. Well behind the medication batting practice. That's. Has Forever, one of our moments. Dinner have dinner some believable. But the thing that I am going to look forward to most. In. It has happened with full House here. And somebody a home run and my partner makes it call and I'll take my headsets off and I'll lean out so I could hear. The Fan this. I've. missed. It. got a right down just putting air. The back of my neck is standing up and I missed. That's what big look forward to doing again. That's open sooner than later. Well, I asked the grant Doug Green Wall son of the Great Hank about broadcasting teams and how long you know. What T- lasted the longest you came right up with an Ansari. From. What he tells me, the record is thirty two years with Vince, Gully and Jerry Doggett going back to Brooklyn. So I think that records in jeopardy. Well. We got another ten for sure. There you go. No Yeah We hope you're right Jake's. But I'll say this we come to the ballpark doubt and we can't wait to get here and we take. We we. We treat this game like it's the last one where we're going to do note. And we will tonight. God. Bless you guys. going. To Real. Treat. And I won't see you soon. Wait. We're going to. We're going to get this thing underway I'm. Late. we need to get everybody back at the park. That's. All right guys. Thanks again you bet. The giants splash is a production of the San Francisco Chronicle podcast producers, our King Kaufman and Allen. Johnson the theme, Song Batter Up was written and performed by Lauren Gold and Ray. East Louis. Support the splash in. Journalism by signing up for a chronicle membership at SAF CHRONICLE DOT com slash pod.

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